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Chapter III- Linda and Cindy I called Cindy at work that evening, and asked her if she was still ready to squeal like a pig. She said yes, and to pick her up in the parking lot at eleven thirty. I picked her up, on schedule, and we went out for a drink or three before getting to the main event. As we were driving to one of our favorite spots, down on the lake, Cindy surprised me by pulling out a small cigarette box with several joints already rolled.

She asked if I minded, and was in turn surprised when I said I would join her. What with the smoke and the alcohol, I was getting really horny, and looking forward to Cindy's tight little asshole.

She had some other ideas. When we got parked at the lake, Cindy already had my dick out of my pants, and was jacking a little on it. I moved over in the seat to give her better access, and was pleasantly surprised when she opened her mouth and started to go down on me. I placed my hand on the back of her head, and gently, so as not to ruin anything, started to push her head up and down, just a little deeper each time.


This went on for a few minutes, then, as always, Cindy quit sucking. Looking up, she said, "You may have to help me take it all the way the first time, or few times. Like you did when you got my ass for the first time. Just hold me down and make me take it." Well, OK, if that's the way you want it.

I gently pushed her sucking mouth back on my hard member, and continued with my easy up and down, deeper on each stroke, motion. After Cindy got almost three quarters of my length down her mouth, I could feel the back of her throat, and she started to resist some. I eased up, letting her take what she was comfortable with for a few more strokes, then gently pushed her head down further until I felt the back of her throat again. This time, she took a few more strokes before starting to resist, and I eased up again.

Then, she increased the depth of her own up and down motion, and made an effort to take more of my dick down her throat.

By this time, I could hold back no longer, so I grabbed the back of her head and shoved as hard as I could, and spurted a massive load of cum down her throat. I don't know if she gagged, or choked, or swallowed hard, but something that she did caused me to spurt again, and I was completely drained, laying back against the pickup door. Cindy crawled out of the truck, and got two beers out of the ice chest in the back.

She opened them with the opener on the ice chest, handed one to me, and lit another joint. We smoked the joint and drank beer, and finally, Cindy started to talk. "I don't know why I never did that for you before.

I know you wanted me to, and I didn't mind doing a partial, but the idea of somebody squirting cum in my mouth just grossed me out. Somebody else did it to me once, forced me, and I've hated the idea since. With somebody I want to cum in my mouth, it's not too bad, but I think you will have to "help" me for a few more times.

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But I will do it for you, anytime you want me to, now." I said that now that she had started, she had better be ready for more. She grinned and nodded, and as if to prove it, took my flaccid dick in her hand, pumped it a few times, and went down on me some more. I started to get hard again, and we de-assed the truck for a blanket on the ground.

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Cindy dug in her oversized purse, and produced the "Ass Blisterer". Then she got on her hands and knees, and stuck her ass up in the air. I willingly proceeded to smack first one cheek, then the other, sometimes getting low on her chubby thighs and producing loud yelps. She wanted a time out, and when I paused, went to her oversized purse once more and produce a tube of KY jelly.

"For when you are ready to use it," she said. Then she resumed her head down, ass up, hands and knees position, and wiggled her ass at me! I applied the paddle several more times to her plump cheeks, then lubed her little brown rosebud up and plunged deep into her ass.

"EEEEEE……" Cindy was squealing like a pig. I continued to pump in and out of her ass, and she continued to squeal.

I felt her shudder twice in orgasm, but with the alcohol, the pot, and the recent blow-job, I was able to ride, ride, ride. When I finally felt my own impending orgasm, I pulled out of Cindy's well used little brown hole, and blistered her ass for a few more strokes. She was sobbing, squealing, crying, and begging me not to stop in a long, incoherent babble.

I dropped the "Ass Blisterer" and spread Cindy's well lubed ass cheeks. When I entered her tight, hot little brown starfish, she squealed her loudest "EEEEEEEEE&hellip." yet, and collapsed under me, even as I achieved my own orgasm, and pumped squirt after squirt of hot cum in her ass.

Next day, when Cindy called, she was as bubbly and happy as I had ever heard her. She wanted me to come by after work so we could discuss a few new things she wanted to try. Hey, if getting her ass blistered and a good throat- fuck made her that happy, why not new things?

Not to mention one super-duper ass fucking, which both of us really got off on. Turned out, she wanted some new things to spank her ass with, and some other toys. She also wanted what she called some decent smoke. Said the stuff she had wasn't really good.

And, she still was on that threesome kick, but had an idea that she thought I might go for.

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So, I built two more paddles, long enough to catch both cheeks of Cindy's ample ass. One, I drilled a pattern of holes in, the other I left plain.

I sanded and polished both as smooth as a baby's butt. Then, I scrounged around until I found an old saddle cinch strap, and restored it to flexibility with some hand rubbing and neat's-foot oil. The strap already had some holes in it, and I punched a few more. I could hardly wait to lay that across Cindy's ass. Last, I cut some switches, or really, rods, off of different types of trees, and peeled them, then whittled and sanded them smooth.

I wasn't too sure about the rods, but Cindy wanted them. She still said that the night I wore her ass out with a willow limb was the most intense sex she had ever had, and wanted to try it again. She just wanted to do it when she had some time off afterward. Next, I had to procure some "decent" pot. Since I had no clue where that was to be obtained, I decided to go see Linda, and see if she was over her snit.

Linda was only mildly perturbed because I hadn't called for two or three days, and wanted to know if she could come over after work, about eleven, eleven thirty. I said OK, and asked if she could score some decent smoke. I gave her some cash, and said I would see her later.

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When she showed up, we smoked a joint, (which was dynamite shit), and took a shower together. I soaped her all over, more in some places than in others. I shampooed and conditioned her short, raven black hair, and shaved her pits, legs, and the back of her neck, under the short hair there.

(She said hair growing out on her neck under her short style prickled.) Then, getting out of the shower, I shaved her pussy, and rubbed her freshly shaved areas with a lotion she had brought that she said was better than baby oil. All this time, she had washed me really good all over, and inspired a raging hard-on where her small hand was soaping and fondling my balls and shaft.

I carried her into the bedroom, and proceeded to eat he freshly shaved pussy until she shuddered, moaned, and begged me to fuck her.


I turned her over, put her on her hands and knees, and fucked her doggy-style until we were both exhausted and satiated. I went to sleep with her small body cuddled up against me. When I awakened, Linda had washed all the dishes, cleaned up the bathroom, picked up all the dirty clothes, and was sitting, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee she had made.

We said "good morning," and I went to relieve myself and get a cup of coffee. I could tell something was a little off, but didn't know what it was. Linda was quick to let me know. "I want to ask you something," she started off. "What?" I said. She reached into the couch cushions and produced one of the paddles I had made for Cindy, and hadn't even got to use yet. "What is this for?

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Or who is it for? Do you want to use it on me? Is it for somebody else? Tell me." So, cornered like a rat, I lied like a dog. I told her the paddle was something I used on a previous girlfriend, because she liked it, and had intended to give it to her one of these days.

Not quite the truth, but close. I most surely intended to "give it" to Cindy right across her chubby ass. "Hummm" Linda said.

"Don't give it back to her yet. Do you enjoy spanking?" I said I did. "Why haven't you ever spanked me?" she asked.

I said because she hadn't ever mentioned it, and I didn't want to force her, or hurt her, or make her do anything she didn't want to do. "Don't give the paddle back," she said. "I might want to try it. It sounds weird, it might hurt too bad, or, it might be like getting fucked in the ass. Great after you try it and get used to it. I want to think about it for a while." I said OK, but was mentally thinking that Linda was not going to really like getting spanked, much less her ass blistered, like Cindy did.

I mean, Cindy sometimes had an orgasm when being spanked. I know it made her super horny, and the more she got her ass spanked, the wilder she got. Sometimes she asked me to continue to spank her ass past the point I was ready to fuck her, but she really got off on it.

So Linda left, and I felt I had dodged a bullet. I told her I couldn't see her that night, since we were coming off days off, and going on six 'til two shift. She worked three 'til eleven, and I couldn't wait up for her and make it to work the next morning.

She said "OK. Call me!" and was out the door. Working daylights, I didn't have the time for either Cindy or Linda, due to getting up so early, but Cindy arranged to swap shifts with a co-worker one day that week, and I said I would pick her up after I dropped the crew off and showered. Thursday, the day I had set aside for Cindy, I dropped off the crew, had a nice stiff drink and a hot shower, gathered up Cindy's toys, had another stiff drink, and was off to pick up Cindy.

When I arrived at Cindy's house, she gathered up her oversize purse, shouted "Bye" to her teenage daughters, and away we went.

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She had arranged for a cabin down on the lake, since my apartment was out, because of Linda, and Cindy's tendency to be loud during spanking and sex, and her kids were home.

The cabin was fairly isolated, with a kitchenette and two twin beds, and a living-sitting room with a couple of overstuffed chairs and ottomans. We got to the cabin, and Cindy rolled us a joint. After a few hits, she pronounced it good pot, and I told her I wanted her topless.

She complied by removing her top and bra, and I played with her nipples for a while, and then tied her hands behind her back, with a loop around her neck that forced her to hold her head back, and made her breasts stick out.

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Next, I applied some ice to her outthrust nipples, making them get hard, and stick out even further. I applied the alligator jaws to the tips of her nipples, getting a squeal for each nipple I clamped. I let her wander around a bit, occasionally giving her a hit off the joint, or feeding her a sip of my Crown and seven.

Next, I had her sit in one of the overstuffed chairs, and give me some head, spaced out with sips of the Crown and seven, which she swirled around my dick before swallowing. The way she was tied, the loop around her neck kept her from going as deep as I wanted her to, so I re-tied her hands around her waist, and stripped her pants and panties off while I had her standing up.

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I gave her the last hit off the roach, and laid it aside. Cindy held the smoke for a long time, and after I had a tie around her waist and both hands tied down, I decided to add another, running through her crotch. This one, I pulled fairly tight, getting the tie right between her pussy lips. Next, I bent her over the back of the chair, and arrayed the paddles, strap, and rods in the seat, where she could see them.

I told her I was going to use all of them until I got the loudest squeal! I paddled and strapped Cindy's ass until it was red, then, with her still bent over the chair, fucked her little brown rosebud until we both climaxed, she several times.

She squealed, yelped, cried and begged me for more. I still cannot believe how much she got off on having her ass beaten on, but she could take more than my arm could give. I untied her, and we fixed another drink. With Cindy and I both sitting naked, we sipped drinks and discussed the paddles and strap. Cindy liked both of the paddles, said the smooth one was a "stinger" and the one with holes was a "double dose of ass blister." She said the cinch strap was as close to ecstasy as anything she had experienced since I had whipped her ass with the willow rod that night.

I hadn't used any of the three or four rods I had cut and polished for her yet, and she sort of wondered how they would feel.

Her chubby ass and the backs of her thighs were already so red that I thought that even Cindy would have had enough by now. We smoked another joint, and by this time we had the munchies bad.

We took a quick shower together, and I left to stock up on a couple of cheeseburgers and some junk food. I left Cindy with clothespins on her nipples and orders not to remove them. Of course, when I got back, she had taken the pins off, so I bent her over the chair, and gave her about ten licks across her ass and the backs of her thighs with one of the rods before we ate.

Even with her ass red, hot, and beaten earlier, she said she liked the rod across her ass! We ate, smoked and drank some more, and sat around until I decided that it was time for Cindy to blow me.

What with the earlier workout in her tight little bunghole, she sucked for a long time, with me giving her encouragement by pushing her head down and sometimes pulling her down by the hair. After a while, I made her kneel on the ottoman, and fucked her doggy style with me standing up.

That woman had the hottest, tightest pussy I was ever into. I sacked out on one of the beds for a while, and when Cindy woke me up, it was time to leave if I was going to make it to work. Since she was already dressed, I pulled her pants down and strapped her ass a few times right before we left.

As we drove back to town, I had Cindy down across the pickup seat, sucking on my dick all the way back to town. I finally had to pull up in her driveway and hold her head down while I came in her mouth, but I went to work worn out and well satisfied! Later that week, after we had worked our six days of day shift, I called Linda and asked if she wanted to come over after she got off at eleven. With almost three days off, I planned a little S&S (sucking and sex) with Linda, and hoped Cindy wouldn't interfere.

Usually, after a good ass blistering, it was a few days before Cindy was ready for another round.