Yuliana presented in rough anal scene gonzo style by Ass Traffic

Yuliana presented in rough anal scene gonzo style by Ass Traffic
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Dementia Ch1: Romance Turned in on Itself Disclaimer: If you are reading this it is already too late. You are a sexual deviant. Your sister will walk in on you while you are reading this and you will be so embarrassed that she will stop masturbating.

No, wait the other way around.


You will walk in as she is reading this and you will start mast. No, I know this one. She will walk in on you and start masturbating you till you get embarrassed.

Not that this has ever happened to me. My sister is a saint! MC, V, Snuff, Tort, D/s, M/f It was supposed to be the best day of my life, but it turned out to be the worst. It started out all right. I dragged my self out of bed and threw my night cloths on the ground. The cool air from the air conditioner felt wonderful against my skin. My boyfriend was already awake and making coffee at the kitchen counter wearing nothing but a towel. The shades were drawn, and the sun hadn't gotten up yet so I didn't see any reason that I shouldn't walk around the house naked.

"Hey there hot stuff" I said to my boyfriend as I walked by him on my way to the shower. He was on his way out of the shower and I grabbed his cock through his towel.


The thing was rock hard and wanting attention. I'd bet anything that he was thinking about me before I even walked by. He was that type, always hungry for a body like mine. "Hey there your self. Are you ready for tonight?" he asked with a glimmer in his eye.

I loved the way his eyes fixated upon my nipples early in the morning. I liked to tease him a little when he did.

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I loved the way that his heart would beat a little fast and the way I could make him go weak in the knees. We had decided that tonight he was going to take my virginity. He was so sweet to have waited for me for so long. I should have given it up to him long ago, but I was afraid that it would hurt too much.

I am so sorry that I didn't decide to do that when I had the chance. I wished I had let him take me before the terrible things began to happen to me. He kissed my neck and lowered his head between my legs. He got me so turned on when he did that, but I stopped him before I had an orgasm.

The last thing that I needed was the memory of an orgasm haunting me through the entire day. Particularly a day when I was already hot and bothered.

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He had a big day ahead of him too, and the months that we had spent together in the same bed not having sex was getting to him. I held his cock gently and began to stroke it. He needed a tension breaker and I wasn't completely a good girl so I decided to take some of his tensions from him. I kissed him deeply upon the lips maintaining a predatory eye contact.

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My tongue licking my lips demonstrated that I was hungry. I then kissed down his body. The moistness of my lips sucking gently with each kiss must have driven him insane with anticipation. Finally I ended up where we both knew I was heading. Finding his throbbing cock and placing it caringly into my mouth, I closed my eyes and began sucking.

I was quite good at this, but I knew that it would take him quite a bit to get off. It was a good thing that we had gotten an early start of things. My boyfriend had endurance like you wouldn't believe it was ungodly. I closed my eyes and began to daydream as I took him into my mouth. I closed my eyes and found my self in a fantasy where I was kissing him and he was kissing me. We were at work and in the back closet like we did every once in a while. The kisses became more and more passionate and he began to caress me rougher and rougher.

I tried to break the kisses off, but he wouldn't let me. He pushed me down against the ground and reached under my skirt with his hand. There was something in his hand. "Oh my god, it's a knife." I screamed out in my mind. My body only moaned slightly.

His cock twitched in response to my vibrating moan. With that razor sharp knife he slashed into me and cut off my panties. He undid his pants and pulled out the cock that I was now sucking so intimately. He pressed it against my slit and pushed in. He broke through the hymen, and kept pushing.

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I don't know why, but I found my self turned on and I couldn't open my eyes for the life of me. Something was wrong and I couldn't help anything that was happening. I couldn't even stop sucking him in real life. Somewhere I resented the fact that he was getting off in my fantasies as well as in real life. I wanted him to stop in my dream, but try though I did I couldn't open my eyes. He began to moan and as he did this he began to thrust into my throat.

I began to choke, and I was finally able to break free of my dream.

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I tried to pull my head off of his cock, but he grabbed hold of my head and forced it back onto his shaft. He now controlled the pace and he had decided to go much faster than before. I wanted to beg him to stop, but I couldn't even cry for help. His thrusts were now much more forceful, and he was completely cutting off my air flow. After a few moments of not being able to breathe I felt myself growing dizzy. I was suffocating to death choking on the cock of the man I loved the most.

I nearly passed out and my eyes fluttered shut while shut I saw into the eyes of the man raping me in my dreams. He had fire and anger in his eyes and his teeth were sharpened.

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His hands were clutching my arms and I could feel claws growing. They pierced through my flesh and he couldn't care less. The room in my mind had grown particularly dark, but there were patches of pure darkness slipping in and out of the lesser shadows.

These shadow creatures were looking hungrily as I was being raped. They moved in closer, and the room got darker. The man on top of me was no longer my boyfriend he was a grinning demon panting like a bull. He began to laugh a low pitched inhuman laugh and the shadows closed in upon me. Darkness consumed me.