Marathi Wife Boobs pressed softly

Marathi Wife Boobs pressed softly
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My Dad's Leftover It has been a rough year for me this year. First I left my fiancé of 2 years, my grandmother passed away, had another failed relationship, lost my job, and to make it worst I was force to move back in with my dad. My mom died during child birth, and my dad well, let's just say I have never really liked that man. You see my dad is 48 years old and has always had a thing for younger women.

I am surprised he has never been arrested in the past because he was 18 years old when he met my mom who was 14.

I was born 9 months to the day that he met her. Go figure right.

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My name is Michael Allen and I am 30 years old. I have blue eyes, and average build, and I keep my blonde hair cut as a buzz. As I have said earlier I was force to move back in with my dad and he likes younger women. He likes them, brings them home, fucks them, and then moves on. In a way my dad is a player. I doubt the women really care because you see my dad is rich and he does leave them with some money for their services.

These women are not prostitutes but random girls my dad picks up, mostly college students who are drunk when my dad meets them. Every weekend my dad woos a new girl, fucks them and then runs away before they wake up. Sad part is he does it at our house and I have to not only hear it, but deal with the women the next morning. The women come down, see me but not my father, and are upset at what happened. Most of them don't have a way back to the college so I have to give them a ride home.

I pretty much have seen all times of women come out of that room. Some of them are pretty nice and very good looking. Some of them were actually friendly with me and hoped that my dad would give them another night of pleasure since they just wanted sex not a relationship. Not one of them has even bother to give me a second look.

That is until the last week of the of the fall semester. It was Sunday morning and it was my weekend off. I knew my dad had gone out the night before because I heard him come home with a girl and I heard them going at it. While I was cooking breakfast, that's when she walked in. She was a beautiful Chinese girl. She had long jet back hair that stopped at her waist, and black eyes that anyone could get lost in. "MMM smells good Jeff" she says as she walks into the room, "Oh sorry I thought you were Jeff" she says when she sees me.

"Sorry but no I am his son Michael or Mike if you like" I tell her. "Hi Mike, I am Yuan, where is Jeff?" I look at her and I know I had to tell her the truth, but I wasn't sure if she could handle it.

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"Umm Yuan, what do you know about my dad?" I ask her. "Well I don't know much. I met him at a party last night. He seemed really nice.

I wasn't even planning on going home with him, but someone told me I should loosen up and have fun. So I came home with him." "I see, well I am afraid to tell you this but he used you. You more than likely are just another notch on his bedpost as it wore." "That's impossible; he told me I was special" "I'm sorry Yuan; He just wanted sex from you.

You are just one of the many girls he used. Did he leave you anything, money perhaps?" "Yeah he left me a note and 100 bucks, why?" "That's his signature. He pretty much used you like a prostitute." "NO" Yuan yells as tears start to form in her eyes. "I am so sorry Yuan." "My parents warned me about guys like him. I just never thought he would do that. I mean as of last night I was a virgin and now this. I thought he loved me" Yuan confesses as she starts crying.

I rush to her side and wrap my arms around her and hold her tight. She buries her face on my chest and cries. "I really wish you did not have to meet him. He is an asshole and I hate what he does to women. Here sit down and let me finish making us some breakfast." "I'm sorry Mike, I am not hungry anymore." I just want to go home.

"I can understand. Here let me get my keys and I will take you home.


"Thank you." I drive Yuan back to the college. Along the way I talk to her to keep her mind off of my father. Come to find out she is a med student and hoping to be a doctor one day.

I tell her how I just recently started at All Saint Helpers. An organization that helps takes care of the mentally disabled.

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We also learn that we have a lot of things in common in terms of music, movies, and other things. Once we get to the college, Yuan is no longer sad, but laughing.

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"Thank you again Mike" Yuan says. "You're welcome Yuan. I wish we never met like this, but should you want to ever talk I could give you my cell number." I tell her.


"That would be great Mike. I really would like your cell number. Not many people enjoy the things I do," I give her my cell number and had back home. Later that night I gets a call from Yuan once again thanking me for taking her home.

We talk about a getting together and hanging out next weekend and having a Harry Potter Marathon. Over the course of the week we talk every night. I can't help but enjoy talking to her and look forward to talking to her every day.

When Friday comes around, Yuan calls just as I got home from work asking if I would like to come over to her house, to start our Harry Potter Marathon. I drive to her parents place two towns over from that college. I arrive and walk to the door. I no sooner rang the doorbell when Yuan answered.

She is wearing sweat pants and a red spaghetti string top. God does she look so beautiful. "Hey Mike come on in" she tells me.

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I step into the house and she leads me into the living room. "I know you probably haven't eaten yet, and I haven't so I was wonder if you wanted to order some pizza and wings?" Yuan ask me. "Are you kidding, I would love that." "How does a Supreme pizza and some mild wings sound?" "Sounds yummy to me" "OK, I will place the order while you make yourself at home" I sit on the couch and wait for her to come in.

My wait wasn't that long and soon we were on the couch together and kicking off our marathon starting with the sorcerer's stone. About 30 minutes into the movie our food arrived and we went to get it.

I offered to help pay but Yuan said no and told me to take everything into the living room. We sat and ate, talked, and watched our movie. "Thanks Mike for coming over. My parents decided to go to China to visit my mom's family there and leave me here for school." Yuan tells me. "It's no problem. I am happy to help you. I am surprised they didn't want till you were done school though" "That's because they value my education most of all.

Plus, my mom's parents don't really know me that well. You see my mom hasn't been home since before I was born and my grandparents don't have that much money to come here to visit. My Step-dad does make good money and for Christmas offered to pay for them to come here, but they wouldn't, so my mom and dad went to visit it them.

Being a Caucasian American Male my dad hasn't been there. I offered to stay behind because I am planning on taking winter classes." "Oh I see." "Yeah plus I get to spend time with a great guy, namely you" "Oh that's so sweet. I am glad to spend time with you." "I'm glad and you are sweet as well." We go back to watching our movie and soon the first one is over. She gets up and takes the DVD out and puts the second movie in.

As she come sits back on the couch she sits closer to me. As soon the movie starts I put my arm around her and she cuddles up to me. Part way through the movie she looks up at me and smiles, I smile back and then I moved in for a quick kiss. "Oh I am sorry I shouldn't have done that" I said as I quickly pull away. "No, Mike you should have, I have wanted to kiss you all week. You are the opposite of your dad and I have enjoyed talking and spending time with you. " "Really?" "Yeah, now come here and kiss me like I know you really want to" she tells me as she kisses me deeply and passionately.

I return the kiss just as deep and slowly slide my tongue into her mouth. Yuan moans softly as I pull her closely, wrapping my arms around her petite body. We spend about 20 minutes making out on the couch, before she gets up and pulls me with her. Together we walk up to her room and she lies on her full size bed. I join her on the bed and continue our make out session.

I slowly feel her hands sliding down my body she starts rubbing my slowly hardening cock. I roll on my back and I feel Yuan's hand undoing my jeans.

I undo my jeans and slide them down. Yuan slowly takes my cock in her hand and smiles. "So much bigger than your Dad" she starts licking my cock slowly with her tongue before taking it in her mouth. Not all of it, but just enough to cover its mushroom head while she uses her tongue to tease it while it is in her mouth. This starts to drive me crazy. "My God Yuan, that feel so good" "I am glad you like it. Yours is the first cock I have ever sucked. I hope I am doing a good job." "Trust me sweetie you are" Yuan goes back to work on my cock as I take my shirt off and rest my hands on her head.

I don't force her down my shaft but I do help guide her head up and down on it. Within no time her inexperience mouth has my cock ready to blow. "Shit I'm going to cum" I warn her. As she continues to sucks my cock and uses her right hand to jack it fast. I explode in her mouth. Despite it being her first time sucking on a cock she manages to swallow it all. "You taste really good Mike. I do hope I can do that again." "You can do it anytime you would like to Yuan.

Please let me return the favor" Yuan slowly takes off her top, revealing her sweet wonderful 32B size boobs. Her nipples are hard, about the size of a dime. She drops her sweet pants showing me her black thong before dropping that to the floor as well. Her pussy is shaved and looks so yummy. Yuan lies on the bed and spreads her legs. I kiss her sweet lips and work my way down her body, stopping to suck on her nipples, teasing them with my tongue.

I make my way down to her ever so wet pussy. I like up her juices before sliding my tongue deep inside. I hear Yuan start to moan as I slide my tongue out and suck on her clit. I reach up and begin to play with her nipples before sliding my tongue back inside her pussy.

I have been with about a dozen girls in my lifetime and ate each and every one of their pussies. None of them compare to how good Yuan's pussy taste. I can help but lose control on it while I eat it. I ram my tongue in deep and hard.

Yuan's hands grab my head as she starts to grind her pussy into my face. "Mike, shit I about to cum, make me cum all over your face baby. Oh Shit I'm Cummmmmiiiiinnnng" Yuan moans and stops grinding her pussy into my face. I can feel her juices slow out of her pussy and I lick them up as fast as I can. "WOW Mike, that was wonderful. I never knew I could cum so hard" "You haven't seen nothing yet" I tell her as I kiss my way up her body then kiss her lips deeply.

Her hand slides down my body and grabs my hard cock and aims it at her tight opening. I slide in slowly; she is so tight I feel like I am sliding my cock into a hole half the size of my cock.

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Finally my 5 and a half inch cock is buried balls deep into her pussy. I kiss her lips again and slowly start working my cock in and out of her pussy. Yuan begins to moan. "Oh My God, Yes baby fuck me, fuck my tight pussy good please. I love the way you feel inside me, so much better than that other guy." I slowly speed up my pace. Even though I just came, her tight vice like pussy as me ready to cum again.

"Yuan I'm going to cum" "Cum inside me, I don't care if I am on the pill or not. I don't want you to take that wonderful cock out of me. I want to milk it with my tight pussy" I couldn't hold it any longer. My cock explodes again for the second time within her pussy. The explosion is enough to cause Yuan to cum. Her pussy tightens up even tighter if that was possible.

My cock feels like it is about to snap off from it.

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Yuan's eyes almost roll into the back of her head. "Mike, oh wow. I take it back that is the hardest I have came." Yuan says. I continue to slowly fuck her pussy, before pulling out.

I have her roll onto her hands and knees where I return my cock back into her pussy. I fuck her pussy hard and fast doggy style. Yuan can't help but moan.

I hear her moan something in Chinese and reach down and starts to rub her clit. With my hands on her hips and increase my speed as fast as I can go. "Mike please, let me ride you" Yuan pleads I lay on my back and Yuan mounts me.

I place my hands on her tits and tease them as she starts riding me hard and fast. I plant my feet on the bed and start pushing up as she comes down. For what seems like a small taste of heave we fuck. I feel my balls getting ready to release their sperm.

I jam my cock into her pussy hard as I cum again. I can feel Yuan's pussy tightening again as she cums again. It's too much for Yuan as she collapse on my chest. The sweat is pouring off of us and our breathing is hard and fast. We look into each other's eyes and smile before Yuan passes out.


I lay there holding her and thinking about what a great girl I have. A few minutes later Yuan wakes up. "Sorry I must have passed out." She says. "It's ok. You looked so beautiful" I tell her. "You're cute too.

You are so much not like your father. You really do care about a girl don't you?" "Yes I do. I think I am falling for you Yuan." "Me too Mike" Yuan slowly slides up and kisses me deeply and I kiss her deeply. We get under the covers and cuddled up together. We are both spent from fucking that we just fall asleep. My last thought before the darkness of sleep takes me is that I have found the most wonderful girl in the world.

It is a shame I had to meet her the day after she fucked my father.