Arrombando o cuzinho da novinha do Badoo

Arrombando o cuzinho da novinha do Badoo
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It's 2016 and I'm sitting in a local restaurant, anxiously waiting for my date to arrive. Two days ago I finally got the guts to ask out my crush on a date and she actually said yes!

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Like me she's 22 years old, in our last year of college. We'd actually worked together for a while some years previously while saving up to go to college but that's a whole different story.

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She's 5'3", has luscious tan smooth skin, a heavy bust (must be at least C or D cup), a round ass and thick thighs. I'm amazed that she even looked at me twice, let alone agreed to go out with me. Just as I start to worry that she might not show up after all and that it's all an elaborate prank the door opens and she steps out of the dark street into the restaurant.

She glances round and spots me waving; she makes her way over to my table as she gets closer I'm stunned by her beauty. She sits down opposite me and smiles "Hey" she says and gives me a wide smile "Hey Jess" I reply "cold night?" I ask as she takes off her jacket "I guess you could say that" she replies and we continue to make small talk for the rest of the meal.

It was a bit awkward at first but before I knew it I was a lot more comfortable and she was laughing at my jokes, smiling the whole time and seeming to really enjoy herself. We got to the end of the meal and the waiter gave us our bill. A bit pricey but between the two of us- "Oh no, I forgot my purse. I don't suppose you could…" she said and her voice trailed off as she gave me an innocent look. I knew it was probable that she didn't forget at all but the date was going really well and I didn't want to ruin it so I went and paid for both of us.

I went back to the table to get her and we walked to the front door and out into the night. She leaned over to me and stood on tip toes, putting her mouth next to my ear.


"How about I pay you back" she whispered in my ear and my cock immediately went rock hard. Was I actually going to be able to fuck her on our first date? She grabbed my hand and flagged down a taxi. Before I knew it we were both in the back and she was all over me, kissing my neck and running her hands down my thighs. The taxi pulled up at an apartment block and she grabbed my hand again and led me out the taxi to the elevator. She pushed me against the elevator wall and her lips met mine.

I could feel her firm heavy tits pushing against my chest and her tongue began to explore my mouth. I was overcome by the feeling of her body grinding against mine and our tongues playing together in my mouth.

The elevator door opened and she virtually dragged me into her apartment, leading me to the couch and pushing me down. "You stay there and I'm going to fix us up a little something" she said as she walked to the kitchen, stripping her extra layers as she went. I lay on the couch in a daze. How had I ended up here? I couldn't believe my luck, as soon as I'd paid for the meal it's like she'd turned into a sex demon. She came back and had ditched all of the clothing she had been wearing in the restaurant aside from the dress and I could admire her figure even more.

She sat down next to me and handed me a drink. Things went back to normal for a while but she constantly flirted with me as we talked over drinks. Half an hour passed and we both finished our third drink. I began to lose a bit of the sexual excitement that I'd had earlier and wondered if anything was going to happen after all. Almost as if she could read my mind she put her glass down and leaned over to me, shuffling until our thighs were touching and I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

"I want you naked" she breathed and she stood up. She leaned down and pulled my shirt up, I raised my arms and let it come off and she undid my belt and pulled off my pants and underwear in one clean pull. She stood up and gazed at my body, lust clear on her face. She reached over to her shoulders and pulled her dress down to her hips and her tits sprang free. They looked incredible, larger than I had thought before with dark areolas and rock hard nipples.

She lowered down onto her knees and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around my cock which had gone rock hard upon seeing her tits.

She moved her head up and down my cock, licking my shaft as she did so. One hand jerked off the shaft in time with her mouth and the other massaged my balls. This girl really knew what she was doing. I sighed and leaned back, enjoying the feeling of her sucking on my cock.

She went faster and faster and with each bob of her head she took more and more of my cock down her throat. It didn't take long until her lips touched the bottom of my shaft and my cock was sheathed in her throat. She looked up at me and slowly went back up my shaft, licking as she went. When she got to the top she left the head of my cock in her mouth and began licking and sucking it in all the right places. "Damn girl you really know your way around a cock" I said in amazement and she gave me a knowing smile.

She moved forward slightly and wrapped her tits around my cock. The warmth and firmness of her tits took my breath away, I'd never felt a pair of tits this firm before.

She moved her tits up and down my cock and squirted lube onto her tits, making my cock slide in between with ease. I didn't know where she'd got the lube from and as she slid her tits up and down my shaft I didn't really care.

Suddenly she stopped and she gave me a sly smile.

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"Are you ready for your reward?" she asked, her voice oozing seductiveness. She didn't even wait for a reply and walked off into an adjacent room. I eagerly followed and found myself in a bedroom, the sole feature being a large bed with a metal bar headboard behind it.

"Get on all fours on the bed" she said from the corner of the room. I looked over at her and she looked at me unblinkingly. I was confused but honestly I at this point I was so horny that I didn't care. I did as she asked and her voice came from behind me again "Put your hands on the headboard". I was even more confused now but I did as she asked, assuming she was going to suck my cock from underneath me or something. "Close your eyes" she said from behind me again, even closer now.

I paused before I moved and glanced back at her but she stood still, staring at me unwaveringly. I complied with her instructions more out of sexual curiosity than anything else. I felt something metal on my wrist and my heart skipped a beat "What was…" I said as I opened my eyes and felt the same thing on my other wrist. She tightened the handcuff on my second wrist before going back and doing the same to my first.

"Oh no, I'm not down with that bondage stuff on a first date" I said as I pulled hard on the handcuffs trying to break free. "Let me go!" I said as I pulled again trying to break out of my bonds.

"Oh you aren't going anywhere" she said as she slowly circled me, almost as if she was surveying her prey. "You'll leave when I'm done with you". She said, her voice empty of the previous bubbliness and instead filled with a kind of sadistic pleasure. "I don't consent to you doing anything with me now let me go damn it!" I said as I once again tried in vain to break free of my restraints.

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"And I don't care!" she said as she laughed at me trying to get free. "What are you going to do to me" I said, as I realised that there was no escape.

"Oh you'll find out very soon" she replied and I felt a large squirt of liquid on my asshole. "lube" I thought to myself and I glanced as far behind me as I could. I gasped when I saw what was behind me. She was on the bed behind me, rubbing the lube into my ass and I saw that she was fully nude.

It would be a spectacular sight, the beautiful tan skin, the firm meaty thighs, the huge firm tits… if it weren't for her 8 inch cock and balls. She giggled as she saw the look on my face "shemale surprise" she said and laughed even harder at the mix of emotions on my face.

I did not want a shemale fucking my ass and I pulled as hard as I could at the headboard, trying to rip if off the bed but it was useless. I put my head down and bit a pillow as I felt the head of her cock touch my asshole and slide inside. We both groaned. Her in pleasure and I in pain as her cock sheathed itself into my ass.

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She began to thrust in and out of my ass and my face burned with humiliation and pain. Behind me, she was moaning in pleasure as she used my ass for her own enjoyment. Her large fake tits bounced up and down as she railed my asshole. She reached round and began stroking my shaft as she fucked my ass. I couldn't help it but my cock got hard as she stroked it and she began taunting me, telling me that I was enjoying being raped by a shemale.

She fucked my ass for twenty minutes straight, not giving me a single break to recover. Towards the end she went from a gentle thrusting to completely pounding my asshole, grunting and groaning as she did so.

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She jerked me off as she used my ass for her pleasure and before I knew it I groaned in pleasure and shot a huge load all over the sheets. The pleasure faded and I felt my stomach sink. Surely I wasn't finding pleasure in being raped like this? It set her off though and she fucked my ass harder and faster than ever until finally she let out one large moan, sank her shaft as deep inside me as she could and filled my ass up with her cum.

She pumped me full of cum for what seemed like hours until eventually she pulled out. She moved round to the front of the bed and her cock hung in front of my face.

"You're my bitch and you'll do what I tell you, or I'll do a lot worse things to you than rape you, ok?" she said as she stared down at me.

I hung my head in defeat.

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She'd fucked my ass and came inside me, I felt like my manhood had been destroyed. I looked up at her "Clean my cock, bitch" she said to me in a commanding tone. I didn't even bother to resist and opened my mouth, allowing her to shove her cock into my mouth. The taste of her cum filled my mouth and I could feel some of precum ooze out of her cock and I drank it. I licked her cock clean and she put her balls on my mouth and told me to suck them too, which I reluctantly did.

When she was satisfied she left the room and went through and watched tv.


Leaving me tied up in her room with her cum dripping out of my ass. A couple of hours later she came back, and repeated the process. This time she referred to me as her bitch throughout the whole ordeal and I didn't even try and break free, accepting my fate. She raped me two more times after that and by the end I had accepted my position as her bitch. I took her cock and even thrusted back onto it slightly, accepting her cock and letting her fuck any remaining manhood out of me.

She came back again for my fifth rape except this time she undid my handcuffs, letting me free. Just as she expected I didn't even try and get away.

I was her bitch now and was for her use. I lay on my back and she fucked my ass once again, this time in the missionary position. I moaned with pleasure at the feeling of her shaft slipping in and out of my ass over and over again, when it came time for her to cum I begged her to fill my throat up with her cum and she complied, moving up to my mouth and shooting her load down my throat.

I licked her cock clean and she lay down on the bed. "Alright bitch, I'm done with you. Now get out of my house and scurry home" she said dismissively and I meekly complied, putting on my clothes and rushing home. My life after that wasn't the same. She would come up to me around college and ask me for money or tell me to do something and I felt compelled to obey. I couldn't shake the feeling of me being her bitch and I obeyed her every command.

She never spoke to me otherwise. I would never be able to recapture my manhood after that, and was only able to get off to being fucked in the ass by cocks. I'd never forget my shemale surprise.