Client gets naked for his erotic massage from brunette

Client gets naked for his erotic massage from brunette
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It was now a few weeks since she had woken up in that big dark room. She had learned a little more about her situation by eavsdropping and in two instances she got ahold of the doctors clipboard. She learned that she was one of more than a hundred. Older patients, such as Patient 27, were now comfortable in their new settings. She learned that they had her injected with birthcontrol when she slept, and would be doing so every month.

She learned that what they fed her was not laced with anything but could be if they chose to for a test. She could not ascertain where she was, what they were trying to discover, or how or why they took her. She learned that her doctor was permanently assigned to her, but in case of his absence she would be tested by a substitute doctor. And that there were many, many of these doctors.

During the weeks since she first submitted to her doctors advances she had givin in only once more. She had not spoken since the last time she pleaded for her release.

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She only made sounds or screamed. Her doctor had as of late been telling her about "the cafeteria". Apparently it was just a cafeteria but she had earned th privilege of being able to eat there with other patients. And today would be her first day.

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After breakfast and an uneventful morning, her doctor led her to the cafeteria. "Now lunch lasts three hours. Were ten minutes late so everyone else should already be here. Ill be back in three hours to pick you up. Dont bother trying to escape, doors are locked and windows are barred." As she stepped in the room and the door closed behind her, she realized her chances of getting raped had just gone up infinitely. Most patients were male. About 10% of them were actually female, and there were three or four hermaphrodites.

She instantly recognized patient 27 and patient 86. 86 still looked violent and angry, and 27 looked laid back as ever. 27 watched her calmly and smiled, while 86s eyes followed her like a predator. She then realized she was the only naked one there.

It wasn't long before a group of older patients (mid fourties) had her bent over a lunch table. She kicked and screamed but they laughed and reassured her it would be fine, wouldn't take long, just hold still.

She struggled violently as one man licked her till her own liquids began to flow, an shoved his cock in. He fucked hard and fast. It rammed up inside her and she could feel it poke at her womb. He then began to twist and rotate his hips in such a way that his tip rubbed in just the right place, and come squirted out of her. She screamed as the next man grabbed her and threw her to the floor. He smacked her a couple times, and blood trickled out of her nose. He then too fucked her to climax and got off.

He then rearranged her so she was on all fours. "You ready for it baby?" he said in a gruff voice. She began to wonder what when the first mans cock was rammed into her mouth. The second man was kneeling behind her. She felt him wipe something creamy and slippery over her asshole. It dawned on her that it was lube just as he shoved all seven inches of himself in her untouched ass. She screamed despite the cock in her mouth and tears streamed down her face. They filled her with come in both ends.

The first man commanded her to swallow and she obeyed. As the small group left her she curled up and grit her teeth. A little blood was smudged on her asscheek.

She spent the rest of her 3 hours cowering under a table. When her doctor came to get her she was still under the table. She followed him without a sound and he noticed she was walking a little funny.

He guided her with his hand gently on the small of her back, and as they walked through the halls she seemed to regain her composition. He left her shackled to the table for another while, and when he came back she was sleeping. He removed his clothes and lay on her, kissing her gently and as her eyes slowly fluttered open, he massaged her tits. She made no resistance. He undid her shackled and turned her over. "I know you're still sore," he said gently, "but with the proper amount of lubrication and slowness, we can get this done.

Im going to fuck you in the ass now baby.

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Are you ready?" She didn't say anything. The second he turned his back to grab the lube, she was gone. She bolted for the door. It was unlocked. She tore down the hallway, and nearly slammed into a everyone she passed.

She took random turns, untill she found herself in a dark stairwell. And there was patient 12. She didn't know he was 12, but she recognized him as the fourty some year old man who forced her to suck him off right before she gave in to the doctor. "And where do you think you're going?" he demanded gruffly. She kicked and bit but he had hold of her. And he was hard. He bent her over the railing and pulled his own pair of handcuffs from his pocket. Before she knew it, she was cuffed to the railing in the most vulnerable position possible.

He took his sweet time with her. First he ran his hands up and down her hips and waist, feeling her soft skin. He cupped his hands around her soft bottom, squeezing her ass cheeks as he started to rub himself up against her a little. As he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, he stroked her hair. "You made a pretty big mistake, running into me. Not your lucky day." And with that he shoved his cock into her with a grunt and started pumping vigorously. She dared not scream, lest she be found, and instead released paniced whimpers from her pursed lips.

He reached around her and massaged her clit as he fucked her. She wanted badly to give in. It felt incredible, like he was stimulating every square inch of her soaking cunt. Though she fought her feelings, she couldn't stop the sudden orgasm that rocked through her.

She squirted on to his pulsating cock and he leaned his head back an grit his teeth and his hot seed shot into her. Dripping, chests heaving, and panting, they stood there for a while. Then he uncuffed her, zipped up his pants, and with one last glance at her, continued his trip upstairs.

She stood in dazed confusion for a moment, and then blinking, stumbled down the stairs, determined to regain her freedom. Meanwhile, her own and some other doctors sat in the surveillance room, chuckling at the cameras. "Well," said her doctor, standing up, "I better go get her." He smiled and nodded at the others and went to an elevator. It carried him swiftly to the ground floor, right where she was headed.

He was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. She screamed and in her panic lost her footing. She thumped onto the stairs, bruising herself.

Sobbing in her dispair, she tried half heartedly to crawl up the stairs. He saw no reason to be anything but gentle. After all, the fuck she had just been given had been pretty rough, and she was severly traumatized from all the events since her arrival.

It was really starting to show. He slowly walked to her and kneeled by her. Her tear streaked face looked pleadingly up at him, and he cradled her soft cheek in his big, rough hand.


The act of tenderness surprised her, and for a moment she forgot what threat he posed, and enjoyed the kindness like it was her last meal. She closed her eyes and her sobbing slowed and her hysteria quieted. When he begin to unbuckle his belt she erupted unto tears again. "Shhh, shh shh its okay," he soothed. "Relax baby, please." She continued to sob as he pulled his erect cock out of his pants. He gently took her hand and placed it on his member, and closed his hand around hers at the base of it.

He gently pushed her head to it. She knew what he wanted and tried to pull away, but he simply became firmer, though still gentle. She resigned herself to it then, thinking of one last means of escape. She had to hurt him. Badly. He realized immediately and pulled away just as her teeth snapped together. What would have been a horrible injury was narrowly avoided. "Okay, alright," he said calmly, unsurprised. He picked her up, and carried her to the elevator.

Once they reached her room he laid her down. And she rolled on her side and wept. Hearing her, he glanced over and immediately felt the need to comfort her. He climbed onto the table and spooned her, stroking her hair and occasionally whispering reassuraced to her, telling her it would be alright. She became aware of his presence, and her brow knitted in confusion.

She couldn't grasp it but she felt something. She shifted onto her other side and faced him, staring intensely at him. He stared back with the pleasant smile she had gotten so used to.

She knew if she actually crossed this line, it wouldn't be like before. She wouldn't be able to come back from it if she surrendered to him. She shifted back onto her other side.

He sighed, and seeing she was at least feeling less dismal, got off the table and sat at his desk and worked. She went to sleep to the sounds of his typing and scribbling softly.

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A routine developed. In the morning she would be woken, fed, and bathed. She was given books and puzzles to amuse herself, and she avidly took to them as a means of mental escape. At lunch she would either be taken to the cafeteria where she learned how to not attract attention, though the occasional assault was inevitable, or she would quietly lunch with her doctor in her room.

Till dinner he would run small tests on her, where she was usually fucked by the machine in the ceiling and often intensley stimulating chemicals were used on various parts of her. Then dinner, some quiet time to occupy with puzzles, and then bed.

This went on for weeks, which became months. Then things appeared to become more busy. "Its time!" the doctor explained enthusiastically as he burst through the doors.

She jolted and looked up from the book she was reading.

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Her puzzled face gazed back at him, and he explained himself. "Its time to show the progress of our findings. There is a huge dinner and presentation with the head of the company. Most, with the exception of brand new patients, will be going, as will all doctors including myself." She stared blankly at him.

He continued. "You're going, and ill be presenting you as one of our best accomplishments and discoveries." He gazed proudly down at her. She was unimpressed. "Obviously, as you're a risky case, means will be taken to keep you from escaping. But were going to dress you up, its the most formal of occasions, and I want, though don't expect, you to be on your best behavior." He then explained how any patients that attempted escape at this meeting were shot and killed, and additionally they all wore shock collars.

He jabbered on for a few minutes and then left her. She did not plan to attemt escape. Although they may be bluffing about the shot and killed part, she didn't want to risk finding out.

It would be counter productive to get herself killed trying to find freedom. The dinner was in three weeks. During this time, things went on as normal, though her doctor became more and more excited.

Then the time came, and she was led to a room by a female doctor. She was bathed and was dressed in nice underwear and a red dress fit for the red carpet. Her hair was naturally beautiful, and needed no styling, but the doctor applied some eyeshadow and lip stick. When she looked in the mirror she was struck by her own beauty. The patients were taken to the event all together in large buses. The males were clean, polished, and in tuxes, and the few females were as well dressed as her.

Patient 27 winked reassuringly at her when he saw her. They arrived and were led by a large crowd of security guards into a huge fancy builing, equipped with a big gathering room were they could freely mingle after the presentation and dinner. First came the presentation. She among twenty were led on stage, their ears plugged, and they could only hear the dull applause as a head doctor spoke about them.

And then it became interesting. As they spilled into the dining hall, she spotted her doctor waiting for her. He was in a tux like the others, and and he had a shadow of a beard.

She quivered as she noticed how insanely handsome he was.

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And then he saw her. He stared. They were seated with their doctors. As dinner began, she felt him place his hand on her knee under the table.


She looked at him, surprised. He was chatting away casually with a doctor across the table. Under the table, his hand started to move up her leg to her thigh, and her breath stopped in shock. Every light touch of his hand seemed to stimulate like the drug.

Just as this thought crossed her mind, she saw him dip his fingers in a little jar of clear liquid he held on his lap. It was the same liquid he poured into the machine long ago. His hand, now coated in the chemical, returned to her thigh, tingling and tickling her skin and it slowly moved to its target. He contined chatting normally as he pushed his hand gently and discretely under her dress, and he was inched away from her opening, which was already shining soaking through the panties.

He seemed to think of this and pushed a napkin under it to protect her dress so no one would see the stain. And then he poked one finger into his panties. The tip of his index finger teased her clit. She could do nothing but stare ahead as he chatted happily with the other doctor.

He pinched and fondled the labia and edges of the opening, and a stream of clear wetness dripped down her. It was a total sensory overload. His finger began to dip into her and massage at her, and her body ached longingly for a climax. When that climax came, it was absorbed into the napkin. Suddenly he tossed the napkin onto the floor under the table, stood, excused himself and took her by the arm.

They walked quickly and wordlessly to a janitors closet far off. He shut the door, and the dim bulb offered little light. He blocked her exit, and a little panic began to rise in her.

He slipped her dress off her and squeezed her tits hard and kissed her. He pulled his cock out of his trousers. "Suck it," he said casually. He pushed down on her shoulder, and forced himself deep into her throat. She gagged and choked. He began to thrust into her mouth as he pulled her head back and forth by the hair.

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A load of come emptied into her mouth, and she quickly swallowed. He turned her around and arranged her on all fours. Getting on his knees, he began to ram into her soaked opening. Little by little, he shoved more of himself deep into her.

As she reached a climax her vaginal walls hardened and contracted around him. She surrendered to the orgasm. She let it flow through her body like a wave.

Her come squirted out onto his cock as he rammed into her. Despite all the abuse it had taken, her vagina was surprisingly tight. He felt her intentionally contract around his hard cock and at that very moment his hot seed spilled into her. He panted and squeezed her ass cheeks as he slowed. "Come here," he said in a deep, gravely voice, "lick me clean. I don't want it getting on my suit." He took her by the hair and pushed her face into his softening cock.

She licked off the juices of their fuck, her come mixing with his.

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That night when they returned back to the lab, he shackeled her to the table and began to leave the room. Then he turned and without warning planted a deep, hard kiss on her soft pink lips before leaving.

She fell asleep with the memory of the feeling of his lips on hers.unaware of what lay in wait for her in her future. Ps. Thanks to my readers for the positive ratings. I hope you continue to enjoy the series. Feedback is appreciated.