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****Let me say this now. THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS BELONGS TO GryphonWings if you want to read more of his stories go here http://gryphonwings.sofurry.com/ this is a five part series**** *tags include Human, Oral, Non-anthro, Vaginal, Deep Penetration, Impregnation, Dragoness, Ejaculation, Soulmates, M/F ps. i hope you love this like i did* This story takes place about five hours after the previous entry in the series.

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Raising his sword, Eragon yelled as Saphira shot down to earth, breathing a scorching column of fire over Galbatorix's soldiers. Many of them screamed and fell to the ground burning as the flames overcame them. The battle had been raging for almost an hour and he and Saphira were almost at their last stand. His magic was depleted and Saphira was injured, having been hit by magicians and soldiers alike for quite a while. "How are you holding up?" Eragon asked his dragon Saphira through their mind link.

She snorted and shot through another line of men, who fell at the power of her fire. "If I keep taking this many hard blows I may not survive for much longer," she replied, her breathing ragged and labored.

Eragon nodded, acknowledging that the fighting could not be allowed to continue for much longer. Eragon looked back into the forest, trying to spot Arya amidst the fighting. "Arya, how goes the fighting," he asked her mentally, trying to find her via his mind. "Rather well, actually. I wonder why Galbatorix sent so few men, it's as if he wants us to kill them all." Eragon located her, seeing that the fighting was nearly over.

There were only five-hundred soldiers left, the best ones who had survived for this long fighting the elves now. Eragon returned his attention to the skies. He still couldn't see Galbatorix anywhere. Arya had told him that the evil king was flying here on the back of his black dragon, Shurikan. He scanned the horizon for a minute, before he sensed something was amiss.

He only had just enough time to conjure up a defense as he felt his mind savagely attacked. He knew without a doubt a magician with that much power could only be Galbatorix. He closed his mind completely, for a moment foolishly thinking he was safe. Unfortunately, while he was distracted, a dark shadow appeared behind them. Saphira only just saw the giant black dragon speeding towards her at the last second, but it was already too late. With a massive slam, Shurikan crashed into Saphira, wrapping his long claws around her wings so she was pinned.

Eragon tried to throw off a weak spell but Galbatorix simply evaded it with a flick of his finger. "Foolish Eragon," Galbatorix bellowed in a rich voice, "you should have joined me long ago.

Now you will suffer the consequences of disloyalty to the king. Saphira struggle in the other dragons' grasp but to no avail. She fell limp in Shurikan's grip and Eragon could only watch as they fell through the sky. A few moments later, they came to a crashing halt on the forest floor, Shurikan landing roughly on Saphira.

Eragon crouched low so he didn't get crushed by the insanely large dragon. Shurikan took a few paces back from the defeated pair.


It was then that Eragon realized just how big the black dragon was; Shurikan was at least twice Saphira's already large size. He knew they were doomed, by the smile on Galbatorix's face and the large dragon looming over them. Saphira moved weakly beneath him, she was battered and exhausted, and Eragon felt little better. Galbatorix spread his arms wide, declaring his victory in a gloating voice.

"Now you see, It is foolish to stand against my might. It is such a shame you chose to ally yourself with the Varden, young rider. Together we could have rebuilt the race of dragons to be even more mighty than before." His words were slick, Eragon noted, but they didn't fool him.

He looked Galbatorix in the eye, who stared at him unsettlingly until he couldn't hold himself up any longer. "Join me, Rider, and I will make all of your deepest wishes come true. Or, I will take what is rightfully mine." Eragon didn't believe him for one second.

"I would rather die than join you," Eragon spat. Galbatorix laughed a deep, evil laugh before he stood up on his dragon's back. "In time, Eragon, but first, I have a little offer to make you. You see, I want to rebuild the Dragon Riders, and to do that, I need a dragon egg. Because you will perish anyway, I was going to offer you the chance to do one last act for the world." "What would that be?" Eragon shot back nastily.

"Well, Shurikan hasn't been getting out of the castle much lately, and so he has a lot of built up energy. Also, he has only mated once in the last decade, and so he needs to relieve himself." Eragon realized what he was insinuating and he was repulsed. "You will not mate with Saphira," he yelled protectively. Galbatorix laughed and replied, "You don't have a choice in the matter. I need an egg, even if I have to come back to collect it." With that, Galbatorix clicked his fingers and Eragon felt himself being tied down onto Saphira's saddle, on his back.

"I think you should be able to witness this," Galbatorix laughed cruelly. Eragon struggled but couldn't get his body free from the magic. Saphira stirred and tried to stand but failed; the injured dragon wanting nothing less that to rip both of their evil heads off. She tried to move away from Shurikan, but couldn't stand. Eragon and Saphira looked over at Shurikan in unison. Saphira gasped as she saw his dragonhood underneath him. It was massive! His pole swung heavily beneath him, almost fully erect and pulsing ominously.

The horny male dragon took a step towards them and Saphira tried to move once more, which proved unsuccessful. They watched in horror as the king approached them, still sitting atop his dragon with an evil smile filling his face. Eragon was truly scared for many reasons. He knew that Saphira wouldn't be able to withstand the abuse she was about to endure.

Also, he was afraid that he would be crushed if Shurikan got anywhere on top of him. He couldn't understand Galbatorix's sick mind; why did he have have to rape Saphira? In one quick move Eragon felt his clothes ripped off of his body by Galbatorix's magic.

He tried to grab at them but failed, unable to move his limbs. He wondered what type of awful punishment the evil king had in store for them. Eragon winced as Shurikan straddled Saphira, expecting the worst when the large mass loomed over him.

He wasn't prepared, however, for Shurikan's oversized cock to slam down on his chest.

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Eragon gasped as it hit him with loud thud, hearing Galbatorix laugh. Eragon tried to get it off of him but he couldn't budge an inch. Giving up on his attempts to escape Eragon looked down at the heavy meat in front of his face. It was unbelievably thick and long, running down Eragon's chest and felt quite heavy.

Eragon squirmed as a line of pre-cum trickled out of the dragon's length, coating his body. "Saphira," he said weakly. Saphira linked minds with him, trying to comfort each other as the dragon had his way. "Stay strong, Eragon," she told him quietly, "remember, he still needs us alive." Eragon knew that that would mean that he wouldn't kill them, but he could still do all sorts of unmentionable thing to the helpless duo.

Eragon looked away as Shurikan began to slide back and forth, his thick cock smearing Eragon with his lubricant. Eragon tried to keep his face out of the way but Shurikan made sure he received it, moving a little more forward so his dragonhood rubbed over Eragon's cheek. The young rider tried to block the feelings of the hot, fleshy skin passing over his face, but he couldn't.

Stopping his cockhead just over Eragon's mouth, he dribbled a bit of his juices into Eragon's mouth. Eragon tried to close his mouth but found that he was forced to swallow the fluids by magic. He was stunned by the taste, it was very sweet but with a little bit of a tangy hint to it. In any other circumstances he may have found it likable, but not now. When Shurikan thought he had drank enough he pulled back, a thick trail of pre running from Eragon's lips to the engorged head of the dragon's pole.

Shruikan went back to sliding over Eragon, using the rider as a sort of masturbator. Eragon could do nothing as he was stroked again and again by the pulsing member of the dragon. Quite a few times Eragon was bumped in the chin by the tip of the cock, which was leaving him very slippery by this time. Galbatorix watched on as though it was a stage play, smiling mercilessly as his dragon pleasured himself on their prey. Eragon, to his own surprise, found himself going hard, Saphira's beautiful scent rich in his nostrils.

She must be getting ready for him, he thought, realizing that it was probably true. Even though Saphira didn't want to, she knew that to make it easier on herself she would need to get herself quite lubricated. Unfortunately, it affected Shurikan too. The massive black dragon sniffed her scent deeply, which sent him into an excited frenzy. Enthusiastically, Shurikan began to push his length against Eragon, making the rider gasp as he was rubbed roughly by the heavy rod.

Eragon was being pushed down hard against Saphira's saddle, wishing the horrid dragon would just get off of him and leave him alone. He got his wish, but not how he would have chosen it. When he was able to get his head up just enough to see the strong cock in front of him, he was quickly knocked back down by the most powerful blast of cum he could imagine.

Shurikan roared as he exploded on top of Eragon, shooting liters upon liters of thick, sticky dragon seed all over Eragon and Saphira. Eragon shut his eyes, trying to stop it from going into them. He felt as thought someone was pouring a bucket of hot custard over his face, there was just so much of it. He was amazed at how much the massive black dragon had backed up, shooting load after load into the Rider's face continuously.

Galbatorix laughed as he saw Eragon squirm uncomfortably. The boy had caused him much grief over the last year and he enjoyed returning the favor, at least a little. Shurikan's juices had covered Eragon completely, sliding down his body and leaking onto Saphira, who shook in distaste. The thick cum flowed down Saphira's scales and all over her midsection and neck as Shurikan relieved himself. It took almost a minute for the dragon to stop, finally finished his outrageous orgasm.

But, he was a dragon, and dragons had incredible stamina.

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He would be read to go again in under a minute. Eragon watched as Shurikan's cock slid from his chest and the evil dragon moved off of him. Eragon hoped it would be over, but he knew the king wouldn't let them off that easily.

"Saphira," he said weakly through their mind-link. She didn't respond, only held him closer with her mind until he was comforted. They would make it through this together. "Eragon, I don't want to become pregnant with. with him," she stated weakly. Eragon knew she would sooner die than have a child with that evil dragon. Saphira was still to tired to try to escape, so she just lay there as Shurikan approached her again. Eragon braced himself but Shurikan passed over him.

He wondered what the dragon was doing, but he got his answer soon enough. Shurikan brought his massive cock up and shoved it roughly into Saphira's maw. Saphira immediately tried to bite it off, but she found herself unable to due to Galbatorixs' evil magic. She squirmed and struggled but she couldn't stop the huge invader from sliding down her tongue and dribbling leftover fluids into her throat.

Shurikan rubbed his meat all over her mouth, lubricating it with his seed and her saliva. Eragon could only look on helplessly as the large dragon abused his lover with his huge tool. Saphira could taste him strongly, his taste repulsed her, even if it would normally be nice to a dragon. The only bodily fluids she wanted to drink were Eragon's, and nobody else's.

Galbatorix sat back quietly and watched his dragon work his cock deeper Saphira. Saphira could only just take it, he was at least twice her size and his cock was in direct proportion to that.

As long as he stayed there, she could take it. Unfortunately for her, Shurikan didn't just intend to use her tongue. He wanted more, to bury his shaft deep into her throat and fill her stomach with his ejaculate.

Clawing the ground for leverage he pulled back and then thrust back in harshly, slipping down her throat until his cock was fully buried in her. Saphira groaned, he was just too big. Eragon could feel her discomfort and she took refuge in his mind as the massive cock began to slide into her at a steady rhythm.

She could do nothing, even if her razor-sharp teeth were just inches away from his meat. Shurikan snorted gleefully as he abused the young dragon, forcing her to deepthroat his length. Saphira could feel every little ridge and bump on his thick cock, giving her a good idea of what it would feel like inside of her vagina. She shuddered, not even wanting to think about it.

In any other circumstances, she may have even enjoyed the treatment Shurikan was giving her, but now her mind and body were set against it. "Stay strong, Saphira," Eragon whispered. She smiled inwardly despite herself, knowing Eragon would always be there for her. Saphira gasped as Shurikan pushed in a little deeper than before and she almost choked. Eragon was still unable to move; Galbatorix must have some very powerful magic at his disposal if he could hold him and Saphira down.

simultaneously. He hoped that Shurikan wouldn't be able to continue for much longer, but he knew he was probably fooling himself. Eragon was beginning to wonder just what Galbatorix was going to do to them when Shurikan had finished having his way with them.

He didn't really want to think about that. Eragon copped a blow from Shurikan's tail as the dragon pushed into Saphira roughly. Eragon winced and looked at his chest, which was bruised a little from the impact. He looked back at Saphira's head, seeing the long length of Shurikan dissapear into his dragon's throat. He could see the dragon's meat inside of her; it left a large lump when he slid in.

Saphira was extremely angry now, even if she was still too weak to resist. She took thrust after thrust into her mouth, loathing every second of it. Saphira knew she wouldn't be able to take much more, her throat stung and her large Sapphira eyes were watery. Eragon did his best to try to pull her away from the horrid sensations but with limited success. Shurikan was almost ready to shoot again, feeling his climax building up rapidly in Saphira's hot maw.

Saphira could feel it coming, too, noting his increase in breathing. Saphira tried to pull him out of her mouth as he reached his peak, but she couldn't. Shurikan let out an almighty roar, ramming his entire length deep into her throat and firing his load deep into her stomach. Saphira was shocked by the ferocity of the liquid onslaught. Her insides were quickly coated in his cream, and liters of it came up out of her throat and down her head and neck.

Eragon watched in amazement as Shurikan's cock slid out of her throat, still spurting streams all over her face. Saphira was choking on cum, trying desperately to swallow it but struggling, due to the fact she was already filled with it. Much of it leaked out of her maw as she tried to rid herself of it.

Eragon watched as Shurikan moved back a little, allowing the last of his fluids to cover Eragon again. Even if Eragon was receiving the dregs of the orgasm, it was still enough to cover most of his body again.

He was a little surprised, he had thought Shurikan was done with him. When the evil dragon had finished with him, Eragon looked back at Saphira worriedly, seeing if she was alright.

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He hoped Shurikan hadn't hurt her too much. "Eragon, I think I have enough energy to escape," stated Saphira uncertainly. Eragon wasn't sure, but he was prepared to try anything. With one swift motion Saphira rose unsteadily, using the last reserves of her energy to make an attempt at flying.

Shurikan swung one giant taloned claw and smote Saphira across the underbelly. Dropping to the ground, winded, Saphira tried to stand again but found herself pinned by the larger, stronger dragon.

Shurikan made sure she wasn't about to escape by dropping his bulk on top of Saphira. Eragon gasped as he was sandwiched between the two dragons, being almost crushed by Shurikan if it wasn't for the fact the black dragon was resting most of it's weight on Saphira's tail.

Lifting her tail, Shurikan probed with his long cock, trying to find her entrance.


He had waited so long for this moment. Saphira realized what he was trying to do and attempted to prevent him from entering her. Eragon had nowhere to go, he was pinned between the saddle and Shurikan's soft, heavy underbelly. "Eragon, if he mates with me I *will* become pregnant to him," Saphira informed Eragon desperately. Eragon knew she was telling the truth, having read in one of Oromis' many scrolls that dragons only needed to mate once to definitely impregnate a female.

Even so, Eragon knew he could do little to stop Shurikan. Shurikan poked around for a bit before the tip of his cock came into contact with her wet lips. Saphira snarled and shot her head back, catching Shurikan on the jaw with her hard skull. He growled and bit down hard on her neck, penetrating her scales and her vagina in one movement. Saphira screamed in pain, for more than one reason. Blood trickled from her neck as his teeth sank into her. His cock slid into her with difficulty, even if she was lubricated throughly.

He was just too big, stretching her beyond what should be possible. She felt as though she was being torn in half from his penetration. Shurikan laughed, tasting her blood and smelling her scent as he pulled back out, causing Saphira to squirm under him. He let go with his jaw and pushed in again, deeper this time, burying two thirds of his length into her.

Eragon could feel Saphira's pain through their link and winced, knowing she was being hurt and he could do nothing to help her. Galbatorix sat silently as Shurikan raped Saphira, enjoying their discomfort.

The king's dragon started up a slow rhythm, thrusting into her stretched hole roughly. He enjoyed the way her tight walls squeezed his throbbing erection as he took her. Shurikan knew he would soon claim her as his own and he smiled inwardly. Teeth locked in a snarl, Saphira cursed Shurikan as he fucked her harshly. She was going to kill him if she made it through this.

She felt so violated, so disgusted by what he was doing to her. She felt contaminated by his cock, which was slamming into her at an increased rate now. She was also sad; Eragon would never want to have sex with her again after this. Eragon was firmly lodged between the copulating dragons. Shurikan's underbelly was rubbing him heavily as the evil dragon slid back and forth so he could enter Saphira. He could hear the dragons' heartbeat, he was that squashed into Shurikan.

He was still naked, as well, which meant Shurikan was sliding over his cock, but he felt no pleasure from it. Shurikan, however, was getting great pleasure from Saphira's body.

The ground was becoming soaked with their union as they leaked fluids out of their bodies. Saphira knew if he reached orgasm she would be filled with his mating juices and she would have no choice but to bear his child. This was an outcome she didn't want to occur. Eragon was panicking, he didn't know what he would do if Saphira was to forced to bear an egg for this monster. He punched Shurikan but the dragon felt nothing, lost in his own frenzy as he pounded Saphira. The huge dragon was so caught up in his mating drive now that Eragon doubted if even Galbatorix could call him off.

Saphira's neck had stopped bleeding, though she knew it would take a while to heal that wound. Eragon was in no state to cure her right now, so she would have to wait until her body naturally repaired itself.

Still, if Shurikan continued to mate her as he did she feared she may have some internal injuries to deal with later. Shurikan grunted as his slick pole pressed into Saphira ruthlessly, going further than Eragon had ever dreamed of. He could feel his balls were ready to fire another load, so he sped up even more. He wanted to come inside of her, to impregnate her, to spread his bodily fluids into every part of her. With one final thrust he hilted himself within Saphira, loosing a torrent of cum deep into her womb.

Saphira was close to tears, she had never felt this unclean. Eragon groaned uncomfortable as Shurikan lent a little more of his weight onto the young Rider.

Shurikan threw his head back and growled in pleasure as he shot his seed deep into his unwilling recipient. Saphira could feel the warmth from his juices spread inside of her, attempting to fertilize her egg. She tried to close her legs but the powerful dragon forced them to stay open.

Shurikan grunted happily as he felt his own semen inside of her. There was just so much, if anything his orgasms seemed to be increasing in size. Saphira was quickly filled, every inch of her stuffed with dragon cum.

It made her belly look extremely full because the pressure was so great. Jizz sprayed out of her entrance around his cock, forced out of her due to the lack of room inside of her. Eragon looked down at her, seeing the seemingly endless river of cum that was flowing out of his dragon.

He hoped with every inch of his being that it wasn't the sperm that was going to make Saphira a mother, and so did she.

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Shurikan was hoping for the direct opposite, however, keeping his cock lodged firmly inside of her walls until he was utterly spent. Saphira's head fell limply to the ground, she had given up. "No, Saphira, hang on," Eragon ordered her, scared that she had passed out or even worse, been killed by Shurikan. "Stay. stay with me. Eragon," she whispered weakly. "I will never leave," Eragon replied. That was enough for Saphira, who hung on desperately to consciousness.

Shurikan's emissions eventually ceased after a few minutes. Eragon had no idea how anything could put out so much fluid in one orgasm, let alone three. The satisfied black dragon pulled his softening cock out of Saphira with a large sloshing noise, content that he had impregnated her. A gush of fluids ran out of Saphira's gaping entrance, streaming onto the ground. Shurikan stepped away from Saphira, his dripping organ slowly retreating back into it's slit.

"You see, young Dragon Rider," Galbatorix proclaimed, "that's what happens when you disobey the Empire." With that he cast a spell to clean Shurikan's body of fluids before he turned around. "We'll be back for the egg," Galbatorix laughed as Shurikan took off into the air to begin the journey back to the castle. With a powerful stroke of his wings the massive dragon sped off, leaving Eragon and Saphira to deal with the aftermath. All of a sudden, Eragon found he could move again.

He slowly tried to stand, his whole body bruised and sore from the battle and the rape. He tried to dismount Saphira but slipped on Saphira's scales and fell to the ground. He crawled over to Saphira's head and she looked at him with her large eyes half-closed. "Eragon. are you.

alright?" she asked him weakly. Eragon put a hand on her head. "Saphira," Eragon replied, "I'm the one who should be asking that." He shook his head, unable to comprehend entirely what had just occurred. Saphira, much to Eragon's concern, rolled onto her back so she could get her neck up to look at the damage. She was shocked by what she saw.

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Eragon was covered from head to toe in Shurikan's thick, sticky seed, and so was she. She looked at her soaked entrance and groaned weakly, the damned dragon had got her good. She winced as her she turned her neck, feeling the punctures that had been bitten into her. Eragon was concerned, but he didn't have the energy to fix them. Saphira knew if she didn't act fast she would have no chance at all of stopping the fertilization.

"Eragon," she asked, a little more composed now, "please help me." Eragon knew exactly what she wanted, so he walked around to her until her opening was staring him in the face.

He was shocked by what he saw. Shurikan had raped her terribly hard. Her entrance was wide open, spilling Shurikan's mating fluids onto the ground. He could see right into her, she had been spread that far. He stared inside of her, unable to tell just how far the evil dragon had gone. Her walls were coated white and smelt strongly, as scent which made Eragon enticed and disgusted at the same time.

Acting quickly, he formed the magic words together to clean her insides out completely. However, he didn't know the word for semen in the ancient language, so his attempt were quickly brought to nothing. "Can't you do anything to get it out, Eragon?" pleaded Saphira. He shook his head, and then an idea came to mind. He shared it with Saphira. "Can you do it?" she asked uncertainly. Eragon thought about it, repulsed. "For you," he replied simply. He approached her entrance and tried to figure out how he would proceed.

He wouldn't need to keep her spread open, her pussy was already gaping for him. Shelving his pride he brought his head forward, ready to begin.

Looking at her internally, he didn't know how far in Shurikan had fired his load, so he would have to find out. Saphira and Eragon both knew very little about dragon anatomy, so Eragon assumed he could clean the egg by hand. Neither of the pair knew that was not how it worked, so they tried, thinking that the egg was reachable.

Eragon put his hand into Saphira's awaiting opening, entering easily due to the previous occupant. He slid down to the elbow, causing Saphira to gasp out loud as he worked his fingers into her soft flesh. He probed for a while, unable to see anything as he felt for the egg. Saphira's walls began to massage Eragon's arm instinctively, and he pulled out of her.

His arm was coated with cum, sticky and still very warm. "I can't find anything, Saphira, I need to see." With her permission he lowered his head to her spread lips and began to lick her vagina clean of Shurikan's thick seed.

He didn't mind the taste, but it repulsed him knowing where the source came from. Saphira moaned in pleasure as Eragon worked away at her wet entrance with his skillful tongue. He licked her insides clean as well, sliding his tongue over her fleshy walls and lapping up every last bit of cum he could reach. When he was done he felt very full; looking back into her to see if he could find anything.

Swearing, he brought his head back, still unable to sight anything in her. "Sorry," he said to Saphira sadly. She shook her head. "Eragon, I just remembered," Saphira added, raising her head to look at him, "remember what Arya said? There was a chance you got me pregnant. If that is the case, then Shurikan wouldn't be able to impregnate me as well, correct?" Eragon though about it, agreeing. "We must go find Arya. She has a test, a test to tell if you are pregnant or not.

Maybe she'll be able to tell who the father is as well." Eragon smiled at his own brilliance. Saphira got to her feet shakily, spilling fluids everywhere. Eragon walked over to her and rubbed her neck where she had been bitten. Eragon stated, "We'll head back, find a lake to wash off and locate Arya.

We should only be about three or four kilometers from the main battle." Saphira looked at him. "We'll have to walk, I don't think I have the energy to fly," said Saphira unhappily. The pair started to walk back slowly through the forest, wondering just what to tell Arya about what had happened. Saphira felt almost suicidal, she was so violated and humiliated.

Eragon sensed her uncertainty and merged his mind with hers. "It'll all be alright, Saphira, I'll be with you the whole way." "Thank you, Eragon, I love you." "And I you."