Teen stepsister pov massaging stepbro cock stepdaughter and stepmother

Teen stepsister pov massaging stepbro cock stepdaughter and stepmother
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[b] The bitch could take it as a convoluted and derogatory but sincere compliment for me to say she was too much a trash-lowlife to deserve me describing her appearance, other than that Linda was a serviceable bag of holes with fair-sized udders. In chat, however, I arranged for her to get gang-forced after hooking up with the tramp in "rapefantasyroleplay", a `net group.

And Linda agreed when I told her that, while "guys aren't supposed to be able to rape sluts, she'd be treated like a dirty, filthy no-good whore/slut, slapped around and hurt a little, as well as verbally bashed to an endless degree while she was fuck-bashed." Going back to what I earlier said, though, the fuck-hole could take my characterization of her as a compliment, because I'll proudly confess to an extremely sexist and low opinion of all consenting, adult women as nothing but trashy lowlifes, and love it when they can be used as such.

For that regarding Linda, I had help from three 29 -to -38-y/o white friends, Joe, Aaron and Tom, plus my 18-y/o son, Jamal, who was half-black because my ex-wife was a darkie-cunt. Then, there was me, of course. Also, Jamal had no problem with referring to himself as a "nigger." He was handsome, while the other men were cute to very good-looking like me. As well in chat - being that all of us lived in the same city - Linda had told me she'd keep the backdoor of her house unlocked every Friday and Saturday night for the next month, when we could have our way with her anytime we liked, with me telling her she'd "never know when" during that period… … though Jamal had already taken his belt off and Linda's house was dark when we guys entered by the backdoor to quietly strip in her kitchen around 2 a.

m. the Saturday 3 weeks later. I'm sure it looked quite lurid as we silently slipped into her bedroom where the bitch was asleep on her back. `Not a half-bad piece of meat,' Tom whispered after I'd carefully pulled the sheet off the shame of her nakedness. `Who… are… you… and… what… are… you… doing?' Linda awoke with a stammering shriek of surprise as, then, I suddenly flipped her belly-down. `Scream all you want, skank!' Joe loudly told her while shoving her mouth into the mattress by the back of her head as Jamal turned on the bedside lamp and snarled, `Yeah!

You're just a white-trash slut, so why in fuck should you care what we're doing?

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You're about to get what you deserve just for existing as a low-class woman!' `That's right, and you told me you're hard to please, so maybe this will help!' I added, nodding at my son. `Aaammm!' Linda mumbled in pain as Jamal doubled his belt over to begin lashing her shitter with it. `Fuck you!

not as if we give a damn about your pleasure! But go ahead and whip the scrap-`ho into heat for her just deserts, man!' Joe told Jamal while continuing to hold Linda's face in the mattress.

`Yeah, to hell with you! Do you like a nigger whipping your worthless pig-azz?' Jamal scornfully asked the totty who again unleashed a muffled `aaaam!' And he went on with 2 or 3 minutes of punishment before I said, `That's enough, son.' `Okay, dad, and it's time for the real business,' Jamal said, bringing a squawk out of the harlotish twat by goring 3 fingers into her bowels while saying, `Work with me to roll the trash-bag over, Joe,' and the 2 men did while I looked around to see two pairs of stockings with which I bound Linda's spread arms and legs to the bed.

`Look at the slutty wishbone!' Aaron snorted with a smirk at the bitch before plowing his palm across her mug while she gasped. By the look of humiliation on Linda's face, though, I could tell she already felt violated, simply by the mean glare in our eyes roaming over her while I said, `Yes, and what an unseemly, seedy tramp, too huh, guys?' `That's for sure!' Tom roughly agreed.

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`But you love dishonorable slatterns right?' I inquired. `Yeah, though I wouldn't love you even if you were my mother, bitch!' he sneered. `Well, then, go first in dishonoring the little mama,' I grinned.

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`Don't mind it I do,' and Tom got in bed to stretch-out between her legs while growling, `Don't ever think I'd give a shit about dishonoring and outright disgracing you by force even if you were my mother, you sad-sack whore!' `Aaaaah!' Linda loudly moaned as Tom seemingly drove all the way into the depths of her vulva with his menacingly thick 10-incher.

`Ooooh gaaawwwd!' she screeched. `Like I said, scream all you want! Splatter the ceiling with noise pollution for all we care! although I want you to know we're full-service rapists, lowlife!' Joe rasped, climbing up to squat over and settle his nether parts on Linda's face while Aaron chortled, `Hell, you, yourself, are pollution, slut!' `That's right, you fuckin' dirty, filthy ass-wipe!

Are you good enough to have your swine-snout raped by a manhole, pig? Who gives flying crap?

TAKE IT, TAKE MY ASS IN THE FACE, BITCH!' Joe bellowed. `And take this!' my son said, reaching in to maul her right boob. `God, it's disgusting that the sow likes rape enough to cum!' Tom snorted, as he felt Linda's muff-gutter convulsing with an orgasm. `Who said you could enjoy this shit?' he yelled. `Ummmm!' Linda went in Joe's butt which he kept grinding against her lips during the 10 or so minutes Tom mercilessly hammered her twat.

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He finally came while loudly grunting, `Take a load of cock-slobber, slut! Uhhh! uhhhhh! uhhhhhhh! oh, yeeeaaah, bitch!' He then dismounted Linda, dick-slapped her crotch and got out of bed whereupon I said, `Your turn to spank the monkey, Aaron.' `Is that what you are, a monkey, or just a whore-horror to decency?' he mocked her while beginning an 8-inched pizzling of her entrails before Joe climbed off her face to hand-crush and twist both of the squealing slag's boobs.

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`Are you hurting yet?' he wanted to know. `Aaaaah, yes!' Linda wailed, with her loins quaking under the blows of Aaron's prick up her sump-hole.

`Good, what you have coming for being a whore-horror to decency and a fuckin' pain in its ass!' Joe roared, before Jamal pitched-in, `That's righteous, honky-`ho!


Yeah! Rip her, Aaron! Gut-out the no-good piece of pale-azzed meat-hole!' And Aaron certainly did, for maybe 15 minutes before conquering her turd-chute with a large wad of man-spew, then pulling out to let Joe start a 9-inch nailing of her twat. Meanwhile, Linda proved to be a real glutton for such an abusive assault, being she never stopped climaxing while filling the air with the sound of humbled excitement.

But then, the foul woman was living-out her fantasies, and I crouched over Linda's turned face to cram my 8-inched dick down her gullet, beginning to rattle her skull like a dog worrying a bone.

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`Good going with the dumb bitch, dad! The hole beyond her tonsils is totally empty!' my son scoffed. `Really? Well, try taking some smarts, you 3-holed filth-trap!' I growled, continuing to orally throttle the cunt until removing my cock from her mouth for a contemptuous slime-spitting on her face not long before Aaron defiled her beaver-slit with dick-snot and withdrew.

`Ooooh gaaawwwd!' Linda then whimpered with the humiliation of seeing she was about endure force from an adult boy young enough to be her son when Jamal tauntingly waved his prick in her direction, got to all-4's over and ass-facing her, to smash at least a third of his 14-inched stallion back into her smell-pipe (shit-hole) while Linda once more screeched with discomfort.

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Of course, subjecting her to "filial" violation was the whole idea, and Jamal grinned over his shoulder: `Hey, honky-mama, like my big nigger-hog in your fart-pussy, huh, do you?

Does this hurt? and he slammed into her turd-hole as hard as could. `Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah!' Linda howled, as Jamal brutishly launched into packing the fudge.

`Yeah, tool that ass-hole with your monkey wrench, not to diss you, man!' Joe laughed. `Shit, fucking shit, I'm going nigger your toilet-hole until you can't squat for a dump in the next week, you filthy skank!' Jamal shouted, as he went on with the most ruthless butt-savaging I'd seen in quite a while.


At the same time, the rest of us men were pulling the pud, as well as spanking Linda's face and her honkers while watching until Jamal spooged into her poop-chute. He slurped his mighty bone out of her bottom and turned to smear residual cock-goo on her face, after which we guys devoted ourselves to scum-corrupting the same spot while 3-hole forcing her 2 more times.

Linda's kisser was a total mess-pie 2 ½ hours later when I untied her and we disposed of her by walking out of her bedroom without a glance back, then dressed and left but not until after all of us had pissed in her dirty mouth! In chat the following night, however, Linda typed, `That was wonderful.


I want you men to do it again anytime you want please?' `Maybe we will and maybe we won't, slut!' my fingers "yelled" in reply before I abruptly and rudely signed-out… … though whether or not we did I'll leave a mystery, for this is enough about what I must say was a top-notch piece of rape-ass. The End[/b]