Binatang pinoy nagjakol sa banyo

Binatang pinoy nagjakol sa banyo
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This is a true story. The names are altered to keep it private. It is about a wife that started cheating and a husband that was turned on but let it get out of hand --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started to notice the change in my wife.

At first it was a subtle change in her clothes. She always wore revealing clothes and never wore a bra so her tits and nipples were somewhat exposed through her tops but now her tops were tighter shearer and opened more showing a lot more cleavage.

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Her jeans were tighter and her skirts were tighter and several inches shorter than normal. At the bar we go to most weekends she flirted a lot more with my friends and some of the regulars and her attire wasn't missed on any of them.

After we returned home she was a lot hornier than normal and she sucked me and fucked me until I couldn't get hard anymore that night. This was different than normal since our sex life was pretty slow the last several months.

Over the next several weeks she would drink a bit more than normal and would flirt with the guys more and the conversations had a very sexual tone to them.

I saw several of my friends rub up against her as they tried to go by her letting their cocks rub against her ass or pussy and make it look like an accident. At times she would move toward them allowing her to put extra pressure on their cocks. This only fueled the guy's arousal and allowed them to take the game up a notch.

Before long you could see them accidently touching her tits or ass. This had a profound effect on her and her nipples got even harder and darker and she would get red blotches on her chest which she always did when she was horny. Once home she would become insatiable and would suck my cock and swallow my cum before moving my cock to her hairy pussy. She would cum several times during the night and her orgasms would be longer and more intense than before.

Although I was getting sucked and fucked more than I was in the past, I started to wonder why my wife suddenly changed and was becoming this wild. One night we partied a lot at the bar and she was flirting even more than normal and her outfit showed her tits and her big dark nipples.

Her skirt was really short and when she sat it hiked up almost exposing her ass and shear white thong. This was too much even for the new Linda and I started to wonder what really caused this new attitude and how far she would go. During the night I saw my friends touching her more than normal and the more they touched her the more she flirted and put herself in compromising situations.

Around 1 am I saw her go outside to get some air and one of my friends followed her. I went out the other door and made my way around the back as they were coming back there. They talked for a few minutes and then started kissing with John's hands moving to her tits and she moaned as he played with them.

Linda stepped back and pulled open her shirt exposing her tits to him.

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Her nipples were sticking out farther than I have ever seen them. She moved back to him and kissed him before moving his face to her exposed tits and let him lick and suck her tits. She held his head against her tits as he sucked and bit on her nipples. I was so fixated on the assault of her tits that when she jerked I wasn't sure why until I saw John's hand under her short skirt. She spread her legs a bit wider and he was fingering her hairy pussy and she loved it.

They stopped a few minutes later and she adjusted herself and said she would see him on Monday, kissed him and started walking to the door. I went back inside and she kissed me and said we should leave. Once we got home she was like an animal tearing off both of our clothes and sucking my cock and fucking me like a woman possessed. She never mentioned anything about her and John and I now knew why she was always so horny. On Monday I called my office and said I was sick and parked around the corner and went back to my house careful not to be seen.

I went into the garage and tried to think of what I would do next when I heard the water running and figured she was in the shower and decided to sneak in and hide in the spare room. I let myself in and saw Linda in the shower and went to the spare room and hid in the large walk in closet and waited to see what was going to happen.

Linda came out of the bathroom with her hair and makeup done and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She came out of the bedroom in a very short red mini skirt and a shear top that was buttoned below her tits showing almost all of her tits.

She went down stairs and waited. A few minutes later there was a knock and she opened the door and was talking to someone who I assumed was John. I quietly made my way to the stairs and around the corner so I could look into the TV room and there was my wife in the arms of one of my best friends kissing. John had his hand inside her opened top and was playing with her tits as they kissed and she was feeling his cock. They continued to remove each other's clothes until they were naked.


It was then that I realized that this was the first time he saw her naked as he told her she had an amazing body and he knew her nipples were big and her pussy had a lot of hair around it when he played with her but seeing her naked really showed how big her nipples were and how much hair she had around her pussy and he was even more turned on.

They sat on the couch and made out as he moved several fingers into her pussy and preceded to finger fuck her as she played with his cock.

You could see how excited she was by the way she was breathing, the size of her nipples and the wetness that was coating his fingers. She kissed him really hard and moved away and stood up. She moved in front of where he was sitting and pushed his legs apart and knelt down so she was between his legs. She played with his cock and looked him in the eyes and said his cock was so big and thick and he is so hard. She kissed the tip of his cock and then licked his cock and said that every time they made out she thought about what it would feel like to be naked with him, to have his cock in her mouth and in her pussy and what it would feel like to have his cum in both of those places and she moved her head down and moaned as she took his cock into her eager mouth.

She sucked him slow taking more into her mouth each time she engulfed him. He held the back of her head and guided her mouth over his cock. He told her she was so good at this and he never thought he would get a chance to be naked with her and have her suck and fuck him and now that they are actually doing in, he is going to take full advantage of the situation and fuck her all day.

She removed her mouth from his dick and said "good I want you to have your big cock in my mouth and pussy all day and I want to feel your cum shooting in my mouth and pussy as often as you can.

With that said she went back to sucking his dick. Soon you could tell he was getting close to cumming as his breath was labored and he was pushing her head down harder as he moved his hips up so he was taking even more of him in her mouth.

He asked if she liked cum in her mouth and she moaned yes and he asked Linda if she swallowed and she said yes and he asked if she was going to swallow his load now and she moaned her approval. He finally said that he was cumming and he pushed her head down so his entire cock was in her mouth.

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Linda moaned and held it there as he started shooting his cum into her mouth and down his throat and she kept swallowing as she looked him in the eye. Once he was done he released his grip on her head and she backed off but kept him in her mouth and sucked him softly until she was sure there was no more and finally moved her mouth off his dick and kissed it. He told her she was amazing and she said she loved it and there was more where that came from. Linda got off the floor and sat next to John.

He kissed her and she moaned as his tongue went deep into her mouth and his hands pulled on her excited nipples. He broke off the kiss and pushed her back and knelt between her legs so his face was right in front of her pussy. He pushed her legs apart and she opened her legs wide showing him her hairy, open and wet pussy that up until today no one has seem but me. He told her she had a really sexy pussy and moved forward and she gasped as his mouth and tongue came in contact with her pussy and clit.

John ate her and sucked on her engorged clit. Linda came as John did this and he continued to lick her through her orgasm. She was pulling on his hair and telling him it felt so good and not to stop because she was going to cum again.

She moaned loud and raised her legs up and lifted her ass off the couch and came harder than I have ever seen her. Her orgasm went on for a long time and I saw her squirting her cum which she never did before. Linda was shaking and gasping for air as her orgasm overtook her.

It took a while for her to regain some sort of normal body movement but John wasn't ready to let that happen. He moved her over and got on the couch and spread her legs and moved between them. She was still reeling from her orgasm as he moved on top of her and moved forward and his hard cock found her open pussy and slid into her spasming cunt.

Linda moaned loud and wrapped her legs around him. She said "finally…you are finally in me and you are fucking me" and told him to fuck her harder. He moved his big cock in and out of her hairy hole at a deep and steady pace and soon you could see her getting close to another orgasm. He asked if she liked it and she said she was on fire and loved how he made her feel and to keep fucking her because she was getting close to cumming again. Moments later she pointed her toes straight up and yelled "oh my god I am cumming again…fuck me…ohhhhh don't stop…cum with me and she kissed him as her orgasm overtook her again.

That was all John could take and he started cumming with her. She couldn't scream because of their kiss but she held him tight as they exchanged body fluid with her soaking him with her cum and him filling her pussy with a massive amount of cum. They held each other until their orgasms subsided and just looked at each other and kissed again.

Once they were calm he rolled off of her and sat on the floor looking at her. There was my wife, a woman that was a virgin when we met and married. Someone who I never expected would cheat, lying on her back with her nipples sticking out harder and darker than they have ever been and her legs spread and her pussy completely exposed and wide open oozing with one of my best friend's cum. She looked at him and told him that was amazing and was the best sex she ever had and never came so many times and she never squirted before and she was sorry for soaking him the way she did.

John said it was the hottest thing he ever saw and loved it. Linda said that since she made such a mess, she needed to clean it up and moved to the floor and over to where he was sitting and took his semi hard cum covered cock into her mouth and licked and sucked their fluids off his dick. Once he was clean she said she needed to clean up and stood up and started walking up stairs.

I had to hurry and get back into the spare room and from the louvered closet I saw them both come up stairs and go into the bathroom.

They left the door open and I saw Linda sitting on the toilet letting his cum drip out of her as John washed off his cock. She told him he came a lot and they should rinse off in the shower and he said fine and they went into the shower and washed each other off.

From my vantage point I saw them washing each other while they played with each other and kissed. I saw Linda bend over and suck his cock and saw John pull her up and turn her around and bend her over and lick her pussy from behind. I then heard something that made me realize this was going to be a wild day. I heard her moan and tell him his tongue feels so good in her ass. Linda never allowed me to touch her ass and now she was telling one of my friends how good his tongue felt in there.

They got out of the shower and dried off and I thought that would be the end of it but was wrong again. As they finished drying off they left the bathroom and went down stairs and remained naked. They talked about what just happened and John asked why she finally had sex with him after all this time. She said that she loved to flirt and tease and having him feel her when they make out was just prolonging the issue. At the bar Saturday night she knew she was going to fuck him as soon as he sucked on her tits.

John told her he was happy feeling her tits through her top as they kissed and when she opened her top this past weekend and let him suck on her tits and then finger her, he was so horny he jacked off 3 times that night thinking about her.

They kissed deep and John's hand went to her tit and played with is as she reached for his cock. She moaned as she felt it and realized he was hard again. Linda broke the kiss and bent over and took his dick into her mouth and sucked him slowly as he played with her tits. She shifted her body so she was on the couch and spread her legs allowing him to reach her pussy.

John moved his hand to her open hole and rubbed her cunt making her wetter. Once she was glistening he moved several fingers into her open and hairy pussy and fingered her with one hand as his other hand pulled on her aroused nipples and she continued to suck his dick. After a few minutes she stopped sucking him and moved off the couch causing his fingers to slip from her pussy.

They were glistening with her juices.

She straddled him and sank down on his cock and I watched as his dick went into her in one fluid motion. She took his hand and put his fingers in her mouth and sucked her juices off of them as she rode him. Linda was moaning and pleading with him to fuck her harder and deeper and make her cum again.

He told her she was a complete slut when she was sucking cock or getting fucked and she told him she was and once she has a cock in her she can't control herself especially a cock as big as his. He started teasing her and holding back and she was begging him to fuck her like he did before and make her feel like a whore.

He asked what she was willing to do for it and she smiled and said anything he wanted. She said if he fucked her hard and deep and made her cum, she would be his whore for the rest of the day and do anything he asked her to, she was a sure thing.

He said just today and she said he can have her anyway he wanted once a week for the next month if he made her cum.


That was all it took and John grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down so he was a deep as he could go and proceeded to fuck her with deep powerful thrusts. She was moaning and telling him to give it to her, fuck her harder.

Soon Linda told him she was close and started riding him faster and moaning louder until finally she screamed that she was cumming and sat down hard on his 9 inch cock and started to convulse and spray his cock balls and legs with her juices.

She was spent and just sat there not moving for what seemed like hours but was just a minute or two. Once she regained her composure she kissed him and said she loved cumming with his cock deep in her and kissed him again.

He looked at her and reminder her that she was his whore for the rest of the day and once a week after that for the next 4 weeks and she said that was the deal and she agreed. He told her to get off him and lick her cum off his cock and balls. She smiled as she got off him and stood on very shaky legs as she looked at his wet cock and balls as well as all the liquid covering his legs.

She knelt between his legs and licked him as she cleaned her pussy juice off him. Once he was satisfied he told her to go upstairs and clean herself up. She stood and started toward the steps and I needed to hurry so I wouldn't be caught. I didn't have time to go to the spare room so I hid in my closet in the bedroom.

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Linda washed herself and dried. As she was leaving the bathroom she was startled and told him "you scared me". He told her it was time to start being his whore and a sure thing and she said she will do whatever he wanted her to do. John led her to our bedroom and she asked what he is doing. He told her since he was fucking my wife and she was now his whore, he wanted to fuck her in our bed. Linda seemed shaken by that which made me and John laugh. He said what I was thinking, "you invite me over, get naked and show me your tits and your hairy pussy, suck my cock and fuck me several times, swallow my cum and let me cum in your married pussy and then tell me you will be my whore and you are concerned about fucking me in your bed".

She smiled and he lay on the bed and told her to suck his dick. She got on the bed and she was no longer concerned about her surroundings once she has his cock in her mouth. Once he was hard he had her lay down and moved between her legs and slid his cock back into her hairy tight pussy and fucked her.

She was moaning and raising her ass off the mattress minutes after they started. He asked if she liked it and she said she loved it and couldn't get enough of his cock.

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He pulled out and had her get on all fours and started fucking her from behind. This is her favorite position and soon she is pushing back to get him in deeper and she starts moaning loud and tells him she is ready to cum and he pushes in deep and holds it until she started her orgasm. As she started cumming he pulled out and she sprayed him with her cum and was shaking and moaning.

He moved up as she was still in the throes of an intense orgasm and put his cock against her asshole. She was too involved with her orgasm to appreciate what was about to happen but he pushed a bit and his cock head penetrated her ass. She tried to move but her legs were like jello and she had no strength. He held her hips tight and push a bit more and more of his cock went into her deflowered ass. She pleaded with him to stop but he told her she was his to do as he pleased and quoted her about being a sure thing and his whore.

He pushed forward and more went into her. He continued to go slow until he had all 9 inched buried in her virgin ass. John just stayed there not moving and played with her tits and slid a hand down to her pussy and slowly stroked her clit.

He smiled and removed his hand and it was covered with her juices and he told her she was soaked. Linda moaned and started moving her ass back and forth slowly as she was getting use to the invasion deep in her ass. Soon she was rocking back and fucking him with her ass until she finally let go and let him pound her ass.

He asked if she liked it and she looked back and said she never felt to full and he asked her again if she liked it and she said "YES…I love you fucking me in the ass". He told her he knew she would and he was planning to fuck her mouth pussy and ass regularly for the next month.

Linda moaned and said something that shocked me more than anything I saw or heard all day. She said "it doesn't have to be just a month and he could have her as his whore for as long as he wanted as long as I don't find out".

He started fucking her harder and said if she was his whore then she would have to do whatever he told her to do with no hesitation. She said she knew that and didn't have an issue with it and she already did everything he wanted today and loved it.

John said he was getting close and was going to shoot his final load of the day deep in her ass. She told him she was close as well but it felt different. John told her she was his whore from now on and would feed her cock and fuck her hairy pussy and tight ass as often as he could get time with her. Linda said she wanted that and would find time so they could be alone and he could use her anyway he wanted and have her do whatever he asked her to do. He told her they had a deal and he was planning on sharing her with some of my other friends who really think she is hot and would love a chance to see her naked and have their cock in her mouth pussy or ass.

She looked back at him and before she could say anything he told her she was his whore and would do what he wanted without hesitation and grabbed her and pulled her tight against him.

She couldn't speak and John tensed up and I realized they were both cumming with him flooding her ass and she depositing her juices all over her legs and the bed sheets. That was all she could take and fell forward completely spent and close to passing out. I saw her pussy open and wet and her ass completely dilated and dripping with his cum.

He got out from between her legs and rolled her over so she was on her back. He looked at her and saw what I was looking at. Her tits were flushed and her nipples looked like they were going to burst they were so hard.

Her hairy pussy was open and very red from all the fucking and it was glistening with moisture and her ass was wide open and oozing with his cum.

He smiled and straddled her chest and sat on her tits and put his cock against her lips. Although she was dazed from the ass fucking she just received she automatically opened her mouth and he slid his cum covered cock into her open mouth. She closed her mouth and slowly sucked his cock, the one that a moment ago was deep in her ass. As she came around she realized she was sucking his cock and moaned and sucked it tenderly.

He told her to clean him good and she did and once he removed his cock he asked her if she liked sucking a cock that was in her ass a few minutes ago. Linda smiled and said "that's what whores do and I am sure when you invite some of the other guys over I will have to suck a cock that sometime during the night was in my ass so I might as well start with you". They cleaned up and John left.

Linda went to soak in a hot bath and I snuck out and came home at what would be my regular time.

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I didn't get any sex that night but I was sucked and fucked a lot during the week. They both kept their word. Linda became John's personal whore and did anything he told her to do without questioning or hesitating. John kept his word and fucked her mouth pussy and ass as often as possible. He also had Linda fuck several of my other friends. He would set them up and get things started and would leave once she got going and one of my other friends would get sucked and fucked all night.

Soon after she did several of my friends individually he had her do him and one of them together with him so she had 2 cocks to keep her satisfied. He kept pushing it and she kept doing what he told her to do and at times she did more than 2 of my friends at the same time or taking on my friends in succession where one would fuck her and once they were done, she would take on the next one and the next one until they were all completely used up and satisfied.

He started having her suck and fuck guys he worked with and some of his clients who were looking for companionship. He even had her attend a party with him where she was the entertainment for a host of guys, some we knew and some that were friends or work acquaintances of his.

She wound up sucking and fucking eight guys that night and they fucked her all night and into the early morning. To make matters worse, they videotaped the night and provided her and all the guys there with a copy of her being gang banged all night. I was able to find the video and made a copy and downloaded it to my computer. I have taped or copied quite a few of her fuck fests and have slowly built up an extensive library of her being a complete whore.

We didn't have a marriage anymore but this was the place she slept and changed. She really thought I wasn't aware and my friends acted like nothing was going on when we were together. What started out as a fantasy to spice up our sex lives turned into cheating and deceit.

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When we all went out they acted all loving with their wives knowing that they had their cocks in my wife recently. I needed to teach them all a lesson. I changed jobs and was scheduled to relocate to another state. I never mentioned this to anyone. I removed her name from our bank accounts, credit cards and packed up my stuff slowly so I wouldn't draw attention.

All I needed was my clothes and some personal items and the cash. One night when she was out with them I made a small video showing her whoring with them. I made sure to include a scene with each of my friends and anyone else I knew she was fucking and I had proof of.

I opened a new email account that was different than any account I had and my friends or their wives were aware of. I uploaded the video to a porn site and then sent a copy to all my friends, their wives, my wife, her family and people she works with and for. Once I hit send I got in my car, went to the storage facility, loaded up my car and left all this behind me. My lawyer also has a copy so the divorce can be done fast plus he can watch it and jerk off if he likes.

He gave me a reduced fee if I let him have a copy. Last I heard several of the guys were going through a divorce and their wives were taking them to the cleaners, the others are having a real rough time staying married. My wife was fired from her job and her family has distanced themselves from her. She called me begging to take down the video and I told her once she signs the divorce papers I would.

She signed them and I kept my part of the bargain and took her video off the site. After several months I ran into one of my ex-friend's ex-wife. We started talking and I told her how bad I felt that this cause so many lives to be ruined. She said she is glad she found out and I shouldn't feel bad since the wives that got divorced weren't happy anyway and came out with a lot of money. We talked and before long we were in bed together. The sex was amazing and she wound up selling the house and moving out of state to live with me.

She made sure that her ex knew she was living with me and we are very happy and well off with all of his money. As for my ex-wife, now that she isn't married and she ruined so many lives, none of the guys bother with her anymore. She looks old and broken and is working in a menial job and struggling to make ends meet. I heard she fucks guys for money to help her get by financially and isn't really choosy about who puts their cock in her mouth or pussy as long as they pay for it.

She is alone and miserable. It is a far cry from the lifestyle she had before she became a whore for all of my friends.