Leggy beautiful hottie shows off milk shakes

Leggy beautiful hottie shows off milk shakes
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A Shortcut to Rape This story starts with my wife, her friend Sung Mee and her two children, Jimmy and Kim. Sung Mee was an attractive 40 year old Asian woman with short black hair and beautiful soft brown eyes.

She is 5 ft. 8 in. tall and weighed about 120 pounds, with a great shape she was incredible looking. Jimmy was 13 and his sister Kim was 14. Kim was not over endowed but had a skinny little body and the beginnings of a nice set of breasts.

My wife and her friend are Korean. Not many Korean people live in our part of New Jersey so my wife travels to a town about 90 miles away to visit friends. On this day Sung Mee wanted to go with her. They had left early that morning and spent all day with friends in the small Korean community. It was around 9:30 pm and they were on their way home, they were getting tired and were in a hurry. My wife had made the trip many times and knew the back roads well.

She knew the road she was on seldom had much traffic this time of day and she was doing between 65 and 70 mph. The kids were in the back seat half asleep staring out the windows and my wife and Sung Mee were chattering away in Korean. The car was coming down a hill in the middle of nowhere and it was getting dark fast. As they were coming down the hill my wife saw a set of headlights come onto the road behind them. She watched the car and soon saw a red flashing light appear on the car behind her.

She knew she was speeding and was in trouble. She was going to play the, I am from Korea and don't understand English routine. If the cop asks you anything just talk Korean, and no English, no matter what she said. Sung Mee looked at the kids and they both agreed, ok, ok they said. She pulled the car over and stopped on the shoulder of the road.

The car that followed her pulled up and stopped behind them. My wife watched as a man got out of the car and walked toward her driver's window. As he got by the back window he turned on a flashlight and looked into the back window. My wife had the driver's window down and was waiting for him as he shined the light into her face. She tried to look at him but couldn't see anything but the bright light. Hiee I am Koreeeen and don't understand English she said in the strongest accent she could do.

The flashlight was turned off and my wife was looking down the barrel of a gun. Don't move a deep gravely voice said. I don't under. Cut the bullshit lady the voice said as he cut her off.

She tried again but stopped acting when the man behind the gun cocked it. Ok, she said, what do you want? That's better the voice said, now unlock the doors. Everyone in the car was silent as my wife reached over and pushed the button that unlocked the doors. A loud click could be herd in all the doors. Ok, the man said and the rear door on the passenger's swung open and another man pushed Jimmy over and got in. Are you ready the gravely voice asked? All ready here the man in the back seat said.

My wife watched the man walk back to his car, the flashing red light went out and the headlights flashed twice. Ok lady the man in the back seat said, you can pull out now. My wife put the car into drive and slowly pulled back onto the road. The car just got up to speed when the man told my wife to slow down and turn onto the next road to the right.

My wife slowed the car and turned to the right onto a road that looked even more secluded than the one they just left. Where are we going Sung Mee asked, never mind, just shut up the man said. The car that pulled them over was right behind them. They had traveled for about 5 minutes and never saw a house or another car when the man spoke again. Turn left up there by that tree he said. That's a dirt road my wife said, no shit lady, just turn the man said.

My wife turned the car onto the dirt road and the other car fallowed close behind. Soon the man said, pull into that driveway at the bottom of the hill. When my wife turned into the driveway it looked like nobody had been there in a long time.

The driveway was no more than two tire tracks with grass a foot deep between them. Keep going the man said as they passed a house that looked like it was burnt out. The structure still stood there but it was charred and empty. They fallowed the driveway until the headlights shown on an old barn. Stop here the man said and my wife pulled the car to a stop. The vehicle that followed them stopped close behind them and someone got out of the passenger's door and ran by the car and pulled the barn doors open.

Pull on in the man in the back seat said. My wife's little Ford rolled into the barn and came to a stop. All the way in the man said. The Ford pulled in until it was near the back wall, that's good now shut it off and stay in the car.

The headlights on the vehicle behind them stayed on and everyone in the car could see shadows on the wall in front of them. They herd a small engine start and the headlights went out, only to be replaced by several lights powered by a small generator.

The man with the gravely voice opened the drivers door and pointed his gun at my wife. Out he said as he motioned with the gun.

She unfastened the seatbelt and let it rewind as she turned and stepped out of the car. Over there the man pointed. My wife began to ask, what are you going to do, but was cut off by the click of the gun as it was cocked again.

Ok, ok she said as she walked over to a stall where a cow had once been kept. She could see loose hay all over the floor and many bails stacked against the wall and some were in the middle of the floor. When she got to the stall another man was standing there with some ropes. He tied a rope to one hand and then tied it to the stall rail at her side. Then he tied the other hand the same way to the opposite rail.

He smiled and said it wont do you any good to scream, but if you do it will just piss us off and we might just hurt somebody. The man with the gravely voice walked away and soon returned with Sung Mee. The man that tied my wife up soon had Sung Mee tied up in the stall to my wife's right. Next came Kim, they tied her up in the stall across from my wife. The man that rode with them in the car brought Jimmy over and tied him up in the stall next to his sister.

Now the fun begins said the man with the gravely voice as he chuckled. The other two men joined him in the middle of the floor and they looked at the women they had tied up. Why don't you boys get things started said the man with the gravely voice. The one that rode in the car with them appeared to be the youngest, his name was Jack. The other man looked a little older and was Jacks brother Tim.

Tim was taller and looked skinny like a runner. Tim said it's your birthday little bro, go for it. Jack did a little bow and walked over to my wife. What's your name sexy he asked as he reached down and grabbed my wife's pussy through her dress.

She jumped back but didn't go vary far because of the ropes. My name is Chung, she spat back at him. Well Chung you might as well relax and enjoy yourself, there is nothing you can do to stop us. With that he reached out for the top button on her dress but again she tried to pull away.

My wife was wearing a brown dress that buttoned down the front and hung down past her knees. It was sleeveless and cut low on her chest so she wore a white blouse under it. Jack stepped closer to my wife, she was as far back as she could get but couldn't get away. Again Jack reached up and began to unbutton my wife's dress. He didn't stop until all the dress buttons were all unbuttoned.

Her dress fell open to reveal her white blouse and a silky black slip that she was wearing. Again he reached up and again she struggled against the ropes in an effort to pull away from him but again she couldn't get away.

Jack didn't bother with the buttons this time he just grabbed her blouse with both hands and ripped it open. With her blouse and dress pulled open wide it was plain for all to see that she had a nice body hidden beneath her clothes.

I'm going to enjoy this one Jack said with a big smile. My wife grunted in disgust as she continued to struggle against the ropes and even tried to kick him, but Jack just stepped back out of the way.

Tim stepped up to help Jack but Jack said don't worry I've got her under control. Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. With a flip of his wrist the knife opened to produce a shiny and vary sharp looking blade.

He looked my wife in the eyes and said look bitch this knife is sharp and if you don't stop moving you will get cut. He held the knife up and started moving towards my wife. My wife stopped struggling and stood still, her arms pulled hard against the ropes and it made her muscles and wrists ache. Jack stepped up to her and carefully slipped the blade up under her bra between her breasts.

With a quick pull of the knife the strap holding the cups of her plain cotton bra together was cut. The bra popped open and the cups fell to the sides to reveal her perky little breasts. They were not as big as they had looked. The bra was padded but the breasts looked firm with nice little brown nipples. The man with the gravely voice just stood back and kept watching everyone with his gun pulled.

Tim was standing in the middle of everyone with a video camera, he was looking around when he noticed Jimmy. Hay Jack, check this out said Tim as he pointed to Jimmy's pants. Jack turned around and saw the obvious bulge that was straining against Jimmy's zipper. Jack walked over to Jimmy, reached down and grabbed his dick through his pants. Yep it's a woody alright Jack said. Let's give the boy something to do, as Jack untied the boy.

Come with me Jack told Jimmy. Jimmy fallowed Jack over to my wife where he just stood there staring at my wife's bare breasts. I don't know if this bitch is wearing stockings or pantyhose, check it out boy. Jimmy was blushing as he asked wha, wha ,what do you want me to do?

Just get on your knees and take a look up under her slip. I can't do that he said. Sure you can Jack said as he pushed the boy to his knees. Just lift her slip up a little and take a good look. My wife closed her legs as Jimmy reached out and began to pull her slip up. He bent over and looked under the thin black slip, pantyhose Jimmy said. I don't like panty hose Jack said, take them off. Jimmy looked up at my wife with a worried shocked look.

Never mind her Jack said, just do as I told you. If she gives you any trouble I will take care of her he said as he held the knife to her throat. With shaking hands Jimmy reached out again and reached up under her slip, he put his hands on her outer thighs and began to slide his hands up to her waist.

Carefully he slipped his fingers into the waistband of the pantyhose and began to pull them down, he was careful not to pull down her panties. My wife clinched her legs and her thighs tighter together so Jimmy couldn't get the pantyhose down. Jack saw what she was doing and drew the blade tighter to her throat. My wife relaxed, spread her legs and felt her pantyhose slide down her legs and around her ankles. Jimmy looked up at Jack and Jack told him to take them off.

Jimmy lifted her left leg and pulled her high healed shoe and one side of the pantyhose off, then he lifted the other foot and pulled the other side off. What's she got for panties boy, Jack asked, just lift that slip and give us a peek.

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Jimmy was getting more excited and he knew there was no use in resisting, besides he also wanted to take a look. Without shaking this time he grabbed the bottom of her slip and pulled it up above her waist. It folded a little and still covered her panties so he stood up and pulled the slip up over her chest to reveal her creamy well shaped thighs and her black lace panties. As he pulled the slip up Jimmy rubbed his hand over her nipple and firm breast.

His cock began to twitch and was screaming for release. He almost came in his pants when he looked down and saw her sheer lace panties. Jack let out a gasp as his eyes moved up her shapely legs, over her thighs to her firm belly and then down to the place where her panties gathered between her legs. Through the thin sheer lacy fabric of her panties he could see the crack of her pussy just above the crotch panel.

Everyone just stood there and stared as they began to breath heavy. Have you seen enough my wife growled as she clinched her legs together? Jimmy turned and looked Jack in the eyes and let a sly little grin grow on his face. Jack gave a slight nod of his head and with out a word Jimmy dropped the slip and then dropped to his knees in front of my wife again. He reached up and put his fingers in the waistband of the slip and began to pull it down, only this time the panties were coming down too.

As she felt her panties coming down my wife clinched her legs tighter together but Jimmy would not be deterred. He adjusted and tightened his grip and pulled harder, the sexy panties turned inside out as the crotch was being forced down between her tightly clinched thighs. Within seconds the slip and panties were on the floor around my wife's bare feet and her smoothly shaved pussy was exposed for all to see.

Step out of them now bitch Jack ordered. As she lifted her leg Jimmy looked up into her slightly open crack. He looked up at her pussy and then up to her bare breasts that were hanging over his head. At first he had the urge to stick his tongue into my wife's crack but all of a sudden he stood up and turned away from everyone.

What's wrong boy, Jack asked? Nothing he said, he dragged out the word nothing. Turn around Jack ordered. No, I don't think that's a good idea Jimmy responded. I do, turn around now! Jack said. Jimmy slowly turned around and hung his head down and he was blushing. Jack started laughing when he saw a wet spot growing in Jimmy's pants. Look at that jack said, as he pointed at the wet spot on Jimmy's pants, he creamed his himself.

How old are you boy, haven't you ever seen pussy before? In a low embarrassed voice Jimmy said I'm 13, and no I've never seen a naked woman before. Ok boy we will help you with that, come over here Jack told him. Jimmy followed Jack over to the middle of the floor, ok boy now take your clothes off. What! Jimmy asked? Take your clothes off, right here right now Jack ordered and don't waste time. Jimmy pulled his t-shirt up over his head and off, then he kicked his shoes off, finely and slowly he began to pull his pants and his boxer shorts down.

Be quick about it Tim said. Jimmy turned away from everyone and pushed his pants and shorts down around his ankles. As he stepped out of them Jack told him to turn around. At 13 his ass was still smooth like a baby and when he turned around everyone could see that hair was starting to grow on his balls, his stiff 5 inch dick still had a little cum on the head. He was even more embarrassed now that everyone could see him naked with a hardon.

Hay Tim, bring the girl over here Jack said. No, not my little girl Sung Mee cried. Do what you want with me but please don't hurt my children.

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Shut up bitch jack told her. Never mind Tim I have a better Idea, just untie this bitch, Jack said as he pointed to Sung Mee. The man with the gravely voice pointed the gun at Sung Mee as Tim untied her. You don't want anything to happen to your little girl? Then come over here bitch. Now untied she bravely walked over to Jack, what do you want you pig she asked? Boy this woman is for you. She don't want us to hurt her little girl so now she will take her place. Go ahead and strip her, I want to see her naked.

I, I, I can't Jimmy said, that's my mom. Jack smiled, good, keep it in the family, I can't wait to see her reaction when you fuck her. No, no, no, oh no Sung Mee said. Behind her she heard the click of a gun being cocked and a whimper from Kim.

Sung Mee turned slightly and saw the gun was against her 14 year old daughters head. She turned back to her son Jimmy and said ok honey, do what you have to do, and she held her arms out to her sides a little. Jimmy looked at Jack and then back to his mothers face, she closed her eyes and gave a slight nod. With shaking hands again he reached up to his mothers black vest and began to unbutton it. He slid it and the jacket that she wore off her shoulders, with her arms down and out to her sides her clothes came off easy.

He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt and open, her bra was white and vary sheer. Her small dark nipples were easy to see through the thin material.

Jimmy stepped around behind his mother and pulled her blouse back and down over her arms until it fell off to the floor. He started to reach for the clasp on the back of her bra but stopped, he moved his hands down to her waist. He unhooked and unzipped her shirt and let it fall to the floor around her feet. He started to reach for her slip when Jack stopped him, is she wearing panty hose kid, he asked?

Get down and check it out. I will save you the trouble Sung Mee said, yes I am wearing pantyhose. Jack smiled again and motioned for Jimmy to take them off. Jimmy stayed behind his mother as he reached up under the slip to the waistband of the pantyhose.

He hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled them down past her knees and down to the floor. She spread her legs for him and lifted her feet so he could pull them off. When the pantyhose were off, Jack asked, is she wet? Sung Mee began to say I can tell, but she was cut off by Jack. Shut up he yelled, I want him to find out for himself. What do you mean Jimmy asked? Reach up there and feel the crotch of her panties and see if they are wet or not.

Jimmy was scared but his mother looked back at him and said go ahead honey, I know that you don't want to, but it's ok, they might hurt your sister so do what they tell you to.

Jimmy's hand moved slowly up under Sung Mee's slip again until his hand reached her silky panties, he rubbed her crotch.


He didn't take his hand away as he looked up and told Jack that she was a little damp, it feels like she peed a little.

All three men chuckled when they herd that. Well as long as you are down there take her slip and panties off. Jimmy reached up and pulled her slip down, it slid down with ease after it was pulled off her hips. He ran his hands up her smooth soft legs and with both hands pulled her panties down to the floor, and off as she stepped out of her slip and panties. Jack pulled his knife again and cut her bra straps and then cut the strap that held the cups together. Sung Mee's bra fell to the floor in pieces and she was standing there completely naked.

Jack looked at her naked body and told her, spread your legs wide and bend over. Sung Mee looked at her 14 year old daughter and then to her son, reluctantly she spread her legs wide, put her hands on her knees as she bent over. Jimmy got a good close look at his mother's tight firm ass and her pussy. He had never seen a real pussy before today and had never seen one opened like this. His dick got even harder than before, he couldn't hide his excitement.

Jack dropped his pants and under ware to his knees, then stepped in front of Sung Mee. His 7 inch cock stood straight up and in front of her face. You know what I want he said, and it better be good. With her right hand she gripped his pulsating shaft and guided it into her open mouth.


As soon as her lips closed around his meat he began to move his hips back and forth. His cock slid in and out of her hot wet mouth without any resistance or objections from her. What are you doing to my mother you bastard shouted Kim. Jack was enjoying himself and completely ignored the girl. Jimmy was still kneeling behind his mother and was now staring at her pussy and ass. He could see the patch of soft black pubic hair that was so neatly trimmed into the shape of a hart.

It was at the bottom of her belly and just above her crack. Then he looked beyond her crack and saw Jacks cock sliding in and out of his mother's mouth, his balls were slapping against her chin. He had herd of blow jobs from his friends at school and even seen a few pictures from a magazine but had never had or seen a real one.

He was so horny and excited that without asking or being told he carefully moved his hand up between his mother's legs to the crack that was inches from his face. His mother's body was rocking back and forth slightly from the blow job when he gently eased his finger in between her soft wet pussy lips. Again Kim voiced her opinion when she asked him what the hell he was doing? He ignored her and continued to explore that soft wet slit between his mother's legs as he began to rub his finger a little harder and deeper into her crack.

Somehow he knew to explore and play with that hard little spot just above the hole. He rubbed that little bean and pushed a finger into the now vary wet hole. The more he played the wetter she got. Soon he had worked two fingers into the hole and was sliding them in and out as she rocked back and forth.

Jack knew something was going on because she wasn't just going through the motions of a blowjob anymore. She was sucking harder, her tongue was dancing around the head of his cock and she was pumping him harder with her hand.

Jimmy kept pushing his fingers in and out of her and his hand was now covered with his mother's juices. Jimmy could feel her hole tighten around his fingers as he pushed deeper and harder. Sung Mee began to moan, softly at first and then deeper and louder. What's wrong mamma Jimmy asked? Mamma are you alright Kim shouted, Is Jimmy hurting you?

Jimmy pulled his fingers out of her hole, does that hurt mamma he asked? No baby, it feels real good she told him, don't stop she said in a soft voice. She turned back and went back to sucking Jack's cock.

Jack could feel his excitement build as the pressure in his balls began to work its way up into his cock. Suddenly he grabbed Sung Mee's head and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. He held her head tight as she gagged when his cock hit the back of her mouth and went into her throat.

She struggled to pull away as she gagged and choked, but Jack held her head tight as he shot his thick creamy load into her throat. Kim and Jimmy watched in horror as their mother struggle to pull back from Jack. Jimmy jumped up to help but Tim pushed him back to the floor, stay there boy Tim said. Jack had finished pumping his load into her throat and pulled out of her mouth. Sung Mee coughed and choked between swallows but she was breathing better now. Jack pushed his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them.

He helped Sung Mee stand up and lead her to where 2 bails of hay had been stacked. He bent her over the bails and tied her wrists to the ropes that held the bails together. The ends of the hay that stuck out the sides of the bails dug into her arms like thousands of little needles. She tried to pull free but the harder she pulled the more the hay dug into her arms. Kim and Jimmy watched their mother's bare ass sticking up in the air and wiggle as she squirmed and tried to get free.

Tim was getting hornier by the second and couldn't just stand by and watch anymore. Tim called to Jimmy, come here kid he said as he walked over to my wife. Tim untied my wife and told Jimmy to finish taking her clothes off. My wife looked around, Sung Mee was bent over and tied down to 2 bails of hay, Kim was still dressed and tied to a stall across from her with a gun being held to her head and Jimmy was running around naked being ordered around like a slave.

My wife knew that she had no choice but to cooperate, or someone would get hurt. My wife just stood there and let Jimmy pull her blouse and dress off one shoulder then the other and she watched him throw the clothes into a corner. Jimmy just stood there and stared at my wife's naked body with her firm little breasts and shaved pussy.

My wife was no longer tied but was being controlled by the threat of severe violence. Come with me Tim told her as he led her to some more bails that were on the floor. Turn around and sit down he told her. When she had complied he pushed her on her back and tied her wrists to two bails of hay that were at her sides.

He picked up another bail that was by the wall and placed it under her left leg, and then another under her right leg. With one leg on each bail he tied her ankles down and pushed the bails wide apart. Jimmy just stood there and stared and my wife's naked body laying there on the hay with her legs spread wide open revealing her smoothly shaved pussy that was also partly open.

Jimmy was breathing hard and at first didn't hear Tim. There is only one person left the man with the gravely voice said as he stepped back from Kim. No, No, not my little girl Sung Mee said, please don't hurt her.

Before she could say anything more Jack put a strip of duct tape over her mouth. Tim grabbed Jimmy by the arm and escorted him over in front of his sister.

Untie her Tim told him. Jimmy walked over to his sister and untied her left arm, before he could get to the other arm Kim had turned and untied her other arm herself. It's about time you bastards untied me, the ropes were rubbing my wrists raw.

Shut up Tim said. Or what she replied, are you going to shoot me, I don't care? I would rather have you kill me than to let one of you fuckers touch me. She folded her arms in front of her and crossed her legs to show that she would not let them remove her clothes. The man with the gravely voice said, is that your last word. Yes damn it, you won't get your hands on me, I would rather be dead Kim said. The man with the gravely voice walked over to Sung Mee who was still bent over and tied down over the bails of hay.

With his left hand he reached down and spread Sung Mee's pussy lips and with his other hand pushed the barrel of the gun against her pussy. Sung Mee couldn't talk with the tape over her mouth but she strained against the tape, her head turned from side to side and Kim could see tears of fear rolling down her face.

Ok, Ok Kim said, as she dropped her arms to her sides and uncrossed her legs. Please just don't hurt my mom. Good, I am glad that you decided to cooperate the man with the gravely voice said as he pulled the gun out of her mothers cunt. Jimmy reached for his sister but Jack stopped him, this one's mine jack said, go help Tim he said.

Jimmy turned around to see Tim drop his pants and move up behind his mother. What's he going to do to my mom Jimmy asked? I don't know jack said, but I think he will enjoy it. Tim was just about to enter Sung Mee from behind when he saw Jimmy. Tim took Jimmy around to stand in front of his mother. He looked down at Jimmy's stiff little dick and said you look ready enough to me and pulled the tape from Sung Mee's mouth. She let out a little scream as the tape was ripped from her face.

Open wide he told her as he pushed Jimmy closer to her face. What are you going to do Jimmy asked? Don't worry kid, your mother knows what to do, Tim told him. Just stick you dick in that open hole and let the fun begin. Sung Mee shook her head but Tim grabbed her head and held it in place while Jimmy pushed his meat between her lips and into her hot wet mouth.

Suck it and don't stop Tim told her, Ill be watching. With her bent over and her arms tied down to her sides she had no control, her lips closed around Jimmy's dick and she began to suck. Jimmy was enjoying the blow job and began to slide his dick in and out. Soon he had forgotten that it was his mother's mouth that he was fucking. Tim moved back around behind Sung Mee and slipped two fingers into her tight pussy. Sung Mee responded to the invasion of her womanhood with a sigh. She was a little dry but Tim worked his fingers in and out of her pussy as he rubbed her asshole with his thumb.

It wasn't long before she began to get wet and wiggle her ass as she push against his fingers. Jimmy was enjoying the feeling of her wet mouth around his dick. She was sucking harder and harder, and Jimmy wasn't going to last much longer.

He looked over at his sister as Jack was pulling down her jeans. Her T-shirt was already off and he almost lost control as he looked at her tight young body dressed in nothing but a training bra and a pair of pink panties covered in little butterflies.

The more he looked at her, the more excited he got. Her breasts were about the size of grapefruits and were so firm that they didn't bounce an inch when Jack quickly pulled her bra up over her head and off. Jimmy could feel a swelling in his balls that started to move into his dick. When Jack pulled Kim's panties down and revealed her flat child like belly and her nearly bald pubic mound Jimmy lost all control. Jimmy's body got rigid and he started to shake and he pushed hard, I,I,I, oooooooh momma I'm sorrrrrrrrryyyyyy he grunted as he shot his teenaged load into her waiting mouth.

He held her head as she continued to suck his young rod and soon his load was spent. When he had regained control of his senses he could see Tim pushing his hips back and forth behind his mother, she was softly moaning and as he pulled out of her mouth he could see that her eyes were closed and his cum was setting in her open mouth and coating her tongue.

Some of his spunk leaked out between her lips when she closed her mouth to swallow his load. Jimmy looked around and saw his sister standing completely naked in the stall where she had been tied. Jack was standing beside her with his hand caressing her small firm breast and tiny pink nipple. Then he slowly moved his hand down over her flat firm teenaged belly to the split in the small adolescent mound between her legs. Kim shuttered in disgust as his finger pushed its way down in between her young pussy lips.

He pushed his finger deeper into her smooth silky young crack and rubbed her little clit. Before you go too far to stop son she has a job to do, the man with the gravely voice said.

Ok dad jack said. Kim let out a sigh of relief when Jack removed his finger from her pussy, ok bitch, before we have some fun I need you to pick up all these clothes and throw them in the trunk of the car.

What! She yelled, are you kidding, you kidnap us, your going to rape me, and you want me to pick up after your stupid ass, NO Way! Look you little cunt, when we do have fun with your body we can make it easy or vary, vary hard on you, the choice is yours.

Now get to it Jack said as he gave her a slap on her rock hard ass cheek. Slowly she moved around the area and gathered up all the loose clothing and dropped it into the trunk of their car. Everyone was watching Kim's sweet little bare ass wiggle when she walked around and they watched her even closer when her legs spread a little when she squatted down to pick something up. No body was watching Jimmy, he was so excited to see all the naked women that his hormones took over and his body seemed to have a mind of its own.

He had walked over between my wife's wide spread legs and just stood there breathing heavily. My wife looked up at him and asked, what do you think your doing Jimmy? He was so hypnotized by her naked body that he didn't even hear her speak. He just sank to his knees, reached out and spread her crack open wide to get a good look at her soft pink womanhood that was hidden behind her dark curtains. His dick got hard again and he wanted to fuck her, but he wanted to explore her body first.

Jimmy could hear his mother moaning and grunting louder and deeper, he looked over to see Tim with his head back and his hands holding her hips tightly. Jimmy's mother was thrashing her head around wildly as she panted and built into a long deep groan, Tim pushed his cock as deep into her as he could go.

They both tensed, their bodies and shook as Tim shot his load deep inside her. Tim began to move slowly again and pumped the last of his seed into her as Sung Mee continued to orgasm. Jimmy was so turned on that he turned his attention back to my wife's pussy. He spread her dark pussy lips wider and began to rub his finger up and down the soft pink skin inside her slit. He noticed that every time he hit her little round button a small quake shot through her body.

With his thumb he kept playing with her clit while he pushed one and then two fingers into her hot hole. He leaned forward and slid his other hand up her body to her breasts. He began to gently massage her breast and pinch her nipples. My wife lifted her head and looked at him and softly said, oh Jimmy what are you doing?

Her pussy was getting wet like his mothers had before when she was bent over sucking Jacks cock. He pulled his hands back and placed one on each side of her wet pussy and kept her spread open. Slowly he leaned over and as his face got close he could smell her hot juices as they oozed form her pussy. He moved in a little farther and my wife's body convulsed slightly when his tongue made contact with her clit.

With long smooth strokes he worked his tongue up and down her dripping crack. He had no experience eating pussy but it came natural to him as he was enjoying my wife's naked body. He could feel small quakes in her body.

The more his tongue licked and probed her clit and hole, the stronger the quakes got. His tongue continued to explore her wet pussy and he wanted more. Jimmy backed away from her pussy, reached down and began to stroke his dick as he got up onto his knees. He pushed his dick between her dark wet pussy lips and continued pushing his way to her opening.

He pushed his way into her hot wet tunnel. He didn't stop until his balls were pressed against her ass. It felt like nothing he had ever felt before, her warm wet body was wrapped around his meat and he just froze there to prolong the feeling. He started to pull back but a hand pulling him back and out of her brought him back to reality.

Not this one Jack said, she is mine first. Jack pushed him back knocking him to the floor. Jimmy picked himself up off the floor as he watched Jack kneel between my wife's legs and roughly force his cock into her. Without hesitation he began to pump, slowly at first then stronger and faster.

Jimmy had already gotten her wet and excited and with Jack's slightly larger cock she began to moan. Jack was pushing hard and deep as her moaning got louder. He reached over her body and pinched her nipple hard. OUCH, she cried as she winced in pain. He didn't care about her pain and squeezed her breast hard and pinched her nipple again. He pushed himself up and lay on top of her and continued to fuck her hard.

He began to lick and suck her nipples and her moaning turned into grunts of pleasure as she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts.

With every thrust of his cock her grunts got louder and more primal. Jimmy had gotten a blow job from his mother and gotten his dick wet in my wife's pussy, but he had not really fucked anyone yet. Jimmy walked over to his sister. He looked up and down her naked body, can I have her Jimmy asked?

No you can't she replied, but she was silenced by the man with the gravely voice. Tim had taken the gun from his father so he could fuck some of the women. She is a bit small for me the father said, but I might want that little ass when you have loosened her up a little. Jimmy grabbed his sister's wrist but she quickly pulled away from him. Ill help you boy the gravely voice said as the man reached his arm around Kim's waist and picked her feet off the floor. Again Jimmy reached out and grabbed her wrist.

This time when he led her away the old man carried Kim and followed him. Put her down here Jimmy said as he pointed to a bail of hay. The old man dropped her bare ass on the bail but she jumped up as fast as she could. You are not fucking me she told Jimmy. The old man grabbed her and threw her back down on the hay and told Jimmy to get another bail.

What are you going to do to my little girl Sung Mee asked? Never mind the gravely voice said as Jimmy dropped another bail beside his sister. The old man slipped a rope around Kim's wrist and pulled her down and tied her arm down.

She rolled to that side but the old man pushed her back and tied her other arm down. You bastard Kim screamed as she struggled against the ropes. Quickly the old man tore off and stuck a piece of tape over Kim's mouth. Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm she mumbled as she tried to scream through the tape. My baby, my baby Sung Mee cried but she too was silenced by some tape. Kim crossed her legs and locked her ankles together but her efforts were not enough to stop her brother.

He lifted her feet and easily uncrossed her legs and spread them apart. He moved up between her legs and her legs closed in around him. Her nearly balled pussy was a sight, a little pink crack in the middle of her creamy white pubic mound. Again he pushed her legs apart as he bent over and began to lick her sweet young pussy.

He held her legs apart with his elbows and used his hands to open her crack. Her young adolescent pussy tasted so sweet and so fresh.

He rubbed his finger over her tiny clit a few times and licked it continuously as his finger explored her tight virgin hole. She was still resisting, but now not as strongly. I don't know if she was beginning to enjoy what was being done to her or if she realized the futility of her struggle. A warm tingling feeling washed over her body every time he licked her little clit, she relaxed even more.

Kim was beginning to enjoy what her brother was doing to her body but both of them were distracted by a noise coming from near by. Jimmy looked over and saw the older man standing behind his mother, his pants were down around his ankles and his cock was sliding in and out of her.

Sung Mee was enjoying the fucking she was getting and her moans could not be held back by the tape over her mouth. Jimmy was watching as his mother pushed her ass back to meet the old mans thrusts, he could see her body tense and close around his shaft as she pulled forward. Jimmy still had his finger in his sister's pussy. He pushed it in as he explored her opening but felt something holding him back.

Between what he was doing to his sister's body and the sight of his mother's pussy wrapped around that strange man's cock he was hornier than ever. He was ready for the next step with his sister's body. He slid his hips up between Kim's thighs so his dick was in position.

Kim realized what he was going to do and she tried to tell him no but the tape only let a mumble through. Again she tightened her legs around him but it was too late. With one hand he spread her tender young pussy lips open and rubbed her clit a few times with his thumb. With the other hand he guided his shaft to the entrance of her juvenile pussy.

She clamped her pussy tightly closed but Jimmy wouldn't be stopped.

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He pushed his dick against her opening and then pushed harder and harder until her body yielded to the mounting pressure. With the tape still in place she let out a muffled scream as the head of his dick forced its way past the entrance and plowed in to her tight little hole. Inch by inch he continued to push deeper inside her body until he hit the blockage, her breathing was harder and her muffled screams got more intense when he pushed his way threw her hidden barrier.

Her pussy was so tight around his shaft it felt like her pulse was beating against his dick. He began to move his hips, pushing his dick into his sister's firm tight body and then out to the edge, then back in deeper. Her breathing soon slowed to normal as her pussy accepted the invasion of his dick, her body relaxed and the pain subsided.

Jimmy looked around as he was fucking his sister. Jack was just pulling out of my wife's pussy, she was still panting as she recovered from an orgasm and she looked liked she had enjoyed every second.

Jack hooked his arms under my wife's knees and lifted her legs and rolled her hips up and back. Jack's cum was beginning to ooze from her open cunt as he pushed his shaft against her little brown eye. She was exhausted but began to protest against what she knew he was going to do next.

No, no, oh please no she said, I've never done that. It's dirty and disgusting she said. Shut up bitch Jack said. His cum was running out of her pussy and down over her asshole as he pushed the head of his cock into her virgin ass.

His cum acted like a lubricant as his cock slid up her poop shoot with a single powerful thrust. EEEEEEEOUUUUUUCH she screamed as the pain shot threw her entire body. Her asshole was being violated and stretched unlike ever before, she felt like he was going to rip her asshole open.

She whimpered and cried while Jack pounded her ass again and again. Jimmy's attention went back and focused on his sister's naked body as he continued to fuck her.

Her breathing was starting to quicken again and her nostrils flared every time she exhaled. Even through the tape over her mouth he could hear her slight moans as the pleasure she was feeling began to overcome her. To Jimmy she looked like she was having trouble breathing, he ran his hand up her firm hard body, over her small breasts and hard brown nipples to the tape covering her mouth. With a quick pull he ripped the tape from her mouth and she let out a yelp of pain and relief.

Jimmy pushed his body up on top of Kim's and began to lick and suck her breasts and nipples. His tongue moved from one breast to the other and then back, he was licking her entire chest. Her nipples were harder than ever before and he sucked them like a breast feeding baby. His sister rolled her hips up, wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in to her hungry cunt as he pounded her newly opened womanhood.

Her head was tipped back and her mind was lost in a fog of pure pleasure that she had never known existed. Her body was out of her control, her belly was convulsing in a way that almost scared her, she knew that she was building to something big but she really didn't know what to expect. Her moans and pants got louder, deeper and longer, everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as both Jimmy and his sister exploded in orgasmic bliss. Whaaaaaa Whaaaaaa Whaaaaats Happpppenig to MEEEEEE, AAAAAGGGGGG Kim cried out as her cunt convulsed and tightened around her brother's dick.

Jimmy pushed hard and deep and his face contorted as his white creamy seed pumped deep into his sister's belly. His pumping slowed but didn't stop until he was completely empty. Jimmy and his sister were both exhausted from the ordeal and Jimmy collapsed on top of her with his wilting cock still buried in her. The old man was about to cum and he drove harder into Sung Mee's wet pussy, she was also gasping for air through her nose.

The tape over her mouth didn't stop her grunts as she met his thrusts with her own. She spread her thighs as far apart as she could to let him in as deeply as he could go.

He began a low deep grunt as he drove his cock in deep, she tightened her pussy muscles around him as she pulled forward and then back hard. She felt his hot cum enter her body and it gave her a warm feeling deep in her womb as her body began to shudder with a massive orgasm. Her pussy muscles held his cock tight as her scream of extacy was muffled by the tape over her mouth.

The orgasm raced through her entire body time after time until she almost passed out. When the old man with the gravely voice was done shooting his load he pulled his cock out of her tightly clinched hole. He looked over at Jimmy laying on top of his sister's naked body and chuckled. The old man stepped back with a satisfied expression on his face, damn that was good he said. Jimmy got up and pulled his wilted cock out of Kim's vary wet pussy, he could see her juices and a little blood mixed with his cum as it oozed from her open adolescent crack.

Are you OK he asked her? OOOOOH YESSSSSS she said, I'm fine, thank you. Yer bleeding he said. That's ok the old man said, it happens when a girl gets fucked for the first time. Kim smiled and said yes Jimmy, it's true don't worry ill be alright.

Their conversation was cut short by a blood curdling scream as my wife reached her first orgasm caused by anal fucking. After climaxing twice already Jack was enjoying fucking her asshole but he was not even close to shooting another load so he kept fucking. The old man looked down at Kim and asked, will you be good and cooperate if I take the ropes off? Ill be good she said, vary good she giggled. The old man smiled and told Jimmy to untie her. The old man walked around in front of Sung Mee, put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up to where they were looking at each other.

What about you lady, will you cooperate and do as you are told or do I have to leave you tied down. She closed her eyes and nodded her head slightly. The old man pulled the tape from her mouth and then cut the ropes that were holding her down. Ill be good too she said as she rubbed her face and mouth.

Good, come with me the old man said. He led her over to where her daughter was still laying on the bail of hay with her legs spread wide open. Her cherry got busted, why don't you lick her clean so she don't make a mess when you leave. Sung Mee turned and looked at the old man with a shocked look on her face, you said you would do as you were told, do I have to tie you down again? No she said as she kneeled between her daughter's spread legs. She reached out and spread Kim's young pussy lips open, leaned forward and began to lick the mixture of liquids that was leaking from her young daughter's cunt.

Sung Mee was leaning forward enough so her ass was sticking up in the air. The old man caught Jimmy looking at her ass as it wiggled. Give it a try the old man whispered to Jimmy.

The sight of his mother licking his sister's pussy made him excited again and his cock began to firm up. Jimmy knelt down behind his mother, stroked his meat a few times until it was hard again.

Slowly he pushed forward to his mother's asshole and inch by inch pushed in as far as he could. Sung Mee squealed as she felt her asshole being penetrated for the first time. Sung Mee's body tensed with the unexpected intrusion in to her ass but she didn't stop licking.

Kim sensed the change in the way her mother was licking and with both hands grabbed her head and pulled it in tight to her pussy. Jimmy began to push and pull his cock in and out of his mother's asshole. Her asshole wasn't as tight as Kim's sweet little pussy but it felt real good as he continued to fuck her, harder and deeper.

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The old man saw that everyone was having fun so he decided to try some of Kim's mouth. He walked around to Kim's head and put one knee on each side of her. Open up little girl he said as he pushed her jaw down and her mouth open with one hand. With the other hand he guided his cock into her mouth.

It looked so big in her small teenaged mouth. At first she tried to push it out with her tongue but that seemed to excite him even more. Suck it the gravely voice said as he pushed a little deeper. She began to gag and quickly took her hand off her mother's head and wrapped her fingers small around the cock in her mouth.

That's better baby doll the old man said, just stroke it a little while you suck it. Kim could taste the juices that coated his meat. She knew that it was his cum and her own mother's pussy juice. She had never tasted either liquid before but she kinda liked the taste and began to lick the head of his cock like a lollypop. Soon she was sucking licking and stroking like a pro.

The harder Jimmy fucked his mother, the harder she licked Kim's pussy, and the harder she sucked the old mans cock. Soon they were all grunting, groaning and moaning. The old man was the first to empty his load and Kim sucked and swallowed it. Some cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth but when the old man pulled his cock out she licked her lips and swallowed the rest.

MMMMMMMMM that was good, it tasted sweet. Sung Mee was the next to climax, AAAAAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moaned as her asshole tightened and an earth shattering orgasm washed over her entire body like a wave. Jimmy could feel her tighten around his shaft and he could feel her body shake and shake as one orgasm after the other rushed through her body.

Jimmy couldn't take anymore and he pushed deep into his mother's ass and released what cum he had left into her bowels. MMMMMMMM that was good honey Sung Mee said to her son.

You can do that anytime you want, just let me know. Sung Mee pulled her body forward and off of Jimmy's cock. She got up on her knees and turned to Jimmy. With one hand she continued to work on Kim's pussy, pushing one then two fingers in and out as she massaged her tiny little clit with her thumb. The other arm Sung Mee put around Jimmy and pulled him in close.

With her hard nipples rubbing on his bare chest she leaned in closer and began to kiss him, at first with open mouth and then she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues met and explored each other.

Kim's young body began to quiver around the two fingers that were buried in her cunt as the second orgasm of her young life hit her like a flood. AGGGGGG is all she could say as her mind was engulfed in a cloud of sexual bliss.

Looks like I missed a hell of a party here Jack said. Everyone had been so wrapped up in their own sexual activities that they had not seen or herd Jack or my wife climax. Ok the old man said with his gravely voice, one more thing before we let ya all go. Jack, untie her and bring her over here he said.

The old man took Sung Mee and Kim by the hand and led them to a spot on the soft loose hay. Kneel here he told them, you three have to clean us up before you go he said. My wife had enjoyed the fucking she had gotten and was willingly cooperating as she kneeled down beside Sung Mee. Come here and give me the gun the old man told Tim. Ok dad Tim said as he handed the gun to the old man. I don't think we will need this anymore, but don't think I won't use it the old man said.

The old man stepped up in front of Sung Mee, Tim took up position in front of Kim and Jack stepped up to my wife. Ok ladies the old man said, Start licking and sucking and don't stop until we tell you to stop.

With out hesitation my wife guided Jack's cock into her eager mouth. Kim looked at her mother and then back at Tim's cock that was hanging just inches from her face. By now Tim was hard again and Kim pulled his cock down and into her mouth. Just lick it first Tim told her. She pulled back until the tip of his meat was between her lips, she opened her mouth a little and began to lick from the base all the way up and around the head. With a little more direction she was sucking his balls, licking his shaft and taking as much into her mouth as her young mouth cold hold.

Her head was bobbing up and down and she was sucking as hard as she could. Tim had no cum left to give her but he was enjoying every second of her loving lips. Sung Mee was working on the old man's shaft, her fingers were wrapped around his cock and she was stroking it up and down as she licked and sucked every inch.

From time to time Kim would look over at her mother to see what she was doing. She was surprised to see her mother lick all the way down to his ball sack and some times even farther.

Kim watched as her mother lifted the old mans balls and licked the underside of his sack, and one at a time she would take a testicle into her mouth and suck it. Kim watched and copied her mother's actions which drove Tim crazy.

He put a hand on each side of the young girls head and held her tightly as he felt a pressure growing inside his cock. Kim could feel a change in his movements and she concentrated her attention on sucking his cock.

She guided her mouth over the head and then closed her lips around his shaft. She began to suck as hard as she could as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft and used one hand to stroke his cock and the other to cup his balls.

Tim let out a low groan and Kim could feel his warm cum enter her mouth. She sucked and stroked again and again until her mouth was full and his cock was empty. MMMMMMMMMM she moaned while she continued to suck. Tim was empty and he pulled his limp piece of meat from her mouth. Kim tasted his seed as she swished it around in her mouth before she swallowed it.

AAAAAHHHHHHH that was good she said as Tim backed away and began to get dressed. The old man looked down at Sung Mee as she was licking the head of his cock. Lady you are good he said, but I don't have any more to give, you can stop now.

She licked it a few more times and gave the head a little kiss before she leaned back and wiped the drool from her mouth. Jack was the last to finish as he pushed hard and his cock pushed past her mouth and deep into her throat. My wife gagged and tried to pull away but Jack held her tight as he pumped in and out of her throat until he couldn't hold back anymore. He didn't have much but let loose his remaining cum and it slid down my wife's throat.

My wife's body was convulsing as she continued to gag. Jack pulled his cock out and my wife took a deep breath and tried to regain control. When her breathing had almost returned to normal she reached over and wrapped her fingers around Jack's cock. She leaned forward and licked up and swallowed the remaining cum that was forming a large drop under the head of his cock. When she finished the old man told his sons to collect the cameras. Sung Mee and my wife looked at each other and then watched as Jack and Tim moved around the barn and picked up at least 6 video cameras each that were hidden.

What's going on, what are you going to do with the pictures my wife asked. We will keep the movies as souvenirs, but if you tell anyone, or try to press charges we will put them all on the internet for everyone to see. Now, here are the keys to your car. We will follow you back out to the road that we stopped you on. Your clothes are in the trunk of your car. Once you get to that road you can stop and get dressed, but not before. We will be watching you. Jack and Tim were dressed now and they were ready to go.

The old man quickly got dressed as my wife, Sung Mee, Kim and Jimmy all completely naked got into the car. The lights in the barn were turned off, the barn door opened and the cars backed out.

My wife drove past the burnt out house, turned onto the dirt road and watched the headlights from the other car followed. Sung Mee and my wife quickly looked at each other and then Sung Mee looked into the back seat to ask if they were alright.

To her surprise Jimmy was laying back with his legs spread and his sister was bent over with his cock in her mouth.

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Kim's legs were spread and Jimmy had his hand between her legs, but he wasn't playing with her pussy. He was working his finger in and out of her tight asshole. When they approached the place where they could stop and get dressed the headlights behind them went out. The car turned the corner and came to a stop. When everyone got out they saw cum soaked wet spots on the seats where the women had been sitting, cum was draining from their pussy's and assholes.

They went to the trunk and got dressed. All the way home the car was quiet until they got to Sung Mee's house. Sung Mee and the children got out, but before they went in Sung Mee leaned in the open driver's window and smiled at my wife. Same time next week she asked? My wife looked at Sung Mee and then at Kim and Jimmy, she smiled and said Ok.

May be we will only get as far as the barn next time. Everyone let out a small laugh and agreed.