Busty teen making sex tape in car

Busty teen making sex tape in car
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This is the second story my friend gave me to submit for her. She goes by the handle "SoakingWetDreams" Please leave comments on her work. thanks, IdleHands David was exhausted from his long flight. He had been away for two weeks out to Colorado for training. It was nice to be home! Tonight he would he be able to sleep in his own bed, take a shower in his own bathroom and eat a home cooked meal! Man, he missed these creature comforts!

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He notices the house is awfully quite though when he got home. He was really expecting Vanessa to meet him at the door in some sexy little lingerie outfit. Her car is in the garage and he doesn't hear the shower running so he decides to search the house for her. Knowing her like he does he figures she's probably hiding somewhere in the house and has something very naughty planned. damn he loves his sex crazed wife! He grabs his stuff and drags it up to the bedroom.

Upon opening the door he drops his stuff and is lucky he didn't break a bone while tripping over his mouth and bags. He found Vanessa alright; she was tied up spread eagle sideways on their bed! He was instantly hard .hell who wouldn't be when they saw that setup! Someone had to have helped her with this setup but he had no idea who. She was blindfolded, tied spread eagle to the bed, had nipple clamps and a clit clamp on, and a gag in her mouth. She had also put his favorite corset on with the garter belt and stockings and his favorite pair of her fuck me shoes.

Lying next to her was a note, feather, paddle and their favorite whip. Damn she was pulling all the stops out tonight. He decided to tease and torment her a little. He picked up the note; it read "The kids are away for the night so we can play. I wanted to let you know how much I have missed you so I had a friend or two come over to help me. Hope you don't mind.

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They haven't left yet but are staying hidden until the appropriate time. Please don't leave me here too long because if you noticed I'm already glistening in anticipation. Love always, Vanessa" "Is that right?!" he thought. Sure enough she was glistening and her breathing was getting very heavy.

He picked up the feather and started tracing it along her body. He started at the bottom of her right foot and slowly went up her calf, then to her inner thigh, up to her hips towards the left side then up her sides, around to her left breast then slowly over to her right breast.

He bent down towards her ear and slowly traced it with his tongue and then lightly blowing on it. He did the same thing to her nipples watching them harden into tiny little pebbles. He let his fingers slowly trace their way down to the junction between her thighs, he hadn't even touched her yet and she reeked of sex. He whispered in her ear, "Did you really miss me that much baby?!" She vigorously nodded her head.


He reached down and lightly flicked her clit piercing. She sucked her breath in as much as possible through the gag and was arching her back as much as possible given her position. He stripped his clothes off quickly and mounted her. He had just barely slipped the tip of his cock inside of her, pulled back out to see it dripping with her juices.

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He did this several times before reaching up to remove the gag from her mouth. He made her promise not to make too much noise if he removed the gag. Once she had promised he shoved his cock in her mouth so she could taste her juices.

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She was groaning from want and need. Behind them there was a rustling of clothes. David looked at Vanessa and whispered in her ear, "I think your friends are getting rather aroused also. How much longer are you going to make them wait?" She replied, "That is up to you but I say we give them a little bit more of a show first." So David proceeds to mouth fuck Vanessa while playing with her clit. After a few minutes David untied Vanessa and repositioned her in doggie style and then tied her back up again.

Vanessa started quivering at this point because she knew what was coming next. David picked up the paddle and just wailed on her ass for 20 seconds. Good thing she had the gag back in her mouth or she would've brought the neighborhood running with her screams.


He caressed her now reddened backside and occasionally slipping a finger into her extremely wet honey pot. By this time they heard a groan from the closet and David invited the friends out of the closet.

He was curious to see who they were.

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Damn if it wasn't his hot neighbor, Heather and her husband, Tom!! David and Vanessa had the couple over a few times for cookouts and get togethers but didn't realize they liked to play around.

David and Tom shook hands a little sheepishly given the circumstances and said "Hope you don't mind, your wife invited us over for a little play time as she put it. From what I understand our wives have occasionally played together when we've been at work." David was a little shocked to hear this and it read a little on his face.

"Oh really?! Well let's make the best of this shall we?" he replied. The men had mutually agreed to switch partners after getting their respective spouses aroused first. Both agreed it wouldn't take long since both women were pretty wet already.

They then blindfolded and positioned Heather under Vanessa and tied her in that position. When they were finished, Heather was laying on her back with her ass hanging just at the edge of the bed with her face 'looking' upwards towards Vanessa's pussy, while Vanessa tied with her knees on either side of Heather's head and her face 'looking' down towards Heather's pussy.

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Both men stood back and were pleased with the scene before them. Even blindfolded the women found each other's snatches quickly. It was quite evident that they women knew their way around each other very well. Since the women were tied sideways and close to the edge of each side of the bed they were very accessible in many ways. The men looked at each other, made some hand signals and went to work on each woman at the same time.

Tom slipped a finger into Vanessa dripping pussy while pulling on the chains attached to her nipples and clit. She lost all focus instantly!

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David in the meantime was having dessert at Heather's pussy. Tom pulled his fingers out of Vanessa and shoved them into Heather's mouth. David left Heather wanting more tongue action but started kissing Vanessa so she could taste Heather.

The men made another hand signal to each other to switch places. This time Tom stuck his cock into Heather's mouth for her to suck on.

David did the opposite by stick his cock into Heather's pussy, leaving Vanessa to wonder what was happening. This only lasted a moment or two because then Vanessa was getting the attention from both men. This was a first for both women and both women were extremely turned on by the attention from two men at once. But the men decided to untie the women and fuck the one right in front of them, essentially swapping wives. Once both couples had been equally satisfied, the women looked at each other and started smirking.

The moved back into the position they had been tied and licked each other clean. The men were immediately turned on again watching the women clean each other up.


This time the men grabbed their respective wives and screwed their brains out again. Afterwards, everyone lay satisfied on the bed in a daze. David broke the silence by saying "So folks when do we want to this again?"