Older milf big tits and office fuck in lingerie noise complaints make sloppy biatch cops

Older milf big tits and office fuck in lingerie noise complaints make sloppy biatch cops
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I got off work early. I don't wanna go home this soon and I think it would be nice to give you a surprise. Besides, it is Saturday. there won't be anyone in your office except extra diligent you. You can't be that mad at me for showing up. I catch a cab to your office. and the security guard guides me to your floor. Now, I don't know where your cabin is. I pop in and out of cubicles looking for you. I also make a trip to the washroom. The guard had told me that there was just you and some other woman working today.

There you are.


you are hunched over your PC. and no other woman. Thank goodness! I knock on your door and you look up, momentarily confused seeing me there. I walk over to your desk and ask you to keep working and finish whatever you are working on.

I am at the window taking in the view, when you tell me you are almost done and that I should take a seat till then. I walk back to the desk and instead of sitting on the chair, I lean on the desk, waiting for you to close the open windows on your PC and sign off! You smile at me and I know your brain's multi-tasking.

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working and thinking something naughty. I cautiously move a file and the pen holder on the desk to give me some room. checking for any negative reaction from you. You roll your eyes and finish up with your stuff. I push myself onto the desk and wait for you to sign out.

Then I lean forward and whisper in your ear."I have no panties on".

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You lean back in your chair and look at me. I am smiling. You half rise from the chair as you tell me that we should get to the car soon. Slightly disappointed, I am about to get off the desk when you get up and block my way. You hold my arms to my sides, pinning me to the desk. and lean in close to tell me that you don't believe me.

not until you have checked yourself. With one hand you hold my wrists together and push me back on to the desk. The executive skirt does not really allow for much movement. but you manage to push it up enough to spread my legs a bit. You have your knee in between so I won't close my legs. Still holding my wrists captive, you work your other hand up my skirt. searching for the non-existent panties. You get your confirmation but your hand lingers.

fingers exploring my cunt. I am trying not to moan. it sounds loud in the empty office. I am wet. You pull your hand out and lick your fingers. and with one swift movement you pull me off the desk.

and turn me over.

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My hands are free again, but this time you bind them behind me with your tie and then make me bend over your desk. You ask me to spread my legs, and push my skirt up to my waist to enable that. Then you sit back on your chair to enjoy the view. You don't touch me for what seems like an eternity.

but might have been 2 mins. I feel the chill on my bum and on my wet cunt. I picture myself in my head in that open, vulnerable position and it makes me more wet. Then I feel a sudden sharp pain on my butt cheek, and before my brain understands that I have been spanked, another blow lands and then another.

The first blow wasn't too painful, the suddenness of it made it smart. The subsequent blows increased in ferocity. my bum was smarting and the pain felt good at the same time. I wanted to touch myself. and get myself off. I wanted you to touch me. I didn't really know what I wanted right then. While those thoughts were muddling my head, you push a finger in my cunt.

my almost dripping cunt. You finger fuck me. then you rub my clit, pushing me to the very edge. I wanna cry out when you pull your finger out without giving me a release. This time you use the steel ruler from your drawer to spank me. After a couple of blows, you pull me back up and turn me around and kiss me on my lips. hard. bruising them. Your hands push my jacket off my shoulders, bunching it at my elbows.

Still kissing, you fumble with the buttons on my shirt and manage to get them open. The bra, to your delight, is front open. You unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. You take a step back and as you unzip your pants, you tell me to pick the skirt and fold it away. Then you pull me back to you, one hand going to the back of my neck and the fingers up in my hair.

You grab a handful and kiss me hard again.then you push me down, making me kneel before you. You jerk my head up and with your other hand you loosen your cock from your boxers. You are hard. You slap my lips with your cock and tell me to suck you off. I feel somewhat humiliated, confused. disliking the treatment AND not wanting you to stop.

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But, I want to taste your cock. I wrap my lips around your cock. my eyes not leaving yours. You mouth the word 'slut' at me. I run my tongue on your shaft and tighten my lips on it. At the same time you tighten your fingers in my hair and push your cock in deeper into my mouth. You fuck my mouth. in and out, not hard enough to hurt me. I can feel you getting harder, and when you slow down I move my mouth to match up the speed.

From your body language I know you are about to cum. I wrap my lips tighter around your cock, as you spill in my mouth. I want every last drop. After swallowing, I lick your cock clean. You zip up your pants and untie my hands.

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Instead of letting me pull my clothes back on, you pull my jacket off me. The shirt and bra follow. I am completely naked except for my pumps. You take the tie and this time you blindfold me. You hold my arm and lead me to the armchair in your cabin.

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You make me sit on the armchair and spread my knees for a clear view. I hear you stepping back and then some more footsteps and then complete silence. It is freaking me out. naked on your chair, spread. glass cabin doors and with no idea where the hell you've gone. or are you still in there. toying with me. I want to take a peek but I don't know if you would punish me if I do. An eternity before I hear the door creak. I hold my breath, I hadn't heard it earlier. are you leaving now?

Then, I hear footsteps again and feel someone standing close. It has to be you. I can smell cigarettes.


You took a cigarette break! You went out for a smoke to mess with my head. I wanna scream at you and I open my mouth to do just that when you pull me up and hold me close, and kiss me gently.


I can taste the cigarette you just smoked. You caress my back, my bum and turn me around. still holding me close. Your hands play with my nipples and caress lower, over my tummy. finally reaching my cunt. You skip it and caress my inner thighs. I moan out of frustration. I slip my hand behind to cup your cock over your pants. trying to unzip you. You push your crotch back away from me and your fingers find my cunt. You tease me with butterfly touches and I moan through clenched teeth.

I want you to touch my clit, which you are cruelly avoiding. I break away, not caring if you punish me for it. and I pull off my blindfold. My eyes begging you to let me come. You smile at me. that dangerous smile. I know I will be in trouble. and I won't know when. I hit the desk backing up. I wanna provoke you. so I lean back, spread my legs and touch myself.

You growl a no. I smile and throw my head back.

my fingers playing on my cunt. Next thing, you have pulled my hand away and have plunged your cock inside me. You pull me into position and then you fuck me. all the gentleness of touch from earlier gone now.