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It was the night before April Fools that I found myself sleeping deeply after two hours of making love to Allison, Renee, and Jessie with the wives watching with delight. My dreams have been the average with my father and May visiting telling me how proud they were of me.

But the way this dream was starting made me think something was off. It started as any other me walking on the beach. Walking along the sand hearing the waves clash against the rocks across the way. I made my way up to the house like so many times before, but this time when I entered there in the living room was my wives, Renee, Allison, the moms, and godmoms.

I thought at first they were all talking about nothing or anything. Then I noticed my wives Jasmine, Diamond, Tiffany, and Hannah were not pregnant. It puzzled me at first, but this being a dream it made sense. Once I stepped closer Jasmine noticed me just to come running to me. It was at that moment I leaned down giving her a kiss in which made her belly start growing like a balloon. The others kissed me after that with all getting the same results. Even the moms and godmoms kissed me to get bellies growing.

I didn't know what to think until I heard my father from behind me. I turned to see Grandma May, Grey, and Gail standing there.

" I bet you Maggie has triplets." My dad says making the others laugh " Your on as I say Tessa has octeplets." Grey says getting Gails attention " Wait you wish she has that many and didn't want to let me have Nick?" Gail asks just to hear Grey chuckle " Well your sister always wanted a lot of kids and Karl blackmailed us into letting you have him." He answers while I see her smile " I bet Diamond has twins and both are girls." May says getting smiles " Heath what do you bet son?" My dad asks as I look at him confused " Huh?

What?" I ask to see him shake his head with a smile " I think he is surprised to see all the women pregnant." Gail says getting nods It's at that moment they fade before I turn to see my kids sitting around on the floor. Even the ones from my vision during the fight with Tyrone are here. " Daddy come play with us." One of the latina twins says with a smile " Yes daddy come we playing gold fish. It's Dakota's turn." One of the twin boys say holding three cards " Um maybe later son.

Where did your mothers and grandmothers go?" I ask seeing their smiles turn to frowns " For.forget them daddy.

You have all of us to love you." Karen says to me before I hear noises from upstairs I make my way to the stairs before hearing Lindsey pipe in. " No daddy don't go up there.

That where pain and suffering sleeps." My second oldest tells me as I start of the stairs " Daddy no that where the bad mommies sleep." Lil Greg says to me as his words confuse me what does he mean ' Bad Mommies" I get half way when I hear one of the other boys speak.

" Daddy don't go for betrayal has been around your heart, and those that caused it are up there." The kid says as I get up at the top of the stairs I look down the dark hallway to see a light at the end.

I start making my way down the hall wondering what my kids meant by betrayal, pain and suffering, and above all Bad Mommies.

As I get half way I hear the sounds of little feet running behind me. They catch up to only run quickly past me making it to the bedroom door that the light was coming from. Only this time I notice more kids. Besides the four I was blessed with and the seven and there was nine more making the count go to 25 kids.

They all had my eyes and most had my hair. They were a mixture of girls and boys. The oldest being Karen in which now she looked to be 13 years of age with Lindsey not far behind her in height. Once I made my way to them. Each had their arms stretched out not letting me pass. Dakota and Lil Greg were in front with their blues eyes shining bright. Both looked to be 11 at that moment. " No dad go back to where it's safe.

We will protect you with all our hearts." Dakota says with his left eye glowing " Son what is going on? Why can I not see your mothers?" I ask as a little girl steps past my oldest sons She motions for me to lean over to whisper in my right ear. " Because daddy we were told to protect you by grampie Greg.

He told us to never hurt you." She tells me as I stand back up " Yes daddy for the mommies and grammies are evil." Another girl with blonde hair says to me " But they would never hurt me guys. They love me with all their heart." I exclaim seeing shakes of heads and stern eyes that said lies I just stood there hearing moans come from the room until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to see a young woman standing there. She looked just like Tiffany, but her eyes were blue. " Karen?" I asked getting a nod " Yes father it's me, don't go in there for your heart will break. Come down stairs and hold me like you did when I was little." This older version of Karen says while I turn to see all the kids look older " Father don't go we still need you. All of us need you since our mothers and grandmothers left us." A older Dakota tells me with worry It's at that moment when I hear something being said from the door.

" This is what it's all about girls. No man to push us around just a sperm donor from time to time." I hear Diamond say as all the kids fade away I made my way to the door to hear someone else speak. " You have that right for I think pussy is better then a loser's dick. A limp one at that." My mother says causing me to listen confused " I don't know why you gave birth to him you should of had another daughter that we could fuck." Momma Faye says before I hear a few moans It's at that moment the door opens with all of them standing there.

Each had a look of disgust on their faces. " Well if it isn't the sperm donor. What do you say ladies should we give him some pussy?" Tessa says getting laughs " Sure why not he can watch the kids that get born from us all while we have our own party as always." Jasmine says before I am pulled into the room The scene changes again, but this time I am on a porch in a chair. I look at my hands seeing a few wrinkles.

I look down to see I have a long gray beard. I look up after hearing some kids laughing on a sunny day. I look around and it's Jasmine's old house. I see the front screen door open as a older version of Karen steps out. She comes over to me taking a seat on the swing that hangs. " Father you don't deserve to be hurt or be in pain. You have us kids and your grandkids that will come. Look at them they all love you so much." She exclaims as I look out to see little boys and girls playing with their parents I see Dakota pick up two girls as Lindsey picks up a boy.

Lil Greg is on a horse giving a boy and girl a ride. I feel my eyes tear up at the sight, but a part of me is so confused by all this. I turn to see Karen smiling at me before she goes back to being five as I remember her. " Daddy I love you and always will. You only need us kids to make you happy.

The mommies and grammies will only hurt you." She tells me getting off the swing to run out to join the other kids I look upon the field to only see my four little ones playing. Tagging one another before I feel my body shake. I wake up to see my wives, moms, and godmoms standing around the bed. I wipe the sleep from my eyes to see concerned expressions. " Baby you ok you were yelling betrayal, suffering, and lies." Jasmine asks sounding very worried I look at my wives to see they are still pregnant.

I smile as it was only a dream. " I am alright just had a weird dream that's all." I say watching her crawl on the bed coming to comfort me Jasmine lays on my right with a hand over my chest caressing the left side over my heart. " Well I didn't like you sounding hurt. I will never hurt you baby you know that. None of us would or will." She says getting everyone else to shake their heads " I know darlin, I know. So what's up with everyone standing around?" I ask seeing a few shrugs They all look at me before momma Ellie throws something at me.

I catch it to find it's a pregnancy stick. " If you think I am going to carry a baby for nine months then your crazy." She states in a stern even voice " Wait what?" I ask being confused to have five more thrown at me " We're pregnant you little shit.

How do you plan to explain this to your papa Ricky?" Momma Verna says to me making my eyes go wide " Wait you all said." I try to say to get cut off " Yeah we said monkeys couldn't fly, but the wizard of oz proved us wrong." Momma Faye states looking at me sternly " Heath us loves told you if you ever got another woman pregnant besides us we would divorce you." Diamond tells me as I feel panic in my heart " But they said they couldn't get pregnant.

This isn't my." I try to say in my defense until momma Tessa spoke up " I hope your ready for the gauntlet for Nick will make you pay." Tessa says to me as I look at all of them feeling all the sudden scared Each one gives me one last look before leaving the bedroom after Jasmine gets helped up and off the bed. Once they all leave I start to think of what to do.

How could I be so dumb and careless. I get up scrambling to get dressed before a thought comes to me. I go to the closet getting the old duffle bag from high school.

I start packing what cloths I want for a few days. I grab my important papers that I might need. I think of taking my phone, but decline to take it for I can always get another one. I looked at the clock to see it was around 9 a.m. so I knew the rest of the family would be up.

I took a deep breath before letting it out. I grabbed the bag making my way out of the bedroom. Making my way to the kids room I noticed they were not in bed. I went to their bedroom window to see they were out on the beach with the wives, moms, godmoms, Renee, Allison, Chris, and Selena. I had a chance if I didn't come across Jack, Sierra, and Mandy. I made my way down to the living room not seeing anyone. Making it to the front door and out I went to my Corolla as it was quieter.

I placed the bag over in the passenger seat after opening the driver door. I got in starting it up shutting the door. I didn't look behind me as I pulled out into the street. I put the car in drive before making my way down the street.

I didn't look back as I needed to think of what I was going to do. ===================================================================== Jack's POV: I was about to pull in when I noticed Heath back out and then pull away.

I looked at Sierra and Mandy who were just as confused as I was. We pulled in and parked getting out. We went to get everyone donuts and coffee.

We grabbed sodas for the kids. Making our way inside I noticed the back sliding glass door open. We made our way out the back and to the beach. Once in sight the family came towards us with the kids beating them.

Sierra placed the donut packages on the picnic table as I placed the coffees in the carrier next to the donuts. Once everyone got close I saw Sierra and Mandy nod before I began to ask.

" Question why did Heath leave like his life was on the line?" I ask as all his wives, moms, and godmoms spit out coffee " WHAT!" They all yell looking worried " He left like something very bad happened." Mandy states as all the women look at each other I watch as Renee and Jessie run followed by Allison to the house.

Jasmine and the other look at each other before momma Ellie speaks up. " I think we goofed up." She states getting some worried looks " I am going to call him and tell him it was a joke." Hannah says getting nods She pulls her cell out then dials my bro's number.

It rings and rings before it's answered. " Hello Heath's phone may I help you?" It's Allison's voice on the other end " Allison oh god he left his phone." Hannah says with tears starting to show " Hannah yes he did. We will be back down." Allison says hanging up Chris and I look at each other before he speaks up. " Ok I don't like what I am feeling. So how about you all explain to the rest of us why my baby brother left." Chris says getting nervous looks " Daddy isn't here?" Karen asks looking up at us all " No honey doesn't seem like it?" Selena says trying to comfort my niece " Where.where did daddy go?" Lindsey says as I look at my loves who nod " Karen, Lindsey, and boys how about you all show Auntie Mandy and I how fast you all can run now." Sierra says trying to move the kids attention to something else " But what about daddy." Karen says looking sad as I look at my sisters, the momsand godmoms " He will be home soon let Uncle's Jack and Chris worry about daddy.

Come now let's see them little legs run." Mandy says getting nods " JACK YOU GOT SOME PACKAGES!" I hear Renee yell while I turn to see them returning carrying a few packages I raise my right eye brow thinking what they are until I smile. They finally get to me putting the packages on the table. " What is in them Uncle Jack?" Karen asks while I smile opening the box lid I pull one of the dolls out and hand it to Momma Maggie.

She looks at it before returning her gaze to me. " What am I suppose to do with a blue eyed plastic baby?" She asks before my loves, Chris, and Selena catch my joke " Well you say you want your blue eyed baby boy all the time. Well I got you all 50 of them to hold around the house." I say seeing her eyes and the others go wide before I say continuing" APRIL FOOLS!" " You smart ass I meant my son not some doll." Momma Maggie says before she giggles " They so cute.

Can we have them Uncle Jack?" Karen asks before Maggie hands her the doll " Knock yourself out baby girl." Momma Maggie says as I watch the kids get the boxes " How many more are there?" Selena asks looking at Renee " Oh quite a few lets just say their room will have new wall paper." Renee says getting wide eyes " Dang Jack you prank big don't you." Momma Ellie asks getting a nod with a smile " I do my best momma Ellie." I answer before we hear some talking I turn to see Justin and Nicky coming down to join us.

They get over taking a donut before looking at the kids with the dolls. " Dang Jack bro you spoiling the kids?" Nicky asks getting laughs " No it was a prank on the moms." I answer with a chuckle After a few minutes of talk Nicky spoke up getting everyone's attention except the kids. " Oh yeah why is Heath's car gone? He have something important to do?" He asks getting looks from Heath's wives, loves, and the mothers " Actually we been wondering about that." I answer pointing at my loves, Chris, and Selena Justin and Nicky nod as I notice Jasmine looking at momma Ellie in who gives out a sigh before looking at each of us.

" Ok you have to know we deeply love Heath with all our hearts as mothers." She exclaims getting nods before she continued " Well we woke him up doing a prank. We told him that um us moms were pregnant." We all stand there taking in her words until Justin spoke up. " Ok that is a weird joke, but I don't see why that would have him leave." He says getting the rest of us to agree " Well that's the thing.

We told Heath if he ever knocked up a women that wasn't his wives we would divorce him." Tiffany answers with a look of fear " Still why would he leave.wait." Chris says looking at his mom and the other moms before looking at our sisters before looking back at his mother just to continue " YOU ALL SLEPT WITH HEATH!" I go wide eyed hearing his words only to notice them nod.

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" Yes we have been sleeping with Heath. That is why he left because we never said April Fools day hoping he would of ran down coming out here so we could of said it." Momma Maggie says laying out one hell of a April fools " Oh way nice joke Momma Maggie. You out did me in a big way." I say only not to get any one to laugh " It's.it's not a joke Jack.

We.we have been sleeping with Heath from time to time. He has slept with all seven of us." Jacqueline says with a straight face " Grandma you got to tell me this is a joke." Nicky says seeing her shake her head " It's not a joke baby boy.

I spread my legs for him a few times as he as shown me something your Grandfather did.complete love." Tessa says as I see Nicky look at her very upset " I am going to go out and find him. Then I am going to shoot his dick off while I watch him die of blood lose." Justin says getting the attention of our sisters " No Justin you can't he is our husband." Jasmine says with a stern voice " Well you should of put a cock cage on him, but now it's only fair he gets fucked the biker way." Justin says checking his gun out " No Justin you can't.

What about the kids they need their father?" Tessa says going to her son " Mom you should of thought about that before opening your legs for the bastard. Tell you what I will keep him alive, but you better call him Heather from now on as he won't be a man after today." Justin says with a very stern look in his eyes " Justin don't even think about hurting my son." Momma Maggie says with tears in her eyes " Sorry don't hear you as your not my mother since you corrupted my real mother." He says hurting momma Maggie " Justin you just went to far son.

She is just as much your mother as I am Heath's. Now you just need to calm down so no one gets hurt." Tessa says stepping up to her son " Oh is that so mom?" He asks getting a nod " Yes it is as we have not hurt anyone.

Ellie, Verna, and Kiko's husbands knew and accepted it. Heath's wives and loves knew the whole time and accepted it. You just need to relax and think straight." Tessa says as Chris and I seeing Justin holster his gun " Ok mom I'll go relax. Hey Nicky feel like going for a beer?" He asks Nicky with a wink " Sure why not seems like a good day to get shit faced." Nicky answers as both of them turn taking steps to the house " No stay home you don't need to drive your bikes home drunk." Renee says only to get four birdies as both Justin and Nicky turned flipping her off before returning to walk up to the house " Well I can't say I don't blame them I think I need a beer." I say getting a few looks before looking at Chris to continue " Care to join me in the house bro?" " Sure, but I think we need just one and talk." He answers as I just agree " What.what are you two going to talk about?" Jasmine asks with a hint of worry " Oh the weather, taxes, and how 14 women hurt one man in so many ways.

And that part about threaten with divorce how stupid could you be. You know he takes some things freaking serious." I say as Chris and I start heading up to the house for a beer My mind is still running through what all was said. As Chris and I get to the pool I just pray Heath stays away from the bars as there was two pissed off bikers looking for him.

Getting in the house I go get two beers to only head in the living room. I hand Chris his before taking a seat on one end of the couch. We start talking about everything to come to some reasoning to what we have learned. I never thought Heath was that much of a animal as I chuckle inside. I guess to each his or her own. While Chris tells me his feelings on the matter I just think what would Adam think in my shoes. ========================================================== I have spent the day at the park.

I have contemplated on what to do about everything. Diamond threatening about divorce with stern eyes. The moms saying they were pregnant. I couldn't believe all this shit was happening. I have spent the day talking to my lawyer about a few things. He gave me some advice to take to heart. So I did before telling him what I wanted. After a few hours he had it all wrote up then typed out by his paralegal.

I left his office feeling so sadness and relief wrapped into one moment. I went by Sonic's to get a drink before heading to the park that was just outside of town. I needed some time alone without anyone around. It was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon that I had the radio on when the dj came over the air. " Before my break I had a strange request come in.

The woman I think she said her name was Ellie. Well she asked me to send a apology out to her godson Heath. Heath if your listening your godmother says this mornings talk was a April Fool's joke. She says get your butt home so they can talk to you. Well listeners it just proves some can't do April Fool's pranks all that well without someone getting hurt." He says before signing off for the break I sat there stunned not knowing what to believe.

They made it all sound real, but yet it was all a prank.a April Fool's joke making me the fool. I shook my head not believing my wives, loves, and moms would hurt me like this. I felt my anger building until I rammed my fist up into the roof of my car.

This morning was bullshit.pure fucking bullshit. I thought of what I wanted to do. I didn't care at that moment about those that hurt me. If my dream was anywhere true all I cared about was my kids. I decided to make a evening for me as I started the car to only back up making my way to a bar a college friend told me about. I smiled thinking for once I needed to do something for myself as I haven't in awhile. ============================================================ Jasmine's POV: My loves, the moms, and I have spent to day talking and crying as Heath hasn't made it home yet.

The kids have been a bit distant hanging around the living room in hoping their daddy would show up.


The family members that are here have come to understand after talking to all seven mothers. Chris held Maggie after she talked of what Tyrone had did to her. Selena joined comforting her as Jack did Faye and Jacqueline. Sierra and Mandy completely understood after what happened to their aunts Sasha and Lucy. Tessa filled in some of those years. It was around 9:30 at night when Tessa asked Chris to go get the guys.

He nodded in agreeing as Renee and Jessie went with him to help their cousin and uncle. While they were gone Jack spoke up. " I don't know what Heath is doing, but I know from knowing him he will come home. He loves this family very much." He says getting nods " Jack honey I hope your right because I can't live without him." Tiffany says rubbing her belly " Me too, as I just got him in my life and heart." Allison says rubbing hers also We sat talking about how to make things right with Heath.

Momma Maggie said she thought about totally giving herself to him for a weekend. She got the other mothers thinking and they agreed to do the same. Tessa suggested for Father's day or his birthday. I thought of what us wives and loves could do and the only thing was to be his slaves for a week staying in the bedroom or wearing bikinis for when he was horny he could take us.

Diamond dismissed my idea saying we do that anyway. She then suggested we do what ever he said even if it was to be gang banged by whoever he choose. " Wrong that is so stupid." Jack says chiming in " What do you know? You wanted to kill Heath this morning." I say as Jack leaned forward looking at me seriously " First off if you plan to cuckold him when he gets home I'll just do you and have him lick it out.

Second your not the cheating type none of you are. You really think he wants to watch some guy or guys slip their dick in you all. Jeez you think you are the victims." He says looking at all of us as Sierra and Mandy looked at him " Jack that is just rude baby." Mandy says with a look of worry " No Mandy what they were thinking was rude.

Look Heath maybe hurt and all, but he loves them. He is just hurt and probably upset by now if he heard the radio." Jack says making a point " True baby as you would probably do the same." Sierra says snuggling up to my brother " Probably if you and Mandy hung more around the moms then me." He says catching us off guard " Wait what do you me?" Diamond asks as Jack looked at us all " He means you seven have been hanging around the seven moms a lot lately.

Heath has been home with the kids." Sierra says stating her point I sat there thinking of their words when my eyes went wide. I looked at my wives and the mothers. " Their right we have been spending a lot of time together. And this morning while Heath was dreaming I heard him say we would never hurt him. What if we did in his dream and then the prank just made that dream seem real." I say catching their reactions " Oh god what have I done." Momma Ellie says before momma Verna and Kiko held her It was at that moment the front door opened with Chris helping Justin inside.

He was followed by Renee and Jessie helping Nicky. Jack got up to help the girls. Chris and Jack got the guys over to the couch. Both plopped down looking shit faced. " Oh my are they drunk?" Tessa asks with shock " Yes grandma they are and um were very raunchy." Renee says shaking her hands " What do you mean honey?" Tessa asks as I see Chris shake his head " Well without going into great detail, but Justin was getting attention below the belt while stud muffin there was licking his way behind a slut that was on all fours on a table." My brother says shaking his head " That is sick how gross." Sierra says with disgust " Hey where's my beer?

Where's that sweet girl that gave me these?" Nicky asks pulling a pair of panties and bra from his back pocket " Nicky what the hell son?" Momma Maggie asks getting chuckles " Oh are these your's ma'am? If not would you wear them for me?" Nicky says making Momma Maggie look at him as Sierra did " Hey are you two my nieces?" Justin asks Sierra and Mandy " Yes we are what is wrong with you?" Mandy asks with hurt towards Justin " Hey Nicky is she the one you ate out." Justin asks Nicky to get slapped " How dare you Uncle Justin that is sick." Mandy says with tears He rubs his cheek looking at Mandy crying.

" Mandy is.is that you?" He asks getting a nod before he continued " Oh god I think I need coffee." " I hear you bro. I think that 20th shot of tequila did us in." Nicky says as both lean forward to look at the floor " Um Justin, Nicky I know this isn't a good time to ask, but you guys still mad at me." Tessa asks getting their attention " Mom no it's not, but I guess it can't wait until morning." He says looking to see Nicky nod before continuing" The Nickster and I have talked when we weren't distracted.

We just want you happy. Since dad died you been totally bummed, but when we got here and you got to know Maggie and the others you began to smile. And if Heath makes you happy then we are ok.

We just don't want you hurt." " Awww thank you baby boy. That truly means a lot." Tessa says to her youngest son " Just don't tell us about your sex life ok grandma." Nicky says getting giggles " I won't honey I promise.

Just don't tell the family at least not yet." Tessa says stating her heart After Chris went to get the guys some coffee there came a knock at the front door. I looked at everyone wondering who it could of been. Jack jumped up to go answer whoever it was.

I heard him greet the person before shutting the door. He made his way back into the living room only to be followed by the sheriff. I noticed he had a sadden look. He asked for all of us to stay seated even telling Jack to have a seat. At that moment Chris came back with to cups of coffee for the two drunken brothers that sat on the couch. He suggested that Chris find somewhere to sit. Chris gave him a look of concern saying he was fine standing.

Selena was in papa Mike's chair with Chris standing beside the chair. The sheriff just nodded before looking at each of us. " Um sheriff what is going on?" Momma Ellie asked with deep concern " Will Ellie I have some bad news, but I don't want all of you to go off the deep end at the moment." He says answering getting a nod from her " Sheriff it is 10 o'clock at night I am sure this isn't a normal visit.

As you can see Heath isn't here for some reason." Momma Verna says with concern of her own " Yes I know as he is at the hospital." He says making us all go wide eyed " WHAT!" We all say loudly in unison " Now calm down he was in a fender bender earlier and is fine.

He just got some scrapes and bruises." He says trying to get us to calm down " What the hell happened sheriff as Heath is a safe driver." Chris asks getting the sheriff's gaze " Well my detectives are still figuring that out." He says with a sullen look " Sheriff was that the sirens and why two fire rescues passed us on the way home?" Renee asks only to get a nod " Fire rescues for a fender bender?

I find that hard to believe." Justin speaks up all the sudden " Justin what do you mean hun?" Momma Tessa asks her son " Mom fire rescue are for crashes and trapped people that can't get out of vehicles." Justin states getting the rest of us to show worry " That is true, but in this case they responded for safety sakes like gas line leak." The sheriff says until his radio went off He answered the call before looking at us.

" Just know Heath is alright and in good hands." He says before leaving to get back to duty Chris walked him to the door thanking him for coming to tell us. I sat on the floor trying to figure out what just happened. Chris came back in with a deep concern for what we were just told. " Ok why do I feel something isn't right here." He says getting nods from the guys " I agree bro as I said fire rescue are for worst case accidents.

Not for fender benders at least not the ones I have seen." Justin says getting Chris to agree We all sat quietly until I looked at Jack's expression. " What is it Jack hun? What are you thinking about?" I ask seeing him look over at me " Well I think you all should go check on Heath while us guys go see this fender bender." Jack says answering as Chris, Justin, and Nicky nod " I agree, but first I think dad and the others should know what is going on." Chris says pulling out his cell " Chris don't tell him about this morning yet.

I will tell your father when he gets home." Momma Ellie says with sad eyes " I won't mom, but if this is because of this morning you know dad is not going to be happy." Chris says getting a nod from her " Wait what about the kids?" Diamond says out of the blue getting us to show concern " That's easy Sierra and I will stay here and watch them.

They don't need to be out this late at night." Mandy says while Sierra nods in agreement " You sure babe I don't want you both lifting them?" Jack asks being very concerned for their health " I am my love now go find out what really happened to our brother." Mandy says as both of them hug him tight giving him kisses after " Ok dad said him and papa Nate and Ricky will be home by morning. He also stated that Travis and them left this morning on their way back in a uhaul and momma Maggie's SUV." Chris says putting his cell in his front pocket " That's good at least they will be home by morning." Momma Maggie says sounding grim We all went to get ready.

Once everyone was back in the living room I told Renee to drive as I couldn't. My heart was so worried that my husband was hurt more then what the sheriff stated besides the hurt we gave him this morning. How could I have been so stupid going with what the godmoms wanted to pull on him. I never wanted Heath to hurt in anyway or fashion. Once we all loaded up I saw Justin and Nicky getting on their bikes.

" Renee what are Justin and Nicky doing they are in no condition to ride." I say asking my lover " Oh they will be fine baby. When the sheriff said something about Heath they sobered up quick. They may of wanted to hurt Heath this morning, but not now.

All they could say when Chris, Jessie, and I were getting them in the car was that they love Heath. It was just the shock of our grandmother sleeping with Heath that caused it. Don't worry as they are like Uncle Nick intoxicated.


That man can ride a straight line after drinking a full bottle of Hot Damn on a summer night." Renee says while backing out and driving towards our destination being the hospital Chris had Selena, Tiffany, Allison, and Verna in his car while Jack had the rest of the moms. On the way Hannah and Diamond both cuddled up to me with a few tears.

Jessie sat in the passenger seat just looking out the window being quiet. I don't know what was going through her mind. Maybe she was worried at what Heath would say about her, Renee, and Allison being pregnant as it was their pregnancy sticks that the moms held.

All seven moms thought it would be a prank to use them saying they were pregnant, but in the back of my mind I knew for some reason it would cause trouble, and I was right. Plus listening to Heath talk in his sleep hearing him say " Bad Mommies and Grammies' I knew my kids were there in that dream.

We finally reached the hospital in which Renee parked. We all got out as the guys pulled in, but didn't park. The other women in the family got out. Chris said they would be back later after finding Heath's car and see what damage there was. We nodded to watch him and Jack pull out only to be followed by two serious brothers now. I think after this mornings talk and finding out why we were at the hospital really made Justin and Nicky realize a few things.

My wivesloves, and the moms all took a deep breathe before going in the ER doors like times before. We made our way to the nurses desk to find out about Heath. She looked up his name before telling us to have a seat. I looked at her worried before we did as told. As we sat waiting a million things ran through my head and each were the same.

Was what happened today the cause of a break in our lives. I knew we have been spending a lot of time with the moms as of late, but we always made time for Heath. We were just all planning something for him for Mother's day and Father's day which were coming up in a month or two. " Are you Heath Thompson's family?" I heard a voice say from behind I turned as the family stood up.

" Yes we are how is he doing?" Momma Maggie asks being very worried " Well first off I am Dr. Weekes. I called his original doctor to tell her of his condition. She told me her advice and I am going through with it. Second I have to say he must of had some guardian angels or he might not be alive." She says getting wide eyes " What.what do you mean? The sheriff said it was just a fender bender." Tiffany asks as we she the doctor shake her head " If removing glass and metal from Heath's head was a fender bender then I am a virgin.

Ma'am I think he didn't want you to worry, but like I said he had some angels watching over him." Dr. Weekes says startling us " Oh god is he?" I try to say before my voice cracks " He is ok hun just sore. Look he is all bandaged up, but I am going to keep him for the night for observation and release him tomorrow morning." She says with a grin " Is it ok if we see him?" Diamond asks on the verge of tears " Yes you can just don't upset him.

He came in with beautiful bright blue eyes, but now they aren't so bright." She says before telling us which room he is in My heart sinks knowing his eyes are fading. I feel like such a fool making my way to the elevator. I rub my belly trying to calm it down. It feels like my baby is trying to hurt me in it's own way. Maybe I am a bad person for causing Heath such pain and sorrow.

Once the elevator stopped and the doors opened. We stepped out waiting on the moms as we had to take two separate ones. Once theirs open we all gathered making our way to room 505. None of us knew what was going to happen, or what would be said.

I just knew I couldn't live with out Heath. He was my world and I would do all I could to keep my world going even if it meant my life. We stopped at the room door just to stare at it. " Why don't you seven go in first while us moms stay out here until you need us to come in." Momma Verna says getting nods I take Diamond and Tiffany's hands before Renee opens the door. Once we all get in the room I see my baby hooked up to monitors and a I.V. He has a look of sadness on his face seeing us walking in.

Once the door closes that is when he starts in. " Why are you here? I figured you would be home with your legs spread for you true loves." He says catching all of us off guard " No baby we came to see you as we were worried.

You never came home, and why are you talking like that?" I say feeling hurt and sorrow " Why would you want to come see a sperm donor, or someone that is just a babysitter while you all spend time with the moms?" He asks getting each of look at one another " Heath please stop this talk. You are not a sperm donor or a babysitter.

We love you deeply so much." Allison says pleading with tears in her eyes " Yeah whatever when Diamond made it clear that you want a divorce so you can be single for the moms, or whoever you spread your legs for." He says shocking us with stings " Oh god baby you think we want a divorce.

I didn't mean it Heath it was just a joke for April Fool's." Diamond says trying to defend our love for him " I know I heard the radio. To get a stranger to tell me that was pathetic." He says with a straight stern face " How else were you to know you left your phone at home? Did you mean to leave it?" Jessie asks also with tears " I don't know and yes I did as I had things to think about." He tells us with no love in his words " Heath please don't leave us.

Your all we want in the world." Renee says on the verge of breaking down " Yeah right you want to know something I might of not left like I did if I knew it was a joke, but when that BITCH there threaten with the whole divorce act I had to leave." He says with some hate that makes Diamond move quickly for a pregnant woman SLAP " I am no bitch just a woman that fell in love with you.

I know the way I said those words was a mistake. I have regretted all day saying them. I love you baby so fucking much that your words are hurting me.us. I need you Heath." Diamond says with tears running down her face " Well things are already rolling so your going to get your wish. You won't have to worry or regret anything any more. You can go be with your moms as they aren't mine anymore.

I should of left during Disney." He says throwing us all in shock " Heath.you don't mean that." Tiffany says getting a nod from him " I should of known then that the moms really never wanted to be in my life letting Travis fuck them.

The way they hung around him like his shit didn't stink." He says with more hate coming from his heart before he continued " The only good things that happened in my life are my kids in who I will be taking with me along with the ones that are coming." We all stand there in shock. He can't take the kids, and they were the only good things that happened. What about us giving him our love and hearts?

" No Heath you can't. You can't leave us what will we do?" I ask seeing him look at me as the others break down and cry " Live with the moms in Oklahoma. I am sure you all will have a loving life together one big lesbian orgy day and night." He says as I can't take any more I turn making my way to the door only to leave the room.

I run past the moms who are standing along the wall talking. " JASMINE! JASMINE WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" I hear momma Faye yell as I find the stairs opening the door to go down them Why? Why was my best friend, hero, companion, and husband doing this. Why of all that is was he being hurtful towards us. Stumbling down the stairs I felt my baby kick me hard making me stop for a moment. I placed my hands on my belly rubbing it hoping that the baby would stop, but it didn't help as I felt a kick followed by another.

My eyes went wide as I looked at my belly. " Twins.I'm having twins." I say out loud as they kick me harder like trying again to hurt me I continued down the stairs finally making it to the waiting room. I look around to see the others are already down here all seating and crying. Mom sees me and moves quickly over with tears of her own. Once to me she wraps her arms around me.

" Mom wants wrong?" I ask placing my arms around her " Heath.Heath told the girls he filed for divorce. He also said he doesn't want us moms around the kids, because we're a bad influence. I am so sorry Jasmine this is our fault." Mom says with tears running " Oh god no he couldn't have." I say hearing a few voices Mom Faye and I look to see it's the guys each one have a look of sadness in their face. We go over to see Jack, Chris, Justin, and Nicky talking to my wives and sisters while the moms try to calm down.

" Well what of Heath's car?" I ask as they look at me strangely " Well let's just say it will never be driven again." Justin says getting the other guys to nod " What do you mean never again?" Mom asks as Jack looks at the guys He goes into telling us it was smashed from three sides and that the windshield was spiderwebbed and blown out from a head hitting it from the inside.

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I stand there with fear looking down at the floor while hearing him also add that Heath was hit from behind in a east lane going in a north and south lanes. He got hit in the back by a semi that caused him to lose control then hit by a Dodge Ram in the south bound. But what was the real force was he was pushed into a guard rail that was not far.

The person in the Dodge Ram called the cops as the semi driver stopped to try and help, but they couldn't get Heath out.

I cried knowing if this morning didn't happen he would of never been here. " So how is he doing?" Nicky asked getting us all to look up at him " He is ok just bruised and hurt. He.he is divorcing us." Diamond says through sobs " Wait.what?" Chris asks with deep worry " He filed for divorce. He plans to take the kids as he said they would never hurt him as we have." Hannah says while I see the guys look from us then to each other " I'm sure once he cools down and thinks he will stop the divorce." Jack says before looking at the guys then adds " Come on guys let's go see our brother.

I am sure he needs some guy time anyway." I watch as they go making there way to the elevator after getting the room number. Mom helps me sit down as I am shaking from all that has gone on tonight. I sit there hearing my loves cry being comforted by the moms. I don't know what comes over me, but I just speak what I am feeling. " I wish I was dead." I say those words getting everyone's attention " What?

You.you don't mean that." Diamond says looking over at me " Yes I do as my world upstairs just went apart." I say seeing momma Tessa come over to me SLAP " You better stop that talk young lady.

I will not have my daughter speak in such a way. It is not the end of the world. Heath is just hurt because of OUR stupidity." She says before kneeling in front of me taking my hands " But he doesn't want us any more." I say with sadness in my voice " Honey look at me.

That man up there loves all of you, but can't get past the hurt. Look how long it took for him to forgive his family." Tessa tells me as I look at Momma Maggie " True, but what do we do? I don't want a divorce." I ask getting a smile " That's my girl now as to that you don't sign the papers. You fight to bring his love back. Show him you are his life as well.

Believe me I went through the same thing with Grey a few times. The last time I had to make love to him for him to forgive me.

That was when Justin was conceived." Tessa exclaims getting a nod We talk for awhile longer until the guys come back with hurt eyes.

" What is going on?" I ask as Jack looks at me " Heath is giving Adam and I the beach house.He is giving you guys and the moms the house in Oklahoma. This is all bullshit you all really fucked up in the worst way." He says shocking all of us " Yeah wait until dad finds out he is going to fly through the roof." Chris states looking at his mom " Oh god what is going to happen now?" Verna asks getting shrugs from us all " We don't know I made a call to mom to get advice.

She said her and Megan would think then get back to me." Nicky says as Tessa looks at her grandson " You didn't tell them did you?" She asks getting a nod " I had to grandma all this is a mess.

And they promised not to tell the others except Aunt's Shelby, Lisa, Sasha, and Lucy." Nicky says just to get a nod We go home a moment later as the drive is a quiet one. No one talks as they are deep in thought. I rub my belly sensing my babies are hurt for some reason. I hope they can hear me as I send my thoughts. " Shhh mommy is sorry. Please forgive me as mommy loves you as I do my other kids." I think to myself hoping my babies hear me ===================================================================== Adam's POV: After a long trip home and unloading the uhaul at the storage unit.

Travis, Kaye, Michelle, and I came home to relax, but what we walked into was a total fuck up. We hear yelling from the godparents rooms. Travis didn't take to yelling to well as he took Kaye out for coffee. Michelle and I sat on the couch before things started to get explained. Chris and Selena went to go get Heath in which we heard about the wreck.My eyes shot open as I looked at my sisters and moms.

" What the hell happened while we were gone." I ask with Michelle in my lap " Well Adam we sort of tried to play a April Fool's joke on Heath, but it sort of back fired. He left after and never came home. Last night we found out he was in a wreck." Momma Tessa tells us as Jack turns on the t.v.

" So this doesn't have anything to do with you all having sex with him does it?" Michelle asks getting shook heads " No, but we were trying to play that we were pregnant, then Diamond talked about divorce when it all went bad." Jacqueline says making me shake my head " Wow I am surprised you all didn't call Debbie and asked her to come back and tell me she loved me all these years, and the only reason she was a bitch was because she just needed a good fuck from her son." I say seeing them hurt and upset by my language, but I didn't care as I looked up at Michelle to only continue " Honey if Heath moves we're going with him as I don't want our kids badly influenced." " Ok baby I go where you go." Michelle says without thinking " Shellie what are you saying?" Momma Maggie asks looking hurt " Mom I understood the whole sleeping with Heath, but causing him hurt when you didn't have to well that is very low.

I love you all, but until he finds forgiveness I have to agree with my baby." Michelle says getting Jack to look at Sierra and Mandy who agree " Same here baby we don't need our kids get badly influenced by our elders." Mandy says rubbing her belly " So that's it?

You don't want your grandmother around my grandbabies?" Tessa asks very hurt It's at that time I look at the t.v. to see pictures that make my heart sink. " Is.is that what I think it is?" I ask getting a nod from Jack " Oh shit my brother lived through that?" Michelle says looking straight at the screen as the family sees his car, or the tin can that was the car as the trunk is where the backseat should be, the front end is gone, and you see the frame as the engine sits to the right of the car.

The windshield is bowed out as I see the blood and realized his head slammed into it as it stopped him. " Yes he did. I showed him last night. He said the windshield there should of been the point he should of died." Jack says looking at the moms and sisters " My poor brother." Michelle says lowering her head It was at that time the door opened and in walked Chris followed by Heath.

Michelle and I got up and ran to Heath. We hugged him crying. " Don't you ever leave us Heath. We love you more then anything." Michelle says as I nod agreeing " I know Shellie and Adam. Where are my kids at?" He states asking as we point upstairs as he lets us go making his way to the stairs before continuing looking at his wives " Oh there is a man outside that wants to see you five." We watch as he walks up before his wives look at each other.

They get up making their way to the door. Chris moves to the side going to Selena. They here their parents yelling still. Each one just shake their heads as this is the worse mess up this family has seen that I know of. It's at that moment we hear a scream come from the front door. " NOOOOO OH GOD NOOOOO!" Jasmine yells before the moms get up going to them followed by Renee and Allison " What's going on?" Renee asks as I see Jasmine stepping into the living room holding a manilla envelope " He.he did file for divorce.

We have 30 days to comply." Jasmine says with tears in her eyes I didn't know how to feel after all we had been told. I loved them all, but the way they tried making a joke to someone that took such things serious as pregnancy and divorce it made me wonder if they truly loved Heath.

After they were helped back down in their spots Tessa took the envelopes to only look at each one. She was a retired lawyer, but could still practice if she desired.

I just shook my head wondering what she thought she could do. The day went by with the moms and my sisters getting ignored by Heath and the kids.

They spent the day with their daddy. Heath asked Michelle, Selena, Kaye, and us guys to join him and the kids on the beach. We smiled accepting the offer. I enjoyed my time with Heath and my family. We took the kids out to eat at lunch leaving Jasmine and them at home. The godfathers stayed home to keep things in order. I guess they didn't like what went on either.

Just shows one little joke can cause a family problems. Being a counselor I have heard a lot of shit that made me want to strive to help more.

What my big bro was going through was called hurt alright, but mixed with confusion. I knew he still loved my sisters and the moms, but deep inside he was conflicted. Yes he was going to divorce them, but again he hoped they wouldn't sign. I knew him like a book as always it would take that one miracle to make his eyes open to a truth he only needed to see. He had us his family to love and help, but he needed help also.

So today was no different then others. My nieces stayed close to him making him hold them as my nephews sat on either side of him. I would smile rubbing Michelle's belly as I knew our baby will be just as cute and smart. Yes I knew who she was with to get pregnant, but it didn't bug me as I knew if the shoes were on the other foot he would be as happy as I am. It's around 5:30 in the evening that things become chaos.

I was sitting on the couch talking to my brothers and the godfathers when we heard screams come from the kitchen. We get up running to find the moms, Michelle, Kaye, Selena, Allison, Renee, and Jessie all helping the four pregnant sisters. " What happened?" Jack asks with concern " Their waters broke the babies are coming." Mom Faye says as all the guys go to help except Heath " Ok everyone calm down." I say as I hear little feet run in " What's going on?" Karen asks looking around before running to her mother continuing " Mommy you ok?

You not dying are you?" " No baby girl she not dying the baby is coming." Papa Ricky says comforting his granddaughter " Oh gosh, oh gosh, the baby is coming the baby is coming." Karen says flipping out as if she going to cry " Chris, Jack get your cars ready. Two in a car with someone between them. Travis get the SUV and gather up the kids Kaye and Selena help him. Papa Mike, Nate, and Ricky take the moms. Michelle and I will ride with Heath in my car." I say getting nods as everyone scrambles to get things done Heath just watches everyone not helping.

I know he is hurt, but these are his kids that are on their way. Once everyone is in a car we start for the hospital. Heath is driving behind everyone staying quiet.

Michelle and I look at him, but stay quiet as not to say anything wrong. It's about 7 minutes later that we pull into the hospital seeing our sisters get helped into wheel chairs, or a gurney.

Michelle and I get out while Heath stays in the driver seat since I let him drive. I shake my head before speaking up. " Come on bro snap out of it." I say getting his attention He gets out as we head to the ER entrance.Everyone is inside except the ones parking the cars. I see Renee on her cell talking to someone. It's at that moment she is talking to Aunt Gina. I smile as she has always been like a grandmother to the kids. Renee hangs up saying Ron, Gina, and Tracey were on the way.

I see Karen and Lindsey brighten up as Serena was coming too. We all get told to wait until Jasmine and the girls are put in a big enough delivery room as they said none of them were to be separated. We laugh on that as they did everything together. While we wait I feel excited about new life about to be born.

Until I knew I had a sister I felt alone. Allison looks over at me with worry. " You ok big brother?" She asks being a minute younger " Yeah just excited about the babies being born." I answer seeing her smile " Well Adam I have something to tell you and please don't be mad." She tells me as I nod " Well you heard about the sticks from the prank right?" She asks getting another nod before continuing " Well two of them were mine.

I am um." My eyes go wide as I look in hers. " Your pregnant?" I ask getting a slow worried nod " Yes your not mad are you?" She asks as I smile shaking my head " No baby sister I am thrilled.

I love you too much to be mad. Come here let me hug you." I say seeing her smile coming to me We hug as twins feeling happiness feel us both. =================================================================== It's been two hours since the girls were brought to the hospital. I should be in there with them, but I feel myself being confused and conflicted.

I love them, but yet despise them for hurting me. I guess that dream I had was a message. Dammit why do I feel like this. Everyone in the family are here plus William, Debra, Ron, Gina, and Tracey along with Serena.

I watch the kids talk about the babies and they can't wait to be protective siblings. Everyone is talking about this and that until I see Travis coming over to me.

He looks into my eyes before I feel him hit me with a upper cut that makes me hit against the wall. " TRAVIS!" Mike yells before I start rubbing my jaw " Sorry papa Mike, but I am sick and tired of this big baby sulking around." Travis says looking at me before continuing " Man up and be a husband to your wives that you say you love.

Go in there and support them, or do they hold the balls in the family." I feel my anger boil, but don't want to cause a scene. I step up to him eye to eye. " So you think your all that. How would you feel if your wife or wives went behind your back and slept with another woman?" I ask seeing him not look off " Well I would tell them move over as I was joining in.

Heath sex isn't always about love man, but you have come this far with those women in there that are going to have YOUR kids. I love you Champ, but you need to man up." Travis says before backing off Kaye comes over grabbing him to go for a walk. I look around seeing eyes on me. I just shake my head before papa Mike surprises me. " Heath do you think your father stood around waiting for you or your older siblings to be born?" He asks getting a shrug before he continued " No he didn't as he didn't care if he was in a meeting he rushed to the hospital to stand by your mother's side.

I bet right now he would tell you to get your ass in that room to stand by your wives side. They need you son. Are you going to be a man or a little punk." I stood there for a moment before looking over at the two doors. One was to the roof as the other was the door my beautiful wives were in. I thought for a moment before making my way over just to take the door to the roof. Before the door shut I hear one word that I never thought Papa Mike would say.

" Loser." He says as I shook my head making my way up I made my way up to the roof to only walk over to a open spot. I sat down indian style to look at the sunset in the west.

I close my eyes letting my mind roam. I had to really think of everything that was said to me. Who was I kidding Travis and papa Mike were right. I needed to man up for my kids needed me. My wives needed me, as well as my family. This wasn't me at all I was stronger then this, but that dream was a nightmare that messed with my head. It was at that moment I heard kids laughing. I opened my eyes to see the same seven little kids playing around.

The little girl that looked like Jasmine noticed me only to skip to me. She leaned over with a smile. " Everything will be alright now daddy. I can't wait to feel you hold me." She says only to fade One of the boys came over with a smile to lean over looking in my eyes.

" Daddy will you teach me to play ball?" He asks getting a nod as he faded Each one came to me telling me or asking if I would teach them something.

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It was the last girl one of the fairest twins that came over. She squatted in front of me wearing a pretty blue dress. " Daddy it's almost time. Like sissy said I can't wait to feel you hold me. Oh gosh daddy we're coming hurry daddy." She says standing up stepping to me fading as I felt this sudden urge of love warm my heart My eyes swelled with tears as I got up rushing to get down the stairs.

I took 2 to three steps at a time. Once I reached the floor I turned making my way into the delivery room. I saw all four of my wives laying on the gurneys as my sisters were trying to keep them comfy. I went to Jasmine who looked at me with tears. " Heath please forgive me I am so sorry.

Please don't leave us." She said crying as was the others I went up to Jasmine to lean over looking in her eyes. I moved the bangs from her face. She gave me a confused look as if scared of what I was going to do next. I leaned further placing my lips to hers. I kissed her softly but yet passionately feeling her return it with her arms around me. She gave out a soft moan before I broke the kiss.

" Jasmine you all are not going to lose me. I am sorry for all that I have put you through. I had a nightmare the other night, and it scared me so bad that the next morning it felt so real with all you around the bed. I would never leave you all." I say seeing her smile " I knew it baby. I heard you talk in your sleep.

I was so frighten for some reason. I love you Heath my love so much." She says crying but with a smile " As I love you now the babies are going to come soon so we need to get you ready as well the others." I say seeing concern " But I am not close baby neither are the others.wait you said babies. How did you know I was having twins." She asks after stating her point " Honey I have always known as they come to me in dreams.

Oh Jasmine they are so beautiful our daughters." I say getting wide eyes " Daughters you mean I am going to have little girls?" She asks only to get a smile " Yep and they look just like their mother so beautiful." I say before making my way to my other wives giving them kisses and hugs I went to Renee, Jessie, and Allison giving them my love back forgiving them in every way I could in the room.

While I held Allison she broke down. " Baby I thought I lost you at a time I need you." She says crying on my chest " What do you mean Alli?" I ask as Renee and Jessie come to hug us " Baby those sticks were ours." Renee tells me getting wide eyes " Wait.you mean you three are pregnant?" I ask being stunned " Yes baby we are darling. We wanted to tell you, but you left us because of our stupidity." Jessie tells me as I smile " Awww I am so happy my girls are going to have our babies." I say getting smiles " You know what that means baby right?" Renee asks getting a no " It means baby were going to be real horny during the day and night." Jessie says as I hear giggles from the bed " And will want cock 24/7." Hannah states as they all laugh " Well guess my bonding with rosey palm is out." I say getting playfully slapped " Honey you never have to masturbate with us around.

Speaking of which have you cum at all?" Allison asks squeezing me through my jeans " Nope not since the other night." I say as she smiles " Then I think we need to go into the bathroom and take care of this hard on." She says to me purring " Actually not right now as I want all of you there.

No more of being apart as all of us are meant to be together." I say getting smiles " Awww baby." They all say in unison We go back the our loves to keep them as comfortable as they can be. It was about a few minutes later that Renee said she had to go home for the baby bonnets she wanted our newborns to wear.

We told her they could wait. She said no as she wanted her babies to have them to wear. I wasn't going to argue as she gave us each a kiss before leaving as I slap her ass getting a squeal. She left taking the SUV as I suspected. I felt good as I had those that I married and loved back in my heart.

I went between Jasmine and Diamond trying to keep them comfy as Jessie was with Tiffany as Allison was with Hannah. " Baby I wish you could fuck me right now as I need you." Diamond says as I rub her belly " I know beautiful, but I don't want to hurt the babies." I say as she nods " I know baby and plus I am so horny from my hormones. Give me your dick baby let me suck it." Diamond says licking he lips " No honey I will let you after ok." I say with a chuckle " Your no fun, but ok as I love sucking your cock." She says surprising me " Um guess I came at the wrong time to check on my favorite ladies." Their doctor says from behind me " Sorry doctor it's just." I say blushing as she giggles " No it's ok Heath I might let you ' Help them' in a bit, but I need to check them out." She says starting with Diamond sitting in the chair between my wife's legs " So how much longer doc?" Diamond asks slowly rubbing my crotch with my back to the doctor " Not long I say your at a 7 once you hit 10 we will be ready." The doctor says as I smile " So I could give my husband a blow job as my loves licked my pussy." Diamond says surprising everyone " DIAMOND!" We all say loudly in unison " No it's ok Heath I have heard worse.

I am a woman after all I know it's because of their hormones. I wouldn't mind watching all the fun." The doctor says smirking " Um is that suppose to be inappropriate?" Allison asks getting a giggle " Yes but when you see vaginas and tits all day you get horny, and yes I am a lesbian. I love pussy." The doctor answers as I chuckle " Um doc I hate to say it, but I was a lesbian at one time until I met Heath. It was until last August that I was then I became bisexual." Hannah says with a giggle " Wait your telling me that Heath made you bi?" The doc asks getting nods " Yep and what a way to become." Hannah says smiling at me They talk for a little bit until I get a weird bad feeling.

I don't know why but I get up making my way out of the room. My wives yell for me, but I keep going until I get to the family. I go straight to Uncle William. " Heath what's wrong son?" He asks with concern " Can you and Aunt Debra go to the beach house and check on Renee. She has been gone for to long to just get the babies their bonnets?" I ask seeing him look deep in my eyes " You think she might me in trouble?" Aunt Debra asks me as I nod " Yes I have this bad feeling something isn't right." I say with worry in my heart " Well go just make sure our grandbabies wait for us honey." Aunt Debra says as I nod " I'm going also as I don't like what I am feeling either." Aunt Gina says with a stern look " Ok let's go I need to get something to eat anyway." William says with a chuckle As they started walking away I felt a hand on my right arm.

I turned to see it was my mother looking up at me with worry in her eyes. I shook my head as I shrugged her hand going back to my wives to be with them. I loved my mom, but was still very upset with her and the others. As I returned to the room I saw the doc between Hannah's legs checking her to see how long it will be.

I went to Diamond taking a seat on the bed. She placed her hand back on my crotch to get a chuckle. I missed her hands on me that I was getting hard at that moment. " Doctor said after she leaves I could take you in my mouth." Diamond says shocking me " Um ok." I say before she responds " But there is a catch baby.

She wants a baby of her own. She doesn't trust the sperm at one of those banks." Diamond says as I turn to see the doctor right there by us " Ok um I thought you were a lesbian. You don't normally like a man?" I ask seeing her nod " Your right, but your wives and loves have told me how much you are a caring and loving man. I want to trust you Heath to give me a baby of my own. You won't have to worry about child support of raising the baby.

It will be in good hands," She tells me with a grin I think for a moment feeling Diamond undo my jeans. She has me raise my butt up to take them down.

I hear mmm's and a gasp. " Oh my he is huge. My girlfriend's and my dildos are not that big." The doctor says as I chuckle " We told you he is huge and can touch all the right spots." Hannah says as all my ladies giggle " Yep and the way he fills us is so amazing." Jessie says as I see all my loves nod " Well if he does as you say I might ask my girlfriend to join in. She is the bisexual of us." She says as Diamond starts to stroke me " Why wait doc?

Why don't you take him for a test drive right now while you suck my clit?" Diamond says shocking us all " You nympho." Jasmine says with a giggle " Slut." Diamond responds giggling in return " I don't know if I should without Carla here." The doctor says as Diamond shrugs " Oh well I tried. Baby get up here so I can get you off." Diamond says before I feel a hand on my arm " Wait.I guess seeing is believing right." The doctor says before going over to lock the door As Diamond stroke me we watch the doctor start to undo her skirt letting it fall then slowly take her panties off.

She motions for me to get in the chair between Diamonds legs. " Renee, Allison pick a pussy to eat while I get our man some tight wet pussy." Diamond says as I make it to the chair and sit The doctor takes my cock in hand before lowering her pussy down on my dick.

" OH GOD.MMMM." She says loudly moaning before leaning forward to start on Diamond ============================================================ William's POV: After gearing up and opening the front door with my gun drawn. I lead Debra and Gina inside.

I motioned them slowly as we walked in. It was quiet for a moment until I heard a loud scream of NO coming from upstairs. I quickly made my way to the stairs signing to Debra to keep Gina back and to draw her tazer out. Debra nodded pulling her cattleprods out. She whispered to Gina who just nodded staying close to Debra. I made my way up hearing loud moans and pleads for help. That bastard Jaime must of snuck up on Renee. Heath's gut feeling was right one of my nieces was in trouble.

I made my way down the hall as Debra and Gina caught up with me. I motioned them to stay halfway down. I went further hearing crying as I went a bit faster. Once to the open door I looked in the see Renee flat on her back with Jaime thrusting into her.

Renee looked at me as I motioned for her to stay quiet.

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She winked letting me know she understood. I could see her eyes were red from crying. I motioned for Debra to move closer. I holstered my gun quietly to figure how to get Jaime off someone so precious to my son.

Once Debra and Gina were to me I had them take a peak. Once they did I could see anger in their eyes. I motioned for Debra to get on the other side of the door frame so Renee could see her. Renee thought of Debra as a second mother just as was Savannah and Megan.

So I had to save Renee on all counts. I made my move getting closer as I heard Jaime. " OH FUCK.I"M CUMMING!" He says loudly thrusting deep into Renee " NOOO.!" Renee screams as I make my move tackling Jaime off of Renee Jaime and I hit the floor struggling.

I hold him tightly. " GINA GET RENEE! DEBRA GET THE RESTRAINTS AND CUFF THIS RAPING MOTHERFUCKER!" I yell as they both comply " I WASN'T RAPING HER SHE ENJOYED IT CONCEIVING MY BABY!" He yells as I see Renee covered in a sheet getting up as Debra handcuffs Jaime Renee looks down at Jaime with venom before kicking him in the balls.

" Sorry to tell you, but I am already pregnant with Heath's baby asshole." She says shocking us all " No you can't be.I.I." He says until cut off " I am asswipe. Actually 2 weeks by the calender." Renee says while Gina holds her " Aww I am going to be a great Aunt again." Gina says smiling until she looks down at Jaime before continuing " I hope it's a boy as this nephew is disowned. Jaime I never want to see you again." I throw him off me to get up to secure him again.

" Uncle William can you hold that fucker while I douche the bile out of me so my baby has room to breathe?" She asks me as I look at Debra and Gina " It's ok baby you can turn your head. Jaime is the one that has to watch his dream come to a end." Debra tells me as I do seeing Renee drop the sheet to go to the bathroom with Gina following her They return as Renee has a smile on her face as she goes to Jaime and squats over his face and ejects all his cum into his face.

I turn as my love and Gina help her clean herself as she squats again as she lets the residue out. " Ok now my baby's room is clean." Renee says sounding happy I just chuckle thanking Heath for beating Jaime to the punch. I can't believe I didn't get here sooner. I just hope Renee could get through this and Heath helps by keeping his love for her strong. ============================================================== It was a long delivery for Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah as each had twins.

Tiffany had a boy. The nurse came over and asked Jasmine what she wanted for names for our two daughters. I nodded to her as she answered. " Tina Faye Thompson and MaggieMay Ellie Thompson." Jasmine answered getting awwws She then went to Diamond to ask her about her twin girls.

" Verna Kikoa Thompson and Jackie Tessarosa Thompson." Diamond answered while holding our daughters as I look over to see Jasmine in tears " What's wrong Jasmine?" I ask as everyone looks at her " Rose is my middle name.

My mother always called me her little rose." Jasmine answered with a smile " I know darling momma Faye told me." Diamond says with a smile It was then Hannah's turn as she held our twin boys. " Adam Jack Thompson and Christopher Michael Thompson." Hannah says smiling up at me Then last it was Tiffany's turn.

She looked at me as I nodded as I already knew what name she picked. " Anthony Michael Thompson." Tiffany says holding our son " Thank you ladies and I must say you have the most beautiful babies I have seen in a while." The nurse says walking away to do some paper work " I second that." I heard a familiar voice come in saying I turned to see it was Renee.

She ran to me hugging me tight. I returned the hug as I felt tears on my chest. " Renee you.you ok darlin?" I ask see her look up at me " I will be in a few days my love with you holding me, but hold me now for a few minutes.

As I need to feel your love." She tells me as I do as she asks I see the others looking on concerned until Aunt Debra and Gina walk in. " Please tell me you got there in time." I ask having that bad feeling " No honey we didn't.

He just finished before William could get Jaime off her, but she douched right in front of him after saying she was already pregnant which congrats on that." Gina tells me as I shake my head holding Renee closer to me " Thanks, but where is the little fucker now?" I ask seeing a smirk on Debra's face " Oh he is down in the van all secured and gagged.

William is going to treat him special as he chose the wrong family to fuck with." She tells me as I see Gina nod " He isn't going to hurt him I still care some for Jaime." I say getting shook heads " No hun William said there has been enough of that. Jaime just got on the wrong path.

Just know Jaime won't be around here anymore. We know some guys that will deal with him as they feel the same way as William does on rape." Debra tells me as I sigh We talk for a bit longer until Gina takes Renee to get checked out. Renee says she will be back after she gets tested as she didn't want to catch or spread anything to us. After they leave I take a seat to let my wives nurse our babies. Allison and Jessie help while I think of all the past few days have brought.

It was at that moment I heard a voice speak. " Roof.NOW!" It said as I looked up with wide eyes " Heath baby you ok?" Tiffany asks from her bed that was closest to me " Yeah I am ok, um be right back in a bit I need some air." I say getting a few nods " Hurry back baby I think your daughters want their daddy." Diamond says to me as I leave I get out the door to see my family all asleep. I look to see one person gone. My heart sinks as I don't see my mother.

I look at the door to the roof to see it ajar. I make my way past it and up the stairs again. I feel my stomach turn hoping she is ok.

I run as fast as I possibly can. When I get to the roof I look around to see a shadowy figure close to the edge. I make my way quickly to hear mom's voice. " Please my love Greg forgive me as I can't live no more." She says making me stop as she continues " Watch over our babies and grandbabies from heaven as I will watch them from hell." I watch as she takes a few steps to the edge extending her arms out.

I watch as she tilts her head back as I quickly get to her, but have to slide on my stomach as I catch her wrist. She looks up opening her eyes to see me. " LET ME GO! LET ME DIE!" She yells up at me to let her go in which I don't " NO MOM WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME!" I yell trying to pull her up seeing her legs dangle beneath her " Because losing my son and not seeing my grandbabies would kill me.

And I have lost you as your eyes don't shine no more. I hurt my baby so I shouldn't live."She tells me hitting my hand trying to make me break my hold as I pull her up to the edge I use my strength to get my mother back on the roof. I then get her sitting between my legs to only hold her. We sit there catching our breathes while I think of what to say.

" Turn your head and look at me." I say as she doesn't " Why so you can tell me how much I hurt you? Or tell me you don't want me anymore? I love you Heath so much. I would do anything you ask of me. I would be your slave for the rest of my life just to make you happy with my mouth, ass, and cunt.

Oh god Heath I am such a bad mother for hurting you." She says making my heart break " Look at me momma. Please look at your baby boy." I say asking her again as she slowly turns in my arms looking up at me " What?" She asks while I look in her eyes in the light that is coming from the street " I am sorry for leaving you. It's just I had a nightmare that became reality in my mind.

I love you mom with all that I am. Please don't leave me like this." I say holding her in my arms as I start crying " Please don't leave me." " Oh god baby." She says getting on her knees to face me to only hold me as she continues " What kind of dream did you have that hurt you baby?" " One that became a nightmare.

The way yesterday morning happened was just like my dream." I answer feeling her hold me tighter " My poor baby boy. Momma will never hurt you again my darling. Just don't leave me baby never again I need you, my daughters, and grandbabies." She tells me as I hold her close to me I broke the hug leaning back.

I placed my right index finger on her chin having her look up at me. I leaned in to kiss her lips as she place her hands on my shoulders. My mother returned to hug letting out a moan. She broke the kiss a few minutes later looking up at me. " You.you sure you still want to keep that relationship going?" She asks as I stand up only to help her up " Yes mom I do, but first how about we go see the babies." I say seeing her smile Getting up and helping my beautiful mother up to her feet.

I take her hand leading us back down to see the babies that are new to our family. Once in the waiting room I look to see the all the family awake. I think for a moment before walking over to them with my mother following holding my hand. I see my family looking at us both wondering what is going on. " First off the girls are fine with seven new little ones with smiles." I say as the room breaks out with cheers " Wait seven how?" Selena asks making everyone else catch it " Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah had twins.

Jasmine and Diamond girls while Hannah had boys. Tiffany had a boy." I say as I see them all go wide eyed " Holy Shit three sets of twins?" Jack says counting on his fingers " OHHHHHH Uncle Jack said a dirty word." Lindsey says running to him slapping his leg before continuing " Bad uncle bad bad." " Sorry honey it just slipped out." He says getting her to giggle " So what are their names son?" Papa Ricky asks being curious " Well Jasmine's oldest is Tina Faye named after the two moms in her life.

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The youngest is Maggie May Ellie after the three main ones in my life." I say seeing Faye, Ellie, and mom crying " Aww she remembered her promise." Momma Faye says as the moms go to her " Who remembered what honey?" Tessa asks while Faye smiles with tears " Jasmine told her mom at the funeral that if she ever got pregnant and with a girl she would name her after my sister." Faye says making all the women smile I see Verna at that moment looking at me.

" Wait.what about the rest of us Heath. We have been in your life or are you still angry with us not to let us be in our grandkids lives." Verna says while Ellie and Kiko hold her as she cries " Well I was getting to that.

Diamond's oldest twin daughter she named Verna Kikoa and the youngest Jackie Tessarosa." I exclaim seeing wide eyes " Awww all us moms got named after." Verna says with tears and a smile " Ok what about the boys?" Nate asks as I smile " Well Hannah's oldest is Adam Jack but AJ for short and youngest Christopher Michael." I state seeing Adam, Jack, and Chris all look at each other before they high five one another.

" We got named after, We got named after." The three start dancing around getting the family to laugh " Ok guys don't let it go to your heads jeez." Kaye says getting agreeing nods " Oh I'm not sis I just think it is a loving moment." Adam says with that genuine smile " So what about Tiffany's son?" Papa Ricky asks as I see his eyes show deep curiosity " Well papa Ricky don't get mad, but she named him Anthony Michael." I say waiting for him to go ballistic Papa Ricky looks at papa Mike and Chris before looking back at me.

" Ok then the next one she has better be Ricky Nathanial." He states before Papa Nate looks at him intently " Bro you know I hate my birth name." Nate says getting a smile and nod " Yes I do, but what other name would you have the next grandson to go by Natey?" Papa Ricky says as papa Nate just lowers his head shaking it " Fine." He says with a chuckle " So is it safe to go see them son?" Papa Mike asks getting a shrug " We will go check papa." I tell him before looking at the moms who are huddle together I turn to look at my mother who looks up at me with a smile to only see her nod.

I then let out a sigh before look at the ones that have been mothers to me. " Moms would you like to see your grandbabies? I am sure they want to see you all." I say getting surprised looks " You sure baby as we don't want to make you mad." Momma Ellie says getting a nod " Yes I am sure momma. Look like I told my wives and mom. I had a nightmare the night before all the mess started.

When I woke you all were around the bed just like my dream. I guess I thought it was all real and not a joke. I am sorry I jumped again like Disney." I say seeing all their eyes before they all ran to mom and I I am hugged by all of them at the same time from all sides. " We are so sorry baby we never meant to hurt you darling." Momma Jacqueline says with tears " She's right honey we just wanted to have a little fun, but it back fired on us." Momma Verna says also with tears " Grampie Nate what is going on?" I hear Karen asks papa Nate " Well honey your grammies did something that hurt your daddy, but now everything will be better as they are making up." He states as I hold my mothers with love coming back to my heart " So we kids can hug them again grampie?" Dakota asks with concern " Yes son as they were always you grandmothers." I hear papa Mike say before hearing some running then a collision The kids make the mothers break our hug to only be picked up and hugged between the moms.

" So you ready to see your grandkids?" I ask getting nods before turning to lead them in We went in to see Jasmine still holding Tina and Maggie. I led my mothers who a few of them held my oldest kids and Lil Heath. I introduced them all to the newborns that were either held by their moms or held by Jessie or Allison.

All the moms broke down seeing the new life that they almost never did. They let the kids down only to separate to hold the new kids that entered our lives just a day after my nightmare began. Karen and Lindsey came over to me pulling on my jeans as them saying ' Pick us up daddy'. I leaned down picking them up as the boys came to stand by us. " So they are all our brothers and sisters daddy?" Lindsey asks getting a nod " Yes they are honey all seven of them. Why don't you kids go introduce yourselves.

Don't be shy they won't bite." I say getting smiles I let my daughters down as they do go as I suggested. The boy's just looked on until they looked up at me. " Daddy which ones are the boys?" Dakota asks as Lil Greg and Lil Heath look at me " The ones in blue that you grandma Verna, Kiko, and Tessa are holding." I say as I watch them all three go over to see their little brothers I went over to the chair to get some rest as my body was wore out. I guess I wasn't over my ordeal from the wreck.

As I sat there I watched as the mothers and my oldest kids started to bond with the bundle's of joy. I chuckled as Karen and Lindsey where jumping up and down to see the two sets of twin girls. Mom, Ellie, Faye squatted down so they could see their sisters. It was at that time Renee came in with Debra and Gina which they went to join the other grandmothers, but Renee came over to me only to get in my lap.

I wrapped my arms around her as she placed her around my neck. " So are you going to be ok Renee darlin?" I asked because I was worried Jaime hurt her badly " Yes my love, but Jaime did some damage to my vaginal walls. The doctor said I would heal, but to have gentle intercourse. She suggested that we do anal for awhile until I heal." She explained as I only nodded " So no diseases?" I asked getting a shook head " Nope none I am clean baby." She tells me with a smile " What about the baby?" I ask seeing another smile " Fine, but to early to know.

She said to see her in a few months." Renee states as I again nod " Good, but how are you doing though mentally?" I ask as i was scared that Jaime might of hurt her emotionally " To be honest I want you to only hold me. I just need you to love me baby and never leave me. You are all the man I want and need." She tells me as I do just that before she continues " Oh another thing what is this about in a few months we are to come see her for a weekend party?

Just you and us that are your loves and wives?" " Oh that well um you see." I try to say until Allison joins us in my lap " What it means honey is that their female doctor got a taste of our man. Her girlfriend and herself want a baby. So Diamond suggested Heath to be the donor. So when they are healed we all are going to their place for the weekend. We are to keep Heath aroused while they fuck him for two days to make sure his sperm do their job." Allison explains as Renee giggles " Wow never thought we were pimping our man out?" Renee says while I chuckle " We aren't as Diamond put it ' We are helping two woman have a family of their own'." Allison exclaims getting a nod It was at that time that Renee slid her hand to my abs.

I winced for a second making her and Allison go wide eyed. They both pulled up my shirt to see scraps along my stomach. " Dammit baby what happened?" Allison asks as I look up at them both " Well um how do I say this." I try to say until my mother came over " It was me girls I caused that when Heath stopped me from being stupid." Mom says loudly getting everyone in the rooms attention " What do you mean mom?" Renee asks being very concerned " Well I um tried to jump off the roof of the hospital." Mom says getting gasps " Maggie you tried to kill yourself?" Momma Jacqueline asks getting a nod " Yes as I didn't want to live.

After everything that happened yesterday and this morning I felt my life was no longer. I felt I lost my son, daughters, and grandbabies. Without them I idn't want to live." She says with tears while holding either Tina or Maggie May " Aww hun you have us to baby." Faye says going to her wife " I know, but losing a child would hurt worse.

I lost him so many times before and this was worse." She says as she leaned down handing my little daughter to me Mom wrapped her arms around Faye as the two cried. Soon all the moms gathered to help comfort one of their own. " Look Maggie you didn't lose him or anyone else. We are back together as a family." Ellie says getting nods While they all comforted one another Diamond spoke up while looking over at me. " Baby it's getting late. Why don't you go home and get some rest.

Spend time with the moms like before as they love you just as much as we do." She says with a sincere smile " You sure Diamond as none of you will be there?" I ask getting a nod " Yes baby I am sure.

I have no doubt the others don't mind either." My shining Diamond tells me getting smiles " Not at all as we won't be able to be with you like we want anyway." Jasmine says getting the moms to giggle " Karen do you know what they are talking about?" Lindsey asks catching us off guard " Nope as they are all confusing me also." Karen answers getting laughs " You will understand when you get older baby girl.

Just enjoy being a kid." Momma Tessa says with a smile " Ok grammie so can we go home I am hungry." Karen says rubbing her belly " Oh I knew I left something on the stove." Ellie says getting laughs " Ok let's go home and relax. Besides the rest of the family might want a turn to visit." I say getting nods in agreement Renee and Allison help me up as I held our daughter.

Before I got over to Jasmine the little one opened her eyes. I went wide eyed as I saw she had beautiful bright blue eyes. " Well I guess all the kids will have my eyes." I say as the moms come to see At that time all the babies opened their eyes. " Oh my they all have bright blue eyes. Well guess there is no doubt on who the father is." Momma Kiko says getting wide smiles After giving my wives a deep passionate kiss then my loves.

My mother took my hand in hers as Faye did my other one. We all left the room with the kids following. We went to the family who were waiting to tell them we were going home as the kids were hungry. Papa Mike looked at us intently before he smiled. " Actually why don't we take the kids out to eat while you take the your mothers home and relax. We will bring you something to eat when we get home." He states as I catch his meaning " Oh ok sure.

We'll take the SUV that Aunt Gina brought back. The rest of you can go in and visit if you want." Once I said those words my sisters and brothers ran to go see their nieces and nephews " Ok I thought we were on the east coast and not the west." Papa Ricky stated with a smile " Why do you say that dear?" Momma Verna asks as he pointed at their kids " Because that was a stampede and a half." He states getting us all to laugh I turned to my mom looking down at her beautiful face.

" You ready mom?" I ask to see her turn to look up at me " Yes baby I am, and they are too." Mom says as I see Jacqueline, Tessa and Faye smile " We get spending time tomorrow night." Ellie says as I look at my godfathers who all chuckle " Well it's good to see the stallion is back.

So what would you like son to eat?" He states getting chuckles and giggles " T bone steak with the trimmings." I answer getting laughs " Yep he is definitely back." Papa Nate says before I see my kids looking at us all " Ok I will never understand this family. I think I will stay a kid." Lil Heath says getting agreeing nods We said goodbye to our family before leaving.

I thought of how my life has been going to see that I tend to jump before getting the facts. I made a mental note whatever happened for now on to talk things out. Being hurt with sadness was not going to happen again as if I did leave I would of not seen the birth of my kids.Once to the SUV mom got on the passenger side while Faye, Jacqueline, and Tessa got in the back.

They all seemed excited at first, but then became loving. " Maggie are you sure about this honey?" Tessa asks as my mom turned to look at her wife " Yes I am baby as we all need some quality time with our son." Mom says as I start the SUV " Good because these have to come off." Tessa says as I look in the rear view What I see is her reaching under her skirt to only pull her panties off while getting giggles.

" Damn girl you ok darling." Faye asks while I see Tessa smile " Yes I am baby. Feeling Heath's love again in that hug got me wet. I soaked my panties see." Tessa says placing her panties in front of Faye who grins " Yes I see, but can it wait until we get home. I don't want our son crash hearing us make out." Faye says as I chuckle " Yes, I just wanted some air hit my pussy for now." Tessa says as I back up seeing her legs spread giving me a sight as she continues " Heath baby focus on the road behind you instead of what's yours between my legs." " Oh I am sorry just needed to see something so beautiful." I say looking up out the back " Uh huh sure baby." She says with a smile I put the SUV in drive making our way home.

It got quiet with moms left hand on my right that was laying on the console between the seats. About halfway home mom spoke up turning to talk to her wives. " Um I have a question for you three and I will understand if you say no." She says as I keep my eyes on the road " What is it baby?' Faye asks with concern in her voice " Well I have been thinking and have come to my own decision, but need to know how you three feel about maybe us being with Heath like our daughters are.

I mean we are basically in their room and bed. It's not the sex although is feels so good to have him in me, but it's that love that I crave from him. I know what I am saying is wrong, but we all have crossed that line.

I guess what I am saying is I am in love with my son on a whole new level. I want to never lose him and want him constantly, and not every so often." She exclaims confessing her heart at that moment As I turn onto our street I hear momma Tessa speak up. " Darling ever since I met you. You have always declared your love willingly. That first time we shared our hearts I could always feel the truth from you.

It's like our daughters said Heath's heart is like a fountain once you drink you want more as it's overflowing. Ever since that night I took him in me I felt that first drink and have been trying to fight my urges.

Grey was my first love and the only man to satisfy my heart, but now with Heath he takes that love to a whole new level. I would die if something happened to him. After yesterday I felt part of my heart was lost, but then tonight when he held us I felt that love come back." She says pausing as I pulled into the drive before she continued " Maggie I am like you I am in love with my step son.

I have never seen Nick or Justin in the way I see Heath. Baby I am with you in being with Heath as the only man of my heart and soul." I felt my heart warm hearing how I made the older women in my life feel. I never thought they would want me like that always.


Diamond on the other hand I guess she must of known in some odd way. " When I met Heath I told him he would never have to worry about me coming onto him, but that first time at Disney opened my eyes.

Ever since I have found myself wanting that love he holds more and more. After Henry left me I turned gay, but now I am just bisexual. But what I truly wanted was a man to love me for who I am.

I do need to confess something I have been in love with Heath since that first New Years. The way Jasmine would explain his love was like the love I wanted. I have been hiding my love for him, but I don't want to hide no more. Heath baby I love you so much and want you always. Maggie is right this is on a whole new level. We maybe your moms in the word, but in the heart we are your women as our daughters are. It's just you can't marry us baby." Faye says with tears as the moms confront her My heart feels her words fill my heart as Jacqueline speaks up this time.

" That moment on the cruise showed me what kind of man Heath is. He made it possible for Kaye and I to come together as mother and daughter. I never thought a man would go out of his way to make a complete stranger happy like he did me. From that day on my life got better. I watched him like a hawk the way he loved his women and family. When I found out that he loved African women as seeing him with Tiffany and Hannah my heart soared as I love white men. But the only white man I wanted was Heath.

I fell in love with Maggie and Faye and then you Tessa, but for a man I started to fall in love with Heath. I never thought it would happen but it did.

And that first time he entered my pussy.

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My heart raced hoping he would love me as I did him. I knew it was going to be a one time thing, but later I felt him again. He was so gentle and loving except when he fucked my ass." She explains getting laughs before continuing " Which got me to squirt so hard, but like you all say it's not the sex it's that deeper love on a higher level. Heath baby I love you and hope that the girls will let us be your women to as I don't want to hurt them or you. I have been hurting since yesterday morning and it scared me when we heard you wrecked, and the pictures made me cry all day.

Please baby don't leave me or us again." Like the others Jacqueline poured her heart out at that moment that I was speechless. I looked at each of them thinking of what to say. Then it hit me as I heard a voice that I had not heard all day. " Be with them, accept them Heath for they speak from their hearts that are true. No more hurt, no more pain shall fall onto you. These four are yours to love and care for. Love them like I wanted you to love me. You are my grandson who I love with all that I was and am in death.

Now make love to them as I love you from afar." The voice stopped as I felt goose bumps run up my back I look at the moms as they glow before I respond. " I love all four of you and think it's nice and wonderful to know that my love is what brought us together. I want the same as I fell for you all. Diamond and the others are right my love is over flowing, but if I have a whole night with 11 women I think I need some viarga." I say getting giggles " No baby no drugs as we will get you hard every time my love." Mom says getting nods of agreement " There is one thing though that you need to know before we go in." I say getting them concerned " What's that baby?" Faye asks looking intently at me " We might have to switch rooms as Jaime raped Renee tonight." Once my words came out I saw anger in their eyes " WHERE'S THAT LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER AT I WILL KILL HIM!" Momma Tessa yells staring at me " William is taking care of it.

I just wanted you to know if you see Renee act differently. I been thinking if her and I are making love the memories of tonight might haunt her to make her regret being with me." I state seeing them start to calm down " That's understandable baby. So you want to change rooms?" Jacqueline asks to only get a nod " Ok baby doll we can, but only bring you all's bed in our room. We going to need two beds for all of us if the girls are ok with us being lovers with them." Faye says getting nods " I am sure they won't mind.

We can think of that tomorrow as tonight it's us with OUR man." Mom says getting smiles " Well this is going to take some getting use to." I say with a smile as they all flash me one " Now baby let's go in and seal this next step of being together as I have an itch my man can only scratch." Mom says as the other giggle getting out I just chuckle shaking my head as all four moms walk to the door swaying their sexy asses at me.

I get out getting the key ready to open the door. Once inside Faye, Jacqueline, and Tessa make their way up the stairs with mom and I following holding hands. I just smile knowing for the first time in days that I was very happy as today brought back my happiness. The return of my loves to my heart, the birth of my kids, and the love of my mothers.

Once up the stairs and down the hall mom pulls me into their room saying that room was no more for love as it was tainted. I nodded as she leads me to the bed. " Now baby us three are going to take a shower and get clean as it was hot today. Our hairy cunts are nasty as I can smell myself." Faye says as they all start stripping " While they get clean I am going to take my baby in my mouth so he can last longer deep in us." Mom says shoving me on the bed " Wow this is going to be new indeed." I say getting laughs as mom undoes my jeans to only pull them off me over my shoes " In a hurry much?" I ask with a smile seeing her smile back " No baby just want you comfy for me.

Now take your shirt off so I can admire your body while I get you ready." She says spreading my legs taking my flaccid dick in hand I take my shirt off hearing the shower going. I hear giggles as mom starts licking up and down not taking her eyes off mine. I listen to hear the others talking. " Damn I feel like a high school girl about to get loved for the first time." Tessa says making me smile " I know the feeling as I am so wet thinking about our baby making us his." Jacqueline says as they giggle " I think we should get something tattooed on us that shows we are.

I mean damn we are his on so many levels. I am so in love with our son I feel my heart soaring." Faye says as my mother smiles up at me " I know how they feel my love. I love you so much that it hurts. I hope you are truly ok with this new relationship." Mom says before twirling her tongue on the head of my cock " Yes I am.mmmm" I say with a moan answering her " Good because I made my mind up when you saved me.

I love you my loving Heath." After she says those words I watch as mom takes me into her mouth I collapse backwards to her love that fills me. I prop myself on my elbows to watch my beautiful Maggie make love to me with her mouth. Her left hand moves up my body to only caress over my heart.

Her fingernails feel good as she lightly scratches me. Her warm wet mouth feels so nice around my manhood that I let out a moan. I can't help but feel her love flowing into my heart.

" Sounds like Maggie's taking him in her throat." Faye says from the shower " I can't wait to take him in mine. I love how he tastes and throbs in my mouth when he is about to unload." Jacqueline says making mom smile again " True but I want him to unload in my pussy branding me for life." Tessa exclaims as their words are turning me on Mom takes me out of her mouth, but keeps stroking me.

" You going to cum for me baby?" She asks to get a nod " Yesss.you keep doing.that.I haven't.in days." I say moaning as mom increases her pace " Good baby cum for momma I want to swallow all of your essence." She says taking me back in her mouth All I can do is moan as I feel my toes curl up.

I grip the cover under me as I can feel my balls turn. " Mom.I.I." That is all I can say as I erupt into her throat " Mmmmphf." My mom moans as rope after rope gets unleashed down her throat until she eases some of my shaft out I fall backward again letting my climax ride out as she keeps working my shaft.

It's not long that she gets up letting me go running to the bathroom. I don't move as my breathing is heavy. I hear a few moans before I turn my head to see Faye standing at the door way with mouth open. I see a white creamy ooze on her tongue before she swallows it then smiles. Her hair is wet as I watch her come to me. Crawling on the bed her smile warms me as Faye gets over and hover her face over mine. Looking in my eyes Faye keeps her smile before speaking to me.

" Baby is it ok if we just talk while I stroke you." She asks while I nod She has me get up in the middle of the bed placing my head on the pillow. She lays on my right snuggling up to me before moving her hand down to grasp my manhood. Her hand feels good as I turn to look in her eyes that are looking up at me.

" I love you baby so much." She tells me as I kiss her forehead " I love you too Momma Faye." I say seeing her smile " I know you do baby, but since were taking this to a new level just call me Faye. I will always be a mom, but I like it if you call me Faye sexy." She says getting a nod " Ok Faye so what do you want to talk about?" I ask feeling her slowly stroke me " Well what do you want to do to the ranch? I am sure my baby has plans for it." She asks me seeing my smile " Well was thinking of getting some horses for the family." I say getting a smile " That would be nice.

Have you ever been made love to on one my love?" She asks getting a nod before continuing " Awww then I think we will remedy that baby. Maybe just you and I the first time with you behind me." " That will be different for sure." I say as we laugh until Jacqueline and Tessa come in " What's wrong?" Tessa asks as her and Jacqueline crawl on the bed " Nothing just wanted to talk to our baby while I play with his love tool." Faye says getting nods " Actually that might be good as I don't love him just for sex.

So what are we talking about." Jacqueline says as they both move up by my hips on my left " About the ranch and what all he plans for it." Faye answers getting smiles " I had a idea, but don't know if it would be a good one." Tessa states as we look at her curious " What's the idea momma?" I ask seeing her smile " Well you know how it's so beautiful out there and all. Well how about building like tree houses for us. I mean a bed is nice to sleep in, but making love in the woods would be romantic.

It would just have to be a big tree house for all us that are Heath's." Tessa explains with a concerned look " Actually I like that. Wouldn't have to be afraid of someone watching like the beach." I say getting a smile " Exactly baby as I have been wanting to make love to you in public." Tessa says as I see her smile " How about skinny dipping? When I was younger I loved stripping down and feeling the water against only my body." Jacqueline says caressing her beautiful breast " Well there are a few ponds.

Could find one just for us." I say giving them a smile " Awww baby that would be sweet. Now I can't want to get you to skinny dip with me." Jacqueline states as I smile " I bet you can't momma Jacqueline." I exclaim getting a shook head " Just call be Jackie darling.

I will always be a mother to you, but since were like together now I just want you to call me Jackie is that ok baby?" She says with a look of worry " Yes it's ok beautiful as Faye told me the same thing." I say seeing her relax " Then the same her sexy love." Tessa says wrapping Jackie from behind " MAGGIE HURRY UP!" Faye yells wanting to feel my love fill her womanhood It's at that moment that I see my mother step to the doorway of the bathroom.

My eyes go wide as her hair is shiny and wet. Her breast have two words written on them ' Heath's Woman'. She makes her way over looking so beautiful to only crawl up to me on the bed. She straddles my hips making Faye move her hand. Mom looks down into my eyes with a smile.

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" Heath you are so many things to me baby. You are my loving son who I tried to always love. You have been my rock since your father was taken from us. You are my best friend that I can say anything to.

You are my lover and only man that will have me. Above most you are the love of my life now besides these three and our daughters. My love I give you myself fully as your woman. I want you to be my man as does the rest of us.

From this night on we are not your moms except when you deeply need us. I know society will look down on us, but I don't give a damn. I want this and need you always my loving Heath." She says reaching down taking my cock in hand lining it up to her entrance before continuing " Baby as I take you in the place I gave you life from.

I promise to always love, honor, obey, and stay faithful. I give you all that I am to never let go of. I love you my wonderful love." With that Maggie takes me into her being.

I feel how wet she is as she looks down at me. Her hips start to slowly rock back and forth. Her eyes have tears, but her smile tells me is of happiness.

Faye just cuddles up to me as her, Jackie, and Tessa just watch this union. " Does it feel different baby?" Faye asks getting the others to listen " Yesss.he feels like a husband.I could.ride him.make love to him.and fuck him all night and day." Maggie says moaning to answer " That is true love right there god I feel the same." Tessa says smiling at me " Heath baby you have us forever darling." Jackie tells me as I place my hands on Maggie's hips " Heath my love.I love you.mmmm.but.I need you to fuck me as you make love at the say.timeeeeeee." Maggie says tilting her head back " She's cumming baby flip her she needs it fast and hard." Faye tells me moving over I flip Maggie and I as her legs lock around my hips once on her back.

Maggie places her hands around my neck. Looking up in my eyes with a smile she speaks. " Take me baby.oh god.fuck me my love." She says moaning as I do I place my lips over hers as I thrust deeply into her making us moan. I feel my heart race as I take the woman that is my mother.

I love her so much as I feel my eyes water. It's not long that I break the kiss. I raise up as she moves her hands off my neck. " Faye baby lay on me with your tits upward." Maggie says with a moan " You sure darling?" Faye asks peaking my curiosity " Yes.mmmm.right there.baby." Maggie says as Faye moves positioning herself on her wife " You ok my other love?" Faye asks getting a nod " Yes.now Heath baby.I want you.to make love.to us like this.Tessa, Jackie.do like us.I want our baby.to mix.our juices together.the one he cums.in is the one of us that makes us.all become one." Maggie says as I pull out of her then thrust into Faye " OH FUCK!.Mmmm baby." Faye says as Tessa and Jackie smile moving in position Jackie laid her back on Tessa who was underneath holding Jackie.

" Were ready darling our legs are open for you." Jackie says as I smile with tears " Heath what's wrong baby?" Tessa asks as I shake my head " Nothing just overwhelmed.

I have four woman that love me along with seven at the hospital." I say with a grunt " Aww baby we will always love you." Maggie says as I move to Tessa " Mmmm that was nice baby.

Maggie rub my clit I need to cum bad." Faye says as I reach over to rub her as she continues " Mmmm thank you Heath darling." I just smile as I make love to Tessa who moans.

After 20 minutes of making love between the four I feel myself about to erupt. I chose the one that I need to have my essence to make this love sealed. I take my dick out of Jackie and move over to Maggie. With one swift thrust I enter back into her for the 6th time. She holds Faye close to her as I make love to Maggie while leaning down to suck on Faye's right breast. Both of them moan as I raise up quickly thrusting for one last time into my beautiful mother.

" OH MAGGIEEEEEE!!!!!" I moan yelling as I empty into her " OH GOD.HE IS CUMMINGGGGG.INTO MY WOMBBBB!" She yells as I tilt my head back grunting " Damn that is so sexy." Tessa says as her and Jackie move to get on either side of me " That's it baby fill her womb. Seal our love forever my loves." Jackie says as I do It's not long that I pull out as Faye gets off Maggie.

I sit back on my feet seeing my mom cover her pussy. " Need to keep it in please help me Faye." Mom says with tears Faye gets up running to the closet. She comes back a moment later placing something up in mom's pussy. Once her hand moves I see it's a butt plug. " Thank you darling so much." Mom says with a smile while she cries " Maggie it's not like you can't have kids. Why you want to keep his cum in you?" Jackie asks with concern " I know I can't, but if I know our love has given birth to something wonderful it will grow." Mom says as I chuckle " Well I have to say if your all were pregnant.

I would love you and the kids very much." I say getting smiles " Awww baby come here and hold me." Maggie says as I lay next to her " So who gets the honor to clean our loves cock?" Jackie asks as they all look at each other " Actually keep it like it is.

I like have my womens juices on it as telling me they love me." I say as each of them smile After that we all laid together. Mom moved to lay on top of me. Faye returned to my right as Jackie to my left. Tessa spooned up to Jackie. We all talked about the future and all that they wanted to do with the girls and me. It was around midnight that Ellie came in with a smile shutting the door quickly.

She came to sit on the bed saying our food was in the fridge. We nodded as she looked at me seriously. " Heath thank you for letting us see the babies.

I want to ask." She states until I cut her off " Tell me tomorrow momma Ellie, but just know your very welcome and I love you also." I say with a smile as she nods leaving with a giggle The rest of the night was filled with love as I made love to each of my four older women once each before we went to bed with love in our hearts.

As I slept that night I felt my mom kiss the spot over my heart saying she loved me. At that moment I knew life would be different, but like mom said I don't give a damn how others thought. This is my life and my way of loving them and my wives and loves. And if anyone had a problem with it well all I had to say is let their family betray them and see how their life felt in the end in which this was the beginning.

To Be Continued.Love came back and three more will feel the love of a son, The kids hold their siblings for the first time