Big Titty Pornstar Dakota Dildo Ficken

Big Titty Pornstar Dakota Dildo Ficken
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I must be a real pervert because I really enjoy watching another mans cock sliding in and out of my wife's mouth, pussy and ass. I can't explain it but just the thought of the flesh pounding flesh is a turn on for me. Let me tell you about once in particular. Right after we got married we began seeking a new apartment to relocate to.

Let me tell youmy wife is about 5'6" 140 lbs 36C's, long dark hair and she was and still is a good looker. We spent the weekends looking and settled on a newer one in a nearby town.

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The manager didn't show up to show us a unit so we ended up walking around the unit. One man about our same age came by and asked if he could help. We explained that we would like to see an apartment unit and he offered to show us his. Not thinking much about it we agreed. We looked at his apartment and he offered some refreshment, he mixed some alcoholic drinks and we sat in his living room talking about the complex and found that it was mostly younger couples such as us but he was one of the few singles living there.

The afternoon stretched into the evening, the drinks kept flowing and we all were beginning to get pretty intoxicated. My wife went to the restroom and he told me I had one hell of a nice looking wife.

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I agreed and he asked me if her tits were as nice naked as they were clothed. I told him he had no idea how much better they were. My wife returned, wobbling quite an bit and laughing her drunk laugh. He asked if we wanted to watch a few movies and we agreed. He had a big couch and we all sat and he put in a movie and dimmed the lights We were expecting some recent movie but it started out as "Not enough" which caught me a bit surprised. She looked at me and shrugged and the movie began with two men talking to a women and they went to a motel room and began kissing, touching and disrobing.

Both men had good sized cocks and my wife's eyes were wide open.

As both of the men began to kiss and touch the women my wife excused herself for the bathroom again. When she left he asked if the movie was okay and I said "I guess…we'll see". When she didn't return for a few minutes I went to check on her, I heard some moaning coming from behind the door and opened it.

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She was sitting on the toilet fingering herself not realizing the door was unlocked. She was stunned but I smiled and said you're missing the movie!!!!!. She was embarrassed but I said "honey it's ok, just let it out". I went back to the living room and she returned and sat down.

The movie was started and the men had began to separate on the women, one sucking her breasts and the other slid down to start eating the women's pussy. My wife seemed to be squirming a bit in her seat so I took the hint and turned her face to me and kissed her. Her lips opened and her tongue was swirling in my mouth, she then began to suck my tongue as we kissed and my hand went to her top to rub her breasts over her shirt.

We continued to kiss forgetting about the guy beside us and I unbuttoned her top and placed my hands inside caressing her skin and feeling her hard nipples under her bra. She was moaning and twisting, the sounds on the tv was matching ours as we she realized where we was. She stopped and got real red but the alcohol had already taken effect and she looked at me quizzically. She looked at the tv and the men on screen was really into it with the women. One was fucking her and she was sucking the cock of the other.

My wife shuddered and took a deep breath and said "what would that feel like?".


I said "honey we can find out" She turned to look at our host who was sitting there enjoying the show. She said " Would you kiss me?" He didn't wait a second and placed his lips on her.


I could see the tongues swirling and his hand was going under her bra to rub her nipples. I reached and unsnapped her bra letting it fall to the floor. He took one breast and me the other. I was rolling and pinching her nipple which was driving her nuts. The kissing went from him to me, each having a good time feeling her up.

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After a few minutes of this I stood her up and unsnapped her jeans letting them also fall to the floor. She was shaking, trembling and the crotch of her bikini panties was soaked.

I nodded and the host slowly rolled her panties down and he and I both took in the aroma of her sex. I sat her down and he and I stood in front of her and both unsnapped and let our pants fall, both of us had erect cocks beneath our underwear. She reached and grabbed both of our underwear and pulled them downward. Our cocks were right in front of her face and she looked at me and said "we might as well try it once" I agreed and she instantly took his cock in her mouth as she started stroking me.

She was deep throating his cock and stopped and went for mine/ She sucked each of us and licked our sags and licked our balls. He asked if we could go into the bedroom and she stopped and he led her and me down the hall. When inside she laid down and he kneeled on the bed as she began to suck his cock again. I spread her legs and crawled in between them and licked her pussy from asshole to clit.

I could feel her arousal begin and she was withering on the bed while sucking him. I looked up and watched her lips taking his cock in, the way they rolled back and his cock shoving into her mouth again and again. I felt her hips grind into my face as she began her climax, he withdrew his cock from her mouth as he also began his climax.

As she came he spurted a wad of white cum on her face which she tried to take in. They both slouched on the bed but I was still licking the climaxing pussy which was beginning to turn her on again.

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I grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her knees and elbows. She without hesitation complied. I inserted my finger in her wet pussy to lube it and placed it at the entrance to her asshole. She felt the tip and pushed her ass backwards to get it. I watched and slowly inserted my finger in her ass and she began to fuck my finger while groaning.

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I motioned him to come down and watch. We watched as I fingered her puckered asshole. He wanted to also but I said "just fuck her ass she loves it" He got some lotion and spurted it on his cock and placed the head against her asshole.

She was twitching and he slid his cock head into her ass and she moaned loudly and all of a sudden he jammed it all inside which caused her to scream and try to get away. As he began to fuck her ass she settled down and responded to his motions. I was sitting there and watching as his cock went in and almost out and then in again. They were fucking and she was asking me to come to her so she could suck my cock.

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I went to her and she grabbed and engulfed my cock. Here we were in a fantasy land. Her on her knees with a cock in her mouth and one in her ass.

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The fucking continued and she withdrew my cock and gasped as she again started cumming. He and I both took the hint and I came on her face and lips as he came a load in her ass. She just plain collapsed and we all settled back trying to catch our breath.

After a while we got up, got dressed and drove home thinking this marriage might just be fun.