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Girl nude show for boyfriend
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Jake Maes was 17, tall, 6'4" already. Lean and athletic, but he was laid back and liked to work as little as possible. His wild sandy blonde hair styled to look like he had just rolled out of bed. It hung low in his face so much so that his gray eyes were hardly visible. But his face was beautiful, with a strong jaw, piercing gray eyes under heavy lids always gave him the look like he didn't give a damn and most of the time he didn't.

As it was, now he should have been in bed sleeping for the next day at school but that wasn't happening. Evie Maes, Jake's mom had been friends with Karen Larsen all thru school and Karen was going thru a divorce. Karen actually had a son too who had opted to stay with his father in another state.

Karen was just getting back on her feet with Paley, her 11 year old daughter; and four months prior Evie had invited them to stay on until that happened. Evie was divorced too and had gotten a huge 5 bedroom 5 ½ bath home in the process from Jakes father, plus alimony each month. Maes' had no worries as far as money went.

Jake had been very resentful when Karen and Paley moved in, he felt that he couldn't be the lay about he was used to being. Karen often looked at him with disdain when he talked back to his mother. He heard them talking about him and Karen suggesting that Evie not overlook his actions but instead punish him.

Jake hated Karen within a week and wanted them out as soon as possible. Paley had never really bothered him though. Most of the time it was as if she wasn't there. She normally kept to herself, in her own room. Whenever Jake came in the living room demanding to play games or watch TV, she quietly left without a fuss.

She was only 11 but she was already 5' slim and a nice set of breasts, a full round C cup. Her skin was the color of caramel and she large hazel eyes, and long curly black hair she kept in a braid that hung down her back. She smiled all the time, which kind of creeped Jake out, though she rarely spoke. Right now, Jake was only in his black boxer briefs, ear pressed, listening at the door.

It was well after 11pm and Paley Larsen, the 11 year old girl on the other side of the door was moaning lightly, she did this every single night. Luckily, for him, each of their mothers stayed on the opposite end of the large home, but Jake took care still to be as quiet as possible.

He had a room at the very end of the hall. Paley's was at the beginning of the hall just as the top of the stairs, so when he was heading down to get something to eat one night he noticed it; his dog Lucky was sitting at her door his nose up in the air. Jake thought nothing of it but when he came back upstairs and the dog was still there pacing, before he scratched at the door and sniffing the air again.

Jake had stepped close to the door and heard the muffled moans of the girl, at first he thought she may be having a bad dream until he heard the frantic moan of an orgasm. He had already brought quite a few girls to their own, so there was no mistaking it.

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But Paley was just a kid. Lucky was a huge Alaskan malamute with his white fur offset with the trademark gunmetal gray fur and piercing ice blue eyes. The dog took an immediate liking to Paley which annoyed the hell out of Jake. The dog obviously knew of her appetites since she first moved in with her mother, because the dog followed her incessantly since.

Jake had often gotten lewd chuckles seeing the dog nose the little girl's privates as she tried to push him away. But now it all made sense.

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Since he had heard her masturbating, she had piqued his interest even move and he jerked off almost every chance he got thinking about her. He had been listening every night now, and the girl was insatiable. She could go for hours. His cock was hard thinking about the little pre-teen feverishly fingering herself to orgasm after orgasm. He wanted to know what her little pussy looked like, was it still bare or was there hair growing.

He was for sure she was still a virgin; her mother was much too protective. But now, just jerking off thinking of the little girl wasn't working anymore. And as hot as the girl he was dating was, he had developed a taste for the awkward yet overdeveloped girl living right in his home. And he wouldn't be able to rest until he had her. He had been listening at the door for about 40minutes now and he needed to take a look.

But he in no way wanted to freak the girl out. Without thinking, Jake turned the knob slowly closing his eyes as if to hide himself and the sound of the turning knob from the panting girl. There was a short wall that blocked instant view to the rest of the room. But there was a dim light coming from the window, the moon was shining in like a beacon. Once Jake was inside, he realized the room smelled like sex, her scent though faint permeated the air. And his ears were filled with sweet sounds of the climaxing girl and his cock lurched on his boxer briefs.

He rubbed his chest absently as he stood silently, back against the wall and peeked around the corner. His eyes instantly widened in lustful delight. Paley was stark naked, her full C cup breasts perky, round and bouncing wildly. Her dark nipples hard as bullets. Her small waist accentuated the already flaring hips of a girl much older. Her thin thighs were straddling a large teddy bear; the bear was almost as big as she was. The eyes, of her beautiful pixie like face, were closed, her moist full lips parted as she panted and her hips were grinding wildly on her stuffed lover.

Her body was covered in a soft sheen of sweat as her body moved frantically. Jake was frozen, his heart pounding; his blood boiling over with lust. It was all he could do to stop himself from attacking her, his cock throbbed in front of him. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life, she was completely un-inhibited, and not realizing or caring how beautiful she was; just grinding furiously to her orgasm, that was close by the way she was moaning and panting.

Jakes cock was aching straining in his boxer briefs as he licked his lips. Her hair was down and wild all over her head. She was a wanton sight of lust, caught up in her mounting orgasm.

His eyes roamed over her body, lithe nubile quivering as she rolled her hips, she grabbed at her breast frantically, roughly. Gone was the calculated posing and preening of an older teen aged girl that already knew how to pose, tease and look coy. This little girl was just animal need and lust in its pure form. Jake was so caught up in the sight of the young girl, he hadn't closed the door and Lucky trotted past him and on to Paley's bed just as she was cumming, convulsing and moaning. Lucky sat there with his huge wet tongue out, watching her as if waiting for his turn.

It was several seconds before Paley, coming down from her orgasm, finally noticed the dog. "Ahh, Lucky what are you doing in here?" She exclaimed in a hushed voice. She was surprised more than anything was, jumping off the teddy bear and grabbing Lucky by the collar. Jake had to think fast, if Paley made it to her door and saw him there.

"Lucky?" he said faintly as if to make it sound like he was calling from the hallway. Paley froze. Panic spreading. She began looking around. "Lucky?" Jake said again seeing Paley let the dog go and struggling to look for her night gown, she had gone to bed in. "Paley? Jake said stepping into view. Paley scrambled under the covers and pulled the sheets up to her neck. "Oh I'm sorry to wake you." Jake said innocently, trying to hide his smile but not his erection.

"No, it's ok. Lucky got in." She said nervously, hoping that Jake hadn't seen her naked or anything else for that matter. "Really?" He said not taking his eyes from her. Lucky was sniffing the teddy bear still lying the on the bed and licking the still fresh thick honey of the young girl from the synthetic fur. "No, Lucky stop." Paley said trying to protect her toy and not call attention to the evidence of her carnal activities.

She was also so nervous that Jake was in her room. He rarely talked to her and she knew he didn't really care for her or her mom. "You still sleep with a teddy bear?" Jake said staring at the frightened girl. "Ah.

sometimes I get scared being in this big house." She lied; she didn't know what else to say. But she didn't want him to get any closer to her bear yet she didn't know how to stop him. Then Paley saw it. Jakes bulging erection, it wasn't hard to make out now that he was standing in the moonlight that was flooding her room.

She stared for a long moment, her mouth watering, and her heart beating very fast and not because of her wet, dirty teddy bear anymore. She felt her mound flood as lightness filled her belly causing it to flip with delight. She had never seen a real boy's penis, only pictures, but she wanted now to see Jakes. Her teddy was becoming less and less interesting. She began to think it would have been nice to have Jake to rub up against instead of the same old bear every night. She had seen Lucky's penis, all pink and slick peeking out of its sheath when he got excited watching her play with her teddy bear.

He had tried to mount her one time and it had scared her. She didn't dare tell her mom but that's why he wasn't allowed in her room overnight. "Do you want me to put it next to you?" Jake walked around the bed and picked up the toy up, seeing the fresh nectar still glistening in the dim light of the room.

"That's okay," she said pulling the blankets to her throat, and pulling her eyes from his cock. "You can put it down though." She didn't want him investigating too much. "Are you sure?" She nodded her head. "I'll put it away for you." Jake turned his back to her heading the corner of the room where he had seen the toy sitting so many times before, who would have known the girl left her sex toys out in plain sight. He held it up his nose taking a deep breath.

Oh yeah he would have to have some of this girl himself. He turned back around, Lucky was still on the bed nosing at the sheets where the girl lay, while she tried to shoo him away and cover herself at the same time. The room was full of her scent and Lucky was going crazy. Jake smiled seeing the dog's cock peeking from its sheath. To the side of the bed Jake saw the discarded night shirt. "Did you need this?" He picked it up holding it up over the bed so she would have to reveal herself if she reached for it.

Paley lay rigid. Afraid to breathe. Did he know? "Are you naked?" "Ah… "She stuttered. "I got hot." She continued clearly distressed, hoping that would cover for the night gown being on the floor. "Are you still hot or did you want to put it on?" Paley seeing that things were getting out of control as Lucky still nosed and nudged at her, snuggled in the sheets.

Pouting she said. "I'm still hot." Jake seeing her so uncomfortable, pushed further. "Do you want Lucky to stay in here with you tonight if you're scared? He's safer than that bear." Paley was terrified, what if Jake had seen her, seen her naked. What if he knew what she did with her stuffed toys? What if he knew what she and Lucky did before she put him out every night? He'd think she was a bad girl. He'd tell her mom. Then they'd have to move out and Paley was happy here.

"No, I'm fine." She said on the verge of tears. What was she going to do? The fear welling didn't escape Jake, but he said goodnight and he and Lucky left the room.

He immediately beat off three times thinking of the little girl straddling her toys as Lucky sat in the corner of the on his dog bed licking his balls. Jake knew he'd have to find some way to let her know she didn't have to use those toys to play with. xxxxx "Good morning, Jake." Jake stepped into the kitchen the next morning; he had stayed up a bit too late listening to Paley and even later stroking himself.

But it was worth it. "Hey, mom." Jake Said to Evie Maes his mother who looked like she was in her late 20s though she was pushing in to her late 30s. She was a strawberry blonde with huge tits and a nice tight ass. She was one of the reasons he was so popular as school. His mother had become such a hot topic he had stopped inviting friends over. With Karen and Paley, living there it had made it easier as well to not have his male friends over. Paley was already up and dressed and at the breakfast table sitting beside her mom as Evie was sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Take Lucky for a walk and hurry back, for breakfast. " Jake stood there staring at Paley. If only they knew. "Jake honey, hurry." His mom said snapping him out of his daze.

"What? Oh, right." He said slapping his leg at Lucky who was circling by the front door ready to go out. Jake got his leash and secured it on Lucky collar and they headed out. He walked mindlessly behind Lucky as the huge dog pulled him down the street stopping every few feet to sniff a tree or the grass before taking care of his business and moving on.

When Jake returned he was still lost in thought, he couldn't for the life of him find a good way to get Paley alone long enough to fuck her without her freaking out. He rose from his breakfast to stare at Paley. She was quiet as usual only responding for the most part when she was spoken to or to Lucky sitting by her at the breakfast table.

"You finished eating sweetie?" Karen asked her daughter. "Hmm." Paley replied with a smile. She couldn't look Jake in the face but every time he stood, her eyes trailed to his crotch. "Alright go get your things and I'll drop you off at school." Jake stood still, lost in thought ready to gather his things as well.

"Jake hold on I need to talk to you." Evie said somberly. Karen looked at Evie, but didn't make eye contact with Jake. He knew something was up "Ah, I'm gonna make sure that Pay has everything." Jakes eyes narrowed as she watched Karen leave.

For an instant, Jake thought it was about the incident last night in Paley's room. That little bitch wouldn't tell not after what I saw, he thought. "What's up?" "It's about this weekend." He had plans to go to the lake with some friends; he had been planning it for a few weeks. "Yeah, what about this weekend?" His eyes narrowed even more.

"You know that Karen's been through a hard time these last few months?" "Yeah we never hear the end of it." "Jake that's not fair." "What's not fair is her coming in and acting like she owns the place." "The point is Jake I'm, we are helping her get back on her feet which means she needs some time to just unwind without Paley around so I'm taking her on a spa weekend." Jake knew that his mother's spa weekends meant, spa treatments, drinking and fucking who knows what and now she was taking Karen.

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Who probably needed a good fuck. Maybe she'd get the stick out of her ass. But then who was gonna take care of Paley? "That brings me to Paley. I need you to watch her this weekend." "WHAT?! No way. I had plans." "I know but this is important, you guys can go to the lake next weekend. My treat. But this weekend I need you to stay home and watch Paley." "Why can't her dad watch her?" Evie Maes rarely got angry and but when she did she could be a real bitch. She narrowed her eyes daring Jake to make another outburst, seeing no reason to go into details why she needed her son to do her this one favor.

Jake knew that look and he was furious, his mother had made up her mind and he was going to watch Paley whether he liked it or not. How could she pick this bitch Karen over her own son? Lucky trotted in and sat by Jake's leg as if for support after hearing the shouting. Jake calmed almost immediately, though his back was to his mother and she didn't notice.

He would be home all weekend with Paley. His mind immediately began going over all the things he could do with the little girl. He tried to suppress the wicked grin curling on his lips. "How long are you guys gonna be gone?" He turned back around still looking angry though he was quite happy now.


"Well Monday is a holiday so… Not until Monday evening." Four days with a horny dog and a soon to be willing victim.

"This isn't fair mom, it really isn't." He said trying hard to still sound angry. It was all he could do to not laugh. Serves that bitch right I'll have her daughter all weekend and I may let my dog fuck her too. "Knock Knock." Karen said coming back in the room looking guilty. "Is everything ok?' Jake narrowed his eyes but gave a fake plastic smile. "Of course." He said. "I'll do it for you mom." He said kissing her on the cheek and leaving with Lucky following behind him.

He waited behind the door listening. "So?" Karen asked with a smile in her voice. "He said yes, he's a good kid. I told you." "I'll tell Paley tonight when I tuck her in that we are leaving tomorrow right after work. She'll be no trouble &hellip." They continued to talk as Jake quietly headed out the door to school.

x Jake was a wreck as school, he couldn't be bothered with anything now except planning for this weekend. He made up some excuse that he had to go with his dad out of town for the weekend. Not wanting any of his friends showing up at his house to disturb him and Paley. His current girlfriend Chelsea was devastated. He had promised a weekend full of fucking and now she pouted all day long about how she wasn't going to get any.

He was sure that was a lie as Chelsea was already cozying up to one of his friends. Which was fine by him, she liked to keep up too much drama.

Once he got things with Paley started he was sure he would have sex whenever he wanted without all the theatrics. Jake was home long before anyone else and went to go through Paley's room. While at school, the idea of seeing the little girl again had overtaken him and he decided to record her so he set up a small camcorder on the top shelf of her bookcase behind some toys.

He had it set to display simultaneously on his laptop as it recorded. He could watch her all night now. It irked him that he hadn't thought of it sooner. It seemed like forever before everyone else got home and Jake kept acting pissed, scowling at Karen. Dinner was uneventful and Jake headed upstairs right after Karen told Paley it was her bedtime, he had rushed into Paley's room and started the camcorder and made sure the recording light couldn't be seen before he rushed down the hall to his own room.

He sat down at his desk and lifted his laptop open. He had a great view of the girl's whole room. His cock was already hard as he watched her undress, tossing her dirty clothes into a pile then heading into the bathroom. She stayed in there for about 20 minutes before she emerged, her long dark hair wet and clinging to her, wrapped in a towel which she promptly took off. Her body was beautiful, womanly curves already appearing, her stomach was flat and supple and her breasts that were already a handful; she turned as if putting herself on display toweling herself off exposing her round tight bottom.

He imagined himself burying his face between her upturned cheeks. She turned back around and dropped the towel in the hamper and he got a good look at her mound it was still hairless for the most part, only a few wispy black strands showing so far. Paley slipped on her small white panties and a long red t-shirt.

Then she brushed her hair before braiding it on either side of her head. Then she brushed her teeth and headed to her bed. "Mom, I'm ready." She shouted. She was tired of being tucked in, but it seemed to be nice for her mom so she kept it up. Lucky trotted in first and sat at the end of her bed. Paley stroked him absently.

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"Hey sleepyhead, ready for bed?" Karen said walking in the room. "I guess." Karen wasn't bad to look at, Jake noted; when she had arrived, the stress of the divorce had taken its toll on her emotionally and physically. But now she was looking more and more refreshed every day.

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She had lost 20 pounds and her wonderful trim figure was on full display in the tight shirts and dresses she wore, and seemed to be getting younger looking. Jake was sure she was hoping the spa trip would also leave her cunt feeling fully stuffed and refreshed, too.

She had an hourglass figure and huge breasts so it wasn't so unusual that Paley was already so well developed, as well. "I have to tell you something.


I'm going to hang out with Aunt Evie this weekend." "Cool, what are we going to do?" "No, baby, it's just gonna be me and Evie." "What am I gonna do?" Paley said pouting.

"Is dad coming to get me?" "No, baby, daddy's not coming to get you. You know he works too much. You and Jake are gonna stay here this weekend and hang out together.

Won't that be fun?" "No." "Why not?" "I don't think he likes me?" "Don't be that way Pay. Jake likes you a lot. He welcomed us to stay here with he and his mom, right?' Paley shrugged; the idea of her mom being out of reach for a whole weekend wasn't comforting. "He's a nice boy and I'm sure he likes you.

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Lucky likes you." Paley's eyes widened as Lucky who had jumped off the bed when Karen came in and began sniffing the huge stuffed bear in the corner of the girl's room. "No, Lucky stop." The girl said. Lucky looked at her sniffed again and then sat at the end of the bed.

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"Both you and Jake love Lucky right? So you have that in common. Plus you have my phone number Evies's phone number and your father's phone number. But Jake said he wanted to hang out with you this weekend. You guys are going to have all types of fun." "Did he really say he wanted to hang out with me?" Paley was interested hearing that and thinking back to the huge bulge in Jakes underwear.

"Yeah, so you be a good girl for him ok? Do whatever he says ok?" Paley nodded apprehensively, though she was feeling excited now. If Jake really did want to hang out with her maybe, she could find a way to see his penis. "Ok, I'll see you at breakfast but Aunt Evie and I are leaving right after work." "Alright." Karen kissed her young daughter on the forehead and tucked her in. "You want Lucky to stay in here with you?" Paley nodded.

Jake sat up at his desk. That was interesting. Karen turned off the light as she shut the door. Jake was smiling to himself. He knew exactly how to play it with Paley now, but why was she letting Lucky stay in the room now. Paley lay on her bed stroking Lucky; he was used to the upcoming routine so he waited patiently for her to make the next move. x Jake stared at the monitor, the girl hadn't done anything for some 20 minutes; she was just laying there petting Lucky.

He was beginning to think she had finally tired herself out or she was still freaked out about the night before. He was just about to get up and take a shower, when he saw her sit up in the bed.

Paley looked at her clock. She was so restless, so horny. She had been since last night, hell she always was restless and horny. Her body was all tingly and hot. She couldn't wait to touch herself.

But she didn't dare start right away. It was an old habit from her home before moving here. Her mom's room had been right down the hall from hers; and her mom often looked in on her a couple of times a night, but since they had moved into this huge house and her mom's room was all the way on the other side of it, it hadn't happened yet. But Paley was still a bit paranoid and often waited 30 to 45 minutes before she began.

But today she was so horny. Thinking about Jakes penis, she really wanted to see it now. He was so tall and handsome and he was in her room last night and right under her covers, she had been naked. Right now, he was down the hall. Then there were the boys' at school, they had taken to grabbing her ass when she was standing in line at lunch though none of them paid her any attention any other time.

The boys hands on her groping her, she loved it. She wished they did it more often. She wished that she was one of the girls that were taken into the utility closet or under the bleachers to have boys kiss and fondle her. But she had no such luck; she was overlooked for those types of activities because she was still new in school and hadn't really made any real friends yet.

If only they knew what else she liked to do. Though he breasts had made many admirers and some jealous enemies as well. But because of all that arousal and no satisfaction, Paley had to wait until she got home alone to take care of it.

She got out of bed and went to the door making sure it was closed. The door did have a lock on it but she didn't use it. The thought of Jake coming back crossed her mind. Maybe she wouldn't be scared this time. Not that he would be interested in a little girl like her.


Her mom said he liked her but he never said anything to her and he was always mean and rude. Though he had seemed a little kind last night. Paley walked back to her bed and opened the curtain the let the moonlight shine in, Lucky was right at her heels. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs, her panties were already warm and wet; her nipples hard and poking out against the flimsy cotton t-shirt.

Lucky took no time sitting between the little girl's legs and his head dipping under the long t-shirt and going straight for her crotch. Paley moaned her back arching. Jake sat wide eyed watching the monitor. Without even realizing it, he had taken his pants down around his ankles and was stroking himself furiously as he watched his dog rooting around between the little girls willing legs. Paley let him lick the fabric of her panties, enjoying the feel of his nose pressing against her and his tongue trying to get at her.

This went on for several minutes. Then she sat up widening her legs even more and hooked her finger in the crotch of her underwear and pulled it to the side. Lucky wasted no time, his long smooth tongue gliding over the length of her tender glistening little slit. Paley moaned loudly, the dog's warm wet flat tongue felt so good on her bare skin, every time he did it.

She felt like she would melt it felt so good. Since Lucky had first licked her one night before her shower as she played with self, she had never felt anything so good. At first she felt bad that the dog did it, that she let him. But he seemed to like doing it and she liked him doing it. She told him as long as he didn't try to jump on her again he could lick her all he wanted to, and that's the way it was every night now.

Her heat was raising and Paley wanted to feel the dogs tongue all over her dripping slit she stood up pulled her shirt over her head and over the side and pulled her panties down. She wanted to get on all fours so Lucky would have better access to licking her ass as well but she knew he would easily mount her that way.

She stood and turned her back spreading her leg wide and then spreading her cheeks so the dog could lick the puckered button of her ass. Jake was on fire watching. The girl standing stretching her ass cheeks open so his dog could lap at her asshole.

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He was stroking his long thick cock furiously as he came a third time so far. Paley stood rolling her ass in the canines face as his tongue dug up her anus. It wasn't until Lucky reared up the she pushed him down and sat on the edge of the bed her legs wide open and let the dog lick her from the front. Her tight little pussy was sopping wet. Lucky licking her always made her extra wet which made him lick more feverishly. His tongue sinking into her gushing pussy again and again, licking and slurping her insides until she cried out in a deep and violent orgasm, But the dog kept licking.

His own fever rising at the promise of mounting the bitch in heat. She lay back her head lolling as she fingered herself as Lucky continued to licking hungrily. It felts so good, she looked down between her legs, her face contorted in anguished delight, watching the long tongue of the dog lap over her.

She rolled her hips to meet the probing tongue. Then time after time, Jake saw and heard the girl cum again and again. Lucky would pace in a circle on the floor his thick hard pink cock exposed and ready to fuck, but he couldn't reach her from the floor and when he jumped on the bed to get at her she chastised him and made him get on the floor again.

Offering her sweet flowing pussy to eat but not to fuck. After almost an hour and with Lucky getting more agitated at licking and not being able to fuck, Paley grabbed him by the collar and led him out of her room. No wonder the poor dog camped out there every night.

The little bitch was a cock tease. Jake vowed to make sure that by Monday evening his dog would be fully satisfied by Paley's pussy just like he would be. He watched in awe as the girl mounted her trusty stuffed bear and began grinding wildly on to more orgasms until she finally lay down and went to sleep from exhaustion. The next day Jake couldn't wait to get home. His friends were teasing him that he couldn't join them.

He pretended to be upset; he couldn't very well tell them he was going to watch his dog eat out the little girl living with them then fuck the shit out of her. To be continued