Indian sexy gay couple kissing in shop

Indian sexy gay couple kissing in shop
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Jack has been at his school for two months. His family moved here from out of state, in which he had to leave his football team, friends and the many girls all bidding to become his girlfriend. But, He couldn't complain at his new school everything was fine, new girls to stake out, friends, a new football team and some really cool coaches and teachers.

Jack had one class where he really shined, it was art because he had the skills to do what ever he wanted and it would turn out wicked cool.He also liked that class for another reason, the 5"10', 115 pound, Asian hottie in it.

Her name was Leslie and she was just or even better than he was. Everyday she would be there with the shinning face and the most beautiful dark green eyes, he has ever seen in his life.

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Other days were better than others because she would face with her back to him and not the wall. You see Leslie did not care to wear underwear of anytime and didn't seem to notice when her pants would fall down revealing the cutest butt crack ever made by GOD himself. O.K. enough of the back round information.

Let's get down to it. The day after the football game vs. their rivals, it was a day for celebration in which no teacher gave a FUCK who worked or just talked because they're to happy with the win. It was a small town and everyone was excited about the win.

Jack caught the game winning touchdown to seal the deal vs. the Wolfpack with :25 seconds left in the game. He was a hero and by the next day he was bone ass tired but it was a Friday and he wanted to go to school. He got into art class, got congratulations from the teach and was told that she needed his help in the back room of the Art Classroom. he went back there and Leslie was already there and waiting with congratulations for him.

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The Art teacher came in and said that it their turn to clean to storage room, so they agreed to it (it was part of their grade). They started to clean and started to talk about the normal teenage things. He even got a laugh or two out of her. Then while Leslie bent over to get something that dropped on the floor.

That's when Jack notice the tattoo that was right above her right butt check. " Nice Tattoo" Jack said. she smiled and asked "Do you like it ?", "Yeah!

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What is it suppose to be?" Jack said "It's a Scorpio sign, I was born in November." she said, "Do you have any tattoos yourself ?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do. " lifting up his shirt to reveal a Social Distortion Skeleton Tat, him being from Orange County,CA. "That's really cool" she state. "Yeah I have been a fan of them when I was a kid and when my sixteenth birthday came around my dad and I got the tattoo, but his is a lot smaller." he stated.

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His taking up his whole left side of his midsection. Then it happen.


They stood there for a moment and then it happen. Leslie leaned in and kissed Jack on the lips. He kissed her back and they found the way to the futon bed in the room. The door was shut anyways because the teacher didn't want kids back there unless they were cleaning.

Leslie pulled Jack down to the bed and the kissed softly as Jack started to undress and get down to his boxers. Leslie had her hand in his boxers coaxing the 7' cock out of hiding. Jack bent over and grabbed her ass and slowly found the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off of her. Revealing the black bra with the 34C's in it.

He then unhooked the bra and let her boobs fall naturally. They were Perfect.


She got his 7' cock out of hiding and was now sucking it and trying to get him to cum. But her knew he could hold off. well at least until he was in her thighs.


She stopped sucking for a minute just enough time for her to stand up and Jack to unbutton her jeans. He took him in his hands and slowly pulled them down and where she could step out of them. Jack was wrong she dose wear panties but they were small, flesh colored and didn't even make it up to her crack. "What are you staring at ?" she said. " you're so cute and sexy !" he said. "Thank you, ain't so bad yourself big boy !" with that she reached out and ripped his boxers off of him.

Leaving him in a little bit of pain because of the elastic. he then went over and found the side of the panties and ripped them off in which they weren't going to be worn ever again. Her pussy was small and tight and seemed like it had never had a Cock inside. Next, Jack positioned himself just right and put his 7' cock into her pussy. Making sure to go slow at first, She moaned in ecstasy with the rhythm Jack had hit. With every moan of pleasure Jack pushed hard and speed up the process.

Now, fuck her with all his energy, Leslie screamed " Ohhh Ohhh Fuck Yeah ! Fuck me Cali Boy ! FUCK ME HARD !

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" Meanwhile, in the main art room was silent and no one knew what was going on in the back room because the door had been shut by the teacher.

After fucking her hard hard, Jack asked Leslie if she wanted to change positions. She agreed and Jack pulled out, Leslie got up and pointed her ass towards him. " FUCK ME IN THE ASS, MY PUSSY IS RAW AND MY ASS IS CALLING FOR YOUR COCK ! "she said. Jack Positions himself behind her and slipped him cock into her ass.

Leslie felt a little pain at first but it went away after a few turns and stabs of the cock. After a good ten minutes of fucking her in the ass. Jack felt a normal sensation. Leslie also felt this when Jack's balls emptied all his cum into her ass.

After he came, Leslie so exhausted fell face forward onto the futon talking Jack, who was still in her ass with him.

He rolled off of her and they laughed and kissed. They looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes before the class was to let out.

They got dressed but before she got dressed had to visit the "LITTLE GIRLS ROOM". In which this being a backroom it actually had a working toilet and sink in it. She put her bra and shirt on and then walked over to the toilet and preceded to sit down. Grunting,she started to pee and then a BIG STEAMING PILE OF SHIT RELEASED ITSELF FROM HER BOWELS with Jack's Cum. "Thanks Jack, I had been constipated for weeks." she said. " I do what I can." he said.

She got up and wiped herself and put her jeans on.

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Right when the teach walked through the door.She looked around the storage room and complimented them on their work. Jack and Leslie left the class when the bell rung like everyone else and as they were leaving she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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"We have to DO IT AGAIN SOMETIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "