Petite adria rae toys her hairy pussy

Petite adria rae toys her hairy pussy
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My name's Megan and I'm sixteen years old. I'm about 5'6 and have a 36 c sized boobs and a huge butt. Wouldn't say I'm the dirtiest girl in school but I wear a lot of tight jeans and low cut shirts wear if you go on your knees and look up you can see my boobs. I have brown hair with blonde highlights.


Today me and my dad are moving in with his new girlfriend Katie. I had a sister but my mom took her and I got my dad. My dad's name is Jeff. A couple of days ago I found out I'll be having a seventeen year old brother named Keegan. I'm kind of glad. After we got done putting are stuff in he took his charger and I drove my challenger. I wouldn't say we're rich but just to say my dad owns a big business. When we got there I grabbed my purse and hopped out. They had a huge house!

Bigger than me and my dad's house. I was thinking if Keegan would be cute. So I wore the tightest shorts I could find and put just a crop shirt that just covers my boobs and then shows my stomach.


I locked my car and rang the door bell. There he was. Keegan was about 6'1. He had spiky brown hair. He had a six pack because he was just in his swim suit so I could see it.

He had a lot of muscles. He invited me an my dad in I could tell he was getting a hard on. He kept looking up and down my body.Katie came in and said I could go get my swimsuit on she showed me my room and it was purple with white carpet and a study+loft+bed.

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So I put my swimsuit on and she gave me a towel. When I found the pool it was fucking huge as hell! She had this little waterfall/cave thing where you could go in and It had a hot tub in there. So I just went in the hot tub, Keegan came and joined me, I could see he didn't have his hard in anymore. He said I'll have a fun time here.

Two hours later we got out. I found the shower and took onI'm use to leaving the door open so I did.

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And when did I started the shower got undressed and started playing with my pussy. I haven't had a good fucking in two weeks. I started rubbing my boobs and I started to moan I heard someone say something and I looked over and saw Keegan. I screamed. He ran out of the bathroom. When I got out I just put a thong and yoga shorts on apparently you could see my thong mark. Then I put on a sports bra.

I went downstairs and saw a note on the fridge that said"We'll be back around 1:00 or 2:00 am we're going somewhere." So I left a note on Keegans door saying meet me in my room at 11:00 O'clock. Then. Knocked and ran down the stairs. It was only ten twenty so I had a little bit to get ready.

I went into my room and put on a sex corset on it had chains all over it and I put black stockings on my legs. And I sprayed Victoria's perfume and I guess it was already 11:00 I had a knock on the door and it was Keegan I opened the door all the way and he seen me and his eyes opened big.

I invited him in and told him to sit down. He did as I said, I got by his legs and bent down and sat on my knees. I looked up a him an said "I know you seen my naked. He just nodded. " Now I'm going to do something you'll never forget." He said "What"?

Me: "You'll find out." So I found his zipper and pulled it down I grabbed his cock and started to Jack it off then I started lick it. He started to moan he had a nine inch dick I put it down my hole throat fifteen minutes later he started to cum. After that I put his cock back in. He said"That's was the best blow job ever." After that I stood up so did he I told him"don't tell dad or mom and maybe you'll get more. I kissed him on the lips an shut my door.

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I felt like some has gone bad. I didn't know I would suck his cock my body just need to do something.

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I got dressed an played in bed. I fell asleep fingering my pussy. When I awoke I found a fantastic smell of bacon so I put on a pink sports bra and sweatpants. I went down an found out mom and dad were at work and Keegan was making the bacon. I said thank you and ate while I watched tv. I watched American hoggers.


THE END.:) PART TWO COMING SOON. If you want you can kik me at sexycountrygirl199.:) . .

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