Lad explores and fucks pink pussy

Lad explores and fucks pink pussy
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This is the sequel to "New Rules 1 to 9" This episode may stand alone but, for maximum enjoyment, I think that you should read the earlier episodes first.

If you want to be reminded of the earlier episodes, there is a summary at the top of "New Rules 9" After such an incredible evening at the swingers' club of course I had to tell someone, and next morning, when Mary saw the joy written all over my face, of course she wanted to hear my story. Fortunately, since it was Sunday morning, I had plenty of time and so gave Mary a detailed description of my being fucked by X, Y, and Z, while I was blindfolded.

I knew that Z was one of my husband, Harold, or Vladimir, but all that I knew of X and Y was that Helen assured me that they were young and good looking, plus what ever I could tell by feeling their young, muscular bodies and their huge cocks. As I described the incredible feeling that this completely anonymous, 3-hole fuck engendered in me I saw Mary start to squirm.

By the time that I told Mary that I think I fainted after the three cocks pumped their loads into me, she started moaning. "Oh! Sally! Stop! That must have been mind-blowing.

Did you ever find out what X and Y looked like or who Z was?" "No! Fred has told me that Helen's description of X and Y as young and good looking was accurate, but he refuses to tell me who was Z and he does not know anything more about X or Y.

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By the time that my blindfold was taken off, X and Y had gone." "I'm so jealous. Nothing as exciting as that has ever happened to me. Do they accept single women at your swingers' club?" "Yes. If you get yourself tested you can come with us next time that we go. But you know, I think that we can do something here for you that will be almost as mind blowing as my experience.

I suggest that I blindfold you and leave you alone and naked on a bed. Then I'll bring anonymous lovers to you, men to fuck you, and women to eat you. You wont know who is fucking or sucking you. I think that it will blow your mind." "Oh!

That sounds so decadent. How soon can we do it? You wouldn't bring my son to me would you?" "I might do. Would that possibility upset you?" An embarrassed little smile appeared on Mary's face. "You know that I have always refused any sexual contact between David and me, and yet … he's so good to me, and he's so good with Ellen … I'm not sure that I can go on refusing him when we both fuck so openly in front of each other.

Maybe I'm still not ready to willingly let him fuck me, but the thought that it might be him fucking me while I'm blindfolded … well that might be rather exciting.

I hope that I haven't shocked you, have I?" "Not at all. I don't think that you and David should make a baby together, but while you are breast feeding Ellen you are not likely to get pregnant.

I think it would be good for your relationship with David if he sometimes fucked you. Given what you have just said, I'm going to leave open the possibility of David fucking you anonymously. I'm not even sure that, given the opportunity, he would want to fuck you, because you're his mum, but I think that he might. He's a teenage boy, with all the hormones that that entails, after all." Mary and David both had lunch with us.

"Mary. You look like the cat that ate the canary. What are you so excited about?", my husband, Fred, wanted to know. "Oh! Sally told me about being fucked by X, Y, and Z at the club last night. I got so excited and wanted to experience something like that." "What's this about being fucked by X, Y, and Z?", my sister, Wendy interrupted.

So Fred and I between us told the story all over again. By the time that we had finished Wendy looked to be as aroused as Mary had been when I had finished telling her.

"But you will never guess what Sally suggested that she could do for me.", Mary added. "She says that I am to lie naked and blindfolded on a bed. She'll bring men and women to me one at a time, to fuck me or suck me anonymously.

No one is allowed to say anything or do anything to identify themselves. She says that it will blow my mind and I think that she is right." "I was assuming,", I added, "that you guys would be willing to play this game for Mary. Am I right?" Fred and Brad both nodded. I looked at David but realised by the sad look on his face that he assumed that he would be excluded from this because Mary is his mother. I decided not to say anything to David just yet.

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"I would enjoy eating Mary's pussy, BUT I really want to take a turn being the one who is blindfolded, fucked and sucked." Wendy commented. "OK. But I get to go first. Sally suggested it for ME. When can we start, Sally?" "Well,", I replied, "as soon as the lunch dishes are clean and put away, and the kitchen is tidy. I'm going to find a suitable blindfold." When I got back a few minutes later, carrying a thick woollen scarf that I thought would make an adequate blindfold, and a bottle of my favourite perfume, I was astounded to find the kitchen was already immaculately clean and tidy.

"Wow! You cleaned up so quickly. I guess that Mary is not the only one excited by my little plan." I led Mary into the closest bed room, pulled the top covers off the bed, blindfolded Mary and checked that she could not see, then had her lie, face up, on top of the bed.

Back in the living area I made a list of peoples names (Sally, Fred, Wendy, Brad, David) with the numbers 1 to 5 against them. At the bottom of the list I wrote '6 roll again'.

"Are you really going to include David in this." Fred demanded, "His mother will have a fit if she finds out that David has fucked her." "Well, one of the rules of this game is that she must not find out who fucked her. However I did ask her how she felt about the possibility that David might fuck her.

Surprisingly she was aroused by that possibility. I think maybe she's not going to be so strict about sex with David after this game." I glanced at David as I finished saying that. The smile on his face told me that he would have no problem fucking his mum. I rolled a die and Fred's number came up. I beckoned him to me and sprayed my perfume all over his naked body, then I sprayed some on my hand and rubbed it onto his cheeks. "What's that for?", he asked me.

"Well. Mary knows us all very well. She could probably recognise each of us by our smells. So, I'm disguising you." "Clever!" I pushed my husband towards the bedroom where Mary was waiting for someone. We all followed and watched from just outside the door.



Are you going to fuck me?", Mary asked. Fred did not answer. Instead he knelt between her legs and proceeded to lick up and down her clit. "Oh! Sally! That feels so good." She had recognised my perfume on Fred's body. She was in for a big surprise when he plunged his cock into her cunt! Fred continued working his magic (as his wife I know just how magical he can be!) until Mary was obviously enjoying a massive orgasm. Then Fred rose up her body, without taking his hands off her, so that she knew it was still the same person, and plunged his cock into her cunt, apparently without any difficulty.

"Oh! You're not Sally.

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Oh! I can't believe how I feel." Fred pumped in and out of Mary's cunt for a few minutes before holding his dick deep inside her, as he was pumping a load of cum deep inside her. At that point I slipped away to Fred's and my bathroom and collected Fred's aftershave. Then I visited Brad and Wendy's bedroom and borrowed Wendy's perfume. I was back before Fred had left Mary's room, he was still on the bed with her just holding her body against his, apparently just enjoying the feel of skin on skin.

When Fred came back out of Mary's room it was time for another roll of the die.


This time David's number came up. I beckoned him to me and applied generous amounts of Wendy's perfume to his face, neck and even chest. His dick was already rock hard and bouncing in front of him as I walked him towards his mother, lying with a look of contentment on the bed.

"Here's your next lover.", I told her. David didn't wait, but moved to slide his ample dick into his mother's cunt, which he did smoothly. "Oh! I thought that you are Wendy. You're definitely not Wendy! That feels wonderful! Fuck me please. I'm ready for a vigorous fucking." David didn't seem put out by Mary's thinking that he was Wendy.

He just applied himself to fucking his mother with all the energy of a fit young man. For me, standing in the door, with the rest of the group, this was an enormously erotic sight. I found it really difficult not to moan as I saw David's bare bum rise and fall as he plunged his cock in and out of his mother's cunt. Mary was obviously enjoying herself even more than I was. Eventually David held himself deep in his mother's cunt as he pumped his load of semen deep inside her.

Eventually David got off the bed and came out of the room. The huge grin on his face told me how happy he was that he had just fucked his mother. Since David first fucked me, while Fred fucked my arse, nearly a year ago, he had had a lot of practice with a few different women. I knew from my own experience how well fucked Mary must feel right now.

I went to Mary. "Mary? Are you enjoying this? Are you ready for your next lover or have you had enough?" "I feel wonderful. No I have not had enough. I'm not sure if I will ever have enough. Please send me the next one." Outside her room I rolled the die again and my number came up.

I splashed a generous amount of Fred's aftershave on my face, body, arms, and my upper thighs. I hoped that it would drown the remnants of my perfume that I had put on a couple of hours earlier, or, at least, the mixture of the two scents would be something unrecognisable.

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Mary heard me as I went into her. "Is that you Fred? Are you my next?" Of course, I didn't answer. Instead, I climbed on top of Mary in a 69 and placed my cunt over her face. The blindfold was too bulky for her to be able to eat my pussy, but the scent of my cunt juices made it obvious to her that I was not Fred.


(I was quite aroused by what had happened so far and what I was doing.) I licked up and down her slit, from near her anus to her clit, paying extra attention to fucking her with my tongue and to stimulating her clit.

After a few minutes I was rewarded by a massive orgasm sweeping through Mary's body. I left the room silently, had a very quick shower, in order to wash Fred's aftershave off my body, then dabbed a little of my regular perfume on before I went back to Mary.

"So Mary, have you had enough yet?" "Oh! Sally! I'm so confused. I have no idea who any of my lovers were, but I'm really loving this experience. Can I have just one more person, please?" I rolled the die again.

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This time Fred's number came up again. I went up to Fred and sniffed, sampling his odour. He still smelt of my perfume. But Fred shook his head and led me away, where Mary could not hear us. "I think that Brad and I should DP her. What do you think?" I beckoned Brad to me. "Fred says that you and he should DP her.

You up for it?" "Fuck! Yes! Can I be in her arse?" "Sure." I sprayed Brad with a generous amount of Wendy's perfume, then pushed Fred and Brad towards Mary.

Fred's dick was ready for action and Mary needed no foreplay, so he plunged right into her cunt. Then he held her tightly to him and rolled over in the bed until Mary was on top. He reached around her and pulled her bum cheeks apart, making her bum hole accessible to Brad, who eased his cock gently into Mary. "Oh! My god!", Mary yelled, "Why did I think that you were Sally and Wendy? Who cares? Fuck me, fuck me fuck me." The rest of us crowded around the door to the bedroom enjoying watching Mary as she was so obviously enjoying her DP.

It soon became apparent that she was climbing towards her greatest orgasm of the afternoon. Eventually we could tell that the two men had pumped her two holes full of semen. Brad pulled out and left the room silently, his soft dick dangling in front of him. Fred rolled Mary over so that he was on top again but stayed in her for a few minutes before cock slipped out.

Then he too left the room silently. Mary just lay there with a contented look on her face. I left her there and asked Fred to organise drinks for everyone. Five minutes later I went in to Mary who was still lying there with that look on her face. "Mary, I think that the show is over. I've brought you a beer." "Oh! Sally! I've never felt so beautifully fucked before. Thank you." Then she sat up, took her blindfold off, and took her beer.

"Thank you. I'm dying to know who made love to me." "I'm sorry, Mary. I've sworn everyone to secrecy. You'll never find out." "Well. Can you at least tell me if my son fucked me." "I'm sorry, Mary. A secret is a secret. And don't you try to make David tell you either. You'll just have to wonder." "So why did I keep guessing wrong.

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I thought that the first one was you, but you turned out to have a cock. You didn't use a strap-on, did you?" "No, Mary, I swear that every dick that entered you was genuine flesh and blood." "So what happened?" "Well. I knew that you knew each of us well enough that you would probably recognise us by feel or smell and that would destroy the anonymity of the experience, so I used a trick to mislead you. I sprayed a woman's perfume on each of the men, and men's aftershave on the one woman who came to you.

Apparently that was enough to trick you into misidentifying each of your lovers." "You are so tricky. Thank you for organising that for me. I think that I know how you felt after being fucked by X, Y, and Z." Wendy came into the bedroom where we were drinking our beers as we chatted.

"Well, Mary, was that as exciting as it looked?" "I can't tell you how exciting it was." "I'm still hoping to find out for myself soon." Please vote and comment. To be continued in "New Rules 11"