Mick Blue fucks a busty slut Ella Knox

Mick Blue fucks a busty slut Ella Knox
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15-year-old Eli was so excited.

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He ran home from the school bus. It was the start of summer vacation and he wanted to start having fun right away. He ran in his house and threw his backpack into the corner of the room before grabbing some money from the desk and turning around and he ran back out into the blazing sun. Beads of sweat ran down his face as he ran down the street. He ran and ran until his bangs were matted down on his forehead and he made it to the pizza place.

He walked into the pizza parlor and saw his friends sitting around waiting for the pizza. "Do you got your money man cause we are $3 dollars short," said 15-year-old Pat.

"Yeah it is right here," said Eli as he pulled the $5 bill out of his pocket.

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The pizza was brought to their table and they split it up. They chewed on the cheesy pizza and soon there was only crumbs left on the table.

They dispersed and they went their separate ways. Eli walked back to his house and he lay down to watch television. He watched a couple of programs before he decided to take a shower to get the smell of sweat out.

He walked to the bathroom while removing his shirt and pants because he knew his mom wouldn't come home.


He walked into the bathroom and he started the water to let it warm. He pulled down his boxers and his flaccid cock flopped out. He walked into the open shower and he felt the warm water mat his hair down. He felt it run down his chest and his stomach and he felt it mat down his pubic hair. He stroked his cock and he immediately became hard.

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His cock was extremely sensitive and would get hard if someone even touched it. He felt he needed some kind of lube to get a really good hand job to relieve the stress from the day.

He walked out of the shower and he walked out of the bathroom without a towel. He walked across the hall into the kitchen and he bent over and grabbed a tube of olive oil before walking back leaving a trail of water.


He got back into the shower and he squirted some oil onto his hands. He grabbed the shaft of his cock with his oil-covered hand and he stroked his hard cock until it was rock hard.

The running water washed the oil off his hand and cock, but they were still as smooth as a baby's bottom. He was stroking and he could feel an orgasm approaching, but then he heard a knock on the front door. He got out of the shower, put on a towel and walked to the front door. He pulled open the door and he saw his friend, Pat, at the door. He allowed Pat in as he looked at his short blonde hair with the front matted down with sweat.

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Pat looked and couldn't help, but see a tent in the towel his friend was wearing. "I'm going to finish my shower so you can wait out here and watch television," said Eli. Eli made his way back to the shower and he let the towel fall to the ground and he got back into the hot water.


He stroked his cock back to rock hardness and he continued stroking the smooth cock. He heard a door click and he saw a blurry image of a person stripping outside of the glass shower door. The cock protruding from the individual told him it was Pat that was entering. He entered and immediately his hand grasped the 8-inch hard prick of his friend.

He stroked his friend's cock and felt the softness of it that had never been there before with his cock. "How come your cock is so smooth and soft?" asked Pat. "Olive oil," said Eli.

"Get me some," said Pat. Eli reached out of the shower and squirted some oil into his hand and then he started to stroke his friend's 7-inch penis. They grasped each other's penises and they worked hard on making the other cum. They stroked and stroked trying to get their friend's relieved after a long, hot day.

They hoped their friend would stroke faster, harder, harder, faster to get their own relieve.


They worked each other's long white pricks up and down making the balls swinging back and forth. The cocks spasmed in their friend's hands and the balls drew up tight to the penis.

The cum rushed out of the balls, up their shaft, through the head and finally each of the cocks let their first shot of cum escape and there was many more to follow. The water washed the cum down the drain as the penises pumped it out. The cocks became soft and limp and they were completely spent.

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They turned off the water and toweled off. They dressed and Pat headed out the door. "I got to have him spend the night soon," said Eli thinking about the amazing shower experience…