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Lucie Masturbiert In Engen Strümpfe
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Michael wakes up from the voice of his mother calling his name for dinner. Being only half awake, he starts to think that the whole thing with Maria was all just a dream.

He rubs his eyes, looking around his room, and immediately realizes that it was real. A huge, satisfied smile forms on his face, and he starts to remember about everything that happened. Up until this point, he had no idea what he had been missing out on. It was the greatest pleasure he had ever felt. Every single detail of the sexual experience filled his mind. The way her body looked and moved, the feeling of her soft pussy as it surrounded his hard cock, the cute noises she made as he thrust into her, and the pure satisfaction of releasing inside her.

It was like nothing he'd ever known. And he wanted more. Michael went downstairs and joined his family for dinner. His mom, dad, and sister, had already started eating. They could all see the expression on his face; he looked at least a hundred times happier than usual.

His parents knew what was up, but his sister wasn't home at the time, so she just figured he was being weird. Michael's sister, Sarah, is sixteen years old, and one of the cutest, and nicest girls you could ever know. She is always a real sweetheart to everyone around her, but is still capable of being a fighter when she needs to.

"So. Michael -- Who was that pretty girl you had over?" his mom asks. "Oh, uhh, that was Maria. She's in my class, and I was just helping her with her homework." Both his parents glance at each other with sideways smirks.

His dad touches him on the shoulder, and stands up, signaling for him to follow him. They walk into the other room, while his mom, and sister have their own conversation. A few minutes later Mike and his dad come back into the dining room, and Michael's face is now red, as he was just informed that the entire neighborhood overheard him losing his virginity earlier.

"Don't forget what I said," his dad goes on. "And don't be so embarrassed -- for crying out loud man. Had you NOT done what you did, I think I'd have to disown you." His dad was kind of jealous, actually.

They sit back down, and the family enjoys the rest of their dinner. The next day at school, Mike meets up with all of his friends during the lunch break, (except for Steve, who has been away from school the last few days.) He tells them all about everything that had happened with him and Maria.

And of course none of them believed him. "You're going to sit there and tell me, that Maria, the really hot chick in our class, came over to your house last night -- just to fuck you?" Ted questioned. "And you have the nerve to keep a straight face while telling us this. Wow man, wow." "I know you think I must be lying, but I'm serious. You can even ask my parents, they know." "You told your parents this? What the fuck is wrong with you?" "No, they heard--" Michael stops mid-speech, and stares behind the others.

They all turn around to see what was up. Maria herself had just come into the cafeteria, and was walking towards them. All their eyes go wide, and they watch as she approaches, expecting her to turn and sit at another table. But she keeps coming closer, and closer. Pretty soon, there's nowhere else she could be walking to. She comes right up beside Michael, and hands him a note, smiles, and then walks away, and back out of the cafeteria.

They all look at each other for a moment, then immediately get up and rush over to see what the note says: --- "Michael, meet me at my house after school for something special. Here's my address: XXXX XXXXXXXX." --- Reading the note made Michael's dick tingle a little bit.

Meanwhile, the others all have their mouths hanging wide open. Mike just smiles, and slides the note into his pocket. The others still weren't sure about it, but they knew that SOMETHING was up for sure.

But what, they wondered. The rest of the school day went on as normal. In class, Maria just minded her own business, and sat with her friends. Michael and his friends kept looking over at her, but she never indicated anything more. Michael was excited about what might happen later when he goes to her house. The others still couldn't believe it. School ends and Michael heads home to take a shower before heading over to Maria's house. He also grabs a quick snack, and something to drink before leaving.

The entire walk there, his mind and heart raced. He couldn't believe this was happening.

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He had been blessed yesterday, and it was still blowing his mind that it was all real. Either way, he felt really, really good, and was incredibly excited about today. Michael gets to her house and nervously walks up to the door. His heart is pounding in his chest, and he begins to sweat. His anxiety level is through the roof right now, but he quietly calms himself down, takes a deep breath, and finally knocks.

Maria answers the door, looking absolutely stunning as usual. "Hi Michael, come on inside. Oh, and please take off your shoes at the door." Michael comes inside, and does as he was instructed. He presses one heel with the opposite foot, sliding his shoe off, and does the same for the other. There was a shoe-rack with what looked like six or seven other pairs already on it.

He finds an open spot, and places his shoes neatly amongst them. "I have a very special favor I want to do for you, Michael. Come with me." She takes his hand, and leads him into the kitchen.

Michael is filled with excitement. She pulls out a chair, into the center of the kitchen, and tells him to sit down. Michael liked where this was going, this seemed like something really fun. He takes a seat, and Maria walks around behind him. His mind raced with possibilities. "I think you're really going to appreciate this," she told him.

The erection in his pants grew the more he thought about what was about to come. She then throws a cloth around him, and switches on hair-clippers. Michael's soul came crashing down at the same speed his dick deflated. He was heartbroken. This was just a haircut, he thought. He was also slightly embarrassed that he had expected 'other things.' So then Maria begins to cut his hair, and she goes on to explain to him about why she really hooked up with him yesterday, and that she just really wants to help him out.

"So, you see,' she continues, "it was just a favor, and I think you're a really sweet guy, and I would really like to see you with a girl that you actually like. I didn't mean to trick you or anything, but I can tell already that you're a lot less shy now, and after this haircut, you're going to look a lot more attractive. Trust me. I really hope that you use this to find yourself a nice girl, because you deserve someone as sweet as you are." Maria spoke genuinely from her heart.

Michael remained silent, and Maria wondered what he was feeling and thinking. Michael was somewhat upset about this. He knew it meant that it was probably the end of the road as far as having sex with Maria goes. But hey at least it happened once. He couldn't, in a clear conscience, complain about that.

But it still would've been nice to have another go at it. As far as her trying to help him get with someone else, he felt that was really kind of her. But he still wasn't very sure about the whole thing. Maria continues to clip off huge chunks of Michael's hair.


She trims, and prunes, and spikes, and gels, until finally, the transformation is complete. She removes the cloth from around him, and walks around to the front to take a look, as he stands up.

"Now see?

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You actually look really good if you just take care of yourself. Have a look." She hands him a mirror, and he admires the fine job she did on him. His hair and face looked slick and cool, and he was quite impressed. "Thank you Maria, you're a really good hair-stylist." Maria smiles.

"Really, thanks a bunch." As disappointed as Michael was, he actually did really appreciate everything that she had done for him. For anyone to go out of their way like this to help him was incredibly noble, and that made him feel exceptionally good about himself. "I have one more thing for you." She signals for him to follow her. They walk down the hall and into a bedroom. Maria walks over to the corner, and grabs something, and comes back over to him. "Here, put these on." She presents him with a set of folded clothes.

"These were my brothers before he moved out. I think these would look good on you." Maria leaves momentarily while he swaps clothes. When she comes back in, she looks at him with new eyes.


The new hair, the new clothes, the new attitude; you couldn't recognize him from just a day ago. He now had on a nice, button-up shirt, and a pair of formal pants. She walks up to him, adjusts the collar, and tugs on his sleeves, and steps back for another look. "Wow. Michael, I have to say with all honesty -- you actually look really handsome," Maria expresses. Michael smiles at the compliment. She then stares at him for a moment. "In fact -- I think -- I'd --" Maria loses her words, and steps towards him, reaches out, and plants a soft, and gentle kiss on Michael's lips.

"Mmmm," she moans. This wasn't part of her plan, it was just sort of happening. She pulls away slightly and their eyes lock with each other. They gaze each other up and down, and their bodies begin to tingle as an intense desire wells up inside them. The taste of her lips brought him back to his first time with her. Michael puts his hands around her waist, and pulls her body against his. She moves her hands to the back of his neck, and their eyes move to each others lips.

She lifts her face to his, and they meet, pressing tightly together. Their tongues find their way inside each others mouths. An erection begins to grow in Michael's pants, as their hips now grind together. The feeling of her soft body was so sensual and erotic to him. They stumbled against the wall, and Maria pulls him over to where a desk is sitting. She pushes him down onto it, so that he is sitting, then she crouches down in front of him, and begins to unzip his pants.

"Oh -- god -- yes," Michael quietly moans. Maria pulls him out, and begins to stroke him. It instantly feels amazing for him, and Michael stares down at her beautiful eyes as she stares right back into his. Maria then sticks her tongue out and slowly runs it from the base of his cock, all the way along the length of it, to the tip.

This sends a shock wave of pleasure through Michael's body. "Oh fuck! That is so good." "Glad you like it," she smiles. She does it again, running her tongue along the length of him. Michael's head leans back, as the sensation becomes more and more amazing.

Maria then wraps her lips around the head of his dick and slides her mouth all the way down onto him. "Oh god!" he shouts. She then starts to bob her head up and down, sucking him hard. The feeling is too much for him, and he erupts, shooting a load into her mouth. She grips his dick, and strokes him, sucking out all of his cum. Michael's body vibrates as his orgasm peaks. He takes a minute to catch his breath, then Maria stands back up, and kisses him, wrapping her arms around him.

Michael then takes her and turns her around, then bends her over the desk. He slides up her dress, and pulls her panties aside, exposing her beautiful, moist, pink slit. "I've wanted to do this for you so badly, Maria," he says. He crouches down, and sticks his tongue out, licking her juices as they drip from her pussy. "Oh my god! Michael! Yes!" she moans. He wiggles his tongue around, poking it into her opening, and around the outer lips.

"Is this good?" he asks. "Mmmm, right here, baby," she rubs her clit, indicating where she wants him to go. He licks her clit, and she moans wildly. His face is now pressed into her soft flesh, and his tongue flicking around. "Oh my god, baby!' she moans louder. Michael didn't know what to expect, but he was really enjoying doing this for her. It was his first time trying it, and he was happy that she was enjoying it. Her moaning was really turning him on, and he began to get hard again.

He continued to eat her out, and stroke his dick in the process. After a few minutes, "Oh fuck, Michael. I want you inside me now!" she cries out, as she is barely able to keep her breath.

Michael's cock is now rock hard again, and he is just as eager to feel her womanly warmth. He stands up and brings the head of his penis to her slit, rubbing it against her. He admires how gorgeous she looks, then brings the tip to her opening, and starts to lean in.

"Mmmm yeah," she moans, ready to take him in. Michael places his hands around her hips, and slowly pushes all the way inside her. "Oh my god!!" He cries out. It's a feeling that he will never get bored of. Once again he sheds a tear of joy, as he feels the heavenly sensation of her soft, warm pussy as it wraps tightly around his cock.

It's a feeling that he never wants to live without again, for even a single day. Michael starts to slowly thrust his hips against her, and Maria's breathing gets heavy again. He was even harder and hornier than he was last time, and she could feel the difference. His cock was much more stiff, and it filled her much more tightly. The feeling of it inside her felt so amazing, and she couldn't hold her voice back for very long.

Pretty soon she was moaning uncontrollably, every time he thrust into her. "OH FUCK BABY!! FUCK ME!!" she screamed. Michael gripped her hips tightly, and began to pound her hard into the desk.

"OH YEAH!! HARDER!!" she begged. The desk slammed and banged against the wall with each thrust. And the noise of their flesh slapping together, rang through their ears. "Oh fuck, Maria, I'm going to cum," Michael cried. It felt so good, he couldn't hold back much longer. "MMMM YEAH!! CUM BABY!!" Michael's breathing was very heavy. He could feel the pressure building up, and an intense tingle.

He didn't slow down, and just kept thrusting harder and faster."Oh god, oh god. uh. .UGGGHHHHH!!" He explodes inside her, tilting his head back, and shooting streams of hot jizz deep within. Feeling this sends Maria over the edge, and she clamps down on him, as her orgasm takes over her whole body. "AAAHHHHHHH-YEAHHHHHHHH" she screams, as the desk shakes and vibrates.

Michael holds himself in place as the last couple of spurts erupt from his slowly deflating cock. He leans over Maria, as he loses his breath, and gently rests his head against hers. They both breath heavily for a minute, and then Michael pulls out, and lets Maria stand up. They still felt a little bit hazy and tingly, but they regain their composure, and eventually return to feeling normal. "I guess I couldn't help myself there, Michael." Maria broke the silence. "I just wanna say though, that this was definitely the last time, alright?" Michael laughs, and can't hold back a huge grin from forming on his face.

Neither of them expected it to go this way, however again, Michael couldn't really complain. He got lucky a second time, and as far as he was concerned, nothing could take that away now. Maria gives Michael a final hug and kiss, before sending him on his way. He slips his shoes back on, and waves good-bye to her as he leaves. The once, shy virgin geek was now homeward bound, after his second sexual encounter, and in a state of total bliss.

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He wondered how things would progress from now on. *** (Earlier that day) Michael's friend Steven, who has been absent from school, came over to Mike's house.

It was Friday, and as usual, Steve would come by, and the two of them would play video games for a few hours. Steve knocks on the door, and Mike's mother answers. "Oh, hello Steven. Come on in." His parents knew Steve very well, and he was always welcome at their house. He politely rubs his shoes on the 'welcome' mat before coming in. Once inside. he head upstairs towards Mike's room. As he gets to the top of the stairs, he turns right and passes Mike's younger sister, Sarah, in the hallway.

"Hi Steve," she waves shyly to him as he walks past. Sarah has always had a crush on Steven, ever since he started hanging out their house. Whenever Mike had his friends over to play games, Sarah would often join them, and hang out with them, especially when Steve is there. Sarah always feels really good whenever he's around. "Oh, hey Sarah, Mike in his room?" "Ummm, not sure." Steve opens the door to Mike's room, and walks right in.

Sarah waits at the top of the stairs just a few feet away, and watches as Steve comes back out. "Hmm, he's not in here." Steve then comes back down the stairs, and asks their mom where he might be. Ericka doesn't know where he is either, and Darren is still working. Sarah goes into the kitchen for a drink, and Steve continues to talk to Ericka.

"Weird, he told me we'd be playing games today. I haven't been at school though, since I've been sick.

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So I just assumed that we were still meeting up. Did he say anything about it?" Steve asks. "Oh sorry to hear that, I hope you're feeling better. And no, not that I know of. But if you guys had plans, you're welcome to wait for him here. Maybe he's just running late, or stayed after school, or something." "Hmmm, Maybe. And yeah, I'm feeling a lot better, thanks. I guess I'll wait for a little bit, but then I have to get going. Mind if I go to his room?" "That's fine, Steve. I'll let you know if I hear anything from him." With that, he goes back upstairs, and into Mike's room.

He sits down on the end of the bed, and switches on the video game console right under the TV. He figures he'll get warmed up before Mike gets home. But before he can navigate through the game's menus, he hears Sarah's voice who was standing in the doorway. "Mind if I join you?" She has two cans of soda pop, and holds one of them out, wagging it, as an offering. "Is that orange soda? You know me too well," he jokes. He pats the bed beside himself, inviting her over.

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She comes in, and hands Steve the drink, sitting down beside him. She felt really happy to be there with him. She picks up one of the game remotes, and then they both take a quick sip of their drinks before playing. Steve presses a few buttons on the controller to set up the game, and then says, "ready to get stomped?" "I think you're the one that's going to get stomped," Sarah snaps back.

The game starts. Both of their fighters start on top of a platform, and they battle to knock the other person off. The game requires fast reaction times and creative thinking. Steve charges right in, wasting no time, and swings his sword at her. She promptly blocks it, and vanishes, appearing behind him.

A simple kick, and off he goes, one life down already. "Oh shit," he exclaims. "When did you learn that move?" Sarah grins, and then Steve respawns, jumping right back into the game. This time he goes for a bait attack. He runs in, and jumps over her, but she predicts this, and grabs him, which requires incredible timing, and throws him over the side. Another life down. "Oh my god! Have you been practicing?" Steve couldn't believe how good she was playing.


"Mayyyyyyyybe," she says, trying to be cute. Steve is now on his last life, and decides to play it safe.

He respawns, and waits for her to make the first move. She charges in, and does her vanishing move, Steve knows how to react to it now, and swings his sword in the opposite direction, in anticipation for when she reappears behind him. "WHAT???" he yells. Her character reappears in the exact same spot that she left, and she sends him flying.

"It was a trick!' he says, commending her skills. This makes Sarah very happy. She really wanted Steven to notice her, and so she had spent the last few weeks playing on Michael's game whenever he was out, just so that she could get good enough to make an impression on them the next time they all played together. "Alright, that wasn't bad. But I'm going to go all-out this time, and we'll see just how good you really are," he challenges her.

"Bring it on," she responds. They glance at each other, and Sarah smirks at him, sticking out her tongue. Steve laughs, and for the first time, he starts to think that Sarah is actually really cool, and kind of fun to be around.

They play several more games together, and Steve beats her most of the time, but Sarah manages to pull off a few more nifty tricks, and catches him off-guard. She was having a lot of fun with him, and they playfully teased and leaned against each other, and they laughed, and joked around for a while.

Sarah's heart was racing, as she was feeling happier than she had been in months. Steve had never at any point considered liking Mike's sister. She was a couple of years younger, and it just never crossed his mind.

However right then he started to feel something really special with her. Time had completely flown by, and they didn't even realize it until Michael's voice broke their trance. "Steve!"