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This story involves some of the most ebarrassing, and at the same time, most enjoyable experiences of my life. My ex and I had undergone a lengthy separation involving custody of our son in which I lost.

As with any custody situation, there were a lot of allegations thrown back and forth. Like I said, though, in the end I lost. I was living with a new boyfriend and my 2 of my other children, my daughters, during most of the messy court stuff. I'm sure a contributing factor to me losing the custody battle was the fact that I lived in an entirely different state than my ex and my son. It took a lot of resources to get to all the hearings in that state while living in another state.

I had not had any contact with my son for almost 3 years by the time it was all over. I tried to talk to my ex a couple of times before it ended to see if I could get some time with my son. He wanted to trade sexual favors for that time with my son, but I refused him and could never prove he made that offer. When the custody battle was over I felt like I was never going to see my son again. A few months passed and I received an email from my ex.

He said he was willing to "work things out" with me still if I wanted to. I tried to get him to say what he meant in his emails, but he would not respond in any fashion that would leave evidence of his offer. I was beginning to get desperate to see my son and he knew it.

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It took me a couple more months to think about things, but I finally let my ex know he could have what he wanted from me as long as we worked out my time with my son.

After setting up a meeting in a public place near his home, we discussed our conditions. I laid out my requests for time with our son. In response, he said that all he wanted was me, for one day, to do with whatever he wanted to.

I was a little skeptical, but I was getting desperate to see our son so I agreed. It was just one day, after all. My ex had mentioned a few of the things he had wanted to do with me when we were still together. I had even arranged for us to have a threesome with a friend of mine at one point. The bastard came in her before he came in me and I never did anything with him again.

I had put any thought of anything else he wanted to do with me far out of my mind. I contacted him and arranged a day for us to take care of his prerequisites. He told me what to wear and what time to be where. I'm an African American woman with reddish brown skin. I'm 5'2", about 115 lbs. with 38C breasts and a 29-inch waist with 35" hips.

I have abs that don't show much in the way of signs that I have borne 4 children. My ex had me wear a tight black mini-skirt with no underwear and a white see-thru blouse with a red bra.

He asked me to wear some deep red lipstick but no other makeup. I'm sure I looked like a hooker - it was humiliating. But all I could think about was getting to see my son. I approached the house where my ex had told me to go. My stomach was in knots as I knocked on the door, lightly, so that maybe they wouldn't hear and I could turn around and leave. If I made the attempt and he didn't answer the door I couldn't be blamed for walking away.

But I had no such luck. The door opened before I was even done rapping on the door three times and there stood my ex with a quirky little grin on his face. Apparently he approved of my appearance. As I entered the house I heard laughter. Entering the living room, there were no less than 5 men sitting around laughing it up as they watched a football game on TV. I swallowed hard, thinking of what I might be asked to do now.

My ex offered me a drink and I accepted, following him to the kitchen. Through the window there I could see the back yard and a full-grown Weimeraner frollicking after a kitten. They seemed to be playing. My ex handed me a glass and I just threw it back, not thinking to look at what he had given me. I winced slightly and took a sharp breath as the Jack Daniel's burned down my throat. He still knew how to get the knots out of me. One more double-shot of JD and a couple of minutes later and I was feeling ready to handle just about anything my ex was going to do to me.

I wasn't drunk, but I definitely didn't care what was about to happen to me as long as I made it through and got what I wanted in the end.

I followed my ex back into the living room where the testosterone was thick enough to make the air heavy when I breathed it. There were several white men there now grinning slyly at me as I walked in. My ex is white and I guess he figured I would like to keep my men that way. Truth was, none of them were bad looking at all. I singled out the one I thought was the cutest and smiled and winked at him. My ex put his hand on my ass and pushed me in his direction when he saw me do that. I stumbled forward slightly and ended up sitting no the man's lap with my head plastered in his shoulder.

Then the fun began. I took my shoes off and when I sat back up the man sitting behind me lifted my arms up in a smooth movement and removed my blouse over my head. By now I had ascertained from conversation that I was sitting on Larry's lap and Ken had removed my blouse.

There was also a Seth, Kevin and Benny among the bunch who I figured out as the conversation continued.

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And, of course, there was my ex. That made six men I was most likely about to be made to have sex with. I was going to be here a long time. The JD was definitely helping as this realization hit me.

After Ken had taken my blouse off I turned to look at him. When I did he leaned in and began kissing my neck. I instinctively closed my eyes and began to enjoy the feeling the suction and his tounge were making in my body. I was enjoying it enough that it took me a moment to realze Larry's hand was up my skirt rubbing up and down the length of my labia. My lips were already a little moist from the sensation of Ken kissing me and the effect the alcohol was having on me.

I could tell Larry's fingers were getting soaked now as he coaxed my lips open further with his stroking. Larry lowered his leg that I was sitting on and I slid off his lap a little. Taking the cue, I rolled off Larry's leg and slid to my knees on the floor between Ken's legs. I rubbed the bulge in his pants and discovered he was actually fairly large. My curiosity piqued, I kept my eyes fixed on his bulge as I pulled his sweatpans down.

Another curiosity. I turned and looked around the room and noticed that all the men were wearing sweatpants, for easy access obviously.

I now realized that this was all part of the plan and I was in for the haul with these six men. My eyes widened as I turned back to Ken's bulge and realized dick's exceptionally wide girth.

He was a little thicker than my arn and about 9 inches long. I felt an involuntary quiver in my pussy at the sight of Ken's dick. The other men must have noticed or sensed my reaction.

I heard rustling all around me and turned to see more dicks in one place than I had ever seen or thought I ever would see.

Not only that, but they were all fairly large. Ken's was probably the smallest in length but was definitely the widest in girth.

Benny had the longest dick - it was about 12 or 13 inches. Ken slid down on the sofa a little bit so that his dick was on the edge and in front of my face. I looked at it only long enough to know what I was about to do and opened my mouth to take his head in my mouth. The other men began hollaring and laughing and I just turned my attention to Ken's dick.

My ex only had a 7.5 inch dick and I was able to swallow him to his base regularly. My new boyfriend had a 10.5 inch dick and I could swallow him almost to his base also. But neither of them was as wide as Ken, and I had a hard time getting my mouth open wide enough to take him more than half way before it hurt. He was obviously enjoying it nonetheless. After a few minutes of sucking on Ken, I moved over to Larry.

He was a healthy 9 inches and looked much easier to swallow. I had learned long ago that most men like deep throating, and my ex and my current boyfriend made sure I had gotten plenty of practice. I pulled Larry's dick down to my mouth and swallowed him half way at first, preparing myself. After a few half-swallows I opened up and swallowed Larry's dick to his base. It was easier that I had thought, probably because I found him so attactive and he tasted good too. I began a slow up and down motion on Larry's dick, coming all the way up to the head and then swallowing all the way to his base.

As I went down on him I maintained suction on him. When I came up to his head I released some suction and tickled his shaft with my tongue. I was paying so much attention to Larry's dick that I was a little startled when I felt someone behind me lifing my mini-skirt up and probing my pussy with the head of his penis.

As I reflexively attempted to remove myself from Larry's dick, he grabbed the back of my head and kept his dick in my mouth. At about the same time Larry's hand grabbed my head the penis was inside of me. I moaned in pleasure as I heard the men encouraging Kevin to fuck me.

Kevin penetrated deep on his first thrust but shallowed out and got into an acceptably pleasing rhythm. As Kevin was pumping away in my pussy Larry had gotten a little anxious for me to resume oral misistrations. I suddenly felt him push a little down my throat, so I got the rhythm with Kevin and began sucking Larry in time with the fucking I was getting.

It was harder to concentrate on sucking Larry while Kevin was fucking me, but Larry didn't seem to mind as I took his dick down my throat to its base on each stroke. Larry finally pulled out of my mouth and Kevin pushed all the way inside me as he turned me to the side.

Seth's dick was there to greet me and I hungrily took his 10 inches into my mouth. Kevin's strokes became shallower and harder and I knew he was about to cum. I relaxed and took Seth's 10 inches all the way to the base as Kevin shoved all the way inside me and squirted his hot cum into my pussy. Seth held my head still with his hand and began a long, slow stroke as he fucked my mouth. Kevin was quickly replaced by Larry.


Larry penetrated me and began fucking me in rhythm with Seth fucking my mouth. This went on for almost an hour, with each man, including my ex, taking turns fucking my mouth and pussy. Each of them came in me and I tasted each one's pre-cum when they fucked my mouth. After the fourth man had cum in me I simply lusted for more cum and more dick. I still had on my mini-skirt and bra as no one had seen fit to remove them from me. After they had all cum in me, Ken laid down on the floor and the others encouraged me to mount him.

Ken had stretched my pussy pretty good when he fucked me, and I was eager to get him back inside me. His girth felt wonderful! After riding him for a couple of minutes, Ken pulled me down closer to him.

I steadied myself with my hands on either side of his body and held myself in place while he fucked me. Looking up I saw a dick in my face and hungrily took it into my mouth. It was then that I realized someone had grabbed my hips and was pushing into my pussy with Ken.

I closed my eyes and held as still as possible while that second dick was stuffed inside me. I was really wet by this time, and had the added lubrication of cum from six men, but I didn't think another dick was really going to fit inside me with Ken. To my surprise, it didn't take long for that dick to push up in me and begin sawing in and out in alternate rhythm with Ken. And it didn't hurt either.

When Ken pushed in, Larry pulled back; when Larry pushed in, Ken pulled back. It's really hard to describe the feeling of those two dicks pumping in and out of my pussy, but I will say that it felt like they were hitting every single errogenous spot inside me with almost every thrust.

I felt full and empty at the same time. Once Ken and Larry had established their alternating rhythm in my pussy, I opened my eyes to try to turn some of my attention to the dick in my mouth. Whoever it was had been kind enough to wait until I was settled into getting fucked by the two men before he concerned himself with pounding my mouth. I looked briefly at the large dick in my mouth, and then the long length, and realized immediately that it was Benny.

When he had taken his turn in fucking my mouth earlier I had only been able to suck in about 9 or 10 inches of his length. At that point I was on the verge of panic that I might not be able to get him back out of my mouth if he went any further. Benny wasn't forceful with me at all. He had waited and let me take as much of him down my throat as I could.

He never gave a little extra thrust to try to get deeper. I think he was probably just happy I made it as far down on him as I did. Ken and Larry kept fucking my pussy pretty hard and I let an orgasm wash over me before I settled into thinking about swallowing more of Benny.

This was the fifth orgasm in the last hour and I was thoroughly enjoying myself now. I opened my eyes and lifted one hand off the floor - a difficult thing to do in my present position - and grabbed Benny's ass. I gave I him a little tug to encourage him to begin fucking my mouth. With Ken and Larry fucking me, it was just too hard to concentrate on moving my mouth up and down on someone.

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Benny was just gonna have to fuck my mouth. He started long and slow thrusts and I felt him slide down my throat. I took about 9 inches that time. Benny stayed at that depth for a few more strokes until he seemed sure he could go deeper. Then it was about 10 inches. I had both hands on the floor now on either side of Ken and was watching as Benny worked his long dick further into my mouth.

Before he could work on going deeper, Ken pushed all the way up inside me and came. For an instant, he and Larry were both all the way inside me and I felt so full I thought I might burst.

Then, just after Ken came Larry squirted his hot cum deep inside me as well. Benny held still as he realized what was happening, then pulled out as Ken and Larry dislodged themselves from my pussy.

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My ex slid under me then and pushed his 7.5 inches inside me. It wasn't as deep as any of the others, but the head of his penis was almost twice as wide as his shaft and his whole dick always got extremely hard.

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Somehow he always managed to find all the right spots in me with that thing. My ex pulled me down close to his body and I knew I was going to be stuffed with another dick again. This time Kevin pushed inside me and all 11 inches of him were all the way inside me with my ex.

My pussy seemed to be stretched enough now so that having two dicks stuffed inside was an easy task. That and the fact that there was so much cum in me now made the access extremely easy. Kevin and my ex got into a pounding rhythm in me, pushing in and out of me together instead of alternating.

Kevin's 11 inches reached deep inside me and pulsed, brushing all the right spots. In contrast with my ex, his dick was pliable and felt like it weaved around inside me when he pushed in, exploring all the areas my ex's dick never got to. When he was all the way in, Kevin's dick felt like it found the wall of my womb and then turned down over the top of my ex's dick to insure he got all 11 inches inside me. It was an extraordinary feeling. Kevin and my ex had found their rhythm fucking me and I again found Benny's dick at my mouth.

I opened to let him in and took him 10 inches on the first try. Again, I steadied myself with my hands on either side of my ex who was under me and let the men do all the work. They were using me and I was going to make them work for it. I kept my eyes open as Benny began his long stroking in and out my mouth again. My breathing hadn't caught up with the rhythm of the fucking I was getting and when Benny pushed in the next time I was deprived of air.

He noticed my eyes bulge and pulled out. I gasped and got my breath back, closing my eyes and feeling the dicks in my pussy pound me. Without air, the fucking I was getting became more intense. I felt every inch of each dick fill me with each thrust. I finally got my wind back and opened my eyes. My ex under me asked me if I was enjoying myself.

I nodded my head. He asked me if I was trying to take Benny's whole dick down my throat. I nodded.

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He asked if I wanted to keep trying. I said 'yes'. Benny stood next to me and I took his dick in my mouth again. This time I had my breathing rhythm. I leaned up a bit so that Benny slid out of my mouth and I looked at him. "Fuck my mouth until you're all the way in. I want all of your dick in my mouth, okay?" Benny nodded and I leaned forward again to take him in my mouth. He began his long strokes and timed them with my breathing. I moaned when he pulled out and relaxed when he pushed back in.

I closed my eyes and let Benny fuck my mouth, feeling the pulsing of the dicks in my pussy and the orgasm that was creeping up on me again. This time I relaxed through my orgasm and let myself be taken by all 3 men. Benny had inched his dick down my throat a little futher, I could tell, but he wasn't all the way in yet.

I kept my eyes closed and let him stuff himself down my throat at his own pace. He wasn't rushing things which made it was easy for me to adjust to his length.

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Kevins dick kept wriggling around inside me and the contrast in hardness between his dick and my ex's made a wonderful sensation. Benny pushed a little more of his dick down my throat. Then a little more with the next thrust. He must have been getting close to all the way because he was pushing just a little harder now. I had adjusted by now and with his next thrust I prepared to take him all the way. He didn't push far enough though, so I stayed prepared to take it all. He was already futher down my throat than anyone had ever been and still had more to go.

I could taste his pre-cum and feel it dripping down my throat. By the time he got his dick all the way down my throat, Benny would probably be on the verge of cumming so I prepared myself for that eventuality too.

So far my ex had kept his part of the bargain. No one had penetrated my anus and no one had cum in my mouth. Those were the only things I asked of him when we met, and he was keeping that deal. I found myself wanting Benny to cum in my mouth now, though. I wanted all of his dick. I opened my eyes to see Benny's dick when he pushed down my throat and saw I had almost one more inch to go. The next time he pushed down my throat I leaned forward slightly and took the rest in myself after he had stopped pushing.

I felt his whole length swell up a little. He must have known this too and pulled back, leaving about 4 inches in my mouth. Then he pushed in again and I met him again, my nose hitting his stomach.

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I felt so full of dick it was amazing! I felt Kevin and my ex getting harder and knew it wouldn't be long before they came, so I encouraged Benny to fuck my mouth faster, leaning to meet each of his thrusts. Benny began fucking my mouth faster now and was more comfortable fucking deep. I held still again and received the fucking from the three dicks. Benny was really moving now and I opened my eyes to look up at him.

He obviously knew he was about to cum and was determined to pull out before that happened. Before he could pull out, though, I put my hand on his ass again and pulled him back into my mouth. He pumped a couple more strokes all the way down my throat and when he realized I knew he was about to cum and was comfortable with that I put my hand back down next to my ex to hold myself in place again.

Benny pumped my throat deep about 5 more strokes and pulled back so only about 2 inches were in my mouth. He held still and came hard, squirting hard against the back of my throat. I sucked on him slightly as he came and let his cum run down my throat.

I swallowed and then felt Benny tug again as a second wave of cum squirted out. I was unprepared for that and my mouth filled up. I let some of Benny's cum dribble down the sides of my mouth and kept what I could inside swallowing as the next squirt shot out. Three shots of cum, and they each must have been a couple of tablespoons worth.

I moaned and sucked Benny's cum down my throat. Then I tooka deep breath and leaned forward, encouraging him to push down my throat. Benny's 12 inches were all the way down my throat and I felt his dick jump one more time.

Another shot of cum squirted right down my throat this time and I didn't even have to swallow. It was an odd sensation, but I found it much more enjoyable than having it squirt in my mouth. The cum just ran down my throat to my stomach. Kevin was next and shot his load deep inside me then pulled out. While his cum was still finding it's way in my womb, Seth stuffed his dick inside me and began fucking me with my ex.

For the next hour I was fucked by two dicks while sucking on one. Since I had broken my own rule with Benny, every man also ended up cumming in my mouth. I swallowed more cum than I ever had and found I wanted more. This experience was so great I didn't want it to stop. No one was being too rough with me and everyone seemed concerned enough to take care not to do anything that would hurt me or that I didn't want to do.

My bra had been removed at some point during this experience, but I was curious why my leather mini-skirt hadn't been removed yet. The men had stopped fucking my pussy but were now taking turns fucking my mouth. Apparently they new I wanted to swallow more of their cum. I was hungry for it.


But my pussy was aching to be fucked too. I was startled a little when someone strapped a blindfold on me while I was sucking on Ken's dick, but I continued to suck on him until he came and I swallowed his whole load.

I stayed there on my hands and knees then with the blindfold on and listened as one by one the men left. All I heard then was my ex walking around, but I didn't know what he was doing.