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Fbailey story number 693 Full House Vacuum Mom was so happy when Dad and I installed the "Full House Vacuum System" with the extra strong pump. With an outlet in every room in the house all she needed to do was carry a long hose around with the proper attachment.

Mom loved it because it could suck dirt out of the groves in the floorboards under the rug. While we were installing it Dad told me that the new system was almost as good as Mom.

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Laughing at the time he said that he married her because she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. I laughed too because I knew that he had just told me that Mom was a very good cocksucker. Both of our parents work so Calamity and I are home alone for two hours before they get home. It's okay though, because she is thirteen and I'm fifteen. We are old enough to be latch key kids. So anyway, about a month after the new system was installed I came home later than usual.

A friend had a copy of the latest Playboy magazine and the centerfold looked just like an older version of my sister, Calamity. If she did grow up to look like that, watch out Dad, because there would be a string of boys lining up to fuck her, I mean…take her out on a date. So anyway I was just passing her bedroom door on my way to my bedroom when I heard her cry out, "Help! I need help!" I opened her bedroom door, took two steps inside, and froze there in my tracks.

I had to laugh at the scene before me. My sister had been playing around with Mom's vacuum attachments. She had found a plastic pipe fitting in Dad's workshop that was a cross, with four outlets. Calamity had plugged the main house into it and then she had attached three other hoses into it.

So Calamity was lying on the floor completely naked with one hose stuck up inside her bald pussy and the other two hoses trying to suck her nipples off. She said, "I can't get them off. Turn off the vacuum system…please." I asked, "How long have you been like that?" Calamity said, "About a half-hour." I laughed and said, "Then a few more minutes won't hurt any." I got my digital camera and took about twenty pictures of her lying there naked being sucked and fucked with the vacuum hoses.

I swear she smiled in a few for me. Then I went out into the hallway and turned the switch off. We never thought that we needed a switch in every room…we still don't. I rushed back into her bedroom with my camera ready. She pulled one hose off a nipple and it was really deformed.

It bulged out of her nice size tittie and her nipple was all swollen. She pulled the other hose off and it looked the same.

I said, "Holy shit your tits are all deformed." She replied, "No there not! They always look like this." Then I watched as she pulled four or five inches of vacuum tube from her tiny pussy. I said, "That's bigger than my cock, so I'm sure that it will fit in you." Calamity looked at me then she gave it some thought, and said, "Okay, as long as you don't tell anyone about this…or show anyone those pictures." I took a couple more pictures of her lying there naked without the hoses stuck on and in her.

I told her to stay there. Then I undressed and got down on the floor with her. Her knees were up and my knees were between her legs. My hard cock was close to her pussy when I took the first picture. It was just kissing her pussy in the second picture. The head of my cock was just inside her in the next. Then it was all the way inside of her with my balls touching her ass.

It felt wonderful.

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Calamity said, "Oh that feels so good." I asked, "Better than the vacuum tube?" She laughed and said, "Yes! That thing forced itself all the way in me and then I couldn't get it back out. It was the ones on my nipples that hurt. My nipples are so swollen that I don't think they will ever be the same again." We made love for four or five minutes before I filled her pussy with cum.

She asked, "Can you do that again in a few minutes? Betty said her brother could and that they do it three or four times before their parents get home." I didn't know that Jimmy was fucking his sister.

No wonder he never stayed around school after that last bell. I won't either now. I asked her to suck me hard and soon realized what Dad had meant. Like mother, like daughter. She was trying to suck my balls up through my cock. We made love three times before we heard Mom's car pull into the driveway.

It would have been four but we wasted that first forty-five minutes. I knew I could do better the next day. I was dressed and at my computer when Mom popped her head in to tell me that she was home and that she had ordered a pizza for dinner. Then she told me to listen for the deliveryman because she was going to take a shower. She and Dad had a cocktail party to go too.

Fantastic! When I told Calamity the good news she jumped for joy. Then she asked me if I wanted a nude picture of Mom in the shower. Of course I did. She told me to follow her, take the picture, and get out as quickly as I could.

Then she told me, "No flash or she'll kill us both." I turned the flash off and followed Calamity to the bathroom door. She opened it a crack and asked, "Mom, can I come in and was the toilet?" Mom called back, "Sure honey." Calamity went in and lowered her pants and her panties to her ankles.

I took a picture into the mirror of Mom, one of Calamity on the toilet with her knees spread, and then another one of Mom directly into the frosted shower door. Then I got the hell out of there because the front doorbell was ringing.

Shortly Calamity and I were eating the pizza and Dad was heading up to change his clothes. Calamity asked, "Did you get a good one of Mom?" I replied, "The frosted glass didn't help." Calamity said, "Then we need another plan." We were finishing off the last two pieces of pizza when Dad came down, told us when he planned on coming home, and then he went out to get the car started.


A couple of minutes later Mom came down the stairs and did she ever look good. Calamity whistled and said, "I like your dress." Mom said, "Its new. It is so low cut that I couldn't fine a bra to wear under it. Then your father told me not to wear my panties either.

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He said that it would show panty lines. Do you think it would?" I smiled when Calamity said, "Yes!


Dad's right. You should go commando." Mom said, "I feel so naughty." Then Calamity shocked the hell out of me when she said, "Maybe you two should stop off somewhere on the way home and make love in the backseat.

That's how you conceived both of us, isn't it." Mom actually blushed and then she just went out the door as Calamity continued to laugh at her. I asked, "How did you know about our conceptions?" Calamity said, "Aunt Jill told me one night after she had a few too many drinks." She thought a moment and then said, "That's how we'll get better pictures of Mom.

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She liked to drink at parties and when she gets drunk she gets easy, plus she can't remember a thing the next day. Dad has to tell her what she did." I smiled, I remember him telling her that she had gotten naked and danced at one cocktail party, kissed another woman at one, and supposedly gave a guy a blowjob at another cocktail party. Apparently Mom is the life of the party. No wonder they get invited out so much. While they were gone Calamity modeled some of Mom's nighties for me and we made love in their bed, my bed, and in her bed.

We stayed up to see Dad come in by himself. He could hardly walk and staggered a lot as he passed us on his way up to his bedroom. Calamity asked him where Mom was. He told her that she was in the car and that she was too drunk to walk in by herself.

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Then he asked us to bring her in. Calamity smiled at me and I got my camera. Together we went out to the car. Mom was leaning against the inside of the passenger side door so I had Calamity get in on the driver's side and pull her away from the door. I didn't want her to fall out when I opened it. Well, she pulled Mom over and I had to smile.

Mom's dress had been up around her waist and her entire ass was on display along with her gapping pussy lips. She had cum dripping out of her freshly fucked hole. I took pictures and I used the flash. Calamity helped me roll her onto her back, get her legs out of the car, and spread them for more pictures. Calamity pulled Mom's dress up to her breasts and then up over them for more pictures. I lifted her feet up onto my shoulders and took some close-up pictures of her wet pussy.

Then together we got Mom in the house and put her in a chair in the living room…naked. After I had taken a few pictures, Calamity undressed and posed with her.

Then I undressed and posed while Calamity took my picture. I couldn't resist fucking her so Calamity helped me get her down on the rug.

She took a lot of pictures of my fucking Mom. She was very wet and I had fucked my sister a lot so it took a long time to cum in Mom. It felt good and I really liked the fact that I had fucked Mom. We got her dress back on her and got her up to her room. Dad was snoring away pretty loudly when we got there. We stripped Mom down to nothing and put her in bed for a few more pictures.

We never had to use the pictures against Mom because we got all of the sex we wanted with each other before they got home. I think Mom knew that something was up but she didn't press the point. The End Full House Vacuum 693