Heiße Tante verführt nicht Neffe

Heiße Tante verführt nicht Neffe
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Ever since her father got back from the tombs of Urumi in ruins of Japan he has never been the same. The book he found was an ugly, old, rotten book that he said dated back to the days of the first sumurai.

After Veronica's dad died she didn't want anything that remind her of him. It was too painful. She had thrown out most of his things and seeing as she just turned 18 she wasn't put in anybodys custody. She entered her fathers office which had the last of his things in it.

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It was a meager office with a desk that had a small tape recorder hidden under the desk. Her fathers way of keeping his things safe. Well the police never found it.most likely because they were trying to figure out how the massive hole in the roof was made. They had no answers to give. They said her father was a Satanist because he had a pentagram in the middle of the room. He was found dead by his desk with a large hole in his chest, a piercing weapon.

Also on his desk was a lamp, and the dreaded book with what looked like a stretched face covering the entire book. She lifted the book in revulsion. "Ugh, dad, why the fuck were you looking for this." she said, seconds later her head wondered to the digital recorder.

A part of her told her not to play the recording. However, the weakness of all humans scratched at her finger.

Curiousity. She clicked 'play' Her fathers voice rose, "Well I have finally found the 'Book of the Dead'. It's incredible!

Hundreds of spells, incantations and resurection passages! It says that demons who want to enter our world send telepathic messeges to our world. I have concluded that this passages help create some form of wormhole. Using my recent breakthroughs I will open one of these portals to summon a demon binding him with a pentagram.

There spieces is bound by honor. Prehaps this is the reason why they chose the Japanese people. Either way it has something to do with the pagans basing their religion on the astrological signs and not being able to break the symbol until there summoner releases them. I am excited." His voice rose again.

"Just incase the demon I summon tries to kill me or destroys my cameras this will be a back up. I portal I'm making is a free one. Any demon or spirit who sees it will be able to cross over.


If the creature is a minor monster more can come through." he started reading the passage. When it ended the digital recording went fuzzy. Sadly her father never said on recording that the use of salt was needed to complete the binding of the pentagram. The demon that came through before had already scattered the salt.

Veronica shrugged and picked the book up taking it with her. What she didn't see was that the pentagram had turned to a large black hole in the ground and a demon had already crossed.

An invisable wraith able to possess things including inanimate object and morph them. Veronica entered her bedroom. Her father and herself were both German immigrants. She inherited a common German body. Her breasts were a larger C-cup, her mother was French however, inheriting her apple ass, and a little bit rounder thighs.

She entered her bedroom taking off her T-shirt but tired to take off her Daisy Dukes, she jumped face first into her bed, ploping her face into her pillow.

Her light blonde hair scattered all around her head. Her deep blue eyes closed. She licked her soft cherry lips before positioning her arms under the pillow.

The demon spirit scoured the entire house possessing things to find out how they worked. It could have gone through the entire network to the TV station where the signals were coming from. But it wouldn't want to make to much damage that people would notice. The hunters might have noticed it. It made it's way up the stairs. It was quite impressed by humanity. The last time one of them had come back from earth because it had been exiled it said how they thought a metal cross sent it out.

How barbaric they were, killing each other by the masses because they said a magical, floating, man in the sky said so. When in truth it was the belief that cast them back to their own plane. Not a piece of metal. It looked down the hall and possessed the door and came out the other side seeing a human laying on the bed. It was in awe of her beauty.

The reasoning behind why they loved this plane was how beatiful the humans were. Many males found human men attractive and on their plane were some of the straightest demons there. The demon went toward the women laying on the bed, admiring her thighs, her ass, the crease in her back, the softness of her skin. Veronica moaned slightly feeling a little nudge on her clit. Being so tired she thought it was her boyfriend who usualy snuck into her room at night. The half asleep woman slowly started to rub her pussy on the bed humping whatever was nudgeing her soft and increasingly wet pussy.

She felt a hand on the inside of her left thigh slowly rubbing it, it turned her on more. Then another hand on the inside of her other thigh.

She moaned more when she felt hands grasping her breasts. Another pair of hands started to sqeeze her ass that pressed hard against her Daist Dukes. "Reed?" she asked confused and a little concerned at all the hands. She opened her eyes and turned over seeing black demonic hands coming from her bed and grasping her everywhere. She immeditly screamed and tried to jump off her bed. The hands however grabbed her and forcfully pulled her back onto the bed.

She screamed out but it made no difference as the hands dug into her short shorts tearing them apart into ribbons. The hands grabbed her bra testing it free. An insidous looking head rose from the bed, inbetween her legs. Her eyes went wide in horror as the almost human head came forward and opened it dripping circular maw of serrated teeth as a large thick worm like tongue slid out and licked her clit.

The tongue was soft yet firm and slimy. Her hips gyrated once of pleasure but her mind refused to let her body accept this for pleasure. The thick black tongue entered her folds as she screamed a contorted scream that was half revulsion and half pleasure. She felt the tongue slide into and out of her, going deep into her pussy. She tried to escape but the hands held her down. Hands grasped her large breasts roughly pintching her nipples.

A black penis rose from the sheets feeling her ass cheeks. She didn't notice at first because she was so concentrated on trying to block out the tongue.

But when the penis poke her asshole her eyes jerked open. She screamed out "NO!" but the hard warm phallus pushed anyway. She lifted her hips trying to stop it as her ass cheeks pressed firmly against it's dick only slowing it. The demons tongue however was still inside her pussy and hit her G-spot. That she couldn't block out. She screamed an orgasm that made the demon start licking faster. The dick was firmly against her asshole, pressing so finely that it's head was actualy alittle bit in her hole but had just not penetrated yet.

It gave once more shove and it broke the barrier making her scream out. She had never had her ass fucked before, oddly enough it felt good. Her hole didn't agree but farther inside her pleasure centers were being rubbed like crazy.

She began to moan more and scream less. She nipples were hard and feeling good. Tears still welled as a small cry got out past every few moans.

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Another hands rose and slowly rubbed her belly. A dick rose from the bed and turned and filled her screaming mouth.

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Her eyes opened wide as it forced it's way down her throat. The hands pintching her nipples suddenly grabbed hold of her breasts firmly sqeezing them.

As the hands on her thigh sqeezed. The shaft in her ass didn't quit sliding in and out. She hated herself for enjoying this sexual torture. She felt two more hand grab her ass forcfully, she felt their long fingernails in her ass. It was painful but exciting. The demon enjoyed every little part of her. The cock it put down her throat emerged as he gasped for air.

Her throat and mouth were so soft and her lips felt so nice around the cock, it shoved it back in her mouth. Her soft was softer then silk and tasted better then anything it had ever eaten. Her ass was soft and slapable. It loved having a dick up her ass. Her ass felt so soft and tight around it's dick. Her thigh were suculant and smooth. It couldn't help it when it jizzed down her throat and in her ass.

Veronica cried an orgasm feeling the hot warm jizz in her ass and the slimy saliva from it's tongue get warmer. She gushed on it's tongue. It drank every last drop of her vagina, it tasted so sweet he never wanted to taste anything but. It was satisfied with the encounter and was down with her. It left the bed and ventured into the world. She curled up into a ball.

She didn't cry, she had liked it, but yet it was a nightmare. She only felt shame and even wanted it to come back. She wanted to do it again. Veronica looked at the book her father had found, a book he called the "Necronomicon". She knew it had come from the portal. She wondered how strong it was though. The portal irrupted into flame, starting to close as a delicate red hand with long black femine fingernails.

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A women with a vipercated tale rose from the flame, she had two horns on her forehead and soot black hair down to her neck that shined in the light of the flame. She had long shaply legs. Her tail was wrapped around her leg and came between her large ample breasts with nice round nipples.


She had piercing black eyes that shined like obsidien. She had a hard sixpack and hips the swung out when ever she walked. She took a step forward her ass swung out. She had a perfect apple ass. She wore a white half buttoned T-shirt that barley contained her large breasts. She also wore a plaid miniskirt and 8 inch black open toed high heel clogs.

She pulled a sucker from her skirt pocket and using her tail unwrapped it sticking it in her mouth filled with perfect teeth. However her canines were a bit longer. She sucked on the green pop as she took it from her mouth and four smaller devils crawled up from her back.

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Only a a foot tall the red gremlins whispered into her ear. "That's right, since 56, they tried to make me a warrior of god. Said I was evil. Fuck 'em, I usualy sucked the headmaster off to get him off my ass." she smirked, she had a chrismatic, and rebelious voice.

"Actualy I usualy liked him on my ass. They tried to spank me for punishment once. They knocked that shit off when they saw how much I liked it. Pricks." "Princess." one said, She cut him off, "Darro, I told you if I ever got back to call me by name." "Yes Lilith." it said. She gave a deep smell. A demon has just been here, I him.

He has obviously just raped a girl, I smell her juices. She smiled insidiously. "Im not going to waste my time on earth this time."