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Fucked his sexy girlfriend from instagram on camera
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You Missed a bit ~ Chapter One ~ The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 18.

Enjoy. ~ Father: Mason Twin 1: Teri (Teresa) Twin 2: Emi (Emily) Daughter 3 Jacki (Jacqueline) ~ Mason ~ a computer programmer/Annalist. Wrote successful programs for the public sector making him very rich at a young age, now works for the Govt out of his home office. Old enough to have 3 growing girls and young enough to enjoy life with his young family. Wife no longer in the pitcher. Being a single parent keeps him busy and in shape allowing him to still have an active sex life.

~ Teri and Emi ~ are both in high school and have recently started dating. Dad allows them to date in groups but not on single dates.

Both girls are blond with hair to there waist and wear it in a high pony most of the time. In the last year they have filled out in all the areas young girls should, and walk with a fashion model strut. Dad thinks their legs are their best feature and they look great in their bikinis having slim waists and curvy hips. Just Like their Mother had been at the same age, they looked far younger than their years.

It must be a genetic trait common to this family. They are doing well in school and are very popular with lots of friends. ~ Jacki ~ Growing up too fast (thinks Dad) Blondlike her Dad with hair to her shoulders. Wears proper bras now and is getting tall and willowy. Puberty has been slow to come to Jacki as well, but has started, she still looks 3 to 4 years younger than she actually is, 'petite' would be the best word to describe her.

Loves sport (Academics not so much) is always asking questions of Dad and they talk about any subject, no matter how personal. Loves to play practical jokes on her two sisters.

~ Being a single male in a house with 3 nubile girls, there was just as much occasional nudity as you could imagine. Whether it was streaking back to a room from the shower (I think this was deliberate as it happened way to often) or an up skirt while lying in front of the telly and kicking their feet in the air, or that time they caught Dad skinny dipping in the pool and wouldn't leave until he had to dash inside starkers to his room, to the sound of the 3 of them in gales of laughter.

It was a very open and loving home. ~ Their home sits on 5 acres of tree shaded land not far from the coast and beaches and a ½ hr drive to a city. Its a ranch style home with porches on all sides witch makes it shady in the long summer months.

Each has their own room with views out to the pool and hot tub area. Mason's home office is detached overlooking the pool area. ~ On this day, Mason was not feeling the best, having been up a good deal of last night watching the Leeds - Tottenham mach on the telly with his brother-in-law Toby. Having drunk far too much he was surprised to find himself in his own bed naked and not flaked out on the Game room floor. He remembered showing Toby out and returning to the couch, but that's it, nothing after that.

He was lying on his front sprawled out in his Queen bed hoping his head would not split open when Teri came bouncing in and sat down on the edge of his bed. He new its was Teri without opening his eyes as soon as she started to talk, their voices being one of the ways he was able to tell them apart.

"Dad, can I use your shower? Emi is in the main bath and we both have to get ready to go to the beach this morning with the gang. They'll be six of us so that's OK isn't it? They will be here after breakfast so I have to start getting ready now." All this time she had been sitting on the bed with her hand on my bed sheet covered bum absently stroking and patting me, even with this headache my morning wood was making it difficult to concentrate. As I started to say something, she said, "Thanks Dad" and swatted my backside.

Laughing she made a run to the En suite. I yelled and spun around to say something only to see her nude backside running in to the bathroom, blond hair flying, she turned, waved, and laughing, closed the door. I heard someone else laughing and turned my head to the door. There, not 6 foot away, stood Jacki in her night cloths (long 'T' shirt) laughing and pointing at me. "She so wupped your butt" Ha Ha Ha. I could only lay down on my back and throw the pillow over my head.

I managed to get out that I needed Coffee and she said she'd get it. She didn't leave right away but came to the side of the bed. I felt her pull the sheet up over my waist. It must have fallen when I turned onto my back. I blushedthinking that my daughter had just seen my morning wood. "Thank you darling'" I said quietly. "Your welcome darling'" she said. "Cheeky sod.

Get my coffee." Gigging she ran out. I'd fallen asleep again, not surprisingly, and still with the pillow over my throbbing head, I heard Teri and Jacki talking.

Jacki said "Did you see his thing? It was huge. Biggest I've seen. You can still see the outline of it under the sheet." Hearing that I gowned with embarrassment, and was surprised to hear she has seen one at all.

"I have seen it stiff like this one other time, and I've seen him in his speedo's but he wasn't stiff." said Teri. "Is he asleep?" asked Teri. "I think so. I want another look. Kneel down beside the bed and we'll lift the sheet." I felt the sheet being slowly lifted over my Hard-on and two gasps as the offending weapon came into view.

I tried to remain calm and not embarrass them in there quest of knowledge of the male anatomy. "It must be 9 or 10 inches. How is that supposed to fit in me.'cough', well I don't mean me as in me ,but a girl or woman?" said Jacki. "We must stretch." "Well I think it's very pretty, and I want to pat it." "No. you'll wake him up." "Well maybe just a kiss then." I felt the most delicate of kisses on the tip of my rob.

I was getting closer to cumming with every comment from my two adorable daughters. "Hmm salty." I heard Jacki say. "That's not a kiss." said Teri. You have to use your tong when you kiss. Here, I'll show you." Next I felt a mouth surround my gland and her tong swirl over the knob.

"Its is salty, but nice. Like a salty biscuit." "Can I try." I heard Emi say. She must be at the doorway looking in. I coughed at this stage and the sheet was hurriedly dropped back down. Ssshhhhh. They both said together. I groaned and rolled onto my side to face the voices I could here.

"Were is my coffee" I got out. "On the bedside table Daddy." Said Jacki. "We'll go and make breakfast." I heard giggling and whispering as the trio scampered out of the room. I took some time just laying there thinking about all that had just happened. I half expected there inquisitiveness, but not there boldness. In the blink of an eye they are all growing up.

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Teri knowing how to tongue kiss and Jacki knowing the size of my log compared to others. I must follow that up too. Probably be able to blame the internet for that one. But sill their my little girls. Sigh. I sat on my bed and had my coffee then got up to hop in the shower, my erection leading the way.

As soon as I entered the bathroom I saw a pair of knickers on the hand basin. While the water was warming I went to tidy the bathroom, as I do being a single parent, but hesitated to throw the skimpy knickers in the hamper and brought them to my nose, no one will ever find out, right, and took a delightful sniff.

Ahhh heaven. But, I had control I told myself as my other hand warped around my cock and started to stroke. The resent arousal I had been getting had It's effect and I blasted a huge load into the knickers. As soon as I was over my sexual high I felt guilty and threw the panties in the hamper. Do the washing today, I told myself. After my shower I hoped into a pair of cut-off sweats and a muscle shirt and went in to breakfast.

I remembered to try and act normal and hide my knowledge of what my daughters got up this morning letting them think I was asleep.

As I sat down at the table to sip on my second cup of Java, Emi came over and gave me a hug and a good morning kiss on the cheek. She smelled of summer flowers."Morning Daddy. Did Teri tell you we were being taken to the beach this morning?

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We should be back by 12:00 in time for lunch, OK?" She placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me and danced back in to the kitchen. Jacki sat down and said that she had already had something to eat and encouraged me to finish as she wanted to talk to me. I ate slowly thinking what she might want to talk about. I hoped not what went on in my bed this morning. As I was finishing up, Teri came dancing into the room, obviously in a good mood, she said.

"I thought I'd left my panties in your bathroom this morning, but didn't see them." Thank Christ for that, I thought, knowing that they had my load soaking on them. She then went on to say, "but I did find them in the hamper though, thanks for tidying up for me Daddy." and gave me a kiss, not on the cheek but this time on my lips.

I thought I could smell semen on her breath. She looked me in the eyes and whispered, "thank you Daddy." I must have blushed to my toes, my hard on coming back with a vengeance. Jacki was looking at me funny and mouthed to me "tell me later." Just then we heard a car horn sound out front in the drive. The girls jumped up and ran for the door. I shouted out to them, "Where are your bikini's?" It was Teri that shouted back. "Don't need them, it's a nude beach." and laughed as she rushed out the door.

Seconds later Emi appeared saying "Teri was joking, we have our swimmers on and were going to one of the more popular beaches in the area, and not to worry." Oh well they had worked hard this school term and had earned this holiday break.

Jacki came back from closing the door with a sad face and head hung low. I new she felt left out a lot as the twins were older than her and were aloud more privileges. I spun around in my chair and held out my arms to her. Straight away she smiled and ran and jumped into my lap facing me.

Her long T shirt she wore at night pushing up to her waist exposing her tiny panties. She flung her arms around me and snuggled into my neck. I was glad that she was still my little girl. "I'm glad I've got you to play with."she said. I had to stop and think for a minute, but I'm sure she meant it in a playful way.

"I'll always be here for you darling." "Awww. Thank you.darling." and she laughed and laughed while I tickled her ribs. My hardness hadn't gone down any and with all this squirming and dancing on my lap I was about to blow. I stopped and held her by her waist until I felt the pressure of my cumming ease off. We just looked into each others eyes.

She pressed her cunny into me, I'm sure she could feel the bulge in my shorts. She looked down and I followed her gaze. A big wet spot had formed on the front of my shorts and her knickers had been pulled to the side in our struggles, her little pussy was pressed hard up against my bulge. With my hands on her bum, I pressed her hips to my hips and pulsed again and again letting go a huge load in my shorts.

She was shaking and I think she had a little cum herself. We held each other till I caught my breath. "I need to go to my room and change into my swimmers." I said. Hoping to clean up while I was there.

"I'll meet you out by the pool." She said and hopped down and went into the kitchen with my plate from breakfast. In my room I changed and thought, 'I must act responsible and set the proper example.' With confidence, and my cock now deflating, I thought 'I can do this' and left headed for the kitchen. Later, after tidying up the kitchen we went out and jumped in the pool. We thought we'd play some in the pool then order some pizza for lunch.

Jacki rang the twins on their mobile and told them what was for lunch and not to be late as 'cold pizza was yucky.' We swam and played tag for ages and I made sure I spent some quality time with my youngest. I noticed her budding breasts and her figure starting to fill out. The Bikini that was bought last year for her evidently didn't fit her for this summer. The shoe lace ties on the sides of her bottoms had barley enough room to make a bow, leaving only just enough of a try angle to hide her lady bits.

She was being quiet and not her bubbly self, so I could tell she had something on her mind and was just getting it all sorted before sharing it with me. I got out and dried off and lay on the lounger. Jacki hadn't followed me so I sat up on my elbows and watched as she, still in the pool, undid her top and through in onto the side of the pool, shortly her bottoms followed. She looked my way and gave me a cheeky smile.

I saw her cute bum flash me as she dived underwater and then do some laps. Growing up far to quick I thought. Sigh. The sun was just warm enough not to feel that it was burning, but I knew that I still needed some sun protection. We all had the light skin color to go with the blond hair. I got up and reached through the open kitchen window to get the bottle that we kept there and turned to see Jacki strolling back from the pool naked.

I stopped and stared. She broke up and laughed. "You should see the look on your face." Unabashedly she lay down on the other lounger and asked for the oil. I looked over at her and shaking my head, handed over the oil, "you shouldn't be naked out here. What if the girls come back with the gang?"(which included 2 guys). She bolted upright and looked through the kitchen window at the clock and sighed. "It's still early.

I'll put my bikini back on if this bothers you." "No. no. If it doesn't bother you then I'm good." She oiled the front of herself, then passed the bottle to me and asked if I would do her back and lay face down. I knelt next to her and reached over to apply the oil trying not to come into contact with her naked side. I started with her neck and shoulders, then her back. I skipped her bum and did her ankles and legs. "You missed a bit." Giggle.

I dribbled some oil on her butt and very quickly rubbed it in saying. "Well all done now." "No." she says. Now I'll do you." Come on now lay down, quickly now." she goes on, trying to sound very adult and telling me what to do.

I couldn't help but smile. Now laying on my front she dribbled oil down the length of my back and rubs it in quickly, then comes back up to my solders and starts with a surprisingly good shoulder massage. Her touch was gentle yet firm, she very is good, and I tell her so. Giggling she continues and says.

"This morning Dad, When we were in your room, you know, when I pulled the sheet back over you, and well, you had an erection." Ahhh, here it comes the bit of the conversation that I'm going to have trouble answering.

"Well I've got some questions." "Keep massaging and I'll try to answer them for you." Then came the first question.

"Is it always that big." she says and she massaged my lower back. "I'm a bit more that above average, every morning it gets like that It's called 'Morning Wood' and it happens to every guy, and thanks for covering me back up.

I'd hate to think what Teri would have thought if she had seen that sight." she looked away, going slightly pink in the face knowing that she had seen it and more. I giggled at the sight.

She was finishing the oil on my lower back and moved on to my legs. At this stage I was starting to get a chubby. Rubbing the oil all around my feet and lower legs, then back up to my upper legs, stopping just before where my Speedo's met my legs.

I said "you missed a bit" and laughed.

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Not to be outdone she grabbed my swimmers and pulled them down my legs and off. "Hey." but it was to late they were gone and thrown to the side of the pool to land next to hers. "Lie down and I'll do the last bit." I had little choice. If I rolled over she would see my now fully erect cock. She plopped both hands on my but and circled them around till she had an even coverage of oil, then gave my a butt massage, slowly getting closer and closer to my nuts.

She dropped her hand down and ran her nails along my scrotum and asked. "Is this where the seed to make babes gets made." I grunted and said "Yes, and be very careful, treat them as you would an egg, not that they'll break, but just like a breast they are delicate little things." I was so hard now.

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"Oh."she said. She was still stroking my sack, then gradually went lower and around to my front and held the base of my cock and squeezed and released then squeezed again. "And this will fit into a pussy and make the babies?" O wow, that was all it took to send me over the edge and with a grunt I released a load of baby makers all over the towel I was on."Arrrrrrr." "What happened?

What did I do?" She said with a shaking voice. "You did nothing wrong. You made Daddy feel very good. Best massage I've had in a long time." "Really." she said. All smiles. "It was just a little sun tan lotion, that's all Daddy." "Roll over and I'll do your front." "Well not just at the moment.

I think I'll stay like this for a while. What is the time? Can you see the clock?" "We've got about an half hour before we will have to order the Pizza's. The girls should be here by then." As we talked I became more relaxed to be naked and rolled over onto my back relaxing and feeling the suns rays on my skin. I had my eyes closed and was surprised by a hand being put onto my shoulder and start to rum some oil in.

I sighed and said "thank you, darling." "Your welcome, darling."and we both giggled. I closed my eyes and felt the hand move down my chest and be joined by another. Making circles on my stomach and chest. She then did my arms and legs before pausing she said, "I know, I know, I missed a bit." Giggle.

Then she wrapped her little hands around my cock and smoothed the oil from base to tip. It was a chubby to start with and soon grew to my normal full size. If she kept going she would bring me off again and make a mess. Over the next 5 minuets she would slow then speed up then slow and squeeze the tip I could only groan and say."YES." as I erupted all over her tiny hands and my stomach. "Oh. I've seen this on the internet," she said, "but its much better when you get to do it in person. Wow and it tastes OK too." Hearing this I opened my eyes wide and saw her licking her fingers and enjoying the fruits of her labor.

She rubbed the remaining cum into my tummy and licked her fingers again. I marveled at the sight. She was really getting an education today. "You know that you can't tell anyone that we've done this, don't you?" Yes Daddy I know. Well maybe just the twins." "No let me tell the twins, I'll find the right time." We both lay there soaking up the sun and talking about nothing and everything till we heard the front door open and close and a loud "Were home." We both looked at each other and sprinted for the pool and our costumes.

"High. Your early, aren't you?" I said from the safety of the pool. "No right on time. Don't tell me you haven't ordered the Pizza's yet." Oh.

look at the time. I'll order them now." Getting into my costume I jumped out and headed into the house. After ordering the food I watched my three daughters out by the pool having fun with each-other. The twins in there bikini's, tight bodies and long shapely legs diving of the side of the pool only to climb back up and do it again and again. Ah youth. Lunch eaten, we all just lounged around the pool in our swimmers and talked about our day. The girls had a great day at the beach with the guys and gals, but the beach was too crowed, being the holidays.

They admitted they got a bit too much sun and eased there bikini tops to the side till their nipples were almost showing to demonstrate the difference in color and their bikini lines. We said, how all we did was swim and sun ourselves and play in the pool, to witch Jacki said.

"Daddy can rub some oil into you for your sunburn we did it this afternoon and were no burnt at all." And so it was decided and the three of them lay down on the lounger and handed me the oil. The first to my left was Teri so I got down beside her lounge and dribbled some oil on her upper back. "Can you undo my ties? No wait, you have oil on your hands, I'll do it." She then undid the ties to her top but didn't stop there, she then undid the ties to her bottoms as well.

As I was putting the oil on her back I noticed that the other two had undone there ties to their bikinis also and lowered there bottoms and in effect I was looking at my three daughters in the nude.

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Teri and Emi had put their hair into a plat making it easy to swing it out of the way for ease of tanning. I started to put the oil onto her shoulders and noticed her very white tan line across her back and bum.

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She sighed and encouraged me to press firmer on her lower back. She would squirm as I moved up her sides and just lightly pressed the sides of her breasts.

I moved straight to her feet and massage each toe. Up her leg passed her knee and her upper thigh stopping just at her panty line. I sat back and asked. "Who's next." "Oh no, you haven't finished. You missed a bit." I looked over at Jacki and she blushed deep pink. "So I have." and remembering her swat from this morning, I gave her the same.

Crack. It sounded load but I didn't put much effort into it. "No. No. You missed the best bit. Jacki says you leave the best bit till last." "Oh she did did she?" Again Jacki blushed. "They made me tell them. It was torture, honest." We all laughed at that, knowing how quickly Jacki folds under pressure. Well there was nothing for it but to carry on. I dropped some oil on her but and rubbed it in, making sure I covered all the white bits and some of the pink bits as well.

I moved my hand along the crease of her bum and her leg and swiped along her vulva and slid a finger into her up to the second knuckle, and slid it in and out till I felt her squeeze my finger and she shuddered. I said, "That enough for you. Who's next." Emi was next in line, so I spun around and dropped some oil onto her back.

She had exactly the same tan lines and I paid extra attention to these. Her waist was slim and her but was well rounded. I went straight to this and applied some oil. As I was going over her crack I stroked her rosebud and poked a finger in just a bit.

She moaned and lifted her arse off the chair and came with a shudder. She had a very sensitive arse if she could cum from such a slight touch. Teri who had been watching said."I'll have some of that please." Jacki said."You'll have to wait your turn." Oh, what have I started. As I moved beside Jacki and rubbed some oil into her back and legs and paused she squirmed with anticipation lifting her butt off the lounge as I got close to her butt.

I was excited to repay Jacki for the pleasure she gave me today, so I rubbed her pussy with some oil and went over her button again and again till she moaned and shuddered. "Well", I said. "It's getting late and Ill have to start dinner.

It's Burgers on the grill and I'll need a hand with salad and fixings. You all look so comfortable so I'll start and you can come in when you're ready." We had always had an open relationship as a family, but the girls seemed to want to take it to another level.

I was not going to move any further than the girls were prepared to go, and even then I was determined to be the moderator.

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Yes, I was in control. The night temperatures seemed the same as the day temps with only a slight breeze from the North to cool things down. I got the meat on the grill for all of us and had started the salad. I wasn't the best cook, but I got some high praise for the grilling I did. I was just happy that the twins were good cooks or wewood starve. The grilling done I started to plate up. Never did see the girls, but it was all done and looked good if I do say so myself. When I took it out to the poolside table I heard splashing and giggling coming from the pool and noticed that everyone's swim suit was still neatly placed on the loungers.

Sigh. "OK. Soups on. Come and get it." I sat down and watched my three get out of the pool and wander over. The twins had shaved pussy with just a thin landing strip in the front and shaved below. Jacki of cause had just enough hair there to cover her modesty. I could swear that the twins put some extra swing in there hips as they made there way over. Water dripping down their body's and long legs. Jacki tried her best, but it was more cute than sexy.

I praised there dinner attire saying I have never seen such thin material before. The twins sat opposite Jacki and me and happily chatted away about their friends and their plans for the rest of the holidays. I asked if this style of dress or undress was going to continue I'd never get any work done. 'Giggles all around.' Modesty forgotten, we all tucked in till we were groaning that we were so full.

Later after their meal, the girls had put on their sleep wear that was just some long 'T' shirts as the temp dropped and the evening cooled down and I slipped into my cut off sweats and a T. We were all sitting around the fire pit, and I said. "I've been meaning to ask you all something.

Ummmm. Well. This morning when I woke up I was naked and I cant remember how I got there. You girls know anything about that?" They all looked sheepish and nodded to each other, as if coming to a decision. "Well Daddy, we heard the front door shut, rather loud and Emi and I woke up. We went out to see what was up and found you asleep on the lounge. We tried to get you up and into bed but it was very hard. Eventually we managed, with your help, to get you down the hall to your room." "But I was naked.

How did that happen?" "You had spilled some beer down your front," said Teri "and didn't smell all that good either, so we helped you out of your clothes, washed you with some soap and water and started to dry you. That's when you got a little excited, down there, (she said pointing), and weren't helping when you grabbed Emi and me by our boobs." "Well I can't remember any of it. Sorry if I groped you girls." "Oh, that's OK, it was very educational." giggle. "We kind of let our hands wander a bit while we washed you, if you know what I mean." "Oh?" "Yea.

We knew that you loved us and would understand that we were just curious and you had a hard-on and, after playing with our boobs and all, we got a little horny too." "We had seen one on the Internet." said Emi.

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"and a little in real life, (she said blushing) but to have one in your hand was very exciting." "What did you do?" "Well, you pulled both of us down on to the bed while we were drying you so that we ended up on either side of you with our heads on your chest." said Teri. "That's when you started to pull and press on our boobs." added Emi. "We just lay there looking down at your cock. Teri grabbed my hand and put it around it and started to move it up and down your length." I gasped and removed my hand but Teri kept hers there and rubbed it around the top.

You were asleep now and had relaxed your arms around us." "In your sleep you were moaning and pressing your hips up and into my hand, and after a while, that's when it happened. You came on my hand and your tummy." said Teri."that was a first for both of us and was just super cool." Jacki sitting beside me gasped and held my hand, but stayed raped in the conversation.

"You looked so relaxed that we cleaned you up again and covered you with the sheet." "And I slept through the hole lot." said Jacki with a pout and folding her arms across her chest, and slumped down in her chair." "Well thank you." I said, and I meant it. "I'm not surprised that you two took things into your own hands, so to speak, to have a little play.

I might have had something to say about it if I had been more aware but no harm was done and I really appreciate that you were there when I needed you and that you worked together to help. I don't know what I'd do without all of you working to make this one happy family." We all stood up and had a group hug. Teri to my left and Emi to my right, pressing their breasts to my sides, and Jacki pressed tightly to my front. With all this emotion and near naked female contact, I had a serious hard on in my sweats and a tent in them right about the height of Jacki's chin.

She said nothingbut planted soft kisses along my bulge and pressed her face to my groin. I felt both Teri and Emi place a hand each on my arse and give me a little squeeze. All I could say was "You girls are growing up so fast." ~ We moved inside shortly but not before we all had a little kiss and a cuddle.

The temp was dropping and after such a hot day, I was expecting the usual summer storm for this time of year. I went to the kitchen and got down some glasses. I yelled out to the girls in the Den what did they wanted to drink. I heard "a beer" from Teri, "a scotch " from Emi and " some white wine would be nice" from Jacki.

Then laughing and High-Fives all around. Cheeky lot. Just to show how much I thought of them, and to acknowledge that they were growing up, I brought in a tray with 4 glasses of white wine on it with some nibbles. I sat in the twin recliner and the girls arranged themselves on the floor around the coffee table which had the drinks on it. I fired up the Flat screen TV and the girls picked through the Netflix channels to find a movie, finally settling on, of all things, a chick flick.

No surprise there. As the night went on and got some what cooler. Jacki got up and got a blanket for me and the girls and curled up under my blanket. The girls cuddling together on the floor in front of the TV. The movie they chose was romantic and sad at the beginning until the two lovers found themselves toward the end. All this made the 3 girls all weepy and wanting to cuddle. Jacki snuggled up to my side and snoozed. Teri and Emi huddled together under the Doona on the floor.

I lay there for some time, trying not to think of the work I still had to finish in the office and noticed that the twins were asleep. Trying not to disturb Jacki, I slipped out from under her embrace and went to nudge the girls and get them off to bed. They looked so happy there though, but they'd be more comfy in there own beds. I slowly pulled the cover back and was surprised to see that each girl had a hand down the others nickers and had fallen asleep like that.

I wonder how long this has been going on. I realized that Jacki had come to my side and was getting the same view as I was. She was smiling and not at all alarmed. The query look on my face showed and she whispered.

"I've suspected this for a while now but to see how loving they looked together makes me happy for them." "You new? How?" "Teri's room is next to mine and I can usually hear them talking if I'm quiet, but sometimes it's not just talk, sometimes a lot more." "Wow.

I knew they were close being twins and shared the same cloths so I guess this is just part of all that." "Yes. I've seen them at breakfast after one of their noisy nights, holding hands under the table. So sweet.


I'm sure they think it's a big secret and no one knows." I covered them back up and stepped back, calling to them as we left the room that they should get to bed. I heard mumbled reply's and saw some rearranging under the covers before they both hopped up and gave me a kiss and went up the hall to their rooms. It had just started to rain when I got to Jacki's room and with a swat on her bum told her, in a gruff voice, showing her that I meant it, to "get to bed young lady." "Yes Daddy." In my own room I felt so tired, with all that had happened today and with the lack of sleep the night before, took off the sweats I had on and flopped down on the bed, and pulled the sheet over me as I dropped off.

Later that night the wind had increased and the rain was falling harder on the roof. Lightning cracked in the distance and shortly thunder followed. I was expecting Jacki to come in to my room if the thunder go any worse and sure enough after a particularly big BANG my door opened and Jacki came tiptoeing in and snuggled under the covers with me. I wrapped my arm around her and gave her the usual reassurances.

The storm was fierce but short lived and soon passed. While Jacki slept I got up to check that the storm hadn't done any damage to the house. I first went to check on Emi, but her bed was empty, knowing where she probably was, I went o Teri's room and there they were both in each others arms whispering to each other.

They saw me and Emi tried to hide under the covers, but I had already seen them. I walked over and said, "are you both OK?" "Yea. Thanks it's over nowright Daddy?" "Yes it is. Well I'll go back to my room now then." said Emi. "You don't have to. I know how close you two are and it gives me a warm feeling to know that you care about each other so much." And I lent over them and gave each a kiss on the lips and said good night. As I was closing the door I said, "And don't make so much noise, Jacki says she gets woken up sometimes it's so noisy." with that I chuckled and left.

I could just imagine the conversation that was going on now. I checked the rest of the house and found it all to be fine. I went out to my office and checked that too. From my study I could see the whole house from across the pool and I noticed that Teri's bedside light was on through the partially closed curtains. I know I shouldn't, but I also know that I had too take a look. I moved to just outside the patio slider and looked through. There they were in a classic 69 and I noted not trying to be quiet in the least.

I waited for a while but realized that this was going to be a long night for those two. Back in the house I got a glass of water and took it to my room and found Jacki sitting up in my bed, covers just to her waist. She said."Can you hear them going at it?" Wow, loudest I've ever heard them." "Might have something to do with the fact I caught them both in Teri's bed cuddling like the two lovers they are and told them they could stay there if they liked." "I bet they loved that.

No more hiding under Doona's and trying to be quiet." "Well I hope so. One big happy family with no secrets between us." I'd put my sweats on to go outside so I hoped into bed and pulled the covers over me. "Hey." said Jacki."Since when did you start to sleep in shorts." Get them off mister, now." I made a big pretense at a sigh and took my shorts off and tossed them away.


I had to laugh. " I was being modest for your sake, not wanting to put you through the trauma of seeing me in the buff." "Bit late for that. " she said and we both giggled and had a cuddle before settling down to sleep. She snuggled to my side. I had my arm under her head and her leg was draped across my thigh. Morning came all to soon and with it another bright and probably hot summers day. As the morning had warmed up I must have pushed the cover down and off the bed, looking down I saw my usually morning wood with Jacki's small hand wrapped around it.

She was still fast asleep that's when I saw the bedroom door start to open and the twins stick there head through. They tiptoed in and stood at the end of the bed naked, giggling, whispering and pointing.

Both of them naked. I stiffened even more if that's possible at the sight, my wood pulsing with every beat of my heart. I looked down and saw that they were both holding hands. Teri saw this and brought Emi's hand up and gave it a kiss, making Emi blush. I brought my pointer finger to my lips and made a Ssshhh sound. They both turned and walked out the door. I licked my lips as gazed at those two superb rears.

There is nothing more beautiful than the view of a pretty, naked woman walking away from you. I sighed and relaxed for a bit, thinking of all the changes that had occurred in this family in the last day or two. Jacki still had a grip on my cock and had moved her head down to my stomach, I could feel her breath on it as she started to talk. "You did the right thing last night acknowledging the twins feelings for each other. I could see they were both very happy this morning." "I thought you were asleep." "No I've been awake for a while just thinking." "About what?" "I love the girls two and I hope they don't love me any less now that they have formed a deeper bond between each other." She said.

"I'm sure that they will love you and me even more now that there is a more open relationship between the lot of us." "I think your right, I sure love our new relationship. Daddy." and gave my rod a squeeze and a kiss. I have been trying to maintain a level or a line, that I wouldn't cross. That line being Intercourse with the girls, but was a blow job intercourse? I know a president that would say no, go for it lad.

All the same ,when a pretty girl has her hand wrapped around you cock, all bets are off and she is in total control. Jacki didn't stop with just one kiss and must have been paying attention to Teri when she explained about using your tong when kissing. I felt her mouth envelop my gland and suck back. I felt her tong circle the head. She got into a rhythm and soon had me on the edge. My door opened and the twins came in with coffee. They stopped for a bit then put the coffee down on the bed side table and watched.

I knew that Jacki could see them as she was faced in that direction, but that didn't stop her and she sucked harder to bring me to climax. The sight of the twins gorgeous bodies spurred me on to my finish. She caught some but pulled back and left the last to fall to my stomach.

The twins came and sat on the bottom of the bed and said that that was so sexy and that they were so jealous. Jacki beamed, then blushed, then hid her face in my shoulder and cuddled to my side.

"We've made some breakfast so come out before it gets cold." said Teri. Jacki whispered after they left, "I like your taste." Did I do that right?" "Perfect." I said and my stomach growled. I said "I'll see you in the kitchen." Gave her a quick kiss and headed for the loo and a quick shower. Dressed in only in shorts, I sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed a second coffee only to find I was the only one dressed when the girls brought out some bacon and eggs and we all chatted and giggled about all that went on yesterday and this morning.

No one felt embarrassed or shy to mention any aspect of our new family freedom. I did mention that all the new freedom could stop if anyone outside the family found out about what we got up too. It was all a little somber after that so I asked if anyone wanted to skinny dip. There was yells and screams from the girls and a mad dash to the pool.

This family could only get stronger and closer as we went ahead. I did wander were the girls would take this new found freedom, but I was in charge, I could put my foot down, couldn't I?