Fucking Chinese girl makes me feel good

Fucking Chinese girl makes me feel good
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I was twelve when it happened. It was Memorial Day weekend and my parents were going away Friday night, coming back Monday. I was staying at our hot, sexy neighbor Jen's house. Jen was twenty-seven, brunette, with a washboard stomach, round C-cup tits, a perfect tight ass and beautiful legs to dies for. I had discovered masturbation only a year ago, and Jen was the object of most of my fantasies. The day finally came. Jen and I waved my parents goodbye as they left, then we went inside. Jen looked unbelievable.

She was wearing an extremely short miniskirt, which showed off her awesome legs. Her tanktop was very low-cut, and I could see everything. Her heels were 3-inches. I was immediately hard. "Do you want to watch some TV, Dave?" she asked. "Sure," I said.

We walked to the living room and sat on the couch next to each other. For a half-hour, I couldn't stop staring at her, she was perfect.

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I was staring at her cleavage when I saw her eyes dart to me. I quickly looked away, but she just giggled. "I've seen the way you look at me, Dave. The lust in your virgin eyes, the bulge rising in your jeans. It makes me so hot." she said, huddling up against me.

"Now that we're all alone, I want to be your teacher." and with that, she thrusted her warm, wet tongue into my mouth. We made out for minutes, I was in heaven. She noticed I was unsure of where to put my hands, and she broke the kiss and giggled. She removed her shirt and bra to reveal her wondeful breasts.

"Don't me afraid, touch me. I want you to have this." she took my hands and placed them on her tits. I began breathing heavily and squeezed them.

She moaned, then took my right hand and guided it between her legs. I began to rub her pussy through her panties. I felt like I was about to cum in my pants hearing her moan like that.

Suddenly, she took my hand away and began to take my clothes off. "I know boys like you like to jerk off, and I know you've done it to me.

So now, I want you to do it for me." I stood up and got in front of her. She took off her skirt and panties, and started rubbling her clit. That was my cue. I began to stroke my cock, which was as hard as steel, my pulse was pounding, and she was moaning, keeping eye contact on me.

"That's right, baby, stroke that cute little cock for me." she said softly and soothingly.

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This drove me over the edge, and I began to cum the hardest I had ever came. The huge load shot all over her pussy, stomach, and tits. She was moaning all the while. My knees went weak and I collapsed on the couch next to her, cock still at attention.

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I watched as she scraped the cum off her body and ate it with a sultry look in her eye. Eventually, my boner subsided and we got dressed. She ordered a pizza and we ate. It was getting late. "I want you to sleep in my bed tonight, baby. I'm not done with you." With that, we headed up to her bedroom. I changed into my pajamas and she into a sexy lengerie ensemble with black stockings and stilettos. "How do I look?" she asked. "Amazing." I answered. She giggled.

"Well, this certainly won't do," she said, gesturing to my pajamas. "I'd much rather you were naked." "All right," I said nervously, getting hard. I started to take them off. "No, no," she said. "That's my job." she stripped my pants and shirt off, teasing me by licking the hard head of my prick.

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I then got into bed, laying in my back. She straddled me and took off the baby-doll piece of the outfit, exposing her tits. She then grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I was in ecstasy. Again, I couldn't find a place for my hands.

"Go ahead! Touch them!" she said. "I'm fucking jerking you off, aren't I!" With that I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. I felt I was close to orgasm and told her and she stopped. "I want to save that for later," she said. We began making out again.

I was massaging her tits and bald pussy, living my fantasies. Then, with no warning, she inserted my dick inside her dripping fuckhole. I was almost knocked out by pleasure, and when I came to my senses, she was on top of me, slowly bucking and humping, softly moaning.


"I wanted to be your first, baby. I wanted to guide you through your first sexual experience. Doesn't fucking feel good?" I culd only answer with moans of ecstasy.

We fucked for close to five minutes when she climaxed. "FUCK! I'M CUMMING SO DAMN HARD! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR BOY-SPERM!" She was spraying pussy juice on my crotch and stomach. This with her moans did it. "I'M GONNA CUM!" And I did, burst after burst of my sperm filled her love tunnel. She fell off me, panting. We made out some more and fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and she wasn't in bed. I put my pajamas on and went downstairs to find her making pancakes in nothing but a bra and panties. "Jen, last night was so amazing. I have to thank you." I said. "Glad you enjoyed it, baby." she said.

"It was fun for me too. Before yesterday, I had wanted to fuck you for so long. Just seeing you looking at me, and the bulge in your pants, and thinking of you jerking off to me got me so wet. Oh, and after breakfast, I have a surprise for you." "What is it?" I asked eagerly. "It's a surprise, silly." she giggled. We ate a delicious breakfast and I helped her with the dishes. We were making out when the doorbell rang. "There's your surprise!" Jen exclaimed.

She ran to the door and opened it, and in walks Tori. My jaw dropped when I saw her. "Dave, this is my best friend, Tori." Jen said. "H-hi," I suttered nervously. Tori was a redhead, something I often fantasized about.

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She had an equally smoking hot body as Jen. "Hi," she said. "Jen called me and told me what a stud you were last night. But she didn't tell me how cute you are!" she giggled. "Well, let's all go up to the bedroom and get to business!" Jen said.

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We all hurried upstairs and Jen and Tori started stripping one another, then they both stripped me. They then began to make out and fondle one another, sometimes staring at my naked and erect cock with greed. Then, Tori started to eat Jen's pussy, staring in my eyes the whole time as Jen gyrated and moaned in orgasm. After they were done, Tori said, "Now I want a piece of this boy." with a sultry twinge.

They both then started taking turns sucking my cock, the other licking my balls. I moaned loudly with pleasure and they giggled like schoolgirls. It was more than I could stand. Finally, after ten minutes, I yelled, "CUMMING!

I'M CUMMING!" They almost fought over who would get to eat the cum, but there was enough to go around when burst after burst shot out, I counted fifteen altogether. "We're all pretty dirty now," Jen said.

"Good thing I've got a big shower." With that, we all got into the roomy shower and started kissing under the warm water. I was quickly hard again seeing Jen and Tori play with each other. "That's what I love about young boys," Tori said. "Short recovery time. Now use that cock to fuck me!" she ordered. And with that, she bent over slightly, leaning on the shower wall as I came behind her and entered her pussy.

I knew I could last longer now the way I had just came.


Jen was watching us with envy, rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Being inside Tori was increible. She moaned and bucked and pushed against my fuckpole in overcoming orgasm.

After she had climaxed, I was still hard and Jen answered the call. Facing each other now, I carefully stuffed my cock in her warm, inviting cunt. We fucked rough and I loved it. I pulled out and came all over her stomach. After that, Tori left, but not before Frenching me and groping my cock. The next day was mellow, mostly kissing. Jen taught me how to eat a pussy, to give a woman pleasure with my tongue. That evening, she made a candlelight dinner and we retired to her bedroom for mutual masturbation.

She put a porno on and we softly stroked each other. I was hard and cumming within minutes as I skillfully figered my new lover. We were a bit glum when it was time to go to sleep, knowing my parents would be back tomorrow.

But I assured her that I loved her and there would be other times. And indeed there have.