Viendo unas ricas tetas tambaleandose

Viendo unas ricas tetas tambaleandose
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Chapter 1: As I said, my name is Jack and I lived in southern Germany, basically at the border to Switzerland. What's to say about me as a person is, that I am 1.87m (~6 ft.)tall 18 years old and that I wasn't the most handsome looking guy at the school but still not ugly, defenitely not.

I prefer girls with rather big butts than big boobs, I don't know why but I think that well formed buttocks are more beautiful than big boobs. It was the first day of scholl after the summer holidays when my best friend Phil told me, that a girl would participate in our classes from now on. I just thought myself that this will propably be an ugly girl again, just like always. Ohh damn I was wrong. Her face instantly returned to my mind when I saw her for the first time in our class. I've seen her some times in school.

She was about 1.75m (5.74 ft.) tall and had a very well build body. Not that she was muscular or something but you couldn't see a tiny bit of fat or cellulite on her legs whenever she wore hot-pants or something like that. She was very well tanned, not too dark but not too bright, just perfect. Her face was absolutely gorgeous. A normal forehead followed by 2 bright blue eyes and a beatiful tiny nose. Her mouth was crying for kisses.

She had tiny breasts but still they were there even though it was probably a Push-Up bra. Her booty was an absolute dream. It was just perfect, like everything about her. Not too big but just so damn well formed and attention-grabbing. The longer I watched her in class the more beatiful she got. Often when I was lying in bed in the evening before going to bed, I would fap to her in my mind sucking on my dick. But often I would stop at some point and tell myself that she was just too beatiful to imagine what she looked like naked.

I wouldn't fantasize about her anymore like I used to do with those bitches. I would just imagine to tear their asses apart by destroying them anally. But this girl was just too damn fine to even think about her naked. If i wanted to know what she looked like naked, I would have to find out.

In real life. Next day in school our first lesson was history. Second World War crap like always in history. And like destiny wanted, I got told to form a group with Manda, which was her name. To let you know, I was not the best to talk to girls. So like in the first few minutes there was an awkward silence while we both worked on our task.

The whole class room around us was talking, except us. We were sitting there quitely. After a nother two minutes I thought to myself, that this is the perfect time to start a conversation and maybe get her to talk about herself. I took a deep breath and asked if she already had some conclusions. She smiled at me and said yes. Damn.

Her smile was so damn cute. I couldn't help myself and bad luck for me: I got a boner. I was begging God to never stop the group work in this history lesson. I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of my dream girl at the first time we ever talked to each other.

Meanwhile she was talking about Hitler's drive through Europe, conquering all states passing his way. I could listen to her talking the whole day. She had an angel like voice.

It wasn't this kind of voice you would expect from a cute girl like her but it still fit her perectly. Listening to her stunning voice and watching her cute mouth move somehow made my boner disappear.

Don't ask me why but maybe my body agreed that this was not the girl to just go and fuck with. She was just too perfect. I agreed on every point she made, because I didn't write down anything due to being busy watching her.

After we were finished comparing our soloutions, there was this awkward silence again for a few moments. But then she engaged me in conversation and asked me what i would be doing after school. My brain just jumped around in my head and I had to focus to not let my jaw drop to the ground. I had guitar classes but that was absolutely no question for me to cancel them.

I told her that I was free in the afternoon and asked her what she was up to. She said that she thought that I was a nice guy and that she would like to get me to know better.

I tried to play it as cool as I could but deep inside, my heart was bouncing up and down inside of me. She sadi that she would like to meet me 3:30 pm in fron of the school so we could go and eat something. I was basically not present the rest of the day. Every lesson felt like it was a whole day.

I just wanted to go out with Manda. And then i finally heard it. The bell that redeemed us from school for the day. I left school and waited for her to appear. But she didn't come. It was 4:00pm now and she still hadn't come yet. The next train was coming 4:52pm so I decided to wait a little bit longer. Nothing. I waited until 4:45pm but then I had to run for the train.

While running I could feel a tear dropping from my cheek. Did she trick me? Was she laughing about me with her friends in this moment?

I couldn't handle my feelings. I barely got to the trainstation in time and took my train home. In train, I just stared outside the window.

I didn't realise that it had started to rain as I was running. The rest of the day, I just layed in bed thinking about what I could've done wrong.

Was I too quiet? Was I too ugly? What was it? I couldn't figure it out. So I just cried myself to sleep. Chapter 2: Next day, I was feeling really sick, I hadn't eaten anything at home.

I didn't really want to go to school. Espacially not because of Manda. But I knew that I couldn't stay at home, because it was the first week of school after the holidays. So i just threw some cold water in my face and put on my clothes. I decided to take the bike to school, maybe i could order my thoughts while driving to school.

It was 25 minutes to school. I plugged in my earphones and shuffled some acoustic covers. I was feeling a little better. The wind was messing with my hair, what reminded me of my duty to go to the barber every four weeks. But then, the worst thing that could have happened actually happened. I saw Manda on her bike standing at a traffic light waiting for the signal to turn green. She saw me and called my name. But I just played the music louder and kept on driving. After I arrived at school, I locked my bycicle to a fence and walked towards the building.

I took a look over my shoulder. No trace of Manda. Good. I felt sick again and went to the toilet. As I was finished peeing and fixing my hair i left the toilets and then she stood there. Manda in her usual short pants and T-Shirt.

Looking sexy but not slutty. As always. She smiled at me and asked: "Hey Jack! Didn't you hear me at the traffic light previously? I was shouting for you!".

I didn't know what to stay, so I just looked her in the eyes and said nothing. Somehow she read my mind. "Is it because of yesterday? I know. I didn't come to meet up with you.

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But I can tell you why. The Grandma of Sam ( her best friend) fell and broke an ankle! I am really sorry Jack, but this was an emergency, I swear!" After she finished talking I was smiling again.

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She didn't offset me willfully. We started walking towards our classroom and she said: " But hey! Now we've got a good reason to exchange phone numbers, right?".

She was smiling very brightly. Her white teeth showing off from her mouth. Before we entered the classroom we exchanged phone numbers. From now on we would often talk to each others and start meeting from time to time.

We got closer and closer by the time passing by. It was a Wednesday evening when we were walking back to our locked bikes that were still standing at the school. We were always driving together but that day Manda couldn't find a place near my bike ot lock hers, so she locked it 200 yards away from mine. She said she would come to pick me up so we could drive together towards home. I was sitting on my bike waiting for her, when i suddenly heard a scream.

It was Manda, and she was crying for help. I pushed the pedals of my bike as hard as I could to get to Manda faster. From far away I could see her getting sexually harassed.

An older hobo was grabbing her tits and squeezing her ass. A few yards to go, I jumped off my bike and ran to Manda. I could see that the hobo was very drunk. He could barely stand on his legs. I ran towards him and yelled at him to stop this bullshit and to let her go. He turned around holding an empty bottle in his hand. He hit the bottle on the ground, turning it into a dangerous weapon with its sharp glass. He pointed it towards me and said: " Come here if you want to save your bitch before I rape the shit out of her!".

From the corner of my eye I could see Manda sitting on the ground, her knees grazed and her T-Shirt in tatters. Her bra was still intact. I turned to the hobo again and told him to stop this shit and piss off. I suppose that triggered him, because out of a sudden, he started running towards me waving about with his bottle.

I positioned me in a defensive position holding my fists in front of my head. He wanted to punch the bottle in my face but i read him like a book. I dodged his attack and punched him in the liver very hard. He collapsed on the ground snatching for air. I picked up Manda put her arm around me and helped her walking to my bike.

I called my father to pick us up. Before Manda entered the car I told my dad to not ask her what happened. I would explain everything to him when I would've got the time. Manda was trying to hold back her cries in the back of her car. I decided to sit next to her to comfort her.

We arrived at our house and me and Manda went upstairs into my room. I told her to sit on my bed as long as I was grabbing some water for her. As I returned to her she was still crying.

I couldn't see her crying because I almost had to start crying too. I gave her a T-Shirt and my biggest boxer shorts. She put them on and I sat next to her. I put my arm around her and stroked her shoulder. She stopped crying and looked me deep in the eyes. For about ten seconds we just stared in each others eyes.

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Then suddenly she leaned forward and kissed me. That was my first kiss ever. And it was damn good. Her lips felt so soft and they tasted like strawberry. After half a minute of kissing she pushed her tongue inside of my mouth and wrapped it around mine. It felt just so good. She started to rub on my chest. We stopped kissing and she looked me in the eyes and said: " You are my hero, Jack. I will never forget that." After that she looked me deep in the eyes again and said: " And I want my hero now.".

She threw me over into my bed and we started kissing wildly. she pulled off my T-Shirt and unmade my belt. Now I was laying in bed just in underwear and Manda sitting on my hip. She was still wearing my boxer shorts and my T-Shirt.

I just said to myself: " Now or never.". I started pulling off her T-Shirt. I could see that she didn't have any pimples anywhere. Her skin was that clean and soft that I couldn't really handle my feelings about her. She smiled at me, as she sat upon me, with just a bra and some boxer shorts on.


She unmade her bra very slowly and softly. But then I was allowed to see them. For the first time in my life, I have ever seen boobs that close to me. She took off her boxer as well and I could see her pussy. Not a single hair was to be found around her vagina. She was completely shaved. She pulled off my boxers as well. My dick was already standing tall. She leaned over to me and said: "Now.".

She started to kiss me very wildly again pushing her tongue deep inside of my mouth. We rolled around a few times until we found the pefect position. Then it happened. She grabbed my dick with her hands and rubbed it against her tight pussy.

Then she released it inside of her. We both moaned and I felt like the luckiest man on planet earth. Chapter 3: I woke up to her beatiful face smiling to me and she said: " You're lucky it's Saturday, sleepy!

It's ten o'clock in the morning.". I tried to rub the tiredness out of my eyes as I realized what i've done a few hours ago. I fucked the cutest girl in school. And it was damn good. I remembered every single moment from that night. We did it for about one and a half hour and I came three times. She did as well. While we did it I often felt ashamed, because i was feeling like I was using her situation of almost getting raped for my best.

I didn't say a word so she asked: "Is everything alright?". I looked her in the eyes and said: " Yeah but. you know. that was my first time having sex. and I don't know if you liked it.", " You have no clue about how much I liked itJack! I came three times!

Three times! Noone has ever gotten me to come three times in one night, Jackie. Again, you are my hero baby." My brain was spinning around in my head. The cutest girl in school came three times because of me.

I fucked the cutest girl in school for about one and a half hour. Damn. I felt like a sex god to be honest. She smiled at me, not knowing what I was thinking inside of my head and said: " Let's grab breakfast, your parents are gone for shopping. We're home alone.".

We went downstairs and Manda made some eggs with bacon. She was even good at cooking. She was getting sexier every minute I was with her. She asked me what I would like to do that day and I said we could go to cinema to watch a movie or something.

She agreed and we reserved 2 seats for the movie " With or without you" which was shown at 7:30pm.

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Manda said: "And what do you want to do until today evening? Stay here and relax, or go shopping or something?". I said: " I don't mind. It's your choice.", "Okay. Let's stay here and relax a bit.". We sat on the couch and I turned on the TV. There was nothing worthy spending our time with, so we turned it off again. Manda turned to me and said: " Looks like we gotta occupy ourself with ourselves.".

She smiled and leant towards me. She kissed me with a lot of tongue. Meanwhile she opened the zipper of my pants and pulled out my dick. I wasn't hard so she started stroking the head of my dick. My dick got hard as she started moving down on my chest. Finally she had arrived at my dick and she started sucking the head of my cock.

It felt so good I felt like I was fainting. My dick went deeper and deeper into her mouth by second. I moaned as she had my eight inch cock all the way down her throat. She was licking my balls with her tongue. I felt like I was on cloud nine. The feeling of her tight throat at the end of my cock was just overwhelming. I wished this moment would never end. But it didn't last for very long. She stayed in this position for about seven seconds before she released my cock out of her cute mouth.

My dick was dripping wet and full of spit. She looked at me in a confused way and said: " You didn't come yet. Oh dear.

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you really are a challenge, baby.". she started stroking my cock while I took off my T-Shirt and undid her bra under her T-Shirt. As I said her tits weren't big but hey were a nice B-Cup. I started squeezing her boobs under her T-Shirt and she started moaning. She took off her T-Shirt aswell as her pants. She was standing in front of me with only panties on. Damn I swear that was the sexiest girl I have ever seen in my life. Even in porn I watched in the internet, nowhere could be found such a cute but still naughty girl.

She sat on my hip and said: "What's wrong my hero? Did I turn ugly over night?". I couldn't hold back anymore and grabbed her under her arms and lifted her on the couch. She was on all fours as I rubbed her pussy to prepare it for my eight inch dick. She turned around and said as she did the night earlier: "Now".

She didn't have to say that twice. I spit on my cock and rammed inside her pussy. She moaned and I thought that I could hear a slight sound of pain in her voice. We fucked Doggy-Style for about fifteen minutes as it happened. I was ramming her harder and harder because I felt that I was coming soon (she had already come) nad suddenly, I pulled my dick out a bit too far and it landed in her asshole.

She stopped moaning immediately. She didn't shout or yell or something like that. It seemed like she just froze in the position she was. I wanted to pull my dick out as fast as I could as she said: "No. Don't.". Now I could defenitely hear pain in her voice. I rammed my dick in her ass with highspeed. We both didn't move a muscle. I couldn't even breathe.

She said to me: "Start moving. Slowly please.". I started moving forwards and backwards as slow as I could.

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I could hear her biting on her lips moaning in pain. I asked if I should stop but she just told me to keep going. "Okay Jack, speed up a little, but not too fast, baby.". I started moving a bit faster. And faster. And faster. And faster. I was fucking her in my normal speed now. Manda was still moaning in pain. After some minutes she stopped moaning in pain and started maoning in lust again. I immediately felt better and just now I realized that it was feeling even more awesome to fuck her in the ass than to ram her pussy deeply.

I leant forward and whispered in her ear: " I can't last any longer, babe.". She nodded and we kept going. Thirty seconds later I filled her asshole with my hot and juicy cum.

Due to this moment being so intense, I just fell on her after I shot all my cum in her ass. I didn't really know what to do now. I gave Manda her first anal experience ever, like it seemed.

Should I engage her in conversation and ask her how she felt? Should I ask her wether she liked it or not? Should I even start talking? She took my decision because she said: "Jack.?". Her voice was very quiet and calm. " The things I've done with you in just two days. I have never done this or experienced something like this ever with someone else.

I mean. You know. I think that you are somewhat special to me.". I tried to play it cool but actually my heart was aching of pain because it was beating so hard. I smiled at her and said: " I'm happy to hear that. You are very special too." smiling over both of my cheeks she punched me in the side and said: " Ohh you.".

We put on our clothes again and began to start talking, like always when we were bored. We decided to play a round of "City,Land,River". We had a lot of fun. We were just two people on the same wavelength. Finally it was seven o'clock and we decided to take the train to the movies, so we could drink something on the way. We entered the train and after two stops a girl entered the train. And that girl seemed to be a long not seen friend of Manda because they were shrieking and hugging each other.

Manda clarified the situation as she told me that this was Lynn, her best friend from elementary school. They were talking the whole drive and as we had to hop off, Manda offered Lynn to come with us to go to the cinema.

I didn't like that because Lynn seemed to be annoying to me. But I gotta say, she didn't look bad. She had a Nice C-Cup and a small but firm butt. Her face though was not that of a beauty.

To my regret she agreed to the offer of Manda and we went seeing the movie. Chapter 4: After the movie had finished, Manda offered Lynn to come back to her place with me. I didn't like that idea just like I didn't like the idea of Lynn seeing the movie with us. But yeah. noone really asked me. So we went to Manda's house and to her room. She asked us to take a seat.

She said she will go and grab some water. Me and Lynn stayed inside of her room. Suddenly, Lynn grabbed my crotch and stroked my loose cock. I jumped up and asked her what the fuck she was doing. In this moment Manda came in and she said: " It's okay Jack. We both will please you tonight.". I didn't realise that she was only wearing lingerie. I looked at her amazing body and her tits. But then my brain stepped in and I found a way back to myself.

I turned around because i wanted to grab my jacket and leave but Lynn was standing in front of it. Naked. Her tits were perfect. Full and soft but not saggy. From behind of me I could hear Manda saying: "Just relax Jack.

We are here for you, babe.". Lynn shoved me onto the bed and started to undo my belt. I was like paralyzed. That was too much for my brain, so I decided to make the best out of it. I told myself: " As revenge, you will fuck the shit out of them". Meanwhile Lynn was already sucking on my cock while Manda was kissing me wildly with a lot of tongue. My cock got harder and harder. Manda was now stimulating my nipples and I started grabbing her tits with one hand and Lynn's head with the other.

I stopped kissing Manda and pushed Lynn deep on my cock. She started gagging but I didn't let go yet. They had to suffer a little for what they had done to me. I squeezed Manda's tits harder until she started trying to push my hand away from her tits. I released a bit of my pressure on her tits and started to massage them. I stood up and told Manda to get in Doggy-Position.

She did just as I said and then I told Lynn to suck on my balls as long as I'm fucking Manda. I pushed my dick into Manda's pussy without any kind of warning. She oppressed a cry of pain as she held her hand in front of her mouth. I started ramming her pussy harder and harder. Meanwhile Lynn was sucking my balls and fiddling with my anus. It felt very good. After ten minutes I could hear Manda screaming out. She came. I stopped and told Lynn to lay on her back in front of me.

Manda moved away and let Lynn take her place. As Manda stood up and whispered in my ear: " She told me yesterday, that she's always wanted to try anal sometimes. Take your shot baby.". I smiled and spit on my cock.


I grabbed Lynn's tits with one hand and the other guided my dick in front of her asshole. She looked at me hesitating and I think I could see a little bit of fear. Well bitch, you wanted it. I just pressed my dick in her tight ass like I did it with Manda a few hours ago. Lynn cried of pain and told me to stop.

I just told her to relax and started moving forwards and backwards. She was still shouting. Meanwhile, Manda was riding a dildo next to Lynn. Finally all three of us started moaning in joy. I started fucking her ass harder and harder. I could see her tits bouncing up and down on her chest.

I could feel my dick getting hot and starting to get out of control. I pulled my cock out oher ass and splashed my hot juice all over her belly and her tits. We repeated that a few times. End: Today, I am still in a Relationship with Manda. We frequently fuck with each other and often anal too. She doesn't like it as much as I do, but she feels no more pain anymore. Lynn moved away from here and has a boyfriend on her own.