Girl getting her pussy fucked

Girl getting her pussy fucked
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It all started online. I was looking for a steady relationship someone different from those I had dated in the past. And then I found him. The man that fit the bill for being perfect for me.

Dave the 30 year old farmer. Kind, caring, very generous, and of course always a gentleman. He lived four hours away but we decided to meet and he started coming to see me every weekend.

Soon I could tell I was falling in love, but I couldn't help but notice that he seemed to be hiding something. Ocassionally he would become very assertive, not mean, but give a stearn command versus his usual casual request.

I never read more into it just merely considered it part of his personality. As time went on our relationship became more serious. We were spending most of our free time together and sleeping together.

Everything was very vanilla but very romantic. Finally the day came and he asked me to move in with him.

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I agreed and he helped me pack all of my stuff and moved me to his place four hours from where I grew up, my family, friends, everything. Upon our arrival, I noticed something very odd and different from his description. It was on a dirt road far from anything, with a house set far back on a large piece of property to where you could not see it from the road.

These are all things he has told me. Except the large fence, very large fence. Almost fortress looking. As we drove up the driveway we came to a set of gates which he opened with a remote.

As the gates open they revieled a beautiful log home to the right and two large out buildings directly to the left that appeared to be a garage and a barn. We drove up to the front of the house where he stopped and backed up to the front porch putting the bed of the truck even with the porch to make unloading my stuff easier. "Here we are babe" throwing the truck in park. I reach to open the door but he quickly throws the locks on. "What was that for ?" I shouted giving him a concerend look.

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I had a feeling something was off. Just the look on his face was menacing and he looked like he had some sort of evil plan brewing. "I need to show you the rest of your new home! I'll unload your things really quickly onto the porch and we'll take a ride around." "Okay."I replied. He took all of my belongings off the truck and set them just outside the front door. As he hops back in the truck he says to me "What are you so nervous about?" Apparently he could tell just by looking at me that all of this was taking me by surprise.

" What is the fence for? Why is it so big?" I ask timidly while peering out the window looking at the barn we pulled up to. "Well its for a few reasons, for security so no one gets in here and messes with or steals anything, and so no one can see what were doing.

Its really no ones business what goes on on my land but some people like to gawk as they drive by. Plus we dont need anything escaping either. Animals that is." "Oh well that makes sense." I say a little more relieved. We stop in front of a barn. Its very large and nicely kept.

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But looking at it from the outside you can't really tell what it's used for. "C'mon lets go check it out ill show ya what we got!" He says excitedly jumping out of the truck.

I get out and follow behind him. He opens two large doors and reveals what seems to be a typical horse or cow barn. He waves for me to follow him so I do. But as we walk through the barn I noticed that there weren't any animals, and only one stall appeared to be set up for a horse. "Where are the animals?" "Oh right now I only have one horse and a cow.

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I just sold the rest of the cows so I can buy a new herd and the other horse had gotten very sick and he died. But those two are ouside and thats where we are headed." He opens the doors at the other end of the barn and there stands a beautiful steed. Muscular and sleek.

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"What a gorgeous horse! We should take him for a ride!" As I get excited about it. "Oh you will don't worry. But where the hell is Sofie? I don't see her." "I think theres something in the bush on the right." "Sofie!

Get your ass out here!" he screams. And then I saw her. This girl comes walking out of the bush. She is completely naked and filthy. Her breasts are huge and sagging with the longest nipples. She had a tag on her ear and a big ring in the middle of her nose that hung past her mouth.


Looking further down I could see something metal peeking from between her legs but her thighs were touching making it hard to figure out what it is. "What the hell! Thats a person! What have you done to her!" " You see Sofie here is what we call a hucow.

She is kept as a human cow to produce milk and to be bred." He explains calmly. In a panic from what I just saw I'm crying "You're insane.

I can't be here, I want to go home this is over." "Now now, it has just begun!" he says as he smiles and firmly grabs my arm to keep me from backing away any further.

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He drags me back into the barn overpowering my efforts to pull away or stand up to walk. Once in the barn he manages to get me up against a stall wall and holds me there. "Ever since we met I knew I would be turning you into my personal hucow. And now I have you and you're mine to do with as I please and thats exactly what I plan to do." I feel his hand drift down my side to my ass and a sharp prick his me on the right cheek.

Suddenly I feel woosy and everything goes black. He lets my sedated body fall to the floor as he walks into the tack room and gets a wheel barrow.

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He puts me in the wheel barrow and pushes it into a stall across from the one set up for the horse. In the stall is a blanket on top of hay bedding a water bowl and a trough with oats. On the wall there are steel rings for tying things to and some bars hanging on a hook with shackles on each end and one with a larger locking collar in the middle.

He takes the one with a collar down and puts it around my neck and wrists and locks each one with a padlock he removed from his pocket. He then drags my body out of the wheel barrow onto the blanket and takes the other shackle bar and puts each end around my ankles locking those with padlocks as well.

Taking the knife he always carries he cuts the jean shorts im wearing up each leg and pulls them off. Then he takes the knife and cuts my panties my shirt and my bra and pulls all of them off.

Reaching back into his pocket he pulls out his cellphone and calls someone. "She's ready. Tell the vet to come down I have some shit I want done." Slowly I can feel myself starting to come to. As I start to open my eyes I see Dave and a man dressed in doctors clothing. I then realize that I am naked and cant move my arms or legs or head and I begin to yell.

"What is this what are you doing!? Get me out of here you fucking asshole! Let me go! Let me."A hard kick to the ribs ended my screaming. "Enough bitch! Now listen the doc here is gonna give you a once over and make any changes I deem necessary, got that?

Now keep your mouth shut or ill shut it for you." As the doctor pokes and prods at me I flinch and sob. He tells Davd that I appear to be healthy.

" Her tits will be great for producing but my suggestion would be to start stretching the nipples now. And I dont know if you've fucked her or not but that ass and cunt are very tight." "Yea doc I noticed. So lets get a ring in her nose, a bar in the back of her neck, the tag for her ear, and laser all the hair. Well except her head. And I want to try a few new things, put a ring in her hood but I want to put grommets five in each pussy lip." The doctor looked confused "Grommets?

Like tubes?" "Yea I want to try something. And over there on my work bench is one of those ass tunnels so put that in and put the plug in it so we dont have a mess.

Also the normal hormone shots as normal." Dave then turns to look at me and smiling says "When you wake up you're going to be a whole new person. Have fun you two!" Dave walks out of the stall and the doctor waves at someone to come in as he bends down and gives me a shot in the arm and the two pick me up and carry me out and through the tack room into what looks like an operating room. As they lay me on the table I drift into unconsciousness. The doctor goes to work. Dave comes into the room to see how things are going.

"doc, I was reading some shit and I was curious about branding. Can you put this one on her left ass cheek?" The doctor took the brand from Dave. It was a big letter D with an HC inside. He continued to work making all the changes. When he was done him and his helper wrapped me in a blanket and carried my body back to the stall. The doctor then gave me an IV for nutrition and fluids to keep me healthy so they could leave me sedated for a week.

As week came to a close, the doc and Dave came in. They woke me up. "mornin sunshine!" Dave said with a smile. My body ached all over but I couldnt see or touch anything so I just moaned and started to cry. "stop crying, youre gonna be fine" I heard the doctor explaining that everything has a while to heal still.

Dave crouched down next to my head stroking my hair, "welcome to the herd you filthy slut" With iv still connected I was confined to my stall. After a while i felt the urge to pee. Being that I was still schackled with the spreader bars I began to break down. I was going to have to piss right where I lay. I tried to hold it in but soon I couldnt hold it anymore and let loose.

The pee ran everywhere under me and when it hit the brand on my ass cheek I screamed. Not moments later dave came out and stood in the stall door. "youre becoming a wonderful animal. Wait until you have to shit like one too.

Tomorrow were going to intoduce you to the next lovely changes you get." he leaned down and smacked me on the face. It seems like eternity before I was able to drift offmto sleep. I was awoken with a cold bucket of water over my entire naked body. "wake up whore!" dave yelled. To farm hands came into the stall and put me on my feet but I couldnt stand.

"to the bench boys" they carried me to this bench that looked somewhat like a saw horse but had a wider top and connections for something at the base of each leg.

They brought me up to the back of it and leaned me over. They linked my leg shackles to the legs and put an iron band around my waist and bolted it to the center of the bench. " so here is whats going to happen. We are going to inject those tits with hormones and make you produce milk. Then once we see some we hook up this milking machine and milk you on a regular basis.

To help aid the milk production and to satisfy my needs im gonna breed you, like an animal, and youll pump out babies until you cant anymore. Now for your ass, well that has a special function. Now that you have a steel tunnel in there were gonna teach you to shit anywhere and were going to use it as a toilet and throw some chemical cocktails to see what they do to you. A chain will be put through your nose so we can tie your head to whatever we want. And those grommets in your pussy, those are so i can lock that whore cunt up and you cant touch it.

Any questions?" Through a strong fearful whimper I squeak out "why?" Because I fuckin can. Dave proceeded to pick up a syringe and a large glass bottle. He filled the needle and stabbed it into my right tit.

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It burned and started to throb. Once it was empty he filled it again and repeated on my left tit. When the syringe was empty again he put it down and massaged both tits making the burning sensation spread. He finished massaging and moved to the back of me. I heard his zipper. I was finally succumbing to being used like an animal.