Gay xxx boy adult story in hindi and australian twink bubble butt

Gay xxx boy adult story in hindi and australian twink bubble butt
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She had always though he was sexy and had always wondered what it would be like to be with him but had never done anything about it. Mainly because he had a girlfriend and also because she didn't think he was interested. Then one day she went to his house, for nothing more than to visit with one of his roomates that she had been fucking for awhile.

Well when she got there, all of the guys where there. His girlfriend unbeknownst to her had started working and wasn't there. They sat talking and laughing and watching tv. She was snuggled up to her guyfriend. Well then their boss came to get them to go to work again. And she decided that she would leave now that he was the only one there. As she stood outside, talking to him as the other guys were leaving, he asked to stay. She asked him why the other guys had already left and he told just so that she could help him understand some papers that he had that he couldn't read because as she knew he couldn't read english yet.

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Well the other guys left and she went with him into the house. She followed him into his room and sat down on the bed. He got the papers and handed them to her and told her, he was going to get something (actually he went to lock the door). He came back and sat down with her and turned on some music while she finished reading the papers. She explained to him what they were about and he told he thank you that he understood and went to replace them in the drawer. As she again stood to leave he stopped her.

And asked her if she wanted to watch a movie with him. Ok she told him thinking to herself that he didn't really want her to just watch a movie.

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He turned on the movie and they settled down on the bed to watch it. She was laying on her side facing him with her head resting in her hand and he was laying on his back with his hands under his head on the pillow.

After a few minutes he eased his hand under her and pulled her to lay her head on his shoulder telling her that he knew that her arm was hurting. After a few minutes his arm went from around her shoulders to her back and down to her hip. He then turned onto his side facing her and looked into her eyes and took her face in his hand and kissed her. He slowly used his hand and body to push her onto her back and he moved over her still kissing her putting his tongue in her mouth and playing with hers.

He then moved down onto her neck and around to her ears kissing and licking all the way. He raised up enough to unbutton her shirt and ran his knuckles lightly over her stomach. Then he reached up and unbuttoned her bra smiling that it clasped in front.

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He pushed it off of her breasts and took her left nipple in his mouth as he massaged the other and then he moved to suck her other nipple. He then moved to kiss his way down her stomach and then unbuttoned her shorts and helped her to remove them and then removed her underwear.

He moved down onto her lower stomach still kissing and then moved in between her thighs and began to nestle her clit with his tongue and then moved pushed his tongue into her hole, licking and sucking causing her to moan and twist on the bed. After a few minutes he moved off of her and rolled onto his back. She unbuttoned his pants and he raised up so she could ease them off. She reached inside his boxers to squeeze his cock before tugging them down and off.

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She then leaned over him and took his cock in her hand and then she slowly placed it in her mouth. He moaned and put his hand on the back of head pushing her down onto him. She sucked and licked him and then moved to lick the tip all the while her hand massaging his balls.

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He pulled her up beside him to kiss her and pushed her onto her back and moved over her. He spread her legs and used them to pull her up until her feet were resting on his shoulders. He then entered her quickly causing both of them to moan loudly.


He began to move into her quickly his balls slapping her ass. Faster and faster he moved as she twisted and turned her hands balling the blanket.


He then leaned down over her and kissed her asking her if it felt good and if his cock was big or small. Big she gasped as he again raised up and began pounding her harder. He then moved out of her and helped her over onto her knees and moved behind her and entered her quickly grabbing her hips and ramming into her again. She pushed back into him as he reached around in between them to rub her clit. He then pushed her shoulders down onto the bed so that her ass was in the air grabbed her harder and pounded her pussy harder.

Her moans turned to screams as she hit her orgasm. He felt her pussy griping his cock and grabbed her hips tighter pulling her more onto him ramming her harder and harder. He then started slapping her ass as he got closer and closer to his finish.

She moaned loudly as he squeezed her hips yelling more more as she ground her hips into his cock as again got closer to another orgasm.

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Just as was about to cum he turned her over pulled her legs over his shoulders and kissed her pushing all he could into her as he hit his finish moaning into her mouth. When he had finally finished cumming he rolled over pulling her to rest on his chest. He kissed and told her that he wanted to do that for a long time but had resisted.

He told her he was tired of resisting and to pray that his girlfriend continued working so that they could keep meeting like this.

Yes she told him that she would really like that.

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They then got up, she put on her clothes he put on his shorts and walked her to the door. She told him that she would come back the next day and he told her ok and kissed her as she walked out the door.