Young teen amateur homemade threesome first time glenn finishes the job

Young teen amateur homemade threesome first time glenn finishes the job
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Every year my family and our next door neighbors took a weeklong camping trip together. They have done this for as long as I can remember. And almost as long as I can remember, I've been in love with Ashley, the next door neighbor girl.

Literally the girl next door. Ever since about seventh grade I had been in love with her and that's when I remember when I first wanted to fuck her.

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She was so gorgeous; she was about 5'4" and had long blonde-brown hair that fell almost to her waist. She had big boobs and a perfect round ass. She was slim and very fit. We had always been friends and this caused a hell of a lot of problems for me. Since we had been friends for such a long time we were always joking and I guess, flirting.

She never minded if I tickled her or hugged her and sadly I felt like she saw me as a brother. I wanted to have her so bad, that created a lot of tension for me. I could even see her bedroom window from mine.


This was bad, because every night at about 10:30 she would strip down and be in her underwear for a few minutes and then she'd turn from the window, strip completely and then she would get into her pajamas. This was when I would jack off to her.

It was like a live strip tease and it was just for me every night. This nightly ritual started when we were in eighth grade and she kept it up for about 2 years before she started going to bed around 11:00 or later, so it was inconsistent. But I had seen enough to get my nightly fix, so it didn't matter. So anyway, I had just turned 18 just before I graduated High School and Ashley had turned 18 about a month before me. I hadn't had sex yet and I was a little nervous to go to college a virgin.

I was masturbating constantly and sometimes even twice a day. But it was now the end of June and I hadn't masturbated in about 2 weeks. I just didn't have the time, I was constantly going to the pool with friends or longboarding or something, just trying to get in as much stuff as I could before I left for college in August. I had gotten a full ride scholarship to study History at the local college, so I was excited. I didn't need a job or anything and I was moving in a month anyway. I say local because it's the state college but we lived like 6 hours away.

Ashley was going there too, so I was a little excited but I knew that in college she would get a boyfriend really fast and probably get married. So before I get to the camping trip I need to tell you what happened about two weeks before. My parents caught me downloading movies illegally so they grounded me. Mostly it was from longboarding and driving.

But they said I couldn't go on the annual camping trip with Ashley's family. I was devastated as I was looking forward to this for two reasons, one to be alone with Ashley and two this was the last trip I could go on. So I was bummed and couldn't even bring myself to masturbate.

Anyway, that weekend, so about a week or so before the camping trip, Ashley's parents went away for the weekend for their anniversary and Ashley threw a huge party.

My parents heard the music and told her parents when they got back, so then she got grounded.

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She couldn't go on the trip either. Then her parents said they didn't want to leave her alone so my parents said she could stay with me. Her parents thought that was great because "I'm a good influence on Ashley". I wasn't complaining. The day finally came and our parents packed up and left, we waved goodbye and then went into my house.

I turned to Ashley and said, "So Ashley, what are you grounded from? Besides the camping trip?" "Well my mom basically said I can't have any more parties until I'm on my own." "Man that sucks." I said.

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"Yeah it's cool, so what are we going to do?" she asked. "Well I have an idea." I said.

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"What?" She laughed. "We could play Truth or Dare. We haven't chatted in a while and I want to see what makes you tick." I said. "That could be fun." She smiled. We sat on the couch and she said, "You go first, Truth or Dare?" "Um, Truth." "Did you really date that bitch Mary for 2 years in Jr high?" She asked.

"Oh shit, yeah I did. Why?" I asked. "Oh just wondering. I never understood why it seemed like you liked her." She said. "She was cute, but it was her accent.

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But it turns out it was a waste, she was fucking every other guy but me anyway." I said. "Yeah, I heard about that. Then she got pregnant and got ugly.

Ha ha." "So true!" I said. "Truth or Dare?" "Truth." She said, shyly. "Um, have you ever had sex before?" I asked abruptly. She went red and said quietly, "No, I'm a virgin." I was amazed, and then I said, "Okay, your turn." She looked at me and said, "Truth or Dare?" "Truth." "Are you a virgin?" "Yes, I am." I said.

"Oh good." She said and then covered her mouth. I laughed and said, "Don't worry. Truth or Dare?" "Dare." She said dangerously. "Hmmmmm," I thought, "I dare you… to kiss me." "Really?" She said.

"Yes." I said back. "Okay." She said as she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She lingered for a moment and then let go. She whispered, "Truth or Dare?" "Dare." I said. "I dare you to tell me your most lustful desire you have ever had." She said. "Oh shit…okay." I said as I took a deep breath and said, "Ever since seventh grade I have wanted to have sex…" I paused.

"Go on." She urged. "…with you." I finished. "Really?" She said as she went red. "Yeah…I've always thought you were beautiful and that's when you really started to get your perfect boobs, and your ass got all big and perfect… damn, I said too much." "Its okay, don't worry, I'm a little embarrassed but it's only us so it's okay and I'm flattered actually.


Anyway, your turn." Ashley said. "Truth or Dare?" "Dare." She said. "I dare you to take off your shirt." I said. "What?" She said. "You heard me, take it off." "Fine." She said and took off her shirt.

He boobs were in a black lacey push up bra and I felt my dick begin to grow in my jeans. "Wow…" I said. "They're better than I ever imagined." "Thanks. Truth or Dare?" "Truth." I said. "Tell me your naughtiest secret." She said, and as she moved her boobs jiggled a little. "One time I caught my parents fucking and it got me turned on, so I jacked off watching them, it was like live porn." I said quickly. "Truth or Dare?" "Ha ha, Truth." She laughed. "What's your wildest sexual fantasy?" I asked.

"Um ok well, I am sitting in a meadow and a man comes along and we chat and then we have sex, but I think about you." "That's c… wait. Did you say with me?" I asked. "Yeah, ever since eighth grade I have wanted you. Why do you think I stripped by my window every night at the same time?" She said. "You knew?" I asked. "I wanted you to see." She said. "Truth or Dare?" "Truth." "You never pick dare." She said, "So if it's true you want to fuck me, why haven't you?" "I didn't want to make you feel forced." I said.

"Besides, I'm a virgin so I wouldn't know what to do." "Well we could do it together." She said. "Hang on, you're okay with this?" I asked. "If you are." She said shyly. "Um okay, but let's go up to my room, it will be more romantic there." I said.

I couldn't believe what was going on. We walked up to my room and then she sat on my bed and said, "Now what?" "Um, we need to get naked." I said and started to take off my shirt.

She undid her pants and started to undo her bra and then stopped. "You sure you want to do this?" "Ash, I wouldn't want it any other way, I want to do it with you for the first time." I said. "Good, I want to do it with you for the first time too." She said and took her bra off.

I stood there with my pants halfway down and stared at her boobs. They were perfect. Her nipples were perfect for her big boobs; I couldn't wait to touch them. I finished stripping and so did she. We were both naked and then we laughed a little. We stared at each other's naked bodies, me lingering at her pussy and boobs and her on my dick. My dick wasn't huge, but it wasn't tiny. It was about 6 and half inches long and about 5 inches thick. She got on the bed and I got up next to her and then we began to kiss.

Slowly she moved my hands to her boobs and forced me to squeeze them. After a moment, I began to massage them on my own as we began to kiss. Slowly our tongues began to meet and then we were going ham on kissing.

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Our hands were wandering all over each other's bodies getting us more and more excited. We stopped kissing for a moment and I said, "Are you ready?" She looked at me and said, "Take me now, but be slow and gentle.

I will tell you when to go faster." "Okay." I said and looked down at my dick. It was hovering right above her pussy; I put one hand on it to guide it into her. Quickly I found her hole and slowly began to push my dick into her. She gasped in delight and said, "Oh, that's nice, Tim. Keep going." I smiled and pushed my dick to her virginal seal and broke it. She gasped again and shuddered in delight.

I could feel her vaginal walls sucking on my now throbbing dick and the wetness she was making was heavenly on my hard dick. I pushed myself all the way until my balls tapped her ass. I began to thrust myself up and down on her and she began to moan and shudder in ecstasy.

I began to moan as I felt myself slowly getting closer to Cumming. I kept going at the rate she wanted, the she said breathlessly, "Go faster!" I began to pump faster with increasing speed, I could feel her vaginal walls sucking at my cock and my cock was beginning to throb with intensity and I said, "Ashley, I'm about to cum!" "Go! Do it now!" She screamed and grabbed me and held me tight to her massive heaving breasts.

After 3 more thrusts I pushed myself as far into her as I could and exploded. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world; I had just fucked the girl that I had been in love with forever. I pulled out and there was a light pop as I did.

She looked at me and said, "Tim, that was fantastic, can I be your girlfriend? I want to do this every day." "You are my woman; we will fuck every morning and night if we can!" I said. "Um, Ash?

Will you suck my cock?" "Absolutely!" She said and jumped up causing her boobs to bounce. She grabbed my throbbing cock and began to lick it. Then she put it in her mouth and began to suck with great intensity. I threw my head back and moaned. The feeling was almost better than when I was in her pussy. She held on with one hand and then moved her head back and forth quickly. I lightly bucked my hips in sync with her movements and then I felt the overwhelming feeling of cum again.

I groaned and said, "Ash, I'm going to cum!" She kept going like she couldn't hear me and then right as I was about to cum she pulled away and said, "I like this, and what?" Right as she said that, I came, and the first stream went all over her face, then the second and third stream went all over her boobs. She licked the cum off of her lips and said, "This tastes so good." She grabbed my dick and licked the rest of the cum that was dribbling out of me.

She cleaned my dick off and then cleaned herself off a little bit. She then said, "Do you have a towel?" I nodded and went to grab one for her and then I came back and said, "Are you hungry or do you want to shower first?" "Let's save the shower for after, we can shower together." She said, "Let's eat."