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Herrin Tara Extrem
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This is my first story so all criticism, ideas and complements would be appreciated. All the events are true and the names have been changed for every ones safety. My name is Cammi, I am 17, 5'6", and 110 pounds. I am from a small town in almost the middle of nowhere.

I live with my two brothers and my father, John. My dad's name is John and he is in his mid-40's. My brothers are Mark who is 19 and Shawn who is 23. We own a small plot of land and a few horses and dogs, nothing big but enough to get lost on if you want to.

The beginning of my story takes place about one month after I turned 16. I had just turned 16 and was heading back to school for my junior year.

I was excited to see my best friend Sarah. I hadn't seen her since the end of last school year because she had left to visit her father in California. My brother Mark dropped me off early to school on the first day and not 2 seconds after I walked in Sarah was calling my name.

I turned to see her and god she had changed. She has short denim shorts that showed her tanned legs and a tight pink tube top that barely held her tits.

I could see her nipples through the tight shirt and was awe struck by the way my normally conservative friend was dressed.

She ran over to me and gave me a hug. I felt weird maybe aroused as she squeezed her tits against me. She told me she had a lot to tell me after school, and she would pick me up and we would go for a drive. She ran off to get her schedule right as the bell rang.

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I spent the whole day barley able to concentrate. My mind was going wild over what she looked like and what she had to tell me. The bell rang at 1:30 right on the dot and I ran to the parking lot to meet Sarah. She was already in her jeep with the top off smoking a cigarette. I was stunned to see her smoking she couldn't have changed more. I got in and we started to drive she handed me a cigarette and told me to smoke it.

At first I protested but she said that if I wanted to know what she had to tell me I would smoke. I lit the cigarette and took my first puff. It burned and I started to cough.

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I told her I didn't like it and she instead that I had to finish it, by the end of the cigarette I was no longer coughing and was getting anxious for her to tell me her story.

We pulled off the road and took a dirt road down to the lake. When we got to the lake she handed me another cigarette and I lit it and started to smoke. We sat there and she told me that she lost her virginity in California and how amazing it was. Then she went on to tell me she had slept with several guys and two girls.

I was in shock at what a slut my friend had become. I asked her "are you a lesbian?" She told me no but she does like to fool around with girls.

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By then I had finished my cigarette and she handed me another, by now I was starting to enjoy smoking. She said she was going for a swim, and started to undress. I covered my eyes but couldn't help peaking. She was tone head to toe not an ounce of fat on her. Her skin was golden brown and smooth as a babies ass. She stopped when she got down to her bra and panties she stopped and said "stop faking I know you're watching me". Then she asked "do you want to see more?" I was shocked and muttered yesss.

She unclasped her bra and it fell to the ground exposing her perfect C cups. Then she hooked her fingers into her thong and slowly stepped out of them giving me a full view of her hairless pussy. She didn't have a tan line on her body and I sat there dumbfounded by how beautiful she was. She ran and jumped into the lake. She yelled back to me "come on bitch, I'm not waiting for ever for you". I stripped out of my jeans and shirt as fast as I could.


I was too modest and embarrassed about my body to strip down any more. As I ran to jump into the lake she got out and stopped me. She said "what the fuck are you doing?" I said I was going swimming.


She replied "not like that you're not". I was stunned she had never been this aggressive towards me. She almost yelled "get naked you're going to be my slut".

I started to protest and she slapped me.

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Right then I knew she meant business and I was going to be her bitch from that moment forward. I took off my bra exposing by B cups and my small hard nipples, she looked me over and said they would do.

I took off my panties exposing my trimmed pussies. She looked at my pussy in disgust and said "you better shave that slut. No one wants to eat a hairy pussy." I was ashamed and embarrassed. I told her that I would shave my pussy every day to make her happy.

Then she told me to start calling her master and to never call her anything else. I said but Sarah&hellip. And she struck me again. Yes master I replied. She told me to suck her nipples. I said yes master as I put her nipple in my mouth. I had never touched a woman before. Heck I barley even kissed a guy. She told me to suck harder and I did I couldn't help but start feeling myself get aroused. She started to moan and finger her pussy. She grabbed my long brown hair and pulled my face away from her nipple.

She told me I was going to eat her pussy and make her cum before she destroyed my cunt. She dragged me over to where we were sitting and lay down. She told me to get to making her cum. I said yes master as I leaned down and moved towards her pussy.

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I could smell her wet snatch as I got closer. I started to lick her clit when she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her wet snatch. I was licking up her juices as fast as I could. She let out a short moan and told me I was a good slut and I was making her master happy.

After a few more minutes of me licking her pussies she exclaimed that she was about to cum. I kept licking and I felt liquid squirt into my mouth. I tried to pull away but she wouldn't let my face away from her pussy. She told me not to miss a drop and if she sees that I didn't swallow all of her cum she was going to make me pay. She released my head and stood up. She saw a wet patch on the towel and said to me "now bitch I am going to have to be rough on you, your little ass is going to have to pay for wasting your masters cum!" She instructed me to lie down and smoke a cigarette and she better not ever catch me without one in my mouth unless my mouth is full of pussy or dick.

I immediately lit the cigarette as she walked over to her jeep. I was worried about what she had in store for me. She returned with a black duffle bag.

She kneeled down next to me and pulled out a bottle of lube an 11 inch black dildo and a large butt plug. She told me she was going to loosen me up so I can take cock like a pro.

Then she looked at the lube and said "since you spilled masters cum you don't get lube for this one". She grabbed the dildo and started to push it into my cunt.

It was having a hard time fitting because of the girth and she looked me in the eyes and said "enjoy bitch". Right as she finished saying that she shoved nearly 7 inches of the monster dildo into my cunt. I yelped in pain as it tore through my insides destroying my hymen along the way. I reached down to touch my clit and revive some of the pain but as I did that she slapped me again.

"You can only touch yourself when I say you can". She started to work the monster in and out of my pussy and the pain was slowly replaced with pleasure. A moan slipped from my lips and she said to me "my little slut likes big cock doesn't she?" I said back "yes master, I love big cock". Right then I could feel the cock bottom out near my cervix. With 2 more inches to go she kept pushing. I felt so full and right then I came and came and came.

I was in a daze as I felt the cock slip out of my now stretched pussy. Now she said time for your ass. She lubed up the butt plug and my ass and forced it into me the pain was intense but as the cone made its way in I couldn't help but feel like I was becoming a slut.

Once it was in she told me to get up and get dressed. Then she told me we were going to take the long way home over the rough roads and I could only remove the plug once I got to my house.

I got dressed, stepped into the jeep and she started to drive. The bouncing of the car shoved the plug deeper into my ass and I felt like I might cum again. A few seconds later I did. On that 45 minute drive home I came at least 4 more times. As we reached my long driveway she told me I can keep the plug and dildo just in case.

She also handed me a carton of cigarette and told me I have to buy the next one. Then they told me I had an assignment. She told me I had to fuck and boy she told me to and I was never allowed to use condoms or birth control. I said "yes master wandering who I was going to fuck". Then she told me I had till then next week of school to fuck my brother Shawn. I started the long walk down my driveway towards my house smoking.

As I walked away she screamed and "you better shave that nasty pussy SLUT." Continue?