Lesbian intimacy of two pussy lickers

Lesbian intimacy of two pussy lickers
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When I picked up the phone, Kath was on the other end. "Mel, darling! I've just had your paintings back. I chose gilt frames and they look absolutely stunning." I had delivered the three paintings to Kath as soon as Roger and I arrived back from France. She was absolutely thrilled with them and immediately phoned up about the framing while I was at her house. But now she was effervescent with delight. "You'll never believe what a difference the frames make to the triptych Mel," she enthused.

"When can you come over and see them?" We had visitors coming for a meal that evening so I said, "I'm going to be busy this evening but I could come over for an hour or so this afternoon." I could feel her frustration even over the phone. "Oooh Mel. An hour or so wasn't really what I had in mind.

Can't you come over for longer? Pleeeeese!" I then remembered that Roger had to go to London the following day to discuss the design of some point-of-sale literature with a publisher client. He'd certainly be away for one night, possibly two. "Abby is coming around for coffee tomorrow morning," I said. "And I have my life class in the afternoon, but I could come over tomorrow evening." "Great!

Absolutely great" she yelled. Then, rather more hesitantly, "Will you be able to stay the night?" "Yes, OK. Roger won't be home until the following day at the earliest." "That'll be wonderful, darling. I can guarantee that a good time will be had by both of us." As I put the phone down I rather fancied I knew exactly what Kath meant by that.

When I arrived the following evening, Kath greeted me in her usual enthusiastic way by throwing her arms around me and giving me a long kiss. This always got both of us off to a good start. "Thank you for coming over, darling. It's so good to see you again. You look as marvellous as ever - good enough to eat - so prepare to be eaten." Then she took my hand.

"Come and see your paintings. I loved them when I first saw them, but now they've been framed they look terrific. I've had them hung on the wall just where we decided they'd look best." We walked down the hallway accompanied by Kath's two gorgeous Persian cats which she'd aptly named Clit and Pussy. We chatted as she led me in the direction of her huge, marble-lined bathroom.

The large bath was set on top of three marble steps and, as we entered, I could see the triptych hanging on the wall opposite. I must admit that the gilt frames really did enhance my paintings and made them look rather special. "Oh, Kath! They do look good hanging there together don't they.?" "Absolutely!" she enthused.

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"And you remember why I wanted them just there." I gave a little laugh. "Yes. You said you'd be able to lie in your bath and gaze at my naked figure when I wasn't here." She looked me straight in the eyes and smiled warmly. "Mmmm That's right. But you're here now, so I have the best of both worlds." I walked slowly across the line of life-sized paintings, looking up at them as Kath followed me. When I reached the last one she came right up behind me, put her arms around me and whispered in my ear: "Would you like to view the paintings from the bath, darling?" I ran my hands lightly along her loving arms, then turned around to face her.

Kath's penetrating look told me she wanted me. I took her face in both my hands and kissed her. Then, deliberately summoning up my sexiest voice, I said, "There's nothing I'd like better, my love." Hand in hand we mounted the three steps to the bath and I noticed it was half full of water with a layer of bubbles on top. She'd evidently planned ahead. Along each side of the bath was a small marble cupboard and a matching shelf. I kicked off my high heels, took off my dress and placed them on the shelf.

Kath watched me smiling. "No undies I see," she said with some delight. "It always seems a great pity to me that, with a figure like yours, you have to wear clothes. Mmmmm. and shaved too!" "Flatterer!" I said, quickly looking down at the marble floor. She lifted my chin and looked me lovingly in the eyes.

"Oh, it's not flattery Mel. I think your figure is stunning." "I'll be honest," I replied. "I know you prefer me shaved. And, after all, if you are expecting a picnic it's a good idea to mow the lawn." She bent up with laughter, and when she'd recovered she took my hand and led me towards the bath.

"Let me help you in." As I turned to face the bath she put her hands on my hips, then, slowly she slid one hand up to cup my breast and the other down between my legs to fondle my bare pussy.

She kissed the side of my neck and whispered in my ear, "Mmmmm. I can feel your body starting to sing." I stepped into the bath, sat down, and rested my head against a hanging padded cushion as the warm water enveloped my naked body. Moments later, Kath was undressed and sat by my side. "You see what a lovely vantage point this is when we look at your paintings?

For some moments we both stared at them. She broke the silence with her comments. "I love the way you arranged the two end figures to look inward and slightly down towards the reclining figure in the centre. And I'm so glad I chose those three poses. They show you in three different moods. The standing one on the left makes you look slightly shy as though you were caught naked and unaware. The standing figure on the right is so different; self assured, hand behind your head and your gorgeous breasts thrust out.

Let me sit behind you so we both get the same view." Kath sat close behind me so that I was between her outstretched legs and leaning against her.

"I think it's great the way you've painted your nipples erect." As she said this, Kath ran her wet hands over my breasts and moulded my nipples with her fingers. As they became larger, I could feel her nipples hard against my back. "Do you like the very dark backgrounds?' I asked as I ran my hands along her legs. "Yes, quite definitely.

The dark backgrounds throw the figures forward. "I particularly like the way it contrasts with the pink drape in the centre reclining pose. You look as though you might be about to roll over onto your back and open your legs." As she said this she ran her hand down over my tummy and between my legs where she stroked my opening vagina lips and gave my hard clitloris some further stimulation.

Now it might sound crazy to say that, while I was sitting in the bath I was getting wet, but I was getting wetter by the minute. I'm sure you know what I mean. As I let my head fall back on Kath's shoulder I gave quiet groans of pleasure as warm sensations started to move down my legs. "Mmmmm I love getting you sexually aroused," she whispered in my ear. "That makes two of us," I murmured dreamily as I closed my eyes. I felt Kath move and open one of the marble cupboards. "And now for a little surprise," she said.

I opened my eyes and saw that she had several black things dangling from her hands. They looked as though they were made of rubber or leather. "What are those?" I asked dreamily. "Tub cuffs," she replied. "What are they for?" I asked.


"Let me show you." She took one long strap and fastened it firmly around my wrist. Then she did the same with the other. While she shuffled from behind me, I held up my arms and could see that a sucker dangled from a short chain. Kath took them and dipped them under the water. "They work like this," she said. Then she pressed the suckers onto the sides of the bath.

"Now try to move your arms," she said. I pulled and pulled as hard as I could but my arms were stretched out to my side and I couldn't move them. She held up the other two cuffs. "Now these fit on your ankles, like this." With that she strapped them both on my ankles and then pressed the suckers onto the sides of the bath, and no matter how much I tried, they wouldn't move. I was sitting naked in the bath with my legs spread open and my arms fastened out wide - and in the company of a very attractive,naked and sexy older woman.

What more could a girl ask for? Kath knelt between my spread open thighs and lifted my head up to kiss me. I responded to her insistent kiss by opening my mouth, and her tongue immediately flashed inside. Our tongues danced together as her wet hands slid down over my shoulders and onto my breasts. She plucked my nipples between three fingers and my wetness increased. She screwed her fingers first one way then the other as my hard nipples responded to her ministrations.

Then she dropped both hands down between my outstretched legs to fondle my shaved pussy; one squeezed my erect clitoris whiled the other penetrated my vagina and continued with long thrusting movements. As my head rested on the pillow I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of my whole body being on fire. "Oh, Kath! Ooooooh! Aaaaah! I'm going to come any second." "Good," she replied. Then she bent forward licking my lips with her tongue as she kissed me again and again, the tempo of her hands growing faster all the time.

I was panting and my mouth was wide open in ecstacy.

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Then whoosh! I came and experienced the welcome relief as my head fell forward. I remained in that position for a short while breathing deeply. At the same time I was aware of Kath moving to the cupboard again.

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When I raised my head she was kneeling in front of me smiling and holding something behind her back. "I've got a special little surprise now - just for you." I was curious. "What is it?" She held it up high. "A vibrator!" I yelled. It was light grey with a flat base and a long mound running along the length with a protrusion in the centre.

"I don't think I've seen one quite like that before. What does it do?" "It's a water-proof and water-driven vibrator. I'll tell you what it does; it drives you absolutely crazy." Once again she squeezed in behind my back and our naked bodies nestled close together.

Kath deliberately brushed her hard nipples across my back as she shuffled into position. She put both arms around me and moved her hands down between my outstretched legs. Everything between them responded readily as Kath pushed the protrusion and the mound up inside my vagina lips and pushed the base down on the bath so that suction kept it in place. It felt so firm, so cosy and terribly yummy. Then she switched it on and I felt the warm water bubbling along the sides of the mound and opening up my vagina.

It felt like little fingers massaging me inside - incredible! Kath swept her wet hands up my body and cupped my breasts, gripping my hard nipples between two fingers as she squeezed and released alternately. All the while her mouth was near my ear flicking her tongue inside and whispering lovingly.

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For the second time my body felt on fire, but little did I know what was yet to follow. Kath once more slid her hands down between my legs and by holding the vibrator and pushing her fingers onto my clitoris she enhanced the vibration I was feeling there. She moved her fingers about until I was burning inside. I pulled at my restraints in ecstacy but I could not budge.

Then she pressed my vagina lips firmly on the vibrating rubber to increase the sensation. My eyes were closed but my mouth was wide open, panting with lust as I freely perspired in the steamy atmosphere. Kath whispered in my ear, "Hold on, darling. You're REALLY going to enjoy this bit." She then did something which caused the bubbling water to jump up into the protrusion, whirl around and then run out again.

This gave me the sensation of a deeper penetration. She turned the speed up so that it happened quicker and quicker. The feeling was indescribable. I arched my back onto Kath's shoulder with short screams of delight which echoed all around the marble walls. I was panting and so hot I could hardly breathe. I could feel the veins standing out on my forehead. I turned my head desperately towards Kath and opened my mouth. She forced her tongue inside, and that did it.

Everything inside me seemed to pump the juice out of my pussy in aching bursts. I lost count of the number. Then, with my back heaving, I slumped forward, my hair dripping into the water. Kath undid my restraints and we both turned to face each other, our arms and legs entwined. We just clung there for several minutes with neither of us saying a word.

Then I drew my head back, looked her in the eyes, and, having regained my breath I murmured softy, "Ooooooh Thanks darling. That was absolutely incredible. You certainly know what to do to my naked body." She wiped my damp hair away from my face. "The feeling was mutual Mel. I came too." I stepped out of the bath and began to dry myself on the large bath towel. As I did so I caught sight of myself in the huge mirror at the back of the bath and noticed that both my face and my pussy were bright red.

"We'll leave our clothes here," said Kath. "I'll see to them in the morning." We walked slowly down the steps and out into the corridor, naked, with an arm around each other's waist.

I suddenly noticed a door at the side of the corridor which was set back several feet and painted black. I looked at it idly and asked, "What's in there, Kath?" She smiled broadly and leaned over to kiss me on the forehead. "Ah!

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That's my secret room." I was all attention. "Ooooh. I like secrets. What's in there?" "Umm.


well. all sorts of things which. I think. you'd enjoy." I was now consumed with curiosity. "Can I have a quick look inside?" I slowed down as I asked, expecting her to agree to my request. But she pulled me forward. " Er. not now darling. But I'll make you a promise.

Next time you visit me I'll take you inside and show you everything." I glanced over my shoulder at the black door. "Oh, you are crafty. Now I can't wait to come again." "The sooner, the better. But now I want you in my four-poster bed." I remembered the four -poster with the four carvings of naked girls holding up the top. But the way Kath said those words, I rather fancied that there was one naked girl who wasn't going to get much sleep.