Amateur Brunette Milf Blows BBC

Amateur Brunette Milf Blows BBC
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It was the middle of summer at Quahog, the heat had risen but there was a cool breeze in the air. Brain was in a small kiddy pool that was intended for stewie but was Brian's best way too cool off during the hot summer months. Brian was floating and enjoying the cool water on his fur, he got up for a few minutes taking another sip of his martini and looking around the yard while he licked his dry lips.

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Just as he was about to dose off floating in the pool again Louis came out in a semi hurry, she had just come back from cleaning up one of peters misadventures. "Brian TELEPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! it's jasper he seems a bit upset", Louis words rang through brain like a clock bell on Sunday Brian gets out of the little pool and dries himself off, he puts back on his collar and gulps down his martini, "do you mind if i take this in the house?", brain says casually.


"sure brain just say hello to jasper for me" " I will Louise", he went inside and started talking too jasper It was 't any longer than a minute or two after all the initial catching up and hellos before Brian got an earful of what apparently happened too Ricardo and jaspers marriage plans. It seemed Ricardo only married jasper so he could get his green card, the news had hit the fan 3 months into the marriage but before Ricardo was very pushy and bossy toward his new husband.

Then one day after announced the reason of their engagement Ricardo just simply left jasper and headed east. "I cannot believe he left me brain, I am SO SAD", jasper begins too whimper and sob gaily "It's ok jasper&hellip.hey, why don't i come to see you, i got nothing else planned and I kind of miss my favorite cousin?" "ok sounds fun", jasper stops sobbing a bit "I will be their next week" A week had gone by peters crazy yet destructive habits had gotten the family into hot water as it always does and things moved on from there.

Brian left the house and departed for LA to see his gay cousin jasper. Oddly enough Brian had begun thinking erotic thoughts about his cousin recently, the thought of jasper slowly pulling down his tight jean shorts and showing his round ass, jasper being knotted by Brianjasper giving Brian head and Brian rimming jasper (which Brian never did too anyone before but would like to try it).

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These thoughts were strange for Brian as he never thought of himself of liking men. Brian began to feel Horney and fidgety wanting to screw his cousin.

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says too himself "god I am horny then Hubert' (Herbert in his yard starring at Chris in some parody of some movie) (goes back too Brian, he has stepped off the plane and is now talking too jasper) "OHHHHHHH COUSIN", jasper say gaily as he hugs Brian sobbing Brian holds him saying no words, just gives jasper a smile "how is the family Brian?".

jasper begins to stop sobbing a bit After hearing peters antics and sharing a few laughs they headed too jaspers place in his purple and pink pinto, when they arrive they laughed some more and sat on the couch, jasper got out some vodka and they did some shots.

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"Jasper?, i have a confession to make", Brian sits nervously as he wags his tail jasper is too his right. "let me guess you want to screw me?", Jasper said in his cutest girliest voice.


Brian looks down ashamed, taking another shot of vodka and running his nail along the edge of the arm of the couch.

"Yeah", Brian looked away from his cousin. "it is ok Brian I always wanted too, it would be so FABULOUS, I always wanted to have sex with a another dog but the only ones i have found are the human kind", jasper slaps his round ass his paw hitting his jean shorts like a sexy ringing sound, he say "bazzinga!!!!!" Brian smiles and gives his cousin a little kiss "shall we?" Jasper could feel Brian's hot breath on his neck as he moved closer to him, he could not deny that he wanted his cousin hot red cock and doggie knot shoved up his round tight ass, after the wedding with Ricardo it was all he could think about, he wanted to have sex with another dog, feel Brian's drool as he shoved into him, their canine lust overtaking them in a lustful and hot rhythms, "yes Brian but i want u to strip me down and play with me first, make me all wet and ready for u big doggie cock", jasper smiled and began to rub Brian's now hardening cock that was under his fur, he slowly slide the sheath back past Brian's knot and rubbed the tip of his finger over Brian's doggie slit and smiled and laughed gaily as his cousin was already wet a lil from jaspers sensual rubbing.

Brian moaned in ecstasy wanting to give jasper his hard red dog cock and make jasper moan like the smutty school girl.

Brian looked confused as he had never had sex with another guy before especially his own cousin this would be something he might enjoy a lot but had no idea where too start, should he suck his dick maybe put a finger in his butt?, Brian had no sweet clue what to do.

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