Rough dp big tits punished lesbians pawn their asses

Rough dp big tits punished lesbians pawn their asses
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I was a little pissed the evening before but I was looking forward to the Renaissance Festival with my little sister. It got me thinking of the way they used to punish bad women in the old days and put them in the pillory in the middle of town and then people would taunt them and throw rotten vegetables at them.

It must have been quite a site, I had a couple of women in mind that would benefit from that, maybe we should bring it back. My name is Jamie and I am a high school teacher, so I put up with a lot of crap, ironically mainly from the grownups.

If I could eliminate the "adults" from my world it would be heaven. I got a stupid call from a stupid parent on Friday afternoon and then my stupid administrator sided with the parent. So I was in a fine mood when I got home that night.

Luckily for me my perky little sister was waiting for me at my apartment and the sight of her pretty face washed all of my worries away. Her name is Cassidy and she is a sophomore in high school and set up perfectly for an amazing life. She is a knockout with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is relatively short but her legs are killer. They are tan and smooth, and I am jealous of them at times though I like mine too, despite being 21 years old.

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I thank my Mom for giving us both that great feature. It was Cassidy's 15th birthday this week so I promised to take her to the Festival. We both loved it since our parents starting taking us years ago. We woke up early to get a good start, we had about an hour drive ahead of us. It was supposed to be blazing hot so I wore a halter and short denim skirt. It was at least 95 when we left in the morning and there was absolutely no wind. My sister wore a soft white peasant skirt and a blue tube top.

Her boobs were pretty well developed for her age and she got plenty of looks as she walked around. We both got stared at quite often that day as my boobs are average but very firm and were very prominent in my yellow halter top. My legs were stunning that day if I must say beneath my short denim skirt. Neither of us wore a bra that day as it was just too fucking hot. We had not straightened our hair that day, we knew it would just curl up again in the heat.

My hair hung over my shoulders and hers was just touching her shoulders. Both of us were very blonde as the summer sun had done a good job of bleaching it out. We were having a wonderful time, it was an amazing festival.

We shared one of those humongous turkey legs and I am sure it was interesting to everyone to see two young girls gnawing on a huge piece of meat.

As we were walking around we got lots of attention from the vendors and street performers. Cassidy was a princess to be saved in a street sword fight and the crowd absolutely loved it. The hero did a great job of teasing the crowd by lifting her skirt a little with his sword and kneeling before her at the end and running his hands up her legs.

I was tied to a pole in the middle of a stage and auctioned off as a slave in a charity event. It was exciting to have people approach me and examine me as if I was property. The crowd roared when the "buyers" evaluated all of my body parts. I have to admit it got me a little excited and probably set the stage for what was to be an interesting day. I was sold for $100 and luckily all I had to do was serve my master a drink and kneel before him. The crowd went nuts and I was glad to help with the charity.

As we walked around that day there was one booth that kept drawing our attention. It was a stock, or pillory as they called it in the old days. They had two of them set up on the ground and a sort of circular area with ropes around it.


The total area inside the ropes was only about 10 feet across. The man working it was drop dead gorgeous and very colorful. He looked like a pirate with long dark hair and he was dressed exactly like Johnny Depp in the movie.

He talked quite a few people into the stocks, but the crowd really swelled and got into it when he would get young girls locked up. He was very good at humiliating everyone as best he could. It was very funny and got a little interesting when he sold chances to spank one girl for $5 each.

The line was long and they must have spanked her for about 10 minutes. She was wearing jeans and she had a nice butt. I didn't know her but she looked to be a college student from the looks of her friends.


She was very cute and it was a little exciting to watch. I felt myself getting a little warm as I watched and Cassidy agreed. She asked me if I wanted to do it and I didn't answer. She looked at me and knew what my answer was. She said she would do it in a heartbeat, what a surprise. We left after that as I was a little scared he would see us and I wasn't sure I could go through with it. Later on in the day, about an hour before the festival was shutting down we wandered by the stocks again.

This time we weren't paying enough attention and the man saw us. He called to us and we stopped. He asked us to come forward and Cassidy immediately approached before I could stop her, and I followed. Looking back that might have been a big mistake but I am still deciding. The crowd opened to let us through and he proceeded to absolutely shower us with compliments. He told us we were the prettiest girls at the festival and the crowd cheered.

He was really working the crowd and us.

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I was feeling very special and Cassidy was absolutely sold. She was blushing and smiling every time he would tell her how pretty she was. Well, long story short, he convinced us to get in the stocks. He said it was almost closing time and we would only have to stay in for a little while.

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He wanted to get a lot of contributions to dedicate to the charity and we were his last chance. That did it and our hands and head were then locked in the stocks and we were staring at the crowd. I then realized the crowd was almost entirely made up of guys and it was getting bigger. I couldn't even see the rest of the festival through all the people.

We were bent over at the waist and he walked around us as he talked about what bad things we had done to get punished. He was very creative as I apparently was disrespectful to my Father and Cassidy teased a young slave. As he talked I felt him touch my back and run his hand down to my ass.

He gave it a little slap and I jumped. The crowd roared with laughter and he moved to Cassidy. I heard her squeal, so I could only assume he did the same thing to her. He moved to the front and pulled our hair back behind our head and put it in a ponytail.

I wondered how he had a hair tie on him. He ran his hands over my face as he talked of our beauty. Then he asked the crowd what punishment they thought we deserved. I heard a lot of screaming, I heard someone say spanking, I also heard someone say "fuck'em" and I looked up quick to see who said it. The crowd laughed, and the man told them not to get carried away.

He then said he was selling the right to spank us for $5 each. The crowd went crazy and a lot of people moved around behind us with money in their hands. I was soon getting popped on the butt. Some of them hit really soft and some really gave me a pop. I looked over at Cassidy and I could tell she was getting spanked too. Her face was red with embarrassment, but she was smiling.

I felt one guy rub and squeeze me a little before he spanked me, so I wiggled a little to get away from him. The crowd yelled about that and the next guy did the same thing. One guy grabbed both sides of my ass and wiggled it for me and the crowd cheered. I was really getting into it and then I felt my skirt move a little.

I wiggled a lot to get them to stop but they pulled my skirt up more and I knew most of my thighs had to be showing. I started squirming more and then I felt it pulled up over my butt. My light yellow panties were now on display and I felt a hard pop on my now almost bare butt.

I jumped and squealed and the man said that the price had gone up to $10 dollars.

The spanking did not slow down but now my butt was getting a little warm. I heard the man announce a price increase for Cassidy and I tried to look over. All I could see was her face hanging down but I knew her little ass was out there too. I tried to remember what panties she wore that day. As I was thinking about Cassidy's panties I heard the man say the price was moving to $15 and then my panties were pulled down my legs. Now I started protesting but no one could hear me over the crowd.

The spankings hurt now on my bare butt and I kept moving to try and get away from them. I saw Cassidy pull her head up quickly and I heard a sharp slap from behind her. Her panties were now at her ankles too I was sure.

She looked at me with a little bit of a scared look on her face. I told her it would be fine but I wasn't sure. I was pretty sure both of our pussies were visible to the crowd, but I didn't want to think of all these guys looking at my sister's little 15-yr-old pussy at the moment.

I squealed again as I felt hands squeeze my ass. They were rubbing all over my ass and thighs and it felt like more than just one guy. I tried to stay calm but then someone in the front of the crowd jumped over the ropes and approached me from the front. I looked up at him and he was old and gray with a biker jacket on.

He smiled at me and then reached under and grabbed my boobs. I screamed and he laughed. He pinched my nipples and then squeezed them. The crowd was in a frenzy. He pulled my halter hard and I felt the spaghetti straps pop and give way. He pulled it down to my waist and my boobs hung free.

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He moved away, and other hands were now squeezing and pinching. He moved in front of Cassidy and quickly pulled her halter down. Her firm boobs popped out and he started squeezing and pinching them.

I asked him to stop and he turned to laugh at me. Someone pinched my nipple really hard and I screamed. Cassidy was just looking up at him with a strange expression as he played with her young boobs. I was worried we might be in big trouble and that worry was soon validated as I felt someone spread my legs and something hard and warm landed between my ass cheeks.

I didn't have time to figure it out before a huge cock split my young pussy in two. I screamed for them to stop but the crowd was now screaming, and no one paid me any attention.

Whoever was behind me started really fucking me hard. My head was bouncing, and my boobs were flying. More people were now playing with my boobs as I was getting fucked from behind. I didn't want to admit it at the time but my body was on fire. I wanted, no, needed to be fucked and I was loving the fact that I had absolutely no control on who was in my pussy.

I suddenly heard something and the man running the booth was whispering in my ear. He said we only had about thirty minutes left in our punishment. I asked him why and he said we deserved it after walking around all day making guys hard and frustrated. He said we had to relieve everyone's frustration before we could leave.

He laughed at me and then he moved away. I heard a squeal from behind him and I was able to see my sister as he moved. Cassidy now had a huge black cock in her small mouth and it was moving in and out slowly as the guy held her head in his hands. She was sucking and licking the best she could with the huge size and I think I saw it move down her throat when he pushed it all the way in. I tried to look behind her to see what was happening.

I could see movement and I was afraid her little pussy was also getting hammered. As I turned my head back someone grabbed my hair and held me. A cock was forced to my lips and I tried to keep them closed.

Someone held my nose closed and I fought for as long as I could but I had to take a breath. As soon as I opened my mouth the cock slid deep. I felt it hit the back of my throat and I gagged. The crowd laughed. The man behind me came in my pussy and was replaced quickly by another. I closed my eyes and tried to go to my happy place. The crowd noise dimmed, and I heard the sound of the ocean. I was peaceful and I tried to keep my concentration as a huge load of cum hit the back of my throat.

I tried to swallow as much as I could but some of it leaked out of my mouth. I felt a load of warm cum spray across my back and then another cock rammed into my pussy. As another cock pushed into my mouth I looked at my little sister. Her hair was a mess and it looked like it had cum all in it. Another black cock was sliding in and out of her little mouth. Her face looked stretched as she took the huge piece of meat.

Her eyes were closed and I saw her body being pushed back and forth so I knew she had a cock in her little pussy as well. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to my happy place. I woke up and I felt sticky. I opened my eyes and I was lying on the ground next to my sister.

It was dark and I realized we were next to the stocks and no one else was around. She was on her stomach with her head to the side, her arms were over her head.

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Her back was bare as her halter was around her waist in addition to her white skirt. Her ass was red and it looked shiny. I touched it and it was coated in cum as was her pretty legs. I looked at her face and pushed her hair out of her eyes. Her face was coated in dried cum and her hair was really crunchy. I tried to sit up slowly. My halter was in ruins around my waist and my skirt was in a bunch.

My panties were gone. I looked around and we were lying in hay in some sort of enclosure with wood fencing all around.

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The hay was sticking to our bodies. There was a gate that was open but I could not see anyone, the park looked empty. I turned my sister over and she moaned. Her boobs were red and also sticky and covered with hay. She had hickeys all over her boobs and neck.

I looked down and her little pussy looked red and swollen. The sparse blonde hair was matted and still wet. I tried to wake her and her eyes opened slowly. I told her we had to go and she just looked at me. I stood up slowly and pulled down my skirt. I tried to pull up my halter but it wouldn't stay up without the straps. I lifted my sister up and her legs wobbled. I held her up and pulled up her tube top. Her skirt fell softly back in place around her legs.

We stood there for a few minutes and then walked slowly to our car. Luckily my keys were still in my skirt pocket. We drove home slowly and both took a shower together.

We cuddled up in bed naked and held onto each other. I closed my eyes and sleep hit me quickly. I dreamed of next year's festival.