Boss anal fucks wife and secretary

Boss anal fucks wife and secretary
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The day after that conversation that me and my baby had, I was so so turned on that it wasn't even funny! I don't think you understand how much I loved him, I don't. There aren't any words that I can even think of to describe how much I loved him. I mean, I can try to explain it and all, but that's a little difficult to do when you can't find any words, I loved him so so much that I could feel it in my soul I guess you can say.

That's the best I can do so, sorry. It was just like it was when we courted years ago only we courted for a few months that time, this time it was way longer.

All of those feelings I had for him made my, I don't know, sexual desires for him so strong that thoughts of making love to him were always always on my mind, always. Well, one day my baby was at work and me and Summer were hanging out since we both had the day off from our jobs.

I went and picked her up and we went to lunch, and after lunch we were going to go watch a movie, but after lunch, we got in my car and when I started driving we started talking about sex and stuff, and while we did I couldn't stop thinking about my lover. "So have you had sex with Mason yet?" She asked. "No not yet." I said while I started to smile.

"You haven't?" She asked. "No I mean, I really really want to but, I don't know." I said. "Ok, are you scared?" She asked. "I mean, because of what I went through when I was married I think I kinda am." I said. "It's Mason, he won't do anything to hurt you. The man loves you so much that he almost literally worships the ground you walk on Kaylee." She said. "I know that and I know that sex will be amazing with him, so it's not so much that than other things." I said.

"So what are you scared of?" She asked. "Well, I can't believe that I'm going to say this but here I go. Remember when I told you about my ex asshole and what sex was like with him?" I asked. "You don't think that Mason would do that too do you?" She asked. "Oh no, definitely not, I know he wouldn't." I said while she kinda cut me off. "Then what is it?" She asked. "Well, I'm not scared about having him inside of me because he makes me so wet and so horny that I can't think straight.

But I think I'm scared because of what my ex did to me every time I tried to touch him with my hand I'm kinda scared to do that with Mason." I said. "So what did he do when you tried to?" She asked. "He would beat me up, he would call me a whore and tell me how disgusting I was, plus he would beat me up, and when he beat me up he would say how I was going to burn in hell and stuff." I said.

"He beat you up just for trying to touch his dick?" She asked while she started getting mad. "He beat me up so bad that I went to the hospital twice because of it." I said. "You do know Mason isn't like that right?" She asked. "I know he isn't." I said. "No he's not, I promise you that he would love it if you touched his dick with your hand." She said. "I know but I can't bring myself to do it.

Everything I went through still kinda haunts me." I said. "You need to get over that fear." She said. "I know I do, I just don't know how." I said. "Ok, try this, give me your arm." She said making me give her my arm. She started to show me a way that I could face my stupid fear, and while she did, I imagined myself doing that to him.

Now I would tell you what she showed me and explained to me, but I don't want to spoil it. "So are you planning to have sex with him?" She asked. "Yes I am." I said. "When are you going to do it?" She asked. "He's got the next three days off starting tomorrow, so sometime between tomorrow and the next day." I said while I laughed. "Do you have any lingerie?" She asked. "No but I want some." I said. "Let's not go to the movies, let's go get some for you." She said cheerfully.

"Ok." I said all excited. I thought she was going to have me drive to the mall, but she didn't. She had me drive to a small little store, and when I saw the store, I couldn't believe that there were stores like that. I mean, I had a new toy that I was using to practice giving blow jobs and stuff, but I bought at the place where we had the blow job classes. There were manikins in the windows that had all kinds of lingerie on them and everything. And when we went in, I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

There were all kinds of lingerie, sex toys, porn movies, condoms, porn magazines, flavored lubes and all kinds of other things. I kinda felt naughty being in there, especially since I had never seen anything like that in my life! When I walked in I saw this really really cute cashier girl that looked at me almost like I was a celebrity or something.

She watched me and smiled a lot while Summer and I started looking at all of the different lingerie and that's when I found a lot that I liked, and she was showing me what she wore for her boyfriend. "So what do you wanna get?" She asked. "I don't know, I've never been in a place like this." I said while I giggled. "Well, let me ask you this, what do you think your man likes?" She asked. "Well, he loves my boobs so it has to show my boobs really good." I said. "Ok, well, look at this one." She said while she showed me this really cute little outfit.

I didn't like it all that well because it wouldn't show my boobs all that good, but after a few minutes, I actually found what I wanted. It was this really cute little pink outfit that came with a bra and the kinkiest little pair of panties that were see through so he'd be able to see my pussy. It was more like a g string because it only had a string that would go around my waist and up my butt crack, and it was see through too!

It looked like a tiny little sundress, only it was completely see through, plus it had pink see through stockings, a garter belt and straps that held the stockings up.

"What about this one?" I asked while I showed it to summer. "Wow that's way cute!" She said while she looked at it and while the girl cashier person came up to us. "What's your name?" She asked while she walked up to me.

"Kaylee." I said. "I'm Gabriel, people call me Gabby. I'm so sorry about this, but you're really really beautiful, how old are you?" She asked while I started smiling. "I'm nineteen." I said. "Do you have a boyfriend?" She asked. "Yep." I said with the biggest smile. "Damn it, it figures, what's his name?" She asked. "Mason McCarthy." I said. "Well, that's too bad, I love love love your hair." She said. "Thanks." I said with a huge smile. "How do you get it this blonde?" She asked while she started playing with my hair.

"I was born with it." I said. "You mean, you don't bleach it?" She asked. "Nope, it's all natural." I said. "Oh my god you're beautiful, so are you guys finding what you're looking for ok?" She asked.

"I think so, she's thinking about getting that outfit to seduce her boyfriend." Summer said. "Do you wanna try it on?" The cashier asked. "Can I?" I asked. "Sure, the dressing rooms are right over there, try as many as you want." She said while she pointed to the rooms. Then she helped us pick a whole bunch more out for me to try on. "Now let's go try them on." The cashier said. "Yay, thank you." I said. "No problem cutie, I'll take you guys there." The girl said while she took me and summer to the dressing room.

Summer and the cashier waited while I started changing into the first one we picked out and I modeled it for her and the cashier. I didn't like it so much, so I kept trying on all kinds of different ones and after almost an hour, I tried my pick out, but I had it in three different colors, white, pink and red.

I just wasn't feeling the white and pink, but when I tried the red one, I fell in love with it! It looked so so hot and I knew right then that I found the outfit that I wanted to wear for my sexy man. Thats also when I found out that the red dress was the tightest of all of them, so it hugged my body so so tight! That and it was so short that my panties were peeking out from under it and my butt was hanging out.

This is it, I thought while I looked myself over really good then I went out to modeled it for summer and the cashier. "Oh, my god." The cashier said when I came out. "I really like this one." I said. "Wow, you look really hot like, god." Summer said. "You think so?" I asked. "Oh yeah, Mason is going to love it." She said. "I'm a girl and I'm getting turned on, god you're so so hot and beautiful, you're sexy." The cashier I said.

"This is it then, I'm getting this." I said. "That body though, my god! If this doesn't work on your man you can come to my place because yeah, it's really really working for me." The cashier said with a sexy look in her eyes.

"Thank you." I said while I giggled. "I didn't know you shaved." Summer said. "I don't, I get waxed." I said. "Oh god, ok, I gotta go." The cashier said while she fanned her red face and walked away. "You must have just waxed because you look smooth." Summer said. "Yeah, I had it done yesterday." I said.

"She really likes you." Summer said while she laughed. "Yeah, I kinda figured that out but that's ok, she's pretty cute so." I said while I laughed. "Now go change so we can go see your man." She said. "Ok." I said. So I went in the room and took all of my lingerie off and got dressed, and when we went back out, I wanted to look around more.

I couldn't believe how hot and horny I was while I was looking at all of the toys and stuff, but we had to go because I wanted to go see the man that I was going to make love to.

"Oh wait, I should probably get condoms." I said while I went to where they were, and I found all kinds of different ones! There were flavored ones and everything, so when I went to get some, Summer stopped me. "Ok, so, I knew Mason's ex fiancé." She said while she looked in my eyes. "You did?" I asked. "Yes, she use to be my best friend but when I saw how she was treating Mason I stopped talking to her.

But one of the things she could never stop talking about was the size of his dick. She says that the only thing about him that was fat, was his dick. She says that he's hung like a damn horse so, that being said, these won't fit, you want something more like this." She said while she showed me a box of magnums, for big dicks.

"Ok so I'll get these, I'm going to have sex with him so I have to get these." I said. "Aren't you on birth control?" She asked. "Yes I am." I said. "How long have you been on birth control?" She asked. "I don't know, a few months I guess?" I said. "Then you don't need these, trust me." She said. "I don't?" I asked. "I know him really good, not as good as you since you guys grew up together and stuff, but I know him good enough to know that he's clean.

The only girl he ever fucked was his ex, and he hasn't had any kind of sex since. Well, I'm sure he jerks off but you get what I'm saying. Besides, it'll feel a thousand times better without one." She said making me so horny for him that my knees were shaking.

"No condoms it is." I said while we turned and walked away and went to check out. "Find everything ok?" The cashier asked with a little grin while she looked at me, she was breathing kinda hard. "I did thank you for your help." I said. "You're welcome sweetie. Seriously though, I don't think I've ever seen a girl that's as beautiful and cute as you are." She said while she started to ring up my new Mason seducing outfit.

"Awww, thank you." I said. "Do you know how a group of girls that are all friends have that one girl that's the hottest one of them all?" Summer asked making me laugh. "She's definitely that girl." Gabby said while we all laughed. "Yep." Summer said. "Ok so I'm giving you a discount since I have the worlds biggest crush on you right now, that and I'm throwing in some flavored lube for free." She said.

"Thank you." I said while I giggled. "No problem, just pick the flavors you want and they're yours, on me." She said flirtatiously before I picked a few flavors out. "Here is this too, this is for you and your man if you decide that you wanna like, I don't know, have a third if you know what I mean." She said while she gave me a card with her number on it.

"Thanks." I said while I giggled. I never had a girl hit on me or flirt with me like that cashier did and for some reason I wasn't freaked out or anything like that. I think it was because she was really really cute too, but I wasn't like that. Well, I can't say that because well, I've always been bi curious, so yeah. My sister Janell, the one I was really really close with was bi and we experimented together a lot a lot when we were way younger, so it was way before Mason and I started to see each other.

We would kiss and touch each other in naughty places all the time so we played a lot. Yeah I know, the order really really hated people who were gay or lesbian, but I never ever had a problem with that and I just said why. Thank god Janell and I were really really good at hiding it because no one ever knew that we made out and stuff all the time, we even did a lot of other lesbian things together, a lot.

We even fantasized that we were both playing with Mason together and we did that a lot and it was so much fun. So if that girl was bi or lesbian then it's whatever, it's not my place to talk bad about her, besides, I wouldn't be any better anyway since I was bi curious, am I right?

I mean, I could be friends with her easily because she was so cool, she was nice and really hot but as far as being with her, that wouldn't happen because I loved Mason with everything I had. Summer knew about my past and she knew Mason's past, she knew about the order and how we grew up and what we were brainwashed into believing.

She just had no idea that me and my sister use to experiment with each other all the time. So when she noticed that I wasn't disgusted or mad or grossed out by that cashier hitting on me, she was shocked! "You and Mason would never make it in the order now, you know that right?" She asked while we got in my car.

"Why do you say that?" I asked. "Because you didn't condemn her to hell and call her satan because she was flirting with you, you didn't even flinch!


Mason is just like that!" She said. "Well, if that's what she's in to, then I say go for it, whatever makes her happy." I said. "I'm so damn glad I met you guys, you guys way too cool." She said. "I know right?!" I asked making us both laugh.

We went to see my man at his post and when I saw him get out of his ambulance, I noticed that he was all excited to see me like he always was. Me and summer ate lunch with him and while we were there, we heard his walkie talkie call his ambulance to a possible CVA, whatever that was, I heard everything else too but I can't tell you anything more than that, I don't want my man to loose his paramedic job.

All I know was that he gave me a long wet kiss before he went to his ambulance and they left. "Oh my god that man drives me crazy." I sighed making Summer hit my arm a little. "You guys seriously need to have sex, my god." She said while we got in my car.

"Why do you say that?" I asked. "Are you kidding me? The sexual tension between you two is so thick that it's suffocating." She said while we laughed.

"Don't worry, we'll be having sex soon." I said. "Tomorrow or tonight I hope cause damn. It's making me horny." She said while we laughed. So summer and I hung out all day long and I had so so much fun and when I got home, I tried my little outfit on and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I loved what I saw. I decided then that I wasn't going to wear a bra with it because I knew that my sexy boyfriend loved my boobs and he'd already seen them bare and he had sucked them a lot so it's not like he's never seen them before.

After that, I went and got my free flavored lubes and decided to taste them. They were really really good, the strawberry flavored one was my favorite one! After I tasted that one, I got this image in my head of me squirting it on Mason's dick and sucking it with that lube and oh my god I got so so horny!! After all of that, I went to moms house because she invited me over for dinner, but she also invited my man, which was awesome because that gave me an idea.

I was going to face my fear, I was going to do everything that Summer suggested. I was like, really horny but I was also scared and nervous, but I had to get over my fear too. He went home took a shower and got changed, I only know that because he told me that that's what he was doing I mean like, we talk all the time.

When he was done, he came over and I didn't even wait till his truck was stopped before I ran out to him, I was so so excited to see him!

He looked really sexy and really comfortable, he had a t shirt and some really cool looking gym shorts on that were silky looking. "Hi." I said with a smile. "Hey beautiful, did you have fun today?" He asked while he scooped me up in his arms nice and slow.

"Yes I did." I said. "Did you go shopping?" He asked while I rested my elbows on his shoulders and rubbed the back of his head. "Yes I did." I said while I rested my head on his. "Did you get anything good?" He asked. "Yes I did." I said while I started to get way way horny since he had no clue that I bought a sexy little outfit for him.

"What did you get?" He asked. "You'll just have to wait and see." I said. "That good?" He asked. "That good." I said. "Fuck you're so beautiful, my god baby." He whispered right before I kissed him. "Get a room!" April yelled while she laughed. I pretended to not hear her because my lover and me were almost making out right there. "We should probably go in." I said after I stopped kissing him and before he put me down. Finally we were all eating dinner and that's when I decided that I was going to face my fear, I was going to touch my mans dick through his shorts and see what he was going to do.

I was horny as hell but I was scared to death because of what happened to me the last time I tried that with my ex. I was already basically sitting in his lap, so I took my left hand and put it on his thigh and started to caress it. I noticed that he didn't even flinch, he just let me do that, so I kept doing that and moved my hand closer and closer to his dick. After a minute my ears got all hot and I couldn't breath because I was so nervous and horny at the same time, I could even tell that my face was getting all red.

All of a sudden I could feel his dick with my pinkie, so I left it there for a second like I was told I should do. He didn't even try to stop me or even try to take my hand away from there at all, he just let me keep my pinkie tip on it.

Then out of nowhere, I felt him open his legs a little and when he did that I got the biggest surge of confidence and butterflies because that was like a sign for me that he liked it. I started to feel a little dizzy because I kinda started to rub his dick through his shorts with my pinkie really slowly.

But what made my whole body tense up was that I felt his dick start to get hard, and it was getting hard really fast. So I kind of adjusted myself and started to rub his dick really slowly and softly with my pinkie, but I wasn't just rubbing one little spot anymore. He just kind of looked at me with a grin while I was talking, I was trying to hide the fact that I was touching his dick from everyone else so I was telling everyone what I did that day, well, except for the time we went to a sex store.

But then I looked at him and lifted myself so I could whisper in his ear. "Is this ok?" I whispered before I sat back down. He didn't even say anything, instead he leaned down and kissed me with no tongue even though I had food in my mouth. That told me everything I wanted and needed to know right there, he was liking what I was doing to him!

You know what that meant right? It meant that I was scared for absolutely nothing!! I was making him get the biggest boner because I was touching his dick! I don't think you will ever understand how horny that made me!

I made him so horny that his dick was going down the right leg of his shorts which worked out perfect since I was sitting to his right. I kinda squirmed because I got so horny that I couldn't see at all and that's when when I got braver and slid all of my fingernails on it and started to rub his covered boner with all of my finger tips and finger nails through his silky shorts. I got the worlds biggest chills when I felt his dick go up against my finger tips and then down, so I just kept doing that to him.

Then I started to rub the whole thing, like, instead of just rubbing his dick where his head was, I was rubbing the whole length and thickness of his big dick. When I started to do that, I heard him sigh so I looked at him and he looked like he was tying so so hard to not make any noise, so I watched him while I slid my hand all the way on his dick and slowly closed my hand around him until I was gripping him.

His face turned red and he closed his eyes a little when I did that, so I kinda lifted myself up and got my lips close to his ear. "You have a really hard boner." I whispered making his dick, throb I guess?

"I have a really beautiful and sexy goddess touching me and it's driving me crazy." He whispered in my ear. "Good." I said while I looked up at him and rubbed his dick really slow and gentle. While I was doing that to him, I felt his hand rest on my thigh and he started to rub me there too, and that made me feel more brave, so I kinda started to jerk him really really slowly.

He started to rub my leg, and he was moving his hand closer and closer to my pussy, which was one of the reasons why I was so damn hot for him. So during all that time that I was slowly jerking him off through his shorts, his finger was like, really really close to my pussy.

All of a sudden I lost it, my whole body tensed up three times and I closed my eyes because I felt his finger touch my pussy!

I spread my legs as wide as I could and let him touch me because I wanted him to. "You're not wearing panties?" He whispered in my ear while his huge dick got really really hard then just really hard a few times.

I couldn't say anything because he set my whole body on fire so I just nodded my head no. "I didn't know you shaved, I love it." He whispered in my ear. All of a sudden I just froze while the most amazing pleasure went through me like crazy because I felt him touch my clit.

I kinda moaned a little and squeezed his dick because I didn't know what to do, I was so so beyond amazed at how good he was making me feel. I just sat there and moved my hand so I was jerking him while he dipped his big manly fingers between my lips and touched my hole where I wanted his dick!

I was literally all hot and he started to make me cream his finger so bad that I felt my juices make a puddle under me and I was moving my hips a little, kinda like I was humping his finger. I didn't even try to stop him because it felt way way too good, especially since he was almost fingering me just as slowly as I was jerking his hard dick.

I kinda fell against him and we kept molesting each other at the dinner table. "What are you guys doing?" Diana asked with the biggest grin making me realize that I was just holding my fork with food on it and staring at my food while I was trying to catch my breath.

"What?" I asked while I let go of Mason's big dick and looked at her, god my vision was so hazy and stuff that I couldn't see, I was that horny!!

"What are you guy's doing?" She asked again. "Nothing." I said after he stopped touching my pussy. "Liar, you guys got all quite, you're both breathing really hard, your face and ears are all red and you were moaning a little. What ever ever is going on, you really look like you're enjoying it." April said.

"You guys seriously need to go have sex, really bad." Janell said while I floated back to earth. "What's that smell?" Denice asked with a look on her face like she knew, she was giving us a little grin. "What smell?" I asked. "We can smell you, it's obvious that you two are playing right now." Janell whispered in my ear. "Can't help it, I want him so so bad." I sighed while I whispered. "Does he have a boner?" She whispered in my ear making me nod my head yes. Me and Mason weren't touching each other anymore, but it felt like we were.

When I was married in the order, my ex never ever touched me like that, I mean I was molested all of the time by my dates and my dad but it never felt even close to as amazing as Masons finger! But what's better was that I actually turned him on so bad that he just had to touch my pussy and made my little slit cream all over his finger and my chair! I couldn't believe it, he actually LET ME TOUCH HIS DICK and he LOVED IT, god I felt so so stupid for being so scared about that!

His dick was the very first real one I ever touched with my hands like, ever and now I wanted more, I wanted to feel it in my hand while he was all naked! "You almost made me cum." He whispered in my ear making my whole body feel really really hot all over! "You almost made me cum." I whispered in his ear.

I tried to behave for the rest of the time we were eating but it was not easy at all because now that I knew that he liked it when I touched his boner, I tried to do it as much as possible. But not only that, I loved how it felt when he played with my wet pussy, in fact I loved it so much that I took his hand and put it on my slit and pushed his finger in me a little.

I hated that he had to leave because I wanted him to keep molesting me while I molested him, actually, I wanted to have sex with him like, really really bad, you have no idea! He was going to meet with one of his bosses. His work was wanting to make my lover a supervisor, we only knew that because he was talking about it, well, he was trying to anyway but he was having a hard time doing that because I had his dick in my hand, well, sort of.

I walked him out to his truck and when we got to it, I waited until his door was open before I shoved him against his truck. He leaned down and kissed me kind of hard and while we kissed, I took his hand and put it on my boob, then I put mine on his dick and started to rub it again. "You're going to make it difficult for me to concentrate." He hissed while I kept rubbing his dick through his shorts after we stopped kissing. "I'm sorry, I can't help it, I want it so bad." I whimpered.

"Don't be sorry, I love what's happening right now." He said making me kinda moan while I rubbed the whole length of his hard hard boner. "I love you always baby." I kinda whimpered. "I love you forever." He said before he kissed me again.

We stopped kissing and I stopped touching his dick, but when I stopped I rested my head on his stomach and pulled his shorts out so I could see his dick. And when I saw his dick, all of my muscles got really really tight for a second and I couldn't breath at all, plus I could feel my warm teen girl cream dripping down and soaking my legs.

I let go of his shorts and backed off while he leaned down and kissed me again. "Call me when you get home lover." I said softly after we kissed for a minute, maybe it was longer, I don't really know. "I will." He hissed. "I love you Mason." I kinda whimpered.

"I love you Kaylee." He whispered. That was it, that was the second that I knew that I was going to do everything I could to make love to him for sure! It's going to happen tonight, I thought while I tried to get myself composed I guess. I needed him inside of me so bad that my whole body literally hurt, and no matter how hard I tried to stop my cream from streaming down my young shaky legs, I couldn't stop it.

I watched my man drive off before I went in and went straight to the bathroom so I could wipe myself, but when I wiped myself I noticed that it felt way too good!

I didn't want to get myself off because I didn't want to end up changing my mind and not make love to him. I still had to touch myself a little because I was hornier than I had ever been in my life!

My mouth was all dry, I couldn't catch my breath at all, my vision was way way hazy, and I was shaking all over! Not to mention the fact that my whole body hurt! When I got done, I had to put my panties back on because I had to try to keep my pussy from leaking all over my legs like it was.

I got out of the bathroom and I went back to the living room. "I'm going to go home mom." I said while I tried so hard to not fall, I was that horny!

"Are you ok?" She asked. "Yeah I'm good, I just need to go rest, I'm tired and I feel kinda gross." I lied, the truth was that I was going to go home and get ready to make love to my man that night. "Ok well get over here and give me a hug." She said while I went to her and gave her a hug. "The order is watching you guys, they saw you touching him." She whispered in my ear.

"Good, I hope those perverts did so they'll leave me alone." I said. "Have a good night and get some sleep we are all going to the lake in the morning." She said. "I will, love you mom." I said while I grabbed my purse and went to the door.

"Love you too." Mom said. "Have fun Kaylee!" April yelled making me laugh. "Ok." I said. "Make fun and sexy choices!" Janell yelled. "Planning on it." I said while I laughed. I went straight home and got naked immediately I mean, I already had my shirt off before I closed the door, and I had my skirt off before I even made it half way down the hallway.

By the time I got to my room, I had my bra off and oh my god my nipples were so so hard! I so wanted to get myself off like, really really bad but I wanted to make love to my man more, so I tried to not touch my pussy anyway.

I got completely naked and took a long shower and washed my hair and body really good, and when I washed my pussy, I almost fell because I almost made myself cum, especially when I used my shower head to rinse myself off. When I got done, I dried my hair and did it as fancy as I could before I did my make up and put my wettest and shiniest lipgloss on. Then I went and got my new lingerie and took the tags off it it, put the lube in my purse and put my sexy new little outfit on stockings and all, and no I didn't wear a bra.

Then I went and got his uniform shirt and put it on, only this time, I buttoned it all the way up and waited for my man to call me. I was ready, I was ready and more than willing to give myself to him and I was going to do it that night!

Oh my god I was so excited and so so horny! While I waited, I took his uniform off and looked myself over to make sure I looked way hot for him then I heard my phone ring. I so could not get to my phone fast enough, especially when I saw his phone number and his pic on the screen.

When I answered the phone, I was so hoping that he would talk about what we did to each other at dinner, I wanted him to bring it up. If he did, then I was going to try to get him so horny for me that he couldn't take it anymore and beg me to go over to his house!

"Hey lover." I said while I sat on my couch. "Hey sexy, I'm home now." He said. "How did it go?" I asked. "Well, it's true, the operations manager wants me to interview for the shift supervisors position because I'm apparently the most qualified for that spot." He said. "Well you are a nurse with a masters degree for crying out loud so you like, have way more training and stuff." I said.

"Yeah I guess that's true." He said. "So what's the problem?" I asked. "I like it on the rig too much." He said while he laughed. "Well I think you should go for it, I mean like, it's up to you and all, but I think you'd be good at it." I said.

"You think I should?" He asked. "Yeah I do." I said. "You should know that I had a really hard time concentrating on anything he was saying the entire time, so thank you for that baby." He said sounding like he was really horny for me. "Yeah? Why's that?" I asked hoping so bad that he would bring what we did at moms house up while I laid back and spread my legs. "Because I'm a little shocked and very very turned on." He said. "Why?" I asked trying to get him to say more.

"Because you touched my dick and I can't stop thinking about it, I kinda want more." He said making me slide my hand in my panties and start touching myself.

"So you liked it?" I kinda whimpered. "I loved it, I loved how your little hand felt on me, I said I wanted more remember?" He sighed. "I loved how your fingers felt on my wet little pussy." I whimpered while I started to rub myself.

"Oh my god." He moaned. "Are you ok?" I asked while I giggled. "Yeah, you just made me really really hard baby, I've never heard you talk like that." He kinda moaned. "Does it make you want me?" I asked hoping he would say yes.

"Yes it does, it makes me want you really bad. Can I ask you something?" He asked. "Yes you can baby." I said while I spread my legs more and started to finger myself really slow. "You said that you would do things you were never allowed to do, what were you never allowed to do?" He asked. "I was never allowed to touch a real dick and I was never allowed to put it in my mouth." I said. "You've never been allowed to suck dick?" He asked. "Nope." I said.

"Fuck, I'd let you suck mine all you want." He said making me so horny that I got dizzy. "Your dick was the first one I've ever touched with my hand." I said. "Did you like it?" He asked. "I loved it, now I wanna feel it when it's all naked." I kinda whimpered while I started fingering myself more.

"I love how soft and silky your wet little pussy feels, my god you were so wet, I've never had a girl so wet that she was dripping off of my fingers like you were. It made me want to taste you by wiping your pussy with my tongue and lips." He said making me so beyond horny that I almost had an orgasm!

I had never heard him talk like that and it really really really made me so so hot and wet and, god I don't know! "Oh my god baby, you're making me so so horny." I whimpered.

"I still wanna taste you." He said making my muscles everywhere tense up. "I wanna get lipgloss all over your dick." I sighed while I touched myself. "Oh my god." He moaned. "I wanna taste your big hard boner so bad baby, I wanna suck your dick." I whimpered. "I wanna taste your pussy so bad baby." He kinda moaned making my little pussy gush so so bad like, oh my god! "Oh my god you're making me so so hot for you." I whimpered with a shaky voice. "You already made me really hard and ready for you." He said.

"So like, what would you do if I came to your house right now?" I whimpered while I slowly rubbed my wet pussy, it was so wet that it was making loud squishy sounds. "I don't know, I do know that there would be no way that I would be able to control myself around you anymore." He said in a breathy voice. "Do you want me?" I asked. "Yes I do." He said. "How bad?" I asked. "I wish you were here, I really want you to come over now." He said making my body feel really hot and fuzzy because he just said what I wanted him to!

"Would you let me do whatever I wanted." I whimpered. "Yes I would." He said. "Would you let me do anything?" I asked. "Yes I would." He said. "Anything at all?" I asked. "I wouldn't even do anything to you unless you asked. I'd let you have all of the control." He said making me so dizzy, wet and horny that I started to hurt everywhere even more.

"Really? Even if that means that I take your dick out and suck it like I really really want to right now?" I whimpered. "I would love that." He said making my vision get really really hazy.

"What if I wanted your dick in my pussy?" I whimpered. "Oh fuck baby I've never heard you talk like this, my god. If you wanted me inside of you I would give you as much as you wanted." He said making me moan. "What if I came over all naked right now?" I asked. "I would kiss and lick you all over your beautiful body." He said.

"Are you horny for me?" I asked. "I'm jerking off to you right now." He said making me moan. "Mason, how much do you love me?" I asked. "More than anything else in this world, I'd give up everything I have just to be with you." He said. "You already gave up a lot, you gave up your nursing career and your massage therapy career." I said.

"I would happily give everything else up if it meant that I only had you." He said. "Do you love me enough to make love to me before we got married?" I whimpered wishing so so hard that he would say yes. "Oh god yes." He moaned making all of my muscles tighten up a few times.

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"Do you love me enough to make love to me tonight baby?" I whimpered. "Oh my god yes." He said sounding like he was jerking off a little. "Will you let me do everything I want to do to you?" I asked. "Yes I will." He kinda moaned "Everything?" I asked. "Yes." He moaned. "Everything including having sex with you?" I asked. "Yes." He said. "Even though we aren't married?" I asked.

"Yes, even though we're not married." He kinda moaned. "Oh my god, I'm coming over now." I whimpered. "Are you really coming over?" He asked like he was all excited and horny. "Yes I am, I'm getting ready now, is that ok?" I asked.

"Perfectly." He sighed. "I'm on my way." I said making man kinda moan. "Baby." He said before I could hang up. "Yeah?" I whimpered. "If you are really coming over, you may wanna pack some clothes for at least a few days and bring your swim suit." He said. "Why?" I asked. "Because if we end up making love, you won't be going home tonight or maybe even for a few days." He said making my pussy kinda squirt!

"Well, we are definitely going to be, so I'll pack real quick and I'll be over." I half whimpered, half sighed and stammered while I stopped touching my pussy. "Ok, I'll be waiting for you." He moaned. "Wait, are you still dressed?" I asked. "Yeah I am but I've been kinda jerking off." He said. "Oh my god, oh my god oh my god." I whimpered because he almost made me cum.

"Are you ok?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm just really really wet and horny for you. Put your dick away and don't get undressed." I said with a shaky voice. "Don't get undressed?" He asked. "No, do not get undressed, I wanna take your clothes off." I said. "Ok, this is going to be all about you tonight, I'm not going to do anything unless you tell me to." He said making my body shiver. "Start by putting that beautiful dick of yours away, you're not allowed to touch yourself anymore, that dick is all mine." I kinda whimpered and gasped.

"Ffffuck, ok, anything for you baby." He said. "I'll see you soon, I love you forever." I said. "Be careful, I love you always." He said. Oh my god we were going to have sex and he was going to let me be in total control of everything that we were going to do! I have never, ever felt like I was in any kind of control like that, I didn't even know what to do but I was so so hot oh my god!! I had never been so horny that I couldn't walk at all like I was after we hung up. I was stumbling around my apartment while I packed clothes, makeup, contacts, hair dryer and straighter and other stuff that I knew I was going to need.

I was ready, I was ready to make love to him, and I needed him and his dick sssoooo so bad, I don't even think you'll ever understand! I could still feel him touching my pussy while I was packing my stuff for the next few days so I had thee worst time moving around. My pussy was so squishy and slippery that every time I moved, my muscles kinda tightened up because it felt so so amazing.

Finally I had all of my stuff ready and was getting ready to leave, but I remembered that I wasn't wearing his uniform shirt anymore. So I went and put it back on, buttoned it all the way and grabbed my bag with my favorite pillow and got in my car. While I was driving to his house, I noticed that I was being followed but I ignored them because there was nothing that they could do or say to stop me from giving myself to my sexy lover. I got to his house and pulled into his driveway, I just parked in his circle driveway and got out by his front door.

I got my bag and pillow and went to the door, and when I got to it, it opened and there was my man. I looked at his bump and saw that he was so so hard! "Hey sexy." I kinda whimpered before I bit my lip and then looked in his eyes. "Hey beautiful, you look so sexy." He said while I went in his house. "So do you." I kinda whimpered while he closed the door and walked up to me from behind. "Oh my god." I sighed while I dropped my bag and let him hug me from behind. "Are you ok?" He asked while he sent chills through my body.

"No." I said while I slowly slid my hand behind me and put it on his dick. "What's wr.wrong?" He asked while I kinda gripped his huge hard boner through his jeans. "I'm horny." I said while I sighed. "Are you?" He asked before he moved my hair out of the way and started to kiss my neck.

"Yeah, I'm horny for you baby." I whimpered while I started to rub his dick. "I'm all yours." He whispered while I looked up at him and opened my mouth for him. My whole body shuddered and I got the worlds biggest butterflies when he kissed me all slow and passionately, and while we kissed, I kept rubbing his boner. I swore I felt it getting bigger in my hand while we kinda made out, but then I started to ache all over again when I remembered that he was going to let me have all of the control.

I'd never been in control of anything like that, so the fact that he was going to let me control everything about what we were about to do made me shake so bad. I stopped kissing him and stepped forward and held him in place by his boner.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked. "I'm very sure about this, are you?" He asked. "Ive never been more sure about anything else except that I love you. Now you said you'd let me be in control." I said while I let go of his boner and looked up at him.

"Yes I did, is that what you want?" He asked. "I've never been in control of anything like this so I'm nervous but yeah, I want to control all of this." I kind of whimpered. "Don't be nervous baby, just do everything you never got to do, I'm under your control now, I'm all yours to do whatever you want, don't think about it, just go for it and have fun." He said making me kind of moan.

"Are you sure baby, because if you let me be in control I'll have you so deep inside of my little pussy for sure." I said making him moan. "Fffuck, I'm very sure baby." He moaned. "Let's go to your room, I want you to see the special outfit I'm wearing for you." I whimpered while these amazing chills shot through me. "Ok." He said while I slid my fingers between his and started to lead him to his room.

"You're shaking." He said while we were walking. "It's because I'm way beyond horny for my lover, you." I said while I looked back at him. When we got in his room, I turned around and looked right at his boner, and when I did I saw that it was way bigger than it was when I first saw it.

I turned him around and pushed him to his bed then I pushed him down and slid in his lap and started to kiss him while I unbuttoned his shirt. I stopped kissing him long enough so that I could unbutton his shirt all the way before I started to kiss him again. I moaned in his mouth when I pushed my pussy against his boner really hard and started to grind on him. My whole body got so so hot and I couldn't breath, and after a minute of making out with him, I got out off of his lap and stood up.

I looked right in his eyes and started to unbutton his uniform shirt and once I got it undone far enough, I dropped it on the floor. "Oh ssshhhhit, oh my god baby." He moaned while he looked right at my boobs.

"Do you like it baby?" I asked while I reached down and grabbed his boner. "Fuck you look so sexy, oh my god." He gasped while he made me let go of his dick, took my hand and started to twirl me around.

"Thanks." I said while I looked at him and bit my lip while he looked at me really good. "Touch me." I said making him slowly touch my boobs through my little see through dress. "That feels so good." I hissed while he massaged my boobs. I couldn't take it anymore, so I took his hands off of my boobs and made him stand up. Then I pulled his shirt all the way off and walked behind him while I slid my fingers around his body.

When I got in front of him, I looked in his eyes and started to undo his belt slowly. "I wanna see your dick." I said slowly with the horniest voice ever, god I was so horny! "You've already seen it, twice." He said with a grin. "How do you know?" I asked while I kept undoing his belt. "At your moms before I left, you pulled my shorts out and looked in them." He said.

"Well yeah but, when did I see it before?" I asked. "That day I came home after a bad day at work and you came over and drew me a bath, I was standing there and I glanced in the mirror and I saw you spying on me." He said with a smile. "You saw me?" I asked. "Why do you think I got hard?" I asked. "You got a boner because I was spying on you?" I asked.

"You spying is why I turned to face you, I wanted you to see it since I knew that that's what you wanted." He said making my whole body hurt from want. "Well I wanna see it again." I said. "Ok." He said while his face turned red since he was so horny for me. I started to grip his hard hard dick through his pants and rubbed him slowly while I undid his belt with my other hand. "Is it ok if I take it out?" I asked while I started to unbutton his pants. He couldn't say anything because he was so horny that he couldn't breath, so he nodded his head saying yes.

I loved how he was breathing, I loved the way he was looking at me and my boobs that were showing through my see through dress. I loved the way he kept kissing me over and over again while I got his pants unbuttoned. He kept kissing me, but when I started to unzip his pants, he moaned and stopped kissing me because my fingers pressed and rubbed against his hard hard dick while I unzipped his pants.

"Does that feel good?" I whimpered once I got his pants all the way unzipped. "Yes it feels so good." He kinda moaned making my pussy squirt more wetness out.

"Mmmm good." I moaned and gasped while I stepped back and looked at his amazingly hot body really good. "So nice baby, you have the hottest and sexiest body, I love your body." I whimpered while I pressed my body against his and before I started to kiss and lick his abs while I started to pull his pants down. I felt his hands all over my shoulders and back while I kept kissing and licking his muscles, and when I pushed his pants down further, I stopped kissing his hot body for just a second.

I pulled on his pants till they were down past his amazing ass and looked right at his boner and that's when I found out what kind of underwear he wore. He wore boxer briefs and they were tight, but what I loved the most was that his hard dick was so so visible! I could see the outline of it going down his leg and I could almost see where the head was. I kinda creamed my panties, well, not kinda, when I looked at his dick, but I didn't want to touch him there again until I had his pants all the way off.

"Sit down." I said while I looked up at him. "Ok." He said softly. He kinda backed up and while he was doing that I pulled his pants down even more so when he sat down, all I had to do was pull on the legs of his pants to get them off all the way.

I looked in his eyes and started to pull his pants by the pant legs until his pants were off all the way and dropped them on the floor. "Come here." I sighed while I took his hands and helped him stand up and pulled him away from his bed so I could walk around him all the way. I wanted to explore his whole body, I wanted to see it all so I kissed his abs again and slowly slid my hand on his hard dick and rubbed him all the way to his head while I kissed every single chest and ab muscle.

My head really started to spin like crazy when I stopped kissing and licking his hot body and started to walk around him slowly. I started kissing him all over his body, again, and when I got behind him I kinda pulled his underwear down really slow while I touched his bare ass for the first time. He stood there and watched me slowly make my way around his sexy body and while I did that, I made sure that my young body was against his in some way.

I hooked my finger in the waist band of his underwear and slowly walked around him so that I was pulling his boxer briefs down more and more. I kissed and licked his body all over while I explored every inch of his amazingly sexy and hot body. "Kiss me." I sighed when I got back in front of him. He didn't even say anything at all, he just leaned down while I gripped his big dick through his boxer briefs and he kissed me all slow and passionate.

He started to make the whole room spin like crazy just from how he was kissing me. His tongue and mine met before he could get it in my mouth and he swirled his around mine several times before I felt his breath kinda blow in my mouth. I moaned when he pulled me against him really tight and kinda lifted me while our tongues just, glided and slid together. My heart was pounding so so hard and I was aching for him all over!

I stopped kissing him and tried to catch my breath while I slowly pulled his boxer briefs down as far as I could. "I love you." He sighed while he stared into my eyes. "I love you baby, I love you so much." I sighed while I slid his underwear down even more. I stepped away from him and then I pulled his underwear down more and more all while I looked in his eyes until I was bent over. "It's all yours." He hissed while I pulled it down so far that I felt his dick spring out and hit my chest between my boobs.

"All mine?" I hissed while I kept looking in his eyes.

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"All yours, I'm all yours." He hissed while I let his underwear fall to the ground. "Take my dress off baby." I said while I stood up again and stepped back a little. He looked so deep in my eyes that I felt this amazing electricity between us, we loved each other yes, but something about that moment made it so much deeper than I knew it could ever be. He kissed me while he took my dress from the bottom and started to lift it all slow, and when we stopped kissing, he pulled my dress off all the way.

So there I was, wearing the tiniest see through panties, garter belt with straps and my stockings, and that was it.

But what made my head spin with want, was that he was standing there completely naked! "I just wanna get a good look at you." I sighed while I looked at him really good. His dick!!! OH.MY.GOD it looked so much better and way sexier up close! My muscles tightened up so so bad and so many times when I looked at it, it was beautiful!

It was really really thick, it was really white like I remembered, and it was really long. He had foreskin that covered part of his head and it was amazing! I looked in his eyes and made my eye brows slant and bit my lip really hard. "I love your dick." I whimpered while he started to touch my boobs. "It's all yours now." He said softly. "Is it mine to do whatever I want?" I asked while I reached over and slowly closed my fingers around his dick and my fingers still didn't go all the way around him.

"Oh god." He moaned while I gripped his bare dick for the first time ever making it get extra extra hard for a second. "Is that a yes?" I whimpered while I pushed my hand towards his balls really slowly. "Yes, that was a yes." He moaned while I pulled the foreskin down his big hard dick head. "Oh my god you have the nicest dick baby." I whimpered while my body shook so so hard.

"That feels so good, god." He moaned quietly while I started to jerk his dick really really slowly. I watched his chest while he was breathing, and I watched his sexy amazing abs tense up like crazy a few times. "Sit." I whimpered making him back up to his bed and sit down.

While he was backing up, I let go of his dick and watched it sway from side to side while he moved. "I wanna show you my pussy." I hissed while I was breathing really hard. "Ok." He moaned while his dick lifted and dropped a few times. I stared at his dick and walked to him and pushed his knees apart so that I could feel his dick against my skin.

He leaned in and started to kiss me kinda hard, and when he did that, I could feel my pussy like, force some juices out from between my tiny little lips again.

I moaned in his mouth while I reached down and took his dick in my hand and pulled it up so that I could jerk him slowy. He moaned while I licked the inside of his mouth and his tongue while he rubbed my whole body with his hands. We both moaned at the same time when he gripped my bare little ass and pulled me against him.

I let go of his dick even though I didn't want to and led his hands to my hips where my panties were tied. "Untie these." I whimpered after we stopped kissing. "You want me to untie them?" He asked making me nod my head yes while I slanted my eye brows. He leaned down and started to kiss my neck and shoulder while he took the strings to my little panties and pulled them until they were untied. And after he untied them, I led his hands to my butt because I loved how he grabbed it and massaged it.

While he was doing that I lifted his head and looked in his eyes and kinda spread my legs so my panties could fall on the floor. "I wanna show you." I whimpered while I moved so that my tummy rubbed his big hard dick. "What do you want to show me?" He asked. "This." I said while I stepped back and spread my legs. "Oh my god." He hissed when he looked right at my pussy. "Do you like it baby." I whimpered while I kept watching him take my body in. "It's perfect." He gasped while he reached for his dick.

"No." I said while I took his hand away from his dick. "Can I touch you?" He pleaded like he was going to go so crazy making me nod my head yes. "Can I explore you?" He asked making sure that I knew that I was totally in control of everything.

"Yes, but you can't touch your dick, it's mine." I hissed while he took my hand and pulled me closer to him. He turned me around and started to touch me all over the place, only he wasn't just touching me. His big manly fingers were sliding all over my back, my legs, my ass and my ass crack and he was doing it like he found this amazing treasure that he couldn't stop admiring. I pulled my long hair over my shoulder while he caressed my body so gently that he was starting to drive me insane.

He pulled me against him and all of a sudden I felt his hard dick against my butt while he slid his fingers over my shoulders and down my arms. The more he did that, the more I realized that I couldn't take it anymore, I need him in me so bad! But I let him explore every inch of my body. When I felt his hands cup my boobs, I reached up behind me and wrapped my arms around his neck and looked back at him.

He moaned a little and I could feel his dick throbbing against my back. Then I slowly turned around and let him touch every inch of my body. And the more he touched me, the more he would set me on fire!

I was breathing so hard, but when I pulled my hair back again and watched him look right at my pussy, I almost lost it. "Touch my pussy." I sighed making him look in my eyes. "Like this?" He asked while he slid his middle finger down the length of my little drooling slit. "Uuuuu.yeah, that baby." I whimpered while my muscles got tight over and over again. I really don't know how to explain what happened to me after I felt him touch my pussy because it never happened to me before except at moms.

All I know was that it felt so so amazing and it made me feel so so sexy! He stared in my eyes while he rubbed my pussy really really slow and really gentle, like I was a rose pedal or something. I started to feel like the goddess he always said I was. "You're so wet, holy god baby." He moaned while he pushed one of his fingers inside of me. I tried to say something to him but I couldn't because I was too busy gasping, that's how good his finger felt inside of me.

I opened my eyes, rested my head against his and took his amazing dick in my hand while he rubbed my pussy making me breath really really hard and erratically. "Does that feel good." He whispered while he looked so deep in my eyes. "Yeah, oh god, yeah baby." I whimpered but I had a hard time saying it. "There's nothing about you that isn't beautiful." He whispered while I slowly jerked his hard dick. "Why does your dick do that when I touch you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He asked while he stared in my eyes lovingly. "It kinda gets extra hard for a second and then it goes back to just being really hard, and when I'm not touching it moves by itself." I said softly while he fingered my pussy really slow.

"It means it's throbbing." He said with the warmest most loving smile ever. "Does it hurt?" I asked. "No it doesn't, it just means you've turned me on so bad that I need you." He whispered. "Does it mean that you like the way I touch your dick?" I half whispered and half whimpered. "No, it means that I love it, I love how you touch my dick." He whispered. "You know we have to have sex now right?" I asked before he made me jump and squeal a little because he touched my clit with his thumb.

"Why?" He asked after I was able to catch my breath. "Because I want to." I said before I used my other hand to lift his head up by his chin. "I want you too." He said seconds before I opened my mouth wide and licked the corner of his mouth and his sexy beard while I slid my tongue in his mouth.

I kissed him a couple of times before I sighed into his mouth and started to kiss him harder while he fingered my pussy. I started to hump his finger nice and slow while I jerked his big throbbing dick making him moan into my mouth and kiss back.

I started to shake so so bad and my heart started to pound so hard. I knew I was going to loose all control and I didn't want to yet because I wanted to suck his dick, I wanted to show him what I learned at the blow job school I went to.

But when we stopped kissing, he had a look in his eyes that made me so wet that I knew that my juices were leaking out and literally dripping on his bedroom floor. I reached down and pulled his finger out of me all slow and gentle while I looked him in his amazing green eyes. I slipped my finger in my pussy while I jerked him and took some of my pussy cream out. "You wanna to taste me?" I whimpered while I shook. "So bad." He kinda moaned. Right then, I slid my finger in his mouth with my cream on it and felt his dick throb so hard while he sucked and licked my finger clean.

"How do I taste?" I asked. "Sweet, very sweet and very good." He whispered. "Now I wanna taste you, scoot up and sit against your headboard." I whimpered. "Ok." He said while I let go of his dick and watched him scoot up and lean against his head board. "Your dick is so big baby." I whimpered while I stared at it and climbed on the bed and sat in his lap and started to kiss him.

I scooted up so I didn't have to reach up that far, and when I did I felt his dick slide against my pussy. I lifted my head and gasped while I smashed my pussy against his hard bare dick. I kinda moaned and my muscles all tightened up once I noticed that his bare dick was pressed against my bare naked pussy for the first time.

I moaned and started to kiss him again while I started to move my hips so that my wet aching pussy was grinding against him.

He let a really sexy moan out and held onto my butt and helped me move my pussy against him. That's when I stopped kissing him and stared in his eyes while I slowly rubbed his dick with my wet little slit. "Oh my god baby." He moaned before I fell on my hands making my hair fall all around our heads.

"Does that feel good baby?" He whispered making me smile. "It feels sssssssoo so good." I whimpered and kept rubbing his dick with my pussy. I couldn't not believe how good that felt like, at all! I kept closing my eyes and throwing my head back and moaning but before I completely lost control, I leaned down and started to kiss him kinda hard.

He held me gently by my face while we kissed over and over and over again before I stopped kissing him and started to kiss his beard on his chin and started to work my way down his hot sexy body really slow. Then I reached down and took his big throbbing dick in my hand and started to lick his body making him moan.

I could feel his heart beating so so hard and I could see and hear him breathing hard too. I looked in his eyes and moaned a little when I felt his big dick throb and press against my body between my boobs. "I want you to see me suck this big hard dick of yours baby." I said making his dick press against my body kinda hard. "Fuck I love it when you talk like that." He said while he grabbed some pillows and got so he could be more comfortable.

"Do you?" I asked while I creamed so bad that I could feel my juices almost pouring out of me. "Yes, it drives me so crazy." He moaned. Oh my god, he loves it when I talk to him like I'm a little slut, I thought while I moaned.

That's when I couldn't take it anymore, I leaned down and looked him in his eyes while I moved down more and pressed my lips against his dick. Then I started to kiss every inch of his amazing hot dick before I licked him really slow. I watched his stomach muscles tighten a few times before I pulled his sexy foreskin down and swirled my tongue around his head and when I did that, his tasty dick pressed against my lips.

"Fuck baby." He sighed making me really excited because he liked what I was doing to him. "Hold my hair, I want you to see this." I whimpered making my pussy leak all over his bead.

After I told him to do that, he took my hair and held it so that he could really see everything, then I licked and kissed his dick really slowly and looked right in his eyes and licked all the way up to his sexy dick head. Then I stared in his eyes and moaned while I held his foreskin down and opened my mouth and I sucked his dick right in my mouth. "Ssshhhhit Kaylee, oooooohhh fffffuck Kaylee." He hissed while I looked right in his eyes and took more of him in my mouth while I stuck my tongue out and slowly started to pull my head up while I sucked and licked his dick.

That's when I fell in love with how his body moved, the way he looked at me, the way he kept saying my name. I fell in love how he was breathing, how his dick tasted with my own juices all over it. I fell in love with how I had to open my mouth as wide as I could just to get him in my mouth. I fell in love with how his dick felt in my mouth, how I could feel the softness of his dick and how hard he felt at the same time.

I fell in love with the way goose bumps popped up all over his hot body and how he tried so hard to not just thrust his hips but couldn't help it. I fell in love with the way his deep booming manly voice sounded when he moaned for me. I fell in love with sucking his big dick, and I fell in love with how it felt to know that I was pleasing him as much as I was.

I got the worlds biggest chills and I got so way beyond horny and wet knowing that I was making him move, moan and breath the way he was that I couldn't see. Everything was all blurry and I was shaking so bad but not only that, I could literally feel my juices forcing its way out from between my pussy lips and getting all over my legs, knees and his bed.

My whole body felt so so hot and I had the worlds biggest butterflies and they were so bad that they were way worse than ever before. "Fuck Kaylee, ffffuck baby,'ve never done this before?!" He moaned while he looked right in my eyes. "Mmmm mmm." I moaned with his dick in my mouth saying no. "Ffffuck, goddamn you're a natural baby." He moaned.

That's when I watched and felt his whole body get really really tight for a second, and it made his head fall back. I slowly licked and sucked his dick in and out of my mouth one more time before I moved my head up really slowly and sucked until his dick popped out of my mouth. But when it popped out, it made the sexiest noise ever and it made the whole room spin! When I practiced that on my toy, it was just one loud pop, but with my Mason's dick, it made two small pops and one loud one, it literally sounded like we were kissing like crazy and we stopped and separated our lips if that makes any sense.

He sat up and pulled me to him and kinda shoved his tongue in my mouth and started to kiss me while I slowly jerked his cock. He kissed me a lot, and the more we kissed, the more horny I got and the more I needed to feel him inside of me.

"Fuck, you're really good, oh my good god baby." He moaned making me smile after we stopped kissing. "Do you like the way I suck it?" I asked while our lips brushed together. "I love it." He hissed making me get the biggest and best chills ever. "I love sucking your big hot cock." I hissed making his cock throb so bad in my hand before I kissed him hard again.

"Can I touch your pussy?" He asked after we stopped kissing letting me know that I was still in charge. "I'm not done sucking this amazing and beautiful cock though." I whimpered. "You can move over to the side, I really wanna touch you, please baby, I wanna make you feel good too." He pleaded.

"Ok." I said while I moved to his right side so my butt was facing towards the wall. I didn't say anything else, I just looked up at him while he touched my boobs and while I sucked his cock in my mouth again.

I heard him moan and watched his back arch away from his pillows and head board a little while I slowly licked his throbbing cock, but I ended up moaning while I sucked his dick in my mouth again because I felt him touch my pussy. He started to rub my clit and pussy as slow as I was sucking, kissing and licking his dick and when he was doing that, I couldn't concentrate anymore. I moaned with him in my mouth when I felt him slide his finger inside of me.

I started to move my hips and it started to get me really really close to having an orgasm. All of a sudden, I felt him touch this one spot inside of me while his hand pressed against my clit, and when that happened, I had to let his cock pop out of my mouth. "Oh my god baby." I cried while he started to finger me so nice and so slow but kept rubbing my clit and that one spot at the same time. I never, ever ever had a guy make me feel so good that all I could see were stars like my Mason did to me right there.

I kinda fell on him but kept my butt up in the air and I had a hold of his really big throbbing dick. He made me grip it and when I did that, I heard him suck air in through his teeth and moan. He just kept fingering my pussy and the more he did that, the wetter I got, and I got so so much wetter than I had ever been. I never knew that a guy could ever make a girl feel that amazing, like the world stopped and everything just went away.

I got back up and took him in my mouth, but this time I was so so horny that I didn't suck his dick quite as slow and sensually as I was before. I sucked his head in my mouth and sucked it like I was the whole time, but I decided to do something else that I learned to see what he would do.

I sucked on his dick and only pushed my head down an inch or so several times while I moaned with him in my mouth. Then out of nowhere, I decided that I was going to go for it so once I only had the tip of his head in my mouth, I opened as wide as I could, stuck my tongue out and pushed my head down until I felt his big swollen head hit the back of my throat. He sucked air through his teeth again and stopped fingering me, then his body got so so tense that his whole back arched away from the pillows and headboard.

He let this really sexy long moan out while he gripped his blankets between my legs. "Oooooohhh mmmmy god!" He moaned before he started to gasp while his cock started to throb in my mouth. I moaned on his cock when he slid his finger inside of me again and started to finger me so slow and rub that one spot again. I did the same thing to him that I did a few more times and every time I popped him out of my mouth, it made that really really hot noise!

I could hear him sloshing my girl cream around while he fingered me and I got way way wetter than I had ever been, well, because I was. He tried to move me so that my pussy was closer to his mouth because by then he made me so so hot and wet for him that I literally couldn't see straight. He was already sitting up against his head board and trying to get me to move so that my butt was in his face, and I actually knew what he wanted, he wanted to eat me out.

But since he let me be in charge, I stopped him after I popped him out of my mouth making that loud, hot and sexy popping/kissing noise and pushed him back to stop him. I didn't say no to him verbally but he got the idea because he moaned in disappointment just before I kissed him all slow and passionately making sure my tongue touched his sexy beard. I moaned in his mouth and that made his dick throb like crazy while I jerked him, but after we stopped kissing, I sucked his dick again so that I could get as much of my spit on it as I could.

He had no idea that I was about to make love to him for real, and when I thought about what I was seconds away from doing, I squirmed a little while he kept fingering me. Finally after taking him as deep in my mouth as possible for the last time, I got up and kissed him again making him hold my face and kiss me back while we both moaned.

He didn't even care that I had slobber dripping off of my lips and chin, I only knew that because when I licked his beard, he licked the corner of my mouth right before we started to lick the insides of each other's mouths and teeth.

I moaned again while I got up and straddled him while I held his cock up, I didn't let go of his dick at all, but I made him moan when I pressed my dripping pussy against his dick and thrusted. We stopped kissing because I was so full of want that I couldn't stand it. All of my muscles tightened up right when we stopped kissing because I was about to sit on his big thick dick. I kinda moaned while I rested my head against his and looked in his eyes.

"I love you so much, god I love you." He hissed. "I love you baby, I love you just as much." I sighed before I held his dick and moved so that he could feel his cock head slide along my dripping teen slit. "I wanna make love to you." I whimpered while I pulled his foreskin down and pressed my little hole against his cock head. "Make love to me baby." He sighed making my whole body feel so warm, fuzzy and kinda numb while I started to sit down.

I stared in his eyes while I pushed down again trying to get him inside of me. I already knew that I was kinda tight because I never had a dick that big inside of me before, I mean, I had no idea how long he was, but he was really really long and he was way way thick and yummy. So because of that, I had to keep trying, but even though I was so so hot that my girl juices were pouring out, I still couldn't get him inside of me.

"I cant get it, help me, I want it so bad." I whimpered after a few tries. "I'll hold my cock for you baby, use your fingers to pull your lips apart." He sighed. "Like this?" I asked while I reached down and spread my lips apart while I looked down making my hair fall on his hot and sexy body. "Try it with both hands." He said softly and so so lovingly.

"Like this?" I asked while he held his big dick for me. "Yeah like that, now try." He sighed while he held his dick against my aching pussy entrance.

After that, I looked in his eyes and sat down, and that's when I realized how wet I really was. Once his dick slipped inside of me for the first time ever, it was like fire works went off and exploded everywhere!

It was by far the best and most amazing experience of my entire life! But what made me start to cum, was that I felt his really thick, wide and long dick slip inside of me like my body just sucked him inside of me!

"Oooohhhh, fff, fffuck, fuck fuck, oh fuck Kaylee." He moaned while I sat down more, slowly taking him deeper and deeper inside of me.

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"Ohhhhhhhh gggggooooood ba.*GASP* baby! Oh my god m.Mason!" I cried out at the same time while I felt his big hard dick go deeper and deeper inside of me I don't know what to say to explain how it felt for me at all other than I started to have the worlds biggest orgasm! It was by far the sexiest, most amazing, most indescribable feeling I had ever felt in my life.

It felt way way better than my first real orgasm, or any orgasm that I had after that! His cock was so big that he filled me up more than I ever expected, but what I loved more than anything else in the world, was that it didn't hurt at all! It felt ssssssoooo so good like, oh my good god! I opened my eyes to see what he looked like while he moaned my name and saw his head leaning back with his eyes closed. I sat down further and further until I knew that every inch of his huge hard cock was buried deep inside of me, and once it was all the way in, I sat there like that for a few seconds so my orgasm would go away.

That's when my baby opened his eyes, he looked into mine and that's when I started to move up and down on him really slow.

"How does it feel this time?" He whispered while he looked in my eyes like I was a priceless treasure to him, making me almost start crying. "Oh my god it fee.feels ss.soooo goo.good baby." I moaned through a few really sharp gasps. "You feel so good too, you're so so tight." He kinda moaned while he whispered. "I love you." I said while tears started to come out of my eyes. "I love you." He said before he grabbed my boobs and started to kiss me.

I reached up and held his face while we kissed and started to move my hips so that I was slowly making love to the love of my life. I felt his muscles tightening up every time I thrusted my hips forward, but my muscles were too. We stopped kissing and he started to kiss my neck and my chin all slow, like I was a delicate and fragile flower and like he didn't want to break me. I kinda leaned back and put my hand on the back of his head while he kissed and sucked down my body all slow and sensually.

I leaned back more and kept moaning, gasping and whimpering my lovers name while he started to suck and lick my boobs. Having him deep inside of me while he sucked my boobs sent me to into outer space! I let him suck and lick my boobs for a little while because I knew how much he loved them, but after a few minutes, I remembered that he let me be in charge. I lifted his head and pushed my tongue in his mouth and started to kiss him and when I did that, I started to move my hips in circles and that made him stop kissing me.

"Oooooooooohhhh ggod Kaylee, fuck I love you, you fee.feel so goo.good." He moaned setting all of my nerves into the sexiest little frenzy! "I love, I love you I love you, uuuuu, uuuuhhh, I love you." I whimpered and moaned. After that I looked in his eyes and lifted myself up so that his hard dick came out half way and sat back down all slow. He pulled my head against his and held me there while we stared into each other's eyes while I did that again. This time when I did, I watched his eyes close a little while his muscles tightened.

"Oh my go.god baby." He groaned while I did it again making him throb so hard inside of me. I couldn't get over how amazing sex really was and I never in a million years even thought that sex was suppose to feel so good that it would change my life in such a big way. I could feel my tight little pussy squeezing my lovers cock so hard that I could feel every detail of it.

I could feel his foreskin, I could feel his veins and I could feel everything. I loved how his dick head felt when it rubbed my insides so good and so hard.

His hard dick started to throb so bad inside of me and when it did, I could feel it pressing against that same spot that he rubbed with his fingers and I actually felt the insides of my pussy stretch with him. After a few minutes my muscles didn't just tighten up all over, but I got chills that made the other ones seem like they were nothing.

My body started to shake and I could feel my pussy start to squeeze my lovers dick really hard over and over again. My orgasm was building, but it was building like it never had before. Everything around us started to spin like crazy and all I could hear was gasping, me whimpering between these really high pitched gasps, us breathing really hard, and us moaning each other's names.

"Mmm.Mason oh god baby, I you much." I moaned between these really high pitched gasps. "I you Kaylee, I you, I love you." He moaned between his not so high pitched gasps while he looked deep in my eyes.

When he said that my whole body got really warm and I started to get so close to exploding all over his dick, and the closer I got, the more I lost control of my body. And all of a sudden, I started to shake really bad and I couldn't breath. I started to see stars all over the place, but I was also looking deep into my lovers amazing green eyes and I could feel his dick throbbing so hard inside of me like it was almost pulsing.

When his dick was doing that, I kept bouncing on him and I could still feel my insides stretch with him, but when he started to thrust just as slow, I noticed that he was jerking. I felt something amazing inside of me besides his amazing dick, it felt like a bubble that was getting bigger and bigger. My whole body started to feel like it was so hot and all of my muscles started to like, spasm or something and I couldn't breath at all and nether could he. He kept letting these incredibly sexy quiet manly grunts and moans out while we looked in each other's eyes.

I felt his lips touch mine and I could hear my breath blowing in his mouth, and I could feel and hear his blowing in my mouth, it was like we were literally breathing each other in while I made love to him. I tried to inhale but was so overwhelmed by the fact that his fat long dick felt so so amazing sliding in and out of me while I rode him, that I couldn't almost. I just kept inhaling his sweet breath hard and holding it and exhaling really hard while I moaned and whimpered.

I gasped so hard almost like I was hyperventilating and then I moaned his sexy name. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth so so wide and when I did, I felt him lick my upper lip a few times while I wrapped my arms around his head.

"I'm going to cum, I swear to god you're going to make me cum Kaylee." He said setting my nerves into the worlds biggest sexual frenzy. " it." I moaned while I opened my eyes and looked into his.

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"Inside of you?" He moaned while his cock started to pulse like crazy inside of me. "Pl.please, I w.want it me baby, I love you." I whimpered while my whole body started to buzz and feel really really fuzzy. "Oooohhh mmmmy god, I love you, I love you Kaylee." He moaned. "I love you I love you I love you I love you." I said through the sharpest and highest pitched gasps while something all of a sudden took over my whole body.

I fought to keep my eyes open so I could see deep in his eyes while I was having the biggest orgasm of my life. I held his head against mine really tight and he held mine against his. I slid my fingers between his on both of his hands and we both squeezed each other's hands while we kinda melted into one, we weren't just two people anymore, it literally felt like we became one. All of sudden, I watched his face contort a little and turn really really red while he tried to breath and moan for me.

All of a sudden I just kinda collapsed in his lap making his hard pulsing thick and long dick fill me up until he was all the way inside of me, all however many thick inches was all the way inside of me. I could almost feel his dick under in my belly button. Our muscles got really really tight together at the same time and it made our bodies jerk really bad, and while we stared into each other's eyes, I felt it.

I felt the bubble inside of me burst, and when it did, the worlds biggest orgasm ripped through my whole body in huge huge spurts. But right when that bubble bursted, I felt his cum shoot up his entire sexy length and erupt deep inside of me, at the exact same time!

"Uuuuuuuhhhh gggod, I you ka.Kaylee, I love you, of life I love you." He moaned between the sexiest gasps and moans I have ever heard. "'re the of life too, I Mas.Mason." I moaned right before my amazing orgasm like, exploded into something I never knew existed. I knew for a fact and with out any kind of doubt at all that my Mason meant every single word he just said to me, and for some reason, it made my orgasm so so powerful that I couldn't breath at all and I couldn't speak anymore.

I was trying to talk, but my pussy was going crazy around his dick and it was so bad that he actually got stuck inside of me. I kept moving my hips because I couldn't help it at all, and it didn't help that I could feel his cum filling my pussy so full that our mixed cum was trying to force its way from around his throbbing and pulsing dick.

We both kept moaning loud while our orgasms kept sweeping through us in the most amazing way possible! I couldn't see anything at all except for my Mason's amazingly beautiful green eyes, I couldn't feel the bed below us either.

All I could feel was his dick filling me and shooting his cum inside of me over and over again. I could feel his sexy hot sweaty naked body against mine, I could feel his hands on me, I could feel and taste his breath while we moaned into each other's mouths. I could feel his beard while I let go of his hands and caressed his face while our orgasms that seemed like they were lasting forever started to go away really slowly.

I could feel his lips touching mine, his nose pressed against mine, and his beard and I could feel our bodies jerking and tensing up at the exact same time. We were staring into each other's eyes and he was touching my whole body all slow and so so softly and when he did that, it made all of my senses so much more heightened.

I could feel the air around my body and I could feel his gentle touch, I could feel him and it wasn't just physical, it was mental and emotional too. I could literally feel his thoughts, I could feel how much he truly loved me and there is nothing to even compare to what I was experiencing at that moment.

It was by far thee most beautiful thing I had ever experienced in my life, and it made me fall even harder for him, and I didn't think that was even possible. I kept rubbing his beard and kissed him but I didn't have to tell him that I loved him more than my own life, and he didn't tell me how much he loved me because I could feel it and I could see it in the way he looked deep in my eyes. I could feel my pussy stop squeezing his dick over and over again like crazy, and when it stopped, I could feel our mixed love juices start to leak out of me and all over him.

I was shaking so so bad, and I couldn't move, but I wanted to stay the way we were. I didn't even noticed that my baby scooted and laid down all the way so that I was laying on top of him, and I didn't even realize that we weren't staring into each other's eyes anymore.

I could still see those amazing green eyes and my eyes were closed. I laid on top of him and felt my body jerking and shaking still, and when I opened my eyes, I was still laying on top of him.

My hair was behind me, but it was all on his left side and I could feel and hear his heart beating fast and hard. I had my head laying up by his neck and I was facing to his right.

My body went up with each breath he took, and went back down every time he exhaled. I couldn't move at all, I had no strength at all, and I could tell that he didn't either but he was still caressing my body so so softly. I have no idea how long it was before I was able to move again, but when I finally floated back to earth, I noticed that he was still inside of me.

"I love you." He whispered making me look up at him. "I love you." I said softly while I looked up at him and smiled with tears in my eyes. "I had no idea that this would be so amazing." He whispered making me slide up so I could rest my head on his shoulder. "Me either." I said while I started to caress his chest and neck with my fingernails. Making love to the man that I loved as much as I did, and the way it all happened, I don't know.

It was by far the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced in my life. I never knew that having sex could be so beautiful and so amazing like it was with Mason. I don't even know how to describe what I was feeling while I laid in his arms all naked and with him still inside of me.

We were cuddling, and, god I don't even know how to say it, I really don't. I laid there and thought about everything we went through and how we ended up being together again, and how it led to us being in his bed like we were. Love isn't a strong enough word to describe how I felt for Mason at all. He was the most amazing man I had ever known in my life. He was thoughtful, he was caring, he was empathetic, he was funny, he was a loving, he was by far the greatest man I knew and now, he was mine.

Happy isn't even a strong enough word to describe how I was feeing while he held me. I know it's stupid, but I started to cry because I felt so in love with him that I felt like he was literally a part of me. When I was 14, I felt like he was a part of me, but this time was way way different.

It felt like it was almost literal I guess you can say. When I made love to him, it was like we became one, like we melted into each other and became, god, I don't even know what to say.

What I loved the most, was that Mason was such an amazing man that he let me do the one thing that I always wanted to do but didn't realize it till that day, something I was beaten up for before. He loved me so much that he let me be in complete and total control of everything that happened that night. It wasn't just the whole blowjob thing anymore, it was that he loved me so much that he just let me do everything I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, and how I wanted to do it.

He never even tried to take any control of anything at all, he literally surrendered to me, he made me feel so loved and so powerful, he made me feel like the goddess that he kept saying I was.

That told me a few things, and they were that I knew that I was going to be free in our relationship, in our marriage and in our lives together. I knew for a fact that I was never going to be in prison with him, that I was going to be able to go to school and start a career. He was going to let me make my own decisions, I didn't feel like I had to ask him to go shopping with my own money anymore. It took me like, the longest time to get to where I didn't have to force myself to not ask Mason if I could hang out with Summer, but after making love to him, I knew I never had to ask.

I was always scared of my ex, I was in no way scared of Mason at all. I felt loved, and I mean I really really felt loved, I felt like he wanted me because he loved me and not because he just wanted to cum in me and make me pregnant. I felt loved, and I felt wanted, I didn't feel like I was his property at all.

So like, unless you have ever been in an abusive relationship, or grew up in and married in the order like I did, I don't think you'll ever understand how amazing that feels. All of that went through my head while I laid there crying and kissing his chest.

"I love you." He said again while he lifted my head to look at him. "I know, I love you too." I said while I started to smile. I lifted myself up and scooted up so I could kiss him, and while we kissed, he wiped my tears away, god he was so gentle and so so loving. After a while, I rolled off of him and we cuddled for the longest time, but since we were all sweaty and stuff, he suggested that we take a shower together.

So he got up and he took my hand and helped me get up, then he led me to his bathroom and started the shower and had me set the temperature to what I liked. He kinda smiled while he told me that he wanted me to set it to what I liked and not what he liked.

He went back to his living room where I dropped my bags and purse, he didn't even try to cover up at all when he did that. He came back and had me get my shampoo and conditioner out, then he helped me take my garter belt, straps and stockings off. I couldn't help but get kinda horny again because of the way he was looking at me, but what made me get even hornier, was that I watched his dick start getting hard again.

"I guess that means you like what you see." I said while I pointed at his growing dick with a smile. "You guessed right." He said with a smile. "I love what I see too, see?" I asked while I dipped my finger in my pussy and showed him how wet I was already.

"Like I said, you won't be going home tonight." He said with a smile making me giggle. "Did you get it set to what you wanted?" He asked. "Yes I did." I said while I walked up to him and put my arms around him. "Good." He said with the most loving look in his eyes while he looked in my eyes. "You really love me don't you?" I asked while he gave me the biggest butterflies. "You have to ask?" He asked while I walked backwards into his huge shower and pulled him with me by his hands.

"No, I just love how you tell me." I said softly while I got close enough to him that his dick would rub against my body.

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"Then yes, I really love you." He said while we got under the water. "We need to get your hair down, but I wanna do it so you're going to have to like, get down and stuff since I'm short and you're really tall." I said making him bend down and let me start to pull his hair out of his ponytail. "God you're so hot." I said while I watched him. "You're so incredibly beautiful." He said softly while I watched his long hair fall down and around his shoulders. "So what did you think about your blowjob?" I asked only because that was the first one I had ever given, well, to a guy anyway.

"It was incredible, fuck it was amazing." He said making me feel really really good about myself. "Was it really that good?" I asked with the biggest smile while he started to wash me with soap. "Let me just put it this way, if I didn't know you as good as I do, I'd swear that you had been giving amazing blowjobs for a long time.

Your blowjobs are out of this world compared to any others I've ever had." He said. "Really?!" I asked. "Yes really, I'm serious when I say you can suck my dick anytime you want." He said. "Well, do you remember that one day that Summer and I hung out after our first date?

You know, the one where we made out in your truck?" I asked. "Yes I do actually, I was at the MCI training for a few days." He said while he turned me around and started to wash my back, but since he was so tall, he had to bend over so he could reach all of me.

"She took me to a class that teaches us to give really good blowjobs, and after that I bought a dildo so I could practice, so I did get a lot of practice, a lot of it but it was with a toy." I said making him turn me around and look at me with a smile. "You took a class on it?" He asked.

"Yep, I wanted to take it so I could please you." I said. "That explains why you're so amazing at it, and did you say that you have a toy?" He asked. "Yeah I do, why, is that bad?" I asked. "No that's not bad, I wish I knew because I would love to use it on you." He said. "God I'm so glad we did this tonight." I said while he washed me really good. "Me too." He said while he washed my legs really good.

"Oh wow." I kinda moaned when he started to wash my pussy really good with his bare hands. "Does that feel good?" He asked. "It feels really good." I whimpered while he made me hotter and hotter. He washed me really really good and while he did, he made me so horny for him that I started to get really wet and I know he noticed it. I just watched him while he looked in my eyes while he slid his fingers up and down the length of my slit.

When I was done being washed by my incredible man I let him wash my hair and stuff, and while he did that, I kept backing into him until his half soft dick was touching my back.

I moved from side to side so I could make him feel good when I did that. Finally I was all washed and clean, and that's when I took my time and washed his hot and sexy body. I took his dick in my hand and started to wash it, and when I was doing that, I got to literally see him and feel him get really really hard.

I wanted to tease him a little, so I didn't make him cum because I wanted him to cum in me again. "Ok so like, I'm not tall enough to wash your hair and I really want to." I said making him smile. "That's ok, I'll get on my knees. "Ok." I said while I started to breath hard because I wanted him in me again. "Wait a second, I'm going to get a towel so you don't have to be on the tile and stuff." I said. "Ok." He said while he reached for his dick while he looked at my boobs and pussy.

"No." I said while I pushed my body against his and moved his hand away. "You're driving me crazy." He said while I squirmed against him so my soft belly rubbed his hard dick. "I love that I do this to you." I said while I backed off and grabbed his dick at the base and lightly pulled my hand all the way up to his head slowly.

"So do I." He said. "I love that you do this to me." I said while I pushed his dick down and stepped against him again making his dick slide against my wet pussy. "I love that I do that to you too." He sighed while I started to move my hips so my pussy was rubbing his big dick. "I'll be right back." I sighed while I ran my hand down his body while I backed away from him.

After that I went to get one of his big towels and folded it so that he could have some padding, then I went back in the shower and put it in the floor. "There, now it won't hurt." I said while I helped him get on his knees. "Thank you." He said. "You're welcome." I said before I kissed him and went to get my shampoo and conditioner.

"You know I have my own." He said with a sexy grin. "I know, but our hair will smell the same now." I said while I got behind him and started to wash his hair.

While I did that, he reached behind him and started to touch my legs, and that just made me want him again. So I hurried and finished washing his hair, and yeah I did use conditioner. Once his hair was all rinsed and stuff, I went to him and took his hands while he stood up, and while he stood up, I started to kiss him.

We got out and dried each other off, and after that I got my blow drier and stuff so I could dry my hair, but after I got mine done, I wanted to do his, and since he let me be in charge I started to blow dry his.

"You're having fun aren't you?" He asked while I brushed his hair and used a blow dryer on it. "Yep, I'm having lots of fun." I said while he looked at me with the warmest smile. "Good." He said. I got his hair all dried and stuff, and since I was going to get to sleep with my lover that night, I couldn't help but be so excited!

But what I loved the most was that we were going to sleep together naked, because that's what I wanted and I was in charge so yeah. You can tell I liked being in charge huh, it was my first time ever and I was having lots of fun with it. "I'm hungry, are you hungry?" He asked while he looked at me. "I'm starving, having sex with you made me hungry." I said with a giggle. "It's because you got a good work out." He said. "Yep." I said. "Do you have a robe because I have a few." He said.

"We aren't going to get dressed?" I asked hoping that he'd say no. "Why? We just had great sex and took a shower together, it would be pointless." He said making me smile. "I was hoping you'd say that, I love how you look all naked." I said. "God tell me about it." He said while he started to basically have sex with me with his eyes. "You love seeing me naked too huh?" I asked while I walked up to him.

"Yeah I do, there isn't a part of you that isn't beautiful." He said giving me the chills. "Thanks." I said while I pushed my whole naked body against his naked body. "I love the way you feel against me too." He said.

"Yeah, I love how you feel too, especially when you're in me." I said making his dick move. "Let's got eat, we are probably going to need the energy." He said. "We are." I said while I giggled.

"So there's going to be more?" He asked with a smile. "Am I still in charge?" I asked. "Tonight is all about you, so yes, you're in charge all night." He said. "Then yes, there is definitely going to be more, I'm kind of like, addicted to you now." I said. "I'm very addicted to you." He said making me shiver a little. "Good cause I'm all yours now baby." I said softly.

"You're going to make me get all hard for you again." He said. "I kinda want you to be." I said before I kissed his abs. He lifted my head by my chin and kissed me a few times before I took his hand and started to lead him to his room.

He gave me one of his robes which was like, way too big for me, but it smelled like him so I fell in love with that robe.


He put his on and we went to the kitchen, and while he was making us some sandwiches, I couldn't help but watch him, god he's sexy, I thought while he made them. He made mine all perfect, he knew that I liked it with no crust and cut in half, I was kinda picky that way. I was always like that and I loved that he remembered after so many years of us being apart.

I literally sat in his lap while we were eating and yes I did notice that his dick got all soft. After that I helped him take the dishes to the kitchen, but I was all horny for him still, I wanted to make love to him again. So while he was rinsing the dishes and putting them in his dish washer, I jumped on the island in his kitchen and untied the robe I was wearing. "Have you ever eaten a girl out?" I asked while I pulled my robe open and spread my legs really wide so he could see my wet little bald pussy.

"Yeah I have." He said while he turned around. "Do you like doing that?" I asked while I touched myself right in front of him. "I love everything about it." He said while I looked at his bump and bit my lip.

"What do you love the most about it?" I asked. "The fact that I'm pleasing the girl." He said while I watched his dick start getting harder under his robe.

"Do you like my pussy?" I asked while I looked in his eyes and started to rub myself slow. "It's perfect and beautiful, I love it." He said. "Have you ever thought about doing that to me?" I asked. "Yeah I have, I'm thinking about it now." He said. "I've never been eaten out before." I kinda whimpered while I put the tip of my finger in me. "I can show you what it's like." He said while I looked at his dick to see it getting bigger and bigger.

"Can you do it now?" I asked while he walked up to me. "What do you want me to do?" He asked while he walked up to me and pulled my body against him. "I want you to lick my pussy." I sighed making him kiss me kinda hard.

I held onto him and moved my hand from his face to his neck then to the back of his head while we kissed, I won't lie, I was loosing it so I started to kiss him harder. After a few seconds, I moved my hands so his robe would fall all the way off of me, and when I did that, he started to kiss my neck and chin. I moaned because he was making me so horny that I couldn't see all that good, but then he made me even hornier when he started to kiss down my body and started to suck and kiss on my boobs.

His hair wasn't pulled up, so I got to feel his hair and beard softly touching my body while he kept sucking on my boobs and lower down my body. He pushed me onto my back all gentle and softly, and after that, I felt his warm wet tongue all over my stomach.

I had to sit up and move his hair so I could see his gorgeous eyes while he looked up at me. "Oh god baby." I gasped and moaned when I felt his beard touch my little clit. I thought he was going to start eating me out, but he started to tease me really really bad.


He started to kiss my inner thighs and lick them till he got to the spot where my legs and pussy met. I was moving my hips because I wanted to feel his mouth on me, but he started to tease me again, only he was doing that on the other side. Then out of nowhere, I felt his long tongue almost touch my butthole and slowly slide up the length of my pussy.

"Oh god, mmm." I moaned while he licked my pussy a few more times. I gasped a few times and my body jumped a few times while he licked the whole length of my little pussy all slow. I immediately fell in love with how his beard and his hair felt on my body down there and I fell in love with getting licked by my sexy man. He licked me a few times before he slid his tongue between my lips and pushed it against my little hole where his sexy dick was not that long ago.

My whole body was tingly and I started to feel a little numb. I couldn't stop moving at all, it was like I was humping his face, but my whole body was kinda rolling because it felt so so good! I loved how he kept closing his lips around my clit and doing whatever he was doing to me with his tongue and lips. It was driving me wild, but what made me moan and fall back was that he started to French kiss my pussy all slow and gently.

All of my nerves started to go crazy all over me, and I had the worlds biggest chills while he kept licking my pussy. I don't know what he was doing with his tongue, but OH MY GOD! I don't even think I even heard myself moaning or whimpering because he shot me to the moon! I know for a fact that I couldn't breath and I couldn't even talk! It was like he knew every single part of my pussy like the back of his hand, he knew my pleasure spots and he knew what I liked, and I didn't even have to say anything to him.

I started to arch my back and moan out, but they were really really shaky and broken moans. My whole body started to get to where I couldn't lay still no matter how hard I tried, and it got so bad that I almost rolled off of the island that I was laying on, so I was so glad that my Mason held onto me like he did. I tried to reach for something but I couldn't find anything. The whole room was spinning like crazy because he was making me feel so so good!

I felt his hand slide up my body all gentle, so I lifted my head and put my hands on both sides of his face and stared in his eyes while he started to squeeze my boobs and eat my pussy. I could not believe how amazing it felt to have him do that to me and what made it even better than I ever thought it would be, was that I could feel his hair and his beard touching my skin while he did it. When he moved his head while he licked me all slow and sensually, his hair would brush against my legs and body, and I fell in love with how it felt when he ate me out, I fell in love with him licking me the way he was.

I moaned and tried so hard to not cum, but somehow, and I don't have any idea how, but he kept making that bubble feeling inside of me get worse and worse. I felt like was about to explode all over his sexy and handsome face, but right when I thought I was going to cum all over in his beard and stuff, he would do something that would just hold me right on the edge. I was gasping so bad and I was whimpering and moaning because he was giving me some of the sexiest most amazing feelings I ever felt.

The man knew what he was doing let me tell you, so yeah, I was way way happy that he had so much sex with his ex because now I was getting to experience some of the sexiest, most erotic feelings that I never had in my life! I felt like a goddess, I felt so so wanted and that made everything feel so so much better!

He never broke eye contact with me the entire time he licked, sucked and kissed my pussy. I couldn't help but move my hips up and down, and when I was doing that, I tried so so hard to keep looking in his amazing green eyes. I knew that he loved me more than anything in this world, I knew I was his everything and I knew all of that just by looking in his eyes. I knew it by how he touched me, how he looked at me, how he talked to me, how he treated me and by how he cared about me like he did.

I was on top of the world and I was feeling so so good oh my god! I held his head in place making him moan into my pussy because he knew that I loved what he was doing to me. I started to ache really bad while he kept holding me right on the edge of exploding all over in his beard and mouth, but I got even hornier than I had ever been. The man knew what buttons to push to make me so full of lust and want for him, and the more he french kissed my pussy and licked it, and sucked on it, the more I wanted to actually fuck him, not just make love to him, but fuck him hard until we both were all raw.

But I loved him, and I wanted this to keep being as special and amazing as it was already, I didn't want to ruin the amazing amazing and beautiful moment we were sharing. I felt like my whole body was turning inside out while he kept building me up and up and up to the most amazing orgasm I had ever had.

I was almost blind because everything was so fuzzy and the room was spinning like crazy. It felt like these like, really soft needles kinda poked my skin, but it didn't hurt, it felt like, I don't know because chills isn't even a word that would be close to what my body was feeling. I fell back and bent my knees and couldn't help but move my whole body. I had my eyes clenched shut and I moaned and whimpered and I said his sexy name a few times.

The most amazing, most indescribable feeling I had ever felt just kinda washed over my whole body and it all started where my pussy and my mans mouth was. My skin felt all hot and it almost felt like my skin was crawling but it wasn't, I don't know what it was, but it made my pussy and my whole body feel so so good! I don't know how to explain what came next at all.

My baby had been eating my oozing pussy so so long and so so good. Every single muscle in my body tightened up so bad that I was shaking and I was gasping. When he closed his mouth around my clit again and pushed his finger inside of me, he touched that spot that made me go crazy. He rubbed that spot with his fingers while he pushed and pulled his fingers out of me while he sucked and licked my little button.

It didn't take long before I was moaning something, I don't know what I was even saying at all, all I know was that I was moaning kinda loud and I was gasping really really bad. I tried to breath normally, but all of a sudden, everything kinda went away, my whole body felt like, god I don't even know.

It was the most amazing, most incredible, most erotica feeling I ever felt in my life, like, ever! All of a sudden, every singe muscle got really really tight to the point that my whole body just kinda rolled to my left side. I lifted my ass up and held it there while my baby kept doing that to me. I grabbed his arm and when he moaned in my pussy again, I felt this, god I can't explain it. I cried out, like, I literally cried out when I felt him pop that bubble that he made get bigger for the longest time ever!

My feet slipped off of the island and my ass hit the counter kinda hard, but I was feeling so amazingly good that it didn't even hurt. After that happened, I had thee longest, most amazing orgasm I have ever had. I could feel my baby's hair and his beard while I exploded all over him, but what made me cum even more, was that I felt his mouth over my whole pussy and he was still licking me. I don't know how long I was in space, but when I started to come down from my massive and out of this world amazing orgasm, my baby was giving me these really soft and gentle kisses on my pussy.

I sat up and when I did, he stood up with the sexiest little smile on his face and I kinda lost it again. So I sat up and put my hands on both sides of his face and pulled him to me while I opened my mouth really wide, stuck my tongue out and pulled his mouth to mine. When I licked his beard while I was shoving my tongue in his mouth, I noticed that I could really really taste myself and it made me moan in his mouth. His beard was all wet from my cum and because he made me explode all over his face like I did, I got so way beyond horny that I scooted my little butt to the edge of the island.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him against me while we kissed like two lovers who lost complete and total control of ourselves. I wanted him, and I wanted him so bad that I was literally in pain, no guy had ever made me so horny that I almost literally went so so crazy until Mason.

And the more we kissed like we were the more I started to go way crazy for him. I was so wet that I could have sworn that I was still cumming, it was that bad! While we kissed like love crazed people, I grabbed the belt to his robe and pulled it so I could get it open and we stopped kissing. "Did you like that?" He asked with his head against mine and while we looked into each other's eyes and exhaled in each other's mouths.

"I loved it, it felt so so good oh my god, you made me cum all over your face." I sighed while I shook like crazy. "You taste so good baby, I'm so addicted to your taste." He sighed while I pulled his robe over his sexy and manly shoulders. "Get this this off." I whimpered making him kiss me while he tore his robe off and let it fall on the ground.

"I want it, I want it so so bad." I whimpered after we stopped kissing and while I grabbed his huge hard and throbbing dick. "Oh my god." He moaned. "Give it to me, I want you inside of me again." I sighed and exhaled really hard in his mouth while I jerked his dick. "Give you what?" He asked while I pulled him closer with my legs till his dick touched my aching pussy. "Your dick, I want your dick in me, give it to me, now." I gasped and sighed making his dick throb in my hand so bad.

That's when he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me off of the island making my hair sway and brush across my back. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck while he lifted me up and and looked in my eyes. "Oh my god I love you." I whimpered. "I love you too." He said.

My eyes opened really wide and I gasped right at the exact time that my body went all tight and started to shake. I gasped really loud and all of a sudden I couldn't see for a second because I felt his dick go right inside of me! "Oh my god oh my god oh.oh god!" I moaned while I felt the worlds most amazing pleasure roll through my whole body while he lowered me on his dick and thrusted his hip at the same time, pushing his dick way more than half way in me.

"Oooooooooooohhhh fffffffuck!" He moaned at the exact same time while his body jerked forcing his huge throbbing dick all the way inside of me.

He held onto me while he lifted me up kinda fast so his cock came out almost all the way, then he just let me down again making me actually start to cry his name out. I held onto him as tight as I could while he kept basically fucking me the way he was. And the way his huge dick felt going all the way in me and almost all the way out over and over and over again like it was started to make me start having another really really big orgasm!

I couldn't breath and my body started to tingle all over while he did that, and no matter how hard I tried to hold on, I just couldn't anymore and I think he knew that. He walked me back to the island and sat me down so I could lay back, but his dick felt so good going in and out of me like it did, that every single muscle in my stomach, arms, legs, back and everywhere else got really really tight.

I don't even remember closing my eyes at all, but when I opened them, I was looking in his living room, but it was way way fuzzy. I felt him holding my butt and I felt him sliding all of his dick in and out of me like he was and I loved how I could feel every inch of him in detail and how I stretched too, he felt ssssoooo so good inside of me, oh my god!

I grabbed his arms and pulled myself up so I could see what his dick looked like inside of me, and when I sat up, he started to kiss me hard making me moan in his mouth. I started to kiss him back like crazy and when we stopped kissing, I looked down and saw how wide his dick was spreading me, and trust me, he spread me wide open! I lost it. My whole body started to shake and jerk like crazy while these crazy fuzzy chills rolled through my body.

I gasped and looked at my lover for a second and looked at his cock while he kept stretching me really wide open and filling me up over and over again because it was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life!

I could see my milk looking girl cream all over his dick when he pulled out, and I saw it all over his sexy body right above his dick! All of a sudden I felt my pussy spasming or something and my whole body started to feel like it was asleep.

I felt so so tingly all over my body and my hands started to feel a little numb, and all of a sudden, my orgasm started to build really really fast! I gasped a few times and I fell back on the counter, and when I fell on the counter, I moaned for my Mason.

Then all of sudden, my orgasm went crazy! It was so so amazing that I didn't even know that my baby pulled out of me, but I knew that I was spraying my cum all over the place, I was squirting! And when he put his dick in me again, this, god I don't even know! It made me gasp really loud and moan so loud, and all it did was make my orgasm way way way better! After that, he pulled out again and then he kissed my pussy while I laid there and writhed.

I don't know how long I was having an orgasm, but when I finally came down from my incredible Mason high, I sat up and looked at him, pulled his face off of my pussy and kissed him. "I wanna try doggy." I whimpered after we stopped kissing. "Do you?" He asked all lovingly. "I've never done it like that." I whimpered while I got off of the island and grabbed his cock that was covered in my girl cream, plus it was really really slimy and slippery. "I know." He said while I jerked him kinda slow.

I let go of his dick, took his hand and led him to his living room where I got on my hands and knees and lifted my butt in the air for him while he watched and jerked himself. I was so not expecting him to bend down and lick my pussy the way he did, but when he did I tried to watch him as best as I could. And after a minute of that, he got me so close to exploding in his face again that it wasn't funny.

He didn't let me cum this time, but I did explode after he got on his knees behind me and put his huge dick in me again. I don't know how long he fucked me all gentle and stuff after that, but I had like, three orgasms from it, and I got to ride his dick.

We made love for the longest time that time before he filled me up with his cum, but it was by far the longest time that I've had sex, ever! When we finally got done, it was almost three in the morning so we had sex for a long long time! We did the missionary, spoon, doggy, bridge, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and face off all in one night. And the best part of it all was that I was the one who got to be in charge. I mean, I did let him dominate me a few times, but in the end, I got to be the one who got to dominate him most of the time.

Oh my god I felt so so powerful! I LOVED that he made me feel so powerful and wanted!! We cleaned up after so many hours of making love and went to bed because we both wore each other out really really bad.

That night I fell in love with sleeping with him all naked and oh my god I loved how his soft huge dick felt against my butt when we spooned! I fell in love with how his naked hot body felt against mine when I laid on him. While we laid there and started to fall asleep, I couldn't have felt safer than I did in his arms. I felt loved, I felt like I was whole again, I was the happiest girl in the world and I knew without a doubt that he was going to be my husband.

I didn't think it was even possible fall even more in love with him, but after making love to him and him making love to me, I don't even know. He rolled on his back and I laid on him and we just kept touching each other for the longest time before we fell asleep together for the first time ever, naked.