Paid teen fucks for cum

Paid teen fucks for cum
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The last group fuck Joy had got real kinky, I turned up to see her being fucked in the ass by a dog, and soon we both got fucked side by side by the dogs and totally enjoyed ourselfs, so when the chance a rose we set up another meet and told Steve to make sure the k9s came along too.

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This time I got time off work, Joy and I got ready to arrive around lunch time, we had also sent out sms to our guys to let them know about todays fun and extra kink, lots of replies told us we would be kept busy today.

Joy wore a short dress, that came of as soon as we pulled up in the long drive way, Lots of cars already there, showed us guys were eager to join in. On opening the door, Steve nearly shot his load right there, Joy walked in, hands lifted her of the ground and placed her on the bed set up in the main room, I followed, to see the first cock begin to fuck her pussy as she swollowed down her first cock. I had a small bag with some toys in it, just in case we needed extra kink.

Steve's dog was laying nearby, first I wanted to be fucked to open my ass ready for his long cock, so finding a willing guy took him deep in my wet butt and fucked him hard, pumping down onto his manhood got my juices going. It wasn't long before the doorbell was going wild as more guys turned up, Joy now impalyed on three cocks, I think two might have been in her butt, and one in her pussy, I was to busy to see clearly, as more cocks took my ass for a ride.

I sniffed the amyl, then as the first cum load filled me, I told one guy to fist me and get my ass really open for the dogs cock, one hard push and he was in, his fingers worked my anus and caused me to shout out loud as a huge anal orgasm took over my body.

I also saw the other dogs arrive, so now Joy and I could play, so I waited until the guys fucking me had thier fun, and knelt over the bench, Steve brought his dog up, now knowing what to do, he jumped straight up this time, and with some help from one fof the guys his cock found my ass ready for him.


My mind went wild as he fucked me long and hard, I took more amyl knowing his knot would soon follow, but I held my ass cheeks tight wanting him to take longer to fuck me, and he did, some 20 minutes or so, then I wanted that feeling of him being knotted with me, knowing when he does his sperm will follow.

One good push and his knot went in deep, and soon after he growled, shooting me full of dog cum, my belly felt it going up and causing presssure inside me, but the anal orgasm were so strong, my mind lost in a world of pure sexual want. Joy was now being fucked by one of the other dogs her orgasms also going strong, as guys face fucked her while her body was filled by dog cock. My dog turned, back to back, pulling his knot causing me to orgasm more, each time he pulled away his knot and cock rubbed inside me, hitting my g spot, I know last time I had nearly as many orgasms after he had cum in me as during the fucking, and this time was the same, then after 5 minutes or so, a loud plop signalled his knot had come out.

I put my hand over my hole, trying to keep as much cum inside as I could, then seeing one of the guys who had eaten me and Joy out last time a dog had cum in us, I lay him down, sat with my ass over his face and let it all go, he was covered in dog cum, he ate a fair amount of it, as I went down licking and fingering it off him to eat it myself, my ass was used by another guy whilst I knelt there, his cum soon added to the mess on his face, as we both rubbed it in us.

Joy's dog had now cum in her, and was back to back with her, I went over laying under her pussy, I saw his knot buldging out her anus, it wouldn't be long before I got his cum, as I licked her clit she shot out a loud orgasm, just as he managed to get free, gallons of hot dog cum shot out, flooding my mouth, I lost sight of her, as my eyes filled with cum, then her hole was pushed up against my mouth as more cum ran free, drowning me in sticky fluids.

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Then as Joy and I slowed, I asked who wanted to try more kink, I had spoken to Steve about water sports and he said he was game, Joy led the guys of to the bathroom, Joy knelt down, my cock aimed at her face, slowly my pee streamed out, hitting her and splashing her boobs, Steve was first to join in, his pee also shooting over her face, so I knelt down and others joined in, we both got washed off, then I told a couple to hold off, bent over and got them to piss inside my ass, streams of cum and piss shot out as he let loose.

Joy also took several guys in her pussy and ass, before a nice shower got us ready for more fun. The action started again, we both got dp'd and fucked in every way possible, I took a good fisting as guys used my mouth to empty thier balls, then it was time to take another dog and have fun, this time I asked who wanted to try dp me with a dog, a strange look came on most of thier faces, but one guy said ok lets try.

I laid him down, near the bench, then slid his cock in my ass, Steve brought over one of the dogs, he licked us both as the guy in me fucked away from under me, then with a bit of coaxing he jumped up, his cock not able to push in because my ass was so tight, so I told Steve to help him get the tip in.


We were soon rewarded with a nice tight fuck, his cock started its journy in, inch by inch he fucked me harder, and faster. The pressure of two cocks in me made it hard for him to push all the way in, so lots of amyl later and now with a nice relaxed hole his cock went in, now the knot was banging my cheeks, would I be able to get that in too, I sure was going to try.

I let the dog fuck me for some time, my ass getting more used to the feel, the guy under me just about ready to blow, so I told him to hold off, I wanted him to feel the knot in me too.

So once more some good hard sniff's of the amyl and his knot went in deep, my eyes watered as both began to jerk and quirm around inside my hole, the guy now having a real hard time holding off cumming. I told him to hold off, it will be worth it, as the dog shot his hot doggy sperm inside me, that was it, my ass took his cum too, as both let fly, I couldn't stop my orgasm, shaking wildly but still trying to keep them both inside as they flooded my bowels with a mix of cum juices.

When his cock softened, the guy slipped out, a look of pure bliss on his face, the knot still held firm in my ass, as the dog turned back to back, another orgasm shot though me, forcing some cum out. I waited, knowing soon his knot would drop out and release his cum. I asked if any one would bring me a good mouth full of doggy cum to eat, the guy under me swung around saying he would like to taste it, for 5 minutes we waited, then plop, his knot fell free and the cum ran out, my ass just above his face, he took most of it, I then moved laying down as he brought it up for me, my mouth open he dropped a huge load of hot dog cum for me to eat, as he did a cock filled my ass and fucked me quickly adding more cum to my body.

I saw Joy, she too had just been fucked by a dog, and was waiting for him to drop free, so moving over I got ready, knowing his cum was going to flood my mouth as the knot came loose.

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I was ready and waiting, and plop. my mouth filled with fresh dog cum, Joy sat back, her butt now against my mouth as she pushed more out, I gagged but managaed to take it all, I wouldn't need food for some time, his sperm filled my stomarch. A cock went deep in her ass, fucking her hard then as he cum, some went in her, he pulled out and shot the rest over my face, I licked his cock dry as he went soft. Kneeling back up, I shoved my fist right into Joy's ass, she jumped but orgasmed as I moved around inside her, causing more anal orgasms for her, my hand well lubbed by the cum left in her, another cock moved up, I told him to push it in with me, he did, another orgasm raced though her body as we fisted and fucked her.

I felt his cock jerk, then his sperm lubed my hand once more as his balls empitied into her bowels, quickly replaced by another cock who very quickly did the same, removing my fist, this time I move up, sucking her hole to eat thier cum from her, Joy shook as I made her orgasm once more before letting her go.

Remmbering our toys, I pulled out the extra long double ender, and sat on it, some 18 inchers went deep inside me, its about the size of the inside of a toilet roll, so when I get that right inside I know it, my orgasm hit me, riding it hard my orgasm took control, I was pumping this dildo in and out as fast as possible, then wanting more.

I grabbed our bigger dildo, also around 18 inchs long but much fatter, 3 inches across, with some lube, my ass devoured it. I was sniffing amyl to help me ride this mother, I have never quite got it fully in me, as it is so fat, the last 2 to 3 inchs always stayed out, my ass was on fire, amyl once more helped relaxed me, as I sat down now it was time to go for broke, asking three guys for help, I got two to hold me under the arms, and the other took my legs, more amyl and I was set.

They lifted me up and down, with no way to stop my decent they had me going crazy, my ass fuller than ever, I was so close to, then asking another to give me more amyl, I held tight, telling them all to let me drop fully onto this monster, only my own anal muscles would hold my body weight up.

They did a count down 32 , 1 and let me go, my eyes blurred as my full weigth fell onto the dildo, my anus was really on fire now, I sat just off the ground, all my weight now excerting pressure inside my anus.

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Still It held off, not quite fully home, my eyes watered as the pain and pure plessure raced though me. So I told them one more try, heaps of amyl and I was set, arms lifted me up 3,2 ,1 and down, this time the dildo found its way in, my mind blacked out for a second as the pain hit me.

I was sitting on the floor, this dildo had gone, my anus so hot it hurt, the amyl once more helped to relive the pain, then the plessure started to take over, a small shudder ran though me, as I moved up some, and slide back down, each time more plessure than pain now.

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Again the amly helped me, as I rode this monster harder, each time my orgasm took my mind for a ride, as the guys watched in shook, I was lost, for once I felt my anus was as full as it would ever be, and was I enjoying it, going faster with each thrust up and down.

It was shortly after I saw Joy watching me, she had used this one in our strap on and knew I couldn't normally take it all, cocks began to fill my mouth and feed me thier juices, as I took my body over the top endless times. Then just as quickly, I jumped up, dropping the dildo out, my ass to hot to touch for awhile, as a cock pumped me full of cum, I didn't think he would have felt the side's after that big mother had just come out, but he made a lot of noise so he must have enjoyed my ass.

Now I wanted more, holding two arms up, I sat down both slowly working my anus to get their fists in, once more the amyl came to my aid, as inch by inch they both went in, first one then the next, I told one to push further up, to take the place of the dildo, his fingers worked well as his elbow began to touch my butt cheeks, the other fist still just inside me. After a few good pushs he too got more in, but then with one big lunge, I jumped up, pulling them both out, my anus on fire with feelings.

I asked who wanted a pee, saying thier piss would cool my ass off, and headed to the shower, several cocks and stream's of piss cooled my ass, ready for more fun. Joy was taking 3 or 4 guys at once, her butt leaking cum, as guys took turns, it seemed most wanted anal, as a lot of wifes don't or won't do anal, so when they get the chance to fuck her now, her butt takes more cum than her pussy, but each orgasm told me she loved it all.

All the guy's we invited are bi, and fuck us both, a few that Steve knows are straight, but ok with me there being fucked, so when I can, I try and get them to try male anal too, some now enjoy my ass as much as Joy's, saying its mind over matter, with thier eyes shut, they wouldn't know a guys ass from her's.

As the night now drew on, some guys were sitting around watching, thier cocks empty, so I asked Joy to fuck me with our strap on, the large vibe went in as my orgasm sang out, Joy rapping my ass hard showing the guys how she likes to fuck me silly, soon she got the big mother and put that on, my ass still sensitive took it slowly, lots of amyl, and Joy went wild, it wouldn't quite go all the way in again, but as always did the trick, my mind going crazy as she fucked my body raw.

Now it was time, a good amyl hit and I push back as Joy plunged in, that did it, it was in, Joy held still, my body shaking wildly in this postition as orgasm after orgasm rocked me.

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Slowly she worked it, not taking it out but just pushing it harder into me, each time I orgasmed, kneeling like this made it more intense, and knowing she was fucking me helped too. Then she pulled it out a bit, a feeling of relive flooded me, then wham, back in, I fell forward some, she followed, pushing it harder still.

moving slowly we got going, my butt filled like never before, Joy taking great pride in making me cum more and more, until to much, I fell forward again, this time Joy fell with me, every inch and more going deeper still, I screamed out, a huge anal orgasm quickly followed, then I blacked out for a few seconds.

Joy held my head, kissing me tenderly, as I came too, my ass so hot from the fucking she had just given me, as I moved a cock went in, fucked me and cum, the guy saying it looked to good, I gripped his cock tight, surprising him, after the dildo, milking him for all his cooling cum.

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We both took a few more guys, then with time getting on, most guys had to leave, so a quick piss session and wash off, Joy and I said our good byes, asking Steve if we could meet him for more fun soon, and his dog, he was more than happy to say yes.