Hairy Redhead Masturbates With A Dildo

Hairy Redhead Masturbates With A Dildo
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Ok this is a revised posting, I hope you enjoy, if you have any comments or feedback I will appreciate it. Many thanks. Jennifer and mark part 1 Rachael was working her street, slowly sauntering around the same patch of ground. The air was slightly warm and the odd patch of drizzle bounced off the payment.

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It was about 21:30 when a car pulled up alongside the pavement. Rachael straightened up her blue denim mini skirt, fluffed her soft delicate auburn hair out and approached the car. Unlike Rachael's normal customers the car was a Porsche Boxster with a 07 plate. Rachael noticed this immediately and taken this as an opportunity to make more money.

Rachael approached the drivers' door, the driver calmly wound down the window.

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Rachael lent forward showing her ample cleavage she asked "you looking for fun tonight?" " come in, take a seat and we will talk business." The driver said with a reassuring smile. Rachael was slightly bemused that he hadn't asked her how much she charges or what's on offer, but decided that she needs the money and got into his car-believing money was no option with this client.

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The driver was only to be known as Mark. Mark asked, "What services do you offer?" Rachael replied "for half an hour and then a lift back to her street, I will offer anything you want and depending on what it is I will charge accordingly." "Ok" said mark, "I will be honest, I would like to take you back to mine, give you a bath, then I'd like to take explicit photos of you, film you, and also offer you a bed for the night." Rachael said "Wow, ok, err, I never stopped out for a night before but it will cost you." Mark glanced over and casually asked "How much would that then cost for the pleasure?" Rachael sat for a moment thinking about the car Mark was driving.

"Call it £500 for the night." Mark replied "it's a deal" and drove off. Rachael asked "where do you live?" Mark replied, "I live near the marina in a studio apartment overlooking the river." "Wow one of the new builds, you must be very wealthy?

What do you do?" A brief silence fell and Mark replied "I'm actually retired; I came into wealth through the lottery." Rachael was now in awe and wished she had charged more. Mark asked Rachael "Do you have any kids?" Rachael replied "Sadly no. "I've come up here looking for work after falling out with my parents. Too avoid being homeless I have to do this to pay the rent to my landlord, who to be honest hates me and has been looking for an excuse to evict me." "Why is that?" asked Mark.

"He thinks I'm a waste of space because I've came from London and don't have a permanent job also I'm now two weeks behind on the rent." It was now 22:00 when they arrived, in the underground parking lot. Mark took Rachael by the hand and led her to the lift. Whilst they were in the lift Rachael was looking up at the numbers counting up 1…2…3… the door opened and Mark said "it's just down this corridor." They got to the door and Mark typed in a key code and entered.

The apartment was made up of 4 rooms, one bedroom one open planned kitchen one living area and finally a bathroom. "Let me take your jacket for you" said Mark, as he placed the jacket on a hook. Mark then continued. "I would like you to have a bath, I will leave you in peace until you are done and I will get the camera's ready." "Ok" replied Rachael and she went into the bathroom.

As she soaked in the bath Mark knocked on the door and said "I have a drink of wine for you to help you relax." The wine tasted strange to Rachael however she accepted the kind gesture and drank. Little did she know mark had drugged her, as she dozed off into a deep sleep, Mark entered the room and smirked. Mark now knew, she was his. She had no children no family and she wouldn't be missed, this was an advantage. He pulled her out of the bath and dressed her again.

Knowing that there was no camera's in the vicinity. He dragged her through the hallway by her upper torso and went into the lift.

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Once at the car he drove to the marina and parked into the marina's dimly lit car park. Mark then took Rachael out of the car and carried her to his luxury boat. Once he reached the boat Jennifer was waiting for him and she stood in the moonlight wearing a black dinner dress and said "You've took your time, is this my present?" Mark looked up with a sleeping Rachael in his arms and said "yes this is her." Jennifer replied "well hurry up its cold out here." As he struggled up the boat Jennifer opened the doors to the boat living area, Jennifer said "take her down to the spare room and tie her up I will sail the boat out of the marina and then we can start to celebrate." Mark entered the spare room, he placed Rachael on the bed and handcuffed her wrists to the corners of the single bed, and her ankles shackled to the bottom of the steel bed.

By the time Rachael had come round the boat was already thirty miles out at sea, and no one else was out at sea that night apart from the stars glistening in the moonlight. Rachael knowing she was somewhere different started to call out for help.

Jennifer looked at Mark and said "Now the fun begins!" as Jennifer entered the room she turned on a dimmer light and in the faded light a groggy Rachael asked "Who are you? What is happening?" To which Jennifer replied "shh, if you play nice you'll be fine if you don't then I will make you play nice." Jennifer pulled out a box from under the bed and bed an taken out a 4inch razor sharp blade and said "I don't want to hurt you, but scream, or try to escape and I will, you are about 40 miles out at sea in a boat, there are two of us here so just don'tnow are you going to do what I say?" Rachael silently nodded.

"Ok" said Jennifer, "Here is your outfit for tonight." Jennifer pulled out of the same box a black satin thong with matching bra and stockingsshe also pulled out a leather collar and said, "Wear that round your neck at all times and come to join us as soon as you can!" With that Jennifer unlocked the handcuffs and taken the box with her including the knife to the upper deck, where she told mark that Rachael would be up shortly.

Rachael walked up the stairs to the living area from the lower deck cowering herself and begged "Please don't hurt me, please let me go." Jennifer said "Hush, come here now and kneel before me." Mark stood there, content with watching this young girl begging and with an evil grin said, "I'll go and get the camera as Mark went back down to the lower decks in search of the camera." Rachael said to Jennifer "Please I beg of you, please let me go" Too which Jennifer replied. "No darling you are going to pleasure me and be my personal sex toy, you will do what I want, when I want and I will do to you anything I please.

Now I'll let you in on a secret come closer." Rachael cowardly shifted across the floor whilst wiping her tears away and lent close to Jennifer. Jennifer then whispered "You are going to lick my pussy and you have to be damn good, or you will be punished." Mark returned with the camera and asked Jennifer, "Is she going too?" Jennifer smiled and said "Oh yes this pretty little thing is going too." Jennifer stood up and unzipped her dress, the dress slipped off as if it were silk her beautiful figure was now on display.

She then instructed Mark to place the camera on the table and zoom in on Rachael. Jennifer went and sat on a leather couch and spread her legs in front of Rachael.

The reality hit Rachael like a lightning bolt, she knew she was trapped and understood it may be best to accept her fate. Rachael looked straight ahead and seen Jennifer's wet shaven pussy in front of her, with this Jennifer became in patient and grabbed hold of Rachael's hair and pulled Rachael deep into her crotch and shouted.

"Lick, bitch! If you stop licking you will know about, get your tongue deep inside!" Rachael accepted there was no way out and did as she was ordered. This went on for the best part of 30 minutes, and Jennifer complained. "I'm getting bored of this position." Jennifer pushed Rachael's head back. Rachael's face was covered in Jennifer's juices. Jennifer then demanded Rachael to lie on her back, as Rachael did this Jennifer straddled over her face and eased herself onto Rachael's face.


Whilst in a 69 position. Jennifer looked at Rachael's helpless body underneath her, and shouted.


"Don't forget to lick my arse!" Rachael was crying more than ever but did as she was told. Jennifer then started to slap Rachael's pussy through the satin thong.

With every slap Rachael's body flinched and the tears were still coming. Jennifer then ripped the thong apart and said "ouch there's a lot of pubes here!" Rachael was unaware what was coming and Jennifer said "Mark position that camera facing me with a close up of this cunts hairy snatch and bring some tweezers I'm going to pluck every hair out!" Rachael carried on her licking and was rimming Jennifer's tight arse hole, Jennifer moaned in pleasure.

Mark positioned the camera and handed Jennifer the tweezers.

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Jennifer started plucking, which caused more twitching but silence from Rachael. After 15 minutes her pussy was almost bare apart from the sheet of redness what colored her delicate skin. Mark said quite reluctantly but with remorse in his voice. "I think she has had enough." Jennifer sternly replied. "Well you can go to bed if you want, but I and Rachael still have some more games to play." Mark said "Ok I'll leave you be, just remember to let her have some rest as I'm wanting my fun." As mark went to the lower decks Jennifer instructed Rachael to find a vibrator in the box of toys, as Rachael went towards the box Jennifer said "Oh and get a second vibrator as well." Rachael took a big gulp and shouted.

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"No!" Jennifer replied "ooh what's the matter, if you refuse I will force you to play and you don't want to make me upset do you?" And with that Rachael pounced on Jennifer and pinned her to the floor. Jennifer fought back and over powered Rachael.

Hearing the commotion Mark raced back to the living area and threw Rachael off Jennifer. Jennifer stood up and said. "Right that's it, I want her on her knees, lent forward and her hands cuffed to her ankles now, this bitch is in for a fisting.

I'll get the gloves and the lube, here's the cuffs do it now! Oh and I'll get a gag, as she will be screaming." Rachael tried to struggle but it was to no avail Mark's strength was to over powering. Jennifer came back up and said "I hope you're ready for this. I'm going to fist your arsehole." As Jennifer rubbed the lube on her latex glove, Rachael started to beg "Please don't, I swear I won't disappoint or disobey again I promise." Jennifer replied "I know you won't disappoint me again but I have to teach you this lesson." Jennifer then without warning placed two fingers up Rachael's arse, rotating her hand to loosen up Rachael's her tight hole.

Rachael was bucking and crying but to no avail. Jennifer taken her fingers out then increased to three fingers then four then eventually five, Rachael was crying with agony still begging.

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Jennifer then said to Mark gag her now with that ball gag. Jennifer removed her hand and watched Rachael gaping arse contracting then delved her hand into Rachael's tight hole. Rachael eye's were closed tightly her face was red with pain, tears started to stream down her cheeks.

Jennifer then shouted.

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"Are you happy now? Have you learnt your lesson?


You want more or have you had enough?" Jennifer then said to Mark. "Take out the gag." As Mark untied the gag Rachael choked and spluttered. "Please stop, I beg of you." Jennifer slowly pulled her hand out and took off her latex gloves. "Now for you troubles, before you have your rest you are going to suck Mark off now!, "mark untied the cuffs and dropped his trousers and pulled out his hard throbbing cock and sat down for Rachael to suck, Rachael carried on sucking until Jennifer said "mark fuck me in the arse and Rachael I want you to lick my very wet pussy now!" To be continued………&hellip.

Jennifer and mark part 2 and 3 have also been done under my author title. To view click on my name. Also please feel free to pm me