Mature gay fucking in a toilet movies Victim Aaron gets a whipping

Mature gay fucking in a toilet movies Victim Aaron gets a whipping
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The father sat at he desktops chair. Lately he and his wife have grown apart.

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She had let herself go and eventually he made excuses not to have sex more and more. So he found himself astray. He started watching porn more and more. But today, was a very special day. He was scrolling down a porn site when he say a video with a small white girl having her ass fucked by a black man.

The title read "daughter raped by intruder". He was already stroking a 7 inch hard on, but seeing this he felt like steel. He continued to watching for two minutes of her ass getting smashed brutally. Then the camera panned around and he came to the view if her face. She looked like she was in extreme pain, but the father just continued to watch with his jaw dropped.

In front of him was his 19 year old daughter. But he still felt horny as hell, so he just kept watching. He started to get a interesting idea. He started to craft a plan. A plan to finally score in almost two years. He shut the porn off and dialed his daughter number.

She answered to a happy, "hey daddy!" He replied with a quick answer saying, "hey baby, would you like to come home for a week, it's my treat." The line was silent for a minute until she answered with a enthusiastic yes.

She would fly out from Denver in about 4 hours. With that in mind he began to make arrangements for his wife to be out of town on a, "special spa treatment". With that taken care of he went to his garage and found several feet of nylon. He set it under her old bed and went to the kitchen mixing sleeping pills with some strong vodka. With that he waited. Several hours later he heard a knock at the door, he went to it and unlocked it smiling at Ashley. She gave him a tight and long hug which let him get a great view if her fitting little ass.

They sat and talked for awhile.

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He offered her a drink which she greatly accepted. He grabbed a bottle of vodka. And pour her a large amount without watering it down. He handed her a glass and she quickly gulped it down.


After about an hour of drinking she got drowsy and he helped her to bed. He kissed her goodnight and left the room. After two hours he came back and tried to wake her up. Fortunately she was laid out, and would be so for several hours. He took out the rope and tied her down. He cut her shirt off and gagged her.

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Then he waited until she would awaken. Slowly her eyes drifted awake, then they suddenly shot open. She tried to move around feverishly.


He stood above her looking at her small, yet firm boobs. Her perfectly proportioned tits. She looked at him and screamed, but the gag prevented anyone from hearing. He smiled at her devilishly. "You will be my bitch, just like you were on those videos.

I'm going to treat you like the whore you are." Her eyes widened at his words. He didn't waste time looking at her. He ripped her jeans off and looked at her soft pink underwear. She screamed even more.


He grinned at her and climbed up her chest. He took his pants off down his hips and let loose his massive erection. Her eyes widened again as he shoved his dick down her throat. There was not warned just fast and vicious thrust repeatedly down her throat. She loudly gagged and started spitting up saliva. He pulled out quickly and slid off her bed taking his pants off completely. With her gag now off she looked at him pleadingly. "Please dad please.

Just let me go." He smiled and said, "oh honey. We're just getting started. ". He put her gag back on and ripped her pink panties off. He sniffed them taking in the aroma of her pussy. He looked down at her pussy and dropped her under wear. He slid his dick into her, she didn't squeeze his dick very tight but damn it felt amazing. He stopped for a minute just enjoying the pleasure. Then he looked deep Into her eyes and hammered away. Every time hitting her cervix, each and every time this happened he would here a loud and quick yelp from Ashley.

He kept going for several minutes before he pushed in completely and began spurting several streams of cum into her belly. He pulled out and saw his cum trickle out of her pussy. He left for several hours until he found her sleeping again. He went in and un-tightened her right arm, giving her an attempt at freedom. He went and bolted the windows.

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With that he grabbed all the clothes and left the room. Lastly he set up a trip wire outside the door. He sat in the shadows. Waiting. She awoke again slowly.

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She felt her right arm dangling slightly. Ashley started struggling to get free and eventually got her right arm undone, then she got her left. After that it was decently easy to get her legs out. She tried the windows first and found them bolted. She crept to the door and walked out. She thought she was clear until she tripped on the wire. Within 2 seconds he was on her. With her completely naked he easily spread her ass cheeks and forced his dick into her ass, taking his time he slowly pushed in, all that time she was screaming with all she was worth.

By then the neighbors heard all the commotion and had called the police. With Ashley on the ground he lay'd on top of her crying.

He felt a the tight walls of her anus squeezing on he wide penis. He took his dick out to the head and slammed it just as fast back in. He took it out again, then he repeatedly slammed it back in faster and faster as she cried and screamed. He heard foot steps, he looked up just at the police kicked open the door, rushed in tackling him off of her. A young officer grabbed Ashley and pulled her away putting a towel on her back.

The scene fades away with a image of the man being driven away in a police car.