Hot girl fucked by a boy on real homemade

Hot girl fucked by a boy on real homemade
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This is a short Stand alone spin off from my domination series. I'll try to do one between each sequel. After this short story comes the first sequel to lost in her eyes.

It will be called Divided. I'm satisfied with the response I got from my first story and eagerly await your thoughts and comments from this spin off. Enjoy.

Chapter 1 I stood in the living room, looking out the window to the front of the house. It didn't take long after the divorce for my dad to find someone else. He's a good looking man and has never had trouble with women. Maybe that's why my mom was the one he chose to marry. She's a beautiful woman who isn't easily taken by the charms of men. It's probably why my dad pined after her. She was different.

An enigma. But I'm getting ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning. My name is Jake, I'm 19. I just finished high school and looking for college courses. My dad and I spent a lot of our free time fixing up the car and it's become a strong love for me. Maybe mechanics or engineering would be good.

My mom and dad were happily married for 12 years. until they had a big fight where my mom announced that she'd fallen in love with someone else. She never gave any details. Like who this person was or where they met. After the divorce my mother moved out and, as a legal adult, it was my choice who I lived with.

On the day my mom moved out, she had all her things packed and in her car, she asked me who I wanted to stay with. She had a hopeful expression.

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I blamed my mom for destroying our family and very quickly chose dad. I could see mom's heart break when I said that but she nodded and left the house without a word.

I felt betrayed by my mom. I knew it was stupid, but I felt like she'd let me down. But I didn't hate her. I was in so much pain but as hard as I tried. I couldn't hate her. She was my mother. I didn't see or talk to her for two months. Not that I couldn't. I had her number and her address. She tried calling me a couple of times everyday but I just let it ring.

After a while she stopped trying. She called my dad once a week and asked about me. One afternoon my dad and I went to a bar for a drink and we had one of those man to man talks. "I understand this is a hard time for you." He said. "Don't punish your mother for what happened. She still loves you and wants to be a part of your life." "I know but she left me.

I cannot let that pass." I said fighting back tears. "She didn't leave you. Your mother and I had our problems. We talked about it after the fight and agreed to be civil about the divorce. She's afraid she's lost you. Has she lost you?" He asked. I shook my head no. "She needs you to tell her that. Call her tonight and just talk to her about it." As I promised, I called her that night and she was surprised and ecstatic to hear from me.

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We had a really nice talk for over an hour and I promised to visit soon. Back to current events as I said, I was stood in the living room looking out the window. My dad told me that his new girlfriend and her two daughters would be living with us now. "What!?" I said loudly as my brain exploded. They'd only been dating a month, this was too fast. I'd only met Rachel a few times for about an hour each time. I mean she seemed nice but this was way too fast. I hadn't even met her daughters and I was still getting over the divorce.

From what I saw. She was a nice woman in her early 30s. She had blonde hair with an hour glass figure and C cup breasts. Not that I was looking at her that way I just happened to notice. I looked out the window and saw a Mercedes pull up. I didn't get a chance to see who was inside because I was already at the door ready to answer it. I was so unsure of this but I put my concerns aside for my dad's sake. I opened the door as Rachel walked up dragging her suitcase behind her.

She smiled and stopped at the door as she wrapped me in a hug. "Hi cutie, how are you?" She said enthusiastically. "Hello Rachel, I'm fine." I said smiling with less excitement. "Great! I'd like you to meet my daughters. This is Stephanie and Jessica." She stood aside and I nearly came in my pants as a couple of drop dead gorgeous, blonde girls stood there.

Jessica was wearing a pink top with white shorts. She had a sexy smile and large breasts, long legs and an amazing round ass. Stephanie was almost a carbon copy except she had smaller tits.

She was wearing a white tank top with black shorts. Managing to control myself, I introduced myself. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jake." I said shaking both their hands. "Hi Jake." They both said together which was a little creepy to me. I helped carry their suitcases into the living room and told them to have a seat. "Where's your father?" Rachel asked. "He's in the shower, he'll be down in a minute. Anyone thirsty?" I asked.

"Oh yes please, some ice water would be lovely." Rachel said. "Same here." "Me too." My new step sisters said. "Coming right up." We sat with our drinks for about 20 minutes talking. I couldn't keep my eyes off of my new sisters. They were so sexy I had to shift in my seat to hide my boner. The way they smiled at me had me throbbing. They were both older then me by a year. At that moment dad came downstairs wearing jeans and a white t shirt. He gave Rachel a long deep kiss and sat on the chair opposite the women.

Dad did most of the talking. "I'm glad you all got here ok and I'm happy that we're living together. Girls your mother and I our in love and I promise to take both of you in as my daughters. I'm not calling myself your father, its up to you to decide if I earn that privilege." The girls said thanks and Dad suggested I show them both to their rooms. I carried their cases up stairs and showed them too the room next to mine. As per their request, the both shared the room and had a bed each beside the other.

"Thankyou Jake!" Jessica said as she wrapped me in a hug. Her large breasts were pushed against me. When she broke the hug, Stephanie gave me a hug too. I was shocked but returned the hug and told them they were welcome. I had a tent in my shorts and made a quick exit, telling them to call if they needed anything. As I shut the door I heard them giggling and went straight to my room for some much needed relief.

Chapter 2 Over the next few weeks things had settled in nicely. Dad and Rachel seemed happy and were both pleased me and the girls were getting along. In reality it was excruciating being in the same house as them. One morning I was in the kitchen eating breakfast when Stephanie walked in wearing nothing but a plain white top and a thong.

It was early in the morning so there was no risk of the parents coming down. "Hey bro!" She said sweetly as she grabbed her bottle of water from the fridge. She bent down looking for it and my eyes were glued to her ass.

The tent in my shorts grew again as she grabbed the bottle and skipped out of the kitchen. Later on that day, dad had taken the girls out for lunch and I was left alone. I walked past their bedroom and saw on Stephanie's bed, the thong she'd been wearing that same morning. My erection grew again.

It had occurred to me that it was wrong getting hard for my step sisters but I couldn't help it. They were so hot. Controlled by horniness, I crept into the room and quickly snatched up the thong before running back to my room. In record time I was on my bed, shorts around my ankles, furiously jacking my cock as I sniffed my step sister's thong. The smell was intoxicating, I could only imagine what it would be like between her legs.

The idea made my mouth water as I exploded and covered my chest with a thick load of cum. I was stuck there, sweaty and panting for a while before I cleaned up and put Steph's thong back. I was very embarrassed about what I had done and my face went bright red everytime either of my sisters looked at me. "Something wrong Jake?" Jess asked me one day.

"Nothing I'm fine." I answered a bit too quickly. "Hey. I'm your sister now. You can always talk to me." She said in a caring tone. She hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek.

"t-tthanks." I stammered. "Hey can you help me with something?" She asked. "sure." I mumbled "What d'you need?" She took my hand and led me to her room where she showed me a bright red dress. "I need help putting this on. Uuuuh its so annoying." She said. "So why'd you buy it?" I said chuckling.

"Cause its hot!" She replied as if it was a stupid question. Women! "So what do you need help with?" I asked. With that she turned her back to me and peeled her top off and bent down as she pushed her pants down.

My jaw dropped as I stared blankly at her completely naked body. "Eyes front soldier!" She said with a naught smile. She'd been watching me in the mirror gawk at her. "Sorry!" I said and quickly turned my back to her. "Ok I need help with the zip!" She said.

I turned back to her and saw her dressed to the nines. She pulled her hair out of the way of the zip. With weak hands, I pulled her zip up and she turned back to me. God she was sexy! The dress was strapless and stopped just under her armpits and above her mid thigh. "Thanks bro!" She said hugging me again. "Where are you going!" I said with abit of attitude. "Awww is my little bro getting protective?" She said mockingly. I quickly shot back "Maybe I am.

I don't want my sister dressing like that for some cheap asshole!" "Aww that's sweet. Don't worry bro, I can look after myself. Plus I'll have Stephanie there too." She said shocking me. "Stephanie has a date too!" I said flabbergasted. "Yeah, we're going on a double date.

Our dates our brothers." She said smiling. I don't know why I was so surprised, they were both sexy and would surely have no trouble finding dates. "Well thanks for the help Jake, I gotta go!" She said. She grabbed her purse and gave me another kiss on the cheek before leaving.

The simple kiss on the cheek had my dick at full attention. So I went back to my room for another jerk off session. Dad and Rachel left shortly after for a date night. I was bored and alone, so I decided to meet some friends for a battlefield 1 night. I returned later that night drunk and tired. I crept through the door to my house like a real bad ninja. Up the stairs that creaked. Swearing at them to be quiet. I was nearly at my room when I heard sounds of moaning and grunting coming from my sisters room.

Curious and suddenly very horny I crept to there room and opened the door a crack to peak inside. I couldn't believe my eyes. Jessica was on her bed on all fours as a big black guy pounded into her. She was squealing, her breasts were swinging back and forth. "Aaaah Aaaah Aaah c'mon fuck me!

Aaah Aaaah!" She moaned. My dick was hard as a rock. What really shocked me was Stephanie, two feet away on her bed. She was riding another black guy. Bouncing hard on his cock. I could hear the slapping sounds echo as she went crazy. Neither of the sisters seemed to have any shame of being fucked in front of each other. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like I was in a dream. I should have shut the door and gone back to my room.

But I took out my hard cock and began pumping hard as I watched my step sisters getting fucked by there dates. "How's Michael's cock sis?" Jess asked.

"Aaaah Aaaah fucking amazing! You need to try it! Aaaahh!" Stephanie moaned while she bounced. "Michael bring that big cock over here!" Jess ordered. Stephanie reluctantly removed the black cock from her pussy and Micheal went and stuck his cock in Jessica's mouth.

I nearly blew my load watching Jess take two cocks. She bobbed up and down on Michael's cock like an experienced pornstar.

"Hey! What about me!" Stephanie said as she sat up pouting. Jess removed the cock from her mouth and looked back at her date. "Jack, do you wanna fuck my sister while I suck your brother's cock?" "Fuck yeah!" Jack said as he walked over and pushed Stephanie on her back. Steph giggled then squealed as the big cock impaled her.

I jacked my cock faster, making me grunt. Jessica suddenly looked in my direction and I quickly hid round the corner. I heard no complaints or shouting. Just the sound of sex. So I peaked inside again and saw nothing had changed. Confident I hadn't been caught, I began jacking off again.

Stephanie was still on her back being fucked by Jack. "Aaaah Aaaah Jess, your boyfriend is amazing! I might have to keep both of them! Aaaah!" She cried. Jess removed Michael's cock from her mouth and shot back. "If you think you're keeping all this big cock to yourself, you're gonna be disappointed." She said smiling. "Fuck me Michael, fuck me next to my sister!" Jess said as she moved to lie down beside Stephanie.

It was difficult to see what was going on as Stephanie's bed was almost put of view. But I was desperate so I pushed the door open some more and saw both sisters being fucked side by side. They were holding hands as their orgasms approached. I stroked my cock furiously as their moans became louder. I was so close to cumming.

I tried to contain my moans but failed as I exploded all over the door. Fortunately they didn't seem to notice.

So I zipped myself and went to bed. Falling asleep to the sound of their orgasms. Chapter 3 The next morning I sat in the living room watching tv. Not that I was really watching. I was still trying to absorb what I had seen. I tried to put it out of my mind but it kept coming back. Seeing my two stepsisters get fucked had my erection at an all time high.

I thought maybe having a beer would help me calm down. I grabbed one of my dad's beers from the fridge. He doesn't mind me taking them as long as I replace them. I popped the cap off and took a large gulp. Shortly after, Jessica walked in, dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. She was braless, I could tell cause her nipples stuck out like a pair of missiles under her top. "Hi Jake." She said grabbing some water from the fridge. "H-hi Jess." I said nervously.

"Are you ok brother?" She said smiling. "You seem nervous?" Her smile brought my erection back. "I'm fine. I just had a late night." I said trying to hide my erection. "I'm sorry if we kept you awake." She said smiling devilishly. "It's ok. Are your boyfriends gone?" I asked. "Yeah, we had them sneak out earlier this morning.


No need for mom and dad to find out." Jess said. I nodded and took another swig of beer. Jess looked at me then down to my crotch and back up again. She smiled at me and said "So that's why you're so nervous." My face went red and i said "It's just morning wood." She laughed at that and said "So last night, was that morning wood?" My heart started beating harder and I felt the heat in my cheeks.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked knowing full well. "I saw you watching us last night. Judging by the amount of cum on the door, I guess you enjoyed watching us." She crept up to me smiling the way a cat smiles at a mouse. Suddenly, she ran her hand over my erection. I gasped, nearly blowing my load. "Did you enjoy watching us?" She whispered in my ear. "Jesssss.ssstop!" I grunted. "Did you enjoy watching us!" She said more firmly.

Her warm breath on my neck drove me crazy. "Yesss!" I confessed. "You want to fuck your sister don't you?" She asked sweetly. "Yesss!" She smiled and slowly fell to her knees. She pulled my shorts down and my hard dick flopped out.

"Oh my!.What a small cock!" She said mockingly. My face burned red with embarrassment. I had always been insecure about the size of my dick. She took my cock between her finger and thumb and wrapped her lips around it.

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I grunted and tried desperately to hold off cumming straight away. "Jess.our parents." I struggled to talk. "Out for the day.

We got the house to ourselves." She said and started jacking my cock. "Do you want to fuck me?" She asked. "Yes!" I said with clenched teeth. "Your stepsister?" She taunted. "Yes!" I said. "You know that's incest!" She said smiling. "Yes!" I grunted louder as I was about to blow my load. "Naughty boy!

How badly do you wanna fuck me?" She kept on. "So bad!" I grunted. Nearly there! "Well not today!" She said releasing my cock. "What the hell Jess!" I said angrily. She leaned in and stuck her tounge down my throat. All my anger was replaced with shock. After a few seconds, she broke the kiss and looked me in the eye. "If you want to fuck me. Do whatever I say!" She said. I was too shocked to talk so I just nodded. "Good boy. Stay on my good side and I promise you get a chance at this pussy." And with that, she skipped out of the kitchen.

I just stood there in total shock and awe of what just transpired. I was also on bursting point so I ran back to my room and finished myself off.

Chapter 4 That night we were having a family dinner. Dad and Rachel were talking talking to the girls about their day and I was just sat there. Almost non existent. "I'm so happy you kids have bonded." My dad said and Jess smirked at me. "Yeah, we've really become close." Suddenly I felt a foot rubbing my cock through my shorts. I looked up and saw Jess grinning at me.

"You ok son?" Dad asked. "Yeah dad I not feeling that great." I said which was a total lie. Jessica's bare foot rubbing my crotch felt amazing. I didn't want to have an incident at the dinner table. So I made an excuse to leave. "I think I'm gonna go to bed early." I said but Jess quickly replied.

"I think you should stay and finish your dinner." She said it as more an order then an opinion. "Jess is right son. Eating will make you feel better." Rachel said. It was the first time she called me son but I was too nervous to realise it at the time. Slowly I sat back down and continued eating. Jess teased me for the rest of dinner.

Mercifully I was able to leave the table. I ran to my room with serious blue balls. Before I could even get my shorts off, Jess walked in. "Stop right there!" She said smiling. "No jerking off. Not until I say you can ok?" This was annoying me so I said "Jess if your not going to get me off, I'll do it myself." That seemed to anger her.

"You ungrateful bastard! Its up to me whether I let you fuck me or not. Your the one who wants this pussy! Lord knows I don't want your cock! So if you want me, You need to work for me." "But your not letting me fuck you. That's the problem" I said in frustration. Her frown turned back to a smile. "Well if you don't want to wait, feel free to take care of yourself.

But if you do, you'll never get the chance at this!" She said running her hands over her pussy. After that she left me alone. I was furious that she was making me choose but if there was a chance I could have her, I wasn't going to pass it up. So I took a cold shower and quickly went to bed. Not that I got much sleep.

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I was doing cleaning my room when I heard Jess calling me. I hoped that my patience was about to be rewarded.

I very quickly walked to her room and saw both Jess and Steph sitting on Jess's bed. "Hey bro!" Stephanie said smiling. Jess was wearing a pink tank top and a jean skirt. Stephanie was dressed almost identically except with a white tank top.

"Jess has told me all about your deal. We're very close Yunno. We don't keep secrets." This is not what I wanted and I was irritated by Jessica's teasing.

"Yeah I know how close you too are." "Yeah Jess told me you enjoyed our little show." Stephanie said. "Was there something you wanted?" I said getting annoyed. "Yes.

Can you massage my feet?" Jess said raising her bare feet to me. I gave her 'You can't be serious' look. She shot back an 'I'm deadly serious' look. Reluctantly, I fell to my knees and took her feet in my hands. Jess let out a relaxed moan as I rubbed her feet.

Looked up her legs, under her skirt and to my great shock, I saw she wasn't wearing panties. My imagination ran wild. Would Jess let me fuck her now? In front of Stephanie?

Would she join in? "Do you like what you see?" Jess said. I was too busy drooling, so I simply nodded. I sub consciously continued rubbing her feet while I stared at Jess's bare pussy. She was completely shaved which only turned me on more. "Steph wants to see your cock! So stand up and show us what we're working with?" Overwhelmed with shock and horniness, I stood and unbuckled my pants and dropped them, my eyes never leaving her pussy. Jess deliberately left her legs spread as it was the easiest way to control me.

Next my top came off then I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and slowly pulled them down. My cock sprang out and Stephanie burst out laughing. "Oh my god you weren't kidding! Its so small!!!" My face burned red with embarrassment but my 4 inch cock stood at full attention.

When she calmed down from her laughing fit, Stephanie spread her own legs to reveal that she wasn't wearing panties either. I nearly came right there. "So big bro, or should I say little bro!" Steph said laughing again. I was so humiliated but I couldn't bring myself to leave the room. "As I was saying, Do you wanna fuck us?" Steph continued. "Yes!" I said instantly. "Together?" Jess said. "Yes!" A naughty smirk crept on their faces. "Your sisters?" Steph asked gauging me. "Yes!" I said again without hesitation.

"Naughty boy! Will you do anything to fuck us?" Jess asked again. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I said trying to end the interrogation and get to business. "You'll be our slave?" Steph asked. "Yes!" I said getting hornier at the idea.

"Then from now on you call us Mistress!" Jess said smiling. "Yes Mistresses!" I said. I felt a sense of joy saying that. "Good boy. Now get down here and eat our pussies." Steph demanded. I was so turned on I would have done anything to make them happy. "Yes Mistress!" I said dropping back to my knees and crawling between Stephanie's legs. I attacked her shaved pussy with my tounge and she immediately squealed. I'd never licked a pussy before but Stephanie wasn't complaining.

So I just kept doing what I was doing. Running my tounge in circles over her pussy, up and down her slit, gently flicking my tounge over her clit and then sticking my tounge in and out of her pussy. I knew I was doing a good job due to Stephanie's reactions. She was whimpering and moaning. She held my head between her legs as her moans became more pronounced. Her juices started running down her pussy to the crack of her ass.

I licked it all up from the crack back to her pussy. That's when Steph started grinding her pussy against my face. She got more aggressive and more vocal. "Oh! Oh! Oh fuck! Eat my pussy you little bitch boy! Eat me good!" My cock began throbbing as I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it.

"Aaaah! Aaaah! I'm coooomiiiiiing!" She screamed and I was rewarded with her spraying cum all over my face. At the same time I shot my cum all over the carpet. I groaned loudly and my legs shook. "Awww the little bitch came. How pathetic!" Jess said. I looked at her red faced and saw she was rubbing her pussy. "Oh well I guess he can't fuck us today!" Stephanie said and I looked at her with horror.

"Please Mistress! I can get it back up!" I begged and they just laughed at me. Shame filled my heart. "if you can control yourself til tomorrow we can try again." Jess said. "How was it sis?" She asked Steph. "He may have a puny cock, but my god! He can eat pussy!" Steph said beaming with joy. "Really? Ok then my little bitch slave. My turn." Jess said turning her pussy towards me. I crawled to her and began licking her. I used my same method on Jess and it seemed to be working better.

Maybe because she'd already warmed herself up. "Oooooh! That's nice. Ahhhh you were right. I think this may have to be part of our bedtime routine." Jess said.

I looked at Steph who nodded, smiling naughtily. Jess roughly pulled me back between and her legs. "Aaahh don't stop my little bitch. You're doing so well. You're a natural pussy pleaser." For the first time since I entered the room, Jess's words filled me with pride.

Jess's pussy was dripping wet and I took this as the time to start on her clit. I flicked it with my tounge and she shivered in pleasure.

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I could feel her legs shaking on my naked skin. "Aaahhh! Ohhhh fuck! Suck my clit! Suck my clit!" I couldn't tell if she was ordering or begging but I obeyed like a good slave and wrapped my lips around her clit. "Aaaaah shit! Im coming! I'm coming! Comiiinng! Aaaaaaaah!" She bellowed as she too came on my face. I pulled away from her legs and sat, in a submissive position on the heels of my feet. Jess spent a while panting like a dog as she recovered from the orgasm I had just delivered.

My face shined with their combined juices. I just sat their awaiting instructions. "So sis, did you enjoy that?" Steph asked running her hands over her sisters body. "Fuck yes!" Jess said still panting.


Steph looked at me and said "You can go now slave." Smiling. "Mistress what about our deal?" I asked with fear. "You really are a thirsty little bitch aren't you? Well don't worry, if you can go till tomorrow without cumming, you can fuck our pussies all day. Just be home straight after school." "Mistress what about your mom and my dad?" I asked. "Don't worry they'll be out. We'll have the house to ourselves." She said licking her hips making my cock twitch. "Go now slave." "Yes Mistress." As I turned to leave, they each gave me a wolf whistle and said "Nice ass slave!" Once again I was embarrassed as I went back to my room.

Chapter 5 As I lay in bed that night, I struggled to comprehend what had happened. Actually I struggled with everything. My step sisters had moved in nearly a week ago and now I was there submissive slave. I should've been ashamed of what I had done. I had committed incest! I told myself it didn't count since we weren't related by blood. In fact I felt no shame at what had been happening. My sister's had totally dominated me.

And I loved every second of it. My mind was screaming no at me. I knew this was just societies rules telling me what happened was wrong. But it didn't feel wrong. I enjoyed being their slave and I was actually looking forward to tomorrow. Content with my revelation, I drifted off to sleep. The next day was a blur. I didn't see Jess or Steph that morning. For that matter I didn't see dad or Rachel either. They must've left early. So I shovelled my breakfast down my throat and left for school.

I didn't pay attention at all in class. My mind was too preoccupied with my excitement. Mr. Anderson actually became concerned with my lack of focus.

I quickly blamed a headache and he sent me to the nurses office. The journey home was 20 minutes quicker as I was too excited to go at my usual pace. The adrenaline was racing and my heart pounded. I quickly ran through the front door to see both my sisters sat on the couch talking completely naked. I dropped my bag and ran to the front of the couch and kneeled. "Someone's eager!" Steph said smiling. "I'm ready to serve my Mistresses." I said beaming with excitement.

"Good boy." Jess said spreading her legs. "Come and snack on my cunt bitch!" She continued. Her nasty words drew me in like a magnet as I crawled between her legs and started licking. "Hmmm. I've waited all day for this." Jess moaned. "Aaaahhh! I think he licks me better then you do sis!" She said giggling. "Maybe but he'll never fuck your ass the way I do." Steph shot back smiling. "With a dick as small as might be right!" Both girls laughed hard and humiliation made my cheeks burn red and my cock grow.

"Aaaahhhh. That's it slave. Eat your sisters pussy!" She ordered. I doubled my efforts, determined to get her off quickly. Then it happened. "KIDS!" I quickly pulled my head up and saw my Step mom and my dad stood there watching. "Hi mom and dad." Jess said smiling mischievously. Neither of the parents looked angry.

Dad looked shocked. Rachel looked playfully annoyed. "You started the party without us." She said and my eyes went wide. "Sorry mommy." Jess said pulling me back between her legs. "We just couldn't wait! Uhhhh. His tounge's amazing." Jess moaned. A thick fog formed in my head as I tried to understand what was happening. "Is that so? Well maybe I should get a sample." Rachel said. She yanked the belt from her jeans, pushed them down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Jess pushed my head away as Rachel sat between both her daughters. "Jake, come eat my pussy." She said as she pulled her pussy lips apart. I looked at Jess who said "Do it slave!" "yes Mistress." I said. I crawled up to my step mom and started licking up her slit. "Mistress? Wow it took me a few weeks to make his father my slave. I'm so proud of both of you!" She said. "What!?" I said lifting my head only to get pushed back down. "Slave go eat my daughter's cunt!" Rachel ordered.

"Yes Mistress." My dad answered. I saw out the corner of my eye. Dad walked over to Jess and dropped too his knees. Seconds later I heard Jess moaning. "So how did you do do it?" Rachel asked. "It wasn't hard. He was practically drooling over us since we arrived. Some minor flirting, skimpy outfits and a free sex show with our boyfriends, and he was willing to do whatever we asked." Jess explained.

"You're becoming quite the seductress. You both our I'm so proud of you both." Rachel responded. Both me and my father were still on our knees serving each others Mistress while they chatted. "So how big is his cock?" Rachel asked and my embarrassment quickly returned. "Oh mom it's tiny. I've never seen one so small. Not even when dad used to fuck us." Jess said.

"Yes your father was no man by any sense. That's why I took my best friend's advice and joined the league." Rachel said. "Do you think Aunt Missy will let us join now!!!" Steph said very excited. "Keep up this good work and I guarantee she will." Rachel replied. At that moment the doorbell rang. "Oh that must be her. Enter!" Rachel called out. I heard the door open and close, some footsteps and then Rachel said "Welcome slave! Bitch boys, meet my other slave." I looked up and my jaw dropped to the ground to see my mother!

Dressed in a slutty schoolgirl uniform. Her face beet red with embarrassment. "Mom!?" I said shocked. "Yes Jakey boy! I'm the woman your mother left your father for. Now we can all be a happy family." Rachel pushed me away with her foot and said "Bitch get down here and eat me!" Mom looked down so she didn't have to look at us and whispered "Yes Mistress." I watched completely dumbfounded as my mother dropped to her knees and crawled to her Mistress.

I looked back at my father and saw pain in his face. I felt no pain just confusion. What the hell was happening!? "Jake!" Jess shouted at me. I turned my head so fast I nearly got whiplashed. "You are still OUR slave! But now you are a slave to our mother too." "Yes Mistresses." I said without hesitation. "Well if that's the case, slave. Push your mother's skirt up and lick her asshole." Rachel shocked me. I didn't move for a second before she said "Now slave!" "But.but.That's my mom!" I said.

"Slave tell your son to lick your rosebud." My mother didn't even wait as she spun round and said "Lick my asshole sweety! It's ok. Obey our Mistress and lick my slutty ass!" I was too shocked for words. My rock hard dick seemed to be making the decisions for me as I slowly approached, lifted her skirt and buried my tounge between my mom's asscheeks.

My mom went back to licking her.OUR Mistress and moaned. "Wow that's hot!" Mistress Steph said. I can't explain it but the sick depraved act was intoxicating and soon I couldn't get enough of my mom's ass. I licked like a hungry animal and my mom whimpered into Mistress Rachel's pussy. "Stop!" My newest Mistress said and I reluctantly pulled my head away.

"We wouldn't want the bitch cumming now would we!" As I pulled my tounge out of my mom's ass, she let out a groan of disappointment. She lifted her head to look at Mistress Rachel and said "Mistress please can I cum?" Mistress Rachel smiled. "Did your son's tounge get you a little riled up?" "Yes mistress, my son, my baby boy almost made me cum!" She said without a hint of shame.

"Your mistress comes first, literally!" She said before pulling my mom back to her pussy. By now my dad had already made both my sisters cum. There was a knock at the door and Jess left to answer it. She returned with both my sister's black boyfriends and three of their friends. "Oh my holy god!" Michael said. "I got first dibs on the old slut!" His friend Jack said. "Not so fast boys, I'm not done with her yet. But feel free to use one of my other slaves to get you going." Mistress Rachel said smirking.

The skinniest of the gang, Andre whipped out his cock and immediately thrust it into my mouth. "That's it suck it you little faggot." This was so strange. I was not gay, fact. But my desire to obey completely destroyed my morals, principles and for a moment, even my sexuality.

His cock was huge as he fucked my mouth and made me gag. "This little faggot is a natural. I guess he was born to suck cock!" Andre said laughing. "And eat pussy too!"Mistress Jess replied. Andre pulled his cock from my mouth and kneeled behind my mom. I watched in shock and a little jealousy as he thrust deep inside mom's cunt. Mom howled in pain and pleasure as Andre began hammering her pussy. She tried to keep licking her Mistress but screamed "Oh yes!

Fuck me fuck me fuck me! Oh god!" Mistress Rachel pulled mom back and held her head on her pussy. "seems to be the only way to shut her up!" She laughed. I sat back on my knees and watched for the rest of the night as each guy took turns plowing my mother from behind. I lost track of how many times mom came. Only after Mistress Rachel gave her permission. I thought it was over after the last guy came in her pussy but Michael pushed mom onto his cock and Andre entered her ass.

My cock was constantly hard as I watched mom being DP'd. "Oh shit! Mistress! I'm so full! Can I cum! Please let me cum!" She begged like a slut! "Did your husband ever make you cum like this?" Mistress Rachel asked. "No Mistress's never! His cock is too small!" Everyone laughed. I looked at dad who's face was red with shame but his cock was hard. "You can cum now slave!" Mistress Rachel said and mom burst like a hose as her juices sprayed all over Michael's lap.

Then she collapsed totally spent. After that all the guys took turns fucking my sisters. My level of jealousy was unreal. I had been promised there sweet cunts and they were taking what was mine. The girls were lying on the couch side by side. They were holding hands with huge smiles on their faces. I watched with a deep stabbing pain in my heart as the guys all filled my Mistresses with their seed.

Mistress Jess saw me and said "Aww is my little bitch boy jealous?" I nodded. "Clean their cum from my pussy then you can TRY and fuck this pussy." "No that's disgusting!" I thought to myself.

"There's no way I'm doing that!" But as I was thinking this, I realised I was already crawling to her. I wrapped my lips around her pussy and began sucking the cum out. The sweet, salty taste made me wanna be sick but I kept at it.

All the while the others laughed at me. The humiliation and degradation seemed to turn me on so my cock only got harder and started throbbing. "Nasty piece o' shit!" Michael shouted. "Little bitch!" Andre mocked.

"Oh yes! Clean my cunt! You little pussy pleading faggot!" Mistress Jess said aggressively. It was too much.

Sucking cock, eating cum, licking pussy, all the humiliation. It had me ready to burst and I did. I came hard all over the carpet. Everybody lost it. Some of them fell to the floor, crying with laughter. The only people not laughing were my parents who stood there with shame and disappointment written all over their faces.

"Oh well I guess you can't fuck me now! Oh well there's always tomorrow!" Mistress Jess said filling me with sorrow. Suddenly, dad was pushed to his hands and knees.

Mistress Rachel was stood their with a strap on, holding a massive dildo. "I've been looking forward to this all night!" She said with a creepy smile. I watched my dad getting fucked. He seemed totally comfortable. Like he'd done this before. The guys and Mistresses used me and my parents all night. My sisters never let my cock go anywhere near their pussies.

When the guys left and our Mistresses were done, they left us all to sleep on the floor in living room. Like pets. We spooned together with mom between me and dad.

I felt the cum on her large tits against my naked back. I was humiliated beyond all comprehension that night but I was ready to do it all again tomorrow, for the chance to fuck my sisters. The end. Divided Part 1 Coming soon.