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Emo gay sex free pawn Straight boy heads gay for cash he needs
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BB-104 SUMMER CAMP IN SLAVERY by Paul Gable FOREWORD One need only tune in the television set during prime time on any evening of the week to witness a seemingly endless barrage of violence in the form of "entertainment". Whether it be cops pursuing robbers or cowboys gunning down Indians, the pattern is invariably the same. The fact that no one is really hurt, at least physically, is so common to them all.

But real violence does exist, and real people, good and bad, are maimed and killed in the streets and homes of America. There are criminals in our midst, people who would steal or rape or kill at the slightest provocation, people who have no respect whatsoever for human life. Kathy Endicott and her friend are the victims of such people. Innocent of any crime against man, they nevertheless find themselves tortured and faced with disfigurement and death because they have stumbled into the private territory of criminals who place no value on life.

SUMMER CAMP IN SLAVERY is the shocking story of ordeal. An ordeal that any of us might face one day. The Publisher CHAPTER ONE "This is a weird place," Kathy Endicott said to her best friend, Matt, rubbing her slender fingers over her goose fleshed arms.

Her bikini bottoms were snugging up sexily against her fuzzy unplowed cunt. "Yeah, real weird! You know, I think some of the camp counselors are doing it. you know, really fucking when they go to lights out around here," Marie whispered, giggling as she peered mischievously over her heart-shaped sunglasses.

"Marie!" "Well, get off your high horse, lady," Marie said mockingly, narrowing her eyes. "Who was the one talking about Bill all the time, wondering if he was hung like a horse or not?" "Oh, that was different," Kathy said, barely able to keep a level tone in her voice.

"How? Guys are guys. at least, where that's concerned." "I don't wanna talk about it," Kathy said, feeling her cunt start to tighten up all over again.

She couldn't control herself any more. Maybe she was turning into a bad girl. Her mother kept talking about that all the time. It frightened the young blonde. Marie sat cross-legged in front of the long log cabin for several minutes in silence. Behind them, they both could hear the steady chatter of the other girls as they prepared themselves for bed.

"Why don't we sneak out and find out what's going on?" Marie finally suggested, her cheeks flushed with excitement. Kathy put one hand to her heart, feeling her tender cunt bloom, with arousal. The thought of spying on some people. doing it made her tremble. She wanted to say no to her friend, but found the word freezing in her mouth. Marie was already standing up, pulling Kathy from the pound while looking nervously about to see if anyone was spying on them.

"Why don't we wait?" Kathy whispered, picking her way carefully through the field that lay between the camp site and the surrounding pine forest. "Then it'll be too dark and we'll have to spend the night in the woods. You want tat?" Kathy wasn't sure now she wanted this. But she had already committed herself.

Weeds caught at her heels as both girls scrambled quickly through the open and ducked finally into the edge of the woods. "There's some abandoned cabins around here some place. I'll bet that's where they do it," Marie whispered, ducking her head to avoid a low-hanging branch.

Kathy walked more slowly, carefully putting her feet down on the thick carpeting of leaves. They had walked for some distance when Marie suddenly tripped on a half-hidden log, falling flat on her face. Kathy felt her hair stand on end, watching her friend double over while holding her ankle and moaning in pain. "What is it?" Kathy gasped, rushing to the girl. "My ankle. I think I twisted it. oooh!" They were halfway between the camp and.

and God only knew where. Marie was bigger than Kathy. Kathy would never be able to help her back to the camp. Besides, there would be all those questions. Looking up, she spotted a clearing ahead. Maybe someone was there who could help them back. "I'm going for help," Kathy muttered, ignoring Marie's objections and racing off toward the clearing.

When she gone to the edge, Kathy stopped, stooping very low and studying the three cabins below in the small valley. Lights were on in one of them, two cars parked just beyond the north side. Kathy thought she recognized one of the cars and hesitated to descend to the valley, remembering what Matt had told her about some of the counselors fucking around. But her friend was up there in pain.

Biting her lower lip, she slipped down the side of the small hill, keeping clear of the front door, and large window. Curling her fists, she was about to rap on the glass when she heard a sound that chilled her blood.

"Ooooh. that's right. oh God, it hurts! Fuck me, fuck!" Kathy flushed, feeling herself grow moist in her pussy, glowing.

The window was cracked open and the curtains badly pulled together. By pressing her forehead against the cool glass, she could see inside what was obviously the bedroom. There, rolling around on the bed, was Ted, the lead instructor, stripped naked and roped in an odd way. She was whimpering with lust, straining against her bindings that cut into her flesh. At first it appeared she was alone. Then Kathy saw a tall, thick-muscled man stride in front of the window, holding something in one hand.

"You want this?" "No! No!" "C'mon, baby, you like leather. You always did." Kathy could see it was a belt, doubled up, snapping against his thighs. He was wearing his Levi's, his chest stripped bare, glistening with sweat. She couldn't see his face, but had no doubt he was one of the boys' counselors. Taxi was still whimpering, her nose flaring, ha thighs ridged with lust while she bounced her naked ass against the squeaking bed. The man had tied her wrists and ankles together behind her back, securing them with several pieces of rope.

It was impossible for the perky brunette to do anything but roll around helplessly on the bed while the man stalked her. "No!" Terri's eyes widened, her forehead wrinkling with fear as he cocked his hand up, the belt unfurling. Kathy covered her mouth with one hand, her eyes rounding as she watched the black leather snap in the air, then come crashing down hard against Terri's sides.

The counselor shrieked, her body shivering and jerking as if someone had touched a live wire to it! Kathy blinked her eyes clear, seeing a long red mark appearing on Terri's right side. The man cocked his arm once more, snapping the belt in the air, then bringing it down on the woman's tummy.

Terri shrieked a second time, shaking her head, her chestnut-colored hair splashing over her face. "Aghhh!" "Scream all you want, bitch!

Nobody's gonna hear you out here." "No, noooo!" The belt came down a third time, slashing across her belly, the cross-crossing that blow with a fourth. Terri rolled with some difficulty onto her belly, whimpering helplessly, tugging at the bonds cutting into her skin.

Kathy could see the marks the rope was leaving in her flesh. But there was something in the girl's voice, something that told Kathy all this wasn't completely pain. Ted was enjoying this, reveling in her agony, silently begging this man for more torture. The thought made the teen's head reel with complete confusion. "Nice ass, real nice." He reached down and grabbed a fistful of assflesh, squeezing it hard until he made the girl squeal with pain.

Several times he backhanded her ass, making the cheeks jiggle against one another and redden with the blows. He was jabbing one finger into her ass-crack, moving his hand around, making the girl moan louder and louder until she finally screamed out something incoherent. Kathy shivered again. He was fucking a finger up Terri's asshole! She knew it! He was jabbing that thing into her bowels, making the counselor shriek in pain and shame!

"Yeah, maybe I oughta fuck you in the ass! Yeah, stick my ten-incher into your asshole! That'd get you going real fast!" "No, no, don't. uhhhh!" He brought the belt down hard against her ass-cheeks, the black leather hissing into her flesh like a buffing poker.

Ted screamed, chewing the pillow in front of her, her legs pulling desperately against the ropes holding them to her arms. She tried wriggling away a second time. But the belt slashed down between her asscheeks, yanking her asshole open with the tip. Kathy stood there, feeling her knees buckling from under her. She was watching something very private, something very sick, she felt. The girl thought about slipping away. No one would know she had been there.

She could go back to Marie and help her friend back. at least, try to. But some force kept Kathy glued to the scene, her cunt throbbing and hungry, the lips filling itchy with blood and folding over one another while her nipples stood up and scratched maddeningly against her bra cups. She curled her fingers into the rotting white wood of the windowsill, bracing herself against the house while Ted and her, friend continued to play in the bedroom.

"No, don't. don't hurt me any more!" The belt came down again and again, making her ass-cheeks jiggle against one another. He was pounding the belt hard, as if he wanted to turn her ass into raw meat!

Kathy sucked in a deep breath, sinking to the ground, feeling her cunt throbbing and aching like a festering wound. "You're wild, baby, real wild!" he growled, slipping the belt around her throat and pulling back. Terri shrieked, her eyes starting from her head as she made gurgling, strangling sounds. The man was on top of her now, lying on her back, making fucking movements against her ass while still holding the leather belt against her throat.

Again Kathy thought about screaming, beating her fists against the window to stop this madness. But the man let go just as Terri seemed to be passing out, reaching down and pulling at her hair, making the counselor screw with pain. "Gonna fuck. fuck now!" he grunted. Kathy watched as he pulled Ted around, knocking her knees apart while fumbling between his legs.

The girl's eyes were wide, glazed, reflecting the lust that surely coursed through her veins. She was biting blood from her lip, whining like a frightened puppy through her flared nostrils. The man raised his hips, his trousers down around his knees now, his muscular hairy ass tensing. When it slammed down, Terri screamed, sounding as if she were coming apart.

He was fucking her, really fucking her, driving ten inches of his. his cock into her cunt. The thought made Kathy dizzy with excitement. And he was moving fast now, working his hips hard, his fuck-thrusts making Ted's small body shiver. Ted was trying to bring her legs around and scissor her feet over the big man.

But the ropes kept her in one position. He was grunting, biting her neck, pulling at her hair, still holding the belt in his right hand. Just when Kathy thought he was going to come in the young counselor he stopped, pulling back slowly, making Terri whimper more loudly in frustration.

"Yeah, that's what you want, a simple fuck. You're gonna get something more!" Kathy watched in amazement as he pulled out, his cock slick with the woman's juice. His cock was ten inches, maybe more. Kathy gasped, her head feeling as if someone had kicked it hard.

He had the belt around Terri's neck now, jerking her up from the bed, pressing her face against his groin. She still had her eyes closed, the flush having spread from her face down her neck to her tits. How pointed those nipples were!

The young girl was completely aroused, out of her mind with lust. Kathy inhaled sharply, thinking she would faint along with the girl there in bed. "Suck it!" Suck?

Kathy felt the warm ground under her knees as the man grabbed Terri by the hair and forced her mouth against his cock. At first she complained, trying to tear her head away from his grip. But he was tearing at her hair, shouting at her, calling her all sorts of awful names that finally frightened the woman into submission. Kathy watched in disbelief as the counselor opened her mouth and took in at least four inches of that meat down her throat.

"Yeahhhh, that's the way, that's the way, bitch! Work on my cock-meat!" He was gripping her by the sides of her skull now, working her head back and forth, forcing his cock down until she was coughing and gagging, choked on his cock-meat.

But he didn't care, still keeping his back to the window while forcing the young counselor to suck him off. Kathy thought she would die from the pleasure, slipping one hand down under her skirt and touching herself through her panties until she felt her clit throbbing up against her probing finger. She could hear the slurping sounds of Terri's mouth and tongue against his cock. He had to have alt of it down her throat now. The woman was moaning hotly, coughing more while he whispered something back to her.

"Man, that's it! Ohhh baby, you know how to suck it, suck it good!" Kathy felt startled as stars popped in front of her eyes. She was coming, climaxing against her probing fingers while the two of them in there fucked their brains out. She still had her forehead pressed against the glass, watching as Terri's head bobbed back and forth, banging against the man's groin.

She heard him shouting, then heard the girl cry out, her coughs becoming worse. He was shooting into her mouth, sending streamers of his fizz splashing down her throat while still holding her face tight against his crotch!

Kathy swallowed hard, wondering what it would feel like having a man's spunk shooting down into her belly. The thought made her cunt spasm even more, the throbbing taking the girl's strength from her and forcing her to the ground.

How long she lay like that Kathy had no idea. She pushed herself up finally, feeling her muscles ache round her calves and arms. It was way darker than it had been before. Thoughts of Marie flashed through her mind. She had left her friend up there unprotected while she was down here, spying on these two. Reddening with shame, she picked herself up, crouching down and slowly stumbling back up the hill, guessing in which direction she had come.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing there?" It was the voice of that man! She could tell. Kathy whimpered, her fingers scratching at the pass, pulling herself up until she found herself safe in the forest. Was he chasing her? What would he do to her if he found her? Did he recognize her? She rushed through the woods, banging into trees, whimpering and crying out for a friend.

It seemed an eternity before she finally came across Marie now standing against a tall birch. She had moved some distance from her resting place. "I thought you'd gone away or something," Marie complained, hobbling on one foot while putting one hand on Kathy's shoulder. "I. I got lost," Kathy said, lying through her teeth, hoping her friend was in such pain she couldn't notice the untruth. "Well, help me down.

Guess we'll have to look for them later on, huh?" "Yeah, I guess." It was a long trip back to the camp. They had to be very careful not to make too much noise and to lie when some of the other girls asked where they had been.

Marie swore she wouldn't see the doctor the next day, although Kathy insisted as she helped her friend into bed. She tried not to think of what had happened there in the cabin, what she had seen. But the image stayed with her even as she padded her way from the cabin outside to the long shower and washroom facility near the cooking shed. It was so quiet outside, such a difference from that turmoil of emotion she had witnessed only moments ago in the cabin.

Shuddering, Kathy hurried into the large well lit area, slipping off her nightie and showering quickly. It was when she was toweling herself off in the steamy, warm sink area that she caught sight of her body. She was still aroused! She could see that tell-tale blush on her tummy, the pointed ends of her tits still sticking out, the way her cunt was opening and closing as the edge of the towel brushed against it. "Oooohhh!" Kathy closed her eyes, curling her fingers around the cold cracked porcelain of the sink.

She looked at herself, stared and smiled. Her large tits were firm and round, the tips red and pointy. She began working her hips back and forth, feeling the building of that terrible pressure in her pussy. It was all the girl could do to keep from failing to the floor as particularly powerful spasms now rocked through her body. Slowly she drew her thighs tightly together, dipping and plunging and wriggling her ass. The weight of her ass-cheeks added to the sensations around her cunt. She was moving so fast that a sweat broke out on her upper lip.

She could feel a hot dampness under each tit. "No, oh nooooo." She had to stop. This was silly. This was unreal. She was a mature young lady, too old for this sort of nonsense.

But breathing hard, watching herself in the mirror, remembering what she had witnessed in the cabin, Kathy couldn't keep her hands off herself. "Uhhhhh. huhhhh!" She began giggling a little, feeling the awesome power in her cunt. Her clit throbbed and tightened while the delicious tension surged through her pussy and spread like a wildfire through her belly.

Her tummy and tits were so swollen with lust! Slowly the young teen brought one hand down to her pussy, spreading back her tight cunt-lips. Her fingertips were wet with the juice frothing from her dark, fuzzy hole. Ohhh, she was hot! She had never been this wet before in her young life! Kathy pulled her cunt-lips farther back, exposing the tiny, pulsing gland, touching her clit and feeling herself trembling like a bitch in heat against the sink.

Oh, oh, it was so good! Closing her eyes, she could still see Terri writhing on the bed, the belt coming down, reddening her ass-cheeks, leaving those beautiful long red marks on her back and tits! How the girl screamed and yowled each time the black leather bit into her flesh, making her body jerk and jump with delight.

Through the mist on the mirror created by her pumping breath Kathy saw her tits rise and fall, the nipples harden into two pebbles while her areolas turned a darker red. It was beautiful. She looked at herself and let out a little moan, easing two fingers into her cunt-hole again and again, making those fucking moves she had seen that mad animal make against Terri. How he had fucked her, drilling his cock into her cunt while still abusing her that way.

And how she had loved it! Nothing in the world could have seemed better for the counselor than that beating! "Ooooooh!" Kathy wanted to touch herself all over. But both hands were full of that soft, tightly packed cunt throbbing between her probing fingers. So intense was her concentration that the girl didn't hear the sound of the outside door squeaking quietly open. CHAPTER TWO Her shoulders moved up and down as her stiff-tipped tits rubbed against the slick glass.

The young teen shoved her fingers into her clenched fuck-hole while she flailed her clit with her thumbs. Ohhh, she was fucking herself this way, thinking of Terri and that man and how he had roped and beaten and fucked her! That thought once more made her pinch her clit hard, feeling the electricity spark out and shoot down into her pussy.

The muscles convulsed, grabbing hold of her fucking fingers. Kathy let out a sigh, sawing her cunt while she twisted her swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger.

It was heaven, doing this to herself while still thinking of Ted and the way she looked stretched out on that bed. Kathy whimpered, sticking her fingers in deeper and deeper, losing her mind as she gasped, sobbed and groaned in the throes of her lust.

The man drawing near to her in the shadows went unseen by the young teen as she breathed hard, plunging her fingers in hard and giving her clit a final jerk. As the climax exploded in her belly, she sighed loudly, leaning her forehead against the cold glass. Her ass-cheeks danced while the small, firm cheeks slapped together. She was still on her toes, wrenching her hips while more hot juice boiled over her thickly curled cunt-mound and oozed down her thighs. She half-laughed, half-sobbed as the last of her passion exploded, making her flex her thighs against the rim of the sink.

"Uhhhhh!" Kathy stopped for a moment, thinking she had finished with herself. And then an image crossed her mind. It was Terri again. Terri roped and beaten, thrashing helplessly around like a speared fish while that man whipped her into whimpering submission. And then he had fucked her in the mouth, forcing her to suck his thing, and then drink it all down as he pumped his jizz into her.

That image of rape set the young girl going once more. Her hands grabbed her large tits, squeezing them hard while her belly heaved. Her ass-cheeks clenched and unclenched while the balls of her feet danced over the floor. She cried out a second time, nearly collapsing to the floor as a second climax washed over her. "So, you're still hot after watchin' us?

Or, maybe that's what's turnin' you on." Kathy screamed, wheeling around while covering her tits and cunt. She stepped back, slapping her ass-cheeks against the sink as she tried to avoid the big man's reach. It was him, the one who had been beating and then fucking Terri! He was standing there, big as life, his broad frame seeming to fill the room. He had a white cotton T-shirt stretched taut over his broad chest. His fingers clenched and unclenched as he rocked back and forth on his feet.

"I followed you back here before I went back to take care of Ted. You got an eyeful. Gotta make sure you don't start spreadin' shit around." He took another step toward her. "If you touch me, I'll. I'll scream," Kathy threatened. Surely someone would hear her if she shouted loudly enough. His face darkened, his lips tightening while a kind of perverse light glimmered in his eyes. The odd excitement transmitted itself to Kathy who still stood there, covering herself as best she could while staring wide-eyed at the big man.

It was like a nightmare come true, unfolding itself right in front of her. "Try it. just try to open that yap of yours and I'll shut it for good!" he threatened, raising one hand in the air threateningly.

It was a sharp, hoarse, hissing voice that greeted her now. And when Kathy opened her mouth, about to defy him and cry for help, the hand came down, slapping her hard across the cheek. The teen screamed, her head snapping to one side. She stretched out her hands desperately for balance, her knees buckling. With a groan, Kathy sank to the floor, covering her face while drawing her legs back and kicking at the big man trying to grab her. "Bitch!" "No, no, get away, away." She was kicking at him, grabbing at the plumbing beneath the sink for support.

He lowered his head, wrapping his fingers around her ankles and pulling her out with a sharp jerk. Kathy tried fending him off. But he was on top of her, his fists pummeling her face, her tits, her belly.

"You're not gonna get away from Matt Hathaway. no way that's gonna happen." When he tried to pick her up, Kathy screamed again, one leg kicking over a tall green metal trash container. Cursing, he backhanded her twice, his knuckles bruising her cheeks and chin, the force of those blows temporarily stunning the teen into silence.

"Better." Grabbing her nightie from the floor, Matt slipped one hand under the teen and scooped her from the tiles, carrying her from the bathroom area outside. Kathy's head lolled from side to side, the girl catching half-glimpses of the silhouetted pine trees nearby and the full moon silvering the deserted countryside.

"No. oh, I'll scream, I'll." He gagged her with a filthy handkerchief, shoving it deep in her mouth, then wrapping a piece of tape around her head, fixing it firmly. Matt pressed her against the car now, her ass flat against the cold steel. She could feel the door handle working against her ass-cheeks as the big stud reached around and opened his side of the car.

"You're not gonna fuck around and mess things up for me and the others," he panted, hefting her into the passenger side of the car, his fingers slipping once down between her thighs and pressing against her cunt-mound.

At that point Kathy felt an electric charge seeping from her clit and making the rest of her pussy muscles spasm. She felt her ass sinking deeply into the seat as she raised her hands to pull from the steering wheel, grabbing her by the wrists and jerking her forward violently until her forehead slammed against the dashboard.

"Uhhhhh!" "Nothing here, baby. No yappin' from you, nothin'," he grunted. The tape came out again. Kathy cringed as she heard the loud tearing sound and felt the adhesive press against her wrists behind her back. He was binding her completely, wrapping the tape around her wrists, then binding her ankles together with the sticky stuff.

Soon the girl lay against the door, blinking the tears from her eyes, watching the countryside pass by as Matt started the car and rolled quietly away from the camp site. The girl twisted in her bonds, feeling terribly naked and ashamed sitting nude next to this man. He had seen her twisting around like a little whore right there in the bathroom, rubbing her cunt with her fingers, fucking herself and coming so very, very hard. And he had stood nearly behind her, watching, laughing, then finally revealing himself to her.

She saw the pine trees ahead, popping up under the crossed beams of the headlights then disappearing just as quickly. From the direction he was heading in, Kathy guessed they were going back to the cabins where she and Marie had initially set off.

Images of the camp counselor flashed in her mind -- the woman bound, beaten, fucked! Matt guided the car off the narrow two-lane road onto a twisting dirt one, slowing rapidly and shifting the car into second. The jouncing of the automobile was starting to excite Kathy.

All the teen sensed was the subtle rubbing of her cunt-lips against one another, her clit starting to spring up from the surrounding pulsing flesh. Kathy chewed down on the gagging rag, tasting her own sour spit as they rambled down the path. In the distance she could see those very cabins she had spied on earlier. A chill rushed through her veins, her hairs standing up on end. "Inside. We're gonna make sure you don't go around and blab what's happenin' here." Matt tore open the door, grabbing her by the hair and jerking her from the car.

Kathy screamed through her gag, feeling herself losing balance and tumbling from the seat onto the ground. She scraped her knees painfully against the door, pitching head-long into the darkness. Again she screamed through the gag, feeling herself twisting, her wrists and ankles struggling against the binding tape keeping them together.

She felt the sharp shock of her head and arm slamming against the pound, her legs shooting up over her head from the force of the sudden stop. The young blonde teen rolled awkwardly head over heels several times before coming to a stop several feet from the car.

Matt was up behind her in an instant, pressing one foot against her cheek, pushing her face into the dirt.

Kathy gasped, her nose flattening against the soft pound. Field grass made her nostrils tickle. Now her arms and legs ached as bruises began to break out on her body. And now she felt the killing pressure against the side of her face. He was wiping his filthy shoes against her skin, laughing at her as she lay there helpless, her wrists and ankles bound cruelly by the sticking tape. "Now you'll see what the fuck's been happenin' here!

You were so fuckin' curious before. Now you'll find out first-hand, baby." Kathy could have, died from the humiliation coursing through her veins.

He was kicking her, wiping his feet over her naked ass-cheeks, then moving back to her face where he dropped one heel heavily against the back of her skull. She bit down hard on the spit-soaked gag as he back kicked her with his boot heel. Just when she thought he might knock her senseless, she felt him pulling the tape from her ankles. The adhesive ripped at her skin, making her yowl through the gag.

But at least, thank God, the bond was off. She moved her legs apart, feeling her knees sinking into the cool grass under her naked body. Just then Matt stepped between her spread thighs, driving his boot up into her cunt-crack.

Kathy cried out, snapping forward and wiggling over the pound like a snake. She felt the cold leather pressing against her cunt-lips, then forcing its way into her fuck-hole until she squawked again. The shocking sensation sent vibrations blasting through her young body, making the teen continue to crawl through the grass in hopes of escaping Matt.

"You're not goin' anywhere." Again and again Matt followed her, driving the toe of his boat up into her wet trembling crack, rubbing the cracked leather up into her pussy and up against her clit. It was getting so difficult for the girl to fight against him.

Sweat broke out on her forehead and trickled out from under her arms as she struggled forward, her tits flattening out between her wriggling body and the ground. She gasped through the gag, her head swimming from the lack of oxygen. She wanted to rest, to find some place where she could regain her breath. But each time Kathy stopped moving, Matt drove his boot up into her cunt-crack, shoving the leather tip in so hard she had to squirm forward.

When she found herself scraping over a tree root Kathy stopped, half hysterical, chomping on the gag and refusing to go any farther. "Tired, eh? I'll give you somethin' to be tired about!" Matt threatened. He was calling out to someone in the cabin. In a moment Kathy heard a door open and footsteps approaching her. In a moment she smelled a foul breath and turned. A man with a gaunt face and two blazing eyes was peering down at her, his smile revealing a crooked row of yellowed teeth, stained by tobacco.

He had to be one of the foulest men she had ever seen in her life.

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And he was there, staring at her naked body, thinking God only knows what! She could have died of shame! "Got a lively one there, Matt. Little younger than the counselors from the camp. But bet she can perform like a firecracker when you get 'er goin'," he said with a heavy Texas drawl.

"Gonna find out, Sid." Kathy felt the tape tearing from her wrists. At first she felt a wash of relief. She was free, free for the first time in an hour! Then the thought occurred to her that they had released her only so they could enjoy her more fully. The man called Sid picked her up by the shoulders and jerked her to her feet, showing surprising strength for a man who looked lanky to the point of emaciation. "Bet you're gonna be a mighty fine fuck." The handkerchief had compressed enough in her mouth for Kathy to grunt out some words.

She shrank away from the lanky man, watching warily as Matt stood spread-legged in front of her. It was a terrible, menacing situation. Slowly she covered her tits and cunt with her arms and hands, hoping against hope someone would find them and stop the madness before it started.

Then she saw Matt pull a long knife from a brown leather holder fastened to his belt, and her heart sank. All sorts of terrifying thoughts shot through the teen's mind as she backed away from the men, shaking her head slowly from side to side and finding her heart beating against her ribcage. Reaching up, she tore the tape from her mouth, spitting out the foul-tasting gag and looking wildly about for some escape path.

There was none. Matt had planned carefully for this. "She's real nice. nice ass, nice-lookin' cunt too. Bet lots of guys've had their cocks in there, baby. Nice pussy," Matt said, licking his dry lips while his own words were exciting him more and more.

She could see the front of his torn Levi's tenting up with his stiffening cock. "No!" Sid moved first like a striking cobra, clamping one hand over her mouth while motioning with the other to Matt. The two men laughed at her terror, dragging her, kicking, biting and screaming from the road into a nearby ditch.

"You'll get used to it out here. When you've proven yourself, slut, we'll take you indoors," Matt growled. Kathy's ankles snagged on the brambles, the branches tearing at her flesh. She screamed again, shouting at them not to hurt her, shrieking that her mother would pay them anything if they left her alone. But they didn't bother to listen. Then had a warm, lush prize, and weren't going to share her with anyone or anything. Sid pinched her flesh cruelly, dragging her into the brush.

The prickly dead bushes whipped her face and snapped her hair, tearing the strands from her scalp. She kept her eyes shut, hoping the men would tire of this game once they realized they were all falling around in the tall weeds.


But Matt and Sid were determined. The younger man helped Sid pulling the resisting Kathy through the brambles, ignoring her shrieks of pain as her body ripped through the hard stinging branches. When they got her into a clearing, the men dropped her, Matt kicking her hard in the belly to ensure she wouldn't think of getting up and making a break for it.

Kathy doubled up with the force of that blow, his boot bruising her organs and knocking the wind from her. Then, before she could recover, someone stuffed that awful handkerchief back into her mouth. She screamed at them both, jerking her knees back and flailing her feet at the men, trying to knock them away. "Look how she is, man. She's just beggin' to have somethin' good and hard in her ass and in her cunt," Sid said, reaching down and pinching her nipple hard.

Kathy screamed, arching her back and pushed her head against the ground. He was defiling her, putting his filthy hands on her body and touching her in places only her future husband or lover should. Her face flushed with rage and disgust while the men continued to paw her naked body. They both squatted, holding her down by the knees and shoulders.

Kathy groaned, her eyes big, unblinking, while pulses erupted in her throat, tits and thighs. Sid was working his fingers over her thighs now, smoothing the silken white flesh with the backs of his fingers, then brushing his knuckles up against her pussy-hairs. Kathy fought the feeling starting to tighten in her cunt muscle. Her clit was growing itchy again, a throbbing pulse beginning deep in her pussy and spreading slowly up to her cunt-mouth.

Her body was betraying her, and the girl cried for that. Looking up, she saw Sid had a knife as well. He reached over again and fondled her tit, hefting it, then squeezing the tit until Kathy let out a cry. It was when he started massaging the stiff tip with the tip of his knife blade that the girl struggled back, fearing she would lose control of her bladder and her sphincters. Strangely enough, thrills of sensation passed from the areolas along her nerve endings and into her cunt.

She felt herself begin to boil down there. What was happening to her? God in heaven, was she turning into some kind of pervert, some kind of animal just as they were? The thought flashed into her mind and terrified Kathy nearly as much as Matt's and Sid's knives did. She pushed the idea back, unable to cope with it yet as she struggled against the men and fought for her life!

CHAPTER THREE Kathy wanted to explain to them she wasn't a whore. She wasn't a bad girl like Ted who obviously had enjoyed fucking. But it was impossible for her to say a word, even if she could. They were beyond listening. Their pants were down now, their cocks stiff and hard, bobbing in front of her face shamelessly.

Kathy had seen them -- long, thick, with that fat bulbous head so satiny, so purple, looking as if it would explode! She had never seen anything quite like that before in her life! And there they were, wagging their cocks in front of her as if there weren't a thing in the world wrong with it! "No!" She wriggled away from them once more, sliding forward on her knees and falling backward into the brush. She screamed, fighting against the branches tangling her hair and scratching her flesh.

The men laughed, grabbing hold of her once more and pulling her back into the clearing. "She likes to fight. We can't have somethin' like that when we fuck her." "Got some rope. Be right back." Sid left for a moment, scrambling up the side of the ditch and running for the cabin, his cock wagging like a tree limb in a storm. Matt threw himself on top of her, squeezing her tits while fucking his cock back and forth over her cuntslit. Kathy screamed, throwing her head back and chewing down on the gag.

She could feel the meaty fat head of his cock pressing against her clit, making electricity seep from the stiff button and spark into her cunt. She knew she shouldn't feel things like this. It just wasn't right! Her mother had hinted at things like this more than once, too embarrassed to go into detail. But Kathy knew that her feelings were somehow sluttish. Again she tried wriggling away from the man, but his grip on her shoulders and the way his legs were pinning hers against the soft, moist ground kept her prisoner.

"Here. This oughtta keep 'er still." Sid was back. Getting up, Matt flung her against an ash tree, laughing as her arms flew about the trunk while her knees gave out. Kathy started to sink to the ground, her fingernails clawing at the bark.

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The men held her back up, tying her wrists together. "We can't fuck her like that," Sid said, scratching his head. "Not 'less we fuck 'er in the ass," Matt considered, reaching down and sticking one finger up into her tight little shitter. Kathy came alive once more, her eyes rounding while her mouth tore open and let out a shriek.

She could feel that digit worming around in her shitter, the fingernail scraping against her smooth tight bowel lining. A lewd shot of heat blasted from her violated ass into her cunt, making the muscles clamp shut while her clit throbbed with forbidden delight. "Maybe she's got maggots in the ass," Sid said with a cruel laugh.

"Then how." "Yeah, I see a way." Kathy's curiosity was aroused. The chill, bizarre mood that had colored her mind was growing darker in her soul. The thought of being raped by these animals was as exciting as it was revolting for her.

Twisting her head around to see better, Kathy saw the men jacking off, looking at her naked body roped there helpless to the tree. Sweat made her naked ass glisten as she pressed against the wide trunk. To her utter surprise, the rough bark scratched against her thighs pleasurably. She bent her knees a little, opening wide enough to get her clit against the rough exterior. She was disgracing herself in front of these men and not even thinking twice about doing it! "Look! She's fuckin' the tree," Sid said, pointing to Kathy and throwing back his head with a sharp laugh.

"We gotta make 'er stop, or she's gonna knock the old fucker down." "Yeah, seems the younger they are, the worse they are," Sid agreed. Kathy thought she could hear the hiss of leather being scraped along the rough fabric of someone's pants. Then she knew she heard the snap of a belt being doubled. Again she turned her head around just in time to catch sight of Matt standing spread-legged behind her, snapping the doubled belt against his thigh.

It was almost the same scene as with Ted, she thought wryly, except she was the one roped helpless in front of the big man. "This oughta stop you from fuckin' wend shit like that tree." "Unnnffff!" He took another step, his boots sinking into the carpeting of leaves.

Kathy hugged the tree more tightly, feeling a piece of bark cuffing into her pussy. The leather hissed in the air, slicing through the dark chill that had begun to permeate the forest.

The belt arched down, slapping dryly against her naked ass-flesh. Kathy had never felt pain like that before in her life! She threw back her head, her back arching while her knees snapped against the tree trunk. Her toes curled into the soft ground as she let out a howl through her gag.

The pain shot up from her ass-cheeks up into her cunt and ass. Clawing at the tree, Kathy prayed that God would end this misery for her soon. "And that's for spyin' on me and the others. God only knows how long she's been creepin' around, watchin' us." The belt snapped back, then sliced back down, criss-crossing the area injured in the first smack. Kathy tightened her ass, raising her asscheeks into two clenched fists. Gooseflesh erupted. Her cunt snapped shut while her clit tingled, waiting for the next blow.

It came with a deadly force, cutting the flesh, raising a large ugly purple welt. Kathy slammed forward against the giant tree, biting into the gag while the rag nearly choked her when she inhaled. She was dizzy, swirls of light exploding in her head as the men continued beating her ass and calling her terrible names. "And this one's for the future, baby. You'll think twice about this night before you go creepin' around and spyin' on us!" The third blow slashed across her shoulders, drawing out a low, terrible groan from the hanging girl.

Kathy felt her knees giving out as her flesh burned under the leather belt attack. She didn't know if she could keep conscious any longer. The pain was searing through her body, scorching her nerve endings back there while taking the strength from her will.

A fourth blow sliced between her ass-cheeks, yanking her shitter out of shape. It was as if someone had touched her asshole with a burning candle! Kathy yelped, alive once more, throwing herself back onto the tree. She found herself opening her crotch, forcing her hips onto the ash. Surprisingly the girl found that shard of bark once again. It had entered her cunt, touching all those hot nerve endings and setting them off.

It was so wrong, oh so awful! But Kathy found she was manipulating her cunt muscles until the thing was lodged against her clit. She relaxed her thighs until the next blow made her body jerk forward and up against the tree.

She felt the bark cutting into her clit, teasing the flesh, drawing out more sensations from her young body. Kathy threw her head back, feeling her long hair brushing over the rounded tops of her asscheeks.

Her spine was straight now, her head at a sharp angle to the tree. It was as if the belt was a hammer, she thought, pounding her mercilessly into the tall ash.

She couldn't stand it any more. Something was taking her over, some dark force that told her she had to have something in her cunt. All those nasty stories she and Marie had giggled over -- about girls needing guys to fuck them -- flashed back to her now. Yes, yes, she could understand the feeling now! Kathy knew what the sensation was to be frustrated, to want something, anything penetrating into her body and not being able to get it.

And she was still a virgin! Laughing at that cruel joke, Kathy moved her hips along, pumping her body against the tree, tearing herself apart as she tried to wrench free from her own lust. "Unnun. huhhhh!" "She's goin' nuts, man. We got ourselves some kinds nympho here," Sid said, dropping his gaze to her ass-cheeks that clenched and unclenched with each forward fucking move she made against the tree.

"Come on. Let's get that damned log over here before I cum all over myself," Matt said. "Yeah, we'll get 'er goin' real nice and fine," Sid agreed. The belt fell to the ground. Kathy could hear that. She sighed with relief, loosening her grip on the tree a bit while still working that shred of bark against her clit. She couldn't help herself. Something was making her do it, possessing her as if it were a devil whispering delicious, naughty things for her to do and say.

"Lift the slut so I can get this Goddamned thing in place," Sid grunted. Matt jerked her legs up by the ankles. Sid propped the log against the foot of the giant ash, angled so that her knees rested against the other end. The odd angle strained her roped wrists. She was at least three feet off the ground, she guessed. The heavy log was broad enough to support both knees even when they were spreading her wide open. Sid was wiping his hands against his Levi's while Matt bent down next to her, smoothing his fingers over her ass-cheeks.

Kathy squeaked when she felt his fingers brushing over her cunt hairs, touching her pussy, then working over her swollen, moist cunt. She could have cried from the humiliation she felt surging through her body. And how her ass ached from the beating!

"She's good and wet in there. Just like she oughta be," Matt observed. "Come on. Leave her alone for a sec and help me get this rock over there." It was happening slowly, as if she were floating in her own drew. She could see them dragging a massive slab of stone and dropping it behind her. Sid stood on the rack while Matt held her legs to the log.

He was steadying her while Sid spread her wide and pulled her closer to his hard cock. She whimpered, shaking her head, finally spitting out the handkerchief when she felt his cock-head pressing against her pussy.

"No! Please! I. I've never done this before! Please, don't hurt me!" "A Goddamned virgin?" Sid wondered out loud, stopping for a moment and raising his eyebrows. "Somebody's gotta do it, man.

You don't, I'll slam my cock home into her cunt. Come on. Go for it!" "No! No!" Kathy shrieked again and again, feeling the man's strong fingers hooking around her hipbones and drawing her ass up against his groin.

She could feel the hard knob once again pressing up against her pussy. She cried out several times, jerking her body from side to side, trying to move her cunt away from that hard, offending rod. But nothing worked. She could feel her outer pussy-labes unsticking, drawing back thin as Sid worked his prick into her pussy. Kathy closed her eyes, her mind a riot of sensations as she felt that hot, hard cock snaking into her body.

She couldn't believe something like this was happening to her! She was trapped there, stuck on his long thick cock, impaled like some insect on a dissecting table! She bit her lower pouty lip until it bled as more and more of Sid's hard, throbbing prick pushed into her. It was hard to breathe, she thought, sucking in ragged breaths through her nostrils.

And more and more of that cock was pushing into her! "Uhhhh. no, no, no!" Her cries were softer now, more like mewling as Sid began to groan with pleasure. His fingers crawled ail over her body like filthy spiders, his nails scratching over her nipples, his chest rubbing against her back while his cock kept on ramming home.

In a moment Kathy felt that shock of pain her mother had hinted at in their talks. It was an agony she had never felt before.

She had an idea of what was being pressed against. Her cherry, that last remnant of her innocence. Kathy wept, shrieking for them to stop hurting her, jerking her ass from side to side. But Sid was deep in her cunt now, enjoying her cries, loving the hot, wet sliding feel of her pussy against his cock-meat. He wasn't about to let her go even if bombs fell through the treetops.

Kathy screamed a third time, feeling nothing but pure pain. And then. and then that thing inside her ripped through the fleshy wall, sending streamers of agony crashing into her brain. Kathy collapsed, then stiffened against the tree, knowing Sid had finally crushed her cherry!

"Man, she was a virgin!" he said, shaking the sweat from his forehead. "Well, maybe so. But she ain't gonna have one virgin pore on her fuckin' body by the time we get through with the little bitch!" "Yeah, she's gonna be poked real good and proper.

She's gonna have cum in her brain when we finish," Sid agreed, laughing while fucking his cock in deeper. Sid pulled back, then shoved all the way in. Kathy shrieked, jerking her body around as if it were being torn in two. She felt as if she were being stabbed all the way up to her heart. The giant pole of stiff cock-muscle lodged inside her. The teen was unable to comprehend how her body was able to hold so much cock.

"Man, go for it, baby. Come on, work that body around, man! Yeahhh, nice and hot and tight and was. just the way I dig it!" Kathy thought his cock would come right out of her mouth. The huge, blood-bloated thing was chugging faster and faster through her cunthole, filling her fight, virgin pussy to the hilt. She writhed helplessly under him, agonizing to the pressure of hot, searing pain while Sid tore down into her.

When she felt his hands sliding under her belly, the girl only whimpered slightly now. His fingers fanned out over the flatness of her belly, making Kathy grunt and groan. He was touching her all over again, letting her know he was in complete possession of her body. There was no way she could escape without him letting her go. Those hands kept crawling up along, making her wriggle from side to side until the fingers started massaging her nipples, squeezing them until they crushed.

Kathy shrieked in pain and disgrace. "Fuck 'er, man, fuck 'er good!" "Yeah, she's good, real good," Sid said, his head thrown back while his hips worked against her flattening ass-cheeks. Kathy screamed, shaking her ass, making her heavy muscles dance up and down while the man behind her was going wild.

Sid screamed out something, then tightened his grip around her waist. Instinctively Kathy knew he was coming, shooting his wad into her. She wept more profoundly, clawing as best she could against the ash in front of her. It was her first real sexual experience, the first time a man had topped her. And it was here, in this clearing, in this camp. She was raped by this animal, and there would be more! Kathy closed her eyes, feeling hot tears rushing down her flushed cheeks. It was the worst thing that could happen to her, she thought, biting down on her lips again.

"She come?" "Naw, I don't think so," Sid said shakily. They were almost done, she thought, thinking of the savagery of the past few minutes and how it had aroused her so strangely. Fucked this way in this position was driving her to dizzying heights she had never dreamed of.

It was wrong, she thought, for girls her age to feel things like this. While Sid was coming in her, Kathy thought she would faint from the pleasure. What on earth was happening to her? "You okay?" "Yeah, a little winded from the bitch, but basically okay." "She good?" "Feel it yourself, man. She's gonna gobble up your cock." Sid laughed mirthlessly, kicking Kathy in the ass after having drawn away from her. A faint breeze came up, scattering the gathering mist and blowing through her hair.

Matt came over, taking the filthy rag she had spat from her mouth and wiping her cunt clean. Kathy tensed, wondering what further degradation he would offer her. "Find out for myself, all right. That's just what I'm gonna do!" He was kneeling behind her, having picked up the belt from the ground and stretched it tight in front of her.

Kathy blinked her eyes clear, focusing on the wide black leather band inches from her mouth. What was he going to do with it? When she felt his cock-head just touching her ass, she noticed Matt drawing the belt down and forward until the cold leather was pressed against her windpipe.

He was choking her, pulling at the leather as if it were reins on a horse while driving his cock deep into her ravaged pussy. Kathy screamed, then coughed and gagged as the leather belt choked off the air to her lungs!

Her eyes popped out while her nostrils flared, her tongue hanging out and wagging against her cracked, drying lips. Again Matt pulled back on the belt, rubbing the broad black leather back and forth against her flesh while driving his meat into her cunt. Bright stars flashed in front of her while the big man behind her was grunting like a mounting, rutting pig! He was going to choke her to death. The last thing she would remember from this life was the swimming sensation in her reeling brain and the feel of a fat, ten-inch cock ripping through her hot, pulsing cunt.

Then Matt eased the pressure, letting the teen gasp in some oxygen. Kathy coughed violently, dragging in air with loud, raspy sounds as the big man finished his fucking spree. She felt something hot and wet spattering up against her cunt-walls. Wads of jizz stuck to her pussy, oozing finally down into her cunt. Kathy sucked in air, jerking her head up and her shoulders back, straightening her spine and jiggling her asscheeks as she felt her tits ripping along the bark.

She was coming, coming with that man behind her! Ohhh, how she wished she could sink like a maggot into the wood under her and disappear. They had raped her, and she had enjoyed it! CHAPTER FOUR "She good, right?" "Man, a hot, wet pussy like that's hard to find around here.

around anywhere. You got a special talent, baby, and we're gonna do everything we can to help you develop it!" Matt said with a laugh. Kathy hung her head in shame. The words stung her shredded pride as she hung there on the tree, her knees scraping over the bark still.

The teen could feel the hot, sappy cum oozing from her pussy, trickling down the backs of her shivering white thighs. "Now, man, she's gonna have some more fun. right, Matt?" Kathy blinked up at the man, feeling her heart start to pound. "Maybe I'll carve my initials on her ass. Yeah, that's the ticket?" Kathy grew numb, tried to keep herself calm. She couldn't let herself experience the full terror she knew would destroy her.

"Hold her down," Sid rasped. "I wanna be the first one here. She's good for that!" Kathy felt them unbinding her wrists, pulling her from the tree and stretching her on her back. The rough ground and rock debris cut into her naked back. While Matt sat on her hips, holding her wrists down, Sid held the knife to her throat and began pressing the flat of the blade against her windpipe.

Kathy lay still, afraid to make a small move for fear of pushing the blade through her flesh. She felt the cold steel rubbing up over her flesh and she let out a gasp of breath, cold sweat breaking out all over her body. "Let's hear 'er squeal. you know, like them stuck pigs on a farm." Kathy dared raise her head a little, her eyes wide and focused on the knife, her lower lip quivering.

Sid let the blade move almost as if it did by its own power. The sharp edge barely scraped her flesh just below the hollow of her throat. She could feel the knife moving down farther and farther, going for the right tit. She could feel the pressure in her tit. The edge cut slightly, creating a narrow groove without drawing blood. Throwing her head back, Kathy screamed, her knees knocking together.

Sid laughed and bore down, making a tiny slit in the smooth, rounded tit. Her heels beat down against the earth, scattering the gnarled brown and grey twigs. Her rump jerked against the loose ground, flinging small stones into her ass-crack. It was agony -- physical and mental. Kathy thought she was going to die, then thought that perhaps the men would still have use for her and let her live.

Kathy shrieked again, twisting from side to side. But she couldn't tear herself free. That awful, awful knife traced a circuit to her nipple. Sid was taking his time, enjoying her terror, feeling that sleek body gyrating under him. "No, nooooo!" And now the teen felt the knife and the cold hardness of the ground bearing down on her. The horror filled her as he drew the blade down past her navel, now touching the cold steel against her warm, moist flesh until the young teen thought she would come apart.

"The little bitch's enjoying this!" "Thought she would," Matt said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Then she's gonna enjoy what's gonna happen even more, then." Someone was touching the knife up against her cunt, pushing the tip against her clit, then drawing it back until she thought he was going to slice her pussy wide open.

There was a moment's pause. Then Kathy felt the blade back up to her tits, pressing the nipples, triggering a cluster of pleasure-pain sensations that exploded in her brain. No skin was cut. The blade didn't have to pierce flesh to send her off. The knife was at her nipple, circling the thrusting nub, making the peak blush to purple while Kathy beat the ground with her ass, squeezing tight, bearing down on her bloated clit.

"She's rutting like some bitchin' whore! Man, oh man, this kid's a natural," Sid observed. Her face was white, contorted with the lust bursting through her. Kathy clenched her eyes, drawing her cheeks in while spit frothed from the corners of her mouth.

She couldn't stop herself from rutting that way, from twisting around and around against the pushing knife. "No, don't. don't." "Up on your knees." Sid drew the knife from her for the moment, backing down while Matt slipped off her hips.

Kathy felt every muscle in her body aching as she rolled reluctantly onto her belly, drawing her knees up and pushing her ass into the air as instructed. Sid was back against her in a second, drawing the knife around her spine, then back down over her ass-cheeks until the cold blade was pricking the gray/pink wrinkled flesh of her asshole.

Kathy shivered, her shoulders shaking mightily while that awful thing moved around in circles over her ass. Mentally Kathy saw the blade -- long and silver, shining in the overhead moonlight while Sid worked his cock with one hand and tortured her with the other. She felt it now -- the tip of the blade sliding across one ass-cheek, then moving to the other, at times pricking her sensitive asshole and making the sphincters snap shut at the touch. She felt so vulnerable, so open to the men when they did that to her.

She wished they would fuck her again and get it over with. But obviously Sid and Matt had other things in mind. Her cunt sucked in air in an uncontrollable spasm as the knife traced the outer line of her cunt-lips.

The soft, moist vulnerability of her pussy area terrified her. She bit her lip, her face twisting into a mask of terror and concentration. "She's ruttin', man. We fucked her ass off, and she still wants more," Sid said, scratching his stubble chin and chuckling softly.

"We can't disappoint her, neither." Sid was making criss-crossed lines over her ass-cheeks, digging the pointy edge of the knife up against her skin hard at times, while at others barely touching her. The pressure increased as Sid drew the blade close to her pussy. She slackened her muscles, feeling her belly tense. Kathy prayed to God her sphincters wouldn't fail her as terror made her brain numb once more. A shocking chill froze the center of her pussy.

The flat of the blade was pressing against her wet slit from her clit on up. Kathy's cunt clamped shut against the rocking knife, slitting itself.

Sid saw the reaction and chuckled again, rocking the blade down, pressing the tip harder against her clit. Kathy shouted, the pressure on her pussy sending out shock waves of delight throughout her body. She arched her back like a cat, curling her toes while backing up into the rocking knife. "Yeah, little slut, yeah, that's the way!" The touch of the chilling blade was sending Kathy higher and higher again. She couldn't control herself, and was feeling the arousal blot all thoughts except those about fucking from her mind.

"Yeah, man, all them little cunts out there at the camp are probably like her -- just itchin' to have their cunts reamed out and fucked," Sid growled, drawing the knife up to her lower back, then down to her cunt again.

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Kathy's pulse raced like mad. She turned around and saw Sid hovering over her, working his cock with one hand faster and faster. Matt was doing the same thing, crouching down in front of her and rubbing his cock in her face. When she opened her mouth to shot, he shoved his prick in her throat, pulling at her hair and warning her he'd kill her if she tried biting him or spitting his cock out.

Kathy was dazed with horror. He was fucking her mouth, actually pushing his prick into her throat until his balls pillowed against her chin. She could feel the steady rubbing of his cock-meat over her tongue while the head was brushing over her tonsils! It was horrid, awful! Her cheeks puffed out while the bleachy flavor of cum washed all over her mouth. Kathy wanted to spit it out but remembered the warning and let him do what he wished.

She was concentrating now on her cunt-lips. They were on fire! The constant rush of juice across and into the tiny slits was like salt rubbed into small wounds. No more. Oh God, she could take no more!

They were surely pushing her to some breaking point! Kathy could feel her will and soul crumbling like a cookie while Sid and Matt worked on her. Her head still throbbed from the violent raping she had endured earlier. And now they were going to do it all over again.

How she shamed herself, letting Sid touch her in this awful way with the knife. And now the blade was back poking at the rim of her shitter. Kathy gasped with shock, hearing Sid panting behind her as he jacked faster and faster, fisting his cock. "Man, gonna pop soon, gonna pop!" She heard the knife drop to the ground and felt the blind stabs of his prick against her cunt.

The fat head slithered under the slippery crack between her cunt-lips, brushing up against her clit and setting it off. Matt twisted his fingers in her hair, jerking strands out while feeding her more and more of his cock-meat.

Kathy was told how to move her tongue, how to suck while he jabbed his cock-head deep into her throat. She could hardly breathe at times, gasping at the touch behind her, then trying to draw in air while that fat hunky cock blocked her windpipe. It was all she could do to keep conscious as both men fucked her. "Faster, man, faster!

She's good, real good even the second fuckin' time around." "Yeah, real nice, real nice. hhhhhh!" Kathy rolled forward, gasping around that mouth-fucking cock and hearing Matt coming apart in front of her. His fingertips were clawing at her face while his bushy going pressed up hard, flattening her nose. She could taste more of the cum now as it flowed from his piss-slit, coating her throat and making her swallow several times.

Behind her, Sid fucked in hard, nearly lifting her knees from the log. His long, thick cock slipped into her fuck-hole like a couple of greased fingers. The heavy, fear driven flow of her juice made the girl's cunt slippery for the invading cock. Sid had no problem as he fucked halfway into her dripping pussy, then let go of her hips and shifted his grip to her tits.

He tugged and kneaded them, making the girl feel an aching lust throb through them, telegraphing more lust into her tortured cunt. Kathy loathed both men doing this to her, especially hating Sid whose cock slid deeper into her cunt by the second. The dog-like position she was in made her feel degraded.

The worst part of the act was the response from her own body, one that made her feel more wretched than ever. She found she was actually enjoying the pain and the insult of what, these men were doing to her.

Worse, she knew they understood her frame of mind! He's on me like an animal. They're fucking me like animals, Kathy thought to herself again and again. How delightful it was! Oh yes, yes, she wanted more of that in her pussy, more of that in her mouth! The more they humiliated her, the more she wanted and needed? It was impossible to stop the dreadful chain of thoughts racing through her now as the big man fucked her pussy and the other rammed her mouth.

Kathy sobbed violently, feeling every ounce of her aroused nipples throbbing in time with her beating clit. When Sid bent over and bit down on the nape of her neck, she snapped her head back, letting out a shout of joy. She pushed herself up with hot arms, the constant swiveling of her ass continuing.

She had to have that odd release now, that wonderful sensation she had felt earlier when they had fucked her. There was no way she could escape it now. Sid's belly slapped loud against her ass while Matt slowed his mouth-fucking, jerking his hips from left to right, poking his prick against the insides of her cheeks and puffing them out. How wonderful, she thought, feeling his cock-bush tickling her nostrils. The itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and asshole was driving her crazy.

Kathy shoved back against that pounding prick, her ass weaving and slipping from side to side. "N. uhhhhhh!" Kathy cursed and slavered under her breath, her head rolling from side to side. Clawing at the log under her hands, she drove her shoulders downward. The throbbing ache in her heavy tits needed more. She forced the big-tipped tits against those clutching hands. The twisting, scratching pain in her nipples was like the fire that was singeing all her nerves. She thought of that cock rummaging through her, of the cock pushing down in her throat, making it almost impossible for her to suck in a deep breath.

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She couldn't hold back any longer. The immense blast furnace of chilly heat in her cunt grew and grew. She could hear the squishing of his cock-meat plowing through her cunt, frenching out her pussy. Her cunt felt hard suddenly, hard and itchy and achey. The girl had no energy for growling or gasping now. All her being was focused in her cunt, pinpointing around the pistoning rod of cock-meat in her guts. In front of her, Matt was keeping his hands firmly on her skull, holding her down while pushing the full length of his cock down into her mouth.

"Aghghghhhhhhh!" The first jets of his spunk spattered against the back of her throat, oozing down into his belly, coating her with a thick, warm slime. Sobbing, Kathy knew the end was drawing near.

There was little she could do except roll with the wave crashing through her mind and body. She could feel Sid's cock thickening while the blunt-nosed monster in her mouth lodged there, spitting out the hot glue sealing her throat completely. Kathy could feel the frothy mixture of cum and spit bubbling from the corners of her mouth, oozing down her chin as Matt came and came into her mouth. Sid saw what was happening and growled in approval, working his hips faster, nearly knocking the teen down onto the ground.

His prick thickened. The pounding beat of his cock-thrusts slowed for just a moment, then began again. Kathy heard him grunt. She got herself ready, ready for the massive jolt she knew was about to come. With a furious jab, his cock-head banged against the side of her cunt.

She felt the blast of jizz spatter down into her once again. Raped three times, and mouth-fucked on this last! The young blonde teen gasped, blowing out the breath she had been holding all this time. Her cunt-walls crashed in. Tao much! It was just too much for her! The first massive fuck-jolt of her climax shattered the young girl completely. Her sphincter went into spasms, wringing at the cock more tightly than before while her hips swiveled uncontrollably.

Kathy heard herself screaming obscenities after Matt had pulled his flaccid cock from her mouth, wiping the seepy head against her face. Sid's teeth broke the skin of her nape while another blast-of jizz spattered deep in her belly. It was all too much, too heady for the teen to take.

Her overloaded senses blew to pieces and she collapsed, supported only by Sid's hands keeping her propped up while he fired load after load into her clutching, milking cunt.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh, that was good, real good," Sid said, smoothing his sweaty hands over her ass-cheeks, pinching the flesh, slapping her hard across the ass. "Please, please, lemme go!" They had done their worst, Kathy thought. They had humiliated her and raped her and still she had survived. She could take some pleasure in that, the girl thought grimly as she shook the dirt and leaves from her hair.

They had had their fill of her, she thought. They would let her go now and she could limp back to camp. "We're through with you now, babe," Matt said, slipping his cock back into his Levi's.

"But don't you think we're gonna let a find like you slip away from us that easy." "Yet, you're one in a million, slut, and we're gonna make sure we get you again!" Kathy wasn't going to argue with them. She felt relief at being let loose. They dragged her up from the dreadful log, scene of her disgrace and rape. She wiped the tears from her flushed cheeks, stumbling through the brush, half-aware of the branches tearing at her face.

She was surprised to find the car still there, sitting in front of the darkened cabins. After all she had been through, she thought something surely would have changed. "I'll take you back. You're free. for now," Matt said, pushing her into the car while Sid stood back and grinned at the trembling teen.

Matt's words rang in her ears as the auto started and turned around back onto the road. CHAPTER FIVE "Oh my God! Oh my God!" Kathy clasped her hands over her mouth, rushing from the center outdoor court as if she were violently ill. Marie followed, looking back and wondering what on earth had set her off. "No, no, it can't be!" She had seen him -- Matt, standing there dressed in proper sports shirt and slacks addressing some of the camp counselors on what a good job they were doing in his community.

His community! That savage, that animal who had fucked her, had beaten her ass raw, had made her suck his cock while getting fucked from behind was lapping up all the applause from these men and women who had no idea what he was. "Kathy, stop!

What's wrong?" "Oh, oh, ohhhhh!" She stumbled forward, crashing onto her hands and knees, her tits jiggling in her tight fitting blue halter while her legs scraped over several rocks. She tried crawling away from her friend, shivering at the thought that Matt was so close and behaving like a perfect gentleman when she knew the truth. "What's going on?" "That man. he's the one I saw in the cabin with Terri and.

and." Kathy couldn't finish. She hadn't breathed a word of what the men had done to her anyone. And now, as it bubbled to her lips, the teen felt sick all over.

The thought that he could be there, could make her act this way, made Kathy shudder. But she couldn't tell even her very best friend in the world what they had done to her. It was still too vivid, too shameful, and her voluntary part in the whole mess still bothered her. "Oh my God! We should tell the others," Marie gasped, turning around and peering over her shoulder.

"No, no! I mean, we could get in trouble," Kathy coaxed, looking through the thick woods. If Matt had come lunging for her now, she wouldn't have been surprised.

"Well, we should do something, I guess," Marie said, thoughtfully biting her lower lip. "Let's go back there tonight and find out what's happening.

Maybe we can even take some pictures. That'd fix them!" "No! Wait. Lemme think of something better. something that'll keep us out of it and still hang them," Kathy said with rising panic in her chest.

She managed to get back on her feet and steady herself. She couldn't picture herself facing someone like Matt, even through a window, taking pictures of him and Sid doing something awful to Terri or another counselor or one of the girls. "Well, okay," Terri said hesitantly, eyeing her friend suspiciously. "But we shouldn't let this thing go on for a long time." Kathy nodded in agreement, following Marie back to the camp and hoping to God Matt was gone.

He was, but one of the counselors approached her just as Marie rushed away to talk to one of her friends, handing her a note and smiling at her knowingly. Kathy knew what was written on the paper even before opening it. He wanted to see her. tonight. He would make her sorry if she didn't appear on schedule. Kathy trembled, wrinkling the paper in her fist and telling herself again and again she wouldn't come.

But as dusk fell and the girls went their separate ways to bed or to crafts class where Marie was giving some instruction on basket weaving, Kathy slipped away from the others and threaded her way through the woods, remembering the path she and her friend had taken earlier. Time and time again, she thought about stopping, about turning around and daring Matt to come for her.

But the thought of him disturbing the others, of revealing her shame in front of the entire camp made the young teen push on.

When she came to the clearing above the small compound, Kathy saw one of the large cabins had lights on, the front windows having been thrown for air. She hesitated, then walked down until she was several feet from the cabin. Having heard her coming, Matt stepped from the doorway, his big arms folded in front of him. She stopped dead, her heart thudding hard against her ribcage. He was so threatening, so overpowering, the girl thought twice about rushing away.

Something, however, made her stay. She rubbed her arms briskly, feeling the kiss of the leather belt already on her flesh. "Good. You're a little early," he said with a nod, his thin lips stretching over his front teeth. "I like that. Come on in!" Kathy was having trouble catching her breath. She climbed onto the porch, stopping for a moment, putting one hand over her heart.

She stood there in the doorway, staring into the large room in front of her. All the other windows had been shuttered from the insides, heavy drapes having been pulled over the front opened ones.

She felt her hands and feet turn icy while cold sweat broke out over her back and glistened on her face. There were frightening-looking instruments hanging from the walls -- whips, halters, harnesses, strips of rope and leather with pincers at the end, all sorts of things that reminded the girl of either a stable or one of those Hollywood sets depicting the Spanish Inquisition.

She had guessed the men were into something more intense than they had visited upon her earlier. But this. it was something out of a horror film. Kathy backed away, clutching at her blouse, feeling her cunt pucker in fear while hot and chilly flashes raced up and down her inner thighs.

"You're not going anywhere!" He slammed the door behind her, placing both hands on her shoulders. They were hot and heavy, seeming to crush her to the floor. A force Kathy couldn't understand had driven her to this forbidden place and now was making her stay. She looked around the roam with widened eyes, feeling curiosity and excitement mixing oddly with her ever-present fear, making her knees knock and her cunt ooze juice.

When Kathy refused to move, he brought his hands down on her shoulders and pushed her in. She stumbled, then regained her balance, brushing her long hair from her face. Matt was on her in an instant, tearing at her blouse, pulling the buttons off and jerking the garment from her shoulders.

Kathy caught half-glimpses of the awful devices hanging on the wall and fought back, beating her fists like cotton balls against the big man. He grabbed her wrists, tightening his fingers like vises until she thought she could feel the tiny bones breaking under the pressure. Her knees buckled as she struggled, feeling herself being pushed backward. Her legs bumped something. Turning around and peering down, Kathy saw it was a large wooden keg with several hoses or wires coming from it.

She screamed, nearly knocking the thing over as she tried butting her head against Matt as a last-ditch effort. "You came here for some fun. Now it wouldn't be good for me to stop you from gettin' it, would it?" he said derisively. Kathy felt confused, beating her hands against the big man, yet feeling something like excitement surging through her more and more. Somehow he had ripped her bra from her, bending down and licking at her jiggling tits until the girl screamed more loudly at him to let her go.

Matt did just that, dropping his hands, then bringing the back of his fist hard against her chin. "Uhhhhh!" The blonde teen wheeled back, her arms flailing from side to side. She felt him pawing her shorts, pulling down the material until it was tangled around her ankles.

Kathy knew he had fucked her before and was more than casually familiar with her body. But still she fought the big man instinctively, rushing from corner to corner, tears flowing from her eyes as he grabbed at her panties, then ripped them from her body. "Oh!" She was stark naked now, her cunt exposed completely to the tall stud who held her once again by the shoulders. "Now, we stop this shit and get down to boogie," Matt said. Kathy shuddered at what those words could possibly mean.

He was pushing her back toward that keg. Only now she noticed a large section of wood about five feet high with four holes in it -- two at the top, then two larger ones about three feet lower.

Hinges appeared at the center line of both sets of holes while braces and a wide floorboard steadied the thing. "Put your arms out," Matt ordered, hitting her lightly on the ass, directing her toward the device. Sniveling, Kathy did as she was told, pushing her arms through the upper holes Matt had now opened. He slammed the top boards down hard, trapping her as he locked it in place. Lifting her legs with one hand, the big man opened the lower half with some difficulty, thrusting her ankles through the openings, then bringing the pillow-like boards back down with a clatter.

Kathy moaned, her eyes widening, her stomach rumbling with panic. She felt her ass dangling over the edge with nothing to support it, the weight of her hanging body pulling at her thighs and arms. She was gasping, her voice breathy with fear as she looked from side to side, wondering what he would do next to her. The full force of her panic crashed down on her. Screaming, the teen pulled at the holes, scraping her arms and legs painfully against the splintery wood. The board refused to move.

The braces on the floor held it steady. She bounced her ass up and down, feeling her ass-cheeks shivering against one another while her asshole opened and shut. Kathy stopped, her head pounding more violently while her heart raced crazily. It was useless to try to escape from here. She brought her forehead forward, resting it against the front of the board. God have mercy, she could do nothing to stop this maniac.

She had trouble catching her breath, trying to bring herself under control as Matt rattled around behind her, opening drawers and pushing something around to the side.

"Wh. what are you doing?" "Pretty girls don't have to ask questions. They just sit there and take it and like it," Matt growled. He was pulling the cask over until it was to her left. She shivered with the strain of no support under her ass-cheeks. The wooden holes chafed her soft flesh more cruelly than before as the teen bounced gently up and down, her tits scraping against the front of the pillory.

Fascinated, Kathy watched as the man attached a four-foot black rubber hose to the bottom faucet of the keg, cinching a brass clamp near the tip of the faucet. There was a long, silver steel nozzle at the other end of the hose, making the whole assembly remind Kathy of an enema tube.

When Matt looked up at her, a thin smile crossing his lips, she knew it was exactly that! "Oh no, no, no." The thought that he was going to shove something up her asshole left the teen speechless.

Matt rubbed the steel end up against her asscheeks, caressing her cunt-hole with it, then moving it up against her ass-crack. The girl let out a groan, jerking her body forward, tensing her thighs until they cramped to keep her shitter away from that awful thing.

A cold sweat broke out on her forehead while her arms trembled against the pillory. Matt simply followed her ass up, rubbing the steel tip against her asshole, watching the wrinkled flesh pucker up under the ticklish touch. Kathy bawled, clenching and unclenching her fingers while she waited for the initial thrust. It came with a vengeance. Matt shoved the thing up into her asshole, twisting it around and around like a screw until the young teen thought her body would split in two!

Kathy's eyes rounded, nearly popping from her skull while the cords stood out in her neck. Her cheeks flushed beet red while her nipples began to stiffen, rubbing itchingly against the splintery wood of the pillory. Again she let out a cry, twisting her body up, her asscheeks clenching like two fists.

Matt was undaunted, shoving the plug up farther and farther until part of the rubber hose disappeared into her bowels. "There, that's good, real good. You got most of it up there now!" Kathy reined, sobbing in defeat. It was so weird having something that hard up there, pressing her bowel lining apart, hanging out of her shitter and tugging at her gut.

She could have died from embarrassment! What was worse was the odd feeling between her legs that ass-fucking was creating. Her pussy was starting to grow very, very warm, juice beginning to glisten on the furred edges of her cunt.

She couldn't understand it. The teen felt the familiar itch of lust deep in her flesh as her whole body trembled with fear. "Now, we're gonna make this real interesting. You don't look so comfy hangin' out there, your ass bobbin' up and down. So I'm gonna give you somethin' to help." Matt rolled out a stool of about the same height as the distance between the floor and her ass. But what made Kathy break out into a sweat was a large steel cock, nearly eleven inches long. At its base were small spikes sticking up, terrible sharp-looking things that made the girl's flesh crawl.

As Matt pushed the stool up to her, she noticed a pair of black wires hanging from the edge as well. "What is all this?" she gasped, jerking her ass up once more while feeling the steel nozzle seeming to work its way deeper into her shitter. "You gotta have some fun too, baby. It must hurt at first, havin' somethin' like this nozzle shoved up into your asshole.

This is gonna take it off your mind, maybe," he said, pushing the stool forward until the head of the dildo was even with her cunt. "Oh no, no, take it away! Please, don't. don't do this to me!" Matt centered the dildo, then uncoiled the wires to a small gray transformer that sat on a mobile table. Kathy watched with terror-stricken eyes, her hair growing damp from perspiration while she pushed up still with her thigh muscles. It was exhausting. She knew she wouldn't be able to keep her body up like this for much longer.

Groaning, she watched as he connected the wires to two outside terminals, then switched on the machine. She could well guess what would happen the moment her pussy touched that steel cock sticking straight up from the chair.

"Now, when you're comfortable let me know," Matt said with a laugh. He moved forward now, twisting the steel nozzle in a little farther. The girl screamed, bawling that the thing was tearing out her ass. He ignored her, pushing the tube in farther and farther until Kathy was opening her mouth, feeling that the nozzle might slide up over her tongue and out past her lips.

She tried squeezing her muscles together, doing anything to push that awful thing, from her ass. Nothing worked. "I didn't tell you that I've got this keg full of beer -- nice, European stuff, a powerful kinda brew.

You should dig it. I ain't gonna waste that much on you. But you'll have enough in your ass to get high, I promise. And then you'll be bouncing up and down on this mother." Kathy panicked, feeling her ass sagging as fatigue began to wash over her.

She jerked her ass up, trying desperately not to be impaled on that monstrous cock. The nails at the base of it would cut her to shreds while the electricity would do God only knew what to her. But Matt was growing impatient, not impressed with the teen's strength and determination.

He moved forward, putting both hands on her shoulders and pushing down. Kathy looked at him and begged with her eyes, using every ounce of strength and willpower she could muster to fight him. But it was impossible. She felt her ass sinking down, her cunt growing closer and closer to that electrified dildo.

In a moment Kathy could feel her cunt-hairs bristling as they drew closer to the electricity. She shouted, jerking her head from side to side, her blonde hair splashing over her narrow shoulders as her tits jiggled and slapped against one another.

In a moment she felt the cock rubbing up against her cunt. A faint warm buzzing sensation immediately washed over her pussyflesh, making her groan and her shoulders shake.

The teen's muscles finally gave out and she sank two inches onto the cock, the current making her cunt muscles cinch shut against the invading monster. "That's good, real good. I'll help you along with some of this other shit." Kathy felt the cold steel thing spreading her cunt-walls wide, the electricity making her pussy warmer, it seemed, and certainly far more itchy. She threw her head back, her body growing alive to the raping. It was awful to be acting like this.

But the voltage was doing strange wonderful things to her cunt. It almost made her forget about the nozzle wedged in her shitter. Then Kathy thought about that honor, about having something like that shoved into her ass. It was so vile, so awful! She must look laughable sitting on that thing, a dildo shoved up her cunt, a rubber hose pushed into her bowels! She started to cry softly as Matt dropped his trousers and began working his cock-meat with one hand.

Matt leaned down and turned on the faucet, sending a rush of the cold beer into the girl's shitter. Kathy stiffened once again, her spine straightening while she stared wide-eyed at the wall in front of her.

She could feel the cold rush stinging her bowel walls, making them snap shut and wriggle against one another as more and more of the alcohol poured into her. "Do you like seem this, baby? You wanna get another mouthful?" Kathy shook her head back and forth, trying not to look at her tormentor. "Liar!" He backhanded her, the force of the blow knocking her head to one side. "You'll never lie to me again, baby.

I don't like that!" He moved back to the generator, turning the dial and sending another charge of electricity surging into her cunt. Kathy jerked like a puppet, twisting half around, tugging wildly at the pillory. "I can fry you on this thing. Don't forget that, bitch! So you behave and answer me right!" Kathy knew he was telling the truth and trembled for it. CHAPTER SIX Kathy's belly felt as if it were being bloated to the bursting point. More and more beer flowed into her bowels, distending them, making the teen feel horrible cramps.

Kathy feared she would lose control of her sphincters and would shit on herself. Worse, the flowing beer could tear something in her body, making her a cripple the rest of her life. She tried to convey her fears to Matt. But he was too interested in watching her twist and turn on the seat, pushing her down a little farther and increasing the voltage. "I. I. I. I can't breathe," she gasped, gagging on her own spit as she felt the current singe her cuntwalls.

It was a strange feeling having the electricity burning into her body. It was like having small glass shards tickling her clit making her cunt muscles spasm and cinch down yet again against the steel dildo. "If you bounce too hard on that thing, baby, you're gonna wind up stabbin' yourself on them spikes down below. Remember that." Kathy tried to remember. But everything was happening so quickly and so hard! The enema was still sending rushes of beer into her belly while Matt stroked his cock up, rubbing the fat head against her cheeks.

She drew away, feeling the slick touch of his cock. The teen remembered what it was to have something very hot and hard pushing into her mouth, slicking her tongue with jizz! In a moment something else was happening as well, a kind of euphoria settling over her confused mind. The beer was calming her down, making her feel almost giddy as it seeped through her bowel lining and tranquilized her body.

She was getting drunk with that awful thing shoved up into her ass! Kathy almost laughed as she settled back down onto the dildo, her thighs ridging with tension while more current rushed through her body. She closed her eyes, smelling the pungent aroma of Matt's groin next to her.

Oh, yes, yes, she could well imagine what it would be like having his prick pushing back into her mouth, spreading open her jaws until they ached as he tortured her. Her imagination became reality as the big man moved around, stood on an overturned crate, and pushed his cockhead up against her lips.

The girl immediately opened her mouth, tilting back her head, taking the fat prick into her throat without resistance. "That's it, cunt. That's the way, baby, swallow that meat! Gobble it up while you get fucked that way. Yeah, gonna fuck you in the ass as a real treat later on," Matt promised. Kathy heard him but couldn't comprehend half of what he was saying.

The beer was making her pliant, obedient as a slave. She was flicking her tongue around the fucking meat, pushing her body down onto the dildo, then tensing herself, feeling more current flow into her body.

It was delightful, more delightful and fun than she could ever have imagined. Tentatively she began to work her cunt around that probing steel cock, rising and falling, careful not to let her ass sink too low. "Yeah, that's it, that's it!" She was already highly excited, sliding up on the dildo and nearly pulling away from it.

She stopped, her ass hanging trembling there in the air, the white shivering cheeks clenching while the beer continued to flow in. Kathy knew she could only take so much more. It would be coining out, spattering warmly on the floor.

"Ahhhhhh!" Matt rodded her throat, clapping his hands on either side of her skull and driving his cock in while shifting his hips from side to side.

Kathy had to breathe through her flared nostrils as he banged the back of her throat with his cockhead. The beer in her belly was becoming unpleasant now. Harsh cramps were taking her breath away. She tried to tell Matt this. But he was too high on his own excitement. Only when she began to scream and twist wildly did the big stud understand. "Oughta keep this thing on 'til you split," he grumbled, bending down and turning off the spigot.

"But I got plans for you." Thank God the beer had stopped flowing into her shitter. But, the current continued relentlessly, making her pussy spasm more and more as Kathy grew more excited. She began sliding faster on the probing steel dildo, working her ass around while she flicked her tongue hard against his piss-silt.

"You're a real bitch, baby, a real hot bitch! The mote I throw at you, the more you want. Yeah, that's the kinda girl I want." As her excitement built, the motions of her tongue against Matt's cock became more and more frenzied. She could taste the flow of his jizz against her tongue. She swallowed several times, coating her throat and stomach with the sticky, white stuff as the big man fucked her mouth harder and faster.

Her stomach started turning. But she wasn't feeling nauseated any longer. Kathy felt that her body was floating somewhere above the floor as the current made her clit start to sputter and throb delightfully. She could feel her own juices begin to ooze from her cunt and wondered if she would short-circuit the dildo rodding her pussy.

Kathy soared higher and higher. She didn't have the fear any longer. Her pain had turned into something else, some other kind of feeling she no longer could understand. Just as interestingly was the fact that the girl had begun to get the hang of moving up and down on the steel dildo.

At one point she felt the distinct pricking sensation of the nails at the bottom of the thing and realized she had fucked herself all the way on it. Kathy sucked as hard as she could, the steel, electrified dildo setting up an erotic rhythm in her cunt. As the hard probing cock rummaged through her pussy, the young girl felt her flesh giving way under the dildo.

Matt tensed his fingers against the sides of her skull, ramming his cock all the way down her throat while pushing her down against he stool.

Matt stopped for a second, closing his eyes and shuddering, then pulled his cock out of her sucking mouth. "Gonna get you higher, baby, real high!" He padded over to the generator, flipping the dial up two settings, watching as the girl jerked and bounced like a wild woman against the dildo. Kathy felt her brain simmering as the electricity shot through her like lightning. It was all she could do to keep from passing out. She jerked her head back and forth, feeling her eyes rolling up into her head as her flesh burned under the onslaught.

Matt kept his distance, playing with the dial, rubbing his prick briskly with his fingers while watching the teen bob up and down on the dildo. Kathy was completely out of control, her mind buzzing and popping while Matt increased the current yet again.

"Aghghhhhhh!" Her face was a blur, her lips turning purple while diamonds of spittle stood out on her wagging tongue. Beer sloshed out of her ass as her belly muscles contracted painfully against her organs. She was bouncing out of control, her ass sinking down onto the dildo and stabbing itself again and again against the sharp spikes. She could feel herself coming again and again, the current freezing her at a climactic point and keeping her there for as long as Matt chose.

He watched, his balls tightening, his cock about to explode. Then with a sweep of the hand he cut off all the electricity, leaving Kathy immediately limp. She screamed, beating her forehead against the pillory, feeling her cunt going into uncontrollable spasms. "That's enough." He scooped her up, opening the pillory, dragging the dildo and nozzle out from her body and throwing her onto the floor.

She was still shaking, crying out hysterically, tears oozing out from under her shut eyelids while her legs kicked out at the big man. He threw her shoulders hard against the floor, slapping her several times until she came around.

"No, don't. oh no, no!" But Matt was too aroused. Her cock-sucking and the way she had looked bouncing on the dildo and the pillory had aroused him beyond reason. He was holding her tightly, knocking her legs apart with his knees, then finally driving his cock into her seepy cunt-hole.

Kathy shrieked, her arms and legs spasming out from her body while he drove his cock in all the way. He was holding her down with all his strength, forcing his prick deeper, tearing through her itching cunt. The force of her climax spread through her pussy once again as Kathy reached up to scratch him. His massive cock was drilling through her like a jackhammer, filling and spreading her elastic clit with his cock, watching as the young girl cringed and jerked with each powerful thrust.

He was fucking her like a dog on the floor, her body still sensitive from the electricity that had surged through it moments ago. "Yeah, come on, do it, do it with me, bitch!" He was tearing her cunt apart, enjoying the agonizing assault.

Kathy couldn't stop him, and couldn't stop the rush of feelings tumbling over one another as she lay there helpless under his rape. His cock seemed to grind her insides. The bruising, ramming of his cock tore at her clit in an endless attack. The young girl closed her thighs to him, grabbing at the stud tightly while jerking her hips up and down, up and down in a wild-woman fucking action.

"No, noooo!" Kathy was screaming against herself, not believing she was coming again! He fucked her hard now, squeezing her nipples with both hands, twisting them until the girl thought he would tear them off. When she thought he was about to rip her apart, she felt her cunt jerk while her clit throbbed hard against the raping cock. Burying his face in her tits, he bit cruelly at the jiggling tits, drawing out more screams from the young girl as he finished spurting the last of his jizz into her sucking cunt.

"Yeah, yeah, good!" Matt rested for a second, shaking the sweat from his forehead, thrusting, stiffening, then finally pulling his dripping cock from her cunt. Kathy sobbed, feeling her pussy continuing to tremble. Matt rose with some difficulty to his feet, rubbing his forehead, then drawing his pants up over his hips and zipping them shut. He looked down at her, seeing the tears of shame start to well up in her eyes.

He laughed, shaking his head. "You still think you're doin' somethin' wrong, eh? That's okay," he said with a shrug. "That's a good game to play sometimes. But I don't dig it myself." He stopped for a second, cocking his head to one side. For a moment Kathy thought he was going to say something. Then he moved quietly to the front window, pushing the curtain barely past the glass. Kathy followed him, seeing some movement outside. "Hey, Sid, grab 'er!

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She's gonna get away!" Matt shouted at the top of his voice, tearing the door open and rushing outside. Kathy scrambled to her feet, feeling too weak to take advantage of the momentary absence of the man to run away. Bracing herself against the pillory, the girl shook her head, gasping in lungfuls of air and wondering who on earth would be foolish enough to peer into this horrid place. Then she heard a girl's screams and the men's triumphant shouts.

Whoever it was, they had caught her. "Lemme go! No, no, I won't tell! Please, lemme go, lemme go!" Kathy froze, her flesh puckering into goosepimples. It was Marie! She could hear her friend's voice shrieking hysterically as the men dragged her back toward the cabins.

"Put her in the shed. We'll deal with her when the time's right," Matt called out, stalking into the cabin and kicking the door shut. "One of your pals, I'll bet. Probably followed you out wonderin' where she's gonna pick up some action.

Cunts. All the same!" "Oh please, don't hurt her! She doesn't know anything about this, and." Kathy had her hands together in prayer fashion, begging Matt with all her soul. But she could see the coldness in his eyes and knew her friend was doomed. "Gotta put you on ice for a while," he said after some thoughtful time had passed. "Cotta see what the fuck that bitch was doing around here.

Can't be any too careful, with all these do-gooders lurkin' all over the fuckin' place." Kathy knew he wasn't going to leave her alone in the cabin. There was too much of a chance of her escaping.

Matt had other plans for her. Studying the teen for a moment and scratching his chin, the big stud took her by the wrist and led her forward. Kathy followed, her head down, her hair curtaining her face. She had disgraced herself horribly, having rutted like that, then allowed him to fuck her without any attempt of fighting him off.

"Stand there." She could no longer hear Marie's screams. Sid was holding her prisoner she guessed, raping her perhaps while waiting for his buddy to join them. Kathy felt sorry for her friend, then wondered what on earth they were going to do to her. Matt nodded, then pushed her toward one wall opposite the awful stool on which she had fucked herself. He bound her hands together with piece of line, telling her to raise her hands high above her head.

Obediently, Kathy did as she was told, sniffing as she saw him lowering another rope from a pulley assembly high over her head. There were two large clamping rings at the end, and to these he attached the line binding her wrists to one another. With a few more turns Matt pulled the teen's body from the floor, so her feet swung some six inches above the concrete. Kathy groaned, pushing her flushed cheek against one bare arm.

It was hurting her so to hang that way, the weight of her body pulling painfully against her shoulder sockets. But there was nothing she could do. Matt was satisfied the teen would go nowhere, turning and walking away from her.

Kathy wanted to call out, to ask him how long he would be gone and what he was going to do to Matt. But she knew better now than to question him. She hung there like a side of beef, her arm muscles hurting her, her shoulders aching until she wanted to cry. Nothing happened. He had left her there for God only knows how long. Perhaps he wouldn't come back until dawn! Oh, could she survive hanging there this long without injuring herself?

The thought sliced into her brain, making her tremble as she waited for the big door to open once again. After what seemed like an eternity, Matt came back, his T-shirt sweaty and damp. He had been doing things to Marie. She was sure of it. And now he had come back here, flushed and aroused, to finish his feelings up on her.

Kathy felt a flush of hatred for her friend as she hung there from the ceiling, her tits drawn hard up against her chest. "Your friend came around here to take pictures of me and Sid. Guess she was thinkin' of closin' us down. She's got some other ideas now," Matt said a little breathlessly, grinning at Kathy.

"What've you done to her?" "None of your business. You'll find out soon enough. Now, for some of this." Matt was looking around on the wall, fingering some of the whips, then looking back at Kathy. He seemed to like watching her hang there, staring at him with her rounded blue eyes, trembling as she wondered what he was going to do next to her.

He picked up a small black leather riding crop, testing its weight, then moved back to Kathy. She thought she would die of fright. He had hurt her in ways she never thought possible. And now he was going to do it again, this time with that awful thing! "No, no, not more!" "You knew what you'd be gettin' into when you came down here, bitch. This is just a taste of anything I can do to you." Kathy shook her head.

She twisted her wrists in the ropes, feeling the hemp chafing her flesh until they began to bleed. He was tapping the crop against the side of his legs, watching her with interest the way a scientist watches a bug under glass. He smiled, his attention fully focused onto the hanging girl now.

When Matt walked up to her, he traced the leather end of the crop over her tits, then up to her chin, finally rubbing the loose strands against her lips. Kathy trembled, well imagining how something like that would feel crashing against her sides. The teen was about to say something when Matt lashed the end of the riding crop across her belly.

She felt the leather burn into her flesh as if someone had poured burning oil over her skin. Her mouth opened, a rush of air escaping over her front teeth. Her feet jerked up as she kicked back, her body swinging gently from side to side and tugging at the overhead ropes. Kathy could hear the wood creaking from her swinging weight. "Now, then, you get the idea of where we're goin' around here, right?" Looking at Matt, Kathy knew this would be a long, painful session.

CHAPTER SEVEN He slashed the leather across her cheekbone, the force of that blow knocking her head back. Kathy choked on a stifled scream. She licked the blood from the corner of her mouth, trying to ignore the fiery pain that ran from her ribs to her navel. When he began to cock his arm back again, she spat at him, folding one leg over and trying to twist her cunt and tits away from him. "Got some spunk in you still, eh? Good, that's what I like -- not some whimper like your friend over there who cries all the time." The stretching sensation against Kathy's arms had stopped being painful.

That was, she realized, because of the beating of the leather against her body. Matt was growing red-faced now, licking his lips, watching her as she dangled there.

He slashed the crop now across her right nipple, the leather stinging the sensitive brown flesh while making her tit fly up against her chin. After her scream, after the involuntary spasm that drew her legs up toward her belly, the pain went on and on. It was like a raw gash with salt rubbed into it. She ground her teeth, hating this man bitterly. She wanted him to come close enough for her foot to lash into his balls before she showed the first sign of breaking down.

It would do her no good to kick him -- her and Marie who he had undoubtedly raped and perhaps had done worse to. She screwed her face into a mask of twisted hurt, slowly regaining control. "Well, you got something to say, baby?" He was wriggling the riding crop in front of her face, rubbing the leather up against her chin, watching as she tried not to show emotion.

Kathy sagged in the ropes, feeling her toes touching the floor. "Bitch!" He slashed the end of the crop across Kathy's face. She screamed again, her teeth rattling in her skull from the force of that attack. He lashed out again, bringing the leather down across her right tit, making her feel as if he were peeling the skin from her body. She writhed with the pain of the lashing cuts, feeling the warm sticky sweetness of some blood oozing down her ribs, trailing along her belly.

Her navel filled with the fluid, then let it trickle down into the top of her cunt-hairs. Matt laughed at her, rubbing the crop up against his crotch, then bringing it down once more against her knees. Kathy shouted out loudly, her legs kicking against one another, then jerking out. The girl blinked her eyes clear, moving her foot experimentally. If he moved just a little bit closer, she could do it.

She could mash his balls with her foot and make him very sorry he had done those awful things to her. "Yeah, nice, real nice seems you like this. Man, it's something else," Matt said, working his tongue over his lower lip. Kathy brought her knee up, searching for an opening that would let her kick his balls. Then he jerked one hand forward, curling his fingers into her cunt-thicket and tearing some of the blonde curls from her pulsating pussy-meat. Kathy thought she would faint from the agony, her head jerking back, her throat tearing out a shriek.

He pulled and pulled, twisting his fingers, tearing at her cunt-hairs, making the girl scream while she bounced like a crazed puppet on the groaning ropes. He beat at her face with his free hand. "Cunt! Stupid bitch! You don't know what the fuck to do with your life so you come to these camps. Now you're gonna see what life's all about, bitch!" The crop slashed across her face, stinging her lips and the tops of her tits.

Kathy struggled, dragging herself higher on the ropes, her fingers clutching at the hemp. Her arm muscles knotted up as she struggled away from the stinging crop. Kathy screamed back at him. The shrill power of her shrieks rang off the walls.

And for one brief moment she wondered if Marie could hear her, huddled in whatever cell they had shoved her in. "Ohhhh!" As hard as Kathy tried to battle with Matt, she only brought more pain and agony to herself. When she rose upward, the vicious strokes crossed her nipples, burning into the sensitive tips like flames. When her legs struggled to wrap around him, his fingers screwed deeper into her cunt flesh Marie would have died, Kathy thought ironically, if she could have seen what was going on.

Yes, yes, it was wonderful and terrible at the same time. The feel of that black leather cutting into her flesh drew more cries of agony as she swung from side to side, listening to Matt's terrible words that were lost in the red rage of his lust. In a moment, Kathy could feel him hunching against her thighs.

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Even as she tried biting at his hand, she felt her terror rise higher and higher in her. Kathy couldn't tell what was worse -- the gruesome excitement of the man in front of her or her own flashes of lewd heat.

The battle seemed to change. Matt still beat at her tits and belly with the crop. But now his grabbing, twisting hand moved more slowly in her cunt.

Kathy moved her hips, still looking for that opening that would let her mash his prick. But her movements slowed too. The growling from Matt changed, lowering to a near purr. His words were growing slurred while his whip slackened. He was rubbing his face up against her tits, biting at her sore nipples. In spite of herself, Kathy could feel the fluid running like a river of lava in her cunt. She found the bulge of his prick with her thigh.

But when she tried to knee him in the balls, she only slithered her leg up the side of his rigid cock. How she hated herself for these feelings! Hanging there from the overhead ropes, her shoulders twisted to press her tits against the sides of Matt's face. She could feel the stubbly rub of his cheek against her nipples and let out a small groan of delight. She knew he could hear her moan that way and knew what it meant.

He had won! Oh God in heaven, he had won! "That's the way, baby, that's the way to do it to me when you're hangin' there." Matt pulled back, his eyes half-closed while a line of saliva trickled from his mouth.


He was grinding his teeth together, staring at her, unbuckling his belt. Kathy watched, feeling more and more aroused as Matt began loosening his trousers. He was going to fuck her again. She was going to feel the cock rummaging through her cunt, spreading her open as he had spread her open earlier! It was too much for her! Kathy let out a happy moan, twisting her hips around, tugging at the ropes chafing her wrists.

The pain that resulted made her joy that much more intense! She sucked in deep breaths, her tits heaving with each one. "So, you think you can kick my balls open, huh? I saw what you were trying to do. But somethin' held you back, right? That hot cunt, right?" Again Matt curled his fingers into her pussy, working them into her cunt and scraping the trembling walls with his fingernails.

When Kathy thought she would go out of her mind with the joy rushing through her, he ripped cunt-hairs from her pussy again, watching as her face slackened and tuned white from the pain. Kathy heard his Levi's drop to the floor, lowering her eyes in time to watch Matt stepping from them. He kept his sweat-soaked T-shirt on, scratching his cock and balls while still holding onto the riding crop. He hefted one tit with the end, watching the nipple expand once more and deepen in color just from the touch of the leather.

She saw his cock stiffening, the dark-blue veins pushing out from the flesh and starting to throb. Kathy closed her legs, dangling in front of him helplessly. She could feel her nipples, so sore and aching, puckering into stiff points once again. Matt rubbed his fingers through his cockhairs, touching his cock again and again until it was sticking straight out from his body.

Kathy felt her shoulders aching more and more now, the strain on her wrists growing worse and worse as she tried to hide her cunt from the big man. Matt gripped the riding crop more carefully now, keeping his body to the side of the girl, grinning at her as he eyed her foot. Kathy's spirits sank. He was protecting his balls from the chance of her kicking. She uncrossed her legs, feeling them settling back onto the floor.

Matt walked slowly in front of her, the tip of his crop trailing across the underswell of her tits. His cock was jerking up now and then, pulsing in time with his heart. Then suddenly with a quick movement he brought the leather down across both nipples, stinging the weapon into her sensitive tits and making the teen squeal sharply.

Kathy threw her head back, stars popping behind her eyes while her legs scissor-kicked because of the pain. No! No! She wouldn't let him get the better of her.

Matt watched her, smiling as the muscles of her belly flattened under the constant pull of the overhead ropes. Matt smiled grimly at her, then slashed across her belly with the whip. Kathy shrieked, jerking her body back, kicking wildly at the air while clutching her fingers at the rope.

Again Matt struck the whip against the young girl, bringing the leather against her chin, then slashing it over her thighs. When Kathy's legs flew apart once more, Matt brought the little whip down into her pussy, the thongs tearing at the sensitive cunt-lips and yanking them out of shape. It was as if someone had set off firecrackers in her cunt! Kathy slammed her body back and forth, her muscles knotting and cramping as she fought against the killing pain knifing through her.

Matt reached and slapped her belly with the back of one hand, jerking her forward, then pushing her back, watching her swing like a clock pendulum while her wrists twisted painfully in the rope bonds. In a moment he was behind her, bringing the leather down hard against her ass-cheeks until they turned bright scarlet. Kathy let her head fall back, feeling her asscheeks open and close, her hair sweeping over the rounded tops of her ass-cheeks. Then Matt began on her legs, bringing the crop down over her valves, striping her thighs until they glowed from the constant beating.

When he smashed the leather down against her ankles, nearly crushing the tiny bones, Kathy let out another hellish yowl. She wished she could have beaten her fists against his face as she twisted her head around and bit down on her upper arm.

She was letting the ropes slice into her flesh, a small trickle of blood flowing down her arms in deep red trails reaching her elbows. Matt flogged at the backs of her knees, bringing the whip up her thighs, then beating at her ass-cheeks while laughing at the screaming teen. She could hear his breath whistling, almost masking the laughter that punctuated his lashing strokes. "Take it, baby, take it like I know you can!" he shouted.

"No, no, stop it! You're crazy! You'll kill me!" Kathy screamed. Her ass was on fire. Kathy thought she could feel her skin splitting under the constant attack. Her ass-cheeks heated, reddening even more. The blazing agony of her plump, jiggling ass radiated sensuously to her pussy, something the teen couldn't understand.

Juice oozed from her pussy, trickling down her thighs, mixing with her sweat. The girl blinked her eyes clear, noticing another break in Matt's beating spree. It was all she could do to keep from gasping with thankfulness for the reprieve. More stripes appeared on her ass where the leather riding crop had cut into her again and again.

First huge welts, then meaty-looking gashes appeared as the little whip peeled skin from her ass-cheeks. Kathy shrieked for mercy again. But Matt kept on, whirling around in his own world as he brought the whip down again and again, the leather whistling through the air.

He was concentrating on lashing her ass. But none of her flesh was safe. Kathy clenched her ass-cheeks until the muscles ached, trying to protect the sensitive asshole. Matt beat farther up, flaying the skin from her shoulders. Oh, how the stripes across her lower back hurt! It was all she could do to keep from growing hysterical from the agony. Kathy grit her teeth hard together once more, forcing herself to remain as rational as she could. No, no, she couldn't give in!

She had to fight him with every ounce of her will, not matter how painful. With a groan of frustration, Kathy let her head fall back, her ass-cheeks relaxing and opening a bit. That was what Matt was waiting for. Cocking his arm back, he brought the cock slashing down, the black leather tearing through the air, then smacking dryly against the young teen's skitter. Kathy thought he had rammed a burning poker through her bowels? She let out a shriek of agony, her body jerking against the ropes once more, her arms spasming as she tried climbing up to the ceiling.

Again the big man slashed the riding crop down into her asshole, yanking it out of shape, pulling at her skitter again and again until Kathy was sure he had torn her bowels inside out. Kathy screamed again and again, her voice shrilling through the still night air. The incredible brain-shattering pain crushing her skull made her jerk continually, the top of her cuntmound knotting up into incredible cramps of hardness.

A flood of cunt-lube rushed from her cunt, wetting her thighs. Matt laughed out loud behind her, stopping the whipping long enough to jab the end of the crop into her asshole. Kathy thought of the steel nozzle he had screwed into her shitter with the beer that had cramped her belly. Again the young teen let out a howl, her throat aching from all the screams that had ripped through her mouth.

Matt kept twisting the horrid thing around and around, fucking her with it, moving the handle up to her cunt, then back to her shitter, making her gasp and cough with arousal and pain. Kathy wasn't sure if he was going to fuck her in one hole or the other, or just would concentrate on beating her half-senseless into the dirt. He moved the handle back into her asshole, jabbing it up all the way, watching as her legs kicked out convulsively like those of an electrified frog.

The abused ring of her rubbery shitter felt as if it were being driven up into her belly, tearing the lining loose. She clawed upward, her arms knotting once more with cramps. Her knees and tits jerked up and down while a strange fire started in the rim of her asshole as he moved the crop in and out. To her chagrin, Kathy's hips went back and forth as she wound up, offering more of her ass to him. Then with incredible brutality Matt pulled the crop from her ass.

A twisted, fiery feeling in and around her shitter made her cunt burn and throb even more than before. "Oh, please, please." "Please, what -- fuck you? That's just what I'm gonna do. You figured out that one already, haven't you, baby?" "Ohhhhh, no, not again!

Dear God in heaven, not again!" Matt was dragging the same crate he had stood on earlier to mouth-fuck her over to a spot behind the hanging, sobbing young teen. Kathy looked down at him with lust-hooded eyes, feeling her arms slacken round the ropes. The sensations around her cunt were growing more and more urgent as a pulsing ache seemed to take it over. She wanted to dangle a little closer to whatever Matt could force into her. Matt kicked the crate a little closer, watching her, touching her body, then slapping her lightly across the thighs.

The flutter in her cunt had passed through pain, she thought, coming out as a furnace of slippery chilly heat. She thought of how she was hanging there helpless while he shoved that cock into her pussy. A fresh oozing of cunt-j nice slipped from between her cuntlips, wetting down her tightened thighs. Kathy shook the thoughts from her mind, turning her head round to see what he was doing.

"Now, baby." He grabbed her by her thighs, holding her tight with both hands while standing on the crate. Kathy could feel his cock brushing up against her cheeks. Ohhhh, how her nerveendings in her pussy needed something so very hard and hot and thick to rub up against them, scratching the itch that had begun to ache its way into her brain!

But then the girl felt something that shocked out of her reverie, making her pale with fear and pain. That big fat meaty cock-head was slipping past her cunt, up her asshole. He was going to fuck her in the ass! That thought flashed through her mind like a neon sign, making her breathe hard with fear. The spigot had been bad enough. She had nearly lost consciousness when Matt had pushed the steely thing up into her bowels with the rubber hose. The thought of that fat cock tunneling its way into her body made the young teen faint with tenor.

He would hurt her with his prick. Kathy shouted, feeling the blunt head pressing against her whipped asshole. Matt laughed cruelly with a nasty undertone. "Take it, bitch! I wanna feel your shit on my cock." "No, no, no!" Kathy screamed like a wild woman, shrieking her protest as Matt braced his knees and shoved in. From the agonizing pressing pain behind her, the girl could tell he wouldn't give up until he had pushed all the way in and won. What a horror this was!

CHAPTER EIGHT Kathy shrieked, feeling her ass almost tearing in two. He had wrapped his hands around her body, reaching up and pulling at her torn nipples while bunching his thighs up against her ass-cheeks. Still holding the crop, Matt pulled back, then pushed all the way in. The scraping of the tiny whip on her hips was adding to the pain, especially when the big stud dug his fingernails into her cuts.

The pressure against her as shale cased for an instant. Kathy let out a sigh, relaxing the tightness of her sphincters. She pushed outward, as if she were taking a shit. But Matt was waiting for that, gripping her harder, then shoving in with a loud grunt.

Kathy threw her head back, feeling that massive prick push into her like a huge, hard lump of shit. Before the girl could even think about loosening the grip of her shitter, half of his cock-head was already pushed into her bowels. Kathy could feel her cunt spasming, almost crying out to have something shoved into it. It was so wild feeling something that big and hard and hot pushing into her asshole, spreading her ass-cheeks apart.

It was way bigger than the nozzle that Matt had pushed into her ass earlier! There was the added heat too, the warmth of another body pushing into hers that sent her cunt off into more spasms.

Kathy could feel the chilly ripples soaring through her body, making her flesh crawl while another layer of perspiration glistened over her body.

Kathy squirmed, moving her ass back toward the hot, hairy sensation of his belly. Kathy groaned, closing her eyes, moving her ass around as sensuously as she could. The slow penetration of his hard prick in her ass hurt her terribly. If she could show him how well her cunt could wrap around his cock, maybe he would give her his cock right away. He pushed in another inch, making her body jump up and down against the bonds.

Kathy felt the agony of his fuck spreading higher and higher in her ass, radiating out to her belly and toes. The flaring head seemed to go on forever.

Kathy wept, the salty tears burning her whipslashed cheeks. She couldn't even put her toes on the floor. The slowness of his fucking prick kept her feet too far from the floor. And now his hands were lifting her even more, at least taking off some of the pulling weight from her shoulders a bit. Kathy started from the sudden suck of pain. He was pinching both her nipples now, twisting them, pinching the torn flesh cruelly.

Kathy thought the tips of her tits were being ripped from the surrounding flesh. She shouted and screamed, shaking her head from side to side like a crazy woman. No. No. This couldn't be happening to her! It just couldn't!

Kathy felt the sudden easing of pressure in her ass. His cock-head had finally popped past the rubbery, tight ring at the mouth of her shitter. The girl straightened her legs, feeling some of the cramping slacken. Then suddenly her arms and legs spasmed, her head snapping from side to side while a low-pitched howl escaped from her mouth.

Matt was pulling his cock back out, bracing his knees against the backs of her legs for support. "No, no, don't. oh God, it's killing me!" Kathy shouted.

Her voice shrilled again, her throat hurting her while her body bounced obscenely against his. The reversed tugging was almost like having a vacuum attached to her bowels.

Kathy bit down hard on her lower lip. She couldn't even cry now, not with the constant, insistent movements of that bar of cock-meat in her ass. She shoved her ass-cheeks against the big man, looking for some relief from the lewd sucking that was going on in her chute. Matt paused, slapping her, pawing her tits again, then shifting his hips from side to side.

Just his cock-head remained in her shitter. Kathy squawked, her eyes bulging as she felt the stirring movement inside her asshole. He was teasing her, sliding his hands down, down over her thighs and over until they were barely touching her clit. Kathy growled, wanting him to fuck her, shove those fingers into her hole and make her feel loved! Matt just paused for a moment, then began twisting his fingers into her pussy. The girl groaned, feeling the ache between her shivering legs become worse and more urgent.

Her clit beat savagely while her cunt muscles squeezed shut on the slowly invading digits. Matt shoved back in. Kathy squeaked, her cunt going into tremors of need. The folding, slippery ring of her pussy clamped down hard on his fingers. Kathy felt almost torn in two, wrestling her tits against one hand while feeling the other playing with her cunt.

The round, firm mounds of her ass-cheeks flexed as more of that cock drove into her ass. He was still pushing his cock in, threatening to split her ass in half. The sliding of that cock as it chugged deeper in her guts sent shivery thrills through her bowels. Kathy felt her guts filling with the big man's cock. Matt stopped again, twisting his fingers around in her cunt, scraping the nails over her pussy-walls until Kathy was crying for relief.

She couldn't believe just how hot her pussy was getting! The juice frothed from her cunt, wetting down his probing fingers while the muscles clinched down against his hand again and again. She thought the move would disjoint his fingers as they slipped deeper and deeper into her cunt. The relentless pressure in her asshole eased for a second. Kathy felt his belly resting against her ass-cheeks. Surely that had to be all. He had to be all the way in now. She let out a long sigh. Then Matt started to pullout once more.

Kathy thought he had yanked a foot of cock-meat from her asshole. The nerves in her shitter were protesting all the way. Then he began going forward again, making the girl push back. Kathy found herself arching her spine, loving the strange fullness inside her bowels. It was starting to excite her. It wasn't at all like the heat that rose more and more in her cunt, although it seemed to be connected somehow.

It was a sensation all its own, adding to the urgent achey beat of her clit as Matt's fingers slipped around her pussy once more. Kathy closed her eyes, feeling the cock slide deeper.

The girl inhaled with a shudder, her moans coming from deep in her chest. His cockhead went up and up, filling her. The incredible distension of her bowels made her belly seem full, as if she had just stuffed herself.

Kathy thought her belly would swell to the bursting point. The heat from the nerves in her asshole bounced off the stuffed feeling and doubled back, shooting streamers of need through her brain. In spite of the agony, the girl wanted more cock in her ass. She wished Matt were somehow bigger, thicker, longer so that he could tear her to pieces with that thing. He was going back in her again, her insides caving in. The tempo of his tearing cock was increasing more and more, the heavy friction making the girl think someone had set her shitter on fire.

Kathy didn't care how much it hurt her now. She just wanted that spinning ball of golden heat in her guts to explode. "Yeah, baby, yeah, that's it, that's the way, honey! Keep that ass good and tight for ol' Matt here!" he said, biting her earlobe.

He was slobbering all over her, caressing her belly, her cunt, her tits while fucking his cock down deep into her clutching asshole. He was panting heavily against the nape of her neck, shoving back and forth until Kathy thought the tissues in her asshole would catch fire. The hot friction in her ass was like alcohol in an opened wound. As the ramming length and speed of his strokes grew, she felt the slippery slide of her cunt-lips milking more juice from her pussy.

Heat sliced into her clit, making that wonderful cock tearing her asshole apart all that much more important.

Kathy grunted, feeling the sweep of her golden hair against her face as she tried to keep up with his strokes. All the pain in her body focused on her asshole. The stretched, tearing ring seemed to draw the sting from her cuts and gather it around the cock in her ass. Kathy let out another growling moan, her mind going blank.

She knew she was being fucked, fucked hard and fast. But the way her cunt reacted, she didn't care what happened in her ass by now.

All that mattered was her climax. And that rigid bar of cock-meat in her ass was pushing her closer toward it.

Kathy felt it slamming all the way in now, pushing aside her organs, making her body twist and jerk on the ropes. Matt was going for the gold now, his prick almost sucking her guts out, then slamming back in. With another grunt, the big man shoved his cock deep into her ass and held it there. Kathy could feel the lining tearing.

It was when she felt the jets of hot jizz spatter against her shitter lining that the girl almost lost her mind completely. Kathy frothed at the mouth like a mad dog, her body jerking and jumping while her cunt snapped shut on his probing fingers.

He was coming, sending out streamers of his cum spattering into her bowels. Kathy felt her pussy now milking his fingers desperately, her clit beating out a wonderful rhythm of relief while that awful, itchy pressure that had been driving her mad was finally easing. Her tits mashed under one hand while her head throbbed from the force of her violent cum.

Matt was going wild behind her as well, nearly sliding from the overturned box. He hugged her wildly as if his life depended on it, the lightning-like streams of spunk burning like acid into the girl's ass.

The girl thought she would sure pass out from the awesome power of her orgasm as she swung back and forth on the ropes, pulling her arms so hard the ropes cut once more into her wrists.

And when the big man had finished and was pulling his cock from her shitter, the girl protested, squeezing her ass muscles together. The cock pawed for a second, then shot back in for one last fucking move. Kathy shrieked, feeling her cum peak like a doting thunderbolt. Her head snapped back, the cords sticking from her neck while a strangled cry escaped from her lips. Her eyes started from her head, staring at nothing while they rolled from side to side.

Matt flailed his fingers at her clit, drawing all the sensation he could from the tiny organ while slowly pulling his prick from her ass. Kathy wanted it in there, shoved all the way into her asshole. Yes, yes, she wanted him in her ass forever! The thought of having something that big and hot pushed into her asshole for a long time set her off again.

She wanted to climax again and again with Matt's cock shoved up her ass. Impatient, the big man began sliding out. The move disrupted her second climax. She fought to keep that thing in her asshole. But the big man was determined to pull out.

"No, no, want cock.

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want more cock," she mouthed, sobbing and shrieking. The wide flare of the cock-head slipped out. Kathy ground her teeth, cursing the big stud. Her asshole fluttered wetly. "Yeah, go for it, bitch, go for it!" Kathy couldn't stop her own body from twisting and writhing under the big man's pawing hands. Slowly her arms straightened, her knotted muscles relaxing under the pulling weight of her body. Her toes brushed the floor, but she didn't try to rest on them. Her whole body sagged, stretched by gravity into a tall, vertical line that was webbed with whip marks.

She had never felt so deserted in her whole life. A bubble of air escaped from her cunt while the man's oozy cum trickled from her stretched asshole. Kathy closed her eyes, drinking in the sensation and still wishing Matt had been more patient with her and let her have her climax with his prick in her shitter. "Man, you'd wear out a Goddamned football team!" he grunted. "God, oh God!" Kathy winced, feeling the cuts more acutely now that the excitement of the fucking had ebbed.

Matt had climbed down from the box and biked up his trousers, wiping the sweat from his forehead. It was then she heard a soft rapping at the door.

It was Sid, holding a ragged, limp Marie with one hand. "She put up a fight," he explained, dropping the girl like a rag onto the floor. "I had to work her over." "And fuck her brains out at the same time, right?" Sid shagged sheepishly, kicking the young brunette tentatively with one boot.

The girl shivered, drawing her knees up quickly while letting out a groan of tenor. Kathy's heart went out for Marie. What on earth had she been doing snooping about outside? "You didn't leave too much on her. Strip the bitch naked and string 'er up. opposite little Miss Cunt over there," Matt said, nodding his head in Kathy's direction.

Sid took notice of the girl for the first time and grinned, spotting the whip marks on her flesh. "Looks like you've been plenty busy with the hot pussy over there." "Hot asshole," Matt corrected, smiling at Sid's guffaw. Kathy reddened at their laughter, watching as they dragged the faintly protesting Marie in from the doorway by the arms, Sid removing what was left of her ragged shorts and halter while Matt lowered the ropes of a second pulley assembly from the ceiling.

"This place didn't have anybody interested in it. Even that prissy little camp you belong to didn't want it. So, being a member of the Chamber of Commerce around here gave me access to gettin' a good price on the land," Matt began explaining, unhooking the chains from the overhead ropes while Sid propped the moaning Marie up against his arm.

"Nobody came out here after I bought it. And, I thought I'd turn it into a kinda playroom. Didn't take long to find people to play with." He winked, finally untangling the ropes and chains, moving to a cabinet and pulling out several lengths of ropes and odd-looking clamps from the drawer.

Kathy watched as they laid Marie on her belly, binding her wrists together, then her ankles, then bending her legs back until her toes were nearly touching her fingers. The young brunette began to awaken from her stupor at that stretching sensation, squirming uncomfortably on the floor. Sid rose, putting one booted foot against her neck and keeping her quiet while Matt slipped a length of line around her wrists and ankles, bending the girl's body back. "Now, we'll make sure she doesn't move around too much.

not like this one. Shit, I don't think I could take two hot numbers like that little snit over there! She's too much for a gang, man!" Matt said. Kathy reddened again under Sid's knowing leer. Lowering her eyes once more, she concentrated on what they were doing to her best friend.

Matt had lowered the ropes overhead a little more, sliding a clamping eyehook around the rope that bound her wrists to her ankles. At a nod, Sid began raising the rope-and-chain assembly once more.

The tension increased, first drawing Marie's arms and legs together more tightly, then finally lifting her body from the floor. She moaned, then screamed, her arching spine concaving unnaturally and sending streamers of pain crashing into her brain. The teen thrashed as best she could, then sagged limply against her bonds, her hair curtaining her flushed cheeks. "Oh, owwwww!" Her big tits sagged down from her chest, her thigh muscles growing rigid and rock-hard while her chest heaved.

It was impossible for her to have any comfortable position while roped like that. Her body swayed painfully from side to side with any move she made as Sid pulled her higher and higher. When the filthy man had finally fixed everything, Kathy saw that her friend was dangling at least four feet from the floor, every muscle in her body knotted and cramped, her face a minor of pain shooting through her bound body.

"Ohhhh, Kathy, what are they doing to us?" the girl cried. "You know, since we got both of 'em here, I think it's only right they should have a little fun together -- you know playing with pals and that shit?" Matt said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Yeah, nice playmates. Okay, man, let's do it to 'em." While Sid was pulling out the horrid generator again, checking all the wires, Matt walked around the trembling, hanging teen, checking the stripes now starting to glow against her tight, white flesh.

He enjoyed watching her this way, hanging helplessly, her wrists still bleeding and twisting against the overhead ropes. "I'll have something more interesting for you to play with," he said, moving back to the cabinet, then pulling out a large silver dildo, similar to the one that had impaled Kathy earlier on the stool. This one had tiny protrusions all over the sides. "It's something new, like a machine. When you're hooked up -- and you'll be that, I promise you -- these little things start moving in and out while the surface of this mother gets hot with juice.

It's a trip, from what the guy at the Pleasure Chest told me. Guess we'll find out, right?" With that, Marie began twisting the thing into Kathy's wet, snug cunt. Kathy's face slackened, a throb of delight shooting through her pussy. The sensation of having something pushing into that sucking hot hole now set the young teen off again. Against her will, she felt her cunt heating, up, the muscles tightening around the invading steel dildo. She could feel the scratching of those arms Matt had been talking about.

She could well imagine what it would be like when he had hooked her up to the generator. Oh God in heaven, it was going to start all over again!

And this time, Marie would be a prime witness to her disgrace! CHAPTER NINE "Uhhhhhh. don't. don't push it in any farther!" Kathy's voice was pained as she felt Matt shoving the steel dildo all the way into her snugging cunt. She was afraid he would tear something inside her. Matt pushed his face against hers, laughing at her as he pumped the dildo up and down, twisting it from side to side, watching the tremors in her cheeks as he knew he was causing her pain and humiliation.

When Kathy let out another groan, he pushed his mouth against hers, twisting the cold dildo up against her clit while shoving his tongue down her mouth.

It was awful the way he was profaning her, wriggling that hot wet thing down into her throat while fucking her with that rod. But again something in Kathy's mind and body was responding to the touch, wanted more of it! The thought that this animal was doing this to her excited the young teen more and more.

She groaned into the spit-slicked kiss, her legs scissoring back and forth while her cunt simmered under the fucking heat of that large metal rod. "Man, you're ready for anything!" Matt said, pulling away and wiping his mouth with the back of one hand. Kathy knew he was telling the truth. She could feel the furnace of heat blasting through her pussy again, warming the dildo until the metal sides began to sweat with her dew.

Sid had been playing with the groaning Matt, touching her cunt with his fingers, then fucking them all the way up to his knuckles. The brunette squealed, trying to jerk away from him. But the way she was roped such a move was impossible. All Marie did was hurt herself and threaten to break her own spine. "Okay. You fucked 'er in there out back. Let's hook 'em up." Sid moved quickly, opening two pincers and clamping the ends of two wires to both of Marie's nipples.

The girl let out a howl, her face blanching while her eyes rolled in her head. She threw back her head, her spine arching a little more as the tiny teeth of the clamps hit into the throbbing nubs. Sid ignored her, attaching a third pincer to a spot just below her clit and finally shoving a thin copper wire up into her asshole, plugging the teen into the generator.

Marie gasped and moaned, looking now and then at Kathy when she could, hoping for some kind of explanation. "You know, she was sneaking around outside with a camera," Matt said, attaching two bare wires to the dildo fully embedded in her cunt. He smiled when he saw the thing bobbing up and down as her cunt muscles milked at the inanimate cock. "I think she was going to try and get pictures of us. Was it blackmail, baby, or were you tryin' to shut us down? Don't matter?" Matt shrugged, pulling out more clamps and rising up to Kathy's tits.

She remained motionless, expressionless, feeling Marie's eyes on her but not daring to look back at her friend. She was too ashamed, too humiliated to see the girl's horror and disappointment, in her face. "Kathy, oh God, what are they going to do to me?" Marie finally screamed as Sid began pulling at the wires attached to her tits. "Leave her alone!" "That's up to you," Matt said, his lips stretched into a cruel grin.

He was meandering back to the generator now, his hands in his back pockets. It was as if he were trying to think of something. But Kathy knew his style. He was purposely acting this way -- undecided, as if their shouts and screams for mercy could somehow change his mind. Marie was yammering all sorts of things, promising the big man anything just as long as he would not hurt her and let her go.

It was degrading. Kathy made a face then turned her head away from him. "You animal!" "Maybe. But you're runnin' around in the same pen, baby, and you know it!" he shot back. "Kathy, don't make him mad!" Marie screamed, her face white with terror. "Your friend's got some sense there. Now, you really wanna get off on that thing up in your pussy, don't you?" Matt said, narrowing his eyes and nodding his head up and down.

How she hated him! Kathy kept her face away from the grinning man, horrified that Marie was listening to all this. "All you gotta do to get more is make me give your pal over there a little more juice. You're connected up in parallel, see? The more you get, the more she gets. Of course," he said with a shrug, switching the machine back on and checking the connections one last time, "you could be a buddy and not say anything.

That way, she won't get as much juice in her body and won't be screamin' her head off. something she's gonna do, you can bet on it!" "Oh don't, don't!" Marie gasped, begging Kathy not to say a word.

The young blonde hung there, biting her pouty lower lip, unsure if she could master her own body. Right now she could feel just the faintest sensation easing from the dildo, the tiny prongs barely moving in and out from the warming steel sides. And her nipples! How they were starting to stretch and grow stiff, even under this lightest of electrical stimulation! Kathy was ashamed of herself, feeling her face redden while her cunt began going into small spasms of delight.

She curled her fingers, digging the nails into her palms while more perspiration streaked her underarms and tits. Matt turned the dial another half-notch, watching as Marie began to jiggle against her ropes, her tits swinging back and forth, the black wires slapping against one another.

"No, no more, no more!" Kathy managed to say, her voice dropping a half-tone in lust. "I'm impressed," Matt said with a laugh.

"You two lesbos, or something? Been sleepin' together. You must really dig your friend, baby. You're normally ruttin' like crazy about now." "Friendship's nothing you'd know about," Kathy shot back, proud of her triumph over him and her own dark nature. "Maybe not. Maybe you ain't so smart about it neither," he said, his face darkening. Kathy stiffened, feeling an increase of electricity rushing into her body.

She could hear Marie let out a shriek even though the current was still relatively moderate. The pain throbbing through her tits was heavier, making her nipples stiffen even more and push against the biting, tearing teeth of the clamps.

Her belly muscles knotted up while her thighs began ridging once more. She was juicing, feeling the hot molten fluid bubbling from her hairy cunt and dribbling down the insides of her trembling thighs. Kathy's legs began to move back and forth, the tips of her toes brushing against the floor while her bloodied wrists twisted against the overhead ropes. The tiny scratchy prongs in the dildo were easing out farther now, poking against her cunt walls, making them itch and ache all the more and forcing her pussy muscles to stiffen and tighten up against the rod.

It was almost as if the thing were moving back and forth, fucking her deep, touching all the secret, swampy bumps and hollows in her cunt. "Uhhhhh. no more, no more!" Kathy cried out through her clenched teeth.

"Okay, baby. You can hang there like that, just outta reach of good fun. You know that too, don't you?" Matt whispered, leaving the generator and walking up to the trembling teen. "Yeah, she wants it real bad," Sid said, wiping his lips with the back of one hand. "Well, then she's gonna have to beg for it. I ain't givin' away any gifts." "Uhhhhhh!" Kathy ground her teeth together.

She couldn't stand this awful teasing any longer. She was almost there, just inches away, it seemed, from ultimate pleasure. She hated dangling like that, hovering over something she knew she could have with just the asking.

Blinking her eyes clear, she saw Marie swinging back and forth, her nipples distended by the hanging wires, her body swinging from the ceiling ropes, her wrists and ankles bound together in that awkward, beautiful way. No, Marie would find out how wonderful it was having that kind of pain surging through her as well. "More! More!" Kathy screamed, laughing hysterically as she shouted again and again.

"No! No, she's crazy! Don't listen to her!" Marie shrieked. Too late! Matt was behind the controls once again, switching up the dial two notches and sending a flood of voltage surging through the wires and into the girls' bodies.

It was as if someone had run a rusty saw right over Kathy's clit! She kicked her legs out, jerking her head back and forth while knotting up her arms against the pulling overhead ropes.

Her tongue hung out, wagging back and forth while she felt the tiny arms tearing and tickling her cunt at the same time. It was awful. It was wonderful. She spat out a spray of spit from her mouth, shrieking, while her nipples burned and sparked from the electrical onslaught.

Her hair stood out from her scalp while shards of glass seemed to be slashing through every organ in her body. Marie was yelling and yammering, unable to move too well.

Her muscles worked and knotted under her sweaty flesh, her shrieks growing more shrill as sparks flew from the clamps into her tits, her cunt, her asshole. When Matt switched the dial up another notch, the young teen's cries became gurgles.

She was strangling on her own spit, her tongue curling back in her throat while her face grew dark red. The ropes overhead groaned, threatening to part as the girl teetered on the brink of collapse. Kathy let out another scream, feeling those knifing little arms piercing her cunt-lining. Her clit filled with blood, the tip hot and slick, throbbing with heated delight as she began her climax. Her cunt started to jerk, spuming with monstrous waves of orgasm while the tiny elk exploded again and again.

The girl could feel that dildo moving up and down, her cunt drawing it in deeper, the slick walls collapsing down onto the thing as her eyes rolled back into her head. Kathy moaned, as she came and came and came.

Matt was sending more juice into her, prolonging her climax, keeping her at a high while Marie shrieked, her body burning under the current. Kathy could smell flesh burning and wondered if it was from her body or her friend's.

She didn't care as she jerked there on the ropes, feeling her body spasm along with her cunt. She felt herself becoming all cunt -- wet and hot and clenching in every cell of her body. Kathy milked at the bucking scratching automatic dildo, bouncing up and down like a berserk puppet. She lost the noises of her screaming friend, of the men laughing and catcalling at her and Marie.

Her head went back and her tits jiggled like pudding with the furious blasts of electricity stinging her nipples. Kathy's cum went on and on. The last thing she thought of before passing out was that she had climaxed with the wildest cock in the world! CHAPTER TEN Kathy Endicott remained unconscious for a long, long time. When she awoke, the young teen kept her eyes shut, feigning sleep, listening to what was going on around her.

She noticed immediately she had been taken down from the ropes. Her arms and legs were free. Tentatively she moved her wrists against her calves, wincing as a sharp pain cut through her arms. They had really hurt her with the roping and beating.

It would take some time before she was healed completely. A surge of anger rushed through her body and mind. The young girl controlled herself, barely cracking open her eyelids and peering around.

In front of her lay Marie, her head tilted back, her chestnut-colored hair, fanned out over her throat and half-hiding her reddened sore nipples.

The girl too was in a faint, although it appeared as if she were coming out of it. Then Kathy saw movement. Matt and Sid were both in an old-styled bathtub. The cold porcelain hurt her ass-cheeks and back. Tentatively Kathy pushed her legs forward, easing the cramp starting to ache up to her hips.

The move caught Sid's attention. "The slut's awake." "Good. She's going to work a little more before we drive 'em back to camp," Matt said, reaching down and curling his fingers around in her blonde hair. "Come on, baby, it's wakeup time. You'll have plenty of hours to sleep later on." Kathy's eyelids fluttered while her arms shot up to knock against the offending fingers. Matt was jerking her up from the tub, forcing her to stand, her feet sliding on the surface.

Marie was stirring, shaking her head, peering up through her eyelashes and seeing her friend's cunt. Marie let out a gasp and drew back, drawing her hands over her tits while pulling her knees together. "She was the same way after I popped her cherry back there in the shed," Sid said with a guffaw. "Okay, baby, now move it on up there and piss all over your friend," Matt ordered.

Kathy blinked, holding herself steady against the curved sides of the tub. She couldn't believe what she had heard from him. Kathy wrinkled her forehead, leaning forward and staring curiously at him. "You herd me bitch!" Matt said, raising his hand threateningly.

Kathy flinched back, already feeling the dry smack of his fingers against her face. "Piss on the little cunt there! Show her what kind of friend you really are!" Kathy looked down at Marie. The brunette was fully awake now, looking uncomprehendingly up at her and mouthing the word no with her lips.

Her face was white once more while her pouty lower lip trembled with fear and revulsion. Kathy knew she had no choice. All she could hope for was that her friend would understand later.

Bending her knees slightly, putting her hands on her hips, she slid forward, positioning her cunt over Marie's face. The girl realized what was going to happen. With a cry she tried scrambling out of the tub, her hands nearly knocking Kathy back on her ass while her legs kicked forward. Sid reached out, wrapping his fingers around her neck and strangling her into submission.

With a gurgle, Marie lay prone against the tub, her chest heaving up and down while her pointy nipples seemed to grow a darker red with her shamed blush. Kathy squatted a little more, feeling degraded as she felt the biting piss well up in her. They were going to watch the most private of functions, and then they were forcing her to perform it on her best friend. Kathy closed her eyes, tensing her thighs as she curled her toes against the cold bottom of the tub. The stream began. Marie let out a cry as the first of the yellow droplets stung across her nipples.

Kathy squatted even lower, putting her hands to either side of the tub and bracing herself for balance as she felt the stream become stronger. She could feel the spattering warm droplets of piss ricocheting off her calves and thighs.

The girl looked down once again and saw her pin slathering all over her friend's face, dribbling down her chin, then pooling in her navel before slipping down onto the tub's surface. The distinct aroma of urine filled her nostrils as she moved forward, directing the stream against Marie's face, then slid back to send a shower into the girl's cunt.

Marie heaved and gagged, clapping one hand over her mouth to keep from vomiting while Sid still held her captive around her throat. When Kathy ran dry, Marie turned her head and gagged heavily, her body slicked with the awful-smelling urine.

"Good, real good," Sid said, sliding his hands under her arms and pulling her from the tub. Kathy fell forward, looking at the urine gurgling down in a tiny whirlpool between her spread feet.

She was about to climb out when Matt knocked her back in, slapping her face, the blow stunning her temporarily and making her fall to her knees in the filthy tub.

Feeling herself sliding toward the drain, Kathy gagged, clapping her hands over her mouth in much the same way she had seen Marie do, and pushed back. Jerking her head up, she saw Sid cruelly wiping the piss from her friend's body and starting to mount her.

Marie was screaming and beating her fists against him. But when Sid pulled down his pants Kathy realized her friend had no chance against the big man.

He was going to fuck her. And there was Matt, naked from the waist down, climbing into the tub, pushing her back by the shoulders, flattening her ass against the piss-slicked surface of the tub.

"No, no, don't." Kathy wasn't sure what he was about to do. But the gleam in his eyes was more cruel than ever! She sat there, her spine pressed against the back of the tub. He was fingering his cock, straddling her, bending his knees just as she had over Marie. Oh God, God! He was going to piss on her! Just as Kathy jerked her hands in front of her face, she could feel the first of the hot drops against her fingers.

He knocked her hands away, sending the stream gushing into her reddening face. "No!" "Ow! Oh, ohhhh! No, you're hurting me. ohhh, no, don't fuck me!" Matt's voice bounced off the wall as Sid held her wrists from her body, jerking his hips up, then spearing his cock slowly into her tense little cunt. Her spine arched while Marie banged her head relentlessly against the floor. Meanwhile Kathy was struggling against the stinging piss.

Her stomach bucked and turned the sour bile rising in her throat and forcing her to swallow hard. She wouldn't vomit, wouldn't give them the pleasure of seeing her in that wretched state of disgrace while he pissed on her face. Kathy turned her head away, again bringing her hand up when she felt the piss spattering against her ears and eyes.

Matt changed tack, directing the twisting yellow stream down to her throat, then to her nipples, soiling them with his foul piss and laughing at her choked gags.


Kathy kept her eyes shut, biting her lips to keep from crying out with rage and disgust. The thin hot spray moved over her nipples, then moving up to her mouth once more. When she felt the pin starting to ooze in over her tongue, she nearly retched, jerking away a second time from the big man and accidentally banging her forehead against the tub's edge. "Good, good, you're real nice, nice. somethin' like that, bitch. That's the way I dig 'em. real lively." He forced her hands down again, stepping on her ankle and threatening to break it if she didn't obey.

Again she could hear her friend's screams as Sid began working his cock all the way into her, pushing her ass back on the splintery floor while tearing at her brown hair with bath hands. Marie was being impaled on that huge prick again, raped like a bitch dog in heat, and there was nothing Kathy could do about it. "Now, for more fun." Matt had run dry. He climbed from the tub, passing Sid and Marie and pouring himself some beer from the keg he had used earlier, on Kathy.

The girl watched, simmering there in the tub filled with piss, feeling faint with excitement and revulsion. When he had finished the third glass, Matt lumbered back to her, climbing back in. "Okay, open up. Open up, or I'll slam my fist down your throat and you won't have any choice with a broken jaw!" His voice told her he meant business.

Obeying, Kathy summoned as much courage and fortitude as she could, her ass slipping around on the piss. The urine started again, the stream striking her chin, then moving down to her cunt. The girl grunted, her throat and chest tightening while the piss slipped over her clit, thighs, then moved back up to her nipples, spraying all over the tub.

The stink was spreading horribly, making her gag a third time. But yet. yet the teen could feel her clit swelling, something having snapped in her mind as that tiny organ felt as if it were going to burst! "Now, come to me, baby!" She pushed forward with her elbows, feeling the piss enter her mouth, then swirl around like water in a flushed toilet bowl.

Kathy couldn't tell if there was going to be more or not. A fire washed over her, making her clit explode. Just as Matt went dry, her cunt tightened itchily and spasmed with a relieving ache, making her whip her hips as she threw her head back and screwed her eyes into a squint.

She cupped her cunt with both hands, her thumbs peeling back the lips shamelessly. Matt caught that and let out a guffaw. Twisting around, he put his hands on his thighs, squatting down, his asshole right over the teen.

Kathy heard him fart, then smelled the acrid, sickening odor of shit gurgling to the outer lips of his asshole. The girl screamed, her eyes widening while her legs flew hard against the sides of the tub. Before the teen could do a thing, she saw the dark brown-black turds squeeze out from his asshole and spatter on her thighs.

"No, no!" As the last of his shit mushed from his shitter, he slapped his stiff cock, wheeling around and throwing himself onto her. The teen went hysterical, laughing and screaming, thrashing around in the shit and piss while Matt banged her head against the tub and drove his cock all the way into her.

He fucked the blonde teen hard, pushing her back into the mess, under her flexing ass-cheeks while Marie screamed out her cry of joy and pain behind her. Red-faced, gasping, calling out obscenities, Kathy felt herself climaxing in the filthy mess, her cunt cinching tight on the pile-driving cock while the sickening brown/yellow mess smeared all over her thighs and ass. When he had finished dumping his load of spunk into her cunt, Matt drew up, stepping from the tub hurriedly and pulling a towel from the drawer of a tall cabinet.

"Whew! What the fuck's the stink?" Sid asked, wrinkling his nose as he kicked the half-conscious Marie onto her side. A long string of jizz hung from his piss-slit as he peered into the tub and saw Kathy giggling mindlessly in the filthy mixture of piss and shit.

"He'll be okay. She just digs wallowin' around like a little pig. We'll hose 'er down outside, then shove 'em back to the camp. They'll be ready for more later," Matt said with a sneer. Yes, more, more, Kathy thought to herself, her mind reeling out of control. She had finally found herself, writhing under the power of these men. Lying here now in the piss and shit, she thought of the future at the camp and sighed. What things she had learned in camp, things the brochure had never intimated.

She would have to talk to the counselor Ted and maybe some of the others who had visited Matt and his lanky friend Sid. What fun they would have! It certainly was far more delightful than toasting marshmallows at night Kathy thought with a giggle as the last of the pin gurgled down the drain between her ankles. THE END