Massage and hard barebacking with twink and stepdaddy

Massage and hard barebacking with twink and stepdaddy
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Some years ago my wife and I were separated due to both not being mature enough to handle marriage and also a lacking of being wild and crazy. We remained fuck buddies and eventually got back together and Boy did she have some experiences that has since made our sex life better every time we talk about them.

She has always loved music and dancing. I love to watch her dance even now because she looks as if she is fucking when she dances and I know guys also love to watch her. With that she was and still is 5'5", 130 lbs, 36C's, nice firm ass, brown hair and kissable lips. She used to go to a local dance bar in town and would meet up with new and also some old High School friends to drink and carry on.

She would occasionally meet and go home with a man but mostly just drink and dance. One night she was with a group of old school mates and she would dance with them and flirtcop a feel here and there and that was the usual. She said there were 3 former school friends there and they were black and one named Ben had always flirted and tried to get her to go out with him but she never did.

Ben danced with her a lot and also his friends David and Joe. Each would grind into her as they slow danced and would stroke the sides of her breasts when they could. She really thought nothing of it at the time and didn't say anything. She drank quite a lot and the group stayed until closing.

As she was leaving to get into her car Ben approached her and wanted to know if she'd be interested in partying with them 3. She said "I appreciate the offer but I need to get home" With this she got in her car and drove home. When she got home she turned the stereo on and changed into a tee shirt and sweat pants and settled in to relax. After about 20 minutes she was sipping a cold mixed drink and there was a knock on her door.

She opened it and there stood Ben, David and Joe. She asked what they were doing there and Ben said "you dropped your wallet at the bar and we thought we would bring it by" She thanked them but Ben said "at least you could offer us a drink", she thought about that but decided they were just being friendly and invited them in. Joe said "where is the booze" and she told him where upon he went to the kitchen to mix them all a new drink.

When he returned she tasted hers and her drink was way too strong but with their urging she drank it. They talked and had a few more drinks on top of what she had previously drank so she was pretty well intoxicated by then. Ben asked if she'd dance with him and she said "okay", they danced and he held her really tight and would nuzzle her neck as they danced, he nibbled her ear lobe and slid his tongue behind her ear which turns her on still now.

She said she was intoxicated and so much that when he kissed her she responded and swirled her tongue in his mouth.

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She had never kissed much less done anything with a black man so it was a taboo feeling also. He cupped her breasts over her shirt and found nothing under the tee shirt except hard nipples. The song ended and they parted where upon David took Bens place. They danced and he immediately kissed her and was massaging her breasts, his hand went under the tee shirt to roll her nipples beneath his fingers.

She remembered really being turned on by then and didn't say anything when Joe came up behind her to lift the shirt over her head. There she was topless, hard nipples, breasts moving up and down due to her increased breathing in front of three black men. She was kissing and grinding into David when she then became aware of the situation and started to get her shirt when Ben said "oh no little lady I have wanted some of that white pussy for years." The men stood back from her and sat down, she was standing there topless and Ben said "okay remove your pants" She hesitated and he said again "remove your pants or we will".

She was in a drunk daze and put her fingers to the waistband and pulled them down to her ankles. She wasn't wearing underwear and her pussy was so wet the moisture was rolling down her thighs.

The guys stared and the lust was in their eyes seeing her body and them being in charge. Joe said " massage your breasts for us", she reached with both hands to do as he asked and also rolled her nipples making her weak kneed as she did that.


After a few minutes of this David said "sit on the floor and finger yourself", she sat down in front of them and let her fingers explore her wetness, probing deep as she moaned. Her head was leaned back as she fingered her pussy and was really feeling wanton at this point.

Ben stood and began to take his clothes off and told the other 2 to stand and disrobe. She said she was fingering herself still as the first black cocks she had ever saw appeared above her.


Ben said "stop and get on your knees". She did as he said and he placed his hard erect cock in front of her face, "Suck it" he said. She stroked the length and placed her tongue to the tip to taste the drop of pre cum. She then took the head in her mouth and slid it into her mouth and deep in her throat. Her head was bobbing up and down on Bens cock and she reached out for the other 2 cocks beside her to stroke and feel.

She sucked bens cock for a few minutes and he grabbed her, stood her up and they led her to her bedroom. He pushed her on the bed and Ben got on one side of her head and Joe on the other, David got on the foot of the bed to spread her legs wide and he licked upwards on her legs until his tongue was invading her wet pussy, he started tongue fucking her as her hips were grinding into his tongue and her head was moving side to side.

This was what Ben and Joe wanted and they each grabbed her head to take turns fucking her mouth. She can't remember how long this went on but she felt Joe's cock twitch and then erupt hot cum in her mouth, she said she gagged a little but swallowed all she could. Ben said "David move I have wanted this white pussy for a long time" David moved and Ben placed himself between her thighs and she felt the tip of his cock stretch her pussy lips as he entered her.

He just rammed his length into her pussy and she yelled, "oh my god". David and Joe watched as Ben fucked her hard and long. After some minutes of fucking David told Ben to quit and lie down, Ben did and David moved her onto and down on Bens cock and bent her forward to kiss Ben as he began to fuck her once more.

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Joe moved again to the side as she was kissing Ben and then switched to sucking Joe's cock again. She said she felt a probe at her asshole and all at once she felt David's cock struggling to enter her ass.

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He was having a difficult time but saw some lotion on her night table and squirted a huge amount at the entrance to her ass. Ben was still fucking her and with the Lube David's cock slowly entered her ass which instantly made her scream. David was fucking her ass as Ben was fucking her pussy, Joe again erupted cum in her mouth as Ben shot her cum inside her pussy and laid there while David continued and finally emptied his load in her ass.

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She said she collapsed on Ben and they laid there for a long while. Joe left the room as Ben said "Hey girl I want you to lick the cum and your pussy juices from my cock" She did as she was told and did the same for David. Both guys laid beside her and stroked her pussy, ass and breasts for a long time, David it seemed loved to finger her sore asshole and did it until she was ready to fuck again.

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Joe struck his head in the room and told Ben "5 minutes okay?". Ben nodded and continued turning her on. In a few minutes she heard her front door open and started to sit up and David pushed her back on the bed.

"Look" he said, "you are one hot white chick and this is the first time you have had some black cock so we're going to make it special for you, A lot of brothers in school wanted a piece of you so how is this?" With that Joe walked in the bedroom followed by 3 other black guys she didn't know.

Ben told them "Strip fellows she is all ours" Surrounded by 6 black hard cocks she knew she was really in a jam. For the rest of the night she had to suck each mans cock and swallow the cum, she was fucked by all, ass fucked by 3 and even was being fucked in the ass and pussy while sucking one and jacking the other 2 off. The guys left by morning, she was covered by sticky gooey cum, her ass and pussy had cum oozing from them and she was sore as hell. She never let this happen again and told the guys they had their fun but no more.