Bareback Ass arabicum und kuba

Bareback Ass arabicum und kuba
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Well after the sex Mike and I had the first night in the hospital I was hookedI had to have Mike's big dick and as often as I could get it ! We were fucking every chance I got to slip away with out my husban finding out what was going on.

I would tell my husban that I was working 12 hours and only work 8 hour shift and go to Mike's appartment and he would make love to me up to the time I had to go home to my husban and teen son.


I would get home and still have Mike's come inside meI could feel it running down my leg when I walk in the house. Stand and talk to my husban and son the whole time full of another man's come This was a real turn on to me, As strange as it sounds I would go clean up and then tell my husban to come into the bed room and start coming on to him untill he pushed me back on the bed and fucked me.

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Knowing this was my 2 nd fuck of the afternoon and the fact that my pussy was allready wet and slick from Mike's come it wasn't long before I wsa coming again. If my husban only knew why my pussy was so ready and willing ? Now for this story. One of our doctors at the hospital is a very nice looking Black man and all the nurses say he really like White ladies, that he has make it with several of the nurses at the hospitalhowever seams no one ever knew any one he had fucked, just rummor ?

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He came up to me on the floor the other day and told me he needed to see me in his office the next day I was off. He sounded seriouslike I had did something very wrongHe wouldn't say anything else then, I told him that I was scheduled to be off the very next day, so he said that I should come to his officewhich is accross the street from the hospitalat 5 pm sharp the next afternoon.

When I got to his office that afternoon his nurse let me inthe doors were allready locked, The doctor came down the hall and spoke to his nurse and they got there business taken care ofhis nurse left and we went into his office, Please set down he said.

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then he went up and leaned up againest his desk. He looked at me and said he had something that was very serious to talk to me about.


He went on and said that the only was to say it was that a cameria located in the supply room had cought me on film having sex with another employee the night of .etc After he had said all this and I knew this was the end of my nursing I didn't know what to say to him I just was setting there and not looking at him or saying anything just in shock !!!

I had worn a little summer dress that daynot that shortbut it was a little low cutwithout bing trashey. I have a good tan and don't need to ware stockingsWhen I looked up the Doctor then said that he had seen the film and that he thought that this could be worked out without a big mess With that he told to to stand up, whick I didthen he told me was I willing to work this out with him ?

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I said yes anytiing he wantedI stll didn' t know just what he had in mind untill just about then. Now he told me to take my clothes off.! Now I say what he had in mind !

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BUT WHAT COULD I DO ???????? I stood there for a second but then he walked up to me and started unbuttoning the front of my dress, I stood there untill the dress was open to my waist, he backed up then and told me to finish. I finished taking off my dressall I had on was a tiny bra and matching panties, which didn't cover much, I started to take off my shoes, which were about 3 in sandle type heels.

He said to leave the shoes onbut take the bra off.

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When I was down to just heels and panties he walked up to me and moved my hands away from my brest so he could see me. With that he has ahold of my arms he pushes me to my kness in front of him.

Now he tells me to unzip his pants and remove his dick from his pants and suck him. He also at this time is telling me that he wanted my white pussy for a long time and when he saw me on the film he knew he had me.

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I started sucking himtrying to do the best I could dohe was eaven larger than Mike, lot larger! Finally he takes my head in his hands and is fucking in and out of my mouth, my jaw was starting to hurt but then he pulled out of my mouth and told to to get up. When I stand up he reaches out and pushes my panties down and I step out of themnow standing there only in my heels He goes over to a couch he has in his office and finishes taking his clothes off, when he is completly nude he then tells me to come over to himI am standing in between his legs and he is running his hands all the was up and down my legs, I spread my legs a little so he can get at my pussy, which I now keep completly shaved, He really likes this, said that this is the kind of pussy that he likes to eat.

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with that he has me to lay back on the couch and he startes to suck on my pussy lips and doing a very good job of makeing me go nuts. I wanted him to go on licking meI was about to come when he stopped and got up, I was about to beg him to make me come that is when I saw him gettiing positioned to puthuge black dick inside mehe ask if I had ever been with a black manI said in fact he was the third man including my husban and of course he knew about Mike that had ever been with.


only men that I had ever kiss for that fact