Se lo chupa a su amigo

Se lo chupa a su amigo
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Chapter 3 Fuck and Chuck Please read previous chapters 1 & 2 Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 -

Victoria picked up her phone disappointed to see no text, emails or calls from Jeremy. She was not heartbroken per say, but she did feel it in her gut. She wasn't in love and she knew it, but she could not bring herself to not focus on this man. She needed to hear from him, she wanted to know that she was at least some one to him. It had only been a week since their encounter, but she just could not bear the silence any more. Before conscious reasoning came to play the call was dialing.

She looked in the mirror fixing her hair and straightened her shirt until she realized she was just making a phone call. She made a dumb face at herself as her cheeks turned red from her dumb move, even though she knew everyone had those moments.

"Please pick up, please pick up… Ple-" "Hello Vic how are you?" Jeremy smiled as he had heard her little pleas, but decided to keep it to himself. He knew she would flip her mind into circles trying to figure out if he heard her or not "Umm yea hey!

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I'm good! Just haven't heard from you and I." She almost said missed me but didn't want to seem desperate. "Just wanted to see if your still alive!." SO STUPID!! She thought "We'll seeing your name in my caller I.D.

made my pulse pick up a little bit for sure sweetheart." He laughed out. He smiled cheesily even though he knew she couldn't hear him. Smile when making a phone conversation and it comes through your words he thought to himself. "I want to get together again soon, whens the next time your available?" "Well I'm free tonight if you're not doing anything." She said suddenly not as confident feeling as she was when he picked up the phone. She cursed herself for making this awkward call.

"I mean if you want I can come over and watch a movie. or some other time. or I don't know what ever you feel." "Well babes I'm busy the next couple nights, but I'm open Thursday night. I'll give you a call when I'm ready." He said cooly. "By the way, our little carnal adventure the other night was extremely… pleasant for lack of better words.

But I'd like our next date to be about us getting to know each other, I look forward to finding all about Victoria!" "Oh well that sounds fine. Quite fun actually I want to get to know the inner Jeremy as well!" Jeremy pressed the mute button on his phone, and released it creating a second of silence.

"Hey I'm get-" He pressed the button on and off again. "other call, talk to " press "-er babes" Click She sighed out loud and wished the conversation went longer. She wished she didn't sound so young and childish in that call. At least he wants to see her and get to know her, he cheeks blushed at the thought of such a prized man taking interest in her.

"Gentlemen, meet Victoria! Desperate for my voice, desperate to see me again, and I set the date, left her hanging and hung up on her because I'm a busy man. " He exclaimed to the men in his lecture. He was spending the day teaching a group of 20 men his rules on dating and life. At a $1000 bucks a pop for 2 weeks of lessons, he could not let this opportunity go.

"I met her at a bar sometime a week ago. Sitting at the bar her friend had a suitor already wooing her. This lovely little gem had the dorky wing man occupying her time. Obviously a dud, she was not in to him.

All he did was comment on her good looks. She is beautiful, whether she admits it or not, whether she is self-infatuated or self-loathing, every guy comes along and lets her know she's a good looking woman. YOU. DO. NOT." He emphasized his words by pointing a finger in to the crowd with each word. "She's wrapped around my finger, and right now she was wishing she had more time to talk with me, wondering who it was calling me and what I'm doing right now. She also thinks I'm in to her for her and want to get to know her.

Why? Because that is what I told her and set in her mind before I switched the subject and etched that thought in to her mind.

I had control of the conversation before I picked up. I let it ring, I answered when I felt so, told her I wanted to see her, told her I wanted to see her, shot down her first offer of when to see me, told her when I wanted to see her and finally, I ended the conversation because my life is important and not to be tied up by just one person." "I picked her up by following my own method of seduction.

My own rulebook of getting to past her guard, under her radar and into her heart and down to her panties&hellip. And back up to her mouth." He said with a wink. "Gentleman this can be yours. But first before you go in to the bar and hit on every woman you see with the weak shit the guy next to you used before you, STUDY YOUR PREY." "Her choice of drink, the color scheme of her outfit, the designer of her outfit, the way she did her hair.

Hell even the way she is sitting. If you see it, you can bullshit it. IF YOU SEE IT&hellip. YOU CAN BULLSHIT IT." HE walked with a slow gait, back and forth in front of these men.

He was master motivational speaker, an expert salesman and a champion of improve. His every move practiced and refined.

He kept the audience on the edge of the chair everytime. He had students from all over come for his teachings. His actual name never on the event, just a nick name, Eros.

The god of sexuality, a fitting title for himself. He liked to keep his name off publications to keep his name from the public eye for what he is. Sure he was in the media for the various artist on his lable, for being the CEO of a Mega Corporation, but Pimp Trainer was not exactly what he wanted the ladies to read about him. "Smart words said with low confidence can sound stupid and unconvincing, but dumb words said confidently can appear to be smart.

Perception is reality people! The meaning of words can be misconstrued through the tone of voice, the amount of energy put in to the statement, where the hands are moving, how the face looks while expressing these words. Use this knowledge to your advantage. You see a woman sitting at the bar, alone, with a short skirt, low top and a pair of heels.

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Sure you can go up to her and say my you look beautiful. What I would do is look her up and down, walk up right next to her at the bar, bump in to her with my arm, and just ignore her and as I order my drink." Questioning faces in the crowd appeared. "Because she is dressed for attention, she wants to be hit on, she wants the approval of the other sex.

She wants you to comment how nice her legs look. Go ahead and sneak a peek, the legs are waxed, fully moisturized and even stretched out to drag your maximize the amount of leg you can see.

The cleavage, so low cut, an extravagant bra to make them look that much better wanting your eyes to wonder a bit. Well, fuck you loser if you fall in to the trap!" He exclaimed with a mock sad face and wide open arms. "You don't look, you don't feed the ego, and you don't give her what she wants. Instead, I would walk away with my drink, give it about 15 seconds and walk back confident, strong and in control.

You walk up to her and look apologetic in your eyes, but with a smile that says im a million bucks and you say 'dear, I apologize, I nailed you with my arm, looked at you and decided to just ignore you and walk away. I'm having a bad day and I let that get in the way of being a gentleman. I insist a buy you a drink for my callousness!'." "You didn't ask her approval to buy a drink, you didn't feed her in ego in fact you detracted from it.

You told her square to her face you looked at her and without a second thought walked away from. Remember what I said earlier, study your prey? By her outfit she obviously is seeking attention of the opposite sex of course, but what else can we use against her? Her drink. What is she drinking?" "If its some kind of sweet mixed girly drink, you can bet she is wanting to liven up her mood, cheer herself up and be happy, which means she's had a bad day, a bad week, is currently hating her boss or ex or just likes fruity drinks.

Either way you know your class of drinks to buy her. Something fruity, but not what she is currently drinking. You tell the bar tender to serve her a drink of what ever fruity alcohol contained blend you can think of, with out asking what she wants or if you can. It's about being confident and showing you control the situation regardless of how it plays out.

She can't deny you buying her the drink because it is already ordered. You did not consider what she wanted but ordered what you wanted her to drink because hell you're the alpha dog. Woman are hard wired biologically to be attracted to the Alpha Dog.

The Alpha Dog has and always will be seen as the guy who the others look up to for leadership and guidance, the most shining example of confidence and the with the best chance of procuring a healthy lineage from." "How was she sitting before you came to her.

How about during? Was her legs crossed, body facing towards the bar when you came up? How about now is she more faced towards you? Leg crossed a little further showing more leg? The hair being touched, shirt being adjusted? These are weapons she's handing you to use against her. They are Indicators of Interest, friends. They let you know she's at least willing to see and hear more from you.

Now back to the first sight, the outfit." "You don't tell her your name or any other simplistic crap, you don't compliment her choice of attire, perfume or make-up. Instead you ask her if her arm is alright and you say here ill kiss it better, place your middle finger and index finger on your lips, exaggerate a kiss and place the aforementioned fingers on the arm and laugh lightly.

Its light physical contact building you to her comfort zone. Everyone has their personal bubbles, its up to you to lightly pop them without your intent being noticed. Very few, very brief and very proper touches in context to your conversation pop those bubbles as if you've known each other for years." "You say 'I can be a bit crude when I'm having a bad week, I'm sure it even happens to the best of us. You don't seem to be having the best of nights yourself!' a simple off hand comment can pique her interest in your situation or maybe lead you towards finding out hers.

You follow that up with 'Trouble with the boyfriend?' to find out if she's in a relationship or not, if she is in the rebound zone or it can have her open up and explain her problems. Your polite, your oblivious to her appearance, strong, confident, well dressed and an open ear. Women trust these things. They will open up to you as long as you have those values in mind. "You listen, find her problem, be there for her, wait for her drink to get low order yourself another one, but not one for her.

Your not her date, your not paying for her drinks or food or anything else. Don't be that sap. Sure your listening to her problems, sure your spending your time there, but your sure as hell are not spending your money on her." His phone vibrated in his pocket and he checked his texts.

Jenni arrived to pick him up and was feeling quite kinky. She decided to send him a text picture of her panties around her knees in her car outside. "Gentleman, your homework tonight, take what I've taught you tonight, and write a story of you going to the bar and picking up a woman with what you've learned from my lecture, and finish where I left off here on how your going to use what you know about her to build your value, build the attraction and close the deal.

I've got a kinky chick not wearing any panties waiting for me!" he said as he held up his cellphone broadcasting the picture for those who could see. He sauntered up to her black Honda and opened the car door, her lacy pink thong panties around her knees still. She was a bit surprised expecting him to hop in to the passenger seat. "I'm dying for a blow job, hop out I'll drive" he said with a wink. He leaned in for a kiss and slid his hand up her skirt lightly touching her clit.

"You naughty girl, making me rock hard in the middle of a meeting." She like most people did not know his role in the seduction world. Like aforementioned, he never went by his real name, that side of his life a remarkably kept secret. Annoying to live a lie, but worth not being caught as a seduction guru. She put her hands on her panties to pull them up and Jeremy stopped her telling her naughty girls should be punished. He told her to keep them around her knees and to walk around the car to the passenger seat.

With the noise of people approaching she was a bit hesitant, but she couldn't bring herself to say no. The thought of running around a car with her panties down where people could see her added to the moistening of her lower lips. She hopped in the car and Jeremy grabbed her in one last kiss and he pulled down his zipper exposing his rock hard cock. He started the car and put his hand on the back of her head as she lowered her mouth to his member. He put it into drive as he lifted the back of her skirt exposing her bar ass.

Grabbing a handful of her rump he smiled as she slurped away. "mmmm baby in the throat, into the throat!" he said as he thrust his hips up while his hand pushed down. "Don't forget the balls!" He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slid his pants down more to let her get a mouth full of his genitals.

Her other hand stroked him up and down alternating between fast and slow and a light grip to a hard grip and back and forth. She knew how to handle a penis he thought to himself. He pulled her hair lightly soliciting a low moan that escaped her mouth around his balls.

She went back to taking him in her mouth, teasing his tip with her tongue, licking the opening and swirling around to the bottom of the head and back up, bobbing up and down the full length and back to the very tip again. Jeremy knew he was going to cum soon and could barely hold it. His hand slipped between her legs and fed 2 fingers into her hungry pussy.


He slid them in and out in and out to make her moan on his cock, the vibrations felt wonderful to his already sensitive head. The sound of her slurping his cock, the noise of his fingers slamming in and out of her wet pussy with the audible wet slap, and her low throaty moans was to much and he bust in her mouth, he removed his hand from her pussy and bobbed her head back up and down his shaft making sure she sucked the rest of his juice of his Johnson.

"TOUCHDOWN!!!" He yelled with a laugh while holding down the horn for a few seconds. This elicited a laugh from Jenni. "God damn you would win the super bowl of dick sucking baby girl! Some of the best head I ever got, but don't worry more time and we'll make you hands down the best head I've ever gotten!" He said as he slipped his hand inbetween her legs on the inner thigh, close enough to her sweet juicy womanhood to be sexually enticing, but not quit there to be sexually pleasurable.

He would slide his hand upwards and back to the same spot, teasing her, building her desire for even a graze of his fingers on her hungry lips.

She shivered at the sexual contact wanting more. He pulled in to drive way of his homeentered the gate code and drove her up his long estate.

He suddenly turned the car off, hopped out of the car and ran around to Jenni's side of the vehicle and opened her door, he lightly pulled on her hand guiding her out, panties still half way between the ground and their rightful home. He bent her over right there against the car seat and lifted her skirt. His erection back trifold and hungry for more. She grabbed the edge of the seat and held on with an iron grip, her nether regions out in the cool air, feeling the delightful sting of cold air rushing in and out of her with every thrust, her face buried in the seat only grunts and moans and the sound of his balls wacking at her ass and her pussy making the wet slapping sounds of a dick to big to fit in being jammed in and out.

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Her knees buckled and she felt Jeremy pull her hips up harder, practically masterbating himself with her wet orifice. His finger slid and over her clit to intensify the pleasure receiving heavier moaning and breathing in appreciation. She felt his finger rolling over her parted lips and juices and up to her ass. His finger lightly eased itself in with some massaging, but the lubrication of her own juices sped this process up remarkably.

No one had ever put anything in to her rear, but she felt powerless to say no in the throes of this intense pleasure. It hurt and felt uncomfortable for a few seconds, but the added pleasure soon washed over her. Suddenly once her anus was relaxed, he pulled out his dick and shoved in just the tip, sawing it back and forth working it's way in.

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"Wait no! No one has ever done unngghhhh that to mee-heee--eeeeee before!" She said panting in pleasure, pain, fear and intrigue all at once. "unngghhhh oww owww mmmmm" and just like that she felt his member working its way in and he held momentarily to let her anus adjust. She lay their moaning feeling a new kind of pleasure and pain.

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"Oh god. IT feels so different!


I don't know-" she started to say as Jeremy slid two fingers into her vagina and started thrusting slow and easily. He leaned on her body to support himself and used his free arm to guide her fingers to her own pussy. She started to play with her clit and finally inserted her fingers in to herself as Jeremy slid his out. His thrusting continued until he felt her body rack in orgasm. All her muscles started to tremble and convulse, the breathing and moanings getting heavier and faster she felt the suddenly onset of one of most pleasurable orgasms she ever experienced before.

Her hand dropped from her pussy, grabbing at the chair to attempt to maintain her balance as her face pushed harder into the seat. Jeremy feeling her cumming slid his fingers back in and sawed them back and forth as fast as he could as he thrust even harder into her ass.

HE felt himself nearing his finish and redoubled his efforts to make her cum as many times as possible as he finally felt himself explode in side of her anus.

He let go of her thighs and let her body sink into her seat, as he leaned on the car. The insatiable bastard grabbed his phone from his pocket while keeping an eye on his secretary, taking in the site of her exposed mound and ass still hanging in the night air, his half hard cock dribbling cum onto her butt and legs.

He shot a quick text to Victoria 'Baby plans changed, come over! See you soon! Bring a DVD to watch'. He exited the text screen and "My god that was intense hm baby girl?" he panted out and slapped her one on the rump "Better pull this car up, I don't feel like walking the rest of the way!" While he walked around the back of the car he selected his buddy Ronny to call.

He let it ring once and quickly hung up. HE hopped in to the driver seat and his phone started to ring. As Jenni repositioned her self in the seat and shut the door, she curiously looked at his phone to see who was calling, the phone displayed it as Ron HR Director.

Ron was his childhood friend who Jeremy brought with him to the top. Ron's expertise in organization, memory retention and people skills served him well in dealing with a broad range of employees.

Ron was also his wingman and understood the one ring hang up. Time for the Fuck and Chuck. Jeremy stopped the car at the front of his house. "Ron what's up? No… You can't be serious. Why? Who the hell is that? Is it important? Well why can't you just handle it?

Yea? Yea… okay… I don't get why they want to talk to me personally… Well you make the policies I just sign them in to affect." Jeremy exclaimed.

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Ron Laughed on his end of the line as he had not said one word since Jeremy picked up. "FINE. You dick. You useless dick. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I shouldn't be bothered outside of work hours because you fucked up. What ever ill get online and get this stupid conference done. By the end of it let me know why I keep you asshole." Click "Fucking useless piece of&hellip. Baby apparently Ron our head of HR somehow managed to piss off a member of the executive board and I have to play janitor to clean up his mess.

They're demanding an immediate conference call over Skype or else they're threatening to cause hell at the shareholders meeting. I can't say no." he softly mumbled in believable sadness. "I'm so sorry I wanted to cuddle at the fireplace and split a bottle of wine and watch a movie… It will have to wait until tomorrow night." Her heart dropped. She was looking forward to spending time with her crush.

She knew he was a busy man and could not dare ask her to put aside his business for her. She bit her lip and quietly said "No. It's okay baby. I understand. Tomorrow night though no excuses. They got out of the car and embraced in a kiss, Jeremy reached under her skirt and pulled down her thong to her ankles and she curiously stepped out of them.

"Your not getting these back until tomorrow toots!" he laughed and kissed her once more his hand sliding under her skirt to her bare ass rubbing over her luxurious cheeks and in-between her legs getting one last rub on her swollen lips and clit before pulling off and running up the stairs and into his home.

Jenni sadly walked in to her car, her pussy aching for more. She knew her vibrator was going to get worn out tonight! She drove away feeling disappointed that she didn't get any emotional bonding time, but happy with her new found sexual pleasure she was intent on exploring more of tonight to surprise Jeremy… Sorry for the long wait until the sex.

I felt it was important to lengthen out the non sex components as it supplies a very good back story and more of an insight into Mr. Jeremy Black