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Wife organisms on big dick
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Erebus led an unbound Amethyst into the main hall. The amphitheatre was packed as expected and there was a lot of excited talk among the attendees. When they walked in, a collective silence fell over the room and Erebus stopped, and Amethyst stopped by his side as soon as he did, her head down, arms behind her back. Without wasting any time, he said "Display, your target is the chandelier," and she immediately spread her feet wide, brought her arms up and interlocked her fingers behind her neck and turned her head to affix her gaze on the chandelier hanging forward and above her head.

Erebus spoke to the crowd "Now before I start with the pain, it is important to show you obedience training. This display posture is an excellent technique in the slave training process. It is important to give your toy a target to keep their eyes on so they don't go looking around and anticipate what you are about to do.

Now, in this position, a slave should be trained to hold still never move their head. I have worked very hard with Amethyst on this and I am very proud of her. Observe." Erebus stepped behind his slave and reached around to her chest, first running his hands gently around her breasts, then squeezing the nipples, rolling them between his fingers, then tugging on her nipple piercings, wiggling the nipples back and forth roughly.

Amethyst bit her lower lip and moaned but held perfectly still. The crowd clapped to show their appreciation. Erebus continued while he kept wiggling her nipples back and forth mercilessly "thank you. Now, any amateur can bind a slave and inflict pain, it's easy enough to do.

My goal here today is to equip you with the knowledge you need to become a professional. You need to make your slave work as well, that is why she has freedom of movement, and every position she has to hold by sheer will. I have also found that the judicious application of, and then withholding of pleasure can be a wonderful form of torture.

Isn't that right my beauty?" Amethyst cried out "YES MASTER! OHHHH!" to the delight of the crowd who laughed heartily.

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Erebus smiled and kept wiggling her nipples, it was getting unbearable for her now. Then he let go abruptly and stepped away, giving her a very hard spank on her right ass cheek, leaving a red hand print behind.

She squealed in pain and surprise but maintained her position. There were murmurs of approval from the crowd. Erebus walked over to a table that was well appointed with a series of tools, floggers, whips, a metal spikey wheel, plugs, gags, feathers and a multitude of other things, some very scary looking. He motioned for one of the camera crew to come over, "you there, what is your name?" "Josh sir." "Oh, please, call me Erebus, only slaves should use that word. Josh, would you be so kind as to get a close-up of these tools and project them?" The 21 year old film student intern rushed over with a huge grin "yes sir.I mean Erebus, this is the best job EVER!" Erebus grinned at him and then turned to the crowd.

"Now, as you can see, and I can't stress this enough, it is critical to plan your torture session in advance so you have all the tools you need. You want to be able to move seamlessly from one activity to the next to keep your slave off balance and you certainly don't want them to have a chance to recover.

And remember, it is better to have too many tools and not need them than to have to stop and go get something you forgot." Then to the film student "thank you Josh, now if you would, resume filming my slave, and take care to capture her facial expressions, but don't neglect her body either, people will want to see everything." The young man stepped away from the table with a smile and walked back over to hold the camera on Amethyst, an obvious tent in his pants.

Erebus picked up a small plastic jar like container and unscrewed the cap. There were a lot of confused looks in the audience. He explained as she walked back over to Amethyst, dipped two fingers in the gel and applied it to her nipples, then her clit, and then rubbing his fingers inside her pussy, and finally spreading some along her ass crack.

He pulled his fingers away and held them to her mouth and she obediently sucked on and licked his fingers. "This, my friends, is stimulating cream and I can't recommend it enough, it's a really great product. Just watch her as it starts to work. She will feel a tingling sensation and then it will get stronger and pretty soon she will beg to be touched." "This is by far one of the most effective torture training tools I have found. If you can train your slave to associate pleasure with pain, soon, they will become one in the same and she will be happy and a willing participant in everything you do.

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" Amethyst's face started to get flushed, she licked her lips, opened her mouth wide "ohhh, master.please.ohhhhh!" the tingling sensations were driving her mad. Erebus grinned "see what I mean. Now you have a pliable toy to work with, she will do anything you tell her just to get some kind of touch.

" Then to Amethyst "ok my beauty, you can relax a bit now, hands behind your back and you may look around." To the crowd "it is important to be realistic and not demand something that is impossible from your slave. I knew she wouldn't be able to hold her position for much longer, that cream is powerful. Be strict, but not overly cruel." Amethyst brought her head level, arms resting in the small of her back, her hands gripping to the opposite forearms to keep them in place.

Her hips were rocking wildly and she couldn't hold still, her breathing heavy and she kept licking her lips. Erebus walked over to the table and came back with two small devices. "Let's have some more fun, shall we?" and he clipped the devices to her nipple rings and stepped away. He pulled a remote control out of his pocket and turned it on, a low vibrating noise is heard and his slave squealed in delight as her nipple rings started to vibrate.

Erebus pushed some buttons on the remote to vary the intensity of the vibrations randomly. Amethyst whimpered and sometimes squealed with the wonderful sensation, defiantly not able to keep still but she dutifully holds her arms behind her back. Erebus said "now this is a prime time to inflict some pain, pair it with the pleasure." He pulled a small case out of his inside coat pocket "Josh, a close-up of her breasts if you will" and then to Amethyst "be still my love, you know what's next." he says tenderly, and she obeyed with great difficulty, her eyes watering from sensory overload.

Erebus reached a hand out, firmly squeezed her right nipple and without hesitation rammed a needle through it, causing Amethyst to scream in agony. The crowd broke into clapping and cheering as the tears fell down her face, her mascara forming black lines down her cheeks once more.

The needle had a plastic handle and Erebus twisted it back and forth a few times and Amethyst whined "owww owww! Please master, it hurts." Erebus smiled at her while twisting it some more "oh yes, my beauty, that's the idea. Now be a good slave and hold still just a bit longer, symmetry is important." He took his time on the left nipple, pushing the needle in slowly "are you getting this Josh, zoom right in here." Erebus pushed ever so slowly until the tip of the needle was dimpling the skin on the bottom of her nipple but had not broken through yet.

He pulled back and pushed a few more times, then finally it popped through on the other side, a collective "ahhhh" from the audience. Amethyst sobbed but obediently held still. "Ok Josh, zoom out to get her face.

Yes, very nice." Then to Amethyst "well done my beauty." and caressed her back. Then to the crowd "there is nothing wrong with praising your slave, positive reinforcement will get you better results than a beating any day. I used to have to bind her for this, now she holds quite still and takes these needles like a champ.

She's such a good sex slave, really. " "I think she deserves a little pleasure now." Erebus turned the dial on the remote to deliver a more intense vibration to her nipples. Amethyst still sobbed, but her face softened and it was clear that she was getting some enjoyment. Erebus produces a third identical clip on device and walks around to the front of his slave and crouched down, making quick work of clipping it to her clit ring.

He stood up and hit another button on the remote and more humming was heard, as well as a squeal from Amethyst who doubled over at the waist. Like lightening, Erebus snapped his arm out, gripped her hair and pulled her back up, yelling sternly "I didn't tell you to bend over! They want to see your face!" He yelled at her as he lightly shook her head from side to side by her hair.

Amethyst cried out helplessly, her eyes wide and breathing erratic "soORRY M.MASTERRRRR!" Someone from the back shouted "now that's what I'm talkin' about, Yeah!" Several other people cheered and clapped as well. Erebus stopped shaking her head but still held her hair up high so she had to stand on her tip toes as he regained his composure and addressed the crowd.

" Intimidation and fear are important tools as well, and sometimes brute force is required. Never be predictable. Sometimes negative reinforcement is necessary to get your point across. " Then he said to Amethyst "since you disobeyed, go get me the cane." Her eyes widened and she gulped but did not hesitate "yes master." The reprimanded slave walked sullenly over to the table, her arms remaining behind her back until she got there, the vibrators still buzzing away on her nipples and clit, and the needles still very much embedded in her flesh.

As she walked to the table, Erebus pointed out," It is inevitable in a torture session that your slave will disobey or do something you don't like. When your slave disobeys you, make them go get the instrument of their punishment. It arouses so much more dread when they have to touch it themselves.

Make them kiss and lick it too, that's just for fun." Amethyst quickly picked up the cane and put it in her hands, walking to her master with her head down, arms held perpendicular to her body, the cane stretched out as an offering to him. Erebus took it from her she and brought her arms back to their resting place, cradled behind her in the small of her back. He held the cane to her mouth and she ran her tongue along the wood, periodically puckering her lips to kiss it, a look of obvious fear on her face.

Josh let out a crackling sigh "oh my god, that's hot!" as he zoomed the camera in, his eyes wide in disbelief. Erebus pulled the cane away and said to the crowd, "Make your punishment swift and appropriate for the infraction.

I will now turn off her pleasure so she will feel the full effect of the pain." With that, he hit a few buttons on the remote and the vibrations stopped.

To Amethyst "Display!" Amethyst moved like a precision soldier, her body snapping into the display position, fingers interlocking behind her neck, breasts and ass out, feet spread widely apart. "YES MASTER!" she almost wailed, knowing what was coming next.

Erebus wasted no time in waving the cane up and down, very close to her body, almost brushing it. She could feel the wind from the parted air gusting onto her body.

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Erebus instructed "sometimes the fear of the cane is enough, and it is also so much fun to see how scared they get when it moves around them, never knowing when it will LASH OUT and strike!" With the words Lash out, he flicks his wrist to hit her on the stomach, leaving a red line. Amethyst squealed out in pain and twitched just a little, but managed to hold onto her position by sheer force of will, not to mention fear of a much worse punishment by whipping.

He sometimes whipped her, making her call out each letter of her name after each strike. Sometimes if he was really mad, it was her last name too. Erebus stepped back to admire the red line and then started to methodically tap the cane onto the tops of her thighs, just enough to sting.

"You see my friends, it is not necessary to hit very hard, the cane stings like hell, and you can do a better job of punishing by repetition, not just force." Then he swung the cane up and over her head in an arc and started tapping the back of her thighs "it's very sensitive back here, don't just focus on the sexual areas, really work the whole body." Amethyst had tears running down her face and a look of obvious pain.

The stimulating cream made it unbearable to hold still, but the fear of a potential whipping kept her in place. "Wow, she's so obedient" and several other positive comments were heard. Erebus worked the cane down to her calves and back up, hitting her ass a few times, then swung the cane back up and over her head artfully. He paused just for a moment. "It is important to end the punishment very painfully so your slave will be averse to repeating the same transgression.

A grand finale, if you will." Amethyst tensed up and Erebus took the cane and tapped it just enough on one of the plastic handles of the needles and Amethyst's eyes shot wide open, her mouth opened in a silent scream but nothing came out. It hurt to bad to even move and Erebus took advantage of that and tapped down on the other one just as quickly. Amethyst couldn't breathe for a moment and then she took in a gasping breath and then screamed loud enough to fill the entire room.

People were giving Erebus a standing ovation and Josh the camera guy was zooming in on her face repeating "oh my god, oh my god" his cock twitching around in his khakis. Erebus puts his arms up to quell the crowd. "Thank you, but we're just getting started. I have so much more to show you. Now, once you have punished your slave, it is important to move on, no sense holding a grudge.

Get right back into your planned torture program and don't dwell on the mistake she made." Erebus walked over to the sobbing and red faced Amethyst, and gently took the needles out one at a time, then he rubbed his hands along her tear streaked cheeks, smoothing her hair back from her face "shhh my love, it's over now, hands behind your back again.yes.very good." Amethyst brought her hands behind her back and relaxed her torso, her sobbing tapering off as the needles came out.

Erebus said to the crowd "So I have made her work by holding her position, but it is still very fun to bind your slave. My absolute favorite position is by far the strappado. Amethyst, cuffs," he commanded her and she rushed over to the table and gabbed first the ankle cuffs and bent over at the waist to slip them on and lock them in place.

Then she slipped the wrist cuffs on and walked very quickly over to her master with her wrists offered to him. "See, Amethyst is very well trained. Now, it may take a while with your slaves, especially if they are freshly captured, but with the techniques you learned in the breaking workshop and here today, I'm confident that you will have an obedient slave in just a few short months.

" Erebus snapped the locks closed on the wrist cuffs as he spoke. "Slaves, the frame." He called out, and two naked slaves that had been in the background pushed a frame that looked like a miniature version of the frame for a playground swing set into the light and lock the wheels so it won't roll. They retreated back into the shadows, glad it is the redhead and not them.

These were higher ranking house slaves that often assisted in these matters. "This frame is portable and very versatile. " He put his hand on Amethyst's back and led her to the frame. "We're going to be doing strappado my beauty." Amethyst nodded "yes master" her tears just a trickle now. She turned around, spread her feet wide to place them close to the bottom legs of the frame and bent over at the waist, bringing her arms straight behind her and held still for him to clip her into position.

" Erebus first crouched down and clipped the carabineers on the device to the rings on her leg cuffs, then stood up and clipped her wrist cuffs together to he only had to hold the chain in between them to hoist it up to the carabineers on the top of the frame.

Amethyst groaned as her shoulders were strained and it forced her to lean over, her breasts hanging down toward the ground with the vibrators still attached to the rings. "It is critical not to dislocate the slave's shoulders, make it just enough to hurt, not injure. You would hate to be without those soft hands on your cock for any length of time." "There, now she is secure and at my mercy.

I know you still want to see her face, don't worry, I've got that covered. I remember one of the special requests for this so I just had to incorporate it." Erebus walked over to the table and returned with a head harness that he slipped over her and tightened down. The harness resembled a horse bridle and had a strap going across the top with rings at various intervals.

Then he walked back over to the table and returned with a shiny silver ass hook with a large ball on the end.


The crowd started to cheer enthusiastically. Erebus squirted some lube on the end and walked over to his helpless slave. "Josh, you're going to want to get a close-up of this. " Josh looked like he was about to blow his load in his pants but managed to keep it together, and came over "hell yeah!

Heywill that even fit, that shit looks tight. " Erebus smiled at him "she's just naturally tight, she can accommodate a lot. She's my treasure. " And with that, Erebus starts pressing the steel ball into her asshole. "That's it my beauty, just relax, yes, there we go." The ball popped in and disappeared and Amethyst cried out "OWWW!" Josh was zooming in and licking his lips "that is one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

I think I'm gonna love it here! Screw my girlfriend, I'm gettin' me a slave!" Erebus smiled at Josh "well Josh, if you think your girlfriend has the attributes you are looking for, take her as yours.

See me after and we'll talk, I have some ideas for you." Josh got wide eyed "Really! Oh man, that would be great. I have a ton of questions, like how--" Erebus shook his head at Josh "later ok, I'm torturing my slave now, and it's rude to keep her waiting." Erebus took the hook and rotated it around so the long metal part curved along her back. He took a length of rope and threaded it through the circle on the end of the hook.

With the rope still slack, he threaded it through the hook on the head harness and then pulled up quickly. Amethyst's head snapped up and she cried out, an obvious look of pain on her face. The crowd was going wild, screaming, whistling, cheering and clapping. Erebus made quick work of tying the rope off and making it tight so Amethyst was forced to have her head pulled backher face once again level with the audience.

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The ass hook slid further in, nesting deep inside her ass, effectively immobilizing her. Erebus stepped back and wiggled the rope a bit "ah, perfect. Now, when she moves, and trust me, she will, the ass hook will dig deeper into her, causing her pain. She can't move much, but I am going to give her some work to do. Always make your slave work in some respect.

" He walked back over to the table and brought back a dildo with some clips attached to the sides. "Open my beauty." He slid the cock gag into her obediently open mouth and clipped it into place. "This rests just at the opening of her throat.

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She will have to work to breathe and screaming will be that much harder. She how's she sucking on it already, she's such a good slave. " Erebus ran his hands gently over the welts he left with the cane, causing her to whimper and wiggle around a bit. He took the feather from the table and started to tickle the welts.

Amethyst squealed into the cock gag and bucked in the apparatus, then screamed in pain, and just as quickly became very still, breathing very rapidly through her nose, her eyes wide.

Erebus wiggled the feather around, back and forth along all of her welts, then crouched down and tickled her nipples with the tip of the feather. Amethyst started to giggle uncontrollably, sucking on the cock gag with renewed interest. "She's so ticklish, this is just so much fun. Torture isn't just all about pain, you have to mix it up, keep it interesting. You can make your torture session last that much longer if you add variety.

There have been days where I have tortured her for hours." Amethyst is laughing and screaming, arching and bowing her back as much as she can. "Too much pleasure is also a form of torture, don't ever forget that. Now, time for some more pain. You don't need a lot of fancy toys to torture your slave, you can have a good time with what you have on hand.

Take sandpaper for instance." He walked over to the table and picked up several squares of sandpaper. "Make sure to get a few grain sizes, the coarser grain for the painful stimuli, and the fine grain for teasing. Since it is time for pain." Erebus took a coarse grain square and rubbed it on the tip of her right nipple. Amethyst's face changed from happy to painful in the blink of an eye. Erebus repeated the move with the left nipple and she squealed. The crowd gave out an appreciative clap.

There were several people feverishly taking notes. Erebus pulled the remote out of his pocket once more and activates only the nipple vibrators, causing Amethyst's eyes to roll back into her head. Erebus smiled and walked over to the table once more, this time returning with a set of small weights. "Always let gravity help you in your quest. Weights are so much more effective when the breasts are hanging toward the ground. " He slipped the hook on each weight into the nipple rings. Amethyst squealed in pain once more as her nipples were stretched toward the ground.

"Now, be very careful not to make the weights too heavy, you wouldn't want them to tear the piercings out. These are just right. " He took a finger and sets the weights swinging back and forth. Amethyst squealed and her eyes grew wide, and she bit into the cock gag. "Josh, you've been so great filming everything.


Why don't you let someone else take over and you can take a break. How would you like to fuck my slave?" "WHAT! SERIOUSLY! WOW!" "Yes, you've shown great potential and I want to help you get started. I see a bright future for you in this industry. Now, what I need done is for you to fuck her very hard, really get those weights swinging. Do you think you can do that Josh?" "Shit yeah!

I'm never going back to college, I think I've found my calling. Wow, I can't believe this is happening, thank you, thank you! Um, do I need a condom?" Erebus chuckled along with several members of the crowd. "Sex slaves are sterilized, no worries, she's yours, and don't go easy on her, remember, this is a torture session, hard and fast, really ram her." Josh got a wide ass grin on his face and turned the camera off, set it down on the table and stepped up behind the helpless slave.

He experimentally ran his fingers along the red welts, loving how they felt under his fingertips, then he gave a sudden hard spank to her ass, causing her to jump.

"Very nice Josh, you're on the right track. Ladies and Gentlemen, a torturer's apprentice if you will!" Erebus smiled and waved his arm at Josh. The crowd clapped and several well wishes rang out. Josh unzipped his pants and his rock hard cock sprang out instantly to attention.

He remembered what Erebus said and stepped closer to her, grabbed her firmly by the hips and plowed right inside hard with one thrust, a determined look on his face. Amethyst was slammed forward and the frame rocked.

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Josh had a hungry sadistic look on his face as he pounded in and out of the slave, his pelvis slamming the ass hook deeper and deeper. The weights hanging from her nipples were jerking around and swinging and the slave was screaming.

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The crowd was going crazy with excitement and some members had called slaves over to suck them. Amethyst squealed and screamed, drool running from her chin. Josh started spanking her on and off, yelling "take that whore, yeah!" Erebus corrected him "treat her with respect please, always try to show some class.

Slave is a good term." Josh slowed down and apologized "I'm sorry Erebus, I guess I just got carried away." "It's ok, don't slow down, keep going, I'm going to make this more fun." Erebus pushed the remote once more and her clit vibrator kicked in. Amethyst squealed and arched and Josh let out a startled cry himself. "Holy shit!" Erebus crouched down by Amethyst's head, talking to her softly.

"I'm so proud of you my beauty. You may cum now, you've made me very happy." He reached under her and carefully removed the swinging weights, set them down and pulled the feather back out, tracing along her breast line. Amethyst was screaming and drooling, her eyes impossibly wide as she was rammed back and forth by the young film student.

Erebus turned up the intensity of the clit vibrator and it is wasn't long before she let out this most blood curling scream, her entire body going stiff, then the spasms start.

Josh felt Amethyst's pussy clamp down and start to pulsate round his cock. He cried out "Oh my god! So fucking tight, I can't hold it. ARRRHHHHHH!" The crowd is on its feet, another standing ovation.

Erebus stood back up and announced" and always let your slave cum in the end, they deserve it for all you put them through. Never forget that they are still human and have needs too.

If you treat them right, you will have a happy relationship. This concludes the torture session, I hope you all had a good time. If you have any questions, I will be around for just a bit longer while she is getting cleaned.

" Josh pulled out and Erebus told him "have the slaves over there clean you up. Yes, it's ok, that's what the're for. You have a lot to learn." Erebus said good naturedly to Josh as he looked hesitant. Josh nodded happily and swaggered over to the two slaves that had been lounging around watching the torture, giggling as the redhead screamed.

The girls saw him coming and slid to their knees, not needing to be told, they each took a side of his shaft, their tongues fluttering around. Josh looked up at Erebus, an expression of undying gratitude on his face "you're my hero man! This is the life!" Erebus winked at him as he untied the rope that held Amethyst's head up. As soon as it was free, her head flopped forward weakly, only soft moans coming from her lips.

He gently pulled the asshook ball out and walked over to the slaves cleaning Josh. Erebus looked down at them and said sternly, holding the ball out "clean this too. That's for laughing at her. Don't you ever laugh at my slave again, understand, now lick!" Josh got wide eyed and the girls looked horrified and said a quick "sorry sir" and started to lick the silver ball.

Thankfully it was clean, but the stigma of it grossed them out and they gagged several times. Erebus held it there with a smug expression on his face, enjoying the degradation. Then he pulled it away, turned to one of the trainers and said "see that these girls get whipped tonight, they need to learn respect." The trainer nods "absolutely, right away, we'll take care of it." The trainer motioned for one of his fellow trainers to join him and they each took a slave by the hair and yanked them to their feet.

The first trainer started walking with the girl, keeping her up on her tip toes as he chastised her "I can't believe you!

He's one of the most important guests we've had this year and you offend him like that! A whipping is too good for you, I think I'll put you on the spank and fuck for the night, see how your attitude is in the morning!" The second trainer says "good idea. " The girls start blubbering "noooo, please sir.I'm sorryyyy!" "Shut the fuck up!" the second trainer yells and shakes the girl's head around. She shut up very fast and just cried as the trainers walked them from the room.

Erebus smugly watched the girls go out, and said to Josh "you'll get used to it. It's not all fun and games, but it's a good life. I'll speak to Karl, see about getting you in the trainer program. If you want a slave, you will need to learn how to be a responsible steward." Josh got wide eyed again "REALLY! Oh, I don't know how I could ever repay you!" "Repay me by becoming a good trainer, that will be thanks enough.


We need more men like you, I see the gift, now go develop it." Erebus turned away from a very stunned and well fucked looking Josh and first crouched down to unclip Amethyst's ankle cuffs because he knew she would fall the moment her undid her arms and he wanted to be able to catch her and lay her down.

He unclipped her arms and braced his forearm under her torso, lowering her to the ground. She went limply with him, whimpering and moaning, the vibrators still on and the cock gag still in her mouth. Erebus turned off the vibrators and unclipped the cock gag, slid it out of her mouth and took off the head harness.

She let out a few small coughs and started to breathe heavily from her mouth. She was trembling from the force of her massive orgasm.

She looked up at him so lovingly and his heart swelled. He took a small vial from his pocket, uncorked it and put it to her lips "rest now my beauty, I love you." She sipped from the vial and her eyelids started to flutter. He gave her a combination pain killer and sleeping medicine, she would be out for at least 24 hours.

Her eyelids closed and she drifted off, her entire body going limp. He sat on the floor cradling her for a moment, a look of genuine love on his face. Someone from the crowd whispered "wow, he really does love her." He let go when the male slaves came to take her.

"Put her in the limo when you're done." That was all he said, and the harshness was absent from his voice. The one that reached down to lift her said "yes sir." Then Erebus was sitting alone under the spot light with a distant look on his face.

The attendees thought it best not to disturb him and they filed out quietly. Many were going right to the slave kennels to pick out one to relieve their built up tension, some others had grabbed nearby girls and were dragging them to their rooms. Erebus stared off into space for several minutes and then got up and started packing up his tools. A loud obnoxious clapping is heard from the darkness and Lucien walked down the stairs, still slowly clapping "you let that punk fuck her and I can't touch her for days!

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Thanks a fucking lot man!" Lucien was sporting a new scratch mark on his face where one of the girls must have gotten him when his guard was down. Erebus looked weary with Lucien but said calmly "it looks to me that you had plenty of fun." Lucien brushed his fingers to his cheek "oh yeah, this. One of the new girls, fresh off the street. She sure was feisty. I got cocky and underestimated her, but she'll be in the medical ward for a few days, and a guarantee you she won't ever do that again.

She had an attitude adjustment real quick." Erebus sighed "why do you always damage them? You wonder why I limit your time with her." Lucien said in an obnoxious voice "because you loooovveee her.

Give me a fucking break, you just made her a fucking pincushion. " Erebus shook his head wearily "I don't expect you to understand. Go get the car ready, I need to get her home.

Have a pillow and blanket ready for her. " Lucien started to say something, but thought better of it, he knew where his paycheck came from. He just spun on his heel and walked out, his dress shoes clicking on the marble floor. Erebus picked up his bag and carried it out the main hall.

He saw Karl standing against a wall talking on his phone while a slave was on her knees sucking him off. Erebus just nodded as he walked by, and Karl waved, but was deep in a conversation about a new batch of slaves being brought in. As he walked out, he heard the sounds of sex everywhere. His workshop drove the members into a sexual frenzy. He saw himself out, Lucien and the limo were waiting with an open door.

Erebus got in and waited, him and Lucien not speaking. Soon, a male slave comes walking to the car with a very asleep and very clean Amethyst. Erebus got out and took her from the young man, actually saying "thank you." The male slave got a surprised look and stammerd "you're welcome sir." and quickly retreated back into the house. Erebus slid into the seat cradling his love in his arms and Lucien walked around to shut the door.

Erebus laid Amethyst on the long seat, resting her head on the soft pillow and covered her with a blanket. The limo pulled away from the manor house and Erebus sat next to her, staring down at his sleeping slave. He stroked her hair and whispered "I love you my beauty" as the limo once again sped through the countryside.