Comprueba que se equivocaron si eres una puta

Comprueba que se equivocaron si eres una puta
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CHAPTER 1 Catelyn Tully/Stark. "All hail king Jon Targaryen. First of his name, ruler of the seven kingdoms." Jon snow or Jon Targaryen as he was called these days, switched out of the various titles the squire was proclaiming to the people as the high septon placed the newly forged Gold and Ruby encrusted crown on his head.

A few years ago he had only been a guard of the nightswatch. But after saving the kingdoms from the threat of the White walkers, he had been proclaimed a hero. The Civil War that had erupted in Westeros hadseen many of the opposes to his claim as king dead before they could even meet him in battle. Stannis and Renly Baratheon, Joffrey Lannister, all were dead.

And then came the day when he had summoned 7 giant ice dragons from the north. Then people knew that he was the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyaana stark. He had a legitimate claim to the throne. And so there he was. He had cleaned up the cities, brought murders and rapes to a standstill and corruption to a grinding halt. The royal coffers began to overflow with gold as he conquered land outside of Westeros. The narrow sea was crossed and conquered. The Dothraki beaten and pledging fealty in word, Jewelry, Gold, Horses, Women and slaves.


The free cities bowed to him and his dragons and none stood against him. It wasn't that they couldn't. They just didn't dare to do so. Jon's rule was the best in history. Peace reigning in both Westeros and the kingdoms across the narrow sea. With little to no blood shed. It was a miracle. But even jon knew it wouldn't last. He needed it desperately to do so though. He hated war. And didn't want to fight another. To this end, he had an idea. An idea that would "hopefully" Keep the peace and gain a little payback and loyalty for jon as well.

He would begin immediately. ################################ Catelyn Tully was one of the women jon had found a resentment for. Growing up, she had belittled him for his bastard status. She always favored her children more than him, thinking he was ned's child with a whore. Even after revealing his Targaryen status, she had not even made an apology. It hurt him. Not enough to hate her but be irritated.

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But there was one thing jon could not deny. The red haired tully Milf was fertile as fuck. At 28 she was still a beauty. Her long flowing red hair, her pouty soft lips and those huge breasts and exquisite form. She had been popping out stark babys every year she had slept with Ned Stark. And she still had ten years to go before bearing children would be difficult, not impossible or stopping mind you, just hard. He was going to use that perfectly.

There she was, on the small council as master of laws. Her dress hid her lustful body from view, but having grown up in winterfell and seen her naked sometimes, he knew the delights hidden by the beauty.

When the meeting came to a close, he called lady stark to the throne room for a private conference, then ordered his King's guard to lock the main doors and admit no one. He had work to do. And he started by ripping the top half of Catelyn's dress, unleashing the surprised milf's huge breasts before taking a hold of her thick red tully hair and mashing his lips against hers.

########################## Jon knew that he should have been disgusted at the actions of taking a woman who had raised him, but his mind was on other thoughts. His inner dragon didn't care for all those logistics. It was telling him to take her, to take all of them as his. All the women in the seven kingdoms and beyond.

It didn't care if the women were family or not. Evil or good. As far as it was concerned they were fertile and ready to breed, that they would give him strong offspring. Just like catelyn tully would. Jon wouldn't lie to himself. He was attracted to alot of women, he knew he wanted to fuck all of them, to make them call his name out in pleasure as they came while he planted his cum in their wombs. To see them pregnant with his child. And it would start with this Tully slut.

Catelyn moaned in pleasure and disbelief. Jon was fingerings her wet pussy hard as he alternated between kissing her deep and senseless while sucking hard on her D-cup breasts.

It was amazing and she didn't want it to stop. Jon stopped sucking her breasts and returned to kissing her deeply. He couldn't get enough of her soft pouty lips and warm tongue and needed more.

Her mouth was warm and wet, shortly after their tongue's were in an erotic dance together. She would lie if he said he didn't enjoy this. It was a long kiss, but they had to pull back, much to cat's dissapointment.

Once jon had gotten the air he needed he quickly went back for a second kiss. He let out a groan once he felt her soft delicate hands grabbing his dick, out of instinct he brought his hand up and squeezed her right breast.

"Go ahead my king. Do what you want with them." Catelyn moaned after she had pulled back from the kiss and was whispering in his ear.

Jon knew he had the milf slut if she was asking him to suck her tits. Cat in the other hand had come out of her lust addled state to think for a few minutes. If jon fucked her snd quickened her womb with his child or children, she could become queen or at least have a bit of influnce over him for his gratitude over her carrying his heir.

She could gain much for house Stark, Tully and the north. They weren't related so it would be fine to bear his seed. She would allow him to continue. Jon on his side didn't care. His excitement reaching maximum, when brought his mouth down and eagerly started to suck on her left nipple, while his hand was squeezing her right breast. He couldn't believe how good this felt. He loved sucking in her nipples while she stroked his dick. It really felt like he was in one of the seven heavens.

After all her ignoring him for all his years, it felt right and just that she should pleasure him and bear as many children as he would breed her with. She could feel Jon's's dick was starting to leak. "Jon.please stand up. Let me pleasure your cock for you" She said and he didn't hesitate to so, cat got a bit embarrassed though when she saw how much salvia there was on her breasts from all that sucking.

Jon watched with great vigor as Catelyn brought her tongue closer to his crown. He groaned when he felt her tongue on his lower head, she gave a couple long lick from the head down to the base and up again, then she twirled her tongue around his lower head. Before she finally took the head into her mouth.

Jon couldn't believe how great this felt.He couldn't think straight all he knew was the great feeling as Catelyn bobbed her head back and forth on his dick. Even her tongue massaged his dick. This went on for about a few minutes, her mouth and tongue feeling so incredible. Cat was experinced but couldn't take his whole length everything down, not only was he 6 inches at the age of 12 at winterfell, but he was also quite thick.

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Having grown another 3 inches, it were a perfect match. Almost is if those soft red lips were made for sucking him off. But jon hadn't had a blowjob in ages, so it didn't take long before he felt his thick cum begin to boil and ready itself to shoot. "S-sshit, I'm cumming, Tully whore!." He told her.

She pulled her head back until she only had the tip left in her mouth she brought her hand up to his shaft and started to pump vigorously. Jon was snapping after air, when his orgasm finally kicked in. He grabbed Catelyn's auburn hair roughly, as he could hear her gulping all the thick virile semen down. When she finally pulled back a small string connected from his lower head to her lips. She proceeded to clean his length, sucking it of any sperm left before bathing his balls in hot spit and sucking gently on them.

"Such a whore you are, lady stark. Now I'm going to fuck you like a whore. And I'm going to make you bear my seed. Please me and your power could rise here." He told her as she nodded.

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"As you say my king. I shall be honored to bear your children." She said, her lust at its climax knowing what was coming as she went onto the cold floor and lay on her back. But John needed to punish this milf bitch for her years of neglect. It was amusing to see her eyes widen as he removed a long length of rope from behind the throne and move towards her.

Catelyn had her legs in the air apart and slightly folded on her chest, her hands tied above her head. Her eyes were burning like fire, filled with longing for his cock while her red hair formed a halo around her face that displayed the characteristics of a bitch in heat.

Her two huge mountains pointing up while her pussy was wetter than ever preparing it for its imminent penetration. Jon didn't want a reluctant whore so he made catelyn sure of her choice. "Tell me bitch, you are ready to cheat on your husband's memory? Cheat on Ned Stark, the man who raised me?. To become my whore and bear my children whenever your king commands?

To Bee fucked by a real man for the rest of your days?" She did not even hesitate. "Yes jon. I swear I'll serve you as a whore for the rest of my life ! I'll lick the cum off your feet if you ask ! My stomach will serve just as breeding ground for our children! I would be your submissive slut ! Everything and anything to serve you my king!" To prove her words she tried to remove even more the thighs and hips forward to be prevented by the rope.

Jon smirked in triumph at her words as she blushed. When has she become such a whore with words? She wondered. " Get ready then, Tully whore !

I'm going to fuck your pussy until your hips give out and that your cunt takes the form of my cock and your pregnant with my child. A nice wolf child to replace Robb and the others. Something to give your fish whore relations hope when they hear your bearing the King's child. And you won't be the last. I think Aunt lysa and Sansa would be less lonely with a child in their bellies.The north will need plenty assurances of power in the seven kingdoms and what says power like a royal heir in the womb of a leading female in your house.

" He laughed, finally, she was totally his.

Digging his hands into each of Catelyn's creamy hips, enjoying their smoothness and noting how good for birthing they were. Plenty of heirs would be coming from catelyn tully, no doubt about it.

He released his dick from the confines of his trousers and in one smooth motion he sheathed his huge cock in pussy, her juice soaking his length as he delighted at her words. She had given up her reputation to be his whore, just as planned. Jon was surprised, her pussy was beyond tight. It was like being caught in a vise, only excess lubrication allowed him to sheathe half his cock in her pussy.

Its powerful meat harpooning the closed canal, despite this it was not powerful enough to fit all of a sudden in a mature cunt that seemed tighter than a virgin.

He was going to go all the way or break this whore bitch in the process. He continued momentum leaving his head of his cock engorged at the entrance and threw even more cock into her tight passage. He moaned in pleasure, still happy that Catelyn's juices that had been released from her womb began to flow along its canal facilitating Jon's cock's passage into and out of it's folds.

"Yeeesss ! It's so good! By the SEVEN ! It's so huge." Catelyn wss amazed she had never thought to be stretched like this, not even by Ned. It felt wonderful, the feeling of her pussy and its canal being stretched to their limit.

Any feeling of pain that could have existed because her pussy was hosting something so solid was washed away by the pure excitement that transpired in every cell of her body.

This last stretch was not torture, it was a release. How she could feel insignificant and pathetic thing her dead husband called a dick? Here was a true wolf! A dragon! Born of fire and ice! By the old Gods! No wonder lyaana ran away with Rhaegar. Jon's father must have had a cock the size of a horse!

This thing was a monster, her pussy finally had what it needed, a cock that can tear it in half and knock it up good. When she felt a more inches move past her hips her eyes widened. Was that not it ? Her pussy seemed literally packed so he had stuffed with meat and he still had to more to give it?

She tried in vain to help jon, trying to push him in fully but it was a lost battle, she was too bound by the rope. She was just a whore to use as he saw fit. This loss of control was all she needed. She just left it to her new lover and king to do what he wanted with her body. Jon meanwhile was slamming his cock in his former adoptive mother's tight pussy. He was slamming into the red haired bitch like a battering ram, smashing his balls in the attempt to cram as much of his cock in her.

This cunt made him mad and was the tightest, hottest thing he ever fucked. And in a final effort he returned his cock fully into the unjustly tight pussy of this bitch. Pressing against her cervix in the process. He could see the bulge of his cock in her tummy so he had forced his cock into her stretched canal. Catelyn's Folds were adjusting they were engorged obscenely around his cock, forming an almost perfect circle to try to take the full width of Jon's penis.

She recognized that he was impressed.Not one of the whore he had taken were able to take his cock completely and as fast. This comforted in the idea that Catelyn was born just to serve his cock and bear his children,taking his huge dick in her pussy forever.

Her dead husband was nothing compared to this. Cat saw all white, nothing mattered, just the feeling of her pussy tightening the massive penis. She could feel her vulva barely fit around the monster in it. She could feel every vein wonderful gracing the cock of her king. She seemed to know it's size, width, hear Jon's heartbeat through. She felt as if he gave her a huge honor, she knew every inch of his divine cock. She felt the glans of her king slamming against her cervix, she did not even know that was possible so far, that feeling of her cervix being stimulated maximize the feelings of pleasure that ran through her body.

With a grunt jon led his balls deep back in catelyn, drawing a strangled cry of pleasure as her tight pussy was forced open by the passage of the huge cock. It was incredible, intense heat and the way her velvety walls tightened around him was indescribable.

He was going to milk it for all it was worth until it begins to age and then he would replace it. He was the son of the Rhaegar Targaryen, a king. He did what he wanted. He proved it today with, fucking this voluptuous redhead whore, his own adoptive mother who had not even resisted honorably, wanting the powers that came with being his whore and bearing his child. "By the old gods! Your tearing my pussy in half ! " catelyn felt his big balls slamming her buttocks, making a wet noise due to the fountain that was her pussy.

Despite its padding in her ass she could feel every impact. The hips of her master make rattling noises flesh against flesh almost constant noise in the empty throne room.

She felt her pussy spasm with every second, embracing this huge cock. Trying to milk his sperm from his big balls, thick juicy and delicious sperm directly into her uterus. "That's right you bitch, your pussy is still adapting to my dick. " Catelyn knew he was right, she felt her pussy literally be destroyed to be remodeled at his convenience. He had taken possession of her canal so it would work for its future use. She wanted to fuck it, like this forever.

Jon's speed had increased, and he was slamming into her with even more force. He pierced her pussy deeper with each thrust, drowning even more in pleasure. When she felt a particularly painful tightening in the breasts, she felt a liquid being expelled from her nipples. Through her eyes became blurred, she saw something white flying in the area before falling on it.

She felt a few drops fall on her slutty mewling face and especially in her open mouth. Smelling liquid land on the taste buds she identified it right away. Milk ! Jon had fucked her so much he had pulled the milk from her tits !

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It was never there ! "You love this bitch ! You love my big cock demolishing your pussy !

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" Jon growled, he was proud of her endurance. He could feel his cum in his balls churned, wanting to fill the belly of this tully whore. He felt the best orgasm of his life would happen fucking this redhead tully MILF who was lying and tied like a slut in front of him. Jon groaned as he felt his cock reaching its limit. He was proud of his endurance, but he was not a machine.

Approaching forty minutes from fucking this tight pussy of this bitch was just too much. So he finally growled and slammed his cock deep into his new property, feeling her cervix open allowing his penis to go directly into her sanctuary releasing his cum in pussy of this hungry bitch.

"That's it tully bitch! Take all my cum in your fucking womb and get pregnant!" Catelyn shouted at the top of her lungs as her cervix opened to accommodate as much fertile seed as possible. She could scream in pleasure as bucket after bucket of sperm was emptied in her most sacred place. His semen flooding her belly and coating the walls of her delicate uterus.

Jon sighed feeling Catelyn's pussy suffer spasms trying to milk as much of his sperm.


She was not satisfied? He had the most powerful orgasm he could remember, cumming a full minute in her tight pussy and pouring more sperm than he did in one day. Was She addicted to his cock so much? Groaning, he pulled his cock out slowly from her pussy, the walls of its canal clinging to him not wanting his dick to leave. With a 'pop' sound, he managed to get out of her pussy,a sperm line from his penis to her vulva still attached.

Casually wiping it on the fucked stupid tully's round and creamy ass, he could see his thick, sticky cum began to flow from her canal like a river of lava due to heat and viscosity.


Looking at his limp dick, he had no chance to become hard tonight, but after all it will still be there in the morning. He looked around and as if by some trick of fate found a small tully flag with a thick hilt. He took it and eased it into her cunt, trapping his sperm inside her and ensuring the quickening of his sperm inside her womb.

The flag unfurled to show the tully banner of a fish and the house and jon would have laughed himself to see what he would describe as the conquering of the tullys. Glancing at the bitch that he had blown his mind, he drank the details of her body, resulting from their brutal fucking. A strong and powerful, elegant lady of the north?

A woman and loving mother? She was nothing more than a new whore of his cock ! Her face had her eyes half close, foggy as if she was in a haze. Her tongue hung from her mouth and she gasped steep way to try to catch her breath, perfectly imitating a dog bitch.

It is she already had her new role in her mind. Her face was covered with saliva and white point resulted milk that had fallen on her. Her breasts rising and falling rapidly due to rapid breathing, causing them to tremble, also had milk flowing lines along still fed by her breasts could not seem to stop producing milk. Her pale skin was covered with a thick layer of sweat making her even more attractive. Her cunt was wrapped obscenely around the hilt of the small tully flag and try to go fully inside her.

Her thighs had dried blood where he had dug his nails too harshly into them. And by stepping back on where he had been kneeling was literally soaked in the juice of the bitch, her ass had impact marks on her hips and was dripping from pussy juice giving it a bright glow.

Seeing her flowing red hair made his cock twitch and a wave of lust roll over him. It seemed he had a lust for redheads. A royal visit north to see aunt lysa and Sansa wouldn't be so bad in about 6 months. The fruit of his and Catelyn's fucking would be showing by then and maybe it would be good for the other two redheads to see their Sister/Mother made docile and humble by his child in her belly.

Lysa needed a new heir anyway. That sickly boy would do no good for house Aryn and would be replaced by Jon's superior offspring.

And he wanted Sansa in King's landing. A child.HIS child in her womb would bring her here for good. The karstarks could care for winterfell till her child was 18 and ready to rule it. And the ladies of the other houses.Hmmm. He had lots of work to do. And he would enjoy it.