Dreckige britische erste Timer 2

Dreckige britische erste Timer 2
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SCALLY DELIGHTS By: XTALES CHAPTER 1 - DALE MA' BOY (Gay TM/M Submission/Domination) MAIN CHARACTERS David = 45 Bank Manager Dale = 18 Chav I don't know why I accepted, I guess I could not refuse a favour to my best friend after all he did for me. So when he asked me to accompany his son to the match I could not refuse. My friend bought 2 tickets for Chelsea Arsenal, but a last minute hiccup meant he had to go to work that day, so he asked me if I could go with Dale instead.

I love Jeff, we've been best friends all our life, but God knows how much I hated his son. I knew him pretty well because the 4 of us, me, Dale, Jeff and my son Mike, would often watch Chelsea games together. After the game we would go for a beer and then everyone to their respective homes.

So I did know Dale enough to know he was an annoying little brat, he was the stereotypical Chav, always wearing trakies and hoodies, swearing every two words and telling stupid jokes. He was basically dumb as fuck. I could not even understand how Jeff could rise a son like that. Jeff didn't well in life as I did, after a failed business he ended up on the dole, while I became a successful manager for a high street bank. I Understand his son didn't have the same chances as mine, but Dale was just too much of a twat, I know it's not nice to think that way about an 18 years old, but unfortunately that's the truth.

I wasn't really looking forward to this trip, and to make things worse, this time I didn't manage to get a ticket for my son, because it was an FA Cup semi final, and ticket sold in seconds.

For a moment I thought of giving my ticket to my son, then I thought it wasn't the best idea, I didn't want that pisshead to bring my well behaved son to his level. So here I am watching the game with this idiot pretending to enjoy myself.

Thank God we won 3-1 which mean we will play the Final, this cheered me up a bit. But that didn't last long. I was driving Dale home when I realized the lad was wasted, really wasted.

At that time I didn't even know how could that happen, later he told me that every time he left his sit he came back with a fresh can of beer, he basically had 7 cans of beers without me knowing it, I just assumed that the one in his hand was always the same.

He started blabbering something I could not understand, not that I usually understand what the fuck he is talking about, but this time was literally intelligible. "Are you fucking drunk?"I said to him. I was furious. "Yeshhh mate.shorry" he slurred. "For fucks sake" I cursed, I was particularly pissed because I realized I could not bring him home like that.

Dale certainly is not an angel, after all this kid is going to be a father at 18 as he impregnated a local bitch on a drunk night out, that's what we are dealing with here. It wasn't also a novelty for Dale to get drunk and do stupid shit, regardless I could not take him home like this, my friend trusted me, that won't be ok. What to do then? But while I was thinking what to do with this fucktard, Dale interrupted my train of thoughts. "Shhhtop.I have to pishh" he said, I barely understood what he was saying, he had to repeat it twice.

"Now?" I said, now I was getting really mad. "Yeshh.can't hold it" he said grabbing his cock through the fabric of the tracksuit. The last thing I needed was to have the inside of my car drenched in stinking chav piss. I looked around in panic, we were in the middle of nowhere but we could not stop on the side of the road because we were on the highway, luckily I spotted a side road and took it.

I drove few hundred meters more and when I saw a good spot I parked there. "There you go.you can get off and piss" I said. I watched him fiddling with the door, he couldn't even find the handle. "For fucks sake" I said once again getting off the car. I approached his side and opened the door.

"Come on, get up" I said pulling him out of the car.

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But as soon he was out he dropped on the grass like a sack of potatoes. He could not stand up, so he just sat there talking shit. He was so drunk that he was barely coherent.

"Mate, jus', jus', mate, just list,listen, mate; I am fukking drunk.

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I.jus, yeah, I know, mate, mmm.my faul, fault, mate, shooorry". This is but a sample of what I was having to put up with, with him still in a heap at my feet as I looked down at him in disgust. Thank God my son wasn't anything like him.

Typical chav; dressed in blue tracksuit pants, white Adidas trainers with green stripes, black socks, and a cheap-looking white hoodie, with a Chelsea baseball cap on his head.

What attracted my attention was a black device around his right ankle, it was an electronic tag, used to monitor those being kept under a control order.

Jeff didn't tell me about that, what the fuck this idiot did? That day was going from bad to worse. I kept looking at him, he was sitting on the grass, still chatting shit, then I reached out and removed the Chelsea cap, so I could get a proper look at him. When I did so, he suddenly stopped talking, staring at me through bleary, unfocused brown eyes. In the bright light of a full moon, I could see his babyface which was angular, almost square-jawed, he looked younger than his age, making him appear ever so slightly cherubic -the obvious intoxication giving him a certain naïve innocence which for a moment made me forget how much I hated this brat.

For once he didn't have that annoying trademark scowl of his, that look that you see on every lad face when you walk about council house estates. His eyes were empty, almost lost, he didn't look so though now. I never really bothered looking at his ugly mug for more than few seconds, but now that he wasn't looking at me with that fake Mr.

though look, I could stare at him for few moments, and concluded that he was actually a handsome young man. He didn't have a single hair in his face, smooth as a baby, whether by design or by genetics, I didn't know. His brown hair was kept short, with gel sweeping it forward and making his wispy fringe with its blond highlights more pronounced.

"Whoot?" He said grabbing his hat from my hand and quietly putting it back on his head. I looked down at the rest of his body; his hoodie obscured his upper body, but he was boyishly lean, whilst his outstretched legs appeared strong, with big feet fitted with a pair of Adidas trainers at the end of them. If you forget about his shitty attitude, he was a strapping young lad, shame he had the charm of a stapler and the intelligence of a frog.

"Time to get up. Mate. C'mon" I said. He half pointed, half waved his hands in the air, "ma.Ive.friends're comin, jus' now." I smiled. He was so funny in this state. I sat down next to him, and smelt the stink of his beer breath. Of course there were no friends coming, but his antics started to amuse me so I decide to go along with it "How far away are they, then?

Your friends? You've been here a little while. Maybe your lost?" I almost burst into laughter but I just wanted to hear more of his drunken nonsense. After all if I have to be stranded here with a drunken brat, I might just as well have some fun. "Dey're.ma friends're comin, jus', right now, fanks mate," He rolled over, away from me, and began to get onto his hands and knees, no doubt intending to get up at some point, so I stood up, and held out my hand to help him up.

Grabbing my hand, he pulled hard on it to bring himself up; I grabbed onto my car door with my other hand. After he was upright, he turned and toddled off down the field, mumbling "need'apish", falling again on the ground as he moved.

I quickly gripped his shoulder firmly with one hand, his flank with the other, and steered his six foot frame towards a big tree. "Mate.mate, come, com'on mate; jus', need to pishh" "Yeah I know.get on with it, I'll help you so you don't fall on your arse" "Mhhhh… can you help?" he said "I am helping." I replied rolling my eyes.

"I mean.to pishh.can you hold me' cock?" "You what?" I said.


What a cheek. "Can you hold me fuck'n cock while I pishh? Pleashhh" he pleaded. I had enough of this situation, I just wanted this over with, so keeping one hand on his shoulder, I brought myself forward so I could reach down with my other hand and, hooking my thumb into the waistband at the front, stretched down the front of his trackies and boxer briefs, hooking them under his balls.

In an instant, I had my hand wrapped around his soft organ, which wasn't what I expected. I was expecting to find a boy dick, instead what I had in my hand felt too heavy. I had to look, so I peeked above his shoulder and had a glance. The boy was packing a good size man dick, even soft it looked massive.

I wrapped my hand around its shaft, and there was still a good 3 inches popping out my fist. Whatever the lad was missing in brains he got it back in cock size, with interests, that's for sure. I had to use both hands in order to manage it properly, so I let my other hand reach down and gently took his warm ballsack into my hand while holding the case of his cock, while I moved the other hand up his shaft so I could hold his swollen bell-end and point his cock towards the tree.

He recoiled, but merely served to thrust his ass into my groin, which caused him to comically leap back forward. He shouted his whispers at me, angry "ww-what the fuck, man!? What the fuck ar'ya doin'?" I was confused "err, holding your'fuck'n dick', like you asked?

Now come on, we haven't got all day." "Oh.yeshh ok.me fuckin' dick ehehh.hold it" he giggled. "I am holdin." I said. I was growing incredibly uncomfortable, I looked around nervously, it was pretty dark but it seemed there wasn't a single soul within miles, still it didn't make the situation any better.

I was holding an 18 years old cock in my hands waiting for him to piss, but what was more disturbing, I was getting an erection. "Cmon piss, for fucks sake!" I said almost in panic, worried about the side effect that holding Dale prick was having on me.

"Ok.it's coming.wait" he said, but nothing came out of his dick. The fingers of my hand were gripped around his dick mid-shaft now, with my thumb and index finger stationary over the sheathed head at the end, `absentmindedly' rubbing it to stimulate his piss.

My right hand, cradling his surprisingly hairy teenager nads, was cupped entirely around his sack, the four fingers rubbing vertically along the bristly skin of his jewels, prodding and soothing his left sauce sac as I did so. I just realized that it was the first that I touched a cock that wasn't mine, and it looked like my hands were very keen to explore that curious object, as my fingers moved from his left ball to the right one.

I was now fully hard and in total panic mode, I was scared of the effect the whole situation was having on me, I never had an erection for another dude, and that was scaring the shit out of me, so I let go the boy genitals for a second, but Dale wasn't too happy.

"Watchadoing? Hold me cock!.I was aboutto pishhh" he yelled, looking at me with a really angry face, he actually scared me. So I automatically put my hands back in position.

"Yesh.good boy" He said with a calmer voice. The last sentence made me even more uncomfortable, I am not used beingtold off by anyone, let alone an 18 yers old brat. "Come on Dale." I moaned and to stimulate some efforts on his behalf, I peeled back his cock head and added "Here you go, now you have no excuse, c'mon buddy". Now my rock hard cock was pressing against his bubble ass. "What the fuck maaaaan.you hard?" he commented. "No, I just have a banana in my pocket" I said trying to defuse the embarrassing situation.

"Ahhhh a banana ehehhh.I got a big banana in me pocket.I got a biiiig banana in me pocket" he started singing.


He found the thing incredibly funny, but that was Dale for you, cock of a horse, IQ of a gold fish. "C'mon mate.this tree needs some watering" I said. "Ohhhh.shorry tree.you want me pishhh?.wait" he said gently rubbing the tree trunk. That made me giggle once again. "Hold me cock." he continued. "I am holding your fucking cock.look!" I replied while still laughing, he looked down at his crotch.

"Ohhh.you holding me cock.fanksh" he slurred. The situation was getting ridiculous now, but at the same time I was getting more comfortable handling his cock, his funny antics made the situation less awkward. "Wait.itsh coming" he finally announced. Silence for a minute; I could feel his body swaying this way and that way, on either side of my arms, which were wrapped around his waist. Finally I felt the piss flow up along the underside of his prick, before the silence was punctured with the sound of trickling liquid.

I looked over his shoulder at his substantial soft organ, and began to direct his hose in different directions, making patterns on the tree trunk for no apparent reasons, leading him to chuckle "Ehehhh.whatchadoing?" I didn't reply, because I didn't even know what to say.

I just kept using his penis like an airbrush, painting my abstract piss-art on a tree, I don't know why I was doing it, I just thought it was fun. After all I was a bit tipsy myself. After a long minute of pretty continuous flow, he trickled down to nothing, forcing out the last few spurts, before I used my index and second finger to squeeze out the last couple of drops from his cock, with some of them landing on my hand, then I quietly pulled his trackies back over his groin and wiped my wet hand on his trackie.

Without saying a word, he reached down to readjust himself, but he almost fell on the ground over the pool of his own piss, I grabbed him immediately. "Amma ok.let go" he said freeing himself from my grip then he began to walk off down the road, shouting "Fanksh mate,see ya'round". Laughing as I did so, I once again grabbed his shoulder as he walked off, and directed him back to the car, saying "Where are you going" as I steered him towards my car.

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"Home.need to shleep broh" he replied. "Let me give you a lift ok?" I offered. "Ohhh you are so nishe, I like you.I thought you were a dickead" he said. "So that's what you thought o me?" I said. "Yesh.biiiig dickead.like thish" he made a big gesture with his hands to show me how big of a dickhead I thought I was. "Ok I got it.would you get in the car now?" I told him grabbing his wrist. "Fuck off! You shounds likess mees fuckin' dad!" he shouted back.

That was a no, then, as he put his back against the car door to make his point. "I need a fag." he said fiddling in his pockets looking for some cigarettes, he extracted a cheap Reebok wallet, which immediately dropped on the ground. I picked it up and open it up, I found a provisional drivers licence, which confirmed his age as 18, and £1.27 in the wallet. I zipped it up, and put it in my pocket.

He looked confused, and held out his hand. "Err, excuse me, what da fuck?" he protested. I began, "I keep it safe for you ok?" I winked at him. "'Can keep it.don't give a shit" he retorted and continued "Have a spare fag broh?" "I don't smoke.sorry" I said. "Ok.can you buy some?.wait I gif u money" he started to fiddle in his pockets again but could not find anything.

"Ohhh. where's me fuck'n wallet?" he slurred with a funny confused face.

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I giggled "You left it home.remember?" "Oh yesh.why you fucking laffing though?" he sneered. "Nothing I remembered a joke." I said trying to placate my laughter. "Umhhh.a joke?.Funny ahaaaah" he started laughing, God knows for what reason, well actually, the reason was alcohol of course, or maybe he was just dumb. Then he got serious again, though he was still funny to me, "Uhmmmm I need a fag.can you buy some?

man, I-Im, skint, ain't I?" "No money, no fags.smoke is bad anyway" I told him. "C'mon maaaate&hellip.I show you a trick if you buy me cigarettes" he offered. "Trick?" I was puzzled. "Yeah wanna shee?" he insisted. "Sure show me the trick" I was preparing myself to another fits of laughter.

"First gimme a fag." he said. "I don't have a fag now.but I will buy them if you show me the trick" I was keen on seeing his trick, I thought it was going to be another of those funny moments. But it wasn't. He took my hand and then getting hold of my index finger he brought it on his lips.

He opened his mouth, then he forced my index finger into his mouth, resting it on the solid muscle of his tongue. I was shocked, what kind of trick was that? He closed his eyes as the soft lips of his mouth closed around my finger, between the knuckle and the first joint, and I felt his teeth bob and graze against the joint itself. The his tongue slowly started moving, as I reiterated, like a friend this time, "What are you doing Dale?" With my finger now all sloppy and wet, I felt a tentative suck; a slight vacuuming around my finger.

I was speechless, but my cock who went soft after Dale finished pissing, was rising once again. I don't know why I didn't pull my finger out of his mouth, he was the teenage son of my best mate after all.

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But for some reasons what he was doing was driving me nuts. And it got worse as he started to really go for it, his mouth vacuuming around my finger; his tongue wrapping itself around it. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me straight while still sucking on my finger. My cock at this point was exploding. I don't know what came to me, I didn't even think what I was doing, my hand reached down I grabbed his dirty 18 year old cock through the silky fabric of his track suite, it was hard as a rock and in clear need to breed.

We looked at each other intensively, that gave us permission to keep doing what we were doing to each other, him still sucking on my finger, me pawing his swollen teenage cock. Fuck I had the hots for Dale, what the fuck? I just felt I had to feel his hot silky cock in my hands again, so I quickly slipped my hand into the toasty confines of his boxers.

He once again recoiled, I am sure my hand was cold.

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He was so hot down there, his soft cock was so silky, I could feel it pulsating under my palm. My heart was beating really fast, that was the craziest thing I ever did in my entire life, it was so wrong, and dangerous, but exciting as fuck.

Compared to my boring and painstakingly well planned life, this was a welcome break. I started trembling "Is.is that ok Dale?" I stuttered. He took my finger out of his mouth, his saliva was now dripping down to the ground, running all along my hand. "Yeah.wank me fukk'n cock mate…" he said putting back on his usual Council Estate scowl. I could not do such thing at the moment, as it was still soft, but it was growing. "Ok." I said trembling, fearing that at any moment he would yell at me to leave his 'fuck'n cock' alone 'fuck'n faggot'.

Even that possibility didn't make me desist from exploring his hot junk. I wrapped my hand around the soft tube of flesh he kept in his underwear, my thumb buried in his bushy damp pubes, my little finger rubbing along the skin covered ridge that marked the beginning of his knob. He tilted his head backward "Fuck yesh.". Dale was clearly enjoying my attention. I looked around once again scared as shit to be caught.

His identity was obscured by the cap, but mine wasn't. That didn't seem to bother me too much though, the thrill of being in the open was a massive aphrodisiac, seeming to spur me on to greater and greater transgressions against this hot drunk kid. Yes I admit it, for the first time I felt sexually attracted to another male. Dale was hot, his babyface mixed with his delinquent scowl was a perfect remedy to erectile dysfunction, not that I was suffering of such thing. I could see the boy being a hit with the ladies, and I was wondering how many bitches he bred with that massive fuck stick I was holding in my hand, though I had the feeling that the boy wasn't just into ladies, his 'trick' was a big give away.

At this point I hit a snag, however. Whether because of the situation, or the alcohol, he wasn't getting hard, and I was starting to think that maybe that wasn't what he really wanted, "Want to stop now, Dale?", I needed reassurance that he was ok with it. He nodded frantically, he was obviously embarrassed for not getting an erection "Keep going dickhead." he said holding my wrist to make sure I didn't took my hand out of his pants.

I felt humiliated by him calling me dickhead, but not enough to walk away in protest. My hand still wrapped tightly around his trunk, he was now guiding my hand with his own hand to make sure I would masturbate his dick. But he was quite frantic in his efforts. "Dale.Dale. just stop for a minute, Dale. STOP. STOP. STOP, or you'll pull my hand out with your dick still attached to it, ok? Just STOP for ten fucking seconds." I yelled. With his hand still attached to the wrist, which was attached to the hand, which was attached to his dick, he stopped and looked at me.

"Listen. Dale. Chill the fuck out.let me do it, will ya?" I offered. That shut him down "You.have a nice prick, kiddo" I hesitated to finally admit it to him, but I felt much better once I did. "Ya like me cock?" he said with a wicked grin on his face. "Yeah.it's nice." I reiterated. As I spoke, I continued to run the pads of my fingers soothingly and methodically along the shaft of his organ, which I could tell was beginning to fill with blood.

He was loving it "Yeah.wank me cock Dave.feels good broh". He sighed and rolled his eyes, looking off into the distance behind me, enjoying the feeling of my hands He tried to stifle the charming grin that cracked along the right side of his bleary-eyed boyish face. "Get on wiv it.make me cum bitch".

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Though my cock twitched, I was getting uncomfortable with his language, I never had someone talking to me that way, let alone an uneducated little brat. So I pulled away, which led to a puzzled look from my young quarry. "Sorry can't do this.that's wrong" I whined. "Fuck u doing?.put your hand back in me' pants.dickhead" he said with a menacing scowl.

I thought his usual scowl was unsettling, but this time his face was contorted in anger, I never seen him like that, he genuinely scared me.

Even though he was a young lad, he was 6 feet tall and he probably knew how to fight. I felt like I was losing control of the situation.

"Look Dale." I started saying but he immediately interrupted me. "Shut the fuck up old man.or ya want me to tell 'me dad about that his friend he's a faggot?" he yelled. He looked like he was sobering up, maybe it was the fresh air, or the blood flooding fast in his veins, but he seemed more in control now. Whether it was his treat or the fact that he was just scary, I was left speechless. I am sure he could see the fear in my eyes, he then continued "Now, keep wanking me" he ordered, looking me straight in the eyes.

I wasn't used to take orders, but it felt natural to follow his. "Ok kiddo.but turn around, it's easier if I stand behind you, mate. So turn around.please" I said trying to sound as accommodating as possible. This time it was his turn to do as I said. Leaning against my car, and still dizzy, he turned around, shakily. I physically took his left hand, planting it on the edge of the car, placing his right hand on the opposite side, and then reaching around and grabbing hold of his family jewels through his trackies, I pulled him back a few steps, till his ass mashed into my own erect groin, causing him to leap forward again like he'd been electrocuted.

"Calm the fuck down, Dale&hellip.you are making it difficult for me" I muttered. We were behaving like two virgins, not really knowing what to do to satisfy the lust that was taking over our bodies. "Fuck'n faggot." he muttered under his breath, probably annoyed that my hard cock was pushing against his ass crack. I didn't care, I had his prized jewels safely in my hands that was the only important thing at the moment, but I was tired of fighting with his clothes. So I pulled him back again, by planting each of my hands on his hips, getting a sense of the delicious curvature of his ass.

This time, he complied with my directions. With his hands out the way, and his upturned cap ensuring he couldn't see me, I was free to get on my knees and yank his trackies down to his ankles, revealing a pair of well-worn bright blue boxer briefs which were melded to his ass, and had `TOPMAN' in bold white lettering along the black waistband.

After admiring his round ass and firm, lightly furred thighs for a couple of seconds, I pulled those down, too. His ass flexed a few times in surprise at the cold as he muttered "No funny bizness dickhead" he reminded me.

I was getting used to him calling me names by now, "Relax man, trust me. I can't do anything with my trousers on, can I?"" I said, he grunted. After returning to my feet, I moved closer and reached around, grasping his half hard dick. I stopped him from moving as I gently mashed my own hardon, covered in just my suit trousers (and underwear, of course), along the valley at the centre of his bare ass. His hard cheeks flexing strongly to deny me access, but only serving to make the sensation feel even better, it felt really good.

My chin rested on his shoulder, and rubbed against the velvety softness of his hoody, breathing in the lynx deodorant mixed to his sweat and cigarette smoke that permeated his body. Fuck I never thought that a smelly chav boy would could make me so hard.

The cold made his dick shrivel up somewhat; as we both stood there in the pale moonlight, leaning up against the side of my car, I whispered, "ok here we go.I hope you like it". I was really nervous because I really wanted to please the boy. So I started moving my hand along his semi erect dick.

After about five minutes of determined yanking and pulling, his cock started to firm up again. Neither of us spoke, it was a cold night but I was sweating like a pig. Was I doing it right, was he licking it?

I didn't dare to ask him, I didn't want to fail him. I didn't know if he was enjoying it, but I certainly was. His cock felt so good in my hand. It was so hard yet his skin felt so silky in my hand. After a couple more minutes, he was as hard as only an 18 year old can be, but I couldn't really draw back what was a very tight foreskin, so I just jacked him, staccato style, with short, quick yanks, focussing on the enclosed glans of his prick, trying to slowly peel it back.

"Man you are tight.how come?" I said. It was strange that at his age and after presumably fucking dozen of bitches he had a tight foreskin problem. "'Cauz I have a big cockhead.it's gunna come out.keep doing it" he said annoyed by my remark. He had a point. I tried to better feel his glans with my fingers, and indeed it was thicker than the shaft. His cock was truly a work of art.

I guessed him to be around 8 inches, thick as a Redbull can, and rock hard, like marble. I pushed forward with my groin slightly, moving him forward an inch or so, so the head of his cock, which was poking out the end of my hand, would frequently make contact with the slick, cold window of my car. Wanting to explore more of the chav's body, I ran my other hand up under his hoodie, rubbing the firm stomach.

"What the fuck man?" he protested. "Can I Dale? Please buddy" I begged him. "Faggot." he muttered, but he didn't move. So I moved my hand up to his hairless, flat chest beneath his hoodie, running my nail over his nips as I nuzzled his neck, which he tolerated only because of what I was doing to his cock.

After another five minutes or so, we were both humming along nicely, with his arse inadvertently rubbing against my crotch as it flexed and gently thrusting forwards, grunting manfully whenever his cock grazed the window before him. As I was doing so I asked myself "Am I a faggot?". I never had any desire toward guys before, yet suddenly I was drooling over this bad boy, I really wanted him, all of him.

Did I became a faggot or was I just curious? But It wasn't important at the moment, what mattered was that I was loving this new experience. I felt naughty, dirty and perverse, definitions that you would not normally associate with me, but I wanted to explore more of those attributes.

Yes I wasn't happy with just a wank, I wanted to explore all the options with Dale, he seemed like a filthy boy and up for anything. And though I never imagined myself in such a way, so was I. I stopped. "What the fuck man?" he said "Get in the car, we are going to a nice place" I said firmly.

"Can you just fucking finish?" he said. I didn't reply and sat on the driver seat. He just stood there, hands on the roof of the car, trackies round his ankles.

"Get in" I repeated looking at him through the window of the passenger seat. I turned on the ignition, looking again through the passenger window at his horse dick completely sheathed head, all of which stood proudly and very stiffly from a gnarled bush of brown, auburn pubes, which led down and coated his balls in finer, but still clearly noticeable hairs.

It was like looking at a Picasso, my own cock twitched at that sight. I calmly lowered the window, reached across, and grabbed him by the balls, yanking them down for effect as I shouted, "get in the fucking car. Now, pisshead." He was probably used to this language with his uneducated mates, but it was unusual for me to lower myself at this level.

But I think that was the best way to communicate with him, even though he didn't budge, he seemed more reasonable. "Oh cmon mate finish me wank" he whined. He went to move back, but once he realised I had no intention of letting go of his nuts, he reacted by lunging at me and grabbing my head with both hands and pushing it against his crotch. "Fuck you.suck 'me nuts dickead!" he said. Unfortunately, he didn't have to tell me twice, I was eyeing those gorgeous hanging balls for several minutes now, drooling at the chance to taste them, but didn't have the balls to ask.

So I took the chance he gave me, Ijust opened my mouth and suckled on his unwashed adolescent nuts for a couple of minutes, tonguing the sacks and raking my teeth over the flesh, taking deep lungfuls of the boy's testosterone-laden scent, infused with the same deodorant adorning his upper body, whilst hoovering up the sharp tasting, acrid sweat that spiced his dank shaggy nuts with flavour.

My cock was exploding, I never felt so horny in my fucking life. He stood there whilst enjoying a middle aged man sucking his teen sperm makers "Yeah suck'em, nasty old man." he said. I loved his sweaty ballsack in my mouth but I was too unconformable doing stuff in my car, and it was getting really cold. I needed a proper place, so with all my strength I pulled away and said to him, "Dale, listen mate, we can't do it in here.

Get in, let's go to a nice place". "Nice place? Where?" he said bending over the window and showing his cute face. "A nice place, warm and confy.with food and beer" I added. "Ohh ok then" he said as he finally pulled his trackies up over his hardon, opened the door and got in. "But ya' know I am gonna fuck ya' tonight.I am gonna fuck yo' ass sooo badly" he said slouching on the seat and resting his head on the window closing his eyes. He was still heavily under the influence of alcohol and tired.

What he said though made my cock twitch, my plan was to suck his cock, I had no intention of being penetrated in my rear end, but now that he mentioned it I was wondering, what if?

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- TO BE CONTINUED. - I hope you liked the story. I just started writing, this is my first attempt, but if there is enough interest I will keep writing. I am into any sexual orientation, Straight, Gay, Bisex, Lesbian.

Usually my stories contain a mix of them and the main subject is generally submission/domination and younger/older. So if you like this type of stories and would like to help, you can support me at: patreon.com/XTALES - Planned Chapters: CHAPTER 2 PARADISE OR HELL?

(Dale is a handful, did I bite off more than I can chew?) CHAPTER 3 MEETING THE CREW (Dale introduce me to his crew as I get a glimpse of his life in a Council Estate) CHAPTER 3 SUGAR DADDY (While I spoil Dale with a shopping spree, I get caught by my Area Manager, what is going to do?) CHAPTER 4 MY WIFE LOVE MY CREW (The crew fuck me and my wife.

She gets pregnant and he is not mine.) CHAPTER 5 CHAMPION LEAGUE FINAL (Me and the crew are in Munich for the ECL final, the 4 of us have extra fun with the locals) CHAPTER 6 THE FALLOUT (My new life took a toll on my family.

Things are changing big time, some for the better some for the worse.

Was it all worth it, or just a big mistake?)