Hot German Threesome with Two Slim Teens Cum on Her Face

Hot German Threesome with Two Slim Teens Cum on Her Face
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: Experimented today by spraying one male mouse with the substance, then removing the mouse, and replacing with a different male. Females were not interested in the new male, but seemed to be in a frenzy of excitement. The females ended up attacking the new male, until first male was put back in the cage.

It appears that the substance only works for the one it is used on. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol moaned as she slid the vibrator deeper into her sopping wet slit.

Her right hand was pinching her left nipple, and rolling it between her fingers, as she came on the device between her legs. She shook off the last vestiges or her orgasm, and not for the first time wondered what had changed in her.

She had never been a very sexual creature before, but over the last few weeks she had found herself increasingly aroused. She had even gone so far as to purchase the toy that was still vibrating inside her. But that wasn't the worst of the changes. The worst part, the part that she couldn't admit out loud, and only admitted in her deepest desires, was that she was fantasizing about her son, Adam, when she masturbated.

She had tried to fight it at first, but every time she got excited, it was around him, and at night when she finally gave into her desires, it was to thoughts of him that made her cum. Sometimes she had to gag herself to stop from screaming out his name. The only pattern she could discern in all of this debauchery was that it tended to happen more on the weekends, than during the week. She attributed this to her having weekends off and so was around her son a lot more often, and thought no more of it.

She knew it was wrong to have such thoughts about her own blood, and she had absolutely no intentions of following through on any of her thoughts. They were for her alone. She would never treat her son as anything less or more than her son. She was his mother, and despite her fantasies, she was determined to keep their relationship that way. She was just glad that tomorrow was Monday, and she could get back to work.

She was also glad that Adam was taking his sister, April, back to her apartment right now. If she hurried, she would have enough time for one more orgasm. She used what she had seen earlier that day as her mental fantasy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: Used substance on a rat and placed next to a cage full of mice; it had no effect on the female mice. END NOTE.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April stepped into Adam's room, her face red and flushed. He didn't care that she hadn't knocked, he was just happy to see the object of his thoughts.

"Quick, get undressed. Mom went to do some grocery shopping, so we have enough time for a quick fuck." This is how it has been for the last few weeks. On the weekends when April was visiting from college, they screwed every opportunity they had. During the school week, while he was finishing up his senior year in high school, and she her sophomore year in college, he would take trips out to see her, and fuck both her and her roommate, Minnie.

It was an ideal life for Adam, and his one complaint was that they had to hide everything from their mother. "Are you going to just sit there, or do I need to rape you?" Adam grinned at the thought. She was much smaller than him, and they both knew she couldn't force him to do anything he didn't want to. Making love to his sister WAS something he wanted to do, however. He was soon undressed, and joining his sister on the bed.

He crawled over her, kissing his way up her, till she complained, "We don't have time for foreplay, Squirt. Not this time. I'm already wet enough, just stick that huge cock in me and make me cum." Adam loved the way his sister talked. His lips met hers, as he braced himself on his elbows. He felt her hand snake between them, and grab hold of him. She started to rub his head against her undeniably wet lips, spreading some of her juices to him.

Unable to hold back any longer, he thrust his hips, and sank halfway into her in one go. After nearly three weeks of fucking, she had started to finally get used to his girth, but she still felt extremely tight to him. "Oh, Gawd, I love the feel of your cock in me, Squirt. Every time it feels better and better!" Adam started to kiss her neck, breathing in her scent, and picking up his pace.

"Ah, I finally have you all the way in me.


Now come on, make me cum all over that massive prick of yours! Make me scream as my cunt leaks around your pecker." Adam started to pound into her, their pelvises slapping together loudly, as April's words became incoherent, and turned into one long moan.

Adam knew the second his sister came, as her pussy became both tighter and wetter around him. He rolled them over onto his back, and was satisfied as he went slightly deeper into her. This was his favorite position, and he knew he could make her pass out sometimes from her orgasms, as he pounded into her.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: Noticed a curious thing today. Hours after the substance has worn off, the females are still copulating with the male mouse as quick as he is able to recover. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol swore softly under her breath.

How could she forget her shopping list? She had set it right next to her keys so she couldn't forget, but her head had been so frazzled by thoughts of lust all day, that she had grabbed her keys and walked straight out. She hadn't realized she had forgotten it, till she reached the store. Opening the door to her house, she caught a scent she had been noticing a lot lately, but couldn't pinpoint. Her knees grew weak, and her crotch began to itch inside.

She tried to push her body's desires aside as she went for the list. She heard a low moan down the hallway that was unmistakable in its sexuality, and Carol hoped that she was wrong about what might be happening. As she walked down the hallway, the scent grew stronger, and the sounds of sex were really starting to get to her. She couldn't stop her hand from squeezing her breast as she walked. The sounds were coming from Adam's room, and she noticed the door had been left cracked slightly open.

She nearly came in her pants at the sight that greeted her through the parted opening. Her daughter was riding on top of the thickest cock Carol had ever seen.

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Her son's arm was across April's back, holding her down, while he thrust up into her violently. His mouth was locked onto one of her large breasts, and his other hand was pulling her hair back, making her arch her back and push her chest into his eager mouth as she moaned in wanton delight. Her children were committing incest! It was one thing for her to think about it, but another thing to actually witness the depraved act.

She should go in there and put a stop to this.

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She should tell them how wrong what they were doing was. She should. She should. She should pull her fingers out of her pussy, and stop masturbating to the scene before her. Carol couldn't believe her own reactions to what she saw. She tried to take her hand out of her pants, but as her fingers brushed her clit, she came hard, and barely stifled a gasp as the orgasm overcame her.

Her fingers dove back into her box, as she came on them again and again. She knew she needed to put a stop to what was going on in there. Looking in again, her eyes zeroed in to where their two bodies joined. Adam's balls kept slapping April's ass as he slammed his hips upwards. April's fluids were leaking copiously around the massive penis that was causing her daughter so much pleasure.

Carol wondered what it would be like to have that stiff piece of meat pounding her, and knew then that she couldn't enter that room. She would never be able to stop what they were doing. She knew that her worst fears would be realized as she would want to join. She could never allow herself to cross that line, even if these two had. She had to remain the responsible adult; the adult that right then had three fingers buried as deep into her coochie as they would go, and was bringing herself off to her second orgasm.

As soon as she could trust her legs under her, Carol stood and left; the sounds of Adam losing his load into his sister following her out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: Continued to watch this latest batch.

The females finally left the male alone and he is getting some much needed rest. The females are staying close by, though. I wonder if they are waiting for him to wake before continuing, or what this odd behavior signifies. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam tip-toed through the house to his bedroom.

His mom was fast asleep, for which he was grateful. He had spent longer than he had planned at April's apartment, screwing both her and Minnie. Neither one would let him leave till they had each had a load from him. He was just thankful for his quick recovery time, and their sexiness. He peaked into his mom's room, and felt himself get hard. She was lying naked on her bed, a vibrator lying next to her.

Stealing himself, he entered slowly, so as not to wake her. He wasn't trying to get a better look at his mom; he was more concerned with covering her up. He couldn't deny that even at almost forty, his mom had a great body. Her breasts more resembled Minnie's than Aprils, and she had a light tuft of brown hair at her crotch. Adam could see the slight glistening of juices around her labia, and the unmistakable smell of a woman aroused. He noted that it too was closer to the smell of Minnie, vs.

April, and wondered at that. Maybe April and him truly were test-tube babies. He had to readjust himself before he could pull the covers up over her sleeping form. She moaned in her sleep, and Adam wondered what she was dreaming about as he noticed fresh liquid seep from her crotch.

He debated on moving the vibrator, but didn't know where it went, and didn't want her to know he had been in here. As quietly as he entered, he slipped out, and went to his room. He was unable to fall asleep right away, and realized he needed to rub one off, if he wanted any slumber. His mom had got him going again. * * * School the next day was pretty boring. In his last period of the day, he let his mind wonder.

Adam couldn't wait to graduate in a month, and get out of here. He had already decided he was going to go to the same college as April and Minnie. He had been surprised when Minnie had asked him last night to be her real boyfriend. Apparently she hadn't been able to look at any other men in any real way since that weekend when April had caught them screwing, and then joined in. April had agreed it was a great idea, and would give him more excuses to come over to their place.

Well, who was he to argue with two such beautiful women? Thinking again of last night, Adam realized that he was developing a bulge in his pants. He closed his eyes to turn the image to that of a blank wall, to keep himself under control. "I'm sorry, Adam. Am I boring you?" The teacher's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Would you like me to set up a nice bed in the back of the room for you to take a nice nap in?" Miss Shelly was one of his least favorite teachers. She taught English, and while she was attractive, she had a poor attitude, and she dressed as unflattering as possible.

Today she had her nearly black hair tied back into a bun so tight that he had to wonder if she suffered from headaches. She wore a loose black blouse, and baggy khakis that completely hid her frame. She shoved her glasses back up on her face, as she leaned over his desk, wrinkling her nose at him. She looked into his eyes for a moment, before pronouncing, "Stay after in my class today, Adam. And if I catch you falling asleep again, it will be tomorrow too." The class 'ooh'ed at her harshness, but Adam didn't care.

He had long ago put his other classmates out of his head. He had the reputation as a pervert, brought about by his inability to control his erections; an inability that his sister had cured a little over a month ago.

The problem he now faced is that he didn't want to get stuck with another afternoon detention, but he couldn't get his boner to subside unless he closed his eyes and concentrated.

As class wore on, he could feel himself getting harder, and harder, and in turn even hornier, until even Miss Shelly was starting to look good. Adam shook himself to get rid of that thought. She noticed his movement, and gave him an odd, considering look. The bell rang, but Adam remained in his seat. Maybe in the confusion of everybody leaving I can take care of it, he thought, and dropped his head to his arms, and began to convert the images of Minnie and April into a blank wall.

"I thought I told you not to fall asleep," Adam lifted his head and groaned. It hadn't been long enough, and his cock was nearly raging behind his zipper. Miss Shelly stood over him for awhile, obviously waiting. "I'm sorry Miss Shelly. For some reason I couldn't sleep last night." He knew why he couldn't sleep, and images of April, Minnie, and his mom flashed through his head.

Miss Shelly seemed to grow confused for a moment, before saying, "Sleep is good for a growing man. Seven to ten hours is the recommended." She continued to stand over him, breathing deeply, as she talked.

"You are one of my best students, Adam. I'm sorry if I seem a little harsh. I can see your potential, and would hate to see you squander it." She paused to lick her lips. "You don't seem to have many friends. Do you have any girlfriends?" She doesn't even wait for him to answer, as she leaned closer to him, and looks him in the eyes.

"I believe you are eighteen, is that right?" Adam was confused by her behavior. He had never seen her act like this before, didn't know how to respond. He could only nod affirmatively to her question. Miss Shelly froze for a second, as her eyes focused on his. Her breathing was getting heavier, and he could smell the half eaten apple from her desk, on her breath. Her face was only inches from his. He didn't know what made him do it, but suddenly he closed the gap between them, and pressed his lips to hers.

If he had thought she was frozen before, she became even stiffer now, and Adam wondered if he had made a terrible mistake. Finally she moaned, and parted her lips, and he felt her tongue seek entry into his mouth.

The kiss only lasted a couple seconds, before she pulled away, and ran to the door. This is it, thought Adam. This is where she screams for help, and I get an even worse reputation. But instead she closed the door, and the blinds, then for good measure turned off half the lights. Anyone looking in from outside would think the room was empty. "I'm terribly sorry about this, Adam, but I don't know what has come over me," she told him as she started to walk back and unbuttoned her blouse.

"I've never done this with a student before, and I hope you won't tell." Adam had to blink to make sure this was the same woman he had been taking English from for the past year. She pulled the two pens that were holding her hair in a bun free, and let it fall to her shoulders.

She stopped, and stuck one of the pens in the corner of her mouth regarding him. "I'm really sorry. Did I misinterpret that kiss?" Adam realized he hadn't moved since the door had closed, and quickly stood to start undressing.

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Miss Shelly's face split into a huge grin, and Adam realized that she really was attractive, when she let herself be. She pulled off her top, revealing a black bra with red straps holding in a considerable bosom.

He grinned as he dropped his pants, finally freeing is aching penis, and saw her jaw drop. "What have I gotten myself into?" He heard her whisper, as she pulled down her pants, revealing matching panties. He stepped up to her, and pulled her into his arms, to continue their kiss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: The male mouse woke, and the female mice no longer seem to be in a mating frenzy.


They are still acting strange though, as they are staying close, and even bringing the male food. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shelly couldn't believe what she was doing. She was being kissed by one of her students, and she wanted more. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as the kiss wore on, until finally she couldn't stand it anymore.

She pulled Adam back to her desk, and easily cleared a spot by the expedient method of knocking everything off. She pushed him onto the edge, and then dropped down to her knees to see if she could fit this beast of a cock into her mouth. She rarely ever did this for her boyfriend, considering it to be disgusting, but for some reason she just had to get a taste of this young man's penis. Odd, she thought, I don't even care that I am cheating on my boyfriend.

And just like that he was gone from her mind as she kissed the tip of her student's cock. Her soft lips had to stretch to make it around the head, and she knew there was no way for her to get this thing down her throat; her mouth already felt too full. She swirled her tongue around the head, and reveled in the sound of his moan.

She started to taste a bit of his precum, and wondered why she didn't do this more often. She had never tasted anything this divine. It was like nothing she had ever had before, and it made her want to feel him inside her even more. She stood up, releasing his cock from her mouth with a 'pop', and told him to lie down.

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She couldn't help but feel giddy at how easily he obeyed her. She debated for a second on taking off her bra and panties, but decided to leave them on. She had worn the sexy things for her boyfriend, but it was Adam that she was thinking of now. Shelly climbed onto the desk, and positioned herself over his rod. With one hand she pulled the soaked crotch of her panties to the side, and with the other she grabbed his prick, and aimed it for her hole.

She gradually pressed down, and moaned as she felt him stretch her nether lips. She felt his hands grasp her hips, and begin to move them in a circular motion. This helped speed up the process, but she wasn't sure she could take the whole thing at once. It was much bigger than any she'd had before. When she thought she could take no more of him, he lifted his head, and grabbed the cup holding her right breast and pulled it down, only to cover it back up with his mouth a second later.

This shocked her enough that she accidently applied all her weight down, and felt a pop, and a deep burning sensation. She held perfectly still, trying to become accustomed to the new feeling.

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It wasn't entirely bad, and the longer she sat, the more she found she enjoyed it. Her student, no, her lover she decided, started to move his hips beneath her, and she suddenly found that he was fully inside her. He was touching places she didn't know existed, and the pleasure from it was about to driver her mad. She began to move like a woman possessed, and came nearly as soon as she did. Shelly grabbed her lover's head, and mashed it into her breast, excited by the feel of his tongue on her nipple, the sensation of being so stuffed down there, and the dirty naughtiness she felt for knowing that she was doing this to her student.

"I'm coming close," he warned, then pulled the other cup down, and latched onto that nipple. Whatever he had just told her flew from her mind as she came again, squeezing his phallus with her lower muscles. Pure liquid fire sprayed into her, and she felt her climax reach a whole new level of bliss.

Shelly opened her eyes, and realized she must have feinted. She felt odd, and exposed. Looking under her, she saw one of her students grinning stupidly at her. And she was on top of him. Nearly naked. She pushed away from him, and felt something leave her pussy. She suddenly felt very empty inside, and not because of what she had just done with a student.

The facts were a little fuzzy, but she could remember enough details to know that it had been her that had come onto him, and not the other way around. She started to straighten her undergarments and getting dressed, not saying a word, as she watched Adam do the same. Why was it that even now she wanted to drop to her knees and take his penis in her mouth?

That was a disgusting and vile thing to desire, not the least reason of which was that it had been inside her not that long ago. She groaned at the horror of the situation she had put herself in.

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"Miss Shelly?" She glared at him, daring him to say another word. The sooner he was out of her class the better, and if she could get that accomplished without having to talk to him, all the better.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: Noticed this same behavior in another cage. As a test, we introduced both cages together into a new cage. I'm curious to see what happens. END NOTE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol had been in a panic all day. She couldn't understand her inability to step in and stop her children from committing the heinous act of incest yesterday, and then had gotten off to two great orgasms, just thinking about it.

She tried to devote her mind into her work, but it continued to wonder back to yesterday afternoon. "Are you okay, Carol? You've seemed distracted all day." She turned to see Harold, one of her co-workers, standing next to her. He was probably the last person she wanted to talk to. He was usually vulgar or rude, and she knew that he liked her. Truth was he wasn't her type. Problem was she was beginning to fear her only type was Adam. "Yeah," she told him off-handedly, "Just some issues at home.

Nothing major." But it WAS something major. "Don't you wish families were as easy to figure out as chemicals? I mean, in a way, they control everything about us." Carol froze. Could it be that simple? She jumped up from her station, and headed outside and to her car, ignoring whatever Harold was saying to her. It couldn't be that easy, but then again, maybe it was. Whatever it was, it couldn't be her; that much she was certain of. It had to be their father. He had come into her life only twice, and both times left her with a child.

She didn't even know his name. She had never even hungered after another man after him (until now), and figured it was because of the way he had left her. Now she wondered. She screeched to a halt in her driveway, and fumbled with the keys at the door, nearly dropping them in her haste.


She had to know. As soon as she was inside, she ran to the laundry basket. The first set of socks she found was clean, as were the second, and the third. What had happened? She had gone over a month, finding nothing but her son's crusty cum soaked socks in the laundry, and now she couldn't even find one. Then she found one, near the bottom. She yelped in triumph as she examined it, and noticed that it was indeed dry cum in it. She ran to his room, and grabbed his sheets and pillow case.

His sweat should be on these, she figured. With everything in tow, she dashed back out to her car. She was actually pulled over by a cop for speeding, but luckily the cop let her go with a warning.

Back in her lab, she cut up the sheets, and started soaking them in a chemical mixture. She took some of the dried cum, and ran a DNA test on it. As the head chemist, she was easily able to put her tests to the front of the list.

A few hours later, she was stunned as her test results started to come back. She hadn't gotten all of them back yet, but what they were saying was simply astounding.

Her son, and perhaps her daughter too, were natural pheromone factories. Not only that but the levels on which they were producing could easily overpower someone's willpower. This explained so much about her own behavior lately.

Then it occurred to her. If she could somehow bottle this up, it would put the perfume market to shame. And what might it do for animals? The real question was, would it work for other men, or only the person the pheromones came from?

She called and left a message on her answering machine. She was going to be working well into the night, and wouldn't be home. She didn't dare actually call Adam directly. She didn't know what she would tell him.

* * * She didn't realize how late she had been working till Harold came in the next morning. She was normally the first person in, but Harold was generally the second.

His work ethic was the main reason she kept him hired here. But she had done it! She had separated the right chemicals, and synthesized a few of her own, and based on how the rats were currently humping away in front of her, she had done it! "You didn't work all night, did you?" Harold's voice behind her startled her, and she watched in horror as the plugged glass vial she had held in her hand fell to the table and shattered.

The contents, recently under pressure and in liquid concentrated form, now vaporized into the room. She knew there was no way to escape the vapor, and could already feel its effects on her. She turned to look at Harold, afraid of what this meant, but saw that he just had an apologetic look on his face.

He didn't in any way seem attractive to her. Was he immune to its effects? "I'm really sorry, let me help you clean that up." "No!" She nearly shouted, as he reached for a rag. "I mean," she moderated her voice, "I can take care of this. I'm sure you have work to get to." She knew he couldn't miss the dismissal in her voice. Harold turned sullenly away, and Carol began to clean up the glass. The longer she worked on it, the hornier she felt. There was an itch deep inside her that was going to need to be scratched really soon.

She was thankful that she hadn't felt the urge to jump Harold right then, and also relieved that Harold hadn't felt the same instincts either. By the time the mess was cleaned up, Carol was nearly frantic with need. If she left for home now, she should just miss her son, and be able to use the vibrator, to get her off. She made it home in record time, and had actually had two orgasms while driving. She could feel her juices leaking down her legs, and glancing at her watch, she was thankful that her son should have left for school by now.

She wasn't certain she could contain herself if she was confronted by him right now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS REPORT: The separate groups from different cages seem to ignore one another. They are neither hostile, nor aggressive in any way. The females cater exclusively to their male, ignoring the other group.

This is not typical mouse behavior. What can it mean? END STATUS REPORT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam knew he was going to be late.

He had had to sleep on new sheets last night, and couldn't figure out why his mom had torn off his other ones without replacing them. He had tossed and turned, worrying over Miss Shelly's reaction yesterday after they had screwed and hardly slept at all, until he did sleep right through his alarm. Forgetting that he had parked in the garage last night, he reached for the front door, only to have it opened for him.

His mother stood frozen before him, still in her work smock. Her eyes were large, and she had that deer in the headlights look. "I know I'm late, mom. I'm trying to get to school." He tried to squeeze past her, but her arm shot out and blocked him. He looked at her, and watched as her face slowly turned to face him. Her outstretched arm pulled back, and grabbed the front of his shirt at the same time. "Mom?" was all he had time to say before her lips were mashed to his. He could feel himself getting dragged into the house as his normally aloof mother kissed him passionately.

Whether it was from the lack of sleep, his lack of time to rub one out this morning, or the fact that he really did have an attractive mom, Adam found himself returning the kiss with ardor. "I'm sorry son, but I really need this right now. Just this once and we'll never need to talk about this again." Her hands were fumbling with his pants, and tugging them down as he removed his shirt. He just nodded his head to her, unsure what had gotten into his mother, but afraid to say anything and break the spell.

He helped her out of her work clothes, and then followed her back to her bedroom. The memory of him covering her up a couple nights before flashed through his head, and he looked at her pussy to see how wet she was.

Despite only having laid down a few seconds before, he could already see her juices leaking out of her. The light brown patch of hair was still there, and there was no mistaking the smell of a woman in heat coming off of her.

Seeing her leaking pussy he decided he wanted to taste her. He didn't feel the rush she did, and decided to take his time. He kissed her inner thigh, and loved the way she moaned. "Oh, Adam, please hurry. I need you inside me." He ignored her request, as he reached her labia with is tongue, and sucked them in. He was rewarded with a flood of juices from her, as she grabbed his head and tried to shove his whole face into her. Adam swallowed all that he could, before she grabbed him by his ears and hauled him up to her.

"I said I need you IN me! Now fuck your mother, before I tie you down, and do it myself!" She mashed her lips back to his, and he knew she could taste herself on his tongue.

He lined himself up with her heavenly hole, and started to press in; only to slide up, bumping her clit in the process.

She was tight. Tighter than any of the women he had been with lately, and too tight to just slide right in. He realized that she probably hadn't been with a man in many years, her small vibrator her only companion. "This might hurt, mom. Are you sure?" He lined his cock back up to her, looking into her eyes, and waited for her answer. She threw her legs around him, and pulled him to her. The change in the position of her pelvis plus the grip he had on himself must have done the trick, as he felt his head break past her labia.

She screamed, and Adam wasn't sure if it was in ecstasy or pain. He figured by the way she kept frantically thrusting her hips against him, it was the prior rather than the latter. He pressed harder into, and felt her tight grip slowly let him slide in. If she hadn't been so wet, he never would have made it this far, this fast. She felt like fire around his rod.

All the other women, April, Minnie, and even Miss Shelly had felt hot, but his mom felt like she was either going to burn him up, or squeeze him off. "That's it, baby. Get it in there deeper. Oh, Gawd that thing is huge. No don't stop! I want it all. I NEED it all!" His mom was like a woman possessed, and he couldn't deny that it was turning him on even more. He hunched his back, and lifted one of her smaller breasts to his mouth. It felt like his mom was having one non-stop orgasm after another, as he continued to thrust into her, until he finally felt their hips meet.

The feeling was too much for Adam, and he began to blow his load deep into his mother. "Sorry mom, I couldn't pull out." "Oh, I'm doomed!" She wailed beneath him, and he was afraid she was going to have another reaction like Miss Shelly had had. "Mom, I really am sorry!" He tried to tell her. "Wait, you're still hard." He tightened his muscles down there, and realized that he was still pretty stiff. The movement made his mom moan.

"Just keep fucking me till I tell you to stop, son. I still need it." Adam had a feeling he was in for a long Tuesday. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSERVATION NOTE: The nearest I can speculate is that this is some form of mouse love. This substance seems to induce an uncontrollable urge to mate with the one using the substance, and then afterwards, want to remain with that one.

Will have to see what happens when we spray the substance on a new male, and introduce it to the cage. My only other question at this point is: what are we going to do with all the extra baby mice running around?

END NOTE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------