Masturbieren dick 8 Zoll cumshot lang und schwer

Masturbieren dick 8 Zoll cumshot lang und schwer
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M52,g,16 Part 1 Heather loved doing Gymnastics she had been doing it since she was 3yo and she was now 16yo, Heather is 5ft2 tall and has long brown hair and green eyes her weight is 70lbs and she has full 16C Cup tits that she first grew at younger age she was an early bloomer just like her mum who at 35yo and 5ft8 tall with black hair and brown eyes she has 36 D Cup Tits and she works hard to provide for her daughter since her husband died 3 years ago.

Since Heathers mum works so hard and sometimes for long hours Heather is often left home alone for a few hours every night until around 8pm when her mum comes home, Heather doesn't mind her mum being gone so long as she get her homework done and has dinner for her mum ready for when she gets home, at 5pm Heather heads up to her room to get ready for her bath she gets undressed and touches her full breasts massaging them as her mother told her to do to easy any pain she may have then she grabs her clothes and heads to the bathroom turns on the taps and gets the bubbles ready she steps into the warm water and slips deep into the water as she relaxes after a fairly busy day with school and more homework than was usual then cooking dinner but she didn't mind one bit.

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That Saturday Heather's Mum Drops her at the Mall so she can walk around for a few hours and she catches up with a few friends during the day, she is wearing a yellow summer dress and matching yellow bra and panties, as she was walking around John saw her and decided to follow her and he watched her ass sway as she walked in front of him he liked her ass and her tits looked very hot under her dress so he followed her for about 15 minutes before she decided to stop and get a drink, heather got her drink and sat at a table just in front of john with her back to him, John was watching her he loved her long brown hair that hung just past her shoulders it was tied in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon to match her dress, John decided to talk to her so he walked over to get a drink and walked towards her she looked up at him and smiled and John smiled back and asked to sit down with her heather accepted and he sat down in front of her and they stared chatting John asked her what she was doing and heather told him she hadn't decided what she was going to do so John asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with him Heather said she wasn't sure but John assured her she would be alright so she agreed to go with him as they walked to the cinema John stopped and said " if you pretend to be my daughter i can get you in cheaper" heather was a little wary but agreed so john took her hand and lead her to the cinema.

He got their tickets and they went into the cinema and found seats in the back it was mostly dark but there was a little light to see where they were sitting, after a few minutes a few people came into the same cinema but sat down the front away from Heather and John the previews started and it was still quite dark where they were, John talked a bit to heather while the previews played as the movies started John thought as getting Heather to fuck him while the movie was on her hand was on the arm rest in between them so John moved his hand closer to hers while watching the movie slowly he moved to within millimetres of her hand then they touched and heather looked at John and smiled he smiled back at her soon after they were holding hands while they watched the movie.

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John knew the armrests lifted up so he lifted it up and told heather to move closer to him she slid closer and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder like a boyfriend would with a girlfriend with heather now closer to him John was able to move his hand closer to her boobs when he touched her boob Heather sucked in a breathe of pleasure of feeling his hand on her breast John started to play with her nipple and he made it hard and it sent tingles down to Heathers pussy and she started to get wet John whispered in her ear to remove her bra for him so Heather reached under her dress and took it off John took her bra from her and stuck it in his pocket for safe keeping, John put his hand back on her breast and played with her nipple again he asked if he could take a shoulder strap off her heather nodded so John slipped on strap off her shoulder so he could touch her breast without the dress in the way she gently squeezed her breast and flicked at her nipple making it hard again.

Heather was enjoying John play with her breast and she took the other shoulder strap off so John could have access to both of her tits John pulled Heather on to his lap so he could play with both her tits he sat her so she was facing the movie and she leaned back into Johns chest as he grabbed both of her boobs and started to play with them as she watched the movie John tweaked both nipples as he gently squeezed her breasts heathers pussy was getting very wet now and john could feel her heat through his pants as he pinched and played with her perfect tits.

"you have perfect tits Heather i love playing with them, Heather just moaned with pleasure as John whispered in her ear again" i bet you are getting a wet pussy too aren't you Heather" Heather just nodded a little so john moved a hand down to her pussy and began to rub it while he played with one for her tits he could feel her getting wetter so he asked if she would take her panties off she nodded yes so he put both hands under her dress and started to slip them off he got her to lift up so he could remove them Heather lifted her bum up so he could slide them off he slid them down her legs till they got to her ankles and then he slipped them right off her and lifted them up and sniffed them before putting them in his other pocket Heather sat back down on Johns lap without her panties, John slipped his hand up her dress to her pussy as he put his other hand back onto one of her breasts he gently started to rub her pussy as he continued to play with her tits, John decided it was time to fuck this little hottie so he stopped touching Heather which made her groan from the loss of pleasure John asked her to lift up for a minute so she stood up a bit while he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, it was a nice nine inches and she was going to take the lot in her little pussy before the movie was finished John told heather to sit down again as she started to sit down on Johns lap he lifted the back of her dress as she sat down he lined his cock up with her slit and moved it around to get it wet and she sat down she felt his cock start to enter her pussy she groaned again at the feeling and slowly slid down more until it hit her cherry John felt the obstruction and asked her if she wanted to do this and she nodded so John grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his cock he felt her hymen break as he did so she squealed a little but muffled the sound with her hand as his cock slipped deeper into her Heather sat down as all 9 inches slipped deep into her pussy John lifted her up and started to thrust in and out slowly at first till she got used to feeling him inside her then he started to fuck her a bit faster till he was fucking her hard and fast she was muffling her moans as he fucked her tight cunt, He kept fucking her till almost the end of the movie then he filled her with cum and slipped her panties back on to keep his cum from dripping out of her well fucked pussy he gave her bra back to her just as the credits started rolling she slipped her bra back on and then put her dress straps back on her shoulders as the light came up to let them see their way out as they walked out John stopped her away from the others and told her he enjoyed fucking her and was honoured to be the one to pop her cherry, Heather was very happy she got to have sex with such a handsome man and stretched up to give him a kiss on the cheek and they walked out of the mall a few feet apart so not to arouse suspicion when they both reached the outside John asked Heather if she wanted a lift home which she great fully accepted so they walked over to his car and he opened the door on his Yukon XL and the auto step lowered so she could step on it to get into his car as she stepped up the wind blew her dress up and he was able to see her yellow panties and her tight little ass made his cock hard again he closed the door behind her and walked around to his door and got in.

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Heather smiled at John as she knew he had seen her panties again, John reversed out of the packing space and drove out through the car park and asked Heather for directions so she told him to turn right so he did, as they drove Heather gave more directions to her house and soon they arrived at her house.

Heather could see her mums car was not home so she got John to pull in the drive she told john to wait a few minutes while she went inside she got out and went inside and found a note from her mum saying she got called into work and wouldn't be home till 9pm that night so she went to the door and signalled John to come inside the house, John got out and locked his car and went inside, Heather told him her mum wasn't home and wouldn't be home till late so she asked if he wanted to see her room and he agreed so she took his hand as she walked through the house to her room.

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John stood at her door while she went in and said "This is my room do you like it"? John smiled and said he liked her room so she told him to come in as he walked into her room he saw her gymnastic trophies and ribbons that she had won he was impressed with all the trophies and ribbons and told Heather the same and she smiled at him, Heather asked John if he would like to see a short routine she had just designed he said yes so she told him to sit on her bed and she would show him, John sat on Heathers bed as she danced around the room doing high kicks and spins and she finished with the splits John clapped and told her it was very good and a sexy dance which made Heather smile.


John put his arms out and Heather stepped into his arms and they kissed with tongues, while kissing John slipped her dress of her shoulders as it fell to the ground she stepped out of it then John undid her bra and took it off her and dropped it to the floor then her panties slipped down her legs and she kicked them off and they laid back on the bed and continued kissing John had an idea he wanted to try with her so he stopped kissing her and told her to stand up and go to the end of her bed which she did, John walked behind her and told her to face her bed which she did he came up behind her and lifted one leg up on the bed rest of her bed which was easy since she was so flexible then he put her other leg up while supporting her waist he then moved in behind her and slipped his hard cock back into her cum filled pussy and started to fuck her again Heather loved this position as she could feel all the ridges along his cock every time he pulled out and pushed back in her, John fucked her deeper and faster then he could feel his cock bang against her cervix so he pushed deeper and his cock popped into her womb Heather was shocked by this but loved how deep he was John continued to slip his cock in and out of her womb as they fucked Heather could feel her orgasm approaching at the same time as John felt his cum rising her thrust back into her womb just as his cum blasted inside her which caused her orgasm to crest high and she screamed out "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, both of them came down from their orgasms John slipped his cock out her pussy she immediately felt the loss of feeling his cock in her and she moaned a little.

John lifted Heather off the end of her bed and lowered her to the floor he held her so she wouldn't collapse and laid her on her bed and laid behind her and held her as they both fell asleep.

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John woke up first and it was 5pm already so he gently woke Heather up with a kiss and she kissed him back and smiled at him and said " i need to have a shower" "so do i" said John so he got of the bed and helped Heather stand up and walked to the bathroom he sat her down on the stool and went over to the shower and turned it on, the shower was large enough for 2 or more people, John walked back over to Heather and helped her to stand and they walked into the shower together John grabbed the soap while she stood under the water getting wet John started to wash her back first so he started at her shoulders and work his way down her back till he got to her ass which he soaped up well he got her to bend over a bit so she did and he gave her bum a really wash then he slipped a soaped up finger into her ass and made her moan a little he continued to wash her legs then he got her to turn around so he could wash her front he soaped up her breasts and shoulder then her stomach and the front of her legs, she rinsed off all the soap and then she washed him and spent a long time playing with his cock till he came again.

They got out the shower and dried off she put on a robe and he went back to her room and got dressed, they met up in the hall way and he kissed her goodbye and they walked to the door where she kissed him again then she opened the door for him to leave he walked out to his car and got in just as he was about to drive away she blew him another kiss and he blew one back to her. Heather closed the door and went into the kitchen and made some dinner for herself and her mum which she ate it in the kitchen and she washed her dishes and put them away then she went back to her room and stripped the sheets off and took them to the laundry and did a quick load of washing before her mum came home then she put her sheets in the dryer to dry after they were clean and dry she put them away in the linen closet and got herself new sheets to put on her bed after she made her bed he laid down thinking of the wonderful sex she had that day.


John was driving home when he decided to stop and get takeaway for dinner as he got out of his car he put his hand in his pocket and felt a piece of paper he quickly opened it and saw Heathers Mobile number and short message that said "thank you for today text me soon love Heather" John smiled and folded the paper up and put it in his pocket then went in and ordered his dinner, John got his dinner and went back to his car and sent a quick text message to Heather which said " i enjoyed it too look forward to seeing you again soon love John" back at Heathers house her phone beeped with a text she picked up her phone and opened it to see it was from John so Heather still feeling naughty stripped of her nighty and sent a naked picture of herself to John with the message " enjoy till next time Love H" Johns phone beeped as he was driving home so he took it from his pocket and opened it to see the naked picture that Heather had just sent him which made his cock hard again he smiled on his way home thinking of the next time he saw her.

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