Cute floozy goes wild on a dong girlfriend and homemade

Cute floozy goes wild on a dong girlfriend and homemade
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Chapter 4 I closed the door lightly behind me, unsure of where Dad was in the house. I started down the hallway and looked in on the lounge, the first thing I saw was the sofa that I'd woken up on this morning.

A feeling came over me and it wasn't a feeling I was used to. It seemed a mixture of feeling sick and euphoric, I could remember everything that happened and it came back to me as quickly as a hiccup.

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The feeling of his penis tighten in my mouth before he pulled me on top of him, sucking and biting my nipple while roughly slapping my ass, thrusting himself in and out of me before exploding inside me.

And then the feeling of my orgasms.

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I could faintly recall the feeling, the feeling of pure and raw emotional bliss. The feeling of complete relief. I sucked in a deep breath and turned away from the scene, and saw my Dad stood in the doorway of the kitchen. He was wearing a towel around his waist and the water was still dripping off of him.

He was looking me deep in the eye before looking away, and finally he found the words to speak; "Shouldn't you be at school?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied. "But didn't feel too well so I figured it was best to come home and you know, talk." I said. It didn't seem that either one of us could hold eye contact for more than a couple of seconds. He nodded a reply and made his way toward me, but just as he reached me he turned, and swiftly made his way upstairs.

"Be right back." he said. Once he vanished at the top of the stairs, the air whooshed from my body. This was harder than what I thought it would be. Dad came back down after a few minutes wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, he rubbed his head with a hand towel and stood in the kitchen doorway, I was sat waiting at the dining room table and could see him take a deep breath before coming in and sitting down.

"Janey, I'm very comfortable with the idea of us not talking about this again after we leave this room. Obviously you have some explaining to do, and obviously I owe you some kind of apology. I really don't remember what happened last night." he said, staring out of the patio door. "Dad, I can explain." I started, "Really? Because, part of me wants you to and part of me doesn't want to know." his eyes kept darting around the room, and on several occasions they fell onto my neck, he had a clear view of the mark he had left on me from his sucking.

"Well, yesterday in school Claire and I were talking and she mentioned that when she was curious about certain things, she went to her Dad, but instead of asking him about them, she practised certain things on him when he was asleep drunk." the words that I'd tried to build together in my head while Dad was upstairs spilled out of me, and with the confused look on his face I could see that they made little sense.

"So you got this from Claire?" he asked. "Well, yes, but no. not really, Dad I-" right there he raised a hand and cut me off. "I think I understand," he said, "Clearly Claires unhealthy relationship with her father gave you the idea that there might be things that you find difficult to talk to me about, so instead decided to act it out." he said, he adjusted the way he was sat to now face me.

"Janey, there is absolutely nothing that you can't talk to me about. Sure there may be some thing even I might feel uncomfortable about, but you're my daughter. The most important aspect of my life, there is nothing that I won't do for you. But what you did last night was wrong. Very wrong. And can never happen again." My eyes fell to the table but every word he said hammered its way into my head, I'd been such an idiot. "I'm sorry Dad." I told him.


And we could seemingly finally look one another in the eye for more than a couple of seconds, he smiled at me, the smile that turned my dark mood into sunshine. I couldn't help but smile back at him and then get from my chair and give him a huge hug. "I love you, Daddy." I told him. He gripped me tighter, "I love you too Janey." we broke off the hug and a tear was running down my cheek, a tear he wiped away with his finger.

"Now, if I were you, and not feeling well, I'd get myself to bed." he told me. I grinned and nodded before turning away, and it was in that moment, that I saw it. Something that again flipped over my mind, as I turned away I caught sight of his erection.

Chapter 5 I was led on my bed in my underwear when Claire text, she asked if I was still over hers tonight. I replied a 'fuck yeah' and then hopped off the bed and started pawing at my chest of drawers looking for clothes, I found my favourite halter-neck and quickly removed my bra, dropping it onto the floor. I then put my arms through and just as I started pulling it down around my head, my door opened. I panicked, wriggling into this top that I was now finding out was too small for me, my breasts on full jiggling display and in my panties, I finally got my head clear and pulled it down over my body to see my Dad turning away and walking off down the hallway, he called out "I should have knocked I'm so sorry." then muttering to himself that he was an idiot.

I decided to stick with the tight top, figuring I'd cut myself out of it at Claires, pulled on a pair of jeans and went after Dad, who was in his room folding clothes. "I'm sorry Janey, I was just just coming to ask whether you were here for dinner tonight, and I completely forgot to knock." he said tossing some t-shirts into an open drawer. "Dad it's fine, the top was way too small for me and I didn't realise." "No, Janey, it isn't your fault.

Your bedroom is yours to wander around in naked if you wanted, I should always knock and wait for you to say I can come in." "Dad, forget about it." I almost joked that he's been in worse positions and situations, but I stopped myself.

I couldn't believe I was thinking that, let alone thinking it. "I'm staying at Claires tonight, the night away would probably do us both some good." I told him.

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He nodded and forced a smile, "Yeah, you're probably right. School tomorrow?" he asked. "Yeah I think so." I told him. The sooner we both returned to normality the better, "See you later Dad." I said, leaving the room. "Later." he replied. I got to Claires about an hour after she'd gotten home from school, her father let me in and told me that she was in the shower and to go up an wait for her. He was shorter than my Dad and fairly stocky, where mine was tall and kind of lean.

The few times I'd met him he seemed nice, and always told me to call him Phil. "Would you like a drink or something?" he asked smiling. "No thanks I'm okay." I replied. "Well can I take your jacket then?" he asked holding out his hand, I pulled off my jacket and handed it to him as his eyes fell on my top.

"I like that top, purples my favourite colour." he said. "Oh, thank you, it doesn't really fit me too well any more." "Oh, I'd say it fits you perfect. It tells me that you're a woman, not a girl." he said taking my jacket. In a creepy way it was a nice compliment, it seemed that he'd accepted Claires age faster than my father accepted mine, but not for lack of trying. "Thank you, Phil." it was probably the first time I'd ever used his name without him asking me to, and for it he flashed me a huge grin.

I made my way up the stairs and as I got to the top I looked around to Claires bedroom door, catching sight of Phil stood at the bottom of the stairs. He watched as I disappeared from sight and into Claires room. Her room was a lot like mine, the TV and cable box opposite the large bed with her floor resembling mine, in the way that most of her wardrobe was scattered on it.

I picked up one of her bras and dropped it into her laundry bin. "Classy Claire." I muttered smiling. A few moments later Claire appeared at the door in a towel while I was led on her bed flicking through channels. "Bitch." she said. "What?" I asked. "Can't believe you still fit into that top, bitch." she said pushing her door to as she removed the towel from her head letting her wet blonde hair drop.

"Oh, it was a bit of a squeeze but I somehow managed it." I told her, I decided not to tell her the full story of me trying to fit into it, I figured that we'd get to that later. "Did you see Dad?" she asked me, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Yeah, he seemed to like my top." I said grinning.

"Well yeah, it makes your boobs look boom!" she said laughing. "I bet he was checking out that ass as you went up the stairs too." she continued. "Oh my god, I did see him at the bottom but didn't figure that's what he was doing." I told her. She laughed a little more, "Seriously, he's always been hard for you. I think it's that half Asian thing. Your mother was Asian right?" she asked. "Yeah, she was from Pakistan." I told her.

"Well there you go, he probably thinks you're this hot bodied little Spanish chick." she said. "Well, I AM hot bodied." I said smiling and winking. We both laughed a little then. She got to her feet and dropped her towel, revealing her naked body.

I couldn't help but stare at her breasts, as she stood seemingly thinking about what to put on. She reached over for some skimpy shorts and a white vest top.

"Claire I would love you have your boobs." I told her. She smiled and rocked her chest a little, making them bob up and down. "These double D's are mine bitch." she said stepping into her shorts. While mine were at the 32c range, I stared at hers. Her pink, almost invisible nipples were rock hard and pointing straight at me. I had a sudden urge to reach out and run my finger over one of them. But I shook it off. "How'd it go with your Dad>" she asked, pulling on the vest.

"Meh, I levelled with him and told him the truth, he pretty much said that if I ever got curious about it again to talk to him rather than-" "Blow and fuck him?" she asked interupting. I laughed, "Yeah pretty much. But we also agreed to never talk about it again." I told her.

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She rolled her eyes. "Oh babe, trust me, it'll come up again. Did you tell him that you came?" she asked. "No, of course I didn't. You think I'd tell him that I'd enjoyed sucking him off? That I can't even remember how many times I came?

No chance." I told her. She shrugged, "I told MY Dad, told him what I did, why I did it. And he was okay with it." she said. "Would you ever do it again? And would you do more with him?" I asked, it was a daring couple of questions, but being with Claire always gave me the feeling of being slightly drunk.

I'd say things to her that I wouldn't say to anyone else. And it was the same for her. "Babe," she started, "there are times even now when I'm alone and horny, I'll just walk straight up to him and unzip him and start sucking." my jaw dropped. "You- Really?" I asked. "Yeah," she answered, "It's like, the ultimate taboo. The ultimate sin, but at the same time you know that he's never going leave you.

Sure he'll have sex and maybe even relationships with other women, I mean, he's a single man. But first and foremost, he's my father and I'm his daughter, we're always going to be there for each other.

As well as the taboos and sins, It's the only truly safe relationship any woman can have. Of course, over time many men have abused their daughters, and that's wrong. Very wrong. But many have enjoyed hidden sex lives with their daughters, I think it comes down to a special form of mutual love." I was momentarily quiet and gob-smacked, "I didn't know you could be so deep Claire." I told her. She again shrugged, "Well I've put a lot of thought into it. Do you know how many videos there are online depicting a father having sex with his daughter?

It's all fake, made up and completely fantasy. But still the videos are being made and the stories are being written. I don't think that every father wants to fuck his daughter, and I don't think that every daughter wants to fuck her father.

I just think that it comes down to the idea of having that kind of relationship with somebody. A relationship that never truly loses love and affection. I mean, Even when I'm fifty, I'll still be his little girl." As she finished there was a knock at the door, "Come in." she called, her father poked his head around and smiled.

"Women of my life, any idea what you want for dinner?" he asked. Claire turned to me and gave me a nod. "Um, I don't know." I replied. Claire smiled, "Janey's shy Dad, we'll get something ourselves a little later." Claire told him.

He look into my eyes smiling, "No problem." his head then disappeared and the door clicked shut. Eager for Claire to continue, I had another question, "So, you've done more than just blow jobs?" I asked. She nodded, "Yeah," she started, "Like I said, It's a love and affection thing.

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It attracts a lot of people, but so few actually understand it." Chapter 6 A few hours later and I was still reeling from Claires story, it was as though she was a typical hot blonde school girl by day and philosophical love machine at night.

She'd offered me a new form of clarity that I couldn't see before. But at the same time, brought more questions to my head. If she could juggle school, friends, a sex life with her boyfriend and a sex life with her Dad, could I? And did I want to? Somehow my mind was telling me that my Dad was my first sexual experience, and that I wanted to repeat it over and over. While my mind was also focussed on the possibilities with Rob, I could now enter into a sex life with him.

But could he make me feel the way I did when I was with Dad? We were sat in the lounge watching the new Die Hard movie. Though I was more impressed with the comfort level on this couch, Claire and I were snuggled under a blanket while Phil sat across from us in an arm chair with a beer.

I'd managed to get out of my top and had on a similar vest to Claire, though I was wearing a bra and pyjama bottoms. As I moved my elbow, I caught sight of her breast poking out from the side of her vest. I put my arm back where it was and the blanket covered it back up. Watching the movie I remember seeing a helicopter crash into building before my eyes dropped. I wasn't sure how long I'd been asleep, but I was now led on the sofa and the blanket over me.

I opened my eyes a little and almost sat straight up, Claire was on her knees with her head in her fathers crotch, she was topless and had her back to me. Phil was staring up at the ceiling with one hand rested on her head.

I heard the sucking and slurping of her going to work, her head bobbing up and down with each suck. Her head then went low and all I heard was a slight gagging noise. She then pulled up and jerked him off, I heard a slapping sound as he brought his eyes down to her, as he gripped her blonde hair he told her; "yeah, slap that cock against your face." I heard more slapping noises before her head started bobbing up and down again. I started to feel the dampness between my legs, watching the back of her head move played on my imagination, I slowly slid a hand down my bottoms and rubbed the juice around my hole.


He pulled her to her feet and yanked down her shorts, revealing her ass to me. He kissed her stomach while spreading her cheeks apart, she held the back of his head and tipped her head back. He didn't seem to want to return the favour of oral pleasure, instead he pulled her down into the chair. It was then that I first saw his cock, it was thicker than my Dads but not as long. He sat her down and pulled the lever on the side of the chair, making it recline and causing her to drop backward a little.

He then pulled her legs toward him and without so much as tickle, he plunged himself deep inside of her. She moaned softly, I could tell that she was doing what she could to keep herself quiet.

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But his hard looking thrusts made it hard for her to do so as she grabbed hold of one of her breasts, looking into his eyes. I'd started rubbing my pussy a little harder, slipping my finger inside myself I used the palm of my hand to massage the tip.

I kept the movements slow, despite wanted to speed up, I couldn't let them catch me watching them. I watched her other breast sway like a water bed as he thrust into her again and again. He grabbed her breast and kept pounding, until he got another idea.

He pulled out of her and pulled her to her feet. He looked over at me and though I quickly closed my eyes, I was sure he saw that I was awake. He led her over to me as I heard her whisper; "No, she might wake up." I opened my eyes slightly and had to slowly turn my head, she was now leaning over me with her breasts dangling about an inch from my face, she was holding onto the back of the sofa while he positioned himself behind her.

"Daddy," she whispered. He slid into her and she gasped, bowing her head, her eyes closed and mouth open while I stared up at her. He started moving back and fourth, causing her double D's to sway above my face. I picked up the pace with my finger and was now flicking it in and out of myself, a moment ago I could smell my own juices as they leaked from my pussy, but now all I could smell was Claires, and all I heard was the squelch of hers colliding with his cock, the sound of his balls slapping her vagina as he fucked her.

I could feel myself getting warmer while at the same time getting tighter, the juices started to dry up as I was reaching my climax.

Claire couldn't hold back her moans any more as Phil's rhythm was slowing, I knew that he about to shoot inside of her. And with his final thrust, Claire cried out, arching her back and dropping a breast into my mouth, right there my orgasm popped like an exploding rocket. My hips jolted as the sensation swept over me, my legs went weak just as Claires had, she slid down a little further causing her boob to slid out of my mouth and run down my cheek, leaving a trail of my own saliva behind.

We were face to face as she settled to her knees, both our mouths open and our breathing heavy, we locked eyes and then she dropped her face down and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Our tongues wrestled each other like two thumbs in a thumb war. We broke away and I looked at Phil, who was still stood behind Claire, his cum covered cock slowly twitching and going limp, he looked at me smiling.

Chapter 7