Dumb jersey girl gives head

Dumb jersey girl gives head
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Fbailey story number 198 Mom's Internet Site Our life turned to shit when my father knocked up a girl in my high school, got a quick divorce from my mother, and then married the girl.

He even moved away so that not everyone would be aware of the incident. Fat chance of that happening…every kid in school knew that it was my father that had knocked up 'Betty the Brain' as we affectionately called the little wallflower. To our knowledge she had never been on a date or even been kissed. I thought that she was too smart to let my father fuck her…apparently not.

Mom got to keep our apartment, her car, and me even though her income was not enough to pay the bills. I couldn't believe that their divorce was final in just six weeks. The very night of the divorce mom asked me to help her earn some extra money.

At first I thought that she wanted me to bag groceries down at the local supermarket or something. No not my mother…she wanted me to help her put up an 'Internet Sex Site' with nude pictures of her and charge a fee for membership. Now mom was certainly one of those 'mom's I'd like to fuck' and she sure was nice.

She never flaunted her sexuality or wore a lot of revealing clothes, hell I had never even see her tits before. Mom was kind of tall at five feet nine inches in her stocking feet. She weighted one hundred and thirty pounds.

She had 34B-24-36 inch measurements. Her black hair was quite short and sassy. Mom had admired that girl Shane on 'L-Word' on ShowTime and she had her beautician do that to her hair. Shane McCutcheon is played by a woman called Katherine Moennig and is about the same age as mom is too, thirty years old. In fact mom did look a lot like that girl except mom has bigger tits. I had a television in my room so sometimes late on a Sunday I would sneak a peek at it.

Those women were so sexy and every week I got to see someone's tits. I was a computer geek and no I didn't play stupid shoot 'em up games on it either. Obtaining a web name and finding a host was no problem at all. A credit card company was easy too. The hard part was going to be the pictures and the advertising to draw men to her site that would be willing to pay for her pictures.

Mom surprised me when she handed me a disk full of pictures that dad had taken of her over the years. They were arranged in date order. The first ones had been scanned from photographs and Polaroid pictures. Then there were some taken with an old digital camera and finally with the new digital camera that mom had bought for dad a few years ago. It seemed that dad had taken nude pictures of mom every month that they had been married.

I was fifteen years old so that had been for the last sixteen years. I could actually see mom develop from an adorable eighteen-year-old girl into a very desirable woman of thirty-four. I could watch her breasts fill out, her belly grow when she was pregnant for me, and even watch as her hair changed colors.

Most of the pictures had been taken in their bedroom, the living room, or in the kitchen but a lot of them were taken outdoors with mom exposing herself at parks, open fields, and in the woods.


I remembered several of the areas that we had camped in as I grew up. She flashed her tits in front of a lot of signs at the places we had gone too. Mom had a very sexy mysterious side to her that I had never known about before. Then mom handed me a storage disc that she had taken out of the camera.

I uploaded it into my computer and looked at the pictures. They were of 'Betty the Brain' nude and with my father fucking her and sticking his cock in her face. Then mom handed me a model release that Betty had signed, handing over all rights to the pictures. Dad had made mom sign them too on many occasions. The pictures were legally ours to post. Then mom handed me several more discs and model releases that she had stolen from dad before she got the bad news.

There were at least ten or twelve other women that had posed nude for my dad. He had photographed himself while fucking them all too.

Mom decided that making money off his pictures over the Internet was a lot better than trying to take him to court for money that he didn't have in the first place. She was absolutely right. In just two days I had the pictures of dad's girlfriends up on the Internet and several groups of mom from over the years.

She was very pleased with my work but we both knew that we needed to take some new pictures of mom naked.

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The next day mom came into the living room while I was watching television and told me to come with her. She had my backpack with her too. I sat in the car wondering what she was up too as she drove us out of town and to a wooded area. The sign said 'state land' as we entered a dirt road. We drove quite a way on that road before mom turned off and parked the car. We were out in the middle of nowhere. Mom grabbed my backpack, handed me the digital camera, and dumped out every pair of panties that she owned onto the hood of the car.

Her idea was to wear them and sell them on her web site. Okay! I was to take the pictures of her topless. Okay! I was to take pictures from the front, from the back, and then some close-ups of each pair. Okay! Well mom had something entirely different in mind than I had. She stripped keeping her panties on. As I got closer to her pussy mom dropped backwards into a 'bridge' position forcing her pussy right at me and tight into those panties.

That position also required some full shots of her too.

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Then that pair was placed in a numbered zip-lock bag, time and date added, and then signed while I took a few more pictures of her doing it. Mom was identifying every pair of panties as we photographed them. With the second pair of panties on mom lifted one leg straight up into the air stretching her panties tightly across her contorted pussy.

I had forgotten that mom used to be a cheerleader and that she was still obviously very flexible. For the next few pairs of panties mom did a cartwheel, a handstand, and a very nice split. She formed a pair of panties up into her pussy lips for an interesting camel toe, tucked a pair of thongs right into her fur covered pussy lips, and another pair was only hanging between her knees with her pussy showing. Mom seemed to come up with a unique way to show off every pair, all thirty-seven pair of her panties.

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While wearing one white cotton pair mom squatted down and peed right into them turning them a bright yellow color. She sat up in a tree, stood out in the middle of the dirt road, and lay down in the tall grass for pictures. She posed with one pair shoved halfway up into her moist pussy and then with a G-string pair hanging out of her asshole. Mom must have been the sexiest panty model to have ever lived.

Once she ran out of panties to try on, she had me take nude pictures of her in many of the same poses. It was quite a day for both of us. Before we left mom handed me the camera again and knelt down to give me a blowjob as my reward.

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I sure needed that. I got some great pictures of my cock in her lips and my cum on her tongue. Since my face wasn't showing in any of the pictures, mom told me to post them too. The response to our web site was fantastic, our membership grew, and mom sold every pair of her panties.

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Some were even purchased by women. In the very first month we made enough money to pay our current bills and catch up most of our back bills too. Mom had certainly made the right decision. In that month I had gotten a blowjob every day and had started to fuck my mother for more pictures to post. Then at night I got to make love to my mother for my reward. We had so many requests to do another panty spread and this time to auction off her panties to the highest bidder.

Okay. Mom had bought new panties to wear after selling all of her other ones anyway so why not photograph them, auction them off, and then replace them again too. This time mom sat on park benches with her legs spread open and children playing in the background.

She sat on bus stop benches, street curbs, and in Burger King, McDonald's, Arby's, and Wendy's too. She climbed up ladders, stood on balconies, and just plain squatter down. Mom made a science of showing off her panties in very sexy ways without getting arrested. She showed them to my camera in the grocery stores, department stores, and hardware stores. Mom would make it a point to rub her panties right into her pussy before bagging and tagging them for her customers to smell when they received them.

Mom found a man that would fuck her while I took pictures for her Internet Site but he only lasted a few weeks. He wanted more than to just fuck her and I became jealous of him. Mom told me that until I was eighteen I couldn't legally have my pictures on the Internet. So after school started up in September I went looking for a girl that might be as kinky as we were. That's when I found Jillian. She was a little older than I was and quite different. She was the outgoing, take a dare, thrill seeker that I wasn't.

Jillian let me fuck her on our first date right in my living room with my mother in the kitchen. Jillian was perfect.


Soon mom was taking pictures of me fucking Jillian and Jillian took pictures of me fucking mom. Then of course I got pictures of mom fucking Jillian.

I made sure not to get Jillian's face in any of the pictures, after all the web site was supposed to about mom so all they really needed to see was her tongue in some faceless girl.

Mom sucked on Jillian's nipples, kissed her ass, and shared a dildo with her. I got to fuck all three of mom's holes and quite often too. Jillian introduced my mother to her father because his wife had left him for another man recently too. Since he was over eighteen he got his picture plaster all over our web site and he and Jillian eventually moved in with us.

No one had to really work with the Internet proving all of the money that we really needed to live on. Jillian couldn't wait until her eighteenth birthday so that she could officially join the family business.

The End Mom's Internet Site 198