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Free emo hard gay porn xxx Fully Staffed
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Hi i'm Darek. And this is a story of me and a teacher. I was in 9th grade,and i was falling beheind in a few subjects we had exams soon,and i skipped school a lot due to sickness. i stayed after school sometimes,to fix my notes. Then this one day,i stayed at school real late,school ended at 3 PM but i stayed for 4 more hours at school,i've decided to fix my english notes,i didn't have any problems with english i was just missed a lot of tests while i was sick. It was dark outside,i went in the english classroom and saw my english teacher.

She was all alone,sitting at the table and writing something i could care less, because she was.i can't evne describe it. Short Red hair (down to her shoulders), Huge titts,a big round ass,beautiful feet and a very cute face, even though her nose was a little long it was bad at all,she still looked stunning. she was 35 and im 16,so you can figure the rest,i didnt had a chance.

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it was snowing outside,my teacher told me to sit down at the desk and pulled the curtains,saying: - The snow distracts me a little (Smiling my way) i looked at her smiled and looked down,i was so damn hard. she sat down right next to me. she was wearing:a white blouse,a black tanktop underneath it and i could see a red bra flashing,she was wearing a mid-short skirt,stockings and mid-long high heel black boots.

She was so damn hot.

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She opened the book and told me to put the sentence correctly,the sentence was: ''Lawn want i mown you to the'' i already had the sentence ready in my head: I want you to mown the lawn. I wrote ''I want you'' and stopped.

my teacher moved a little bit closer to me checking what i wrote,she got up and bend over to see if i need help,while she was reading what i wrote,her tits were right in my face. My God that was so good,i didnt risk to touch or lick them,but they smelled good,i so wish i could play with them.

- you want to continue the sentence? (She asked me) - No,i like it the way it is (i said laughing) She smiled (i got even harder) She sat back down and got closer to me,she put her hand on my lap,and i was feeling how the hand was slowly moving to my dick.

I held my breath.Could this really be happening? She got up. - Dammit (i was screaming in my head) she walked up to the door and locked it with her key i stared with eyes so big and a dick so hard they were ready to explode She took of her blouse,walked up to me and sat down on my laps,starting to kiss me.

She tasted so sweet,i could feel her saliva in my throat,god it felt good.


- We don't have much time,they'll close the school in 30 minutes (she said) Well i don't care,i would probably just cum in 50 seconds fucking you (i thought) she didnt let me play with her tits, and i didnt ask to neither. She unzipped my pants and took out my big hard cock. - Oh my.

(she said,stroking it) i was surprised it got so big and hard,never have i seen it in such a state. she took her panties off till her knees,keeping all of her clothes on. she put my cock inside her pussy and started riding me.

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she wrapped her hands around my neck pressing her titts against my face,they were huge. - can i lick them? (i asked) - ok,but dont take my clothes off please. i licked on the titts through her clothes,my dick got even harder.

She moaned. i started humping fucking her even harder. we've been fucking for like 10 minutes i wouldnt cum, it was getting intence. my teacher kept moaning: - oh.god.yes.yes.Darek,harder honey give it to me. She was exhausted,all sweaty from the heat and intence movement. i could already smell her adore coming from her armpits while i was sucking on her titts,and it suddenly turned me on.

i started fucking her hard,she screamed: - Gosh! Yess!! oooooww yes yes don't stop don't stop,im cumming - i'm cumming too (i said) - shoot your load inside me! quick,give it to me baby! i was about to cum,when i shot my load inside her,i was cumming a big load and i mean big right inside her. She wrapped around me real hard,pressing her left titt and armpit against my face.

god i loved the smell for some reason. She was breathing hard,then said: -That was the best sex i've ever had baby. - Thanks (i said in response) she got up cleaned herself got dressed.


and said: - its almost 9 Pm,aren't your parents worried? - My parents are out of Country,they went to a vacation,i was supposed to go with them but i had to fix my notes,so im spending these hollidays alone,they should be back by christmas.

she looked at me and smiled - Maybe you would like to spend these hollidays with me,untill your parents return. i looked up,she smiled. - Would you like to spend this night with me and maybe then we'll see about the rest of the week - Yes!

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Absolutley (i said,i was happy as fuck!) We went outside and i got in her car,i didnt knew she didnt have a husband which is good,but she had a son,who was already grown and i heard he lived his own life. I heard her husband left her a long time ago,which explains why she was fucking like an animal.

We were still driving,i didnt knew where she lived,but her odore was already smellable in the car. i found it awesome,it was a weird fetish i must have developed but i love it. finally 10 minutes later,we pulled over by an apartment building.

she looked at me and said.

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- So are you staying? - yes (i said) - good. she smiled. - Cos im gonna fuck the shit out of you baby. To be continued