Sex xxx scholl six vidoes

Sex xxx scholl six vidoes
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I separated Sachi's soft folds with my fingers, exposing her pink, glistening, and young vagina. Her teammates, Jenny and Alice, held her legs open, while Sarah, and Mirabella held her arms. Sachi had a vague idea about the ritual, but whined about going through with it, but these girls were not having it. They had pulled her out of the shower, and as they held her, spread eagle on the bench of the girls' locker room, the rest of the field hockey team focused in on the ruckus, circling in on the center of attention like buzzards over their food.

I held the tip of my cock just over her sweet pussy, slowly pumping the shaft until a single drop of precum landed on her pretty, pink flower. Sachi's eyes, and mouth were wide in disbelief as she watched my thickness preparing to penetrate her virgin pussy. I looked up catching Mirabella's wild eyes, obviously more excited then the rest as she whispered, "Fuck her coach, fuck her hard." Her voice provoked a memory, one that took me back to when she was laying there in front of me.


No one had to hold her down, she was willing and eager. I remembered and so did my cock, the smooth tightness of her youth and athleticism. More seminal fluid escaped and dibbled onto Sachi's puffy lips. "C'mon coach. Do it!" What started as a whisper became a chant. "Do it! Do it!" The room filled with girl's voices as I dipped the head of my cock into her glistening virginity.

The rush of forbidden excitement shot up my shaft, up my spine and into my head. The light kiss of her wetness nearly sent me over the edge. A sudden hush, like a wind chasing out the voices, muted the torrent chant as the tip parted her lips and sank into her. Even I was amazed at the sight of my cock making its way into this young girl.

My wildest fantasies at home paled against the vivid scene playing out in front of me. Nothing could have stopped me now. It pushed in further, touching her virginity. Some of the girls were so excited by the situation that they began touching themselves, and even each other. Sachi watched, anxious about the next move that would steal away her preciousness, never to be given back.

My mind was rationalizing, figuring out how to do this, years had passed since I last had sex with a virgin and I hesitated between taking it quick or slow. It was rare to have an untouched girl on the team. A part of me felt the guilt gnaw at my conscious, but each girl knew what joining the team meant, at least that is Mirabella said.

"What are you waiting for?" Keisha's voice was behind me.

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Before my body could sense her touch, I felt myself lurch forward, my cock tore into her. She had grabbed my hips and pushed me. Sachi winced, but the decision had been made. Keisha pushed hard, so much so that my cock slammed into her cervix.

The girls cheered, "Fuck her! Fuck her!" Keisha still had her grip and pulled me back, kick starting the motion, pushing away before releasing me.

I felt the deflowered pussy gripping my cock. It wasn't letting me go and after a few more thrusts neither was Sachi. Jenny and Alice had released her legs that instantly wrapped themselves around my waist. Sachi gave new meaning to tight. Inside, her muscles clenched down on the shaft, massaging it like a professional. There was no way I could last, not even a porn star had a prayer of lasting, and here I was deep inside of her. I wanted to call out her name but resisted. I wasn't a screamer, but had to fight the urge this time.

"Faster!" One girl shouted. "Harder!" Another one somewhere. I recognized the voices, but was so involved with what I was doing, my mind could not place them.

I was fucking her hard and fast.

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It was not by my own desire, I wanted slow, deep prolonged thrusts, feeling every centimeter of her pussy. But the movements were involuntary. I reminisced about my other encounters. Compared them to Sachi.

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Jenny came to mind, her slender body splayed open for me. Her tiny breasts, her smallish hips, everything about her was petite, especially her pussy.

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A smooth little crevice in her underdeveloped puffy mound. So delicate and soft. I remember rubbing the tip of cock over her slit, coating it in precum, making it shiny in the artificial light of the locker room. When I eventually pressed the tip in, forcing the soft puffy mound to part, I actually doubted whether or not it would fit.

The first couple of centimeters were almost vice like. Not uncomfortable, but definitely made it a challenge to enter. My cock eased in, slowly, forcing her to open up to me. No hymen and nothing to force me to pause. Just worked it further into her, amazed and how a girl's pussy could actually adapt. I don't think I lasted more than a minute before I blasted my load deep inside. But she was so tight, my cock stayed hard and I went for a second orgasm. To this day, it is the only time I came twice in one session.

Not even sure the other girl's noticed. "Aw, fuck!" It was vulgar, but what else could I say. I felt the slow boil in my testicles.

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The end was nearing. "Oh shit, he's going to cum!" It was Tai, still in the front of the group, taking in the scene, looking deep into my eyes. She was right.

The clapping started, one of those synchronized claps you hear at a game. Slow at first, faster and faster, until it became a frenzied applause. Without thought, my hips joined in, speeding up to the point of feeling like a jack hammer, pounding her pussy.

"Oh god, yes!" The cum barreled down my shaft. One more thrust into her and I held it there for a second, exploding. The recoil pushed me back, but I thrust back in firing off another round.

Repeating time and time again. "He's cumming!" Sarah shouted. "Go coach! Fill her up!" The victory chants flowed. "Shoot your load inside of her!" "Empty your cum into her." "Pound her coach." "Give her your cum!" "Fill 'er up coach." Each phrase was my command.

I thrust and pumped. More cum flowed, a seemingly endless supply. I gasped, frozen with my cock twitching in her pussy. It wasn't deflating, spent and exhausted, but still stiff enough to remain deep. I felt my youth coming back, a new energy siphoned from her that kept me aroused. I knew I couldn't go another round, but I also knew my cock was thriving.

Looking at my work, the pinkish cream outlined her stretched pussy, my cum mixed with her new status. Sachi lifted her head to take a look. Quivering, her lips managed a tired smile before she collapsed onto the bench.

Some of the girls had found their own orgasm while others simply turned and went back to getting dressed. "Way to go coach. That was the best we've seen in a while." Tai still had the look on her face.


"Three more freshman. Gonna be tough to beat this one though. But hey, I believe in you coach." My cock felt a twitch, followed by muscular trembles. Sachi had fingered herself to an orgasm with my cock still buried in her. Her lips spoke silently, the only visual I had of the great energy that she was experiencing.

Inside, I could feel the power squeeze and release me. Her body jerked and tensed. It truly was an experience observing this amazing event that was happening almost completely without me. "Thanks coach." An out of breadth whisper; no other words, nothing else, just propped herself up and slid away from me, letting my cock pop out. It landed against my leg, leaving a wet sensation before bouncing back up, semi-erect. Even she left the aisle to get dressed.